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									                                       La Conner Chamber of Commerce

             THE LA CONNERITE

 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                       JANUARY 2007

       Chamber Board Meeting
    January 9 ~ 8 am. ~ Fireside Rm.                              Fellow Chamber Members
 (All are welcome to attend, please note
 that beginning Feb. we will meet in the   One person can make a difference; but together we can spread the differ-
              Garden Club)                 ence.

     Chamber “After Hours Social”          Resolve to daily choose your attitude. Decide to bring your best self to
     January 11 ~ 5:00 pm –6:30 pm.        work. If we work on accomplishing this one thing, an oasis of energy,
           The Ginger Grater               flexibility and creativity has a chance to seed a difference.
      Bring your favorite appetizers
                                           My heartfelt appreciation goes out to volunteers. They exemplify
       MoNA, Opening Reception             "choosing an attitude" to serve and a choice to "be present" unlike no
         January 13 ~ 2-5 pm               other. Visitor center volunteers, board members, committee members, fel-
                                           low merchants, friends and neighbors, thank you for sharing in and provid-
        La Conner Quilt Museum             ing for the goodness of 2006. Six thousand plus hours are given by volun-
        New Exhibit “Transitions”          teers "working for you"; serving La Conner. They have made the choice to
          January 13 –March 11             serve, to give of their time to having a viable chamber. Each chamber
         11 am-4 pm., 466-4288             member, my heartfelt gratitude to you. Membership isn't just about money.
                                           It includes partnership, participation, team effort, enhancing achievements
    SCCEDA ~ Installation Dinner           and encouragement. Thank you for spreading the difference.
        January 18 ~ 5:30-8 pm
      Skagit Valley Casino Resort          Choose your 2007 attitude. Continue to connect and create. Seek to draw
   RSVP the chamber office, 466-4778       out, inspire and develop the best and highest within yourself and your
                                           neighboring chamber and non-chamber merchants.
     Skagit County Historic Museum
        “Fibers of Life” Exhibit           Let us expect a better wheel for 2007 by making a difference together.
           Closing Ceremony
           January 20 ~ 11 am.                                         Sharon Connell
        “A Gathering of Artists”                                      Chamber President
         January 20 ~ 1 pm-4 pm

               Blood Drive                                                   Thanks to all members (new and re-
        January 26 ~ On Morris St.            Welcome New Members            newing) for their continuous support of
        (more information on pg. 2)                                          the chamber!
                                           Deception Pass Tours
           Chamber Retreat                 Discovery Maps International
        January 30 ~ 9 am.- 4 pm.          Café Culture                                Renewing Members
       The Wild Iris Meeting Room          Harbor View Gallery & Gifts
                                           Lizz & Company                    Bank of America
   La Conner Neighborhood Church           Marci & Bob Plank                 Kerstin’s Restaurant
     “Watato” (the children) Choir         The Swinomish Yacht Club          Soroptimist International of La Conner
       January 25 ~ 7 pm-8 pm              Cattails and Dragonflies          The Farmhouse Inn Restaurant
   Maple Hall, admission by donation
PAGE 2                                              THE LA CONNERITE                                               V O LU M E 1, I S S U E 1

                                                Marketing Committee Report
Welcome to the first of the monthly Marketing Committee Reports you will be receiving. Julie Burgmeier & Shanden Templar
are the co-chairs of this committee. We need volunteers to help with a multitude of tasks. Please call/e-mail Julie if you are inter-
ested in volunteering! (julie@childhoodbliss.com or 466-baby)

Our #1 Priority this year is: To improve the marketing program of the organization by enhancing the current marketing
efforts. Our most immediate task is to propose the Marketing budget for 2007. Since “YOU” are the chamber, we need your in-
put. E-mail julie@childhoodbliss.com your ideas & suggestions.

We are now signed up for Google Analytics. The following is only a one week sampling of the monthly reports that will start
with the next newsletter.
         December 22nd-28th laconnerchamber.com had 782 visits with 3,568 page views (an average of 4.56 page
          views per visit). New visitors: 83.76% Returning visitors: 16.24%. Top sources: Google 381 visits;
         Direct: 124 visits. 498 visits were from organic searches (non-sponsored) and 160 visits were from referrals
          (links from other websites) and 124 were direct (website url entered).

                                                         2010 Olympics
Here we are celebrating the beginning of a new year, 2007. Before you know it 2010 will be on the calendar and with that date
comes the Winter Olympics which will take place in Vancouver BC. It is estimated that 250,00 visitors, 10,000 people from the
media and 35, 000 volunteers will be in attendance. It is also estimated $8-10 billion will be spent in connection with the
games. The state of Washington, together with local chambers, are working to ensure we are active participants in all aspects of
the winter games. Please take the time to review the official state website www.exportwashington.com/2010 for important up-
dates and opportunities.

