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enclosure design
      made easy
Internationally, more than 18,000 customers from all

engineering disciplines related to automation

technology for machine and plant design rely on the

performance of our products and on the know-how of

our over 500 employees.

EPLAN Software & Service

EPLAN Software & Service is the global standard in software and service concepts for
electrical, fluid and process control technology design engineering for over 20 years
now. EPLAN has become a worldwide leader in technology solutions.

„EPLAN your Engineering“

EPLAN Software & Service is a market leading supplier of first class engineering
solutions. The primary objective is to provide integrated, mechatronic oriented
workflows and efficient process support to our customers. Users are fully
supported through a broad spectrum of services including training,
consulting and customer solutions.

Worldwide engineering – global presence

With 18,000 customers and 60,000 installations worldwide,
the German based software provider has been demonstra-
ting the success of consistent practice orientation with inter-
national presence for over 20 years. More than 50 sales
and service centers guarantee worldwide support span-
ning over six continents. As a 100% Rittal subsidiary,
EPLAN belongs to the Friedhelm Loh Group. EPLAN is a
synonym for innovative strength, continuity, progress
and investment security in this strong business group.
Platform technology – integrated and mechatronic

The EPLAN product portfolio is based on a continuous development platform for
direct data exchange from different disciplines:

  EPLAN Electric P8 – The Global Standard in Electrical Design Engineering Software
  With a freely selectable graphical/ object orientation, variant technology and reverse engineering,
  the software puts your global projects on the fast tracks to success.
  EPLAN Fluid – Control & Design Engineering Software for Fluid Power
  EPLAN Fluid combines CAD functionality with unique logic allowing you to automate your complete
  Fluid documentation – with links to electrical and mechanical designs.
  EPLAN Cabinet – Engineering Design Software for enclosure construction and high level
  automation in enclosure production
  Engineering Design Software for enclosure design. Virtual 3D-models, 2D-/3D-views perfect for
  manufacturing, routing, drilling templates and NC coupling slash your production costs.
  EPLAN PPE – Instrumentation & Control Design Software for Process Automation Engineering
  Professional planning and design of instrumentation and measurement control systems with
  EPLAN PPE. The CAE software delivers continuous process system documentation with data
  alignments from pre-, basic- and detail-planning phases.
  EPLAN Engineering Center – Integrating discipline-specific technical data in a superior
  platform to facilitate modular system design
  A new working method in engineering causes costs to drop. Machines and systems are divided
  into mechatronical functional units for interdisciplinary engineering with future factor.

EPLAN Platform – Your key to success

The revolutionary EPLAN platform technology allows you to take part in the future
of global engineering. The platform provides core functions that are equally required
in electrical CAE as well as in fluid or PCT engineering – combined with a unique
bridge to mechanical engineering. All systems are fed from the same data source,
making (e.g.) redundant data entry a thing of the past. The EPLAN Platform –
disciplines united, integration and collaboration enabled!
enclosure production

                                  EPLAN Cabinet Basic – fast and exact enclosure design

                                  The basic module contains all functions needed to quickly equip mounting plates and
                                  complete enclosures. An intuitive interface with functions that meet the demands
                                  of panel layout guarantee an easy start in project planning.

                                    Place cable ducts, mounting rails, terminals, and contactors with a simple click of
                                    the mouse. Collision control takes into account the minimum clearances according
                                    to manufacturers specifications, thereby ensuring that wires are connected and each
                                                                           device is cooled. Easy mounting, maximum
                                                                           service time and high machine and plant
                                                                           availability are guaranteed. 1:1 drilling tem-
EPLAN Cabinet helps you design enclosures. You quickly and                 plates are used for manually drilling the
                                                                           mounting plate – providing you with a perfect
easily – at an early stage in your planning phase – obtain high-
                                                                           result in the shortest possible time. Production
quality documentation with complete production data for wire               documentation is available at the press of a
                                                                           button and the design can be changed at any
assembly machines and NC drilling machines. Lower your                     time. The result is meaningful documentation
                                                                           for an optimum production process.
production costs while simultaneously increasing productivity
                                                                     The 3D model provides with a real impression
and quality.                                                         of the enclosure that is to be produced. Use
                                                                     the advantages to coordinate with customers
                                                                     and assoziated processes at an early stage.
                                  Select enclosures from the database or use RiCAD 3D to access original Rittal
                                  enclosures and accessories.

