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Outreach Subcommittee


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									Outreach Subcommittee

  Spring 2005 Summary
Environmental Leadership Awards

 2004-2005 Environmental Leadership Award Winners:

 UNDERGRADUATE                         GRADUATE
 Meghan Ruta                           Mark Hood

 STAFF                                 FACULTY
 John Wheeler                          Mark Carabetta

 ALUMNI                                GROUP
 Joseph Helble                         Center for Land Use
                                       Education & Research
 Biodiesel Team
 Towers Rain Garden Team
 Campus Bicycle Plan Team
Sneaker Recycling Program
       Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Collection
            Goal: collect 5,000 pairs of worn
            sneakers for recycling
            •Ongoing collection: in all residential areas
            and athletic facilities
            •Highlight event on Earth Day, April 22:
            “Sneaker Recycling Expo” featuring "Mount
            •Sponsors: EcoHusky Student Group, Dept.
            of Residential Life, Division of Athletics,
            Student Athletic Advisory Committee, &
            Willimantic Waste Paper Company
Spring MoveOut
    Advertising via campus
     mail and posters
    7 collection Locations
    Collection results
     donated to Windham
     Area Interfaith Ministries
     (WAIM) & the Coventry
     Soup Kitchen
ResLife Initiatives

  Communications 215 Proposal: Living
   Environmentally Aware as Freshman (LEAF)
  Meeting with ResLife
        Collaboration with Hall/Community Directors this
        Educational postering/packets in orientation
        Environmentally themed Week of Welcome (WOW)
        Television Public Service Announcements
Education & Literacy Survey
    110 Faculty & Staff respondents; wide variety of
     departments and offices represented
    Highlights:
        Increasing student awareness & interest regarding the
             68.2% feel that it is VERY IMPORTANT to do so through
              campus outreach activities and educational programs

        65% felt that it is VERY IMPORTANT to offer an
         Environmental Policy program of study
Education & Literacy Survey (Ctnd.)

    Highlights
        Development of an Environmental Policy Center
             46% UConn would benefit GREATLY
             38% Some benefits

        Strong support (>45%) was also expressed for:
             Environmental major/minors picnic
             “EcoHusky Says” online column
             Environmental Policy „Brownbag‟ Discussion group
Education & Literacy Survey (Ctnd.)

    Highlights
        Over 75% supported the development of an
         environmental career speaker series

        Top three motivators to develop an environmentally related
         interdisciplinary course:
             UConn grant funds
             Examples of similar courses previously offered at UConn and/or other
             Online resources such as lesson plans or project ideas
EcoHusky Student Group
    EcoHusky Mug Day
    Campus Bike Plan Support Ride
    Ink Cartridge Recycling
    Town of Mansfield NAV Invasive Spp. Cleanups
    UConn Forest Cleanup Team-up
    Trail Marking Project
    Earth Day 2005
        Green Machine Showcase
        Unplugged: An Alternative Energy Event & Concert
        Sneaker Recycling Expo & Mount Sneaker
    Mount Hope River Cleanup

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