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                          Higher Metal Removal Rates
                                                       For High Temperature Heat Resistant Alloys

                                                                            The ATI Stellram X-Grade Advantage:
                                                                               • Up to 3x metal removal rate

                                                                                  • No sacrifice in tool life

                                                                                      • Less risk of tool
                                                                                        failure and expensive
                                                                                        component damage

                                                                                         ATI Stellram is an Allegheny
                                                                                         Technologies company.
                                                                                         Allegheny Technologies is
                                                                                         a world leader in titanium
                                                                                         alloys, nickel-based alloys,
                                                                                         and super alloys. Our
                                                                                         engineers pool their talents
      Ruthenium and
      Cobalt Binder                                                                      to get smarter solutions for
                                                                                         hard-to-machine materials.

                                                                                           Get the proof at

                                                                                     ATI Stellram Ltd. Hercules Way,
                                                                                       Bowerhill Industrial Estate,
ATI Stellram’s unique, proprietary substrate alloys Ruthenium with our
Cobalt binder. This produces superior thermal cracking resistance, higher                 Melksham, Wiltshire
metal removal rates, and longer life.                                                           SN12 6TS
                                                                                           Tel: 0800 731 6600
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                      ATI Stellram X-Grades
 3x higher metal removal rate for high temperature heat resistant alloys.

CONTENTS                                                                UNDERSTANDING
GTMA CEO Foreword                                                  5
UK Aerospace –
                                                                        THE NEEDS OF
a phenomenal success story                                        6-7   AEROSPACE
SC21 – transforming the supply chain                          8-11
                                                                        As one of the outstanding success stories of British industry over recent
SBAC and the regional partners                              12-14       years UK Aerospace has become a major area of activity within GTMA.
GTMA Aerospace Network –                                                It is the focus of an ongoing programme of activities to help companies
bringing skills to the market                                     15    in our key sectors diversify into or strengthen their position in the sector.

Buyer:Supplier Network –                                                Because GTMA members represent such a breadth of skills, products
new service for buyers                                      16-17       and services throughout the aerospace supply chain, we are frequently
                                                                        approached by major OEM and Tier 1 organisations looking for
Business Development Programme                                    19    suppliers. Building on this demand, and in order to fully understand the
                                                                        buyers’ requirements, a few years ago we began to actively develop
                                                                        relationships with aerospace companies including Airbus, Boeing and
CASE STUDIES                                                            Rolls Royce.

15 companies at your service                                21-32       The result was the setting up of a GTMA Aerospace Network in 2005
                                                                        which has developed programmes to ensure our members achieve
World Class Profiles – a unique continuous
                                                                        Supply Chain Competence, and then in 2007, the launch of our
improvement process                                               33
                                                                        Buyer:Supplier Network able to respond quickly to buyer needs. Both
AS/EN 9100 and Nadcap –                                                 are reported on in this Executive Briefing. We are now compiling a
why they are so important                                         35    Competency Database which will further help bring together buyers
                                                                        with suppliers.
R&D – keeping GTMA members
in the forefront                                            36-37       Our commitment to all aerospace buyers contacting GTMA is that we
                                                                        will recommend only companies to you which we are confident can do
                                                                        the job. We understand the value of your time.
BUSINESS ZONE                                                           This Executive Briefing report has been produced to give an overview of
Essential information for aerospace                         39-53       the sector and the developments taking place within the industry itself,
                                                                        including the SC21 initiative, and within GTMA. A key focus is Process
GTMA Benefits – there is more                                           Improvement, but it also provides information in a much wider context
than one reason to Join GTMA                                      54    from R&D to Technology and regulatory issues.

Contact GTMA                                                            Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the great help we have received
In order to receive a copy of this Aerospace Executive Briefing         from many organisations and individuals in producing this Report and in
please phone, fax or email your request to GTMA.                        particular to SBAC and their regional partners (see pages 12-14).
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restrictions of the companies who supplied them and should not be       Julia Moore Chief Executive Officer, GTMA
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    The UK aerospace industry is going             Centre of Excellence, Wing – Airbus UK and         countries; Primes audit requirements; ‘Paper
    through a “phenomenal” period,                 Chairman of SBAC Enterprise Excellence             trail’ requirements.
    according to the latest available survey       Board, listed them at a recent conference on       OFFSHORING: Emergence of low cost offshore
    into the sector carried out by SBAC.           SC21, the supply chain initiative which is
                                                                                                      sources of supply; Offset/IP requirements.
    Order books are bulging, employment is         critical to the UK industry retaining its strong
    rising, turnover is increasing and margins     position (see pages 8-10)                          MATERIALS SUPPLY: Limited supply of
    are better. For those in the supply chain                                                         critical materials (eg titanium), hence cost
                                                   THE CHALLENGES                                     increases.
    the outlook is bright – but only for those
                                                   The source of the issues he highlighted were
    who respond to the challenges of 2007                                                             COSTS: Tension between upfront and
                                                   the AeIGT (Aerospace Innovation and Growth
    and beyond.                                                                                       through-life costs; New aircraft increasingly
                                                   Team) and discussions by SBAC with its
    It was Chris Geoghegan, SBAC President                                                            being designed with risk-sharing down the
                                                   members “at all scales of business since
    and Chief Operating Officer, BAE Systems,      2005.”                                             supply chain; Scale becoming increasingly
    who used the word ‘phenomenal’ when                                                               important in response to cost pressures –
                                                   INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY: No natural
    describing the industry’s performance in the                                                      potential driver of future consolidation.
                                                   $hedge for UK suppliers and higher fuel
    SBAC UK Aerospace Industry Survey report       prices.                                            PEOPLE: Aging workforce; increasingly
    2006, which was based on an analysis of                                                           difficult to attract talent.
                                                   DEMAND: The prospect of flat and declining
    responses by suppliers for the year 2005.
                                                   defence budgets; and fragility and cyclicality     PURCHASING POWER:
    The figures tell a story of achievement (see
                                                   of air transport system to shocks.                 Monopolistic/oligoplistic end-customers;
    panel) but the strong message for companies
                                                   MARKET ACCESS: Export controls and local           Competitive pressures between primes for
    in the sector, and those wanting to join, is
                                                   policies limiting UK access to overseas            market share.
    that there is much still to be done, and
    nowhere more so than in the supply chain.      markets unless there is indigenous build.          BUSINESS BEHAVIOUR: Increased need for
    The reality is that the challenges to supply   REGULATION AND ACCREDITATION:                      lean processes; Decreasing trust between
    chains are coming from all directions. Brian   Transfer of responsibilities from CAA to           buyer and supplier; Changing business
    Fleet MBE, Senior Vice President, Head of      EASA; different regulatory regimes across          models; Consolidation to gain critical mass.



                                                                              Source: SBAC


Turnover in UK                                 £19.82 billion             + 5.5%
Turnover in rest of world                      £7.94 billion                6.5%
New order intake                               £26.18 billion             + 5.8%
Employment                                     124,234                      0.0%
R&D expenditure                                £2.5 billion               - 7.5%
Export expenditure                             £12.43 billion             + 6.3%
Export percentage                              63%                          0.0%

Source: SBAC. Figures are for the year 2006 and comparison is against 2005.
                                                                                                   Photos courtesy Airbus, left, A319; BAE Systems,
The year 2005 had seen phenomenal rises so the 2006 performance was very much
                                                                                                   above top, at its state-of-the-art Spares Logistics
consolidating this growth when, for example, R&D expenditure had risen 31%, employment             Centre at Weybridge; and above, Rolls-Royce,
9% and world turnover 28%.                                                                         showing the Trent 900 used to power the Airbus

THE DIFFERENCES                                 For Primes, they were the profitability of         coordinated way with less duplication.
The issues facing those in the supply chain     traditional carriers and the emergence of low
                                                                                                   The future can be bright for, as SBAC
were also changing.                             cost carriers; today they are the Defence
                                                                                                   President Chris Geoghegan said in his 2006
                                                Industrial Strategy and through life capability
Five years ago the major issues for Tier 3                                                         industry survey message:
                                                and costs.
and below SMEs were cost down pressures                                                            “The sector has demonstrated a remarkable
                                                THE FUTURE                                         resilience and determination to remain the
and continuation of supply. Today they are
                                                What is needed now, said Brian Fleet, is for       largest aerospace industry outside the USA
raw materials costs and the emergence of
                                                UK supply chains to succeed. “The                  and has world leading companies across a
low cost competitors.
                                                aerospace and defence industry has to              range of products and technologies.”
For Tiers 1 and 2, they have changed from       provide increasing levels of customer service
the delivery of integrated systems, the         and satisfaction, produce more
pushing down of risk and cost down              aircraft/output without necessarily increasing
pressure to the needs of the Defence            resources – more with the same.”
                                                                                                    Contact: SBAC Tel: +44 (0)20 7091 4509
Industrial Strategy, through-life capability    SC21 (see next pages) means doing what
and costs, and market access.                   we already do but in a more efficient and




    A continuous improvement programme to               Network (see page 15) is also committed to      SC21 will have a number of specific activities
    transform the aerospace industry to be ‘fit         give all support possible to its member         based on accreditation, lean and supply
    for purpose’ for the twenty-first century           companies and the sectors it serves.            chain improvement and aimed at the whole
    has been launched with support from all                                                             supply chain.
                                                        SC21 was launched at Farnborough Air
    the major players in the industry.
                                                        Show 2006 and since then there has been         ACCREDITATION
    The 21st Century Supply Chain (SC21) plan           strong momentum as more and more                The highest quality and standards in
    is aimed at all levels of suppliers in the supply   companies have signed up to help bring a        production are of critical importance to the
    chain and Project Teams are now implementing        fundamental transformation in the way           UK aerospace and defence supply chain.
    it nationwide. SBAC and all the regional            business in the aerospace sector is             Accreditation and quality management audits
    organisations on pages 12-14 are fully              conducted.                                      have emerged as the methods of ensuring
    commited. The GTMA and its Aerospace                                                                safety and reliability standards are met. A
                                                        While the first project signatories were
                                                                                                        company supplying to more than one
                                                        companies such as BAE Systems, Rolls-
                                                                                                        company could face numerous quality audits
                                                        Royce and Airbus UK, SC21 in fact is for
                                                                                                        and checks to satisfy each customer,
                                                        companies of all sizes, and from all parts of
                                                                                                        resulting in unnecessary audit duplication.
                                                        the supply chain.
                                                                                                        SC21 companies have agreed to cut the
                                                        The focus of implementation is initially on
                                                                                                        number of audits through the recognition of
                                                        three key streams:
                                                                                                        quality system accreditation based on
                                                        ●    ACCREDITATION                              international standards. UK supply chain
                                                        ●    DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE                companies that have achieved AS/ EN 9100
                                                        ●    RELATIONSHIPS                              and Nadcap approval for special processes

                                                            THE WAY FORWARD –
                                                            FROM THE SC21 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE

    Images courtesy SBAC and Rolls-Royce.
    The Red Arrows use BAE Systems Hawk
    trainers powered by Rolls-Royce Adour
    engines. Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems
    were among the first signatories to the
    SC21 initiative.


where applicable, will not receive further     The improvement journey must be driven by         Capability Management’ and ‘Supply Chain
quality system audits from customers who       senior management to ensure the                   Innovation’.
are part of SC21.                              improvement plan is regularly reviewed and
                                                                                                 3. Improvement framework
                                               that all necessary resources are available to
Companies with AS/EN 9100 approval have                                                          Two improvement frameworks have been
                                               undertake the defined tasks.
experienced significantly reduced levels of                                                      agreed by SC21 companies to form the
auditing compared with those that have not     A full implementation guide for sustainable       basis of a standard approach to supply chain
achieved approval.                             improvement using techniques such as Value        development. These are:
                                               Stream Mapping (VSM), Kaizen activity and
DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE                                                                      ●    Determining excellence (derived from
                                               other lean approaches can be found on the
Achieving improvement in performance that                                                             EFQM1 model of excellence)
                                               SC21 website.
can be measured using common and                                                                 ●    Manufacturing excellence
consistent metrics, across the supply chain,   2. Performance metrics
                                                                                                 Determining excellence is the recommended
is crucial to achieving the SC21 goals.        SC21 companies have agreed to implement
                                                                                                 SC21 approach for small to medium
Signatory companies have agreed to             consistent quality and delivery measures to
                                                                                                 companies. Larger companies are expected
implement four strands of supply chain         meet customer needs in a highly competitive
                                                                                                 to use the EFQM model.
development and performance processes.         global market. In addition, SC21 companies
These are:                                     have set a target to achieve zero defects and     Manufacturing excellence – this approach
●   Sustainable improvement                    100 per cent on-time delivery in both product     has been developed from ‘lean
●   Performance metrics                        and service environments at all stages of the     manufacturing’ / ‘just in time’ philosophies.
●   Improvement framework                      product/service lifecycle.
                                                                                                 Both the manufacturing excellence and
●   Recognition.                               The following definitions will be used by         determining excellence diagnostics will be
All four strands need to be implemented by     SC21 companies:                                   delivered through joint or self analysis
supply chain companies to achieve                                                                between companies or supply chain
improvement.                                                                                     groupings. The output from the diagnostic
                                                                                                 activity is used as an input to the joint,
1. Sustainable improvement
                                                                                                 sustainable improvement plan.
To eliminate duplication SC21 companies
have agreed to deliver improvement, so that                                                      As well as identifying opportunities for improve-
each company in the supply chain has a         As well as implementing both the quality and      ment there are scoreboard mechanisms
single improvement programme that is           delivery metrics, a suite of supportive metrics   embedded in both the determining excellence
relevant to all customers. Joint plans will    is being developed by and for use by SC21         and manufacturing excellence models which
have a clear linkage to performance metrics    signatories which addresses future customer       enable benchmarking and comparisons with
such as quality and delivery.                  requirements in terms of ‘Through Life            other organisations to be conducted.
                                                                                                                              Continued overleaf

WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE                            changing in the future.                           member of the SC21 taskforce. The
                                                                                                 taskforce meets regularly to review progress
PART…                                          By participating in SC21 you are positioning
                                                                                                 in the implementation of SC21. It ensures
                                               your company as an innovative market
A growing number of customers, suppliers                                                         resources are focused upon developing and
                                               leading company which is willing to develop
and competitors are committing to SC21. It                                                       implementing realistic ways of improving how
                                               long term relationships with your customers
is therefore important that you consider                                                         aerospace industry supply chains do
                                               and suppliers. By applying SC21 principles
whether your business should be involved to                                                      business.
                                               you will be able to significantly improve your
maintain its competitive position.
                                               company’s supply chain performance and            WHAT ARE THE RISKS?
BENEFITS                                       reduce duplication.                               Risks arise if you ignore SC21. The total
Your company could benefit from some                                                             number of companies committed to SC21
                                               WHAT DOES IT COST?
specific savings – for example when                                                              doubled within two months of its launch, and
                                               It costs nothing to subscribe to SC21. To
customer audits are reduced under SC21.                                                          continues to rise. The more companies that
                                               fully engage in the change programme will
You will achieve reduced overheads from                                                          join this initiative, the greater the benefit to
                                               require the commitment of some resources,
supporting fewer audits, which will help you                                                     the UK supply chain. There is some risk that
                                               but the benefits accrued from SC21 will
offer the most competitive solution to                                                           over time, those businesses that have not
                                               easily outweigh any resource allocations.
customers. As a company in SC21 you will                                                         embraced SC21 and developed their
be aware of the latest developments in the     WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?                                businesses along these lines will become
sector and understand how the sector is        As a signatory to SC21 you will become a          less attractive as key suppliers.
Continued from page 9

4. Recognition                                    environment in which teams understand and         relevant functions with reviews at operational
                                                  work towards shared objectives whilst still       and strategic levels. The SCRIA code of
SC21 companies have signed up to a formal
                                                  meeting their individual targets.                 practice is supported by the Relationship
recognition process which reflects the contrib-
                                                                                                    Measurement Matrix (RMM), which is used
ution and commitment of their supply chain.       The code of practice focus is on five elements:
                                                                                                    via a facilitated process, to assess and
Organisations achieving and maintaining           ●   Communications – including information        develop the relationship between
agreed criteria in terms of delivery, quality,        exchange, understanding strategic aims        organisations in the supply chain.
sustainable improvement and the associated            and defined structures.
                                                                                                    The Relationship Measurement Matrix allows
improvement frameworks (business and              ●   Through life capability management –          teams to assess their relationships against
manufacturing excellence) will receive                including capability development, early       the code of practice and to define and
recognition in the form of a bronze, silver or        involvement of supply chain partners,         characterise their desired relationship to be
gold award sponsored by an SC21 company.              and integrated multi function teams.          delivered as part of a structured
Implementing these four aspects of                ●   Continuous improvements – including           management process. The SCRIA code of
development and performance achieves a                embedded lean culture, best practice,         practice and the relationship management
benefit to all parties in the areas of                performance measurement, process              process are detailed on the SBAC website.
competitiveness, enhanced customer                    improvement, and product and process
perception and lower internal costs.                  development.
                                                  ●   Commercial agreements – including                 Excerpts from the SC21 Implementation
                                                      openness and clarity, output focused,             Guide, courtesy SBAC.
How companies communicate and interact in
supply chains is a key factor influencing             desired outcomes incentivised, and
industry’s ability to compete and increase its        deliver on commitments.
share of world markets. No single company         ●   Ethics – including respect of
can act independently of its customers or             confidentiality, honouring intellectual
suppliers.The Supply Chain Relationships in           property rights (IPR), maintaining
Action (SCRIA) code of practice establishes a         impartiality, and clear and transparent
set of guiding principles to promote high             selection processes.                          The SC21
standards in supply chains.                                                                         implementation
                                                  The highest standard of relationship
                                                                                                    guide – now
It promotes working together with openness,       management will be achieved through a             available via the
honesty, integrity and trust and creates an       structured engagement process involving all       GTMA website.

