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					                                   UT Communiqué                                                            Volume 3, Issue 2
                                                                                                              Spring 2001

                                                                                                  Inside this issue:
                  The Importance of Membership
                                      By Frank Vellone
                                                                                                   L’Importance des             2
As we work harder to try and stay one step ahead of the tax-man and also establish a re-           Par Frank Vellone
spectable balance between work and leisure time, someone is always competing to grab
                                                                                                   Le Coin du Président         3
our precious time and money. As with any other selection mechanism, we simply make
                                                                                                   Par Jean Thivierge
mental priorities and allocate our time and money to those activities we feel are most
important to us.
                                                                                                   Membership Item              4
                                                                                                   By Ian McIntyre
You, as a past or current member of the UTPNCM program have invested or are invest-
ing a significant part of your career in achieving your goal. This degree has (or will) en-
able you to move up the pyramid faster and to a greater height. The experience has/will            Contribution des….           5
also develop(ed) you as a person.                                                                  Par Ian McIntyre

One of the main objectives of the UTPNCM Association is to “promote the UTPNCM                     UT@RMC….                     6
program within the CF”. Fulfillment of this objective requires the dedicated effort of             By Sheldon White
numerous individuals willing to commit some time towards achieving this goal. During
the last year, membership has increased by about 60%, however, our organization re-                UT@CMR…                      7
quires new members in order to sustain the growth momentum and ensure its viability.               Par Sheldon White

New members are the key to keeping our association going, members willing to devote a              A Day in the Life...         8
little time and effort towards the goals of the organization. If you believe in the                By Steve St-Amant
UTPNCM program, show it by becoming an active member of the UTPNCM Associa-
tion. Please fill out the attached form and mail it to the address below with a $20
                                                                                                   Un Jour dans la vie ...      9
cheque payable to “UTPNCM Association”.                                                            Par Steve St-Amant

                                                                                                   UT History                   10
                                UTPNCM/PFUNO Association                                           Par Lena Cormier
                                     Otter Sqn, RMC
                                 PO Box 17000 Stn Forces                                           Errata                       13
                                           Kingston, Ontario

                                                                                                   University of Manitoba       14
Disclaimer / Dénégation                                                                            Par Kenn Doerksen

Opinions and views expressed in the UT Communiqué are those of the writers and not neces-
sarily those of the Department of National Defence or the Government of Canada.                    Births/Naissances            15

Les opinions et les points de vue exprimés ici sont ceux des auteurs et ne sont pas nécessaire-    UT's Favourite Recipes       16
ment ceux du Ministère de la Défense Nationale ou du Gouvernment du Canada.
                     Page 2                                        UT Communiqué

                                                                            UT Association

              L’IMPORTANCE D’ADHÉSION                                  Executive             Administrative
                                                                       Committee             Committee
                        Par Frank Vellone

Tout en travaillant de plus en plus fort pour garder un pas en         President:            President:
avant de Monsieur-l’Impôt et en plus de maintenir un équilibre         Jean Thivierge        Danny Hone
respectable entre le travail et le loisir, il y a toujours quelqu’un
                                                                       Secretary:            Secretary:
qui est en compétition pour notre temps et argent. Comme pour
n’importe quel autre mécanisme de sélection, on crée mentalle-         Serge Desjardins      Tonja Kerr
ment des prioritées et allouons le temps et argent aux activitées      Treasurer:            Treasurer:
qui nous semblent les plus importantes.                                Don Grenier           Eric Andresen

