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                   Genie Corporation Limited

     One-Stop IT Solution Provider
Delivering High Quality Result in Cost-Effective Manner

Company Overview
Who we are                                      What we do
GCL is an established web development           GCL delivers comprehensive web services
company delivering web development              ranging from custom website design to
services of any complexity to clients           development of complex internet systems.
worldwide. we have office in Ahmedabad,         We base our offerings on an understanding
we have a strong team of skilled experienced    of clients’ business requirements and
IT experts. Our customers are companies of      providing dependable solutions. We combine
all sizes ranging from startups to large        business domain knowledge with technology
enterprises who realize that they need a        competence and proven methodologies to
professional internet solution to generate      deliver high quality results in a cost-effective
revenue streams, establish communication        manner to maximize your competitive
channels or streamline business operations.     advantage and productivity.

Our strength
One-stop Internet Solutions Vendor              Quality Standards
Whether you need an appealing website           GCL Quality Initiatives are based on a 3Q
design or complex multi-tier internet system    approach: Quality personnel, Quality Process
development or custom programming using         and Quality Communications. Each project in
latest technologies and industry trends (e.g.   our organization is under constant control of
Web 2.0) – we have required experience          a dedicated quality assurance department
and expertise to do it all.                     that monitors project activities and results at
                                                each development phase.
Full-Cycle Development Services
We support a full-cycle development
process from requirements definition and
specification, architecture design, coding,
testing and validation to product
maintenance and support. Depending on
your specific requirements our experts will
take you step by step through each phase
of solution development providing you with
a sound advice on technology and
application options.


Mission and Vision

To achieve expertise in the chosen domain
with focused approach and delivery
                                            Our Vision is to emerge as a leading solution
                                            provider in the field of software development
commitment.                                 & IT enabled services by pursuing latest
                                            trends in technology and quality driven
Rapid and continuous investment in          approach by providing cost effective world
technologies, skills, and human resources   class technology solutions.

Operate with high degree of Integrity,
Security and maximum value for money
approach towards customers.


Business Philosophy
We at GCL are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed
in a constantly changing and challenging biz world. Our fundamental company values stem
from understanding that our success is tied with success of our clients. Our key business
principles are:

Understand Clients Needs
We carefully study each customer particular
case to understand the client’s needs and
objectives and deliver a dependable
solution. We make you aware of all
available options and provide you with a
competent advice enabling you to take an
informed business decision.

Earn Clients Trust and Confidence
Our aim is to earn customer's trust and
confidence through personal attention,
passion for what we do and commitment to
long-lasting relationship. We will go an extra
mile to deliver you a measurable business
value and help you adopt and succeed in
the internet.

Partner with Clients
We are committed to becoming your long-
term, trusted partner. Our priority is not only
providing professional services and
solutions but becoming your IT vendor
dedicated to meeting your needs today and
support your growing business needs


Why Genie
At GCL we are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by
ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions. It would be our endeavor to achieve this
with technical, financial, business and moral excellence. Our knowledge and experience
helps to manage the projects with minimum time and cost with maximum features and

Genie have state-of-the art offshore             We have a spacious center and the
development center in Ahmedabad for              sophisticated infrastructure is complete with
executing large and mission critical             an array of advanced workstations, cutting
assignments. Genie’s facilities provide an       edge computing and network systems, power
ideal and exclusive environment for creative     packed online servers and smart
and skilled professionals engaged in             communications systems in the best
software development activities.                 commercial hub of Ahmedabad.
Scientifically designed and fully networked,
the workspace is complete with all support
services and amenities. With the best
software and hardware environments
coupled with state-of-the-art communication
facilities, the centers are fully equipped to
work as virtual extensions of clients'
environment, providing 24x7 services.


