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					                Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church
                3611 North Berens Road NW
                Prior Lake, MN 55379

 Our mission:   Growing in Faith, Living to Serve            February 2010

                                                         T H RO U G H
Jesus is With Us
                                                                 By Peter Strommen, Lead Pastor (

                  Dear Members and            Ben took on his parent’s passion - - to   SOLLC faces some large financial
                  Friends:                    minister among the poor. He and his       challenges and it’s easy to become self-
                                              wife Renee and cousin Jonathan were       preoccupied and insulated. However,
                  It is not always easy to    all senior seminarians, teaching Lu-      one reason I’m glad and proud to be in
                  write an article that will  theran lay leaders in Haiti over their    the ELCA is because of its vast na-
                  appear several weeks later, “J” term.                                 tional and global network of relation-
                   especially when our life                                             ships - - like April and Judd, ministries
PETER              together is anything but   I’ve watched the sea of grief that        in Haiti, Russia, Namibia, and China to
STROMMEN           “business as usual.”       comes with the loss of a child when       name a few. We put our lives and
                   You receive this newslet- my youngest brother David was              challenges in a healthier perspective
                   ter after our annual meet- killed. Parents are not wired to lose     when we remember others, especially
      ing and after our congregation is com- their children. April and Judd and         the poor. It is in reaching out beyond
      ing to understand that we are “no       their daughter-in-law Renee (who was      ourselves that we are strengthened
      longer in Kansas.”                      able to successfully get out of the       with the kind of faith and vision re-
                                              house as it crumbled) will try to move    quired to meet challenges of our

       “It is in reaching out beyond ourselves that we
       are strengthened with the kind of faith and vision
       required to meet challenges of our own.”
      That said, we must always put our own on with their lives. It won’t be easy.      own. Jesus created a church that is
      challenges in proper perspective.                                                 always at its best when its gaze is fo-
                                              But here is why these stories are worth   cused upon Christ and His Body in
      This morning I read the story of how sharing for Christians. The Body of          mission.
      the earthquake in Haiti directly im-    Christ is about a global community of
      pacted the lives of my friends April    people who share in joys and suffering.   I see in my mind’s eye a picture of
      and Judd Larson. April and Judd are     April shared in a news release that it    Ben, a spitting image of his parents,
      both pastors.                           brought some comfort to know that         young and earnest. I shutter at the
                                              her son was buried among the poorest      tears that will be shed as he is remem-
      April was the world’s first Lutheran    of the poor. That’s because April and     bered and longed for. I am reminded
      bishop and now serves the congrega- Judd, more than almost anyone I               that to be the church of Jesus Christ is
      tion I once served in Duluth. Their     know, truly understand how Christians     to be connected to a communion of
      son Ben, age 25, was a promising        are connected across culture, language    saints that spans time, space, and cir-
      young pastor-to-be who at this writing, and socio-economic barriers. If they      cumstances.
      lies beneath the rubble of the house in must lose a son, then to lose him while
      which he and his wife and cousin were ministering to and with the poor is         We all have the privilege of living for
      staying.                                strangely comforting. We know that        things much greater than ourselves. In
                                              Christ was there as well.                 this there is both joy and sorrow.