                                  Use standardization to speed up your processes

                                  EPLAN Cabinet lets you define partially equipped template enclosures according
                                  to your company requirements. Enclosures and accessories are automatically
                                  added to the bill of materials – the basis for customized order processing. Direct
                                  access to EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN 5 and EPLAN 21 schematic information such as
                                  component data and connection lists ensures communication between schematic
                                  planning and enclosure design. Bills of materials can read in from other CAE or ERP
                                                                        Adjust EPLAN Cabinet to your work processes with the

                                                                        modular concept. You decide what functions should be

                                                                        included. Optional modules for routing, NC and

                                                                        graphical editor complete the strengths of EPLAN

                                                                        Cabinet Basic – for professional project planning and

                                                                        production of enclosures.

                    PRODUCTION                                     Data direct from the desk
                                                                                              to the workshop

EPLAN Cabinet Routing

Based on the panel layout and the connection data from the circuit schematic,
EPLAN Cabinet Routing determines the optimum routing for the wiring. Automatic
calculation of wire lengths provides significant productivity advantages: Manual
calculations are no longer necessary, correct length information is ensured – and
production is accelerated by preparing or pre-assembling the wires.

EPLAN Cabinet Routing creates a complete wiring list, including wire length,
conductor treatment, and wire labeling. All the data needed for wire assembly is
complete – regardless of whether production is manual or automatic. Data output
in neutral or machine-specific format lets you connect to all common machines
and efficentely utilize your machinery and that of your suppliers as well as simplifying
data transfer to your service providers – all while taking into account your production
processes and production capacity.
for your
company-specific requirements
EPLAN Cabinet Basic – 2D/3D design

EPLAN Cabinet Routing


NC production data

EPLAN Cabinet NC

Transfer your NC data directly to production. EPLAN Cabinet NC transfers the
production data required for the machining of mounting plates, doors, and side
panels to drilling and milling machines. The module is available for the most com-
mon NC machines as a standard DXF or as a direct interface for Kiesling and
Steinhauer processing centres. The results are enclosure parts that are perfectly
prepared for mounting and a drastic reduction in production time.

EPLAN Cabinet Graphical Editor

Use the convenient graphical editor functions to create graphical macros specifically
for your company. The adapted interface and context-sensitive design functions
provide a tool to create custom components and to integrate these directly in the
EPLAN Cabinet environment.

  Intuitive operation and project wizard

  Panel layouts via a click of the mouse

  Easy placement of enclosure accessories

  Collision control of components taking into
  account minimum clearances according to
  manufacturer specifications/customized

  Locked areas taken into consideration

  3D prototypes at an early stage based on engineering data

  Real 3D views of the enclosure model

  Direct access to EPLAN bills of materials data

  RiCAD 3D – integration of original Rittal enclosure and accessory data

                                                FEATURES                               at a
  Rationalization by importing enclosure data

  Reduction of project planning effort by using templates (also partially equipped)

  Perfect terminal strip handling

  Automatic routing for fast wire assembly

  Graphical editor to create custom components


  Production data for cable assembly machines

  Drilling templates for manual production

  Transfer of NC data to drilling and boring

  High-quality production documents

More convenience and reliability while saving
cost and time.

                                                                                                   EPLAN Cabinet

your Engineering
Internationality without limits

                    Our customers work around the globe – so do we

                    With 18,000 customers and 60,000 installations worldwide, the German based
                    software provider has been demonstrating the success of consistent practice orien-
                    tation with international presence for over 20 years. More than 50 sales and service
                    centers guarantee worldwide support spanning over six continents. As a 100%
                    Rittal subsidiary, EPLAN belongs to the Friedhelm Loh Group. EPLAN is a synonym
                    for innovative strength, continuity, progress and investment security in this strong
                    business group.

                                                            Main Office: EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG
                                                            An der alten Ziegelei 2 . D-40789 Monheim am Rhein . Germany
                                                            Phone: +49 (0) 21 73 / 39 64-0
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