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Acting Experience________________________________________________________

Swiss Family Robinson Jay Harnick                       Fritz                    Promenade Theatre, NYC
Swiss Family Robinson Jay Harnick                       Jan                      Promenade Theatre, NYC
An Evening of Tennessee Williams                        George/ others           Ansonia Theatre, NYC
The Miss Firecracker Contest Beth Henley                Delmount                 Ansonia Theatre, NYC
Swiss Family…National Tour(thrice)                      Fritz/Jan                Theatreworks USA, NYC
The Shadow Box Michael Cristofer                        Brian                    Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare                      Balthasar                Howell Theatre, UNL
Medea Jeffers translation (done in mask)                The Tutor                Howell Theatre, UNL
Failing at Life Zach Clawson                            Carl                     UNL Film Department, NE
The Boys Next Door Tom Griffin                          Jack                     Theatrix, Studio Theatre
The International Stud Harvey Fierstein                 Arnold                   Studio Theatre, UNL
The Real Thing Tom Stoppard                             Henry                    Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Standing By Norman Barasch                              Jeffrey                  Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Boy Gets Girl Rebecca Gillman                           Mercer                   Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Gabriel’s Horn Joel Egger                               Satan                    Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Ferris Wheel Mary Miller                                John                     Director’s Studio, UNL
The End? Zach Clawson                                   Russ                     Director’s Studio, UNL
Private Eyes Steven Dietz                               Frank                    Rough Magic, The Loft, NE
Touch Toni Press-Coffman                                Kyle                     Rough Magic, Studio, NE
The Last Time I Saw Timmy Boggs Butterfield             Timmy                    The Angels, The Loft, NE
The Baltimore Waltz Paula Vogel                         Carl                     Lincoln Playhouse, NE
City of Angels Coleman/ Zippel                          Jimmy Powers             Greylite Players, IN
Guys N Dolls Loesser/ Burrows                           Sky Masterson            Greylite Players, IN
West Side Story Bernstein, Laurents                     Tony                     Greylite Players, IN
Carousel Rodgers/ Hammerstein                           Mr. Snow                 Greylite Players, IN
Diary of Anne Frank Goodrich/ Hackett                   Peter                    Greylite Players, IN
Camelot Lerner/ Loewe                                   Mordred                  Greylite Players, IN

Directing Experience_____________________________________________________
Kid-Simple Jordan Harrison                                                       Lincoln Playhouse, Gallery
Corpus Christi Terrence McNally                                                  Theatrix, Studio Theatre
The Illusion Tony Kushner                                                        Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Objectivity Gregory Peters                                                       Rough Magic, The Loft
Marred Bliss Mark O’Donnell                                                      Rough Magic, The Loft
Burn This Lanford Wilson                                                         Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Pterodactyls Nicky Silver                                                        Theatrix, Studio Theatre
Stranger Than Fiction co-writer & director                                       Rough Magic, The Loft
If Columbus Does Not Figure in Your Travel Plans Craig Lucas                     Director’s Studio, UNL

Education and Training_________________________________________________
The University of Nebraska @ Lincoln, BA with an emphasis in theatre performance, Dec. 2005
The American Musical and Dramatic Academy NYC, Integrated Program Completed 1996
Musical Theatre: Elaine Petricoff, Darren Cohen
Acting: Stan Brown, Roxana Stuart, Randolph Pearson, Tammy Menighini, Virginia Smith, G Valmont Thomas
Voice (lyric tenor): Ariel Bybee, Jonathon Yarrington
Stage Combat: Harris Smith (rapier & dagger)

Special Skills_____________________________________________________________________
Walk/stand on hands; dialects; mimicry; mask work, viewpoints