                                   Weekly               WORSHIP                                  FaithHabits
Lent & Holy Week                                                                                      As a follower of
                                                                                                      JESUS CHRIST,
                                                                                                    I strive to practice:
Ash Wednesday, February 17
5:30 and 7:00 p.m. in the Celebration Center. Imposition of Ashes.
                                                                                                   Weekly WORSHIP
            Walk the Labyrinth February 18—March 27                                            Daily PRAYER
            The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool to prepare our Mind/Body/Spirit by a holis-      BIBLE Reading & Study
            tic clearing of fears and brokenness. After walking the Labyrinth and letting
            go of the burdens of daily life, one can experience great freedom. The                      Faithful GIVING
            Labyrinth leads us in a true direction to Christ crucified. Brochures are avail-   Small Group
            able at the Welcome Center or, which explains how to walk                  COMMUNITY
            the Labyrinth.
                                                                                               Ministry in the
Midweek Lenten Services beginning February 24                                                      LOCAL CHURCH and
    Lenten Soup Supper from 5:00—6:30 p.m.                                                        Ministry in the WORLD
    Wednesdays at 12:00 & 6:00 p.m. at the McKenna Theatre
    Wednesdays at 6:30 & 7:30 p.m. in the Celebration Center
    Nursery & Game Room Open at 6:30 & 7:30 p.m.
          February 24
                                                                                                  Contact Us
          March 3                                                                              SHEPHERD OF THE LAKE
                                                                                               LUTHERAN CHURCH
          March 10
                                                                                               3611 North Berens Road NW
          March 17
                                                                                               Prior Lake, MN 55379
          March 24                                                                             Phone: 952.230.2988
                                                                                               Fax: 952.230.2961
Palm Sunday, March 28                                                                
    8:15, 9:45, 11:15 a.m. Holy Communion & Procession of the Palms.                           OFFICE HOURS
    Festival Chorale and Bells of Praise. Nursery Open                                         Monday thru Friday
                                                                                               8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Maundy Thursday, April 1
    7:00 p.m. Service of Holy Communion. First Communion Reception.                            SATURDAY WORSHIP
    Nursery & Game Room Open                                                                   5:30 p.m.

                                                                                               SUNDAY WORSHIP
Good Friday, April 2                                                                           8:15, 9:45, & 11:15 a.m.
    12:00 p.m. Traditional Worship through Song & Prayer
    5:30 p.m. Easter Drama                                                                     NURSERY
    7:30 p.m. Easter Drama                                                                     Available at all Saturday &
                                                                                               Sunday worship services
    Nursery & Game Room Open at 5:30 & 7:30 p.m.
Easter Vigil Saturday, April 3                                                                 SUNDAY SCHOOL
                                                                                               8:15, 9:45, & 11:15 a.m.
    5:30 p.m. Easter Vigil Service of Baptism and Holy Communion. Children’s Choirs.           Ages 3 to Grade 4
    Nursery & Game Room Open
Easter Sunday, April 4 – Resurrection Celebration                                              Living Water—Grades 5 to 8
    7:45 a.m. Holy Communion. Nursery Open.                                                    Sr. High—Grades 9 to 12
    9:00 a.m. Holy Communion. Nursery Open.
                                                                                               SHEPHERD’S VOICE
    10:15 a.m. Holy Communion. Nursery Open.                                                   Stephanie Norris 952.230.2911
    11:30 a.m. Holy Communion. Nursery Open.                                         

