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									                     MANCHESTER SCHOOL DISTRICT
                             November 10, 2008

      The Board of School Committee met for their monthly meeting on Monday,
November 10, at 7:00p.m. at the School Administration Offices. Present were Mayor
Guinta, Vice Chair Labanaris, and Committee Members Craig, O’Sullivan, DeBlasi,
Herbert, Soucy, Gelinas, Kruse, Beaudry, Avard, Dolman, Fischer, Kelley, and Langton.
Present from Administration were Supt. Brennan; Asst. Supt. Burkush; and Business
Administrator, Ms. DeFrancis.
      Mayor Guinta presided and called the meeting to order. The Board shared in the
Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silent meditation. The clerk called the

      A motion was made by Comm. Avard and seconded by Comm. Fischer to approve
the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion passed by unanimous vote.


Parker/Varney Teacher Recognition
      Principal Callanan of Parker/Varney Elementary School came forward to recognize
teacher, Mike Beaulac. Recently while on cafeteria duty, Mr. Beaulac performed the
Heimlich maneuver on a girl who was choking.

Francis Wayland Parker Scholar
       The Board recognized Rachel Hedge, a senior at Memorial High School, for
winning the Francis Wayland Parker Scholar of the Month award in September. This is
the third year in a row that Rachel has won this award. She is eighth in her class and has
been a student athlete lettering in Varsity sports. Rachel volunteers for many City
       Mr. Adamakos, the principal of Memorial High School, informed the Board that
the school received notification that Rachel has been named Wendy’s Female Student
Athlete of the Year.

Introduction of New District Employees
       Supt. Brennan introduced three new District employees to the Board. Supt.
Brennan introduced Mr. Steve Soucy, the new assistant principal of Webster Elementary
School; Mr. Charles “Chuck” Drew, the new Professional Development Coord inator for
the District; and Mr. Jim Connors, the new School Food & Nutrition Services Director
for the District.

American Education Week
       Mayor Guinta asked Mr. Scott McGilvray, the president of the MEA, to come
forward. He stated that the last several months have been important ones for the
Manchester School district and appreciation is extended for the members of the MEA as
well as of the School Board and Administration for the work done regarding education
issues. Supt. Brennan was commended for his efforts since coming back to the District.
Mayor Guinta read a proclamation acknowledging American Education Week during the
week of November 16 through November 22. Mr. McGilvray thanked Mayor Guinta and
the Board for the recognition of teachers in Manchester and across the country for the
hard work they do each day meeting the educational needs of students.


       Vice Chair Labanaris informed the Board that she has received phone calls
regarding traffic problems around Hallsville School. Supt. Brennan said he was aware of
the situation. He has visited the site and he will be contracting the City Traffic Division.
       Vice Chair Labanaris spoke about the retreat that has been scheduled for the Board
to formulate goals for the District. She reminded Board members they need to meet with

November 10, 2008                            1
the retreat facilitator, Mr. Driscoll and she urged members to call to set appointments.
The hope is to have 100% attendance at the retreat. Supt. Brennan said he would
underscore the importance of the retreat. During the hiring process for the new
superintendent every candidate spoke about the need to meet regarding the specific
direction the Board believes the District should be going in and to establish goals for the
next few years. This will be one of the most critical meetings between the
Administration and the Board. Mayor Guinta said he has met with Mr. Driscoll and he
found that meeting very fascinating. He is optimistic about the retreat as the Board takes
steps in the right direction towards working cooperatively regarding the needs of the

       Comm. Beaudry acknowledged Central High School’s girls’ soccer team for
winning the Class L Championship. Also, he congratulated the sta ff at Parker/Varney
School for getting a $500 grant for crisis intervention. The staff worked hard in getting
this grant money and it would be a good thing if other schools’ would make similar
efforts at getting extra monies into the District.
       Comm. Avard noted this is the third year that Parker/Varney School has acquired
this grant. It is a joint effort with a local business, The Second Street Mobil Station, to
get monies for the school. It would be nice to see more local businesses getting involved
with the School District.

      Supt. Brennan shared that tomorrow would be Veterans’ Day. A parade begins at
10:00 a.m. and culminates at Veterans’ Park where a ceremony will be held. He urged
people to attend.
      Supt. Brennan referred to a constituent who had come to a Board meeting
requesting that the District revive participation of the Kids Voting Program. He said that
members of the Administration covered time at the polling place at the Health
Department. He shared a story of his interaction with a youngster. As in the past, this is
always an interesting experience. He hopes the District will pledge to continue with the
program in the future.