Our Skill Set
Programming Languages / Technologies
• Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB .NET)    •   Flash (Actionscript)
• J2EE (JSP, Java Servlets, EJB, RMI,      •   COM/DCOM
  JavaMail, JMS, Swing)                    •   CSS
• J2ME                                     •   SOAP
• PHP                                      •   SSL
• AJAX                                     •   MAPI, TAPI, SAPI
• JavaScript                               •   HTML/DHTML, XHTML
• VBScript                                 •   XML/XSLT
• Ruby on Rails                            •   VML
• C/C++                                    •   OLE, ActiveX
• ColdFusion/Perl                          •   TCP/IP, HTTP/FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP

Web & Application Servers                 Operating Systems
•   BEA WebLogic                           •   Windows 9x/2000/CE/ME/NT/XP
•   IBM Web Sphere                         •   Linux
•   JRUN                                   •   FreeBSD
•   JBOSS                                  •   Symbian OS
•   Tomcat                                 •   Palm OS
•   Microsoft IIS                          •   Pocket PC
•   Apache
•   MS Exchange Server
•   SharePoint Server                     Voip
                                           •   SIP
Databases                                  •   RTP/RTCP
•   MS SQL                                 •   H.261, mpeg 4, G 711, GSM, PCMA
•   MySQL                                  •   MIKEY, SRTP
•   Oracle
•   MS Access


How we Work
Genie Corporation Limited has a well-defined and mature application development process
which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to maintenance and
support of the application. This process supports a distributed development environment
wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the offshore and onsite
teams spread across the world.

Our development team adopts software          In most cases the Software Development
development methodologies based on the        Process at genie adopts the spiral iterative
client's project specifications and           methodology and waterfall development
requirements specifically to your custom      process in which the entire software
requirements.                                 development project cycle has to go through
                                              one or more iterations of all project stages.
                                              We have defined our own processes for
                                              queries, requirements specifications,
                                              analysis, designing, development, testing/QA,
                                              deployment, and maintenance.

Software Development                          genie’s QA Team
Process                                       At genie quality check and software testing
                                              is an integral aspect of the entire
                                              developmental process. We follow a
                                              hierarchy so as to get better quality products
                                              which are verified and validated at each and
                                              every level. The process of QA at genie is
                                              carried out by a very distinctive Quality
                                              Analysis team. This team is directly under
                                              the management team. This QA
                                              team looks after the over all quality
                                              functioning of the company. Our quality
                                              analysts are directly in touch with the senior
                                              level management to ensure overall quality
                                              maintenance. Our quality analysts are highly
                                              experienced individuals who have the in
                                              depth knowledge of all the technologies
                                              being used in the process of software
                                              development. This factor ensures timely
                                              guidance and assistance from the masters.

Software Development Services
Application Development                         PHP Development
As the Internet grew into a major player on     We are offering offshore development service
the global economic front, so did the number    in PHP development with high quality and
of investors who were interested in its         affordable cost. Our main focus is to
development. So, you may wonder, how            development Web based application in PHP
does the Internet continue to play a major      to satisfy your requirement and helping you
role in communications, media and news?         in cost effective development. Such way you
                                                can minimize burden of you in house
From the simple process of transferring         development as well.
funds into a bank account, to deploying a
large scale web services network that           Our PHP team is eager to serve you and
updates pricing information globally, the       bring your dreams to realization. Our team;
adoption of a web applications infrastructure   with skilled developers is ready to work with
is vital for many businesses.                   you for web application development,
                                                database development and management, E
And, that is where GCL becomes the first        commerce system etc.
choice as a web application development
company. Our experience and vast
knowledge in developing user centric web
application will help you to grow your          Microsoft .net Development
business.                                       Genie Corporation Limited believes in
                                                providing utmost quality and the finest
Open Source Customization                       delivery options of our services. These
GCL offers solutions on various open source     services include offshore .Net application
platforms. Our skilled and efficient            development and system design, .Net
developers are expert in designing              desktop and web application development,
templates, creating skins, installing open      architecture and design evaluation. Custom
source solutions, installing their modules,     Control development using .Net is also
doing design integration and also make          offered along with various web services that
custom modification to cater varied range of    use XML and SOAP toolkit. Managing and
client needs. We employ highly skilled          implementing periodic upgrades and
professionals with years of open source         continual technical support for existing
programming and development experience.         custom and critical applications is also one of
The result is prompt and reliable               the many services offered by genie.