                                             By Katy Hallberg, Congregational Council President (

                      “Make me to know your            ing are, “What is the leading of Christ in meeting, I gave one of these books to
                      ways, O Lord, teach me           our midst?” and “Where are we head-        each council member and pastor, asking
                      your paths.” Psalm 25:4          ing?”                                      them to read the book as we move
                                                                                                  through this year of being the servants
                      Discernment: “To                 We each need to seek the discern-          of Christ here at SOLLC. Spending time
                      discern is to sift through       ment of God’s will at two levels:          each day in discernment and Bible read-
                      the illusory. It is to come to         1. On a personal level, what is His ing will be essential if we want God to
                      discover what is real.”                    will for you with regard to your give us the wisdom and strength we will
KATY                                                             giving and your participation at need. We must hold firm to the promise
HALLBERG              “Discernment implies the                   the church?                      in Philippians 4:13 and have great confi-
                      existence of a pathway to-             2. At the communal level, we need dence about our future.
                      ward greater clarity in our                to be a part of the discernment
  times of wondering. It comes from the Latin                    of His will with regard to the   What areas of our programs most inter-
  descernere, meaning to distinguish.” “The word                 necessary changes that will be   est you? The Sunday School, the Living
  discern may not pass our lips, but the desire to               made within our church struc- Water, Sr. High, our music programs,
  move faithfully in God’s way burns within us.”                 ture and our programs.           our outreach programs, our hospitality
  We know that we have not brought the insight                                                    programs, the preschool program, the
  into being ourselves. It comes from beyond us as     The wonderful result of the challenges compassion programs such as the Be-
  a gift from God. We arrive at discernment of         we are going to undertake this year as a frienders, the educational programs, the
  God’s will through spending time with him in         congregation is that we will be blessed    fellowship programs, the stewardship
  prayer and reading the Bible. “Discernment is        in the process and blessed with the re- team, …? Others? I encourage you to
  about more than taking this or that course of        sult.                                      pray about your role in helping us to
  action in life…Discernment is ulti-                                                             take the program(s) that interest you
  mately about doing the will of the                   Through intentional prayer and quiet       to a level of excellence. Do you want
  living God.” (The Way of Discernment)                times with God, we will as individuals     to be a part of the team that organizes
                                                       and as a congregation, seek discernment and manages the changes in that area or
  As we, the congregation of Shepherd of               of God’s guidance concerning Shep-         do you want to start out by just giving
  the Lake Lutheran Church, move for-                  herd’s Path and be open to the insights of your time once a month?
  ward in 2010, we know that we have a                 and paths He lays before us. When
  tremendous challenge before us but also              members of a Christian conference          How much do you value the blessings
  a tremendous opportunity. So it is with              shared the benefits they received          God is giving to you and the opportuni-
  our future this year on Shepherd’s Path.             through using communal discernment, ties God is giving you at SOLLC? Is
  The only way to move ahead and suc-                  they listed the following:                 there room in your budget to play a big-
  ceed is to tackle both of our challenges                    • Our relationships grow            ger part in supporting SOLLC finan-
  (growth and financial) at the same time.                         stronger.                      cially? If you have not yet pledged, is
  Each member of our congregation is                          • We sense God’s power in           your commitment strong enough to
  being asked to take on a greater role in                         fresh ways.                    turn it into a firm pledge so we know
  the funding of our church and its pro-                      • Differences are honored and how much we can count on financially
  grams and at the same time determine                             also transcended.              from you this critical year? Is your com-
  the role they can play in the building of                   • We experience holy “aha’s.”       mitment strong enough to sign up for
  SOLLC into a large church with exem-                        • We see possibilities we never Simply Giving where your pledge is
  plary programming in all areas.                                  thought of before.             automatically paid to the church by your
                                                              • We trust what comes forth         bank each month? What if you signifi-
  As we move ahead we are strength-                                and stay committed to it.      cantly increased (even doubled or tri-
  ened by remembering that God is                             • The future looks hopeful.         pled) what you usually give, would that
  with us always and that our purpose                                                             make it easier to see God’s guiding hand
  is to build His church where we will                 This list is quoted from the devotional in your life? I know that when Bill and I
  all grow in our faith and reach out to               book, Way of Discernment, which we         started making the church a more sub-
  others with that same opportunity                    used in a Faith Formation class at         stantial part of our budget, we also
  for them. The main questions we need                 SOLLC this fall. At our January council found that the church became a bigger
  to keep at the center of all of our think-                                                      part of our life and that somehow, we
have more, rather than less, in many          eye on the ultimate prize of our journey     areas? Of course He does! It is his
ways. Stepping forward and making a           here at Shepherd’s Path - the privileged     church which we are blessed to call
bigger commitment to God helps us to          to walk with Christ and to do His work       our own. And above all, remember
remember to walk more closely with            in our community and world, sharing          that the gift of discernment comes
him and to seek the guidance of the           His blessings with others. This ultimate     not through our efforts, but as a gift
Holy Spirit on a daily basis.                 prize is one of the greatest gifts we will   from our God who sustains us in
                                              receive here on earth. At the same time,     countless ways.
Yes, this is going to be a year when          we must remember Luke 12:48.
much is asked of us all at SOLLC--                                                         Thanks be to God for the wonderful
and rightly so. The congregation that         Seeking discernment of God’s will is         opportunities we have at SOLLC this
projects the dream at Shepherd’s Path         one of the keys to the success of our        year to grow and for the opportunity to
into the future - and beyond today’s          church this year. I pray that we will        walk with Christ at our side every day.
difficulties - will need to be a discerning   place our trust in God by being attentive
God centered congregation. God is             to how the Holy Spirit is present in the     A copy of The Way of Discernment and the
forcing us to make needed changes at a        midst of those gathered, and by having       other books in the Companions In Christ series
personal and communal level that will         faith in God’s willingness and power to      can be ordered/purchased at the Welcome
make us a stronger and healthier church,      transform the situation. Does God            Desk.
just as the economic crisis in the world      want us to succeed in building a
is forcing many needed changes in our         large church that is financially sound       Katy Hallberg, SOLLC President
economic patterns. We need to keep our        and doing an exceptional job in all

