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					                          TOWNSHIP NEWS - SPRING 2010

   TOWNSHIP OF ESSA ADMINISTRATION CENTRE                                                     MAYOR’S MESSAGE
      5786 County Road 21, Utopia, ON L0M 1T0
     Phone: (705) 424-9917 / Fax: (705) 424-2367
              Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm                     Hello Essa Residents, and a very warm welcome to all our New Residents. As we launch
         Phone Extensions by Department                    into another year, I would like to wish all residents a safe and prosperous 2010.
            By-law Enforcement Ext. 122
            Building             Ext. 128                  As the end of winter approaches and we look forward to the coming of spring and warmer
            Clerks               Ext. 117                  weather, Council members and staff wish to remind you of upcoming events and items to
            Planning             Ext. 104                  make note of. It will soon be time to start thinking about outdoor activities, so please take a
            Parks & Recreation Ext. 125
                                                           few moments to read the information provided here and if you have any questions, feel free
            Public Works         Ext. 105
            Utilities            Ext. 127                  to contact a member of the Township staff who can assist you with information about the
            Tax                  Ext. 202 / 106            services we provide.

                FIRE DEPARTMENT                            Don’t forget to register for the 8th Annual Essa Challenge. Come out and help support the
     Phone: (705) 424-5828 / Fax: (705) 424-4185           RVH Cancer Centre either as a golfer, a sponsor, or both, and have a great day of golf on a
     Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00 am - 12:30 pm          beautiful course. Further details will be available in the 2010 Spring/Summer Program
                                                           Guide and on the website.
         18 King Street, Angus, ON L0M 1B2
               (adjacent to the Library)
               Phone: (705) 424-4054                       Mayor David Guergis
       Hours: Monday to Friday - 12:00 - 4:00 pm
                                                                                            FREE TIPPING VOUCHERS
     EMERGENCY AND AFTER HOURS NUMBERS                     Two free tipping fee vouchers are available annually from the Township. For each
   Fire/Ambulance/Police - Emergency           9-1-1                         voucher, acceptable materials may be disposed of at any County of Sim-
   O.P.P. (non emergency)            1-888-310-1122                          coe landfill site. The voucher holder will be responsible for any amount
   O.P.P. - Nottawasaga Detachment (905) 729-4004                            over the value of the voucher. Residents may pick-up their vouchers
          - Angus (leave message)          435-1939                          during regular office hours at the Township of Essa Administration Centre,
  Municipal Water & Sanitary Sewer emergency service:                        upper level, or at the Economic Development Office. Proof of residency is
   OCWA after hours                  1-888-363-9311        required. No replacements will be issued for lost or stolen vouchers. Only one load/
   OCWA business hours               1-866-775-7712        vehicle per voucher may be brought to the landfill site at any one time. For more
                                                           information, please contact the County of Simcoe Customer Service Department at (705)
                      COUNCIL                              735-6901 or 1-800-263-3199 or
           David Guergis, Mayor - 424-0698                                                    LANDFILL LOCATIONS
       Terry Dowdall, Deputy Mayor - 423-1154              Site No. 13 - Tosorontio - 6815 Concession Road 4, Adjala-Tosorontio
    Sandie Macdonald, Ward 1 Councillor - 424-6844         Site No. 16 - West Gwillimbury - 2960 Line 12, Bradford-West Gwillimbury
      Rick Newlove, Ward 2 Councillor - 458-1337
     Ron Henderson, Ward 3 Councillor - 424-9752
                                                                                            PARKING RESTRICTIONS
                                                           Accessible Parking spaces are Reserved for drivers holding a valid disabled
                                                           parking permit. A fine of $300 will be issued to anyone parking in these
                                                           spaces without a valid permit. Parking in a Fire Route or any No Parking
                                                           zone for any length of time is prohibited and carries significant fines.
                 COUNCIL MEETINGS                          Please note that parking on boulevards is prohibited at all times, even
 Council meets the first and third Wednesday each month.   though no signs may be posted.
Agendas and Minutes are posted on the Township website.                                 WINTER PARKING RESTRICTIONS
                                                                         Parking is prohibited on all Township roads between 2:00 am - 8:00 am, from
                                                                         November 1 to May 1 every year to accommodate snow removal operations.
               INTERIM TAX DUE DATES                                     Offending vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed away. Note: No person
            First Instalment: March 26, 2010                             shall deposit snow or ice on any roadway, or plow or blow it across the
           Second Instalment: June 25, 2010                              road.
                                                                                            SIGN PERMITS REQUIRED
       WATER & SEWER INVOICE DUE DATES                     The Township sign by-law prohibits the posting of signs without a permit. No sign or adver-
           First Quarter: April 30, 2010                   tising device shall be affixed to any tree, post, pole or other temporary location. Also, no
          Second Quarter: July 30, 2010                    signs or advertising devices shall be erected or displayed unless a permit has been issued