Software Development Services
Application Maintenance                             Mobile Application
Any software application serves its purpose         Out team of Mobile application development
only while it functions properly, and it is up to   specialists produces economical solutions by
date with the latest functionalities a business     isolating components in an application that
needs in order to perform. Any hour of              hinders development, and solves the
downtime or misalignment for critical               problem, with effective and industry standard
software applications can lead to dissatisfied      techniques.
customers, less productive employees and
the business not realizing potential revenues       We understand you and help you to achieve
and profit.                                         your corporate goal wherever you are. At our
Our Software Application Maintenance                offshore mobile application development
Outsourcing Services ensure ongoing                 center, harnessing the power of Java ME
management and support for your packaged            (formerly J2ME™), Flash Lite CDK and other
applications (such as SAP and Oracle)               related mobile technologies for building a
and/or custom applications, thus improving          productive mobile environment, a skill base of
their value and effectiveness towards your          both mainstream application development as
business goals. Through high-availability           well as the more unique handheld device
maintenance services you benefit from timely        application development is required. genie
improvements in the quality of existing             assures these skills and leads towards the
software applications, which can be offered         new mobile environment.
as a mix between onsite, offsite and
nearshore engineers. We apply successful
patterns for transferring knowledge to our
nearshore development team in Eastern
Europe, such that productivity levels can be
reached within reasonable periods of time.


Web Based Services
Website Development
Design involves creativity, visualization and inherent skills. A well designed website can turn
into an important marketing tool for your business. An appealing website creates your
specific business identity which differ you from your competitors. You are known to people
whom you are in touch with, through a website people get in touch with you.

Web site designing is creating your specific web presence. Web pages are designed using
HTML, CSS, image and other media. Website is a collection of information. Designing a
website can be said to be designing several web pages which together make a website.
Web designing services include several designing services. Web designing is broadly
divided into two categories.

SEO & SEM Services
What is SEO?                                     Listing
Daily so many websites are launched in your      The first step in web promotion is to list your
industry, so how a person can come to know       website on an Index. Index is a directory of
about your website? If you have developed        websites all over the world and it sorts
your website for your customers, it has to be    websites based on usage category i.e.
promoted in search engines.                      location, purpose, interests etc. The
                                                 prominent indexes are,
                                                 and google directory.

Your website is then submitted in various Search Engines. The prominent 20% search
engines cover more than 80% of online promotion market. They are,,,,,, and

Unlike indexes, the search engines do not make a database of the websites online. Instead
they utilize special software called as web robots which crawl through the indexes as well
as various online repositories to find and sort the websites in relevant categories based on
the codes set by the search engines experts. This means that it becomes utmost necessary
to first list on an index before a web site can show up on a search engine.


Web Based Services
Domain Registration
Domain name registration is the first step in
launching an online business. It is the name of
your business, your identification mark, as the
total web address is your online contact
address. Hence domain name choice should
involve in depth market research and business
knowledge. Ironically, domain name seems to be
an easiest task for online business, but it
has to be effective and should influence the
target audience. A well chosen domain name
can foster your business in various ways one of
them is by increasing search engine traffic.
Domain name registration is a vital work while
setting up a new business, so here in this
article you can find several guidelines to consider
while choosing an appropriate domain

Web Hosting
Web hosting empowers you and anyone with a computer and internet connection to own a
piece of cyberspace. In your space, you can have news, bulletins, documents, data, files
(your web site) and your own post office (mail server) to accept mail, all in the context of you
or your business. This is your space and to get this space you either have to own a piece of
the physical internet with a network connection to the internet backbone and computer(s)
operating as server(s) offering access to your files and post office, for people on the internet
to view your web site or send and receive email with you.