                       The River Valley YMCA is dedicated toward building strong kids, strong families and strong communi-
                       ties. The River Valley YMCA is a partner with Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in our common
                       mission to serve others. This partnership offers some great benefits to the SOLLC community including
                       reduced fees for YMCA membership as well as access to special programs we offer to help build the total
                       person: spirit, mind, and body. Stop by the River Valley YMCA to take a tour and find out more about
                       how the River Valley YMCA helps to transform the lives of individuals, families, and children.

 Here are some things currently going on at the River Valley YMCA in January 2010:
 • We offer 92 free group fitness classes per week. Classes include Fitness Yoga, Body Pump, Group Spin Cycle, Body
    Flow , Tai Chi, and many more.
 • We also offer free Kids Stuff drop-off center that is focused on offering children age-appropriate activities and fun.
 • We offer new members free one hour fitness consultations with one of our nationally certified Personal Trainers. We also
    offer a free fitness assessment as well that will help give new members a starting point from a fitness perspective.
 • Free XRCADE room that has interactive games such as DDR and Wii. This family friendly area is staffed and free for all
    members ages seven (7) & up. The YMCA is also happy to note that all the interactive games require movement and activ-
    ity so no one simply sits in front of a screen.
 • Beginning at age 10 all youth can use our fitness facility. They first go through an orientation to the equipment with our
    fitness staff and then can work out on their own!
 • We also offer a “Teens in Training” four week program for youth ages 12-17 as an orientation to weight lifting teaching
    proper lifting technique and knowledge of equipment.
 • New Swim Academy classes have started already this January but there is still time to register for this session. You don’t
    have to be a member to enjoy our high quality swim lessons in our new state of the art Aquatics Center.
 • Get Fit Club is a new offering to members that helps chart your course to realistic, long-term lifestyle changes. Get Fit is
    designed and proven to empower people to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks.

 There will also be an Open House the last three days in January, Friday the 29 through Sunday the 31. This Open House is
 free to the public and is open to everyone. Please tell your friends and neighbors as this is a wonderful opportunity to take
 advantage of trying out our new state of the art facility!

 There will also be an Open House in February as well from Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28.

Lifting Up Our Volunteers: How WXYZ Began...
                                                                          By Ardene Neve, Congregational Member (

“Time flies,” we hear. Yes, as doesn’t it seem that just last week we were caring for and supervising young children, agonizing
when the police siren pierced the night and our recently-licensed driver was not yet home, silently and unobtrusively watched as
children’s life partners were chosen, sharing our children forever with another family, but also acquiring a child by marriage
when wedding bells rang? And then, ah! The joyous return home bearing a precious bundle and bringing the sheer delight and
blessing of grandparenthood.

So what now? Those of “The Greatest Generation” and even the subsequent generation have had assurance of a guaranteed
pension, as well as Social Security, providing financial undergirding. (Conversely, our Baby Boomers are less comfortably situ-
ated as they face retirement.) Most of the Greatest Generation had the advantage of retiring while health was stable. These
factors have helped when considering future options.

