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                                                                                                   NORDISK ODONTOLOGISK
                                    News                                                           FÖRENING SCANDINAVIAN
                                                                                                   ASSOCIATION FOR DENTAL
                                    November 2005                                                  RESEARCH A DIVISION OF IADR

President’s Greetings

Dear Colleagues,

Since my last communication, many of our members have had             The next meeting in which NOF will be actively engaged is the
some interesting days in Amsterdam (15-17 September) in               PEF meeting in Dublin. This meeting will be held in the heart
connection with the Joint Meeting of the Continental European         of the old city and you should note the dates in your diaries
and Scandinavian Divisions of IADR. The local organisation            already now (13-16 September 2006). Those who are going
committee headed by Professor Bob ten Cate had arranged an            to the IADR meeting in Brisbane, Australia, should submit their
excellent and extensive programme and we owe them debt of             abstracts by 3 February 2006.
gratitude. It was pleasant to meet colleagues in the friendly Dutch
atmosphere and to make new acquaintances. The scientific               One of the activities in which NOF is currently engaged is
programme was composed of ten highly topical symposia                 establishing contact with our colleagues in Russia. Clearly, a
with invited speakers and about 670 accepted contributions            great deal of interesting dental research is taking place there
allocated to oral, poster and chaired poster discussion sessions.     and the close geographic proximity to Russia suggests that
Close to 70 presentations came from the Nordic countries and          we should be exchanging experiences and results to a much
several of our members received recognition. The “Robert              greater extent than is the case today.
Frank lecture” was given by Professor Mogens Kilian from
Århus. The title of his presentation was: Diversity of the oral       Personally, I am very pleased that the current Board will be
microflora: evolutionary and functional implications. The “Acta        continuing for another year, but we still need new members
Odontologica Scandinavica Foundation Prize” lecturer this year        who want to contribute towards NOF’s various activities.
was Professor Gunnar Dahlén, Göteborg. The editor of EJOS,
Anders Linde, organised a symposium addressing the practical          Kind regards,
aspects of research design, performance and publication of a          Gunhild V. Strand
study. And, not to forget, our Hatton Award winner Nibras Ahmed       President
(co-workers Petersen FC and Scheie AA: Biofilm formation
and natural transformation in Streptococcus intermedius luxS
mutant) from Oslo. We wish her all the best of luck next year
in Australia!

Highlights from the CED - NOF joint meeting in Amsterdam 2005

Folke Lagerlöf, Lars Mattson and Gunnar Dahlén. Professor             Angus Walls (IADR Treasurer), Chris Fox (IADR Executive
Dahlén from Göteborg received the 2005 Acta Prize.                    Director), Takayuki Kuroda (IADR President) and Madame

                               NOF Home Page:
Anders Linde (Editor) and Peter Lingström (Swedish Board                             Hans Preus (Treasurer) and
Member)                                                                              Aud Scei

NOF Board meeting                                                  8. Budget 2006. Preus presented the budget 2006 (appendix).
HOLIDAY INN HOTEL AMSTERDAM                                        (The Board discussed the Istanbul meeting surplus which
Wednesday 14. September 2005, 14:07- 16:15                         was 9.897,82 euros, and which will show in the 2005 balance
Present: Gunhild Strand, N, president, Peter Lingström, S,
Mare Saag, E, Peter Holbrook, IS, Jukka H. Meurman, FI,            9. Pan European Federation. PEF secretary-treasurer Peter
secretary-general, Hans Preus, N, treasurer, Anders Linde, S,      Holbrook presented the plans for the Dublin PEF meeting that
editor                                                             will take place in September 13-16. 2006 at the Trinity College.
                                                                   Holbrook further presented his proposal to the PEF Executive
Appologies: Ellen Frandsen DK, Helena Forss FI                     that each Division should elect two members to the PEF
                                                                   Executive Board instead of three members as it now stands.
1. Opening of the meeting. President Gunhild Strand                (See below item 12). PEF 2008 conference shall take place in
welcomed everybody present and opened the meeting.                 London.

