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        4 North Main Street, P.O. Box 356
            Richlandtown, PA 18955
       The Reverend Linda Lennon – Pastor

             ST. JOHN'S
                Richlandtown, Pennsylvania

The Reverend Linda Lennon                (home)610-691-5769
Pastor Linda‟s E-Mail…………………..………..
Stephen Sechriest - Council President          215-538-8238
Larry Benner - Organist / Choir Director       215-536-2791
David Williams - Custodian                     267-377-5610
Office Telephone Brenda Kucharik, Secretary    215-538-0875
Church E-Mail ………………………………..…
Church Website……………………………………….…

                   Church Office Hours
10:00 am to 3:00 pm -- Monday through Thursday

                -Calendar of Events-
     December 26      Worship-No Sunday School
     December 29      Food for Friends Meal
     December 31      New Year‟s Eve
     January 1        Happy New Year!
     January 2        Epiphany Communion
     January 9        Social Hour & Blood Pressure Screening
     January 10       7:00PM Music and Worship Meeting
     January 12       5:00-6:30PM Junior Youth Group
     January 13       7:30PM Council Meeting
     January 19       5:00-6:30PM Junior Youth Group
     January 19       7:00PM Book Discussion “The Help”
     January 26       5:00-6:30PM Junior Youth Group
     January 27       Quakertown Food Pantry
     January 30       Congregational Meeting and Dinner

                    Weekly Schedule
SUNDAY:                                      Sr. Choir – 8:45 am
                                       Sunday School – 9:00 am
                                     Worship Service – 10:15 am
FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH:         Girl Scouts – 6:00 – 8:00 pm
WEDNESDAY:                    Women‟s Guild (Quilting) – 9:00 am
THURSDAY:     Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meeting – 6:30 – 9:30 pm
              Women for Sobriety (WFS) Meeting – 7:30 – 9:00 pm

                              Something to ponder this New

In Him Was Life, and the Life Was The Light of All People
                                                     John 1: 4
Christmas is a great time of celebration with lights, parties, gifts,
Christmas programs, and visits with family and friends! So much
seems to happen in such a short time, it can seem a bit
overwhelming. After the celebration of Christmas, when the tree is
taken down, and the lights stored away for another year, January
comes, when things seem to quiet down to a slower pace. It’s
depressing for some. Yet now is a time to be reminded of the
Hope that breaks through the darkness in the form of the One who
is with us and love surrounds us always! Now is the time to sit
back and ponder the gift we have received in Christ. In these
coming months, the Work of Christmas begins, as this poem
written by Howard Thurman reminds us:

               When the song of angels is stilled,
                When the star in the sky is gone,
             When the kings and princes are home,
           When the shepherds are back with their flock,
                 The work of Christmas begins:
                        To find the lost,
                       To heal the broken,
                       To feed the hungry,
                     To release the prisoner,
                     To rebuild the nations,
              To bring peace among the brothers,
                  To make music in the heart.

May we continue the work God calls us to do by letting God’s love
and hope shine in and through us to the dark places of our world
reminding all of the story of God’s love found from the manger to
the cross.

God’s Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Linda
      The following is this month’s selection of scripture
passages taken from The Common Lectionary. This three
year rotation of texts takes us through the Old and New
Testaments of the Bible.

January 2    Second Sunday after Christmas
             White - Epiphany Celebration
             Jeremiah 31:7-14; Psalms 147:12-20
             Ephesians 1:3-14
             John 1:(1-9), 10-18

January 9    First Sunday after Epiphany
             White - The Baptism of Christ
             Isaiah 42:1-9; Psalm 29
             Acts 10:34-43
             Matthew 3:13-17

January 16   Second Sunday after Epiphany
             Isaiah 49:1-7; Psalm 40:1-11
             1 Corinthians 1:1-9
             John 1:29-42

January 23   Third Sunday after Epiphany
             Green – Ecumenical Sunday
             Isaiah 9:1-4; Psalm 27:1, 4-9
             1 Corinthians 1:10-18
             Matthew 4:12-23