Coordination Committee---Katherine Labanaris, Chair
     Vice Chair Labanaris said the Coordination Committee had one item for the
Board’s consideration. The item passed in committee by majority vote.
     Vice Chair Labanaris made a motion to approve the National Institute for
School Leadership (NISL) training. Comm. Kelley seconded the motion. The
motion passed by majority vote; Comm. Langton voted in opposition of the motion.

Curriculum & Instruction Committee---Debra Langton, Chair
      Comm. Langton made a motion to approve the elementary report cards for
distribution to the schools. Comm. Kruse seconded the motion. The motion passed
by unanimous vote.

Building & Sites Committee---Arthur Beaudry, Chair
       Comm. Beaudry said the Committee approved the City Services Invoices and these
were forwarded to the Finance Committee for review and approval. By unanimous vote
the Committee approved going with Peerless Insurance Company for insurance for the
schools’ playground equipment. There will be a $1,000 deductible with a cost of
approximately $1,875 per year to cover the cost of replacement of playground equipment
up to $25,000 at the elementary schools. Regarding modular classrooms, Comm.
Beaudry noted that the Building & Sites Committee approved the renewal of the leases
for four modular classrooms for a one-year period. Those modular classrooms are at
McDonough, Weston, Green Acres, and Hallsville schools. Also, the Committee
approved the use of remaining bond funds from the project of the closing- in of
classrooms at Parker/Varney School for the closing in of classrooms at Highland Goffe’s
Falls School. If approved by the Board, this item would go to the Joint Building
Committee for review and approval. Finally, the Building & Sites Committee approved
allowing the Administration additional time to review the performance of Reliable
Security as the District’s alarm responder.

November 10, 2008                            2
       Comm. Dolman asked whether there was discussion regarding a rider for the
athletic fields to the playground insurance as had been suggested at the Athletic
Committee. Comm. Beaudry said that he spoke about that at the Finance Committee.
The Administration will bring a recommendation forward on this matter.
       Comm. Beaudry made a motion to approve the City Se rvices Invoices, the
Playground Equipment Insurance, the lease renewal for the Modular Classrooms,
the Use of Remaining Bond Funds, and the Additional Time Regarding the Alarm
Responder Contract. Comm. Gelinas seconded the motion. The motion passed by
unanimous vote.
       Comm. Beaudry said that a motion had also been made and approved by the
Building & Sites Committee regarding the possibility of funding air conditioning to be
installed at the library at West High School. The Joint Building Committee would look
into whether funding could come out of the remaining design/build project.
       Comm. Beaudry made a motion to approve the recommendation to have the
library at West High School air-conditioned using funding authorized by the Joint
Building Committee. Comm. Dolman seconded the motion. The motion passed by
unanimous vote.

Athletic Committee---Stephen Dolman, Chair
      Comm. Dolman made a motion, seconded by Vice Chair Labanaris, to
approve the Coaching Nominations. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Coaching Nominations

West High School
Tom Vachon                Boys Freshman Basketball
Katie Gunn                Boys Varsity Track Assistant

Memorial High School
Matthew Doerfler     Varsity Wrestling Assistant

Central High School
James Delani           Varsity Wrestling
Brandon Judkins        Varsity Wrestling Assistant
Kim Goodrich           Girls JV Basketball
Christopher D’Agostino Varsity Hockey
George Davis            Girls Track Assistant

Hillside Middle School
Nick Jaskolka              Boys “B” Basketball

McLaughlin Middle School
Joe Shafer             Girls “B” Basketball

Parkside Middle School
Dan Drewniak               Girls “A” Basketball
Sabrina Marsan             Girls “B” Basketball
Rocco Criscone             Boys “B” Basketball
Joe Lincoln                Boys “A” Basketball (Co-coach)
Chris Carlisle             Boys “A” Basketball (Co-coach)