2. President´s report. Strand gave her verbal report. She          10. Hatton Awards Competition. Gunhild Strand, Mare Saag
expressed her concern about the declining membership               and Peter Lingström were elected for the Hatton Committee
number. This unfortunate development holds true for the            in Amsterdam. The winners shall be announced during the
whole IADR and the Central Office is known to seek means for        Conference Dinner on Friday, September 16.
correcting the situation.
                                                                   11. Nominations for IADR. Bob ten Cate is the European
3. Report of the secretary-general. Meurman gave his report        candidate for IADR vice presidency 2006. Scientific Award
(appendix).                                                        nominations. Peter Lingström suggested that names for the
                                                                   IADR Distinguished Scientist Prize candidates should be
4. Councillors´report. Meurman and Strand gave the report          discussed good time in advance and that the NOF membership
which has also been published in the spring issue of NofNews       should be reminded of the possibility to make suggestions to
(appendix).                                                        the IADR committee. Similarly, Meurman pointed out that also
                                                                   IADR committee nominations are open each year and that too
5. Editor´s report. The EJOS is now fully on-line in its           few Nordic candidates have been on the lists in recent years.
manuscript handling. There still seems to be a discrepancy
between the Blackwell distribution list and IADR membership        12. NOF nominations. The following nominations will be
list so that some members do not get the Journal while student     suggested to the General Assembly:
members, for example, should receive the Journal free-of -         President: Gunhild Strand (re-election, 1-year term)
charge. It was decided that treasurer Hans Preus clarifies the      Secretary- treasurer: no change for the next year:
situation with the publisher. Editor Anders Linde´s report is in   secretary-general: J H Meurman, treasurer: Hans Preus
the appendix.                                                      (one-year term each)
                                                                   Editor: Anders Linde (re-election, 5-year term)
6. European Journal of Oral Sciences - finances. Linde              Board Member from Sweden: Peter Lingström
presented the 2004 figures and 2006 budget figures of the             (re-election, 5-year term)
Journal. The 2006 budget is enclosed (appendix).                   Board Members from Iceland: Peter Holbrook
                                                                   (re-election, 5-year term)
7. Treasurer´s report. Preus presented the bookkeeping and         PEF representatives: Peter Holbrook, Gunhild Strand
audit reports for the year. The bookkeeping record for 2004 is     Auditors: Bente Nyvad, Gunnar Dahlen (1-year term each).
enclosed (appendix). The Board expressed a wish to see the
result in relation to the budget of the year in question.          13. Agenda for the General Assembly. (Appendix)

                             NOF Home Page:
14. Future meeting sites.                                        Accounts.
        - 2007 BSDR-NOF joint meeting in Durham
        - 2008 PEF meeting in London                             a) Accounts of the Association
        - 2009 NOF could host a joint CED-NOF meeting            Treasurer Hans Preus presented the accounts of the Association
         and the venues discussed were Helsinki and Tallinn.     2004(appendix) and statement of the Auditors (appendix). The
        - 2010 IADR in Barcelona.                                accounts were approved.
        - 2011 open
        - 2012 PEF could be organized in NOF turf,               b) Accounts of the Journal
        suggestion from Helsinki?                                Editor Anders Linde presented the accounts of the Journal,
                                                                 which were approved.
15. Other competent business.
There were none.                                                 Budget for the coming year 2006.

16. Adjournment of the meeting. Strand called the meeting        a) Dues for ordinary members, student members and
to end at 16:15.                                                 institutional members.
                                                                 Treasurer Hans Preus presented the budget for 2006
The Board meeting was immediately followed by a joint CED-       (appendix) with a suggestion not to increase the membership
NOF Board meeting where mainly two items were unofficially        fees. However, it was reminded that according to the IADR
discussed: The future structure of the Journal as an online      Council decision, an increase of 12 USD in the years 2006 and
only (?) membership benefit, with extra pay for printed copies,   2007 will be collected (12+12 = 24 USD in the next two years)
and joint meeting venues for the years 2009 and 2012. Tallinn    to cover the costs for a new membership benefit, the online
was suggested by the NOF to be investigated as a meeting         volumes of Journal of Dental Research distributed directly to
venue for 2009, and a task force Mare Saag – Jukka Meurman-      each member.
Gottfried Schmalz was nominated to explore the possibilities;
Munich has earlier been suggested by the CED as the place for    b) Subscription fee to the Journal
the year 2009 meeting.                                           No dues increase was suggested, the fee to the Journal was
                                                                 kept unaltered.

