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                      LEAN LAYOUTS
                        WITH SLP

                  Hands-on instruction in systematic layout planning:
          the world’s most organized approach to layout and facilities planning.

                                           w w w. C ontinuing E (keyword: SLP)
Program Leader
                                                                     LEAN LAYOUTS
                                                                       WITH SLP
                 Richard Muther &                   System Layout Planning is recognized throughout the world as the most organized way
                 Associates                         to develop layout plans. Thousands of projects have been completed successfully using
                                                    the SLP approach. Leading companies have made it a standard practice in their Lean and
                                                    Six Sigma programs. This course will prepare you to lead layout projects using SLP and
Author of “Computer-Aided Facilities Planning”
                                                    to achieve remarkable results in record time.
and co-author with Richard Muther of “Systematic
Planning of Industrial Facilities,” Mr. Hales is
internationally known for his contributions to      Course Outline                     Registration 7:30 a.m.; classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and end on
advanced manufacturing. He is past director         days 1 & 2 at 5:00 p.m., on day 3 at 4:30 p.m.
of the Facilities Planning and Design Division,
                                                    Day 1                                                     • Key input data
Institute of Industrial Engineers, and a past                                                                 • Flow of materials analysis
member of the College Industry Council on           A. Introduction To Lean Layouts
Material Handling Education. Mr. Hales has                                                               D. Case Exercise Continues
                                                         • What happens after the value stream                • Combining flow and other-than-
assisted Nokia, Motorola, Coca-Cola, Ford, Delphi          map?                                                 flow relationships
Automotive, Peterbilt Motors, Kenworth Truck,            • Typical approaches to layout                       • Relationship charting
and many others.                                           planning                                           • Activity-relationship diagram
                                                         • Twelve principles of lean layout                   • Space relationship diagram
                                                         • Systematic Layout Planning (SLP)              E. Case Exercise Continues
                                                                                                              • Adjustment into block layout plans
                                                    B. A Simple Exercise In Layout                              and evaluation of results
                                                         • Six-step procedure for planning any           F.   Evaluating Alternative Plans
n Lean manufacturing?                                      layout                                             • How to select the best plan
                                                         • Case exercise and explanation                      • Common intangible factors in
n Six Sigma?                                                                                                    layout planning
                                                    C. Systematic Layout Planning (SLP)                       • Cost justification methods
n Process improvement?                                   • Four phases of every layout project                • What top management wants to
n Facility expansion, relocation, or                     • Planning procedures and                              know before approving your plans
   consolidation?                                          conventions
                                                         • Key input data and where to get it            Day 3
n Model changes or new model introductions?         D. How To Analyze Flow of Materials                  A. Review and Questions
                                                         • Process charting and diagramming
If you answered “yes” to any of these, then SLP          • From-To charts                                B. Detailed Layouts and Issues
can help you! Instead of muddling through                • Quantified flow diagrams                             • Case exercise – detailed layout
layout projects, attend this seminar and learn                                                                  planning using SLP
                                                    E. Establishing & Charting
the skills to become an effective layout planner       Relationships                                     C. Work Cell Planning
and leader of layout projects.                           • Twelve reasons for closeness                       • Special considerations when laying
                                                           between activity areas                               out manufacturing work cells
This course will provide you with a step-by-             • The rated and reason-supported                     • Ergonomics and workplace design
                                                           relationship chart                                 • Relationship of layout planning and
step explanation of Systematic Layout Planning                                                                  standardized work
                                                         • Combining flow and other-than flow
(SLP). On Day One you will learn this powerful             relationships
and universal method. Working in teams on                                                                D. Multi-story and Multi-building
Day Two, you will use SLP to prepare and            F.   Classical Types of Layout Plans                    Plans
                                                         • Primary divisions of space                         • Case example and illustration of
present a manufacturing plant layout. On Day                                                                    multi-story and multi-building
                                                         • Product-Quantity analysis
Three, teams use SLP to prepare a detailed               • Layout by product, process and fixed                  planning
equipment layout for one department in the                 position                                           • Facility and master planning with
previous day’s plan. In the closing session, you         • Group technology and cellular                        SLP
will learn to organize and lead your next layout           manufacturing                                      • Special issues: Stay or move? Split or
project using SLP.                                       • Typical benefits of manufacturing                     combine?
                                                         • What top management wants to                  E. Visualization Tools and
Note that while manufacturing examples are                 know before approving your plans                 Techniques
used, the procedures you will learn are equally                                                               • Methods of visualization
effective for laying out warehouses, offices,        Day 2                                                     • Computer tools for facilities
technology centers, and labs.                       A. Review and Questions                                   • Software suppliers
                                                    B. Estimating Space Requirements                     F.   How To Lead A Layout Project
                                                         • Five ways to determine floor space                  Using SLP
                                                           requirements                                       • Organizing and managing layout
                                                         • Balancing needs with availability                    projects
Now it’s easier—and more cost-effective—for              • Recognizing features and types of                  • “Out of sequence” projects
your team to experience this intensive hands-              space                                              • Extended phasing on major, large
on training. The focused environment will                                                                       projects
encourage your team to learn, discuss, and          C. Case Exercise – Block Layout                           • Getting started with SLP
plan throughout the course. Each additional            Planning                                               • How to run a lean layout workshop
                                                         • Hands-on group work                                  in your facility using SLP.