                                                  ●   Delivering innovation: we will build on       to this action plan, we accept that our
                                                  success to enable our industry to be a            adherence to the commitments will be
To be a signatory to the SC21 action plan         leader in the development of competitive          tested annually and that our performance
you do not have to be a large prime               value chains. We will pursue the most             will be measured and published. We will
company. In fact, the participation of            competitive solutions for our customers, by       help in the development of this plan by
companies of all sizes throughout the UK          accessing innovation and specialist               sharing experiences.
supply chain is crucial to delivering real        expertise. We will encourage innovation and       ●   Leadership: we will encourage
results from this modernisation programme.        investment of all types throughout the            colleagues in the industry, including our
                                                  supply chain, achieved through providing a        customers and suppliers, to join SC21 as
Signatories undertake these seven
                                                  more trusting and open environment.               both signatories and active participants.
commitments designed to ensure the UK
                                                  ●   Through-life solutions: total through-life    ●  Ethical practices: we will ensure that all
supply chain remains competitive and
                                                  cost is of paramount importance to our            business is conducted in a principled
delivers increased value to customers:
                                                  customers. We will involve all functions of       manner, with the highest degree of personal
●   A new SC21 business culture: no matter        the supply chain, for example: procurement,       and business integrity.
what our role or position in a supply chain,      engineering and finance, throughout the           ●   Increased pace of change: our rate of
we are determined to effect fundamental           project, product or service lifecycle.            change and improvement will be at an
business transformation. We will work             Transparency will be encouraged, with more        accelerated pace. Signatories will work
openly and transparently, through sharing         planning and forecast data made available         together to harmonise how supply chains
information and working collaboratively, to       using bid conferences, project conferences        are developed, how accreditation occurs,
deliver benefits across the industry. We will     and other means of communication.                 how performance is measured and how
avoid duplication and waste.                      ●   Delivering the SC21 plan: as a signatory      relationships are improved.

                                                                   SBAC is the UK’s national trade association representing suppliers to the civil
     AEROSPACE                                                     air transport, aerospace defence and space markets operating in the economy.

                                                                   With its regional partners it represents over 2,600 companies, assisting them to
     PARTNERS ARE                                                  develop new business globally. It facilitates innovation and competitiveness and
                                                                   provides regulatory services in technical standards and accreditation.

     ALL AROUND                                                    The UK has the world’s largest aerospace industry outside the USA and the UK
                                                                   based aerospace activity had a turnover of more than £22 billion in 2005,

     THE REGIONS                                                   supporting a highly skilled workforce of over 255,000 people.

                                                                   SBAC (Society of British Aerospace Companies) encompasses the British Airports
                                                                   Group, the leading trade association for UK exporters in the airport development
     SBAC – A NATIONAL BODY                                        sector, and UKspace, the trade association of the British space industry.
     HELPING GLOBAL BUSINESS                                       SBAC functions through a structure of boards and committees governed by
                                                                   council and facilitated by the company SBAC Ltd. Its industry information is
                                                                   organised by its representative market sectors - civil air transport, aerospace
                                                                   defence & homeland security and space systems & services and by operational
                                                                   activity - market development, communications and industrial transformation.

                                                                   Contact: Paul Everitt, Director of Communications.
                                                                   Tel: +44 (0)20 7091 4509 Fax: +44 (0)20 7091 4545
                                                                   Email: Website:

     AEROSPACE WALES FORUM                              FARNBOROUGH AEROSPACE                                   INVEST NORTHERN IRELAND
     The Aerospace Wales Forum was established          CONSORTIUM                                              The SC21 initiative will provide the structure
     in 2002 to represent the industry in Wales, to     FAC (Farnborough Aerospace Consortium) is a             and processes for Northern Ireland
     act as a focal point for an effective dialogue     business-winning trade association and one              companies to demonstrate their capabilities
     with the Welsh Assembly Government and to          of Europe’s largest aerospace and defence               and competencies to move up and along the
     provide support for smaller companies              organisations.                                          aerospace supply chain.
     seeking to expand their markets and improve        FAC provides support to the 1200 related                Northern Ireland has a long established
     performance.                                       companies and academic institutions located in          engineering heritage but future success will
     It currently has over 150 members including        southern England – the heart of the UK’s                depend upon the ability to provide high
     major companies such as Airbus UK, Raytheon,       aerospace industry.                                     specification cost effective solutions.
     General Electric and British Airways.              Through its unrivalled expertise, FAC acts as an        This will require significant investment in
     The industry in Wales employs over 20000           enabler for business between global primes and          technology as well as in skills development. The
     people, generates £3bn in sales each year and is   the UK supply chain, particularly small to medium       SC21 initiative provides the change management
     home to operations from six of the world’s top     size enterprises. It enables its members to             context that also fits with Invest NI’s own vision
     ten aerospace and defence companies.               become more competitive through facilitating            for a robust and vibrant high value added
     The Forum works closely with the Assembly’s        local and international trading, technology transfer    Northern Ireland aerospace sector.
     dedicated aerospace and defence team to attract    and development, access to funding for skills and       The aerospace sector within Northern Ireland is a
     new investment, in particular to the major         training, sharing of best practice as well as contact   success story comprising approximately 40
     aerospace sites at St Athan, Parc Aberporth and    with public sector organisations and Government.        companies with a combined turnover in excess of
     Broughton.                                         FAC’s principle business focus concerns space           £750 million and directly employing 7200
     The Forum is a partner of SBAC and is working      defence systems, civil aviation and security with       people.
     closely with other UK regional associations to     additional growth forecast through international        Contact: Michael Polson, Client Manager
     implement national programmes such as SC21.        partnerships. It is introducing a sophisticated FAC     Tel: +44 (0)28 9069 8495
                                                        Capabilities Database tool to help suppliers and        Fax: +44 (0)28 9043 6536
     Contact: Paul Lindsay, Operations Director.
                                                        customers in the procurement process.                   Email:
     Tel: +44 (0)1656 655210
     Fax: +44 (0)1656 655217                            Contact: Ross Bradley, CEO.                             Website:
     Email:      Tel: +44 (0) 1252 375600; Fax: +44 (0) 1252 377555
     Website:               Email:

                                                                             AEROSPACE AROUND THE REGIONS

Northern Defence Industries is a business                 The North West Supply Chain Excellence                          The mission of the Midlands Aerospace
development and services company that                     Programme (ASCE) has the ultimate aim of                        Alliance (MAA) is to organise more effective
successfully matches the capability of                    elevating 45 companies to world-competitive                     and efficient cooperation in the Midlands
suppliers with the procurement requirements               status within their niche in the supply chain.                  aerospace industry in order to improve the
of global customers.                                      Based on regular supply chain workshops and the                 performance of all its companies and
Its members are supplying aerospace customers             placement of senior aerospace industry mentors                  organisations.
on a worldwide basis including Airbus, Boeing,            within companies in the supply chain, the                       Supply chains are critical in the development of
Lockheed Martin, Astrium and Raytheon by                  programme is funded by the Northwest Regional                   the region’s organisations and a number of
providing components for programmes such as               Development Agency (NWDA) and neatly dovetails                  issues facing the region’s industry confirm the
A380, Hawker 800, F-16, aero engine, satellite            with the aims of the SBAC’s SC21 programme.                     need for change and development alongside
and deep space programmes.                                Key primes Airbus UK, BAE Systems and Rolls-                    programmes like SC21. The vision is “An
NDI recognises that aerospace is an important             Royce plc all back the programme and are each                   internationally recognised, sustainable aerospace
industry that has the potential to create wealth          supplying senior managers to act as mentors to                  industry, creating wealth and opportunity for the
through the application of knowledge and                  the supply chain.                                               whole Midlands region.” this means:
technology.                                               The programme has been over two years in the                    ●   World leadership in core areas of technology
NDI is a regional partner of SC21; working                making and is progressing ahead of programme                        and process development
                                                                                                                          ●   Investment in securing competitive advantage
closely with agencies and organisations that are          with mentors now allocated to ten companies
driving this programme forward, as well as                within the region. Each will spend two days each                    to benefit from future programme opportunities
                                                                                                                          ●   Development and manufacture of systems,
industry. NDI recognises the benefits that SC21           month working with their allocated companies to
will bring when fully implemented, not only to the        implement improvements aimed at achieving world                     subsystems and components with high added-
supply chain but also to the competitive position         competitive status as part of an aerospace “super                   value
                                                                                                                          ●   A leaner, fitter world class value chain
of UK aerospace suppliers in the global                   cluster” based on the North West.
                                                                                                                          ●   An excellent business support environment
marketplace.                                              The NWDA is providing £2.6 millions funding to                  ●   A highly skilled, innovative and sustainable
Contact: Trevor Harrison, Managing Director.              ASCE over four years, with £1.6 million more
                                                                                                                              workforce with rewarding work and career
Tel: +44 (0) 191 255 1720                                 pledged to development of advanced skills and
Fax: +44 (0) 191 255 1721                                 leadership in the sector. With match-funding from               ●   Sustaining the whole engineering and
Email:                         within the cluster, total funding could top £8 million.
                                                                                                                              knowledge-driven economy of the Midlands.
Website:                                   Contact: Martin Wright, Executive Director NWAA.
                                                                                                                          Contact: Grace Sheppard, Marketing Manager
                                                          Tel: +44 (0)1282 604444
                                                                                                                          Tel: +44 (0)845 225 0503
                                                          Fax: +44 (0)1282 604000
                                                                                                                          Fax: +44 (0)845 225 0504

                                                     ●   Excellent leadership with a clear vision,                  ●   A clear understanding of where to invest
WHAT YOU NEED TO                                         values and strategy                                            and where to divest
WIN IN AEROSPACE                                     ●   Focussed strategic direction                               ●   Accreditation to AS/EN 9100
                                                     ●   Business investment orientated                             ●   The business must be price competitive
We asked the aerospace regional
                                                     ●   Excellent people equipped with the                         ●   Effective systems to interface with buyers
partners to tell us the attributes
essential for business success within                    necessary skills and capabilities                          ●   Responsive and adaptable to change
the aerospace and defence sectors.                   ●   A constant thirst for innovation in product,               ●   Customer focussed
                                                         process and service
Their responses included the following:                                                                             ●   Understand new technologies and
                                                     ●   The skills, behaviours and systems to                          technology drivers
                                                         forge effective collaboration with
                                                                                                                    ●   Ability to differentiate and provide best
                                                         customers, partners and suppliers.
                                                                                                                        cost solutions


     SBAC SCOTLAND                                                                             WEST OF ENGLAND AEROSPACE FORUM
     SBAC Scotland is the trade association for the aerospace, defence, space                  WEAF is at the forefront of the national SC21 programme. It is a
     and naval sectors in Scotland.                                                            development of the current WEAF Competitiveness Improvement
     Established in 2005, the organisation works with stakeholders such as Scottish            Programme covering Lean, Business Excellence, Innovation & Recognition.
     Enterprise, the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Parliament to ensure the              Furthermore, it covers Relationships, Accreditations and Assessments.
     continued success of these vital industries in Scotland.                                  WEAF has been working very closely with both the SBAC (Society of British
     It was established by SBAC to support sector competitiveness and provide a                Aerospace Companies) and the leaders of the industry to develop and deploy
     targeted programme of services for members in Scotland and its goal is                    this new and exciting programme. It believes this is a very positive development
     continued growth and success for the Scottish sector.Scotland has been at the             and will enable the region and industry to develop even further and achieve a
     heart of the aerospace industry since its very beginnings and is currently                greater percentage of work. It is very much in line with WEAF’s current
     attracting major international investments on the basis of its skilled workforce,         programme and a lot of its companies have a head start.
     global links, strong and diverse local supplier base and excellent research teams.        The region is the largest and most diverse aerospace and defence region in the
     There are approximately 170 companies in Scotland involved in aerospace,                  UK with primes including Airbus, Rolls Royce Defence & Marine, Westland
     defence and naval sectors. Together they employ nearly 15,000 people                      Helicopters, Smiths Aerospace, Messier Dowty, Cobham and Honeywell. There
     earning, with total 2005 sales for the sector of £2.1 billion                             are also 600 plus small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) that help make
                                                                                               the south west a region of global excellence
     Scotland is investing significantly for the future with over 500 apprentices or 4 per
     cent of the workforce. This represents around one fifth of the apprentices being          As an organisation WEAF’s overall aim is to facilitate future competitiveness
     trained in the sector nationally, with the national workforce being 2% apprentices.       and growth of the aerospace industry in the region.
     Contact: Ian Watson, Director Tel: +44 (0) 131 343 8931                                   Contact: Neil Kennedy WEAF Lean Manufacturing Manager/ SC21 Project Manager
     Email: Website:                             Tel: +44 (0)1275 872353 Fax: +44 (0)1275 872355
                                                                                               Email: Website:

                                                                            Spend a minute clicking on to
                                                                 to find out
                                                                        just how much money we could
                                                                      help your business save.

                                                                  Increase spindle utilisation
                                                                     Reduce set up times
                                                                          Reduce batch quantities
                                                                                  Increase profits

                                                                                  Or call us on 01604 497 665.

                                                                                        Driving success through Innovation

                                                                      AEROSPACE GTMA SUPPLY CHAIN


GTMA has a strong focus on bringing                                                               training, much of it free or at special discoun-
strength to supply chains across key sectors                                                      ted rates. It also runs the GTMA World Class
in the UK – and pivotal to this are two                                                           programme, a unique self-assessment and
distinct initiatives: the GTMA Supply Chain                                                       continual improvement tool which has been
Programme and Buyer:Supplier Networks.                                                            operating now for over a decade.
The initiatives are industry focussed and
                                                                                                  Actions by the GTMA are designed to
Aerospace is one of five key sectors selected
                                                                                                  dovetail into actions being taken in the
by GTMA members for action.
                                                                                                  Supply Chain – for example, the importance
The GTMA Supply Chain Programme was                                                               of SC21 is now being underlined by the
launched in 2005 to focus on OEM and 1st                                                          GTMA Aerospace Network and there are
                                                Announcing the launch of the Aerospace Network
Tier requirements regarding:                                                                      links to its Implementation Guide and the
●   Supplier Accreditation                                                                        Action Plan on the GTMA website,
●   Supplier Evaluation/Relationships           Senior Research Fellow from the Aerospace
●   Process Control/Visibility/Traceability     team at Warwick Manufacturing Group.              There are now 102 GTMA companies in the
    Requirements                                                                                  Network covering the full range of disciplines
                                                RIGHT COMPETENCIES
                                                                                                  of the association (see page 17). Many of
●   Ongoing Quality, Cost and Delivery Needs    A key issue for GTMA is to ensure member
                                                                                                  these companies are already integrated
●   Supplier Sales and Marketing Needs          companies have the right competencies to
                                                                                                  within the Aerospace Supply Chain and their
                                                meet buyer requirements. “Buyers and
The objective is to ensure member                                                                 membership of the Network underlines their
                                                Supplier Evaluation teams have high
companies are equipped with an                                                                    commitment to the industry.
                                                expectations regarding supplier competence.
understanding of the needs of the sectors
                                                Only Quality, on-time Delivery and competitive    NETWORK MEETINGS
they serve, and are regularly up-dated on
                                                Costing will produce sustainable business.        Network meetings are practical and are
issues affecting those sectors. Buyers can
                                                Right first time every time is of paramount       agenda driven with discussion points from
then have confidence in their manufacturing
                                                importance,” says Alan Fairweather, Business      both host companies and GTMA members.
products and services.
                                                Development Manager. “Our objective is to         The involvement of the purchasing and
In keeping with the GTMA’s philosophy of        ensure a fast and efficient service that          buying organisations of major industry
being member-led, the programme was             provides a total solution to the buyer and real   players such as Rolls-Royce Aerospace and
designed for sectors chosen by members.         opportunity to the potential supplier.”           Airbus UK has been invaluable in identifying
                                                                                                  the requirements of the industry in the areas
As well as Aerospace, these were Automotive,    The Network structure recognises that while
                                                                                                  of operation of GTMA companies.
Medical, Packaging and Composites, which        all sectors share common objectives
itself was selected by many of the members      regarding Quality, Cost and Delivery, there       “That is the real advantage of this kind of
because of its importance in the aerospace      are also crucial differences. By meeting          face-to-face contact,” said GTMA CEO Julia
and defence sectors. Sector Networks are        directly with purchasing and logistics            Moore. “It means we are able to pinpoint
now in place for each of these, and OEMs        management from OEMs and Tier 1s,                 much more clearly the issues that affect what
and 1st Tier companies have been actively       Network companies are quickly able to             we do, rather than simply receiving an overview.
supporting the initiative.                      identify if there are shortcomings in their       The focus is on practical ways companies
                                                operations – and introduce continuous             can achieve competence. It is the central
The GTMA Aerospace Network was one of
                                                improvement plans with a clear direction.         theme of all Network and GTMA activities.”
the first to be launched in 2005 with a
seminar at Warwick Manufacturing Group.         GTMA helps with this and has a range of
Keynote speakers included Lawrence Jenkins,     initiatives to support its member companies
                                                                                                    Contact: Alan Fairweather, GTMA
Supplier Development Operations Director,       in reaching the level of competency required,
                                                                                                    Aerospace Network, Tel: 01844 274222
Rolls-Royce Aerospace, and Dr Glenn Parry,      including Supply Chain Awareness and other



     The GTMA Buyer:Supplier Network is a              The GTMA Buyer:Supplier Network provides        the buyers visited and follows successful
     free-of-charge service for buyers to save         Buyers with a speedy and reliable method of     pilot trials.
     them both time and resource. It uses the          sourcing both products and services from
                                                                                                       COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMES
     GTMA’s extensive knowledge of the                 specialist suppliers throughout the
                                                                                                       Aerospace was among several sectors from
     industry, current capacity, availability, and     Engineering Supply Chain. It is providing the
     its expertise across a wide range of                                                              which buyers made very significant input,
                                                       following key benefits:
     engineering suppliers.                                                                            and there has also been important activity in
                                                       ●   Time and cost savings                       encouraging niche areas of development in
                                                       ●   Ensured confidentiality                     composites, micro machining and micro
                                                       ●   Rapid quotation service                     moulding.

                                                       ●   Fast and efficient enquiry turnaround       GTMA has been working closely with industry
                                                       ●   In-depth supplier assessment                to maintain and increase business and
                                                                                                       technology leadership within its membership
                                                       ●   Access to GTMA industry knowledge
                                                                                                       through a range of programmes to assist in
                                                       ●   Accredited suppliers with relevant sector   achieving and sustaining enhanced
                                                           experience                                  competitiveness in today’s global market.
                                                       ●   Active project management facility
                                                                                                       Companies who complete these
                                                       The launch of the GTMA Buyer:Supplier
                                                                                                       programmes are qualified by GTMA and
                                                       Network in 2007 follows more than three
                                                                                                       have either attained World Class
                                                       years of work in developing strong links with
                                                                                                       accreditation (see page 33), or are
                                                       industry sectors to strengthen techniques
                                                                                                       recognised by GTMA as Supply Chain
                                                       and benchmarking within the GTMA.
     Below left: Photo courtesy BAE Systems, forward                                                   Competent. This ensures buyers using the
     area refuelling systems.                          The launch of the Network, and another          service can be confident that Quality, Cost
     Centre: Photo courtesy Eurofighter, Eurofighter
     Typhoons in Diamond Nine formation.               major initiative, the GTMA Lease Scheme is      and Delivery principles are met first time,
     Right: Photo courtesy Airbus, A380 wing test.     in response to requests made by many of         every time.