Vous, en temps que membre passé ou présent du programme                Membership:           Database:
PFUNO, avez investi une portion importante de votre carrière           Frank Vellone         Wes Traill
pour en arriver à votre but. Ce diplôme vous a permis de progres-      Recruiting:           Web:
ser plus rapidement et plus haut dans la pyramide. L’expérience a
                                                                       Sandra Baker          Stephane Hebert
été ou sera très importante à votre développement.
                                                                       Councillor:           Editor:
Un des buts prémordiales de l’Association des PFUNO est de             Peter Gauthier        Sheldon White
promouvoir le programme PFUNO au sein des Forces Canadien-             Web/Database:
nes. La réalisation de cet objectif demande l’effort dédié d’un
grand nombre d’individus qui sont disposés à y mettre le temps         Reg Boucher
nécessaire. L’an dernier, le nombre de membres à augmenter de          Advertising:
60%, mais l’organisation à besoin de continuer le recrutement de       R Lecuyer
nouveaux membres pour maintenir une certaine croissance et ain-
si assurer sa survie.
                                                                       Guy Brunet
La clé pour assurer cette survie est l’adhésion de nouveaux mem-       Translation:
bres, des membres qui sont prèts à dévouer un peu de temps et          Andre Laliberte
d’efforts vers les buts de l’Organisation. Si vous croyez au Pro-
gramme PFUNO, démontrez-le en devenant membre actif de
l’Association PFUNO. SVP complétez le formulaire ci-joint et
postez-le à l’addresse ci-dessous, en incluant un cheque de 20$
payable à l’Association des PFUNO.

                      UTPNCM/PFUNO Association
                           Otter Sqn, RMC
                        PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
                           Kingston, Ontario
                              K7K 7B4
                          Volume 3, Issue 2                                         Page 3

Editor’s Desk
As the new editor for Communique, I would like to commend departing editor Stephane
Hebert for his excellent work with the newsletter and for his assistance in bringing this issue
to publication. I have learned rather quickly that my greatest challenge will be forming con-
tacts within the Association and the community of UTs as a whole to gather articles for pub-
lication that reflect the interests of our members and that promote the Association’s develop-
ment. In this regard, I would like to take a moment to reflect on one the UT Association’s
goals — To promote and support all aspects of the UTPNCM program throughout the CF.

At first glance, this goal may seem straightforward. As UTPNCM members, we share an
intrinsic responsibility to promote the program and to assist current NCMs in the application
process. To date, however, we have had minimal exposure at the unit level to the very ser-
vice members we are trying to reach. Often, NCMs find out about the program via word of
mouth from other applicants or through incomplete and often inaccurate information from
superiors, who, sadly, can be less than receptive to their subordinates’ ambition to seek edu-
cation and commissioning.

Some believe that the Program’s relative inaccessibility is a virtue — encouraging applica-
tion by those that are able to dig deeper and learn enough about the process to successfully
apply — thereby raising the bar for applicants and “weeding out” those without sufficient
drive or desire. I disagree. I believe that the Association and the CF must work harder to
make every NCM aware of this opportunity. Only through complete exposure can we hope
to attract the best applicants and only by making more CF members aware of the program
can we expect to grow in both number and influence within the officer corps.

Right now, there are potentially excellent officers becoming more and more disillusioned in
career paths not suited to their abilities. Too often, these members see no way to improve
their career and choose to leave the military altogether. We as an Association must recog-
nize this shortfall and come up with fresh ideas to promote the program at the unit level. I
do not claim to have the solution — I only stress that we must not forget the hurdles many
of us had to overcome on the road to our acceptance. Our future members will of course
have their own hurdles to cross, but they should at least know what these hurdles are.

Sheldon White
                      Page 4                                          UT Communiqué

President’s Corner

  As an Association, we are now in our third year. It is a well-known fact that most new organizations collapse before the third
  year, and the ones that do get to their third year, well they normally have a long success story to tell. Congratulations to all
  who made this possible.

  We had our third AGM in Trenton this past May, and I am pleased to inform you that we have a full complement for our ex-
  ecutive and administrative committees again this year. Ladies and gentlemen, Once a UT, always a UT is a strong message we
  still need to carry, and our organization is the best vehicle to do just that. Let’s not change history, we are here to stay!

  Let me introduce your 2001-2002 Executive Committee. They are:

           President                           Jean Thivierge
           Vice-president                      Danny Hone
           Secretary                           Serge Desjardins
           Finance                             Don Grenier
           Councillor                          Robert Lecuyer (Advertising)
           Councillor                          Rejean Boucher (Web and Database)
           Councillor                          Frank Vellone (Recruiting)
           Councillor                          André Laliberté (Translation)
           Councillor                          Guy Brunet (Newsletter)
           Councillor                          Pierre Gauthier (Events Coordinator)
           Ex-Officio                          Sandra Baker (Recruiting)

  Those people are volunteering their time and effort to ensure the success of the Association and they need your support.