                                          SBA Business Information Center (BIC)
The Business Information Center (BIC) has over 300 books, software and videos that you can use to research, write business
plans, try out software, or take an on-line class. The BIC is intended for public use, and you are welcome anytime during busi-
ness hours. Contact Cynthia at (360) 416-7873 or email brcreg@skagit.edu

                                                  New Passport Information
Here is some important passport information for you and to pass on to visitors. The U.S. Department of State and Homeland
Security have extended their passport deadlines. You now have until June 1, 2009 to get a passport for land and sea travel to
and from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. However, if you are traveling by plane to and from one of these desti-
nations, you’ll need a passport by January 23, 2007. For all the latest information, visit www.travel.state.gov and click on
“International Travel”.

                                          Skagit County Business Leaders Dinner
Mark your calendars now for one of the best county-wide networking and social events of the year! Board Chairpersons and
Presidents from all six Skagit County Chambers of Commerce will be in attendance. This event is sponsored by Puget Sound
Energy and produced by SCCEDA. It will be held at the Skagit Valley Casino Resort, January 18th, 5:30 pm-8 pm. Tickets
will cost $35/per person. Featured speaker is Dr. Violet Malone, Professor (emeritus) at Western’s Woodring College of Edu-
cation. Dr. Malone, believes learning is a lifelong process. She started her career at Western in 1991. You can RSVP for this
event by calling the chamber office, 466-4778.

                                                          Shop Locally!
We know the holiday season is over, but there is always a need to be shopping for that “perfect” gift. Whether it is for a birth-
day, anniversary or wedding and let’s not forget Valentines Day isn’t that far away. We all need to remember that La Conner IS
the place to shop. Please remember, whether shopping for a gift or something for yourself….be sure and shop La Conner first.
It’s important to all of us!
                    Shop in La Conner ~ Support Our Members and Keep the Money at Home

                        Give Blood, Save Lives, Get Cookies! Friday Morning, January 26th!
The Puget Sound Blood Center Mobile Bus will be in front of the Station House Restaurant (Morris Street between 3rd and 4th).
It only takes about an hour of your time to give a gift that will benefit up to three people in our community! Please call or email
          Marianna Metke at 360-466-4520 or mjmetke@aol.com for further information or to schedule an appointment!
V O LU M E 1, I S S U E 1                           THE LA CONNERITE                                                           PAGE 3

                 Note of Thanks!                          Congratulations!                               Winter Sale

The staff at the chamber office (that would     Roberta (Bobbie) and Greg Westover           January is the month for Childhood
be Marci, Claudia and the volunteers) wish       are the new owners of “The Ginger           Bliss’s Winter Sale! With only two
to thank Cathie and Keith Wyman for the         Grater”. Bobbie and Greg are also the        sales a year, this is an event not to be
wonderful “new” printer. In answer to a         owners of the very popular “Olive            missed! ONE DAY ONLY on Satur-
recent e-mail, Cathie donated the printer       Shoppe, Gifts and More” on Morris St.        day, January 20th, from 9 am-7 pm.
and as if that wasn’t enough, Keith came        According to Bobbie, they plan to            20% off storewide and 40% off winter
in to the office and installed it. All we had   “merge” the two businesses. With the         fashions, strollers, diaper bags, toys,
to do was buy an ink cartridge and turn it      south side of the building remaining as      books, clothing, online gift registry at
on...wow, how nice! The office had been         The Ginger Grater and the north side will    childhoodbliss.com! AND, we ship
“limping” along with only a printer in          become the Olive Shoppe. We wish             anywhere in the USA and Canada.
Marci’s office, so it is great to be “up and    them great success in this new venture.      Please call/email us if you would like
running” again. Thanks again to Cathie          Our thanks to Bobbie and Greg in ad-         for us to drop off our beautiful “sale”
and Keith and we extend our congratula-         vance, for hosting the next chamber so-      postcard to you!!!
tions to Keith on his recent retirement.        cial on January 11th at The Ginger
Enjoy!! (Note to Keith, we’re always in         Grater. We hope everyone will come by            Blissfully Yours, Julie & Carol
need of volunteers at the chamber)              to congratulate them.                             521 Morris St., 466-BABY