                                                               AEROSPACE GTMA BUYER:SUPPLIER

The GTMA Buyer:Supplier Network can help find companies
with the right competencies in these sectors:

Mould tools                                    Cutting Tools
Injection, Compression, Blow Moulding,         including Milling, Reaming, Drilling
Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming, Multi-Shot      Precision Machining
Press tools                                    Metalworking including Milling, Turning,
Progression, Transfer, Panel Tooling and       Grinding, EDM
Blanking                                       Materials
Standard Parts                                 including Tool Steels, Copper, Wire
Mould Tools and Press Tool components          Tool & Workholding Equipment
Tool Trials                                    including Mandrels, Rotary Tables, Diving Heads
Pressing/Stamping and Moulding, Try-Out        Surface Treatment and Coating, Surface
facilities                                     Engineering
                                               including Heat Treatment, Ion Implantation,
Rapid Prototyping
                                               Cryogenic Treatment
Low volume manufacture including SLA, SLS
                                               Metrology Equipment & Services
                                               including Dimensional Gauges, Calibration
including Model Making
                                               Services, UKAS, Laboratories, CMMs, Profile
Jigs & Fixtures                                Projectors
including for Assembly, Measuring, Machining
Design Services                                Component Production including Moulding,
Tool Design, Product Design, Jig & Fixture     Pressing/Stamping, Machined Parts
Design                                         Software Systems
Machine Tools                                  including CAD/CAM, Project Management,
including Milling, Turning, Grinding, EDM      Scheduling, Scanning, Digitising

As part of its all-round approach to           a “Progress Payment Facility” allowing the        ●   Includes provision for preventative
helping companies solve real issues in         release of monies when agreed milestones              maintenance
their business, GTMA has launched a            are met. The Lease Scheme is an integral          ●   Option to buy the tool at the end of the
scheme to improve cash flow in the             part of the Buyer:Supplier Network and                scheme
supply chain.                                  offers benefits to both Buyer and Supplier.
                                                                                                 ●   Can be implemented even after initial
The GTMA Lease Scheme, run in                  KEY BENEFITS ARE:                                     payments have been made.
                                               ●  Buyers benefit from amortisation of
partnership with CSG Progressive Finance,                                                        The partnership with CSG has also led to
offers a bespoke financially competitive          costs
                                                                                                 the availability of Lease Process Control
solution to both production and pre-           ●   Suppliers benefit from improved cash          software and now under discussion is a
production costs and is specifically               flow via prompt payment                       re-finance package from CSG exclusively
designed to help companies in the              ●   Simple to use – only one short form to        for GTMA members.
engineering supply chain improve cash              complete
                                                                                                 CSG Director Daniel Proctor said: “We are
flow.                                          ●   Leases available between two and five         excited to be working with GTMA to
It addresses the recurring issue of the non-       years                                         provide innovative financial solutions to
availability of stage payments by providing    ●   Progress payment facility                     both the engineering Buyer and Supplier.”


    B   Total Online Project Management                            B   Match Metal Tooling
    B   CATIA V5 Design                                            B   Superplastic Tooling
    B   Large Capacity 5 Axis CNC Machining                        B   CNC-CMM Inspection
    B   Aerospace Tooling                                          B   Pattern and Model Making
    B   Resin Transfer Moulds                                      B   Jigs and Fixtures
    B   Tooling for Composites                                     B   Special Purpose Machinery
    B   Assembly Jigs

                                                                                                 +44 (0)121 556 0909
                                                                                                 TELEPHONE   C     ROJAC TOOLING TECHNOLOGIES                                 
                            Automotive Component Park, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 7DD, UK   Fax: +44 (0)121 556 4343

    EMAIL                   ADDRESS                                                              CONTACT
                                                           AEROSPACE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT


Suppliers recommended by GTMA must             ASSESSMENT
show they are ‘Supply Chain Efficient and      The programme is delivered in strict
Process Competent’ before they can be          confidence at each company’s premises and
recommended to buyers in aerospace             focuses entirely on the needs of that
and other sectors. This ensures the            company.
Buyer:Supplier Network receives industry-
                                               In essence, GTMA BDTP looks at company
wide acceptance and credibility. Much
                                               fitness via a set of short diagnostics delivered
help is available for GTMA member
                                               ‘in-house’ that enables the following
companies to bring them to competent
levels, and among these is a fully-funded
Business Development Training                  ●   Where are we now?
Programme (BDTP).                              ●   Where do we want to go?
The GTMA Business Development Training         ●   What do we need to do to achieve our
Programme was launched in 2005 to help             goals?
members achieve competence in areas            Reports from these diagnostics, with time
identified with OEMs and 1st Tier companies    lined Action Plans and assistance after
as pivotal to success. The programme now       assessment, ensure tangible progression.
offers in-depth help in:                       The programme is flexible, allowing members
●   Supply Chain Development                   to do the whole programme or to select only
                                               the modules where action is needed.
●   Internal Supply Chain fitness
●   Process Control competency                 Supply Chain Awareness Survey analyses
                                               external supply chain competencies from
●   Sales and Marketing proficiency
                                               customers to suppliers.
●   Change Management, and Business
    Plans.                                     Internal Supply Chain Audit evaluates
                                               internal management structures and how
The programme is open to all member
                                               departments relate to each other enabling
companies and, with funding from the
                                               customer satisfaction.
Tooling Trust, there is no requirement for
                                                                                                  Top: Photo courtesy Airbus. Toulouse celebration
financial input from members who are offered   Process Control Diagnostic, assesses               on granting of joint European and US Type
resources to the value of £2500 each.          competency and visibility of manufacturing         Certification for Trent-powered A380
                                                                                                  Above: Photo courtesy BAE Systems. Measuring
Members taking part, however, need to          process.
                                                                                                  optical fibre-based light delivery systems
make a time commitment to achieve the
                                               Sales & Marketing Review appraises
required competency levels.
                                               performance and back office capability.

                                               Actions are then determined and
                                               implemented, usually over about a year,
                                               including follow-up visits.


                                                    THE ‘WEAPON OF
                                                    CHOICE’ FOR MACHINING
                                                    AEROSPACE PARTS
                                                    GTMA member StarragHeckert is “not               Systems Director, StarragHeckert are BAE’s
                                                    just a machine tool builder but a real           “Weapon of Choice” when machining
                                                    partner within the aerospace sector” –           titanium parts.
                                                    and since the advent of the Eurofighter          Another area that StarragHeckert is proud to
                                                    (Typhoon), and latterly the Lockheed F –         be involved in is with the Advanced
                                                    35 (JSF), the company has established            Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).
                                                    itself as the benchmark for the milling of       The AMRC is affiliated to Sheffield University
FEATURED COMPANIES                                  titanium engine casings, airframe                and offers a valuable research resource to
Blum Novotest                                  32   structures and engine parts.                     such companies as Rolls-Royce, Boeing and
                                                    As a Swiss machine tool builder StarragHeckert   Smiths Industries. All titanium research is
Bowers Metrology                               22   has an enviable reputation as a leader of 4      completed on AMRC’s own StarragHeckert
CRDM                                           27   and 5 axis milling technology. With a client     ZT 1000 5 axis milling machine.
                                                    base that reads like a “Who’s Who” of British    For UK companies wishing to improve or
Delcam                                         25   aerospace manufacturers, it remains clear        enter the exciting sector of 4 and 5 axis
Denroy                                         26   that StarragHeckert is a company that is
                                                                                                     aerospace part machining, StarragHeckert is
                                                    integral to the performance of such
                                                                                                     a company that can really make a difference
Europac                                 26-27       companies as BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, J
                                                                                                     to a company’s likelihood of success.
Hockley Patterns                               31   J Churchill and Callender Aeroparts, to name
                                                                                                     StarragHeckert is a pioneer in 4 and 5 axis
                                                    a few.
Physical Digital                        22-23                                                        milling technology for the manufacture of
                                                    Even before most of us had heard of the
                                                                                                     complex components such as aircraft
Powerkut                                       23   Lockheed F – 35, StarragHeckert was
                                                                                                     structures and blades, cylinder crank
                                                    working with many leading companies to
Rapitypes                                      25                                                    housing, gearbox housings, cylinder heads,
                                                    establish technology for the high performance
                                                                                                     impellers and blisks.
Renishaw                                       31   machining of titanium parts. This work was
                                                    carried out within StarragHeckert’s own          Through its own research and development
Sescoi                                         29   machining CPE Facility in Switzerland. This      efforts it has acquired vast experience in the
                                                    unique machining facility enables companies      machining of exotic, i.e. difficult-to-cut
SGS Carbides                                   29
                                                    to confidentially develop processes with         materials such as titanium, Inconel, Nimonic,
StarragHeckert                                 21   StarragHeckert milling experts and thus save     high alloy steels and aluminum, whilst
                                                    considerable time and expense in the initial     reducing cycle times by applying the latest
Stellram                                       25                                                    high speed milling techniques.
                                                    development stages.
                                                    A recent part engineered for BAE Systems         Its sophisticated machining centres are
                                                    resulted in the complete supply of a             installed as stand-alone units or can be
                                                    StarragHeckert STC 1600 5 axis machining         integrated in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
                                                    centre, along with proven fixtures, programs     (FMS).
                                                    and tooling. In the words of one of BAE          Website:
Red Arrows in formation with the A380. Photo
courtesy Airbus.



      Physical Digital Ltd, a provider of mobile, high accuracy non-
      contact optical digitisation services, using the latest GOM, ATOS
      Digitiser and the TRITOP photogrammetric systems, has provided
      verification of the geometry of the 8.5% scale Blended Wing
      Body Low Speed Vehicle (BWB LSV) ‘X-48B’ prototypes built by
      Cranfield Aerospace Ltd for Boeing.

      UK-based Cranfield Aerospace built the two hi-fidelity prototypes for
      Phantom Works, Boeing’s advanced research and development
      organisation, in accordance with Boeing requirements and
      specifications. Made primarily of advanced lightweight composite
      materials, the prototypes weigh about 400 pounds (180kg) each.
      Powered by three turbojet engines, they will be capable of flying at up
      to 120 knots (200km/h) and 10,000 feet (3000m) in altitude during

      During each phase of composites manufacture, Cranfield Aerospace
      employed Physical Digital Ltd to optically scan and perform computer-
      aided verification (CAV) on the patterns, mould tools and composite
      parts prior to assembly of the 21ft (6.4m) wingspan unmanned aerial
      vehicles (UAVs).


      Acedes Gear Company, which is the Hob supplier of choice to
      high quality gear manufacturers throughout aerospace, has
      invested in a series of state-of-the-art, XT Xtreme Digital Bore
      Gauges from GTMA member company Bowers.
      Acedes’ advanced new instruments will allow them to accurately
      measure all of their Hob location Bores both in-process and as part
      of the company’s stringent final inspection routines.
      Bowers’ high-tech new gauges boast Opto RS 232 outputs allowing
      them to be linked to Acedes’ printers to generate traceable records.
      The Bowers XT Xtreme Gauges have extended anvil travel, clear
      digital displays, a simple two-button operation, are water/coolant
      resistant and importantly are able to accurately measure Acedes’
      critical Hob’s location bores.
      The extremely demanding tolerance specification of the company’s
      Hob’s, less than 5 um, substantially extends their working life and
      improves gear cutting accuracy.

                                                                                      AEROSPACE CASE STUDIES

                    “Optical digitisation
                    provides high
                    accuracy quality
                    assurance inspection
                    data against known
                    3D (CAD) data”
                                                                                                  All photos courtesy The Boeing Company.
The technique used by physical digital generates colour maps         full-scale dynamic behaviour.
identifying even the smallest manufacturing deviations between
                                                                     The X-48B UAV project showcased Cranfield Aerospace’s rapid
the scan data and the CAD nominal. Further analyses of fixed
                                                                     prototyping and UAV manufacturing capabilities, techniques that
points and a number of key features against the original CAD
                                                                     help reduce the cost and time to obtain high-quality aerodynamic
data can prove invaluable when assembling many complex
                                                                     and flight control data, particularly in the all-important early
                                                                     stages of a development programme.
Prototype accuracy was especially crucial to this project given
                                                                     Hence, given the criticality of manufacturing precision, this
the scale involved and also because, as Norm Princen, Boeing
                                                                     project also provided the opportunity for optical digitisation to
Phantom Works chief engineer for the X-48B programme
                                                                     provide high accuracy quality assurance inspection data against
remarked: ‘The X-48B prototypes have been dynamically scaled
                                                                     known 3D (CAD) data. Physical Digital MD Tim Rapley said: ‘this
to represent a much larger aircraft and are being used to
                                                                     was an ideal application for optical digitisation techniques, given
demonstrate that a BWB is as controllable and safe during take
                                                                     the particular demand for manufacturing fidelity.
off, approach and landing as a conventional military transport
plane.’                                                              The combination of scanning and photogrammetry is ideally
                                                                     suited to digitising larger objects such as the patterns, tooling
In addition to the geometry, the mass and moment of inertia
                                                                     and components involved in manufacturing UAVs, whilst still
characteristics have also been accurately scaled. As a
                                                                     providing high accuracy data.’
consequence, the dynamic flight characteristics of the model can
be extrapolated to give accurate estimates of the corresponding      Website:


   Having approvals as well respected as        ‘Engineering Excellence’ Awards, is not
   Rolls-Royce and Ministry of Defence,         only the quality of its component
   the Coventry headquarters of Powerkut        manufacture on some of the latest CNC
   Ltd are involved in both the                 machines, but also the ability to measure
   manufacture and verification of              and verify this quality in its fully equipped
   components for some of the world’s
                                                UKAS accredited laboratory, where the
   best companies.
                                                company also provide customer gauge
   Most recently projects include parts for     calibration and full gauge management
   the latest generation of engines for the     services where required.
   best aero engine maker in the world which
   produce less noise pollution and fewer       Full gauge management is provided in a
   emissions as the world looks for cleaner     format that can help reduce the
   aviation technology.                         customer’s carbon footprint considerably
                                                and contribute to ISO14000.
   The success of Powerkut, which has been                                                           Airbus component inspection at Powerkut
   Highly Commended in the GTMA                 Website:                            laboratory

                                                                                          AEROSPACE CASE STUDIES


TURNKEY PACKAGE                                  The Duo Mill machine has a 4500mm overall
                                                 bed length with twin swivel head spindles
                                                                                                    Delcam’s UK Division has
                                                                                                    been approved for
FOR AIRBUS WINGS                                 operating on twin working areas. Each              aerospace projects to the
                                                 working area holds a 2m by 450mm rotating          AS/EN9100 and
Programs created using GTMA member
                                                 cube fixture that can be lifted out for in-cycle   ISO9100:2003 standards.
Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system
                                                 loading and allows full machining of the ribs in   The approval covers the
have been included in a turnkey
                                                 two operations – machining one side from           modelling, reverse                Airbus rib machined by
package developed by Chiron for                                                                                                       Chiron with Delcam
                                                 billet; and finish machining the semi-finished     engineering and machining
Magellan Aerospace to make a range                                                                                                    PowerMILL software
                                                 rib from the previous cycle.                       facilities offered by the
of wing ribs for the Airbus A320.
                                                 Haydn Martin of Magellan said: “The reason         company’s in-house toolroom,
The package is based around the new                                                                 plus the installation, training and support
                                                 for having a Duo twin spindle machine, with
Chiron Duo Mill advanced machining                                                                  services provided to its CADCAM software
                                                 two identical set-ups on either side of the
system, which incorporates twin 90kW                                                                customers.
                                                 machine, is that we produce a port and a
spindles to allow simultaneous five-axis
                                                 starboard rib at the same time. Every time the     Delcam has always been unique among
machining of port and starboard wing ribs.
                                                 machine cycles you are getting a finished pair     international CADCAM software developers in
Magellan is one of the largest UK suppliers      of components, so it is a single piece flow        having its own in-house toolroom. Like the
of detail components into wing build at          process that reduces machine down time.” He        main software business, the toolroom has
Airbus. It produces around 1,300 different       said that full, 5-axis machining with the swivel   moved its focus from the toolmaking industry
parts for Airbus and is represented on all       head means there is no need for deburring on       to greatly increased involvement in
of its programmes.                               features such as the rib feet.                     aerospace. Website:

RAPITYPES LTD                                                                    STELLRAM

FROM CABIN SEATS TO TRIMS – WE                                                   SPECIALITY METALS IN AEROSPACE
HAVE THE PROCESSES                                                               ARE A MACHINING CHALLENGE
East Midlands-based Rapitypes Ltd is another GTMA member                         The need to fly further and faster, in
which has supported the aerospace sector over several years as                   airplanes that are more economical to
supplier to OEM and Tier 1 market leaders.                                       operate and environmentally friendly,
Its experience includes manufacture of passenger cabin seat and trim             requires speciality metals that are lighter,
components using several different in-house low volume plastic moulding          stronger and more resistant to heat.
processes including vacuum forming, low volume injection moulding, RIM           Next-generation aircraft contain more
(Reaction Injection Moulding), SRIM and rotation moulded RIM moulding            titanium than older planes and new fuel efficient engines burn hotter
- all with their associated tool manufacturing systems and techniques.           and require advanced nickel-based super alloys. These speciality
Rapitypes typically supplies mouldings from one-off, to medium batch             alloys are more difficult to machine.
volume sizes. However the volumes and in a number of instances the               GTMA member ATI Stellram receives new metals developed by ATI
component sizes, typically define the material type and specified                Allvac to conduct machinability tests. The knowledge of the inherent
manufacturing process.                                                           material structures provides ATI Stellram with an advantage in
In-house high speed CNC machining capability enables components to               engineering unique formulations for cutting tool substrates, coatings
be manufactured directly from available stock materials including plastic,       and geometries. `X’ grade and composite technologies have been
aluminium, steel and alloys.                                                     developed with new tool and insert designs to provide effective
Investment casting techniques are used to manufacture parts in a range           machining of these alloys.
of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, some of which do not                  John Palmer, ATI Stellram’s Aerospace Manager, says that
require any secondary operation machining or finishing.                          understanding both the material and the cutting tool’s attributes is
Renfrew Creative, Rapitypes’ design partner, provides a styling, concept         the first step to successful machining. The strategy and presentation
design and full CAD engineering support function and has wide ranging            of the tool to the workpiece, and understanding what happens
industrial design experience. More information is available on the               during the machining process, are the keys to providing high metal
Rapitypes website, where there are also links to Renfrew Creative.               removal rates in the most difficult to machine materials.
Website:                                                       Website:

                                                           AEROSPACE CASE STUDIES
      Check Out Nairda For Measurement

                                                            NEW MEASURING SYSTEM
                                                            IS SO FAST ON THE HAWK
                                                            JET TRAINER
                                                            MISSILE LAUNCHER ALIGNMENT IS CUT
                                                            FROM 3 DAYS TO 20 MINUTES
                                                            A combination of laser technology, high end digital photography and
                                                            specially developed software has revolutionised the way missile
                                                            launchers, radar antenna and pilot visions systems are aligned on the
                                                            Hawker Jet trainer aircraft.
                                                            The new system has reduced the time taken from between 3 and 4 days
                                                            to 20 MINUTES!!
                                                            Called HarmoLign, the system enables aircraft engineers to align four
                                                            different elements on the aircraft – the two missile launchers, the radar
                                                            antenna which sits above the nose cone on the fuselage, and the ‘head
                                                            over’ display (this is the screen which appears at head height showing the
                                                            pilot everything needed to know to fly and operate the aircraft, without the
                                                            need to look at instrument panels when flying at speed and in critical
                                                            operational situations).
                                                            Each of the four elements is controlled by a pan and tilt mechanism, a little
                                                            like a tripod and the challenge is to make sure that all our aligned so the
                                                            readings are pin-point accurate.
                                                            Before the advent of HarmoLign, the engineer would set one of the
     Product and Services Include:
        o Linear Displacement transducers
          Half Bridge or LVDT Styles                        CONVERTING METAL INTO PLASTIC
        o Electronic Column Gauge                           Replacing metal components             thread stripping in its securing
        o Air Gauging Electronic Column                     with plastic is one of the prime       holes. In addition, Airbus was also
        o Stand alone Air Electronics                       business strategies for Denroy         keen to find a lighter weight
        o Technical Support                                 Plastics Ltd., the Northern            alternative to metal covers.
        o Compatible Replacements                           Ireland-based precision injection      Denroy’s conversion from the
        o Repair Service                                    plastics moulder.                      original design involved using an
                                                            Having already completed success-      approved PPS material to give high
     We have over 25 years experience in electronics        ful plastic component design           impact strength and environmental
     in the aerospace industry and work with our            projects on the Eurofighter for BAE    resistance. X-ray testing was
     customers to find the correct solution.                Systems, Denroy was approached         employed to confirm that there were
                                                            by Airbus engineers to study poss-     no voids present in the moulded
     If you need any advice or clarification call Adrian    ible changes and improvements to       unit. A clip-nut attachment was also
     O’Donnell on 0121 457 9571, he will be happy to        Airbus inspection covers of which      incorporated into the design to
     discuss your requirements and offer practical          there are some 25-30 per wing.         replace the previous securing
     solutions.                                             The existing inspection cover was      method. The moulded covers were
                                                            die cast aluminium, and, with the      then painted to the approved
                                                            necessity for frequent removal         shade, with lettering infill in black.
                                                            during maintenance, was prone to       The replacement plastic inspection

                                                                                           AEROSPACE CASE STUDIES

                                 Images courtesy Metronor.
                                   Revolutionary alignment
                                  system slashes time from
                                          days to minutes.

 element, check the others; and align each one in turn. But as one       the same height.
 was aligned perfectly, it would alter slightly the readings on          As the engineer adjusts these on the laptop, the system relays the
 another; so another adjustment would be made; and another               information to the laser pads where the tilt mechanisms are
 check, and so on…for day after day.                                     adjusted in real time. Once completed, a measurement report is
 How different things are now! The solution involves a unique, fixed     printed and saved for future traceability.
 wide angle digital camera being set up at the front of the aircraft
                                                                         The system was developed by Metronor of Norway, which is
 with a view of the two launchers, the radar antenna and the ‘head
                                                                         represented in the UK by leading metrology systems provider and
 over’ display. Laser diode pads are then mounted on small plates
                                                                         GTMA member, Europac, whose MD John Beckett said: “The time
 attached to the pan and tilt tripods of each of the elements, and
                                                                         savings are enormous and we see a big future for HarmoLign. The
 these lasers fire high intensity light beams at the camera.
                                                                         fact is that during training operations and in service scenarios the
 The information is taken by the camera and loaded into a laptop         Hawker Jet will routinely be buffeted around and the alignments
 where the specially developed software presents the information         can be put out.
 on a screen adapted for the RAF and designed for ease of use of
                                                                         “The previous trial and error process sometimes would take three
 operation. In fact, the training requirement for operators is minimal
                                                                         or four days. The new system means they can be realigned to the
 because the software guides the operator through the whole
                                                                         critical point in under an hour – with absolute accuracy.”
 process with self-explanatory graphical displays.
 In essence what happens is that the operator sees four columns          Among the first customers for the system was the British
 of light, produced from the information fired by the light beams.       Aerospace facility at Brough, near Hull, and other users already
 The columns allow the operator to judge alignment of pitch, roll        include RAF Hawk service stations and BAE Systems.
 and yaw. Perfect alignment is when all four columns are exactly         Websites:


                                           COMPONENTS WITHOUT TOOLING                           components typically come within +/- 0.05mm
 Photo courtesy of                                                                              tolerance.
Eurofighter. Aircraft
                                           AND MACHINING FROM CRDM
  undergoing cold                                                                               Typical applications include Aerospace, MoD,
                                           CRDM Limited, the UK’s leading DMLS service
     environmental                                                                              Automotive and F1, specifically engineering
             testing.                      supplier, has taken delivery of their second         applications including functional prototypes, small
                                           Direct Metal Laser Sintering system, the new         series products, individualised products or spare
 covers have produced a major
                                           EOSINT M 270, which has specific relevance           parts. This includes parts requiring particularly high
 weight saving for Airbus of some
                                           to the aerospace sector.                             toughness and ductility, such as turbines and other
 40% over the metal covers and
 additional cost savings of 45%            As well as operating with the standard Direct        parts for engines, cutting parts, etc. and parts hav-
 per unit.                                 Metal 20 (Nickel-Bronze) and Direct Steel 20 (Mild   ing very small features such as thin walls, pins, etc.
                                           Steel), the M 270 now gives CRDM the capability     The DMLS additive manufacturing process
 The success of this project, and
 the metal conversion strategy in          of offering two new materials; Stainless Steel 17-  produces metal components direct from a CAD
 general, is now leading Denroy            4/1.4542, and the nickel-free Cobalt Chrome MP1. model using a powerful 200w Yb-fibre laser and
 to pursue even more ambitious             These new 100% dense materials are both             layers of fine metal powder. The CAD model is
 projects, with a major R&D effort         corrosive resistant and sterilisable. The MP1 fully sliced into 0.020mm layers and effectively
 into lightweight composites               meets the requirements of ISO 5832-4 and ASTM reconstructed layer by layer with the laser fusing
 specifically for aerospace now            F75 for cast CoCrMo implant alloys, as well as the or melting each layer to the one below. In this way
 underway.                                 requirements of ISO 5832-12 and ASTM F1537          the system can build very complicated geometries.
 Website:                   for wrought CoCrMo implants, and manufactured Website:

     Supplying Precision Tooling Worldwide
     Dacmac is a leading UK supplier of tooling equipment for the automotive
     industry, exporting around 75% of our output.

     High quality and competitive pricing are key customer requirements and we
     have undertaken a major investment programme to boost our production
     efficiency, and to help us serve other industry sectors including aerospace.

     Design and manufacture for the following:
     ❒ Gravity, Low and High Pressure Dies                                 Dacmac
     ❒ Rubber and Plastic Mould Tooling                                SSPC House,
                                                            Woodlands Business Park,
     ❒ Transfer Machines                                                Maidenhead,
     ❒ Jigs and Fixtures/Specialist Machining                             Berkshire,
                                                                   SL6 3LT, England
                                                                    Tel: 01628 501560
     5 Axis Programming and Machining                              Fax: 01628 828371
     Small Batch Precision Machining                       Email:

                                                                                       AEROSPACE CASE STUDIES


Demands for customised helicopters                 method to rapidly manufacture moulds for
required a change of production methods            composite parts, and sheet metal dies for
at Eurocopter, which operates from six             prototype and low volume components.              The Eurocopter helicopter,
locations across Europe and achieved                                                                  supplied courtesy Sescoi.
                                                   Four years ago it carried out a feasibility
turnover in 2006 of 4.9 billion Euros. One         study, benchmarking different CAM systems         prepare the models for machining in WorkNC.
of the results has been a strong link with         and CNC machines. In particular it was
GTMA member Sescoi which has been                                                                    Here the software automatically calculates
                                                   looking for a close link between the software     the geometry, generates reliable toolpaths
involved in reducing part manufacturing            and the machine tool; a reliable toolpath         and simulates the machining. Within three
lead times in the company.                         with clear collision control and display          weeks of the installation of WorkNC and the
The move to customisation saw Eurocopter           capabilities; an extensive tool library; an       machine tool, the company produced its first
restructure into four Industrial Skills Centres,   ergonomic and easy to use interface; and a        tools. Michel Labarthe added: ““We have
each operating autonomously as a business          means of reducing design times.                   achieved our objectives, halving production
unit but with links to a Central Engineering                                                         times on our sheet metal parts, including both
                                                   Extensive production tests led Eurocopter to
Department.                                                                                          the programming and machining phases.”
                                                   choose Sescoi’s WorkNC, WorkNC-CAD
Among the four was the Structure Industrial        and a TNB CNC machine tool. Michel                More recently an additional WorkNC and
Skills Centre which concentrates on                Labarthe, Manager of the Eurocopter               WorkNC-CAD system with a direct CATIA
manufacturing prototype parts, making              Structure Industrial Skills Center said: “We      interface was added, together with a second
customised non-standard parts, helicopter          reduced the time for machining a shroud           TNB machine. The result is the IS Center has
development, and productionising                   from 32 hours to 4 hours 5 minutes.”              met its rapid manufacturing target, supplying
components ready for batch manufacture.            Eurocopter’s design and modeling is               customers with mass produced and
Its top priority is rapid turnaround.              completed in CATIA V4 and V5. WorkNC-             customised parts within 15 days.
To achieve its goals the Center needed a           CAD is used to interpret these designs and        Website:


SGS Carbide Tool is a technological                Time savings can be considerable. In one
                                                                                                          Products from SGS
leader with a particular development               example machining times were reduced
                                                                                                        Carbide Tool reflect its
focus on providing optimised tool tech-            from 45 minutes to 18 minutes resulting in                 commitment to
nologies specific to the aerospace market.         annual savings of over £300,000.                               technology.
It is one of the largest solid carbide rotary      Z-Carb, the Unique “Patented” Unequal
tooling manufacturers in the world, and its        Helix end mills that have allowed end users
technical focus is on the capabilities of solid    to aggressively address their roughing and        Other areas of aerospace in which SGS is
carbide for machining of difficult to cut          finishing applications with unequalled results,   providing advantages is in aluminium alloys
material such as aerospace alloys. This            are now available with a variety of CNC-          machining (widely used in airframe and
includes addressing the complexities of            ground corner radii options for specific          structural parts) with the S-Carb range for
high-speed/high feed machining.                    applications, to suit aerospace. Rouging          high efficiency machining of aluminium; and
As aerospace materials evolve tooling is           cycle times can be reduced by at least 50%        its S-Carb 3 Flute which offers the ability to
subject to more and more extreme heat              over conventional indexable or ‘ripper’ style     plunge at high feed rates and has been
conditions which can cause catastrophic            tools. SGS are so confident of this, they         proven in closed pocket machining. On
failure if tooling is applied incorrectly. The     guarantee these type of savings, or the tools     aerospace components cycle times are
SGS solution is a revolutionary ‘Patented’ Z-      for free!                                         being reduced by up to 40% in some cases,
Carb solid carbide coated end mill range.                                                            as well as making standard programmes
                                                   The company provides a range of other
                                                                                                     easier and more efficient to create.
The range is evolving, along with materials,       services and products for aerospace
to enable maximum metal removal rates on           including the S-CARD range for high effici-       The company also supplies, among others, a
high temperature alloys. Examples of               ciency machining of aluminium alloys (widely      full selection of performance twist drills plus a
successful applications have included hi-          used in airframe and structural parts manu-       massive array of rotary carbide burrs and to
nickel engine rings,15-5-PH actuators,             facture) and its S-Carb 3 Flute which offers      top them all the exclusive 'Ti-Namite A'
titanium structural parts, and various blade       the ability to plunge at high feed rates and      superhard coating.
machining from 17-4-ph to Inconel 718.             has been proven in closed pocket machining.       Website:

                THOMAS KEATING LTD
        Thomas Keating Ltd have over the years gained a reputation for producing
       high quality injection mould and press tools, precision engineering, jigs and
     fixtures and more recently the design and manufacture of scientific instruments.

                        In addition to our tool making work we can now offer:
                        ❒ Sub-contract work: CNC high speed turning, CNC jig grinding which include six m/c’s in a
                        temperature controlled area .
                        ❒ Batch size: From 1 off to ....?
                        ❒ Tolerances: From the 5 micron range.
                        ❒ Design: Pro-Engineer Design capabilities coupled to Edge Cam on all CNC machines.
                        ❒ Customers: World wide Aerospace companies, toolmakers using our specialist grinding facilities and
                        many other industries from food packaging to oil refinery manufacturers.
                        ❒ Approvals: TK have ISO9001/ 2000 approval, plus we are an approved Agusta /Westland supplier and
                        several other space companies including Nasa.
                        ❒ Documentation: C of C, CMM produced inspection reports and custom requirements.

                        Should you need a sub-contract specialist grinding or machining supplier please do not hesitate to
                        call for further information, and remember TK still design and manufacture moulds and press tools!
                                                                                                 David Green – Sales Director.
                                      Thomas keating Ltd, Station Mills, Daux Road, Billingshurst West Sussex. RH14 9SH
                            Tel: 01403 782045 Fax : 01403 785464 Email: Website:

                                                                                       AEROSPACE CASE STUDIES


Aerospace is now the number one                  refined and reused, at a time when the
growth priority for GTMA member                  automotive tooling sector is in decline.
Hockley Pattern and Tool                         Success with BAE SYSTEMS supplying
The West Midlands company is investing           tooling manufactured using casting
£1.75 million on new 3 Axis and 5 Axis           techniques has enabled Hockley to supply
machine tools, relocating the company to         tools in far less time than traditional
double its size in the process and is hiring     ‘machined from billet’ methods and at far
an additional 15 employees – all to help         less cost through reduction in material
secure its position in the aerospace sector.
                                                 consumption and machining times.
The factory move happens in September,
                                                 Hockley Pattern and Tool is aiming to take
and is the result of a determination to sell
                                                 full advantage of the complete range of
current core expertise to new customers in                                                          expense at the front end of aircraft
                                                 tooling required to mould and trim
an expanding Aerospace industry. The rapid                                                          programmes, so anything that reduces cost
                                                 composite parts and has set up an                  and still provides a high quality tool is
conversion from Aluminium to Carbon Fibre
                                                 exclusive cooperation agreement with a             desirable. Hockley’s approach has been to
composite as the predominant airframe
material, gives rise to an entirely new growth   major US Tooling company to support the            use its core automotive pattern making skills
opportunity where Hockley’s core                 very biggest Invar Tools.                          to dramatic effect.
automotive Pattern making skills can be          Tooling is a necessary and significant             Website:


A major breakthrough in measurement                  as aerofoils) and regular features (such as
technology for aerospace manufacturers               bores, planes and gaskets) is achieved
has been announced by GTMA member                    by gathering large amounts of inspection
Renishaw after the biggest R&D                       data at ultra-high scanning speeds.            current scanning speed of 10 mm/s, each
programme the company has ever                   ●   Very fast gathering of touch points using      blade takes 46 minutes to inspect, with the
undertaken.                                          the servo head's infinitely variable 2-axis    full 29-blade blisk requiring a daunting 22
Renscan5™ is based on breakthrough                   motion.                                        hours, 14 minutes.
head, sensor and control technology, and         ●   Innovative, patented tip-sensing               Using the exact same profiles, but scanning
delivers unprecedented scanning speed                technology allowing the sensing to be          with REVO™, the time per blade drops by
and measurement flexibility, whilst avoiding         very close to the surface being                90%, providing a saving of over 20 hours for
the speed versus accuracy compromises                measured, yielding better accuracy.            the whole component.
inherent in conventional techniques. It          ●   Novel calibration - REVO™ requires only        Measurement times can be slashed still
boosts measurement throughput, minimises             a single tip calibration to be accurate at     further with 5-axis scanning, which opens
lead times and gives aerospace                       all angles of rotation.                        up new possiblilties for alternative
manufacturers a more comprehensive               ●   Infinite positioning and 5-axis synchronised   measurement strategies.
appreciation of the quality of their products.       motion facilitates access to features.         Calibration on traditional CMMs can take a
The Renscan5™ technology has been                Comparison testing of REVO™ has found              lot of time, and REVO™ again can bring big
incorporated into REVO™, a revolutionary         Aerofoil measurement is 10 times faster.           benefits. Where a CMM is used for only a
measuring head and probe system,                 Using the existing measurement method,             single or limited number of parts, typically
designed to enable users to achieve              each blade on an aero engine blisk is              there may be 10 head orientations used.
previously unobtainable levels of inspection     measured using nine sectional scans of the         Calibration time for these positions may take
throughput, precision and flexibility from       aerofoil profile, eight longitudinal scans of      around 30 minutes. REVO™ requires only
their CMMs:                                      the blade, two scans of the root profile and       10 minutes - 3 times faster!
●   5-axis scanning of complex forms (such       a single scan of the annulus profile. At the       Website:



      NEW BLUM PROBE                                  new FormControl software means users can,
                                                      for the first time, carry out full 5-axis
      SYSTEM HAS MAJOR                                measurements of whole workpieces on their
      BENEFITS FOR AEROSPACE                          machine tools.
                                                      Says Blum’s Dipl.-Ing. Winfried Weiland:
      A new generation of probe system
                                                      “This new software is important for the             fewer positions and requiring more steps in
      software (right) is being targeted at the
                                                      growing number of users in the aerospace            the process, users can specify any probe
      aerospace sector because of the strong
                                                      sector where there is a concentration of five-      positions they like; there are now no
      concentration of 5-axis machining                                                                   limitations in this respect.
                                                      axis machining centres.”
      centres in the industry.
                                                      The advantages are particularly strong in           Another great innovation is the automatic
      The Blum Software FormControl 3.0 for                                                               compensation of setting errors, thermal drifts
                                                      aerospace where workpieces can take many
      workpiece-measurement has been                                                                      and errors that may arise when changing
                                                      hours to produce. If the operator has the
      introduced for 5-axis, fast-machining control                                                       probes. This mathematical method of
                                                      possibility of securing direct feedback after the
      directly in the machining centre, eliminating   first 10% of cutting time, for instance, a rapid    working has been in use for many years on
      the need for time-consuming resetting of        decision can be made as to whether to               coordinate measuring machines, using the
      the workpiece on a separate measuring           proceed straight away or, maybe, make some          probe to find the orientation of the workpiece
      machine. Re-work is done within the initial     program changes to ensure a perfect                 and the precise orientation of any angle.
      set-up, thereby not only saving further time-   outcome even from the first component.              Now all of this measuring work can be done
      consuming alignment of the workpiece, but                                                           on the machine itself.
                                                      Machining set-ups and measurement with
      also increasing essential accuracy.                                                                 Blum Novotest is a GTMA Member.
                                                      arbitrarily oriented probes are now possible
      The result is improved accuracy, error          with the system. Blum says that, while it           UK Director is David Mould on
      removal and much reduced operator time          would clearly have been easier to produce           Tel: +44 (0)1543 257111
      for 5-axis machining. The introduction of the   software for the calibration of the probe at        Website:

                                                                                         AEROSPACE WORLD CLASS


Buyers want world class companies and            toolmaker. The panel shows the 39 areas
GTMA has known it for a long time. More          covered in the Toolmaking Profile and                   THESE ARE THE
than a decade ago it launched a unique           illustrates the wide range of disciplines               39 STEPS TO EXCELLENCE
self-assessment tool for its members to          covered from Performance Management and
                                                                                                         IN THE GTMA TOOLMAKER
achieve new standards of continuous              Manufacturing to Training Needs and
improvement. It is now widely recognised
                                                                                                         WORLD CLASS PROFILE:
                                                 Monitoring Customer Satisfaction.
as one of the best in industry.                                                                      ●
                                                 SELF-ASSESSMENT                                         Management (1-4): Business
The GTMA World Class Profiles have been                                                                  Development, Company Development,
                                                 The whole process begins with a self-
developed with specialist industry partners,                                                             Performance Management, Design.
                                                 assessment which allows companies to
and are backed by the DTI. Then Minister         benchmark their performance by awarding             ●   Facilities (5-10): Manufacturing, Remote
Alan Johnson described them as “a must for       up to 5 marks in each of the 39 areas. A                machine operations, Metrology and
companies that want to succeed and grow.”        mark of 0 means there is No action and No               Inspection, Tool Trials, Housekeeping and
                                                                                                         Premises, Plant Maintenance.
FIVE CURRENT PROFILES COVER:                     plans for action; a mark of 5 is excellence
                                                 and proof that plans are in place to maintain       ●   Procedures (11-20): Quotations,
Toolmaking; Precision Machining;
                                                 excellence.                                             Workshop Scheduling, Progress Reports,
Rapid Prototyping; Metrology
                                                                                                         Quality Systems, Supplier Verification,
(Measurement);Tooling Technology                 GTMA sets high standards and considers a                Design Planning, Tool Inspection, Tool
Each Profile follows the same approach,          company is World Class when it scores 4 or              Verification, Staff Appraisal, Environmental
allowing members to assess themselves on         more in every standard and a total of 90% or            Procedures.
a range of criteria across key resource areas.   greater from the profile.                           ●   Experience (21-26): Training Needs
For Toolmaking, for example, there are six                                                               Analysis, Development and Designers,
                                                 The World Class Profiles are widely
areas: Management, Facilities, Procedures,                                                               Market Understanding, The Workforce,
                                                 recognised for their common sense approach
Experience, Organisation, Customer Service.                                                              Development of Toolmakers, Apprentice
                                                 to achieving continual improvement. So much
Within each segment are statements of Best       so that in 2006 Unilever began using GTMA
                                                                                                     ●   Organisation (27-30): Company Structure,
Practice or benchmarks which can be              World Class Profiles as part of its international
compared with the actual practices of the        toolmaking selection process.                           Internal Communication, Financial
                                                                                                         Strength, Financial Performance.
                                                                                                     ●   Customer Service (31-39): Understanding
                                                                                                         Customer Needs, Monitoring Customer
                                                                                                         Satisfaction, Tooling Warranties, Tooling
                                                                                                         Documentation, Marketing and Sales,
                                                                                                         Developing Customers, Partnerships,
                                                                                                         Large Tooling Projects, Communication
                                                                                                         with Customers.

                                                                                                         Companies must achieve at least 90%
                                                                                                         results against Best Practice benchmarks
                                                                                                         to gain World Class accreditation.

                                                                                                         While the individual steps may vary, the
                                                                                                         same approach and six key resource
                                                                                                         areas are used in the other Profiles
                                                                                                         covering: Tooling Technologies, Metrology
                                                 Airbus' Broughton manufacturing facility                (Measurement), Precision Machining and
                                                 includes one of the world's largest autoclaves.         Rapid Product Development.
                                                 Photo courtesy Airbus.

                                                                                            AEROSPACE AS/EN 9100

The recommended quality system                   SUPPLY CHAIN FOCUS
standard for the Aerospace sector is             An IAQG General Assembly in October 2006
AS/EN 9100 and it is fully supported by all      was told that the revision process is being
the major aerospace prime manufacturers          seen as a real opportunity to improve the
worldwide. They use it both internally and       supply chain with focus on:
throughout the supply chain.
                                                 ●   Safety and quality improvement
AS/EN 9100 is the most important of all the      ●   Waste and cost reduction
quality systems for aerospace and without it
                                                 ●   Reduction of multiple oversight
companies are unlikely to win long term
                                                 ●   Consistency and clarity of approach,
success in the sector. Based on ISO
9001:2000 it defines ‘what’ not ‘how’ and is         requirements and documentation
designed to reduce variation across the          AS EN 9100 is the Aerospace Quality
supply chain.                                    Management System Standard, but there are
Under the SC21 initiative suppliers with AS/EN   complementary standards including those for      Photo courtesy BAE Systems.
9100 do not need further quality audits.         Maintenance and Repair Stations – 9110 –
                                                 and Distributors/Stockists – 9120.
To achieve the standard companies need to
obtain independent approval from an              Companies formally registered to AS/EN
accredited third party approval organisation.    9100 are entered onto an international
In the UK these organisations are covered by     database, the Online Aerospace Supplier
an industry oversight programme                  Information System (OASIS), with more than
administered by SBAC, with experienced           800 UK aerospace sites already registered.
quality audit professionals from the UK          OASIS, which can be accessed via the IAQG
programme undertaking the oversight audits.      website below, is widely used by the industry
                                                 with about 600 hits per hour (2006 figures).
The UK scheme is in turn subject to
oversight as part of an international process    Websites: or
directed by the International Aerospace
Quality Group (IAQG). It was IAQG which
originally compiled the standard, and it is
                                                                                                 The programme is designed to offer a cost-
currently reviewing and updating it.                 NADCAP – THE ONE                            effective consensus approach to special
This is partly because the technical                 FOR ‘SPECIAL                                processes and products and to provide
                                                                                                 continual improvement within the aerospace
committee responsible for ISO 9001:2000 is
working on amendments and the aerospace              PROCESSES’                                  industry. It is also used in automotive. Prime
9100 standard will need to reflect these                                                         contractors, suppliers and government
changes. However, the opportunity is also            Nadcap is the internationally               representatives work together to establish the
being taken by IAQG to look at other areas           recognised system of ‘special process’      requirements for accreditation. Nadcap is
where it can be improved. It launched the            audits and is the recommendation for        overseen by the Performance Research
revision project in October 2005 which is            special process assessment within the       Institute (PRI), based in the US with an office
scheduled to run in parallel with the                aerospace sector. It covers processes       in the UK using experienced special process
9001:2000 revision. First drafts are                 such as heat treatment, chemical            professionals.
scheduled late 2007 to early 2008 with a             processing, non destructive testing
                                                                                                 Please also see the Business Zone, page 49,
scheduled release soon after the new 9001            and welding, among many others.
                                                                                                 for an update of processes covered.
standard, due in May 2009.


     GTMA and its member companies are constantly trying to reach out to                     EMOLD is one of the most ambitious projects which is
     the edges of new technologies, and are involved in a series of projects                 developing “intelligent moulds” and using Knowledge
     under the EU Sixth Framework research programme. GTMA’s involvement                     Engineering to redefine completely the plastic injection
     goes back many years and many members – and their customers in the                      process across Europe. Moulds will pass from being
     supply chain - are already benefiting in their day-to-day operations.                   passive elements to becoming networked active
                                                                                             elements with embedded knowledge. The mould will
     Collective Research is defined by the EU as a type of research carried out by           become the link for the knowledge flow in the total life
     Research and Technology Development performers (for example, research centres           cycle of the plastic product to all the players: parts
     and universities) on behalf of industrial associations or groupings. Their aim is to    designers, mould makers, injection moulders, final
     expand the knowledge base and improve the overall competitiveness of large              customers, recyclers etc. The project has three distinct
     communities of SMEs.                                                                    objectives:
                                                                                             ●   To design mechatronic moulds equipped with sensors
     In practice, the EU provides part of the funding required, and there is a strong
     cross-border element with trade associations from other EU nations working                  and mechatronic devices, so that moulds become
     alongside GTMA and European SMEs working with GTMA members.                                 “living” and “intelligent” agents of the plastic supply
     Often GTMA becomes involved in disseminating the research findings and
                                                                                             ●   To integrate these mechatronic moulds in Networks,
     progress. This means its members can often learn very early when advances are
                                                                                                 so that these intelligent moulds, which may be
     made and, crucially, can influence the direcetion the research takes. These five pro-
                                                                                                 thousands of kilometres apart, will be managed by an
     jects – all active as we went to Press - are typical of the level of work being done.       embedded system and will send the required
                                                                                                 information to the different players in the supply chain.
                                                                                             ●   To develop a Knowledge Based System (KBS) so that
                                                                                                 the embedded knowledge will be retained and will
                                                                                                 maximise the efficiency of new processes, as well as
                                                                                                 the set-up phase for new processes, and the design of
                                                                                                 new moulds.
       FLEXFORM is targeted at the special vehicles sector, but the EU project
                                                                                             EMOLD is forecast to reduce set up and quality
       papers stress that the technology being developed will be of major
                                                                                             assurance costs by 30%, production cycle time by 15%
       importance to other sectors, including Aerospace, Medical (prosthesis),
       Naval, Railway and Construction. GTMA and its member companies taking                 and rejects by 1-2% per month; increase productivity by
       part are seeking to develop technologies to move the sector from the current          25%; and enable more reuse and recyclability of the
       rigid manual manufacture to innovative resource and knowledge-based                   intelligent moulds. The 3-year project began in 2006.
       manufacturing. The project has defined two scientific and technological
       objectives to achieve the breakthroughs:
       ●   Development and implementation of Dieless Forming technology (this is an
           emerging process based on incremental forming such as sheet and metal
           deformation). The process is derived from rapid manufacturing techniques
           and can produce complex shapes out of steel, stainless steel and
           aluminium direct from 3D models.
       ●   Development of a CAEM, a software based on a new concept combining
           CAE and CAM functions, allowing for easy decision-making and definition
           of forming strategies, process parameters, optimal part and tool designs.
       Target is to reduce product development times by 60%, manufacturing times
       by 50% and to increase capacities by 50%. The three-year project was                  Emold benefits/cost calculations – showing a
       launched in 2006.                                                                     profit for participants

                                                                                                                      AEROSPACE R&D

T-FORM is working with thermoforming                     HIPER MOULDING (Hi = high; per =                     KNOWEDM is developing an automated
companies, mould makers and design                       performance) will strengthen the                     knowledge based EDM technology
agencies to improve competitiveness                      competitiveness of the European mould                system for integrated tool making and
through the development of a predictive                  making and injection moulding industry               high precision components. The main
mould design and manufacturing system.                   by supplying a new way of mould design,              project aim is to develop knowledge-
The project objectives are to:                           mould manufacture and injection mould-               based systems for preparing and
                                                         ing. The key is that proposed conformal              organising machining operations and
●    Create a material database of key
                                                         heating/cooling configurations and advan-            innovative EDM processes.
     properties required to simulate
                                                         ced thermal management in so-called
     thermoforming processes                                                                                  Systems will be developed to
                                                         High Performance Moulds cannot be
●    Develop a T-ForM predictive software                                                                     automatically choose which features are
                                                         designed, manufactured and used in the
     platform that integrates component                                                                       best machined by HSM or by EDM,
                                                         traditional way. Therefore the project will:
     and mould design with thermoforming                                                                      based on the geometry of the part. The
                                                         ●   Develop and integrate new mould design
     simulation                                                                                               end-user will be able to optimise the
                                                         ●   Combine new advanced mould                       choice by giving priority to parameters
●    Develop a component casting tool that
                                                             manufacturing technologies, so-called            such as cost or delivery time.
     uses optimum production parameters
                                                             Layered based mould manufacturing                The project will develop three modules:
●    Produce design guidelines for                           technologies (lbmm) with present
                                                                                                              ●   An accurate EDM time estimation system
     thermoformed parts.                                     (machining based) mould making
                                                                                                              ●   Automated electrode design and
The three year project began in 2005 with                    technologies (High Speed Milling and
a 4.8 million Euro budget and aims to                        Electrical Discharge Machining) in the               manufacturing
increase Right First Time by up to 40%                       mould making process in order to                 ●   Automated systems to optimise the
and reduce costs by 35%.                                     enable the production of these                       choice between HSM or EDM
                                                             intelligent High Performance Moulds                  machining
                                                         ●   Develop an advanced injection                    The modules can be used by both mould
                                                             moulding process to reduce cycle                 makers and manufacturers of precision
                                                             times, and to optimise part quality and          engineering products and also for other
                                                             reduce energy use.                               sectors applying EDM machining; and
                                                         The new approach will use knowledge                  there will be improvement in the
                                                         based positioning systems so that                    integration of the supply chain from
                                                         heating/cooling channels are automatically           product design, through mould
                                                         placed in the best configuration for geo-            manufacture and injection moulding.
                                                         metry, speed, quality, energy consumption            Potential benefits are: Tool design – costs
                                                         and costs. It will be based on a 3D-CAD              down 15%, lead time down 90%; EDM
                                                         approach. New procedures for heating                 electrode design – costs and lead times
    Pictures courtesy of the T-Form project and RAPRA.   and cooling will be developed. It is foreseen        down 90%; EDM electrodes manufacture
                                                         that at certain moments the moulds will              – costs and lead times down 50%; EDM
                                                         need to be heated at a certain point while           machining – costs and lead times down
                                                         at the same time cooling at other spots.             20%.
                                                         The three year project due to end early              Estimated resulting reduction on design
                                                         2008 will reduce cycle times by at least             and manufacturing of tools and precision
                                                         35%, reduce energy use by at least 30%,              components: costs down 30%, lead
    Validation of software is a key part of T-Form       reduce tooling lead times, reduce part               times by 50%. The project began in 2006
    and includes development of a predictive
                                                         cost by 20% and improve moulding                     and is for three years.
    software platform.
                                                         accuracy and part quality.

 GTMA has initiated a UK Thermoforming Forum to support the T-                   the industry and to raise its profile. Individuals or companies wanting
Form project. The Forum is open to thermoformers, vacuum formers,                to become involved should contact GTMA offices to register. Other
toolmakers and designers and is a platform to discuss issues facing              Forums for EU projects are also being discussed.