And the options spread luxuriantly and endlessly before us! Top priority? No question: Interacting and assisting with grandchil-
dren. But after that the list unfolds—for example: Traveling and seeing the world, as enticing travel brochures beckon us to do.
Embracing a hobby that might have lain dormant during the demands of employment—waiting like a cocoon to burst open
and to be enjoyed with abandon and gusto. Fulfilling a submerged dream of pursuing continuing education. Or perhaps just
sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee and watching the grass grow-without a shroud of guilt smothering the idyllic experience.

After all the options are considered, though, it is people who, next to our faith, are most important. Family, friends—even ac-
quaintances—bring lasting warmth to our lives. There’s time now to re-establish, reawaken, and strengthen those ties. The
threshold of a vibrant new life beckons.

Former Pastor Lynne Silva-Breen was contacted about the WXYZ fellowship and she responded:

“Seemingly overnight, Shepherd of the Lake found itself with an emerging segment of membership: the recently retired referred to above. In late 1996,
I was called to SOLLC as our first Associate Pastor, specifically to help grow the church through small groups. Early in my ministry I brought the
young WXYZ group, led by Wayne and Ginny Olson, and then Joyce Cunningham, into the Small Group Ministry fold. The group, which had a
small, solid core of participants, continued to grow in numbers, focus, strength and service. Leaders were trained in the small group model, and I
worked with senior leaders to make sure a strong calendar of activities and service were part of the group.

One of my favorite parts of working with WXYZ group was the energy and personal kindness I found among our seniors. I was always welcome to
stay for coffee or a presentation or to go along on an outing. Members often brought me back pictures of their activities which I proudly displayed on
our bulletin boards. Members would often alert me to a friend they knew who was recently hospitalized or needing a home visit. And I could always
count on the WXYZ group for a good laugh or a warm visit whenever they met.”
Leaders: 1996-1998 were Wayne and Ginny Olson, Founders; 1998-2007 was Joyce Cunningham; and 2007-Present is Lowell

As of this writing, the opportunities for deepening ties and expanding service to others have never been greater. There’s time
now to stretch a warm hand of friendship to others who were as engrossed in career and family demands as we were. The lux-
ury of exploring and adding new friendships opens a welcoming new dimension to our lives.

As the WXYZers continue to flourish, their varied and expanded service activities are bound to be emulated by those following.


Our congregation profoundly thanks you, WXYZers, for the sacrifices and hard work you have expended in building a church:
(1) from a wisp of an idea;
(2) then a letter to Synod alerting them to the fertile opportunity in Prior Lake;
(3) next building a modest church;
(4) followed by meeting expansion needs with a further addition;
(5) enhancing the expanded building into the landmark edifice which today serves other worshippers;
(6) and now, triumphantly, occupying the sprawling impressive campus at McKenna Crossing and Berens Road.

Lifting Up Our Volunteers: And WXYZ Continued...
                                                                             By Ardene Neve, Congregational Member (

You have experienced a kaleidoscope of changes and growth. Collective prayers are offered in thankfulness for all that has
been done in the past and for fulfillment of the challenges faced today as Shepherd of the Lake continues to mature and grow.
We especially pray blessings upon you as you provide the example for succeeding generations to fulfill WXYZ’s pledge:

Willing eXxtra Youthful Zest

You have experienced Ecclesiastes’ promise: “Cast your bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1


Wayne and Ginny Olson answered the appeal to chair the WXYZ Small Group Ministry despite their already heavy
commitment to other volunteer activities. They tempered their passionate interest in global mission work with their involve-
ment in the suddenly emerging population at Shepherd of the Lake of which they found themselves members.

Recalling the early days of WXYZ, sometimes there were only a few who met to share fellowship, fun, pot luck, and service
projects. It was a “finding our way” time for the WXYZ Small Ministry group. There were discussions as to service work in
which WXYZ could best engage; discussions about entertainment that would most broadly appeal; discussions exploring the
deepening spiritual opportunities afforded the group; and, of course, discussions about selecting an interesting restaurant for the
occasion when the fun of dining out with fellow-WXYZers was the primary meeting event.