        Comm. Dolman said the Athletic Committee recognized the McLaughlin field
hockey team for winning the Tri-County League Championship along with Central High
Schools’ girls’ soccer team for winning the Class L Championship. He informed the
Board there has been a problem with vandalism at West and Memorial at the athletic
facilities. The Committee talked about installing more surveillance-camera coverage at
the fields in order to stop the problems that have been arising. The Committee also spoke
about having a rider to the insurance policy covering the schools’ playground equipment.
Also, there was discussion regarding installing a generator to power lights at the fields or
possibly scheduling athletic games after school or on Saturdays in order to save money
on energy charges in the athletic budget. The Committee asked for more information
about these possibilities before making any decisions. There was also discussion about

November 10, 2008                            3
raising revenue for athletics. One idea was to ask the Aldermen to allow the District to
keep gate-receipt revenues.
        Comm. Beaudry said that 10 out of the 15 coaches approved are teachers in the
District. That is a great number and it is great to see the teachers helping out by coaching
the student athletes. Comm. Gelinas said he would note that most of the nominations
filled tonight had only one applicant for the different positions. That seems to be a trend.
He would urge more people to consider coaching in the District.

Finance Committee---Doug Kruse, Chair
      Comm. Kruse said the Committee met just prior to the Full Board meeting that
evening. He noted item “a”, the Professional Leave Requests, was not an item taken up
by the Finance Committee. There were no requests presented for consideration. Also,
item “g” the Principal Training—National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) was
not an item considered by the Finance Committee. That item was presented by another
committee this evening and it was approved by the Full Board.
      Comm. Kruse made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and to approve
the Manifest of Authorize d Expenditures in the amount of $4,725,665.17 for
Accounts Payable—All Funds and in the amount of $7,274,802.23 for Payroll—All
Funds, to approve the City Services Billing in the total amount of $1,911,913.09, and
to approve the Operating Statements for Expenditures & Revenues —FY09 and the
School Food & Nutrition Se rvices Operating State ment—FY09. Comm. Avard
seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.
      Comm. Kruse made a motion to approve the rene wal of the leases for the
Modular Classrooms and to approve the Playground Equipment Insurance as
explained in the report of the Building & Sites Committee. Also, to approve the
RFP Results for Ink Jet Printe r Cartridges, the RFP Results for Laser Printer
Cartridges & Services, and the RFP Results for 403 (b) Administration. Comm.
Beaudry seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

    There were no information or other business items brought up at this time.


Field Trips
      Comm. Kelley made a motion to approve the Field Trip Requests as
presented. They were the Central High School Music Department trip to New York
on March 25 to March 28, 2009, and the trip request that had been tabled by the
Board at the October meeting for the Memorial High School DECA trip to the
National Sports & Ente rtainme nt Conference in Orlando, FL on February 4
through February 8, 2009. Comm. Gelinas seconded the motion. The motion
passed by unanimous vote.

Request for BOSC Exception to Transportation Policy
     Mayor Guinta stated this item had been withdrawn from the agenda.

Personnel Report
     Comm. Kelley made a motion to approve the Personnel Report as presented.
Comm. Kruse seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Personnel Report
Resignations: Certified Staff
Jennifer Burzcki           Teacher/Biology               Central               $41,332
Sarah Littlefield          Teacher/Computers             West                  $31,793

Nominations: Certified Staff
Marisa Cases              Teacher/Biology                Central                $35,607
Catherine Cowette         Media Generalist               West                   $31,793

Resignations/Retirements: Non-Certified Staff
Susan Brodeur             Admin. Assistant               Memorial               $20.15/hr.
Gary Gagne                Paraprof,--Sp. Needs           West                   $11.22/hr.

November 10, 2008                            4
Nominations: Non-Certified Staff
Amber Ilg                Interpreter/Tutor         Green Acres         $18.33/hr.
Janice Stefanik          Paraprof.—Library Asst.   Highland-G. Falls   $16.86/hr.
Edward Forbush           Groundskeeper             Memorial            $11.05/hr.
Neal Marion              Groundskeeper             West                $11.05/hr.
Robyn Dunphy             Paraprof.—Sp. Needs       Smyth               $10.77/hr.
Jessica Hinson           Paraprof.—Sp. Needs       Northwest/Gossler   $10.77/hr.
Christina Stockin        Paraprof.—Sp. Needs       Jewett              $10.77/hr.

     Comm. Kruse made a motion, seconded by Comm. Avard, to adjourn the meeting.
The motion passed by unanimous vote. The meeting was adjourned at 7:28p.m.


Suzanne O. Sears
Clerk of the Board

November 10, 2008                       5

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