January 30   Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
             Green – Health and Human Service Sunday
             Micah 6:1-8; Psalm 15
             1 Corinthians 1:18-31
             Matthew 5:1-12

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the very
generous Christmas gift. I feel truly
blessed to be pastor here at St.
John’s. Words cannot even describe
how welcomed you have made both
Jerry and I feel since we first came
to St. John’s. May God bless each of you in this
Christmas season and as together we move into the New
Year serving God.
                   Blessings, Pastor Linda

            A Christmas Pageant "Live From
            Bethlehem" was presented by the Sunday
            School students on Dec 19th. Thanks to all
            the participants and teachers for directing
            such a fun re-telling of the Christmas Story.

Christmas Caroling made the season
brighter for Phoebe residents! A group
of 25 Christmas Carolers enjoyed a pot
luck dinner at the church and then an
evening of Christmas caroling at Phoebe
Home. At the conclusion of the
caroling, Santa, his reindeer, and frosty
all riding on the Richland town fire trucks, met the group
and gave candy canes to all. The evening concluded with
hot chocolate and dessert at the church. Christmas cheer
is everywhere around Richlandtown!

St. John's Cantata Choir gave two well attended performances of
"Song For Christmas" Dec. 5 &12; as well as, blessing Phoebe
residents with a performance during a Sunday afternoon. Thank
You to organist and choir director, Larry Benner, and all St. John's
Cantata Choir for their time and dedication to share the message of
Christmas with all who attended.

Congratulations to Larry Benner and the St. John's U.C.C.
Cantata Choir for being part of the
"Holiday Songfest". The St. John's
Cantata Choir was one of the three
church choirs featured with Summer
Harmony, a Men's Chorus of the Lehigh
Valley. The Songfest took place at the
First Presbyterian Church in Allentown
on Dec. 17th, with over 900 people in
attendance at the event. The Cantata
Choir did an outstanding job their effort shows what a small
church choir can do at its very best!
                   Way to Go St. John's U.C.C.!

               Members of the Cantata Choir
            Eleanor Fly Carol Horton Shannon King
             Cindy Kramer Sarah Moyer Darlene Smith
                Courtney Weeks      Charlene Wolfe
        Carole Freed Terry Hughley          Beverly Kuhn
       Ruth Moyer Marjorie Schaffer        Jessica Sechriest
                    Margaret Werner      Cindy Yerger
             Donald Deily Jason Horton Richard Nice
                    Jared Wolfe Jeremy Wolfe
        David Dunlap Richard Kucharik       William Mease
            John Moyer Charles Pope George Weiser
                          Michael Conrad
Accompanists are: Mary Schwer and Dorothea Hemerly.
Congregational Meeting and Dinner will be
held following church on Sunday, January 30th.
         We are once again approaching the time when the
       nominating process for new Council Members begins.
         The Council Member position is a position of honor
          and it is of the utmost importance to our Church.
     The nine individuals who hold this position are those who
     make the day to day decisions as to the spiritual life and
      work of our Church – as well as its business decisions.
      Thus, we ask that our Congregation would be in prayer
        and reflection as the Nominating Committee moves
        forward seeking individuals for this year’s four new
         nominees to replace Deb Deily, Stephen Sechriest,
            LuAnn Kramer and Romaine Thrapp. Names
             (including your own) can be forwarded to
       Stephen Sechriest or Pastor Linda. If asked to serve
       (terms are for three years), we ask for your prayerful
     We are clearly convinced that God is at work in our
          Church and that God is planning an exciting
                and very meaningful future for us!

Audrey Schenkel wishes to thank all who have sent her
cards and prayers.

                   A Thank you note from Mindy
                   Metzger was received for the Love
                   Offering gift. Please see Mindy’s note
                   posted on the bulletin board.

                   Thanks to all who brought food for the
Christmas dinners for the Quakertown Food Pantry.
St. John’s contributed 15 dinners and 200 lbs of food.