registration from the same company or                    • Guided application in block layout
organization will receive a $200 discount: $1,195                                                               Work plan, data requirements,
                                                           planning                                             spreadsheets you will need.
if made by March 28, or $1,395 if made after
March 28.
Past Participants                                Sign up today! Course is limited to 30 participants!
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representatives to this course:
Abbott Laboratories
AlliedSignal CAS                          Location & Lodging                           Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza
American Tool Companies, Inc.                                                          4445 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64111
Bayer Corporation                                                                      Phone: 800-810-3708
BF Goodrich                                                                  
Boeing Commercial Airplane                Please make your own housing arrangements. To receive the conference rate of $132 for a single to
  Group                                   a quad room, be sure to state that you will be attending the Systematic Layout Planning seminar.
Case Corp.                                For ground transportation, Super Shuttle (800-258-3826) is available to the hotel for $18 one way. For
                                          additional hotel or transportation information, call 785-864-5823.
Caterpillar, Inc.
Coleman Powermate                         The Marriott Country Club Plaza is surrounded by fourteen blocks of unique shopping and
                                          entertainment. Within walking distance there are 30 restaurants and cafes along with more than 133
Columbia House                            specialty shops, boutiques & movie theaters to enjoy. The Marriott Country Club Plaza has a high-
Deere & Company                           speed internet access in the guest and meeting rooms, and an indoor pool and workout facility.
Eastman Kodak
                                          Parking is available for a fee at the Marriott Country Club Plaza’s garage.
Eaton Corporation
FMC Corporation                           Cost
General Motors Power Train V6             Seminar fee includes three days of instruction, seminar book and handouts, and lunch and
  Components                              refreshments each day.
Globe Business Furniture
Halcon Corp.
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
                                          Certificate of Participation
                                          All attendees of this short course will receive a certificate of participation indicating that this short
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co.            course provided 24 contact hours of instruction. This certificate may be used to meet the CEU
Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.              requirements of many associations.
Mid-America Manufacturing
  Technology Center
Mid-Central SYSCO Food Services
                                            Comments from Past Participants
Northern Telecom                            “The course gave me a method to better concentrate on the most important 15–20% of the issues
P & H Mining Equipment                      on the table.” James Connelly, Phelps Tool & Die Co., Inc., Kansas City, Missouri
Phelps Tool and Die Co., Inc.
Procter & Gamble                            “Terrific course-great mix of fundamental theory and practical knowledge.” Greg Ballard, Bayer
                                            Diagnostic, Indianapolis, Indiana
Sony Professional Products Co.
Standard Register                           “Excellent methodology-a real road map to get to the destination of an efficient, workable
U.S. Postal Service                         layout.” Bill Davis, MAMTC-Missouri, Rolla, Missouri
U.S. Tobacco Company
                                            “An exceptional way to organize detailed information to submit plans for approval, showing
United Parcel Service                       that all bases have been touched.” Linda Lilly, Sony Professional Products Co., Boca Raton, Florida
Yamaha Music, Inc.
                                            “Systematic Layout Planning is an excellent method that allows you to quickly and easily
                                            identify and resolve layout problems.” Dallas Durre, North American Lighting, Inc., Flora, Illinois
Objectives                                  “An excellent program for involving everyone in the organization. When conflicts arise, the
                                            reasoning is documented.” Patrick J. Doran, Hisan, Inc., Findlay, Ohio
• To eliminate waste resulting from
  poor layout                               “The pragmatic, analytical approach outlined in the course will supersede the instinctive style
• To improve material flow and              that I have been using.” Michael Bak, Swisher International, Jacksonville, Florida
  reduce the cost of material
• To achieve more productive facilities
• To better organize layout projects
  and teams
                                          Note to Leaders of Lean, Six Sigma
                                          and Process Improvement
Who Will Benefit                           This workshop will prepare you to lead effective layout planning workshops for your organization.
• Plant and manufacturing managers        You will learn how to prepare for such events, how to conduct them, and how to get remarkable
                                          results faster than most people believe possible!
• Manufacturing and industrial
  engineers                               You will leave with step-by-step examples and web access to the spreadsheets needed for your
                                          workshops and future layout projects.
• Lean and Six-Sigma program offices      The SLP method is standard practice among many companies and consultants implementing lean
• Black belts and master black belts      thinking. Translated into 10 languages, it is recognized throughout the world and is an effective
  leading process improvement             corporate standard for multi-national firms.
PLanning Lean Layouts WitH sLP
                                                                             Monday–Wednesday • May 5–7, 2008 • KANSAS CITY
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                                                                20 Things You Will Learn
1.  The three fundamentals of every layout project                                                      11. How to assure and confirm that the most important relationships
2.  How to lay out a work area, department, or work cell in six                                               have been honored in your plan
      simple steps                                                                                      12. How to estimate space requirements, short- and long-term
3. How to organize large projects and get great layouts in a hurry                                      13. Why and when U-flow layouts may not be the best answer
4. What data you need for effective layout planning and where to                                        14. Ten important considerations and factors to use when comparing
      get it                                                                                                  layout proposals – and cost is only one
5. What types of diagrams and flow charts are best to use                                               15. How to get agreement and buy-in on which layout is best
6. How to visualize material handling effort on your layout                                             16. Twenty issues and conditions to watch out for in a detailed cell
7. How to measure the material handling waste of one layout                                                   layout
      versus another                                                                                    17. Twenty considerations for effective work place design
8. Twelve reasons why activities may need closeness between them                                        18. The ten questions top management wants answered before
      (and flow is only one)                                                                                  approving your plan
9. How to record hundreds of layout relationships and their                                             19. What software and spreadsheet tools are available for layout
      reasons on a one-page form                                                                              planning
10. How to identify the critical relationships that must be honored in                                  20. How to plan and lead a layout planning workshop or project in
      the layout – and the many others that don’t matter at all                                               your facility

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