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Preliminary Visit Programme Danish District Heating Days in the by liwenting


									                       Preliminary Visit Programme

        Danish District Heating Days in the Netherlands

                                        May 2010

                                        Monday 17
10.00   Arrival at Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam

10.30   Transport by bus from Schiphol to Almere

12.00   District heating in Almere Poort solar energy plant
        Presentation of the plant and meeting with Management

13.30   Lunch in Almere with participation of local city administration
        In cooperation with Vice Chair Jan Smith, Danish Dutch Business Club

15.00   Transport to Dronten and Zeewolde in region Flevoland
        Polderwijk in Zeewolde with 3.000 inhabitants makes use of biogas from a farm nearby

17.30   Transport to ‘s Hertogenbosch

19.00   Check-in at hotel in ‘s Hertogenbosch

20.00   Dinner in ‘s Hertogenbosch

        Dinner with representatives from Energy company Essent

22.00   Transport to hotel

                                        Tuesday 18
08.30   Transport by bus to ‘s Hertogenbosch (local office of Essent, RWE)

09.00   Meeting with Essent

        Presentation of Essent and future projects. District heating discussions with Essent delegates

12.00   Transport to Delft

12.30   Lunch in Delft

14.00   Transport to Delft-Pijnacker-Nootdorp
        Geothermal district heating project together with Delft University which is engaged in geothermal energy projects
18.00   Transport to The Hague

19.00   Reception in the residence of Ambassador Kirsten Malling Biering in The Hague
        Reception and buffet in the residence in The Hague
        The Danish delegation will be joined by the key stakeholders such as: Ministry of Economic affairs, Ministry of Energy,
        Parliament, City of The Hague, province Zuid-Holland, district heating organisation ‘Warmtenetwerk’ and energy
        industry association ‘Energined’ etc.

22.00   Departure for hotel in Amsterdam

23.00   Check-in at hotel A4 Van der Valk, Hoofdorp

                                       Wednesday 19
09.00   Transport from hotel to location of District Heating Seminar

10.00   District Heating Seminar in Amsterdam (venue to be decided in conjunction with Holland
        Gateway) including match-making session
        For the seminar the embassy will invite contacts within Dutch ministries, municipalities, parliamentarians,
        administration officials, heat-supplying companies as well as industry and other associations.

        OBS! Separate programme for the seminar, including plans for network-lunch and time set of for the match-making
        event will follow later.

18.00   Sightseeing in Amsterdam (canal-tour with all seminar delegates)

19.30   Free evening in Amsterdam

23.00   Hotel in Amsterdam

                                        Thursday 20
09.00   Check-out of hotel and departure

10.00   District heating plant in Amsterdam
        Together with department of energy supply of the City of Amsterdam, visit newly built quarter Zuidas, visit to utility
        tunnel and buildings, including presentation of the city

12.30   Lunch in Amsterdam-Zuidas
        With delegates from the municipality of Amsterdam and the department for energy supply in Amsterdam

14.30   Transport to Schiphol

16.30   Departure to Copenhagen / Billund

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