Wayne and Ginny recall hosting a tour to one of their primary volunteer interests: Global Health Ministries, located in Fridley,
Minnesota. It is a charitable organization that provides medical supplies and funding for Lutheran health care missionaries.
Included are several missions-related church projects, such as hospice kits, midwife kits, rolled bandage kits, baby supply kits,
and other mission opportunities. Both remember that the expansive layout and efficient operation impressed the WXYZers.

Wayne and Ginny moved to Prior Lake in 1968 with their four children Christine, Greg, Steven, and David. They worshipped
at Westwood School until the fledgling congregation moved to the bare-bones building on Highway 13. Their family joined
Shepherd of the Lake with the first membership class admitted after the move from Westwood.

An important note: A comprehensive history of Wayne and Ginny’s many volunteer activities is being assembled in a separate
interview. It will include detail about their enlightened global outreach, as well as details surrounding the various organizations
and people with whom they are interacting.


With deepest appreciation, we thank you for including WXYZ’s founding in your crowded schedule of volunteer activities and

As indicated, it will be a privilege to explore your additional passionate interests. Your sharing these experiences will highlight
many opportunities for others to extend outreach across cultural, religious, and political barriers, embracing all God’s beautiful

The Psalmist describes your gifts so generously shared with all: SOLLC and those in your various organizations.

“He shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does
shall prosper.” Psalm 1:3

Music Ministry                                                                                    BIBLE
                                                                                                          Reading &
           By Katie Houts, Director of Music & Worship Ministries (

                                                                                                READ PSALM 103:1-5
                   Children's Choir Rehearsal Times During Lent Beginning on Ash
                                                                                                “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and
                   Wednesday, please note the following rehearsal times for the children's      all that is within me, bless his
                   choirs:                                                                      holy name. Bless the Lord, O my
                   February 17 (Ash Wednesday) - Joyful Song meets at 5:15 in our regu-         soul, and do not forget all his
                   lar rehearsal room; the choir sings during the 5:30 worship service. No      benefits – who forgives all your
                                                                                                iniquity, who heals all your dis-
                     @lleluia rehearsal.
 KATIE              February 24, March 3, March 10, March 17, March 31 - Both Joy-
 HOUTS                                                                                                         —Psalm 103:2-3
                    ful Song & @lleluia choirs rehearse together from 5:15 - 6:00 p.m. in
                    our regular rehearsal room. Families are invited to attend the 6:30
p.m. worship service together.
No children's choir rehearsal on March 24 (spring break.) Regular rehearsals resume
after Easter on Wednesday, April 7.

                                                                                                Lord God,
has been described as six weeks of dreary sadness. Indeed, Lent has always been a time to put   you alone know my infirmities,
away our Alleluias and incorporate introspective song & prayer into our worship. But did        my failings and my distresses.
you know the very word “Lent” comes from an Old English word for ‘spring?’ Spring is            Offer your healing touch
the time when the earth is refreshed. Creation is given new life; but even that doesn’t come    to reach me to bring healing
in the blink of an eye. The transformation from barren trees to new buds takes some time.       of body, mind & soul.
So we, too, take these six weeks in our year to look a bit deeper, trusting in God’s power to   Forgive my sins. Touch my
renew us from the inside out. We spend these six weeks of Lent looking at our identity as       heart. Shelter me from
children of God - the meaning of our baptism, the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, and the         harm. Guide my thoughts
reality of our human nature. We continue to gather as the Assembly on Sunday morning,           and my ways. Grant all that I
but because there is so much to ponder during this season, we encourage you to also at-
                                                                                                need to be whole. In your
tend worship mid-week.
Our Lenten season begins with worship on Ash Wednesday. Two evening services
will be held on February 17, both including the imposition of ashes for those who wish to
                                                                                                name I pray.
receive them. Worship with us at 5:30 or 7:00 p.m.                                              Musical Opportunity for Middle
                                                                                                School and High School Stu-
In the following five weeks at SOLLC (February 24, March 3, March 10, March 17,                 dents Do you love music? Have
March 24) you have the opportunity to worship four different times each Wednes-                 you been waiting for an opportu-
day: Identical services will be held in the evening at 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. in the Celebration    nity to join with your friends and
Center. These 35-minute services will be led by a full band and will be similar to our          share your gifts of music with the
                                                                                                congregation at SOLLC?
Lenten worship in 2009.
Identical services will be held at 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m. in the McKenna theater (on the      Here’s an invitation for ALL MU-
lower level of McKenna.) We are blessed by a campus that allows us to expand our wor-           SICIANS students in grade 5, on
                                                                                                up! Please join us on Sunday
ship space and join our partners in worship! The worship services held in the theater will
                                                                                                morning (before donut time with
be traditional, incorporating beloved hymns as we pray, reflect, and sing together. (As you     Mark!) For more information or if
enter SOLLC’s main entrance, just follow the arrows to the theater.)                            interested, please contact Marsha
                                                                                                Grund at
                                                                                                or 952.426.9183.