Web Based Services
Web Hosting

Linux Hosting                                  Windows Hosting
Linux web hosting (sometime referred to as     The Microsoft Windows based server
LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP)             platform is a popular and reliable option for
solutions are suitable for webmasters who      your hosting needs. According to Netcraft,
use Linux hosting features, such as Perl       Windows hosting represents 35.8% of all
programming, PHP programming and               websites hosted on the Internet (as of
MySQL database. Linux web site hosting is a    December 2007). Only Apache has a higher
powerful and reliable hosting solution, and    percentage of users, but the Windows
because Linux is open source software, it is   platform continues to gain ground as more
usually very cheap. Below you will find the    and more users opt for its familiar interface
best Linux plans on the market, ranked by      and ease of use.
value for money, quality, and reliability.
                                               Windows hosting provides a stable,
                                               affordable environment to host a website.
Dedicated Hosting                              This platform includes ASP hosting, natural
                                               support for other Microsoft applications, and
From a single web server to a                  the functionality you need to get your site up
comprehensive multi-server solution,           and running. Whether you're running a MS-
dedicated server hosting gives you the         SQL database or an ASP.NET application,
hardware and management services you           you can depend on us for your hosting
need for a low fixed monthly fee. Dedicated    needs.
Web hosting reduces up front costs while
giving you the flexibility to expand and
change as your business requires. Explore
the components of your custom dedicated
server solution, designed for your needs and

For dedicated hosting plans, please mail us


Graphic Design Services
Logo Designing                                   Hoardings Design
A logo is an integral part of a company's        Hoardings need to rise above the visual
corporate identity. A uniquely customized        noise confronting the viewer and convey
logo design can intensify your company's         information - quickly and effectively.
identity, and help you to acquire instant
recognition. Logo designing is creating the      A deep understanding of delivering
main graphic heading of your web page;           information carries through into the design of
hence it is the visual centre of the entire      banners. Clean, easy delivery of information
page design.                                     combined with the right visual identity ensure
                                                 that the banners meet their communication
Brochure Design
Brochure design service at Genie help            Leaflets and Flyers
business firms of all sizes and industries to
                                                 genie offers creative templates for Leaflets,
convey their message with professionally
                                                 and flyers for a variety of businesses. If
design brochure & catalogues, advertising
                                                 you're faced with time limitations, budget
material and newsletters. Whether you need
                                                 constraints or simply need new creative
a mailer design, a flyer design, tri-fold
                                                 ideas, let our designs do the work. They are
brochure, sales brochure, marketing
                                                 available in QuarkXPress™, Adobe®
brochure, training manual, booklet, pocket
                                                 InDesign®, Adobe PageMaker®, Adobe
folder or a catalog design service, we have
                                                 Illustrator®, CorelDRAW® and Microsoft®
the expertise to deliver professional brochure
                                                 Publisher. and many more.
design within your timeframe.

Business Corr. Kit                               Trade Show Graphics
                                                 Looking for brilliant graphics that attract
Looking for uniq business correspondence         customers to your booth? You've come to
kit that attract customers to your company?      the right place! Our equipment gives you
Our graphic designers can provide you with a     bright graphics and crisp photos that
complete kit containing the design of your       demand attention. Our designers have
visiting card, letterhead, identity card,        produced effective trade show graphics for
envelope of different sizes, and background      thousands of trade show booths. Let us put
themes for powerpoint presentation.              our know-how to work for you!


Multimedia Solutions
Our team offers Multimedia Solutions for all type of business and requirements. Whether
you need a small presentation for your business, character animation or a complex 3D
model for a big commercial project, we have capability for all. Genie offers following
multimedia services

Flash Development
Architectural 3D Rendering
Industrial & Engg.. Modeling
Architectural 3D Walkthrough
3D Character Animation
Product 3D Modeling & Animation
3D Floor Plan


Genie Reminder Service
So What's This All About?
Oohyaa lets you streamline your reminders. Either it is for medicine, appointment with a
doctor, birthday/anniversary, generic reminders or for any important reminder for
payments, it will remind you all. NOW, its time to give a break to your thumb. There is no
need to set up reminders in your cell phone juggling with those small keys. It will also
remind you when your outlook is not with you.