  No organization can work without an administrative support and this year, the Otter Squadron members of the Administrative
  Committee working for your are:

           Chairperson                         Danny Hone
           Newsletter Editor                   Sheldon White
           Treasurer                           Eric Andresen
           Secretary                           Tonja Kerr
           Database Administrator              Wes Traill
           Webmaster                           Stephane Hebert

  Those young people make the association work, and we owe them our success, so heartfelt thanks to you all. We all know how
  difficult it is during the UTPNCM program, but the CF wait for you and your leadership to help us build a better future for both
  the Officer Corp and the men and women who serve.

For those of us who already went through the program, the Association is an opportunity to help our comrades and to give a little
back to the system that helped us become who we are.

UTs from all sectors, please join us and get back into this group where you belong, you won’t regret it !

Jean Thivierge
                                    Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                Page 5

Coin du Président
Notre association débute sa troisième année. Cet un fait bien connu que la plupart des nouvelles organisations s'effondrent avant
la troisième année, et celles qui s'y rendre ont un succès à long terme à quoi se vanter. Félicitations à tout ceux qui ont rendus
cette réussite possible.

Nous avons eu notre troisième Assemblée Générale en Mai dernier, et je suis content de vous informer que nous avons un comité
exécutif et administratif complet encore une fois cette année.

Mes dames et Messieurs, "Une fois un UT toujours un UT" est toujours un message puissant que nous devons promouvoir et
notre organisation est le meilleur véhicle pour faire exactement ça. Ne changeons pas l'histoire, nous sommes ici pour de bon!….

Voici donc notre comité exécutif pour l'année 2001/2002:

Président                           Jean Thivierge
Vice-président                      Danny Hone
Secrétaire                          Serge Desjardins
Trésorier                           Don Grenier
Conseiller                          Robert Lecuyer ( Publicité)
Conseiller                          Rejean Boucher ( Web et base de données)
Conseiller                          Frank Vellone ( Recrutement)
Conseiller                          André Laliberté ( traduction)
Conseiller                          Guy Brunet ( Communiqué)
Conseiller                          Pierre Gauthier ( Coordinateur d'événements)
Ex-Officio                          Sandra Baker ( Recrutement)

Ces gens contribuent volontairement leur temps et efforts pour assurer le succès de notre association et ont besoin de votre sup-

D'un autre côté, aucune organisation ne peut fonctioner sans un support administratif et cette année, les membres du comité admi-
nistratif de l'Esquadrille Otter seront:

Président                                    Danny Hone
Editeur du Communiqué                        Sheldon White
Trésorier                                    Erik Andresen
Secrétaire                                   Tonja Kerr
Administrateur de la base de données         Wes Traill
Maître du Web/Site                           Stephane Hebert

Ces jeunes gens permettent au bon fonctionnement de l'Association et nos plus sincères remerciements leur sont dues.

Nous connaissons tous les difficultés encourrus durant le programme d'études, mais les Forces Canadiennes vous attendent avec
votre leadership pour bâtir un meilleur future pour le Corps d'Officiers et les hommmes/femmes qui servent. Pour nous qui avons
déjà passés par le programme, L'Association est l'occasion propice pour aider nos camarades et de redonner un peu au système
qui nous a aidé à devenir ce que nous sommes.

UT's de tous les côtés, rejoignez le groupe à qui vous appartener vraiment, vous en aurrez aucun regrèt!
                   Page 6                                 UT Communiqué

                            Michelle’s Magical Chicken Enchiladas
                                          Offered by Michelle Tofts

These can be made up to a day ahead or frozen up to a month ahead. Bring to room temperature be-
fore baking. Serves 6 to 8.

