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					Spyware Removal Guide for
     Lavasoft Ad-Aware 7
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In order to keep your system free of spyware, TimbukTech, Inc. recommends using this
free program. It is one of the simplest means a computer user can use to decrease your

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Once Ad-Aware is installed on your computer simply start the program by loading it
from the desktop.

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Ad-Aware will automatically ask if you would like to update the spyware definitions
when you run the program. Click “YES” to do so.

When the update has completed, select “OK” to move on to the next step.

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Now, simply press the “SCAN NOW” button to select what level of scan you would like
to perform.

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For this explanation we are going to use the “Smart Scan” function. This scans the most
critical areas of your computer looking for spyware infestations

Please be patient. Ad-Aware 2007 takes a few minutes to run.

When the scan has completed, place a check in all the boxes in the “Not Critical” area.

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Next, all of the boxes in the “Critical” area should be checked. Now, click the “Finish”

Underneath the scan summary will be the “Action” button. Click this button to allow Ad-
Aware to clean the spyware from of your computer. Then, close the program.