                                                                 Time and place for future Annual Meetings.
                                                                 Secretary-General Jukka Meurman presented the future
                                                                 meeting sites as follows:

NOF GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2005                                        a) 2006: PEF Dublin, September 13-16. (IADR will be in
ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2005, FROM 17:30 TO 18:30               Brisbane)
AT RIA CONFERENCE CENTER, AMSTERDAM                              b) 2007: British Division and NOF joint meeting in Durham,
                                                                 April 6.
Minutes of the Assembly                                          c) 2008: PEF meeting in London, in September.
                                                                 d) 2009: NOF-CED joint meeting, venue still open. A suggestion
Election of Chairperson, Secretary and Tellers.                  has been put forward by the NOF to explore Tallinn as a
                                                                 potential meeting site.
Harald Eriksen was elected to chair the meeting, Jukka           e) 2010: IADR meeting in Barcelona, July 14-17.
Meurman to take the minutes, and Per-Östen Söder and Nils        f) 2011: open
Skaug as tellers.                                                g) 2012: PEF meeting, venue open, suggestion has been put
                                                                 forward to have the meeting in Helsinki in September.
Approval of the General Assembly being duly notified, and
of the agenda.                                                   Elections.
                                                                 The following elections were made, effective on January 1,
The meeting was found duly notified and the agenda was            2005:
                                                                 a) Members of the Board (5-year terms): Peter Holbrook (IS),
Annual report of the Board of the Association.                   Peter Lingström (S) (re-elections)
                                                                 b) President (1-year term): Gunhild Strand (re-election)
President Gunhild Strand gave a verbal report which was          c) Treasurer: Hans Preus (re-election for 1 year)*
approved.                                                        d) Editor: Anders Linde (re-election, 5-year term)
                                                                 e) Secretary-general: Jukka Meurman (re-election for 1-year)*
Report of the Councillors.                                       f) Two Accountants (1-year term): Bente Nyvad, Gunnar
Councillor Jukka Meurman read the Councillors´report which
was approved. The report from the Baltimore IADR Council         *The Assembly was reminded that last year a new post of
meeting had also been published in the spring issue of NofNews   secretary-treasurer was established to combine these two
2005.                                                            offices. The post was declared open and announced in various
                                                                 media but no applications were received. Therefore, the Board
                                                                 suggested the Assembly to re-elect the present officers for the

                             NOF Home Page:
year 2006 in order to win time in filling the combined secretary-
treasurer´s office from 2007 onwards (5-year term).

Any other business.

Chairman of the Hatton Awards Committee, Gunhild Strand,
announced the 2005 winner of the NOF Hatton Awards
Competition: N.A.A.M Ahmed. The winner shall present her
work in the Brisbane IADR congress on June-July 2006.

Secretary-general Jukka Meurman told the Assembly that two
questionnaires had been sent to all deans of the NOF area
dental schools and to (former) members who had not paid their
fees in order to enquire their opinions how the NOF should be
developed in future to get investigators, and particularly young
investigators, interested in joining the association. The results
of the questionnaires are expected within a few weeks and
shall be published in the next issue of NofNews.

Closing of the meeting.                                                                 Jukka H. Meurman (NOF Secretary-General), N.A.A.M.
Chairman Harald Eriksen closed the meeting at 18:30.                                    Ahmed (Hatton Awards Competition winner) and Gunhild
                                                                                        Strand (NOF President)
J.H. Meurman

                         Accounting - 2004 NOF

                         Ingoing Balance                                                                 683.890, 38 NOK

                         Sold memberships                            121. 571, 57 kr
                         Support Hatton Nominees                     13. 638, 00 kr
                         Gothenburg IADR meet dividend               47. 654, 08 kr
                         Interest                                      7. 295, 14 kr
                         Revenues 2004                               190. 158, 79 kr                     190.158, 79 NOK

                         Travel Board                                 70. 197, 45 kr
                         Secretary Finland                            22. 450, 00 kr
                         NOF News                                     22. 217, 78 kr
                         Postage (accounts to Auditors)                1. 071, 00 kr
                         Short Debt Payment (see acct. 2003)           1. 848, 77 kr
                         Hatton award nominees support               27. 422, 95 kr
                         Blackwell (J Oral Sci)                      240. 053, 19 kr
                         Bank Costs (Danish Bonds Transfer)               778, 75 kr
                         Banking Costs                                    548, 68 kr
                         Total Expenses                              386. 588, 57 kr                     386.588, 57 NOK