1 chicken (3 to 4 pounds)
2 quarts homemade or low-sodium canned chicken stock
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 onion, halved, cut into ¼ - inch slices
2 green or red bell peppers, seeded and cut into ¼ - inch strips
Enchilada Sauce (recipe follows)
12 corn tortillas (6 inch)
2 cups grated Monterey Jack cheese
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
Salsa (optional)
Sour cream (optional)

1. Place chicken in a large pot, and pour chicken stock over it. Add enough water to cover if necessary.
Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer, and cook until chicken is cooked through and very tender, about 1 hour.
Transfer chicken to a bowl to cool, and reserve the stock to use for enchilada sauce if desired. When
chicken is cool enough to handle, remove meat from bones, and shred; set aside.

2. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add onion, and cook until the slices start to soften,
about 5 minutes. Add peppers, and cook until tender, about 7 minutes. Transfer to a bowl, and set aside.

3. When ready to assemble, preheat oven to 350°. Place enchilada sauce in a medium saucepan over me-
dium heat. When hot, dip tortillas into sauce, one at a time, to soften, and place side by side on two bak-
ing sheets. Divide the shredded chicken and pepper mixture among the tortillas. Place cheeses in a bowl,
and toss to combine. Top each tortilla with 2 tablespoons grated cheese. Roll up tortillas, and place snugly
seam side down in a 9” X 13” ovenproof baking dish. Top them with the remaining enchilada sauce and
with the remaining grated cheese. Bake until the enchiladas are heated through and the cheese is melted,
about 30 minutes. Serve with the salsa, sour cream, or both if desired.
                              Volume 3, Issue 2                                                Page 7

                                 Enchilada Sauce (makes 4 cups)
5 long fresh red chilies (reduce for milder sauce if desired)
1 cup homemade or low-sodium canned chicken stock
2 cups water
4 large tomatoes
1 small poblano pepper, roasted, skinned, and chopped
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
1 white onion, cut into ½ inch dice
2 scallions, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
½ cup tomato paste
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon fresh oregano, chopped
½ teaspoon coarse salt

1. Cut chilies in half lengthwise; remove and discard seeds and any ribs. Set aside. In a small saucepan,
bring chicken stock and the water to a simmer. Add chilies; simmer until tender, about 15 minutes. Set
aside. Fill a medium saucepan with water; bring to a boil. Fill a large bowl with ice and water; set aside.
Cut an X in tomato bottoms; add to boiling water one at a time. Simmer until skin begins to peel. Transfer
tomatoes to ice bath immediately; cool. When cool, peel and discard skins; chop, and set aside.

2. Place poblano pepper directly onto the trivet of a gas stove over high heat. Turn pepper with tongs as
each side blackens. (You may also place peppers on a baking pan and broil in the oven, turning as each
side becomes charred.) Transfer to a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let steam for about 15 minutes.
Peel off blackened skin; discard. Cut pepper in half, discard seeds. Roughly chop pepper, and set aside
along with any juices that have collected in the bowl.

3. Heat olive oil in a large high-sided skillet over medium heat. Add onion, scallions, and garlic; sauté
until translucent, about 10 minutes. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, red chilies and liquid, poblanos and liq-
uid, cumin, oregano, and salt. Stir to combine. Simmer gently for 15 minutes. Transfer to the jar of a
blender or a food processor; puree until smooth. Return to pan; keep hot if assembling enchiladas, or re-
frigerate up to 4 days.
                  Page 8                                 UT Communiqué

Otter Sqn. Stands Up to Young Blood in Sports Competition
On Saturday, 3 Nov 01, Otter Sqn. participated in the annual sports competition held at RMC as part of the
Commandant’s Cup. Though Otter Sqn. is not officially in the running against the other squadrons for this
title, we compete alongside our young friends in the spirit of comraderie and sportsmanship. This year your
RMC UTs had a commendable performance, placing 5th out of 12 in Ultimate Frisbee and in European
Handball, and 8th out of 12 in Water Polo. Photographs thanks to Tonya Kerr.
                             Volume 3, Issue 2                                 Page 9