DEFENCE INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY              buyers.It gives access to the MoD      champions each industry’s               for the future of the industry. Over
The UK Defence Industrial Strategy       Defence Contracts Bulletin (DCB),      legitimate interests through policy     140 senior people from industry,
is aimed at ensuring that the UK         an online gateway to new business      and regulations. Its various business   Government departments, trade
Armed Forces are provided with the       opportunities for companies who        sector units also maintain one-to-      unions, universities and research
equipment that they require, on          wish to compete for defence            one relationships with the leading      bodies were involved.
time, and at best value for money.       business.                              firms in each industrial sector and     By May 2003, the vision was
Its key message is that the UK           There is also a wide range of          generally represent the interests of    published. Recommendations were
needs to be assured that it can          Guidelines for Industry, Contact       their respective sectors in the         put forward that would put UK
procure from a sustainable industrial    Points and many links to other         development of Government policy        aerospace at the forefront of deliv-
base, and the strategic objective is     procurement-related information.       and implementation of regulation.       ering tomorrow’s global solutions.
to retain within the UK those            Freephone Helpline Service:            The DTI promotes competitiveness        By 2020, the UK will offer a global
industrial capabilities that are         The helpline offers businesses         and productivity within Aerospace &     aerospace industry, the world’s
required, from a national security       advice on publications and support     Defence. It is also delivering, in      most innovative and productive
perspective, to ensure the UK’s          services available to help them        collaboration with industry, the        location, leading to sustainable
appropriate sovereignty.The strategy     become suppliers to the MoD.           recommendations of the Aerospace        growth for all its stakeholders”.
lays the foundations for                                                        Innovation and Growth Team’s
                                         Callers can receive a copy of MoD                                              Since summer 2003, industry and
procurement decisions within MoD.                                               report (see next page).
                                         Defence Contracts Bulletin, a copy                                             Government have been working in
Full details from:            of the booklet Selling to the MoD,     The Aerospace & Defence Unit work       partnership to deliver change at a
(enter Defence Industrial Strategy in    details of local purchasing contacts   comprises of:                           regional and national level. The main
search box, top right on the Home        within MoD establishments              Aerospace (Tel: 020 7215 1108) -        thrust of this change focuses on:
Page).                                   nationwide, as well as details on      responsible for relations with civil    ●   Spearheading international
                                         how to obtain information regarding    aerospace companies, launch                 developments in sustainable
DEFENCE EQUIPMENT AND                    contact points within the major        investment, regional outreach,              aviation
SUPPORT                                  defence contractors.                   regional aerospace strategies, and
                                                                                                                        ●   Applied research and validation of
Defence Equipment and Support            Contact: Freephone Helpline,           relations with regional trade
                                                                                                                            new and innovative technologies
(DE&S) was formed by the merger          0800 282324.                           associations and government
                                                                                                                        ●   Radical industrial productivity
of the Defence Procurement Agency        Website:           bodies. For export licence enquires,
                                                                                contact the Export Control                  improvements right across supply
(DPA) and the Defence Logistics          More opportunities for SMEs with
                                                                                Organisation (020 7215 8070).               chains
Organisation (DLO). DE&S is              MOD
                                                                                                                        ●   Development of a world class
headquartered in Bristol and has         The Ministry of Defence launched a     Defence (020 7215 1173) -
about 29,000 staff at 65 locations                                              responsible for relations with              workforce capable of delivering
                                         new initiative in May, 2007, to help
and 150 specific sites around the UK.                                           defence companies, and the                  tomorrow’s solutions
                                         Small and Medium Enterprises
It has an annual budget of £16           (SMEs) win more defence contracts      Defence Industrial Strategy.            ●   Development of competitive
billion, representing 43% of the         by lowering the threshold value for    Technology (020 7215 1115) -                economic conditions in the UK
defence budget, and works closely        advertising MOD contracts. It was      responsible for technical advice on         that encourage industry to invest
with Industry with partnering agree-     announced the threshold for            projects and the DTI’s business             and succeed
ments and private finance initiatives.   ‘warlike’ requirements had been        support products, National              British industry will be much
DE&S equips and supports the UK’s        lowered from £500,000 to £93,000       Aerospace Technology Strategy,          stronger, leaner and highly
armed forces for current and future      with another reduction scheduled       maximising the benefit to the UK        competitive as a result of the
operations. It acquires and supports     for June 30, 2007 to £40,000; and      from European Framework                 change programme stimulated by
through-life, including disposal,        for ‘non warlike’ requirements from    research; and aerospace                 the AeIGT, which has included
equipment and services ranging           £40,000. MOD project teams were        environmental issues.                   SC21 (see pages 8-11)
from ships, aircraft, vehicles and       also being encouraged to consider      Policy and Operations                   More information on the
weapons, to electronic systems and       advertising requirements with values   (020 7215 1596) - responsible for       Aerospace Innovation and Growth
information systems.                     as low as £20,000. It was estimated    events, correspondence, policy          Team at
                                         the change could generate up to        support and financial management.
Contact: Ministry of Defence,
                                         7,000 additional adverts a year.The
DE&S Secretariat, Spur 5, E Block,                                              Business and market analysis
                                         change reaffirmed MOD’s
Ensleigh, Bath BA1 5AB                                                          (020 7215 1168)
                                         commitment to working with SMEs.
Contracts Bulletin                                                              Website:
The MoD Procurement Portal                                                      aerospace/index.html
                                         DTI BUSINESS SECTORS
( is                The Department of Trade and
designed to help and support both        Industry (DTI) is committed to         AEROSPACE INNOVATION AND
suppliers and buyers within the          helping British industry increase      GROWTH TEAM
defence industry.                        productivity and develop world-        In May 2002, Patricia Hewitt,
It has a wide variety of information     class competitiveness. The             Secretary of State for Trade and
at differing levels from free access     Department promotes best practice      Industry, set up the Aerospace
to all subscription services for         in design and manufacture,             Innovation and Growth Team              Photo courtesy Airbus. Testing of the
suppliers to approved access for         investment opportunities, and          (AeIGT) to map out a 20-year vision     fully reclining seats on the A380.

                                                                                           ASAP Calibration Services provide high-quality, high value for money calibration and
                                                                                           equipment support service throughout the UK. Our international reputation and track record for
                                                                                           calibration and measurement goes back more than 30 years. In the field of asset management
                                                                                           and equipment services, ASAP provides a complete calibration and equipment support solution
                                                                                           as well as First Article Inspection (FAIRS) as part of a tailored service package for its customers.

                                                                                           We pride ourselves on being able to calibrate, maintain and repair all types of general purpose,
                                                                                           and a wide variety of more specialised special to type equipment. Our bespoke blend of
                                                                                           equipment support and engineering services has enabled ASAP to develop an established
                                                                                           reputation in the calibration market place. Whether you need just a few items calibrated or a
                                                                                           complete programme of support to your international operations, ASAP can provide the answer.

                                                                                                 For more information or to discuss your requirements please either
                                                                                                       phone 0870 241 6480 or email

                                                                                                   ASAP CALIBRATION SERVICES LTD – A QINETIQ COMPANY
                                                                                                        Phone: 0870 241 6480 Email:
                                                 From 2 to 5-axis
                                                 machining, WorkNC is the
                                                 easy to use, automatic
                                                 CAM/CAD solution to handle
                                                 all your aerospace projects :

                                                 - Structural parts                                                                                            Jig Bushes
                                                 - Turbines, blades
                                                 - Complex parts
                                                                                                                                                              Dowel Pins

                                                                                                                                                              Clevis Pins

                                                                                              Boneham & Turner Ltd                                         Press Tool
                                                                                                        Nottingham Road                                including All Steel
                                                                                                        Mansfield, Notts,                                   Die Sets
                                                                                                          NG18 4AF
                                                                                                                                                            Jig & Fixture
                                                                                                     Tel: 01623 627641                                          Parts
                                                                                                     FAX 01623 627645
                                                                                                                                                            Sealing Plugs
                                                                                                        Buy on Line                                      Special Products
     For further information call 0121 3555000

                                                                                       AEROSPACE BUSINESS ZONE
LAUNCH INVESTMENT                        a 10-year investment framework for    sustainability in sectors including       Contact: Department of Trade and
Launch investment is a risk-sharing      science and innovation programmes.    aerospace;                                Industry. Tel: Public Enquiries 020
Government investment in the             It was launched in 2004 with £320     £15 million for energy technologies -     7215 5000
design and development of civil          million in grant funding between      both renewable low-carbon options         Website:
aerospace projects in the UK. The        2005 and 2008 for R&D projects        and ensuring the continued                KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER
investment is repayable at a real        identified by the Government’s        production of hydrocarbon reserves;       NETWORKS
rate of return, usually via levies on    Technology Strategy Board.                                                      KTNs play an important role in the
                                                                               £15 million for lightweight materials;
sales of the product. Launch             Businesses can apply for funding in                                             development of the Government’s
investment is only available to the                                            £5 million for plastic electronics - to   Technology Strategy and as focal
                                         the Spring and Autumn of each
civil aerospace sector.                                                        build on the UK’s current                 points for the Technology
                                         year, using two DTI business
                                                                               competitive edge in this field;           Programme.
Launch investment has supported          support products: Collaborative
various aerospace projects. Since        Research and Development and          £7 million to areas of medicine           There are now 22 Knowledge
1997, the Government has invested        Knowledge Transfer Networks.          which bring together materials,           Transfer Networks across industry,
nearly £1 billion in Launch                                                    nanotechnology, tissue engineering        and as well as the Aerospace &
                                         Since 2004, the Technology
Investment projects and received                                               with surgical and clinical sciences;      Defence KTN there are others
                                         Programme has supported over
£1.3 billion in income. The most                                               and £8 million for ICT - developing       which can impact on aerospace
                                         600 projects with a combined
recent projects that successfully                                              technologies to support better            including Networks for Materials,
                                         business and Government
received support were for the                                                  networked business. Research              Sensors, Electronics, Micro and
                                         investment worth over £900m.
design and development of the                                                  Councils will provide a further £10       Nano Technology, Low Carbon and
                                         Many of the projects supported
wings for Airbus’ A380 programme                                               million for projects with a high          Fuel Cell Technology and Resource
                                         have been in the aerospace and
and Rolls-Royce’s Trent 900 engine                                             quality academic component.               Efficiency.
                                         related sectors.
for that programme.                                                            More information at:                      They are helping to broker
                                         At the same time, 22 Knowledge
The provision of launch investment                                            business-to-business and business-
                                         Transfer Networks (KTNs), including
is entirely discretionary. Each                                                ogystrategy/technologyprogramme           to-academia collaborations in
                                         one for the Aerospace sector, have
application is considered on its                                               /CR&D/page11705.html                      response to calls for project
                                         also been established with funding
merits against a range of established                                          Detailed information on the               proposals and in providing a
                                         of around £40m over 3 years.
criteria and also, by the Treasury,                                            technology priorities, application        medium for the dissemination of
against public expenditure constraints   Further information from:                                                       project results.
                                                                               timescales and supporting events is
and Government priorities.     
                                                                               available on:                             More information at:
An applicant must demonstrate:                                       
that the project is technically and                                            gystrategy/competitions-for-              ogystrategy/technologyprogramme
commercially viable; that                COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH                funding/page37788.html                    /KTN/page12567.html
Government investment is essential       AND DEVELOPMENT                       A number of regional dissemination
for the project to proceed on the        The Government announced for          events will be held to provide
scale and in the time-scale specified    CR&D early in 2007 a further £100     businesses with an opportunity to
in the application; and that             million for UK business to R&D new    learn about successful projects and
government will recoup the               technologies for everything from      what CR&D can do for them.
investment at a real rate of return.     environmentally friendly low carbon
                                                                               For further details or to register for
More information at:                     projects to leading edge              any of these events:        manufacturing.              
aerospacelaunch/page 9107.html           The £100 million will provide:        site/events/default.cfm
                                         £40 million for advanced              Additionally, an electronic notice
DTI TECHNOLOGY                           manufacturing projects - including    board is available for businesses to
PROGRAMME                                design engineering technology to      meet potential partners and               SuperLynx helicopters,
The DTI Technology Programme is          boost competitiveness and             promote areas of expertise.               courtesy AgustaWestland.

               BOWERS - MADE TO MEASURE
                                                     GAUGING FIXTURES & MEASURING SYSTEMS
                                                     • Imaginative designs
                                                     • Cost effective quotations                             NEW
                                                     • Rapid turnaround                                    OUT NOW!
                                                     • UKAS certificates supplied
                                                                                                                                           Unit 15, Bordon Trading Estate,
                                                     • Latest 3D CAD system employed                                                       Bordon, Hampshire GU35 9HH
                                                     • First class CNC machine tools               See our New and Improved                 Telephone: 08708 50 90 50
                                                                                                  website at www.bowers                      Fax: 08708 50 90 60
                                                     • Service back-up
    Glass Coating                                                                                                protect ! lubricate ! isolate !

Best surface finish:
oelheld developed a new product for
producing high quality turbine blades

Liquid protection shield
Multifunctional lubricant from oelheld which will
reduce the costs of turbine manufacturing

Turbine blades are subject to very high stresses
and temperature variations. Therefore blades
have to be forged. For the forging process you
need optimal lubrication, protection from corro-
                                                                                                                  Turbine blades for aircraft are normally forged
sion, gas diffusion and good isolation. Further a
                                                                                                                  out of Titanium, Nickel based or high tempera-
good material flow has to be guaranteed.
                                                                                                                  ture steel alloys. These materials have good
                      AirForge protective shield                                                                  properties that resist high temperatures and
                                                                                                                  metal fatigue under severe running conditions of
                                                       AirForge Protective Layer

         Work piece

                                                                                     H2                           During the forging operations the materials and
                                      heat isolation                               no gas diffusion
                                                                                                                  the die are faced with very high forces and high
                                                                                                                  temperatures between 750°C to 1150°C, which
                                                                                                                  could have a negative influence on the die and
                                                                                                                  on the blade surfaces as on the atomic structure.
                                                                                                                  The process has to full fill very high expectations
                                                                                                                  for surface quality and tolerances.

                                                                                                                  Exactly for these applications oelheld designed
Cracks and damage on turbine blades is always a
                                                                                                                  the AirForge products to minimise adhesion
concern during manufacture. The main target for
                                                                                                                  abrasion, obtain best surface integrity and best
the manufacturer is to reduce scrap to a mini-
                                                                                                                  production tolerances. The glass coating has
mum. Therefore you have to use high quality
                                                                                                                  several advantages: Best material flow, no oxida-
lubricants, which guarantee good results. oelheld
                                                                                                                  tion, no gas diffusion, good heat isolation and
GmbH in Stuttgart Germany, have developed
                                                                                                                  best lubrication properties.
‘AirForge’ a product that meets all the require-
ments for forging.

               Human Technology
               for man, environment
               and machines

                                                                                                      oelheld U.K. Ltd · Unit 16 Colomendy Business Park · Denbigh, LL 16 5TA
                                                                                                                                       Tel.: 01745 814777 · Fax: 01745 813222
                                                                                                                         E-mail: · Internet:
                                                                                          AEROSPACE BUSINESS ZONE
KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER                        up or expand in the UK. With            SCRIA PROGRAMME                          EPSRC AND BAE SYSTEMS
PARTNERSHIPS                              commercial teams based in offices       SCRIA (Supply Chain Relationships        The Engineering and Physical
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships           around the world, and a network of      In Action) is an industry-wide           Sciences Research Council is the
(KTPs) is a programme that helps          specialists throughout the UK, it is    programme that aims to improve           main UK government agency for
businesses improve their                  uniquely postioned to help business     the performance of value chains by       funding research and training in
competitiveness and productivity          across boundaries.                      cutting out waste and maximising         engineering and the physical
through the better use of knowledge,      The Aerospace Unit UKTI                 value transfer. The SCRIA tools          sciences, investing around £740
technology and skills that can be         International Business Directorate      include the SCRIA code of practice       million a year in a broad range of
found in the UK knowledge base.           has identified the priority markets     produced by the SBAC for suppliers       subjects.
Each partnership employs one or           with the strongest opportunities for    of aerospace parts.                      It helps meet the needs of industry
more high calibre Associates (recently    UK aerospace as being in Western                                                 and society by working in
                                                                                  The programme has been used to
qualified people) to work on a            Europe, USA, Japan, China and India.                                             partnership with universities to
                                                                                  motivate companies in the supply
project, which is core to the strategic   Contact: Jim Feeney, Aerospace                                                   invest in people and scientific
                                                                                  chain to adopt ‘relationship’ building
development of the business.              Unit, UKTI International Business                                                discovery and innovation. The
                                                                                  in their procurement activities and      knowledge and expertise gained
The process allows a company to           Directorate                             without the help of SCRIA much of
choose a partner from the ‘UK             Email:                                                                           maintains a technological leading
                                                                                  the progress made to the UK’s            edge, builds a strong economy and
knowledge base’ (a university or
                                                                                  aerospace supply chain would not         improves people's quality of life.
college for example) with the             Tel: 0141 228 3690
                                                                                  be possible.
required knowledge and they jointly       Website:                                                There is a long track record of
prepare a proposal for a project or                                               There are various providers of           projects involving aerospace
projects to enhance the business.                                                 SCRIA training, but a good first         companies, one of the more recent
                                          TRADESHOW ACCESS
The Partnership submits an                                                        point of contact is the SBAC             being a strategic partnership forged
application for funding to the KTP        UK Trade & Investment can help                          between EPSRC and BAE Systems
Central Office, which is then             eligible UK businesses take part in
considered by the Partnerships            overseas exhibitions through its
Approvals Group.Each Partnership          Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP).
is part funded by a government
                                          Intermediaries, mainly trade
grant. The business pays the rest,
                                          associations and chambers of
from £20,000 for a one-year
                                          commerce, support UK companies
project, to the knowledge base
                                          in these activities. These Accredited
                                          Trade Organisations (ATOs) recruit
KTP information line                      companies to participate in UK
0870 190 282.                             groups at exhibitions all over the
Website: for         world. Grant support for exhibitors
details of an adviser in your area.       is available for small- and medium-
                                          sized enterprises and focused mainly
DEFENCE EXPORT SERVICES                   on those who are new to exporting.
ORGANISATION                              However, there are cases where the
Defence exports are dealt with by         ‘new to export’ rules are waived.
the Defence Exports Organisation          Contact:
(DESO). Part of the Ministry of 
Defence, DESO can assist British          Website:
companies in many ways including:
briefing companies new to defence         ket_entry
exporting; advising on defence
prospects on a worldwide, regional
                                          PASSPORT TO SUCCESS
or country basis; advising
                                          Passport to Export is UK Trade &
companies on export license
                                          Investment’s flagship programme for
matters; and providing advice on
                                          new and inexperienced exporters.
defence export finance.
                                          The programme combines new and
Contact: DESO Business                    existing UKTI services, according to
Development Communications                particular business needs.
and Planning.                             Companies receive a business
Tel: 020 7807 8176/8180.                  health check, mentoring from local
Website:                  export professionals, an individual
                                          export plan and a range of
UK TRADE & INVESTMENT                     developmental training options.
UK Trade & Investment is the              Contact:
government organisation that    
supports companies in the UK              Website:
doing business internationally, and
overseas enterprises seeking to set       port_to_succeed

                                                              To Your Doorstep...
                                                           Bringing Rapid Product Development
                                                                   To Your Doorstep…

                                                              •   Product Design and CAD capabilities
                                                              •   Rapid Prototyping
                                                              •   Prototype Soft Tooling
                                                              •   Unique RIM Production Moulding
                                                              •   Low Pressure Foaming
                                                              •   Research and Development
                                                              •   CNC Machining up to 2 metres
                                                              •   Toolmaking
                                                              •   Injection Moulding
                                                              •   Complete Project Management
                                                              •   All Services In-House

                                                                      Call to arrange a visit by ‘The Innov8es Roadshow’

                                                                  Contact Mathew Turner or David Piper on -
                                                             Tel: +44 (0)1952 608939 Fax: +44 (0)1952 670231

              A world of precision

              G Plug and Ring Gauges
              G Taper Screw Plug Ring Gauges
              G Plain Plug and Ring Gauges
              G Plain Adjustable Caliper Gauges
              G Tri-roll Comparators
              G Plate Gauges (Gap and Depth)
              G Sub-Contract Thread Grinding