                      Inclement Weather
           In the event it becomes necessary to cancel Services
           at any time during the winter, we will notify WFMZ
           in Allentown. They will post this information on their
           website ( and also notify WLEV 100.7 FM
           in Bethlehem of the closing. Even when we have
Services, we ask that you use your best judgment for your own
safety when deciding to venture out in inclement weather.

   Use of the Church and/or Church Property
    Any activities that need to be „booked‟ at St. John‟s or
borrowing of Church Property i.e. tables, chairs, or other items
             must go through the Church Office –
        this is so that we have no conflict of interest.
      Thank you in advance for your consideration.

            St. John’s Church Kitchen
     Please try to keep our kitchen tidy. And don‟t forget
            refrigerated items that might not keep.

                 An Item of Interest
       If you need to dispose of old medications properly, Rann
Pharmacy in Harleysville has a disposal box. They also have a
website that can help in areas pertaining to medications -
                  Other Drop-Off Locations
                     Quakertown Borough:
              The Quakertown Police Department
               35 North 3rd Street, Quakertown
                      Richland Township:
             Richland Township Police Department
               229 California Road, Quakertown

          Heifer Project International
  Thanks to all of the Members and Friends of
   St. John’s for their contributions to Heifer.
          We raised a total of $465.71.
  The youth are deciding on what to purchase
       and will be letting us know shortly.
                 St. John’s Replicas
 There are still a few (Cat‟s Meow-like) replicas of our Church
   that can be purchased at the church office for $5.
    On the back of each is a short history of our Church.
     The building makes for a very nice reminder of our
                 200th Anniversary celebrations.

                 We are Always Looking for
                      New Lectors…
                   Would you be interested in reading scripture
            passages at our Sunday morning Worship
Services? If you would like to read or have any questions
please contact Pastor Linda or Marcella Kulp.

         The N E W St. John’s Website
       The new St John's website is now live, after roughly five
months of development!
       Many thanks go to Pastor Linda and
Church Council for their support of this new
       Please take a look at the new website
at: , which is the same
name as before.
       Even though the website has gone live, there may be a
few items that haven't yet been included, or maybe there is an
error or two. Please bear with us, as this website is an on-
going effort, and also, please let us know your comments.
And yes, the address will stay the same…

Please bring your empty toner and ink cartridges (any brand)
to the church office. Staples will give us a $2 credit for each
cartridge we return to the store. We are able to return 10
cartridges per month which gives us $20 a month to spend
on office supplies for free! Staples accepts any brand!
Thank you so much for all of your support with this
great way to recycle and save St. John’s in office

                             - 10 -
        Cash Register Tape Fundraiser
      The WOW group collects cash register tapes from Redner‟s
Warehouse Markets. Please register for a Shopper‟s Card at
the courtesy counter and tell them it is for St. John‟s UCC.
With the closing of Boyer‟s we can use all the tapes we can get,
so please try to remember when you grocery shop. Thank you.

         The Quakertown Food Pantry
         Serving God by serving those in need
                    (215) 536-0240

                     Pantry Hours:
     Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
         Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
               Saturday: 10:00 am – Noon

                         Join the St. John’s Food
                               Pantry Team
                      Every fourth Thursday of the month we
                       will be volunteering at the Pantry from
                        6:00 - 8:00 pm. If you would like to
    join the „FOOD PANTRY TEAM‟ speak with Pastor Linda.

                  You are invited to attend…
                St. John’s Next Book Discussion
              Wednesday, January 19th at 7:00 pm
               “THE HELP” by Kathryn Stockett

                   Our Daily Bread
        Our devotional booklets, „OUR DAILY BREAD‟ for
December through February and also the Christmas edition are
now available at the end of the pews. It is time to make our
annual donation to the organization that provides these
devotional guides. If you would like to make a donation to
help defray the cost and support a meaningful ministry,
it would be appreciated. Please place your donation in the
offering plate marked „The Daily Bread‟. Thank You.
                             - 11 -
                  Bulletin Sponsors
The 2011 Bulletin Sponsor List is posted on the bulletin board.
The cost is $5.00 per week per sponsor. There is room for 2
sponsors per week. Please help us defray the cost of printing
our weekly bulletins by volunteering to be a Bulletin Sponsor.
If you have any questions, please contact Carla Spotts.