L’escadron Otter N’est Pas
Si Vieux
L'escadron Otter a participe dans la competition de sports tenue le 3 Nov 01
au College Militaire Royal. L'escadron s'est place cinquieme au Frisbee,
cinquieme au Water Polo, et huitieme au handball sur un total de onzes

L’histoire par Yannick Godbout
             Page 10                         UT Communiqué

By Steve St. Amant

       So you’re in your final year and    Of course, research for your papers are
you’re wondering what direction to         in addition to the required reading. So,
take next. Should I head back to the       if you’re expecting a fairly easy ride
Regiment? Ship? Squadron? The di-          coming in to the Graduate level – think
rections are numerous and for most, the    again. It’s a lot of work – manageable
decision to end the academics is an        but nevertheless a lot of work. Being
easy one. But perhaps your undergrad       single with no dependants I have the ut-
degree didn’t seem too bad after all…      most respect for my colleagues who do
Maybe another couple of years of tor-      have families. I don’t know how they
ture could be a good thing!!! Well,        do it.
then, perhaps applying for Post Grad              So, as you’re contemplating a
On Scholarship (PGOS) may be the           PGOS application ensure you weigh all
best route for you. Undeniably a sim-      of your options very carefully. The
pler application process than the          path to PGOS, however, will be littered
UTPNCM, your application can likely        with many personal trials and tribula-
be filled out and processed within a       tions. You definitely have to weigh all
week. Reflecting on my application, it     of your options carefully. First and
seemed so much easier than the             foremost, ensure that you are mentally
dragged out UT process that all of us      prepared to begin PG studies – once
had to endure. If you have less time re-   that’s done the rest of your decisions
maining in your contract to satisfy your   will likely fall into place. For me, the
current UT obligatory service, don’t       choice was relatively simple – I en-
worry about it – the CF will convert       joyed the academic work and I had no
your contract to a Short Engagement to     family or significant other to worry
cover the required time.                   about. For you, it will be another set of
       So far, the work is challenging     circumstances and another completely
and demanding – REALLY demanding.          different set of decisions to make. Hav-
My undergrad work was a ‘swan’ com-        ing said that, I can only wish you the
pared to the calibre of work expected in   best and good luck.
this program. For example, you can be
expected to read 500+ pages a week
just to prepare for your classes alone.
                             UT Communiqué   Page 11

French Version of Steve’s Article
           Page 12                  UT Communiqué

French Version of “Editor’s Desk”
                                   UT Communiqué                                                    Page 13

                                   MEMBERSHIP/ INFORMATION CHANGE FORM

Membership Information: (please select type of form/cochez un choix SVP)


(please print/lettre carrée svp)

Name/Nom _______________________________________________________________________________________

Place of Employment/Lieu de Travail __________________________________________________________________

Contact Information _______________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Mailing Address/Adresse ____________________________________________________________________


E-mail Address/Couriel______________________________________________________________________________

Telephone (work/travail) _______________________       (home/maison) _____________________________________

Class of/Graduation ____________(year/année)       University/Université____________________________________

 New Members/Renewals: Please enclose a cheque/money order for $20.00 (annual membership fee)
 payable to the “UTPNCM Association” with the form and mail it to the Administration Committee:
   Nouveaux Membres/Renouvellements: S.V.P. inclure un chèque/mandat poste de $20.00 (frais
     annuels) payable au nom de “UTPNCM Association” avec cette feuille et postez au Comité


UTPNCM/PFUNO Association
Otter Sqn, RMC
PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 7B4

   In addition please send us your photos, articles, stories, letters, announcements, jokes, and ideas.
In the last edition of the UT Communiqué, the article Membership Item was written by Ian McIntyre, and
        Envoyez-nous aussi vos photos, articles, histoires, lettres, anoncements, blagues, et idées.
not by Jean Thivierge as it was stated. We apologize for this mistake.
Dans la dernière édition du Communiqué, l'article intitulé Points de Recrutement a été écrit par Ian McIn-
tyre, et non pas par Jean Thivierge comme il était mentionné. Nous nous excusons pour cette erreur.
                                                Thank you!