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									  R1Soft at a Glance

  Division f Build Better Software T h l i
• Di i i of B ild B tt S ft                      Inc.
                                   Technologies, I
   – R1Soft (CDP) and Idera (SQL Server tools)
          E l
   – 175 Employees across BBS T hTech
   – Located in Houston Texas

• Backup Software for Windows & Linux Servers
• Over 100 000 servers run R1Soft CDP

  What is      d What Does f Y
• Wh t i CDP and Wh t it D for You
• Fragmentation and CDP 2
• CDP 3 Top New Features
• CDP 3 Demo
Disks Are Getting Larger Fast

Disks Are Getting Slower!

Continuous Data Protection

Reduces I
R d          t fB k         S      P f
        Impact of Backup on Server Performance
• Uses Asynchronous Replication
• Only Reads Deltas (changed data) from Disks
• Replication Does Not Require SAN
• Can Backup Any Data on Directly Attached Storage or
  Including: SATA, RAID, SCSI, ISCSI, SAS, etc

• Stores Data To Disk
• User Scheduled Backups
  E.g. Every 15 minutes, Every Hour, Every Day
CDP Load Compared to non-CDP

     |       rsync          |       CDP       |

     CDP Initial Replica   CDP Hourly Syncs
You Can Make $$ w/ CDP

1. Resell managed CDP Software and
         p p
   Backup Space to Dedicated Server

2. Resell or Value-Add to Virtual Hosting
   Customers with C
   C               Control Panel Integration

3. Provide Dedicated Customer Managed
   CDP Servers
CDP Designed for Resellers!

  Web I t f
• W b Interface

  Customers C M
• C t                  Their Own B k
            Can Manage Th i O    Backups
  and Restores!

• Define Disk Quotas in the CDP System for

• Multi Level Reselling

• CPanel User Self Service Restores
CDP 2 “Defragment Task”

      Server 2 “D f
• CDP S                  t” What Does it Do?
               “Defragment” – Wh t D     D ?
   – “Defragment” is admittedly not best name for this
   – Shrinks the On-Disk size of Disk Safe Files If it Can
   – When Shrinking it moves blocks together (inside the file)

                                    g          y
• Do Not Run the CDP Server 2 “Defragment” Every

• Schedule CDP 2 “Defragment Task” to run weekly or
Fragmentation and CDP 2.0

  R1Soft            t i bl       f        improvements
• R1S ft users report sizable performance i         t
  after defrag on Linux and Windows
• Defrag File System on CDP Server Regularly
        do s      Co t g o us og cs       e ag CDP Se e
   – Windows: use Contig or Auslogics to Defrag C  Server

   – Linux: use XFS and xfs_fsr on CDP Servers

     Schedule Weekly Defrags
   – S h d l W kl D f

• Consider Creating New Disk Safes Every Year
• Do Not Fill CDP Server Drives past 80%
CDP 3.0

• Designed for Industrial Strength & Scalability
• Exclude Any Files / Folders from Replication
• All New Web Interface
• New Disk Safe
  Improved Compression P f
• I      dC         i Performance
• Linux RPM / APT Installers and Repositories
New Disk Safe In 3.0
                 2.0                                      3.0
Scalability      8 TB per Partition per Agent             64* TB limit per Partition per Agent
                 (as little as 1 TB w/ 512 byte blocks)
                                                          *ext3 max file size is 2 TB
                                                          *ext4 max file size is 16 TB

Crash Recovery   Disk Safe Check                          Atomic Transactions
                 time consuming and can’t always fix      Journal File
                 all errors from unclean shutdown or      100% Safe from Power Loss or Crash
                 power loss

Memory Usage     More with Larger Disks                   Fixed Size Page Cache 64 -128 MB

Can be Moved?    No - only with workarounds               Can be Opened and Closed
                                                          Moved on CDP Server
                                                          Copied to another CDP Server and Opened
                                                          Use Native Tools to Copy