           A Division of Danaher UK Industries Ltd.
 Telephone: (01952) 582113

                        AEROSPACE BUSINESS ZONE

to jointly fund high quality basic, strategic    the Health and Safety Executive (HSE),
and applied research. Following the              who have set up an interim helpdesk,
successful announcement of a programme           number below.- 0845 408 9575.
of research in Aeronautical Engineering,         The regulation applies to all substances
EPSRC and BAE Systems are launching a            that are manufactured or imported into the
collaborative, two-year integrated research      EU in quantities exceeding 1 tonne per
programme in Service and Support                 legal entity per annum. However, certain
Engineering. EPSRC’s work is                     chemicals are exempt such as polymers,
complementary to other research investors        intermediates in chemical processes,
including other research councils,
                                                 pharmaceuticals, R&D substances and
government agencies, industry and the
European Union. It actively encourages
partnerships and collaborations across           HSW REACH help desk: 0845 408 9575.
disciplines, boundaries and the world.
Contact: EPSRC mainTel: 01793 444000.            AEROSPACE IN EUROPE
EPSRC Helpline: 01793 444100                     The AeroSpace and Defence Industries
Email:                      Association of Europe, ASD, represents the
                                                 aeronautics, space, defence and security
                                                 industries in Europe in all matters of
                                                 common interest with the objective of
Aerospace Testing Houses can now
                                                 promoting and supporting the competitive
receive formal recognition, thanks to an
                                                 development of the sector. It pursues joint
agreement between the United Kingdom
                                                 industry actions which require to be dealt
Accreditation Service (UKAS) and the Civil
                                                 with on a European level or which concern
Aviation Authority (CAA).
                                                 issues of an agreed transnational nature,
Although test houses had provided an             and generates common industry positions.
essential service and support to production
                                                 ASD has 30 member associations in 20
and maintenance organisations, there had
been no formal CAA recognition since             countries across Europe and represents
2005 until the working agreement was             over 2000 companies with a further 80 000
signed in early 2007. The work that test         suppliers, many of which are SMEs.
houses undertake is highly specialised, and      Among its priorities for 2007 were: To
the removal of CAA approval meant that           support the supply chain of the large and
UK industry has had to oversee such              regional aircraft sector in its effort to
contractors as part of their quality system      maintain competitiveness and profitability,
obligations.                                     and its demand for governmental and EC
The agreement minimised the burden on            financial assistance; Facilitate the                             Put a new twist to your milling operations with
industry by reducing the level of duplication    development of SMEs and the Equipment                            Z-Carb, the solid carbide end mills with unequal
in auditing, whilst maintaining the quality of   sector within the supply chain and                              helix geometry. Designed for speed and superior
testing in the aerospace industry.               European research activities across all                                surface finishes, Z-Carb is ideal for today’s
                                                 sectors: Promote international cooperation                                       demanding autosport, aerospace
UKAS is the sole national accreditation
                                                 and identify EC initiatives; and improve the
body recognised by government to assess,                                                                                                  and medical applications.
                                                 system of European engineering standards
against internationally agreed standards,
                                                 and quality certification.
organisations that provide certification,                                                                                            Look to Z-Carb
testing, inspection and calibration services.    Website:                                                       • Improves productivity
                                                                                                                                     up to 30 times
Contact: Tel: +44 (0) 20 8917 8400.
                                                                                                                                   • Reduces chatter and noise,
Email:                             CFMS SIMULATION PROJECT                                   Call for more             while improving surface finish
Website:                            The DTI announced in early 2007 that the               information and to         • Reduces harmful machine
                                                 Centre for Fluid Mechanics Simulation                schedule a guaranteed          vibration
                                                 (CFMS) has secured £17.4 million from                 demonstration. See          • Exclusive SGS Ti-NAMITE-A® (AlTiN)
REACH REGULATIONS                                                                                   firsthand why Z-Carb will
                                                 public and private sector partners to                                               coating for increased tool life
REACH (Registration, Evaluation and                                                                  put a new twist on your
                                                 position the UK as a world-leader in                                              • Increases feed up to 5 times,
Authorisation (and Restriction) of Chemicals)                                                            milling operation.
                                                 advanced simulation technology for use in                                           and speed 50%
is a new regime for the regulation of
chemicals throughout the EU, and                 aerospace.
                                                                                                      Ask about Z-Carb HTA for
according to the SBAC will impact on the         The three-year CFMS Core Programme,                  High Temperature Alloys.
“overwhelming majority” of its members.          which has been match funded by industry,
Under this legislation introduced in the first   will provide computer technology to bring
                                                                                                  SGS CARBIDE TOOL (UK) LTD
half of 2007 the majority of chemicals that      the next generation of aircraft into                  Unit 1, The Metro Centre
are used in manufacturing processes will         production in the UK.                                Toutley Road, Wokingham
have to be registered with a central             The work will be carried out in the UK’s               Berkshire, RG41 1QW
                                                                                                     EMAIL –
European agency based in Finland. The UK         largest-ever fluid simulation research                  TEL – 01189 795200                  Manufactured in USA
Authority with responsibility for REACH is       initiative for industrial design at the centre

                   Advanced manufacturing

      •Concept styling                •Mould tool manufacture
      •CAD engineering design         •Injection moulding
      •Mock ups                       •RIM
      •Buck building                  •Thermoforming
      •Reverse engineering            •Investment casting
      •Surface scanning               •Composite moulding
      •Digital model manufacture      •Rapid manufacture
      •CNC machining

       Rapitypes Ltd Rocket Studios Abbey Meadow Leicester LE4 5DF
                   Tel: 0116 253 6591 Fax: 0116 251 0337
            Email: Web:

                NEW !
       – Laser Measuring
           Technology                                                Blum Novotest Ltd
      in the 3 rd Generation                                         33 Townfields, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 8AA
                                                                     Tel: +44 (0) 1543 257111
                                                                     Fax: +44 (0) 1543 251746
 ❒ Reliable under Extreme Conditions                                 Email:
 ❒ Advanced “out-of-the-beam” measurement                            Website:

 ❒ Increased Machining Accuracy
 ❒ Reduced Measuring Time
 ❒ Single Cutting Edge Control at Any Speed
 ❒ Programmable by Integrated Microprocessor
                                                                 Blum Novotest –
                                                                 your reliable
 Also Spindle Probes for workpiece                               partner in
 measurement and Bore Gauge Systems                              test engineering

                                                                                          AEROSPACE BUSINESS ZONE
near the MOD procurement hub at          diagnostic assessments are free of       For further information, or to take a
Abbey Wood, Bristol. It will lead to     charge for small and medium-sized        role in the future development of
cleaner, greener passenger aircraft      enterprises (SMEs).                      the Academy,
and speed the design of ships,           MAS, a DTI service, offers key           Email:
buildings, cars, renewable energy        services including: Direct helpline      enquiries@manufacturing.nsacade
sources and military and sporting        support through Regional Centres;
equipment.                                                                        Website:
                                         A free one-day on-site diagnostic
One area of study will help reduce       visit by a MAS manufacturing
the cost and turnaround times on                                                  .uk
                                         specialist to review a company’s
the clearance of new stores, such        entire manufacturing operation;
as reconnaissance pods and               Regional Centres can follow up to        SEMTA
missiles, to be carried under aircraft   deliver up to ten days’ in-depth         SEMTA (Science, Engineering
wings. Aerodynamics and hydro-                                                    Manufacturing Technologies                Inside the A330 cockpit, courtesy
acoustics for autonomous systems                                                  Alliance) is the Sector Skills Council    Airbus
are also a key study area. The           Launched in 2002, MAS now plays a        for Science, Engineering and
lightweight, flexible structures of      vital role in helping UK manufacturers   Manufacturing Technologies. An            increasing work towards Sector
UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)          to share knowledge, improve              employer-led, UK wide charity             Skills Agreements, 13 Sector
also present major design challenges     productivity and achieve success in      owned by industry, it has been            Strategy Groups have been set up
and an early programme will              an increasingly competitive global       licensed by the Secretary of State        to fully represent the skills and
examine how key elements interact.       economy.                                 for Education and Skills to drive         productivity needs of Science,
                                         Information hotline: 0845 658 9600       forward the effort to improve the UK’s    Engineering and Manufacturing
The CFMS Core Programme is part
                                         Website:              productivity through improvements         Technologies sectors. Five
of the National Aerospace
                                                                                  in its sector’s skills base.              ‘Pathfinder’ groups, are leading the
Technology Strategy (NATS) and
was the third major aerospace                                                     SEMTA represents the sectors of:          way whilst working in partnership
                                         NATIONAL SKILLS ACADEMY
programme launched to develop                                                     aerospace, electrical engineering,        with the remaining eight groups
                                         FOR MANUFACTURING (NSAM)
new technology for the aerospace                                                  electronics, including semi-              covering SEMTA’s ‘footprint’ – the
                                         The National Skills Academy for
sector. The others including                                                      conductors, mechanical engineering        five are Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-
                                         Manufacturing is a central part of
Integrated Wing, a £34 million                                                    and metal trades, motor vehicles,         science, Marine and Electronics.
                                         the Government’s skills strategy.
programme, with £17million in                                                     shipbuilding, bio technology, nano        The Aerospace SSA members
                                         The Academy focus is on meeting
Government funding, which is                                                      technology, mathematics and               include SBAC and representatives,
                                         the skills needs of both large and
working to design the wings of                                                    forensic science. All manufacturing       mostly at Director level, from
                                         small employers from the manufact-
future aircraft and the ASTRAEA                                                   organisations operating in these          companies including Airbus, BAE
                                         uring sector, including Aerospace,
programme (£16m Government                                                        sectors are members of SEMTA              Systems, Bombardier Shorts,
                                         Automotive, Electronics and Marine.
funding).                                                                         and the benefits of membership are        Marshall Aerospace, Rolls-Royce
                                         The Academy has been developed           available to them without the need        and Smiths Aerospace.
The consortium is led by Airbus and      by employers with the backing of         for a subscription rate. There are
includes the Aircraft Research           SEMTA (Sector Skills Council for                                                   Tel enquiries: 01923 23844
                                                                                  some two million people employed
Association, BAE Systems, BMT            Science, Engineering and                                                           Semta Learnig Advice Line free on
                                                                                  in about 100,000 establishments in
Fluid Mechanics Limited, Eurostep,       Manufacturing Technologies                                                         0800 282 167
                                                                                  the core sectors which currently
Frazer-Nash Consultancy                                                                                                     Website:
                                         Alliance) and other manufacturing        contribute over £74 billion per
(representing DML Group), Hewlett-       organisations including SBAC and         annum.
Packard, IT Innovation, MBDA,            the SMMT.
                                                                                  SEMTA was the first organisation to       NATS
Microsoft, PCA Engineers, Quadrics,
                                         It aims to develop ‘programmes of        receive a five-year licence as a          NATS, the National Aerospace
QinetiQ, Rolls-Royce,                                                                                                       Technology Strategy, was launched
                                         choice’ for employers and gain           Sector Skills Council and central to
AgustaWestland, Williams F1 and                                                                                             in 2004 to promote a competitive
                                         national credibility for improving       the strategy of meeting skills
University of Southampton, as well                                                                                          and forward looking UK aerospace
                                         Management and Leadership,               requirements is the Sector Skills
as a number of other academic                                                                                               industry, by targeting funding to
                                         Productivity and Competitiveness,        Agreement (SSA) initiative – an
organisations                                                                                                               technology growth areas. The
                                         and Technical Workforce                  approach that could revolutionise
DTI contact: Alexandra Thompson,         Development.                             the way training is conducted in the      objective of the strategy is to ensure
Tel: 020 7215 6140                                                                UK.                                       that the technology generated by
                                         Initially the Academy is working with
For technical detail, Howard Berry,                                                                                         the UK science base flows through
                                         the provider network in particular       Acting as pathfinders for this work
Head of Communication Airbus                                                                                                to industry and is embedded in the
                                         the Centres of Vocational Excellence     on the SSA are representatives from
UK, Tel 0117 936 2071                                                                                                       supply chain for commercial
                                         (CoVEs). An early focus is on the        the aerospace, automatics,                exploitation.
                                         NVQ in Business Improvement              electronics and biosciences sectors,
                                         Techniques, levels 2 and 3, with the                                               The strategy addresses specific
                                                                                  with additional work in the marine
MANUFACTURING ADVISORY                   aim to have this operating                                                         challenges relating to the
                                                                                  sector funded by the Treasury. A
SERVICE (MAS)                            throughout England within three                                                    environment, safety, security and
                                                                                  priority focus for these sectors is the
                                         years.                                                                             national defence
MAS addresses the practical needs                                                 shift to international and national
                                                                                  markets rather than regional or local     The strategy identified six Aerospace
of British manufacturers by              The Academy will align with other
                                                                                  and workforce development must            Technology Validation Programmes
delivering hands-on advice and           national publicly funded
                                                                                  align with strategies which must          (ATVPs) and 13 Aerospace
assistance from experts in a wide        programmes, particularly Train to
                                                                                  mainly have the same focus.               Innovation Networks (AINs) to meet
range of manufacturing disciplines.      Gain and the Manufacturing
                                                                                                                            its objectives. The ATVPs include
Initial advice, information and          Advisory Service (MAS).                  As part of SEMTA’s ongoing and

     CRDM Limited Queen Alexandra Road High Wycombe Bucks HP11 2JZ
     Tel: +(0)1494 605085 Fax: +(0)1494 538593 Email:

                            Pre-production prototype machining
                                                                                       ❒ 5-axis machining
                                                                                       ❒ Prototype production
                                                                                       ❒ Toolmaking
                                                                                       ❒ Development
                                                                                       ❒ Jigs & Fixtures
                                                                                       ❒ Precision engineering
                                                                                       ❒ Injection moulding for plastics
                                                                                   Tritec Toolmakers Ltd
                                                                                   Unit 3, Portside, Balthane Industrial Estate
                                                                                   Ballasalla, Isle of Man IM9 2AJ
                                                                                   Tel: 01624 825023 Fax: 01624 827165

                      ISO 9002 : 2000 Reg No.91687                       

                                                                                            AEROSPACE BUSINESS ZONE

Integrated Wing; more Electric             EASA
Aircraft and Enviromentally Freindly       European Aviation Safety Agency
Engines.                                   (EASA) was set up to promote the
                                                                                       AEROSPACE WEBSITES
The AINS include focus on:                 highest common standards of
Advanced electrical power systems,         safety and environmental protection
Aerodynamics and Electro-magnetic          in civil aviation. It is intended to be
Systems.                                   the centrepiece of a new cost-              (Supplier portal)
                                           efficient regulatory system in
NATS works as an industry-led                                                
partnership of companies doing
research and development with
support from government and                                                  
academia.                                                                              (Supplier centre)
                                           DEFENCE MANUFACTURERS
Website:                                   ASSOCIATION (DMA)                                                                          (Link to Suppliers info on top menu)
                                           The DMA is the UK’s defence trade
asp                                        association and the voice of the UK
                                           Defence Industry. It has over 615 
PRI AND NADCAP                             members (including its sister               (GKN Aerospace)
The Performance Review Institute           Association of Police and Public
                                           Security Suppliers) who supply    
(PRI) administers the Nadcap
programme of quality audits for            products and services to          
special processes and products.            government agencies and                     (Link to Suppliernet via Suppliers link on Home Page)
Nadcap is an unprecedented                 contractors in the defence, police
cooperative industry effort to improve     and public security markets
quality, while reducing costs, for                                                     (Supplier manager)
quality assurance throughout the           Website:
aerospace and defence industries. It
is an industry managed approach to
                                           EUROPEAN TRANSONIC                        The information in Business Zone was checked for accuracy when we went to
conformity assessment that brings                                                    Press, but links on websites etc are liable to change.
together technical experts from both       WINDTUNNEL
industry and government. Prime             The UK, Germany, France and the
contractors, suppliers and                 Netherlands have a windtunnel in
government representatives work            Cologne for the testing of aircraft
together to establish the                  models. UK involvement is shared
requirements for accreditation.            by DTI and MoD.