                         Outgoing Balance           31.12.04                                                      487. 460, 60 NOK

                         Result 2004
                                           Revenues                            190. 158, 79 NOK
                                           Expenses                            386. 588, 57 NOK
                                           Outstanding Invoice                   2. 534, 00 NOK
                                           Result 2004                      -193. 895, 78 NOK (DEFICIT)


                         The deficit in 2004 was mainly generated by the fact that Blackwell sent their 2003 invoice very late in 2003.
                         The invoice was based on to many paying members (almost 40) and I protested against this. Many mails and
                         letters went back ant forth before we agreed on the correct membership number and the 2003 as well as the 2004
                         invoice was both received together in 2004 (se some of the correspondence submitted with the reference invoice
                         – No. 22). The estimated invoice from Blackwell was put down as short loans (NOK 117.359, 65) in the
                         accounting from 2003.

                         Our dividend from Istanbul has been suggested around 70 000 NOK, but has not been received by the treasurer
                         as a clear message. Thus, this has not been put into the accounting as an outstanding revenue,

                         If these two points had been taken into account in 2004, the result would have been a “break even”, or close to –
                         depending on the exact sum from Istanbul.

                         Hans R Preus (treasurer NOF)                                                              15.02.05

                               NOF Home Page:
Vacancy: Post of Secretary-Treasurer of NOF
The posts of Secretary General and Treasurer of NOF have been combined as
agreed at the 2004 General Assembly. This post is of great importance to the running
of NOF and it combines the post of Councillor at General Sessions of IADR and
Board Member of the Pan-European Federation. Although the post is unpaid, there is
a small honorarium intended to cover secretarial expenses. Some of the financial
workload, namely the collection of membership dues, is now carried out by the IADR
Central Office but the NOF Treasurer bears responsibility for supervising this task.
Applications are invited from NOF members in good standing for this important post
in our organisation. Further details of the duties can be obtained from Professor
Jukka H. Meurman, Secretary-General, NOF, (

Applications, preferably online, should include a summary curriculum vitae and a
summary of the applicant´s experience in organisational matters, previous experience
within NOF / IADR and some indication as to how the applicant feels that he or she
can take on the duties of this post in addition to their normal workload. This is a
challenging but rewarding post but, especially at certain periods of the year, it will be
demanding of time.

The post becomes vacant on 1.1. 2007 and is for a period of 5 (five) years but is
renewable. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2006.

After the closing date applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee chosen by
the NOF Board who will report back to the Board and the appointment will be
finally approved by the board/ General Assembly at its meeting in Dublin, Ireland,
September 13-16, 2006.

Please help us in keeping the membership lists updated!!

In case of changes in your mail or e-mail address, could you kindly
inform the IADR Central Office directly

PS. The e-mail addresses of 53 members are missing or not
known to us. Please, inform also the Office of Secretary-General in this
regard (

                  NOF Home Page:
Results from the 2005 Questionnaires regarding NOF future activities
In August 2005 two NOF questionnaires (QE) were sent from the office of secretary-general, one for members whose membership
had lapsed, and the other to the Deans of NOF area dental schools. Seven of the Deans replied and filled in the QE, while only
six membership QEs had been filled-in. Consequently, the sample regarding the lapsed membership is not representative since
(approximately 100 e-mail letters were sent altogether). Nevertheless, here is a summary of the replies.

Deans´ QE

 Total no. of research students in NOF area, mean per            248
 school and range                                                35 (3-70)
 Total no. of post-graduate clinical students                    178
 mean per school and range                                       25 (11-50)

In most dentals schools research work is required also as a part in clinical post-graduate training. Six of the seven dental schools
recommend IADR/NOF membership to their research students. One school even pays the membership fee on behalf of the
students. Six of seven schools also recommend membership of a suitable specialist clinical society to post-graduate students.
Again one school pays their fee, too. All dental schools support the research students´ participation in scientific or specialist
meetings but expect them, in that case, to present their work.

As regards future NOF meetings, all the Deans but one preferred bigger meetings, i.e. IADR meetings or European joint meetings
instead of traditional inter-Nordic NOF meetings. Six out of seven Deans stated that a NOF travel stipend system would encourage
them sending their research students to the meetings. According to the Deans, the contents of the meetings should be more
focussed and many of them also recommended organizing workshop-type activities in connection to conferences.