Fragmentation    Performance Greatly Improved After       Significant Improvements in Optimizing I/O to
                 File System Defrag                       Reduce File System Fragmentation

                                                          Periodic Defrag Always Beneficial &
CDP 3 Disk Safe – Industrial Strength

  Store Disk S f Just About Anywhere
• St    Di k Safes J t Ab t A   h
   – RAID, NAS, NFS, CIFS, USB, ISCSI, SAN, Second Hard Disks

• Rollback Journal File
   – Flushed to disk at critical moments
     Windows - FlushFileBuffers() Linux - fsync()

   – Recovery from crash or power failure

• How to Corrupt CDP 3 Disk Safe
   – Delete a file in the Disk Safe Folder
   – A hardware or O/S fault writing incorrect data to disk safe files
   – Faulty Hard Disk Controller failing to flush volatile cache
   – Hard or Soft Linking files Inside of the Disk Safe Folder
   – Failure to store Disk Safe on a journaling file system
CDP License Pooling Now Available

      g                                    g
• Manage Your Own Pool of Windows & Linux Agents
• Create and Destroy your own CDP Server Keys
• Add & Remove Agents from your own Keys
• Manage Licenses with Web Interface
• Use XML-RPC API to Integrate CDP Licensing
3.0 Enterprise Server
• Forecast – Third Quarter 2009
• Replaces 2.0 CDP Server Product
• Free Upgrades from CDP Server 2.0
• Bare-Metal Restore
• Multi-User
         25-100            3.0
• Manage 25 100 Agents per 3 0 Enterprise Server
• New UI Has User Editable Skins and Logo
  g y


Method                      Full / Incremental / Differential

Data Lost In Disaster       Days

File or Block Based Backup? File

Backup Window Length        Hours or Days

            p(    p     )
Online Backup (Snapshots)   No

Bare-Metal Restore          Not Possible

Backup Window               = Time to Read All Data

                                                        LVM Snapshots
                Live State

Method                        Full / Incremental

Data Lost In Disaster         Days

File or Block Based Backup?   Depends

Backup Window Length          Hours or Days

            p(    p     )
Online Backup (Snapshots)     Yes

Bare-Metal Restore            Possible

Backup Window                 = Time to Read All Data
Continuous Data Protection

 Method                      Virtual Full

 Data L t I Di    t
 D t Lost In Disaster        Minutes
                             Mi t

 File or Block Based Backup? Block

 Backup Window Length        Minutes

 Online Backup (Snapshots)   Yes

 Bare-Metal Restore          Yes

 Backup Window               = Only Time to Read Deltas
3.0 Single Server Advanced
• Forecast - Second Quarter 2009
• CDP for MySQL
     Linux AND Wi d
   – Li        Windows

• CDP for Control Panels
   – Linux AND Windows

• Windows SACL / DACL Restores
• Exporting Files

• Email Alerts
• Advanced Archive Rules
3.0 Enterprise Center
• Forecast – Fourth Quarter 2009
• Replaces 2.0 CDP for Data Centers Server Product
Server Backups ARE PAINFUL
  Most Backup Software Prehistoric

Date                          Capacity   Cost     Typical Files on Server

1986 GNU Tar for Unix         70 MB      $3,592   Thousands

1990 Legato Networker 1.0     270 MB     $3,500   Thousands

1999 Veritas BackupExec       32 GB      $299     100,000 – 500,000

2008 R1Soft CDP for Windows   1 TB       $319     500,000 – 1,000,000+
  R1Soft CDP Server 2.0

Continuous Data Protection®
   – Windows & Linux Servers
   – Virtual Servers (Xen, VMWare)
   – MySQL Databases

• Disk-Based Network Backup
   – Works over LAN or High-Speed WAN
   – Store Data on Any Disk Storage: NAS / DAS / SAN / ISCSI
1. Initial Replica (copies all data only do once)
2.        Replication     i t
2 CDP R li ti – minutes / reads deltasd d lt
3. Block Scan Required if Reboot

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