                       Congregational Meeting
                      The Church Council has called a
                      Congregational Meeting for
                      Sunday, January 30th to be held in
the Sanctuary immediately following our Worship
Service. We encourage all Members to attend this
meeting and be a part of the approval process.

     There are some St. John’s Cookbooks
                still Available!!!
 Please come to the Church Office to purchase
       your copy of our new cookbook.
  They make a great holiday gift… $15 Each.

         Restroom Renovation Update
        We came a step closer to having a fully functioning pair
of bathrooms when Willie's installed the fixtures and reinstalled
the heating. The men of the church and our faithful custodian
were there to finish painting, wiring and patching walls and
floors. Likewise the women of the church were instrumental in
selecting colors and vanities.
        Thanks to all who contributed to the renovations of the
restroom.                                         John Moyer

                            Ushers & Acolytes
                           Please note, if you are an usher
                    and also an acolyte on any given Sunday,
                    please be at the church at least 20 minutes
                    before the service so that you can light the
                    candles. The order of lighting should be the
                             - 12 -
Christ candle first (the large candle on the landing) then the
altar candles. At the end of the service the altar candles should
be extinguished first and then the Christ candle is extinguished.
        Ushers should return to their seats after giving the
offering plate to the pastor or acolyte, this is so they can be
seated for the Offertory Prayer in unison.

      Upcoming St. John’s Social Hours
       All committees have been scheduled for their Social
Hours during the upcoming year. If a date needs to change,
please contact Debbie Deily or the Church Office. You can
be as creative or simple as you like for your Social Hour.

January 9th – Hosted by the Spiritual Life & Property
        Committees – Blood Pressure Screening
February 13th – Hosted by the Budget & Finance /
        Worship Committees
March 13th – Hosted by the WOW Group
April 10th – Hosted by Church Council
May 8th – Hosted by the Men of the Church
June 19th – Hosted by the Christian Ed. Committee

        All Committee Chairpersons, please give reports or any
information on current meetings to the Pastor or Church
Secretary by Wednesday for the Sunday bulletin and by the
20th of the month for the newsletter.           E-mail us at
        Also a large calendar has been placed on the Narthex
bulletin board. People are strongly encouraged to fill in their
planned meetings/events on the calendar for everyone to see.

               Prayer is not a trial balloon we send up to see if
               God is there. It is an opportunity He has given
               us to communicate with Him. Please allow our
               Prayer Chain to join you in prayer.           The
               information you give will be kept confidential.
For prayer needs or for membership, please contact Marcella
Kulp at 215-536-5625.

                             - 13 -
           The Prayer Shawl Ministry
       Do you know someone who would be warmed in body,
mind and spirit by receiving a prayer shawl? If so, please
contact either Barbara Fehnel or Mary Gillen.
They have prayer shawls available. Not only
are the shawls a wonderful blessing to those
who receive them, but they are wonderful
blessings to those who make them!

               Our Church Elevator-
     When exiting the elevator please make sure the door is
completely closed & latched. If the doors on all floors are not
closed, the elevator cannot be called from another floor.

             2011 Offering Envelopes
  Soon, the 2011 Offering Envelopes will be available in the
Narthex. If you see someone who needs to get their envelope,
    please feel free to take theirs with you. Thank you.

            Are You A Scrap Booker?
     We are still looking for a talented, dedicated, scrap booker
to put together books of St. John‟s history. If you think you are
up to the task, please contact the Church Office.