                                                       Auto Repair Database                    Community Organizations
Basket Exhibit Closing Ceremony                 The La Conner Regional Library is offer-      Meeting Schedules & Contacts
and Artist Gathering January 20                 ing a new Automotive Repair Reference
                                                Center database that includes more than      Kiwanis Club of La Conner
A closing ceremony for the exhibit “Fibers      150 easy-to-read illustrated auto repair     PO Box 822, La Conner, WA 98257
of Life II: Native Treasures from the For-      manuals for 21,000 vehicles from 1945        Contact: Doolie Pierce
est to the Flats” at the Skagit County          to present. The database can be accessed     466-0156
Historical Museum will feature Native           at www.lclib.lib.wa.us. Usernames and        Email: doolie@wavecable.com
songs, prayers and words of appreciation        passwords are available at the library.      Wed. 8-9 am., LC Retirement Inn
for the work of the basket makers on Sat-            614 E. Morris        466-3352
urday, January 20, at 11 am. Following the
ceremony, visitors can enjoy the art of                                                      La Conner Garden Club
Northwest traditional carvers, weavers and                                                   Contact: Sandy Chomiah
                                                       New Exhibits at MoNA                  466-1407
photographers at Qwu?qwsa: A Gathering          Beginning January 13, MoNA will open
of Artists from 1 to 4 pm. Artwork will be                                                   First Thursday, 7 pm, LC Garden Club
                                                two new exhibits. One is titled “Range”
available for purchase throughout the af-       featuring work by Deborah Butterfield,
ternoon. No admission charge for this                                                        La Conner Regional Library
                                                C. S. Price and Theodore Waddell. The        614 E. Morris, La Conner
event.                                          other exhibit titled “Calido” features the
The Skagit County Historical Museum is                                                       466-3352
                                                work of Karen Buhler, James Minson           Open: Mon. 11 am-5 pm.
located at 501 S 4th Street.                    and Rob Snyder. They will also be host-
      Open Tue. - Sun., 11 am to 5 pm.                                                         Tues. & Wed. 11 am-7 pm
                                                ing an “opening reception” on January          Thurs. - Sat. 11 am-5 pm
           For more information:                13, 2-5 pm. MoNA is open 10 am - 5 pm
            360-466-3365 or visit               daily. 121 S. First St., 466-4446.           La Conner Rotary Club
      www.skagitcounty.net/museum.                      www.museumofnwart.org                PO Box 2111, La Conner, WA 98257
                                                                                             Contact: Ginny Dugaw
                            Farmers & Conservationists Working Together                      Phone: 360-466-1660
                      Recently the NY Times picked up on a story about a group of lo-        Mon. 6 pm., Farmhouse Restaurant
                      cal farmers working together with the Department of Wildlife.
                      David Hedlin (that’s Dave on the right in the photo), Gail Thulen      La Conner Senior Center
                      and Alan Mesman, will together receive up to $350,000 for three        Contact: Jana Gage
years of labor, expenses and the use of 210 acres, said Kevin Morse, the Skagit Delta        466-3941
project manager for the conservancy. Each man has committed about 70 acres to this           8:30 am-4 pm, Tues., Maple Center
project, which is called Farming for Wildlife. A third of that land will be flooded with
a few inches of fresh water in the spring, fall and winter. This will create shallow         Soroptimist Int’l o f La Conner
ponds to entice thousands of birds, some of them on their way to and from the Arctic,        Contact: Jane Godfrey, President
to stop and snack on tiny invertebrates and worms as they travel along the Pacific fly-      466-3705
way. Read more on this story at www.nytimes.com/2006/12/26/us/27farm.html                    Second Wed., 6:30 pm, Farmhouse
La Conner Chamber of Commerce
606 Morris St.
La Conner WA. 98257

         JAN—DEC, 2006 STATS

             Walk-ins      3,578
            Phone Calls    1,837

One of the benefits of membership is having infor-
         mation about your business in the
Visitor Center. This can be a brochure or business
   card. We are there to inform visitors about
 La Conner but also share information regarding
               member businesses.

                                             2005-2006 Executive Board
                  Sharon Connell ~ President ~ The Next Chapter Bookstore & Coffee House ~ 466-2665
                        Linda Alfano ~ Vice-President ~ La Conner Fruit & Produce ~ 466-3018
                             Julie Burgmeier ~ Treasurer ~ Childhood Bliss ~ 466-2229
                               Patti Dynes ~ Secretary ~ The Ginger Grater ~ 466-4161
                                              2005-2006 Board of Directors
                              Marella Dubuque ~ Marella’s Bookkeeping Service ~ 466-7474
                                       Jeff Hellam ~ Hellam’s Vineyard ~ 466-1758
                                  Cindy Tracey ~ Katy’s Inn Bed & Breakfast ~ 466-9909
                                      Deborah Tolbert ~ The Dulce Plate ~ 466-1630
                              Shelley Davis ~ Queen of the Valley Bed & Breakfast ~ 466-4578
                                   Tom Alfano ~ La Conner Fruit & Produce ~ 466-3019
                                        Marci Plank ~ Viking Cruises ~ 630-1628
                                     Greg Robinson ~ Museum of NW Art ~ 466-4446

                Office Staff                                                             Volunteers
         Marci Plank ~ Coordinator                                           Joan Barlow     Reinheld Thompson
   Claudia Young ~ Volunteer Coordinator                                        Dina Ashlin     Sherry Grant
                                                                                         Mary Poppe

                                                  Contact Information
                                      Phone ~ 360-466-4778 Fax ~ 360-466-0204
                            Address ~ 606 Morris St.        Mailing Address ~ P.O. Box 1610
                                          E-mail ~ info@laconnerchamber.com
                             Office Hours ~ Mon. ~ Fri. 11 am. to 3 pm., Sat. 11 am. to 2 pm.

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