Lapsed membership QE

Of the six elapsed membership forms returned to the office of secretary-general, three did not know that their membership had
lapsed (due to unpaid fees), and were two former members had deliberately left the society, and one (duly) claimed sloppy
administration for this was willing to reapply.

What then?

NOF Treasurer Hans Preus has now taken action in order to again harmonize all membership roosters; those in the IADR Central
Office in Washington, and those at the Blackwell-Munksgaard, publisher of the European Journal of Oral Sciences. It has occurred
that some members who duly paid their fees never received the membership journal. We can only appologize for this. The NOF
Board shall further discuss the aspects presented in the QEs when planning future strategy for the society. In this process,
suggestions and feed-back from the membership are very welcome.

Jukka H. Meurman

Future meetings

                                                                    • 2006: PEF Dublin, September 13-16. (IADR will be in Brisbane)
                                                                    • 2007: British Division and NOF joint meeting in Durham,
                                                                       April, 6
                                                                    • 2008: PEF meeting in London, in September.
                              Brisbane abstract                     • 2009: NOF-CED joint meeting, venue still open. A suggestion
                                  deadline                             has been put forward by the NOF to explore Tallin as
                                                                       a potential meeting site.
                              February 3, 2006!!                    • 2010: IADR meeting in Barcelona, July 14-17.
                                                                    • 2011: open
                                                                    • 2012: PEF meeting, venue open, suggestion has been put
                                                                      forward to have the meeting in Helsinki in September

                             NOF Home Page:
Future meetings

                                                                                          Please take notice of this important All European Meeting
                                                                                         (Pan-European Federation Meeting) where the latest scientific
                                                                                                research findings will be presented and discussed.

                                                                                        Young researchers from the Nordic countries are encouraged to compete for
                                                                                         the Hatton Award prize -

NOF Board Members 2005

President                                        Board Member for Denmark                                      Board Member for Iceland
Dr. Gunhild Strand                               Dr. Ellen V.G. Frandsen                                       Professor Peter Holbrook
University of Bergen, Institute of Dentistry     Department of Oral Biology                                    Faculty of Odontology, University of Iceland
Årstadv. 17, N-5009 Bergen, Norway               Bartholin Building, Wilhelm Meyers Alle’                      Vatnsmyarvegi 16
Tel. +47 55 586 472, 55 586 484                  University of Aarhus                                          IS-101 Reykjavik, Iceland
e-mail:              DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark                                     Tel. +354 568 9480
                                                 Tel. +45 89 421 739                                           Fax +354 525 4874
Secretary General                                Fax +45 86 196 128                                            e-mail:
Professor Jukka H. Meurman                       e-mail:
Institute of Dentistry, University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 41, FI-00014 University of Helsinki,                                                                  Board Member for Norway
Finland                                          Board Member for Estonia                                      Dr. Gunhild Strand
Tel. +358 9 191 27272                            Dos. Mare Saag                                                University of Bergen
Fax +358 9 191 27517                             Institute of Dentistry, University of Tarto                   Institute of Dentistry
e-mail:                Raekoja plats 6                                               Årstadv. 17
                                                 51003 Tartu, Estonia                                          N-5009 Bergen, Norway
Treasurer                                        Tel. +372 744 1706                                            Tel. +47 55 586 472, 55 586 484
Professor Hans Preus                             Fax +372 742 8608                                             e-mail:
Institute of Dentistry, University of Oslo       e-mail:
P.O. Box 1109 - Blindern
N-0317 Oslo, Finland                                                                                           Board Member of Sweden
Tel. +47 22 852 060, 22 852 163                  Board Member for Finland                                      Dos. Peter Lingström
Fax +47 22 852 396                               Dos. Helena Forss                                             Department of Cariology
e-mail:                      Hukantie 3 C                                                  University of Göteborg
                                                 FI-33530 Tampere, Finland                                     P.O. Box 450
Editor                                           Tel. +358 03 311 69367                                        SE-40530 Göteborg, Sweden
Professor Anders Linde                           +358 50 5898 046                                              Tel. +46 31 773 2932
Department of Oral Biochemistry                  e-mail:                                  Fax +46 31 773 3220
University of Göteborg                                                                                         e-mail:
P.O. Box 450, SE-40530 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel. +46 31 773 3386
Fax +46 31 418 3122

                                    NOF Home Page:

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