             Our New 2011 Directory
      In January our Church Directory will be revised. If anyone
would like to make any changes to their present listing, please
let the Church Office know via telephone/message, e-mail,
regular mail or dropping the information off at the Church
Office. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

               OUR CHURCH FAMILY
              Prayers and Concerns within
                   Our Congregation
              Jeanette Kade at Phoebe Richland

                             - 14 -
                   Junior Youth
          For all kids ages

     Kindergarten to Grade 5

     From 5:00PM to 6:30 PM

Starting January 12 until February 9

An adventure in fun and friendship
         complete with:


                 Requested donation of
                   $2.00 per session.

                - 15 -

      2  Susan Benner                 18   Larry Shelmire
      5  Durrell Benner               19   Traci Jancsics
         Jeanette Shurow              25   Jessica Bilger
      8 Katie Hoffman                 29   David Ackerman
      11 Jordan Roberts               30   Sarah Lennard
          Margaret Roberts
      14 Jeanette Kade

      Scheduled to Serve
January 2    Karen King
January 9    David King
January 16   Don Deily
January 23   Sue Benner
January30    Courtney Weeks

January 2    David Ackerman & Ruth Ann Ackerman
January 9    Dolores Sipple & Jane Sipple
January 16   Stephen & Jessica Sechriest
January 23   Paul & Eva Shelmire
January 30   George & Carla Spotts

January 2    Jade Scholl & Aaron Scholl
January 9    Karen Bilger & LuAnn Kramer
January 16   Judy Guise & Stephen Sechriest
January 23   George Schaffer & Linda Lindsay
January 30   Carla Spotts & George Spotts

                             - 16 -
January 2    Aaron Scholl
January 9    Shannon King
January 16   Emily Scholl
January 23   Linda Lindsay
January 30   Jason Horton

Visitation Committee
January     Jessica Sechriest, Karen King & Shannon King
February    Mary Musselman

Altar Guild
January     Ruth Ann Ackerman & Sue Gross
February    Marge Schaffer & Kerry Thompson

January 2    Karen Bilger & Gail Jancsics
January 9    Jade Scholl & Emily Scholl
January 16   Carol Leiter & Mary Hardcastle
January 23   Judy Roberts & Katie Roberts
January 30   Kerry Thompson & Kim Gibialante

Offering Processing
January 2   Debbie Deily, John Moyer & Marcella Kulp
January 9   Stephen Sechriest, David King & Romaine
January 16 LuAnn Kramer, Deb Deily, & John Moyer
January 23 Marcella Kulp, Stephen Sechriest, & David King
January 30 Romaine Thrapp, LuAnn Kramer & Deb Deily

Ushers:      Debbie Deily, LuAnn Kramer, John Moyer
             and Stephen Sechriest
Altar:       Marcella Kulp
Altar Guild: Barbara Afflerbach, Barbara Fehnel
             and Carla Spotts

                             - 17 -
               MISSION STATEMENT
                 Adopted February 2, 1997

 We, the Congregation of St. John's United Church of Christ,
 building on the heritage of the Church as we move into the
next century, hereby set forth the following as a statement of
                         our purpose.

       As a Congregation we strive to worship God,
 and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through traditional
                 and alternative methods.
 The celebration of the sacraments affirms in this place the
   ecumenical unity and inclusiveness in Christ's Church

                   Community Involvement
 We strive to be an active contributor and participant in the
life and activities of the Richlandtown area and surrounding
     communities. Following the example of Jesus Christ,
   we endeavor to minister to the needs of all people in the

                    Christian Education
We strive to provide an opportunity for persons of all ages to
             teach and learn about God's Word.

  St. John's U.C.C. openly welcomes anyone interested in
  becoming a Member of this church family and eagerly
 accepts new Members through confirmation, reaffirmation
                of faith and letters of transfer.

  We, the Congregation, acknowledge our responsibility to
provide the financial support for the maintenance of Church
  facilities and on-going programs as well as benevolence
    within the community and the Church's wider mission.

                            - 18 -
- 19 -
- 20 -

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