PRI is a not-for-profit organisation       Construction started in 1990 and
which exists to advance the                was completed in 1993. Since
interests of air, land, sea & space        1995, after commissioning and
through development of standards           calibration, the ETW has been in full
and administration of quality              operation and has, in various test
assurance, accreditation, and              campaigns, proved to meet the
certification programs.                    design specifications. Among those
                                           it has been used extensively on is
Special processes covered include          during the wing work for Airbus.
Chemical processing, Coatings,
Composites, Elastomer Seals,               For more information contact Dr
Electronics (eg printed circuit boards),   Ray Kingcombe, the UK member
Fluid distribution systems, Heat           on the supervisory board
treating, Materials testing                Tel: 020 7215 1115
laboratories, Nonconventional              Website:
machining and surface
                                           CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY
Nadcap has over 2,500 accredited           (CAA)
suppliers of special processes and         The CAA is the UK’s independent
products listed on the Nadcap QML          aviation regulator, with all civil
(Qualified manufacturers list)             aviation regulatory functions
Contact: PRI, Europe                       (economic regulation, airspace
Tel: 0207 483 9010                         policy, safety regulation and
Fax: 0207 483 9011                         consumer protection) integrated
Email:               within a single specialist body.
Website links: Nadcap FAQs:                Website:,
Nadcap meetings/minutes etc:

                                                                                               AEROSPACE GTMA COMPANIES
The depth of skills and expertise              Website:                       metrology services
within GTMA companies serving                  Rapid prototyping and production tooling
                                                                                            Claro Precision Engineering Ltd
Aerospace has been growing                     Bedestone Ltd                                Tel: 01423 867413 Fax: 01423 862563
significantly since the launch of the          Tel: 0121 554 3283 Fax: 0121 507 0140        E-mail:
Aerospace Network (see page 51).               Email:                 Website:
Full details are on the GTMA                   Website:                 Specialises in precision machined parts,
                                               CNC jig grinding, milling, wire EDM, spark   tooling, kits and assemblies
website                         erosion, toolmaking and mould making
                                                                                            Conway Precision Engineering Group
3D Lasertec Ltd                                Berkeley Myles Solutions Ltd                 Ltd
Tel: 01623 600627 Fax: 01623 600628            Tel: 0141 420 3335 Fax: 0141 420 3223        Tel: 0121 327 2301 Fax: 0121 328 4885
Email:                  Email:              Email:
Website:                  Website:             Website:
Laser engraving and laser technology           Software systems and solutions               Bespoke design (CAD), manufacture,            Eurofighter cockpit trainer, courtesy
                                                                                            calibration & repair service                  Eurofighter.
ABR (Specialist Welding) Ltd (A)               Blum Novotest Limited
Tel: 0121 525 1319 Fax: 0121 525 1311          Tel: 01543 257111 Fax: 01543 251746          Craftsman Tools Ltd
                                               Email:              Tel: 01943 466788 Fax: 01943 850144           Website:
                                               Website:               Email:               Standard mould parts, components and
                                               Production metrology and test                Website:               supplies
Precision welding including laser, TIG and
                                               engineering                                  Design and manufacture of work and
micro TIG
                                                                                            tool-holding equipment, expanding             Dutton Simulation
                                               Boddingtons Technical Plastics               mandrels etc                                  Tel: 01926 732147 Fax: 01926 732147
                                               Tel: 01622 833700 Fax: 01622 833701                                                        Email:
Tel: 01908 514500 Fax: 01908 610111
                                               E-mail:              CRDM Limited                                  Website:
                                               Website:               Tel: 01494 605085 Fax: 01494 538593           Cost estimating, part design feasibility
                                               Design and manufacture of precision          E-mail:                       and press tool simulation solutions for
Measurement, metrology and control
                                               tooling for plastics industry                Website:                       manufacturing
                                                                                            Rapid prototyping services, selective laser
                                               Boneham & Turner Ltd                         sintering etc                                 EDS Engineering Ltd
Advanced Metrology Systems Ltd
                                               Tel: 01623 627641 Fax: 01623 627645                                                        Tel: 01245 355351 Fax: 01245 358022
Tel: 0116 271 9531 Fax: 0116 272 0638
                                               Email:                   Crossen Engineering Ltd                       Email:
                                               Website:                   Tel: 02890 448569 Fax: 02890 448221           Website:
                                               Precision manufacture of engineering         E-mail:         Precision engineering and
Metrology systems, design &
                                               products, shims, dowel pins, drill bushes,   Website:                 design/manufacture of mould tools
manufacture of special gauges etc
                                               special engineering components etc           Specialists in pressed and moulded parts
                                                                                                                                          Eley Metrology Limited
Agie Charmilles Ltd                            Bowers Metrology Group                       CyTec Systems UK Ltd                          Tel: 01332 367475 Fax: 01332 371435
Tel: 02476 538666 Fax: 02476 530023            Tel: 08708 509050 Fax: 08708 509060          Tel: 0161 678 7090 Fax: 0161 620 5392         E-mail:
Email:              E-mail:                   E-mail:                      Website:
Website:             Website:                    Website:                  Manufacturers of metrology equipment,
EDM,HSM,5 axis advanced machine tool           Metrology products and services; bore        Locking systems, cylinder, spindle and        metrology software, services
manufacturing technologies                     gauge manufacturer                           clamping technology
                                                                                                                                          EOS Electro Optical Systems Ltd
Alphatech CADCAM Services Ltd                  Burcas Limited                               Dacmac                                        Tel: 01926 623107 Fax: 01926 623108
Tel: 01626 835059 Fax: 01626 835059            Tel: 0121 553 2777 Fax: 0121 553 1284        Tel: 01628 501560 Fax: 01628 828371           Email:
Email:                     E-mail:                    Email:                       Website:
Website:                     Website:                    Website:                     Laser sintering systems
CADCAM services including CNC                  Manufacture of precision engineering         High quality tooling, precision machining,
programming, tooling and product design        products and component machining             reverse engineering etc                       Europac Metrology Ltd
                                                                                                                                          Tel: 01270 216000 Fax: 01270 216123
Ampco Metal Limited                            Carr’s Welding Technologies Ltd              Danly UK Limited (London Division)            Email:
Tel: 024 7646 7011 Fax: 024 7646 1455          Tel: 01536 412828 Fax: 01536 310262          Tel: 0208 998 5381 Fax: 0208 991 2461         Website:
Email:                     E-mail:             Email:                      3D laser scanning technology and
Website:                    Website:              Website:                      services, portable measuring equipment
Premium range of speciality bronze and         High quality laser welding, including of     Manufacture/distribution of dies sets,        etc
copper alloys                                  Titanium                                     moulds, pillars, bushes, die springs etc      Faro UK
                                                                                                                                          Tel: 00 800 3276 7253
ASAP Calibration Services Ltd                  CD Measurements Ltd                          Delcam UK (Tooling Services Division)         Fax: 00 800 3276 1725
Tel: 0870 241 6480 Fax: 01794 523910           Tel: 01457 852929 Fax: 01457 860619          Tel: 0121 683 1070 Fax: 0121 766 5511         Email:
E-mail:                    Email:              Email:                          Website:
Website:                    Website:              Website:                     Portable 3D measuring technology
Measurement and calibration services;          Specialists in machine tool calibration      Programming and production of
UKAS laboratory                                                                             components and moulds & dies using            Fast Heat International (UK) Ltd (A)
                                               CGTech Ltd                                   Delcam’s CADCAM software                      Tel: 01323 647375 Fax: 01323 410355
ATI Stellram                                   Tel: 01273 773538 Fax: 01273 721688                                                        Email:
Tel: 01225 897100 Fax: 01225 897111            E-mail:                   Denroy Plastics Ltd                           Website:
Email:                         Website:                   Tel: 028 9147 4822 Fax: 028 9127 7553         Heating elements and sensors
Website:                      CNC simulation and verification software     E-mail:
Technology leader in development of            (VERICUT)                                    Website:                       Fenn Engineering Ltd
metalcutting solutions for turning, milling,                                                Specialists in design and manufacture of      Tel: 020 8807 6650/7377
threading, drilling etc                        Che Coordinate Metrology                     custom moulded products                       Fax: 020 8884 3867
                                               Tel: 01527 558 255 Fax: 01527 558 244                                                      Email:
ATS UK LTD                                     Email:             DMS - Diemould Service Co. Ltd                Website:
Tel: 01303 255465 Fax: 01303 246186            Website:             Tel: 01494 523811 Fax: 01494 452898           Specialists in design and manufacture of
Email:                         Co-ordinate measuring machines,              Email:               gauging systems


         AF Gaskin Ltd                                  Manufacturers of jigs, fixtures, moulds,   Lane Punch Tech Ltd                            Website:
         Tel: 01494 563831 Fax: 01494 562933            tools & patterns                           Tel: 01323 844777 Fax: 01323 849091            Injection moulding tool design and
         Email:                                                               Email:                    manufacture
         Website:                    ITI (Investment Tooling International)     Website:
         Mouldmakers and precision engineers,           Limited                                    Manufacturer or precision die                  Moldtechnik
         including design services                      Tel: 01623 754814 Fax: 01623 754914        components including punches, dies,            Tel: 01202 893043 Fax: 01202 895896
                                                        Email:              retainers etc                                  Email:
         Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd                     Website:                                                             Website:
         Tel: 0116 2869900 Fax: 0116 2869901            Total precision toolmaking service, from   Mason Pinder (Toolmakers) Ltd                  Design and manufacture mouldmakers
         Email:                    component design to final inspection       Tel: 01405 814778 Fax: 01405 814977
         Website:                                                               Email:                  D G Mortimer & Co Ltd (Part of the
         Wide range of turning, milling, grinding       Innov8es Ltd                               Website:                 Plasticom Group)
         and workholding solutions                      Tel: 01952 608939 Fax: 01952 670231        Injection moulding, pressure diecast and       Tel: 01233 621601 Fax: 01233 622169
                                                        Email:              compression tools                              Email:
         High-Tech Engineering Ltd                      Website:                                                               Website:
         Tel: 01582 662277 Fax: 01582 472235            From product design and rapid prototype    Materialise                                    Manufacture of plastic injection moulds
         Email:               to R&D and injection moulding              Tel: 01909 552300 Fax: 01909 567909            and die cast tooling
         Website:                                                          Email:
         Precision engineered components,               Thomas Keating Ltd                         Website:                   Nairda Ltd Gauging Electronics
         product development                            Tel: 01403 782045 Fax: 01403 785464        Rapid tooling, prototyping and                 Tel: 0121 457 9571 Fax: 0121 457 9571
                                                        Email:             manufacture                                    Email:
         HJC Designs Ltd                                Website:                                                              Website:
         Tel: 01226 249590 Fax: 01226 249625            Mould tools including complex and          Micron Metrology 2000 Limited                  Measurement transducers, electronic
         Email:                     technical mouldings                        Tel: 0121 784 7498 Fax: 0121 783 6031          display columns etc
         Website:                                                               Email:
         Product design and development                 Geo. Kingsbury Machine Tools Ltd           Website:            Oelheld (UK) Ltd
                                                        Tel: 02392 580371 Fax: 02392 501741        Calibration services and multi-disciplined     Tel: 01745 814777 Fax: 01745 813222
         Hockley Pattern & Tool Company                 Email:               metrology solutions.                           Email:
         Limited                                        Website:                                                               Website:
         Tel: 0121 525 0095 Fax: 0121 525 0595          Vertical machining centres including 5-    Mold Systems                                   Filtration systems and lubricants
         Email:              axis and turnkey solutions for precision   Tel: 01325 328700 Fax: 01325 328707
         Website:              parts and components                       Email:

                                                                                                        Turbine Blade Measurements
                                                                                                       Measurements of Pitting and Corrosion on
                                                                                                       Jet Engine Turbine Blades has always
                                                                                                       been difficult as the thresholds for repair
                                                                                                       and scrap are often difficult to see, let
                                                                                                       alone measure.

                   Crossen Engineering Ltd                                                             Now with the LaserGauge from QGS you
                                                                                                       are able to inspect, measure and report
          The one stop shop for Plastic and Metal components                                           your findings.

                From Prototype through to Production
 Services include:                                                                                                             Pitting & Corrosion Measurement
 • Product & Tool Design using Delcam Software                                                                                 with Laser
 • Injection mould toolmaking                                                                         The Leading Edge of Jet Engine Turbine
                                                                                                      Blades are critical to engine efficiency.
   (Prototype/soft - muti-cavity hot runner)                                                          The Profile of this edge is hard to
 • Injection Moulding                                                                                 control during manufacture and repair.

   (60 ton – 450 ton)                                                                                 With the LaserGauge Leading Edge
                                                                                                      System you are able to inspect, measure
 • Vac-form Tooling & Trim Jigs                                                                       and report your findings.

 • Press Toolmaking
   (Prototype, Deep draw, Progression)
 • Pressing (Presses up to 500 ton)                                                                                                     Leading Edge Measurement
                                                                                                                                        with Laser
 Crossen Engineering Ltd       tel: +44(0)28 9044 8569
                                                                                                     Quality Gauging Systems Ltd
 Maryland Industrial Estate,   fax: +44(0)28 9044 8221                                               The Estate Office, Luton Hoo Estate, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3TQ
 Ballygowan Road,              email:                                 Tel: 0870 143 3020. Fax: 0870 143 3021
 Northern Ireland, BT23 6BL    website:                      Est1978            Email: Web:

                                                                                              AEROSPACE GTMA COMPANIES

Oerlikon Balzers Coating UK Ltd              Quality Gauging Systems Ltd                   SGS Carbide Tool (UK) Ltd                    Wines Group
Tel: 01908 377277 Fax: 01908 361361          Tel: 0870 143 3020 Fax: 0870 143 3021         Tel: 01189 795200 Fax: 01189 795295          Tel: 01732 740542 Fax: 01732 464440
Email:                                       Email:                  Email:                   Email:          Website:                        Website:                     Website:
Website:                                     Advanced metrology and data collection        Manufacture of comprehensive range of        Fully integrated manufacturing service           systems and equipment                         precision, carbide rotary cutting tools      from product design to release
Tool and precision tooling coatings                                                                                                     W J Evans Precision Ltd
                                             Rapitypes Limited                             Simpleware Ltd                               Tel: 01902 731116 Fax: 01902 739886
OPEN MIND Technologies UK Ltd                Tel: 0116 253 6591 Fax: 0116 251 0331         Tel: 01392 263684 Fax: 01392 263620          E-mail:
Tel: 01865 338026 Fax: 01865 338100          Email:                   Email:                Website:
Email:                                     Website:                  Manufacture of prototype and production
Website:               Website:                    Software solutions for conversion of 3D      tooling equipment and tooling aids
Software technologies for digital manufac-   Specialists in rapid product development      images into numerical models
ture including hyperCAD and hyperMILL        from design engineering to small batch                                                     WNT (UK) Ltd
                                             production                                    Smithstown Light Engineering Ltd             Tel: 0800 073 2073 (Sales)
PDQ Engineering Ltd                                                                        Tel: 00 353 61 362111                        Fax: 0800 073 2074 (Sales)
Tel: 0191 4172343 Fax: 0191 416 5518         Raynor Tool Services Ltd                      Fax: 00 353 61 364303                        Email:
Email:               Tel: 01630 655314 Fax: 01630 657295           Email:                        Website:
Website:              Email:                Website:                          Precision metal cutting tools, 45,000
Specialist manufacturer of precision         Website:                Precision engineering and mould making       tooling items in catalogue
components                                   Specialises in new tool manufacture and       including multi-cavity
                                             CNC regrinding                                                                             WS2 Coatings Ltd
Petford Tools (Toolmakers) Limited                                                         Speedform Tools (Midlands) Ltd               Tel: 01430 861222 Fax: 01430 861110
Tel: 01384 246930 Fax: 01384 246939          Renishaw plc                                  Tel: 01922 635499 Fax: 01922 722878          Email:
Email:                Tel: 01453 524111 Fax: 01453 524102           Email:                  Website:
Website:              Email:                        Website:                 High performance dry lubricants
Toolmakers for Plastic Injection,            Website:                     Manufacture of pressure die tools, plastic
Compression and Composite Moulds             Industrial metrology and spectroscopy,        moulds and precision tooling in carbide      Yamazaki Mazak U.K. Ltd
                                             including probe systems for CMMs and          and high-speed steels                        Tel: 01905 755755 Fax: 01905 755001
Physical Digital Ltd                         CNC machine tools                                                                          Email:
Tel: 01483 857537 Fax:                                                                     StarragHeckert UK Limited                    Website:
Email:              Roemheld UK Limited                           Tel: 0845 071 4383 Fax: 0845 071 4384        Supplier of CNC machine tools and
Website:             Tel: 01604 497665 Fax: 01604 497647           Email:            manufacturing systems
Mobile 3-D non-contact optical digitising    Email:
                                             Website:                                                                Yorkshire Precision Gauges Ltd.
                                                                                           Wide range of single and multi spindle,
Piccadilly Precision Engineering Co          Innovative workholding systems and                                                         Tel: 01302 840303 Fax: 01302 843570
                                                                                           four and five axis machining centers
Tel: 01952 582113 Fax: 01952 583239          clamping solutions                                                                         Email:
Email:                                                                                                  Website:
                                                                                           Superite Tools Ltd
Website:       Rofin-Baasel UK Ltd                                                                        Manufacturer and supplier of extensive
                                                                                           Tel: 01922 451151 Fax: 01922 743176
Manufacturer of standard and                 Tel: 0870 990 1020 Fax: 0870 990 1030                                                      range of metrology gauging products
customised precision gauging products,       Email:
customised calibration services              Website:
                                                                                           Design and manufacture of plastic
                                             Designs and builds industrial lasers and
                                                                                           moulds and pressure die casting tools
PowerKut Ltd                                 systems
Tel: 02476 644661 Fax: 02476 644680
                                                                                           Trac Measurement Systems Ltd
Email:                  Rojac Tooling Technologies
                                                                                           Tel: 01952 670140 Fax: 01952 670149
Website:                  Tel: 0121 556 0909 Fax: 0121 556 4343
Specialists in tooling, gauging and          Email:
machined components, calibration             Website:
services                                     Total engineering solutions and specialists   Design, manufacture and installation of
                                             in tooling design/manufacture for             bespoke inspection, measurement and
PP Injection Moulds & Mouldings Ltd          composites and resin transfer moulds          gauging systems
Tel: 01249 823100 Fax: 01249 823106
Email:                 S&S Plastics                                  Tritec Ltd
Website:                  Tel: 01623 555501 Fax: 01623 555502           Tel: 01624 825023 Fax: 01624 827165
Injection moulds and mouldings, including    Email:                 Email:
tool design                                  Website:                 Website:
                                             Plastics injection moulding including         Injection moulds, precision engineering,
Precision Engineering (Worcester) Ltd.       design and prototypes                         jigs & fixtures, prototyping etc
Tel 01905 772902 Fax 01905 773951
Email:              SERMO TP UK Limited                           Warwick Machine Tools Ltd
Website:                      Tel: 01730 262244 Fax: 01730 268702           Tel: 01676 534534 Fax: 01676 534548
Component Design, and manufacture of         Website:                         Email:
high quality complex tooling.                Manufacture and supply of wide range of       Website:
                                             moulds and associated services                Advanced EDM solutions, EDM machines
Progressive Engineering                                                                    (ONA); technical centre for machine tools
Tel: 01256 771157 Fax: 01256 771586          Sescoi UK Limited
Email:       Tel: 0121 355 5000 Fax: 0121 355 4777         WDS
Website:                                     Email:                    Tel: 0845 606 6677 Fax: 0845 601 1173            Website:                     Email:
Press tools, jigs & fixtures and design to   Advanced software for mould, tool and         Website:
complete manufacture, from one off items     die industry, including WorkNC, WorkPlan      16,000 parts and machining accessories       Manufacturing of MEMS devices,
and prototypes to batch production           and WorkNC-CAD                                for manufacturing and engineering            courtesy BAE Systems


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                                                                              The Red Arrows team fly in
                                                                              formation with the A380.
                                                                              Picture courtesy Airbus.

Yamazaki Mazak is the leader in
manufacturing technolgy for aerospace machining.
Airframe or engine - Mazak has the expertise to solve your toughest machining problems.

                                                                Yamazaki Mazak UK Limited,
                                                     Badgeworth Drive, Worcester WR4 9NF
                                                Tel: 01905 755755 Fax: 01905 755001
                              representing leading companies in precision engineering, metrology,
                                rapid product development, toolmaking and tooling technologies

3 Forge House, Summerleys Road, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9DT Tel. +44 (0) 1844 274222 email