How it works?
1. You need to create your account              2. You need to choose the option
                                                for receiving reminders
Setting up Oohyaa is really easy. Just put
your mobile no. or email ID and define the      Oohyaa is bound to give you facilities and
reminders you want to follow. You can set up    options. We can serve your reminders as an
their frequency on daily, weekly, monthly, or   email or SMS. Its entirely your sweet will to
yearly basis.                                   select the option considering your
3. Start receiving your reminders
Now your account is populated with your
reminders. If you want your things to get
done properly, you need to read your
reminders in your email or your mobile


Thin Client Technology
Thin Client technology is based on the principal of “Optimum Use” of “Available
Computing Power”. Current generation P-IV, Duo Core and other such powerful
processors based machines have enough computing power to serve many users
concurrently in a general business environment using word processors, spreadsheets,
emails, internet, accounting software, ERP etc. If you see the CPU Usage history in the
performance meter, it normally lies at 1-4% level. This clearly indicates that there is
enough power which can be optimally utilized for more users.

Thus, in a Thin Client Solution we setup a machine with good processing power & RAM
as a Server. All software programs are loaded on the Servers. The Nodes (without any
hard disk and with minimal processing power) are connected together through a
standard RJ45 Networking. The Nodes use the computing power of the server and thus
allows you to run high end applications with phenomenal performance on low end and
even old hardware.

Thin Client offer many benefits over conventional setup. It brings in multi-
pronged benefits:

Cost                                           Convenience & Manageability
• No Hard Disk or any other media required.    • No Disk Crashes.
• Low Hardware configuration                   • No Virus Problems to be fought on each
  requirement (Anything from PI/32               desktop.
  MB RAM onwards)                              • Practically Zero Down times.
• No UPS required on nodes.                    • Easy Software Maintenance.
• Never require an upgrade on the nodes.       • Low Maintenance as no moving parts left.
• Reduced Power consumption on Nodes.


Thin Client Technology

Control                                       Flexibility
• Easy and better Administration.             • User can switch machines with out any
• Centralized Data Control and                  problem.
  accumulation.                               • Setting up a new user is a breeze.
• Software licensing and control.             • Less than 10 minutes of installation time.
• User Rights, policy deployment as per the   • Can support local printer, CD Drives and
  Domain Controller setting up                  USB devices.

Scalability                                   Performance
• You can use thin client to expand as you    • All machines work at the performance of
  grow.                                         the Server.
• No limit on no of machines which can be     • Low Network traffic.
  configured in Thin Client.                  • Applications like Tally work better than
• Can make Server Clusters to expand into       even the normal client-server.
  multiple server solution.


Document Management Software –
“genie central”
Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects of
the business. genie Central is an online application which can be used as a central
repository for all your documents. This will improve your process of managing
documents. You can save them department wise and project wise. A person working in
X department can not even know what all documents are stored online for Department
Y. He can access to only those documents for which he is authorized.

Now its time to eliminate wasted time in searching documents. Access your information
the moment you need it, wherever you need it – and manage it all from the convenience
of a web browser.

Project Management System -
“genie pro”

So don't keep checking your different email ids for gathering information. Use “genie
Pro” and access all information at a single point.



                     Genie Corporation Limited

                          290, Manekbaugh,
                 Lane No. - 7, Nr. Nehru Nagar Circle,
                   Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380 015
                            Gujarat, INDIA.
                      Tele: +91 79 2640 5005/6.
                     Support: +91 9099 012 345.
                       Fax: +91 79 2640 5004.

     One-Stop IT Solution Provider
Delivering High Quality Result in Cost-Effective Manner


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