                                                           by the municipality. To obtain a Sign Permit, please contact the By-law Officer.
                    TOWNSHIP NEWS - SPRING 2010 Page 2
                 Burn Permits are required for all burning. Burn permits        Watch for the 2010 Spring/Summer Program Guide soon. Sign up early for
                 are available for $5.00 at the Administration Centre (upper    recreation programs to avoid disappointment. We are now taking registration
                 level) or the Economic Development Office.                     for our March Break Day Camp sign up early to avoid disappointment.
                 Smoke Alarms – The Ontario Fire Code requires that             Check out our Recreation information and updates regularly on the web at:
                 every home have working smoke alarms. Install smoke  
alarms on every level of your home and near sleeping areas. There are           Facility Rentals: Allow us to assist you with all of your party
certain locations to avoid such as near bathrooms, heating appliances,          or meeting needs! We have many ways to accommodate a
windows or close to ceiling fans. Test your smoke alarm regularly. Install      group with plenty of tables and chairs. Check out our facilities
a new battery of the proper type at least once a year. Smoke alarms do          and book one today!
wear out, so if you think your alarms are more than 10 years old, replace
them with new ones. Regularly practice your home fire escape plan.                                                   CANINE CONTROL
Fire Safety Trailer – Essa Fire Department, in conjunction with New Te-                          The Township of Essa provides canine control services.
cumseth and Adjala-Tosorontio, have acquired a Fire Safety Trailer which                         Please call 424-9917, ext. 122 for injured or stray dog
is available for public education and training for daycares, schools, youth                      pick up or 623-3223 after hours. Please do not take
groups and special events. To schedule a Fire Safety Trailer presentation,                       dogs to the Barrie S.P.C.A..
please contact the Essa Fire Department at 705-424-5828, or email firese-                        Essa Township requires all dogs to be licensed and wear a                                                                      tag. 2010 Dog Tags are now available for $20.00 and are
Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation – The Township of Essa Fire                                valid from January to December. Proof of rabies vaccina-
Department has received a “Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation”               tion is required before the tag may be purchased. One year tags may be
from the IAO/Fire Underwriters Survey personnel. The Accreditation may          purchased at the Essa Township Administration Centre as well as the Angus
allow for a reduced premium on your rural property insurance rates. For         and Thornton Library Branches. Two year tags are $30.00 and are available
more information, or a copy of the Fire Underwriters Survey, Superior           for purchase from the Administration Centre only.
Tanker Shuttle Accreditation letter go to, or
contact Essa Fire Department at (705) 424-5828 or firesecre-                                                              MARRIAGE LICENSES & CIVIL CEREMONIES
                                                                                Marriage Licenses are available at the Administration Cen-
                                  MUNICIPAL ADDRESSING                          tre (upper level). As well, Civil Ceremonies can be con-
                 All properties in Essa Township are required to post clearly   ducted by the Township Clerk. Please call the Clerk’s De-
                 visible numbers. Rural residents are required to post the      partment at 424-9917, ex. 116 or 117 for further details.
                 green 9-1-1 signs at the roadside, and homes and busi-         Calling ahead is highly recommended.
                 nesses in populated areas must have address numbers
which are clearly visible from the street. Solar or illuminated numbering is                                  WATERING RESTRICTIONS
preferred to ensure that properties can be easily identified day or night.                 Watering restrictions for lawns, gardens and car washing are in
These requirements are imposed for the health and safety of all residents,                 effect from June to September of each year. These measures are
ensuring that fire, ambulance or police vehicles are able to easily locate a               necessary to ensure there is an adequate water supply for
property.                                                                                  domestic use, fire protection and emergency services.
The municipality arranges for an Electrical Contractor to repair                Spring brings with it projects that will require permits. Pools,
streetlights. If you notice a streetlight malfunctioning, please                decks, fences and sheds will require a permit and by contact-
report the location to the Public Works Assistant at 424-9917                   ing the local building department we will try to make the proc-
ext.105. Please allow a few days for repairs to be completed                    ess easier.
due to the Contractor's work schedule.

                                                                TAX PAYMENT INFORMATION
Payments for taxes, and for water/sewer bills, may be made by mail, at your financial institution, by tele-payment, or in person at the Township Office
between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Cash, cheques and debit transactions are available at the counter. A drop box is also available at the lower level entrance
for after hours deposit. Please contact the Tax Collector for further information at 424-9917, ext. 202.
PLEASE NOTE that all payments must be received at the Township Office by the due date in order to avoid penalty and interest charges.

                The Township of Essa offers a wide variety of parks for the enjoyment of their residents and visitors. This is a voluntary agreement be-
                tween the Township of Essa and an organization, business or individuals to assist and/or enhance in the continuing clean and safe use of a
                particular park or trail. For more details contact Diane Straus, Recreation Coordinator/Programmer at 424-9917 ext. 126.