                      Greetings from Shepherd’s Flock Preschool,

                      The children have been learning about space and the planets. This unit has opened a lot of conversa-
                      tions and questions about God. “How did God create the world?” “Have you seen God?” “When will I
                      get to see God?” “Where does God live?” “How does He hold the whole world in his hands?” “Ms. Alice, you know
                      that Jesus was God’s son.” These are just a few of their questions. This week, I have really reflected on
                      the verse “Let the little children come to me.” They were so open, accepting and trusting. As adults, we
                      have a great responsibility to the little ones. Our mission at SOLLC is to grow in faith and live to
                      serve. This is a mission statement for every age from babies to seniors. These children remind
                      us daily that our purpose is to help them grow in their faith by providing a loving environment; pray-
                      ing with them and answering their questions about God.

Thank you for supporting this ministry with your gifts and prayers. We look forward to partnering with you to share the
good news with God’s little ones.

The 2010-2011 preschool registration will be held for members and contributing non-members of SOLLC on
Sunday, February 7 from 8:00-11:00 a.m. Registration cards can be found at the main desk of the church as well as
online at Registrations will be taken on the Upper Path outside the preschool rooms. A $60 non-
refundable registration fee and the first month’s tuition will be collected at the time of registration. If you wish to visit a
class or have any questions, please contact Alice Handrich, Director of Preschool, at 952-230-2923 or

Registration for friends from the surrounding communities of Prior Lake, Shakopee, and Savage will be held on
Monday, February 8 starting at 8:00 a.m. on the Upper Path outside the preschool rooms. Registration forms can
be found on the main desk of the church or online at

Class Schedules for 2010-2011
Fabulous Fives Class-Children must be five (5) by November 1
This class offers a heavier concentration of kindergarten readiness, interactive writing and reading, science, math, Span-
ish, YMCA Play Zone, library, and more challenging learning.
M-W-F from 12:30-3:30 (Three (3) hours) $165 per month

Four and Five Year Old Classes- Children must be four (4) by September 1
This class offers a great pre-kindergarten learning experience. The children enjoy learning stations, Spanish, music,
YMCA Play Zone, and trips to the SOLLC library.
M-W-F 9:00-11:30 $155 a month
M-W-F 9:10-11:40 $155 a month
M-W-F 12:40-3:10 $155 a month
T-TH 12:30-3:30 (Three (3) hours) $125 per month

Three and Four Year Old Classes- Children must be three (3) and toilet trained by September 1 (no pull ups)
This class offers a friendly first experience at preschool. Children develop socialization and self help skills while enjoying
learning stations, music, library, and trips to the YMCA Play Zone.
T-TH 9:00-11:30 $120 a month
T-TH 9:10-11:40 $120 a month
T-TH 12:40-3:10 $120 a month

Next year, we will have everything from tuition payments to registration online. We are looking forward to another great
year of ministry at Shepherd’s Flock Preschool.

Gather Together in Worship
                                            By Mark Halvorson, Youth & Family Ministry Leader (

               Wasn't it just Christmas?

               Time sure goes fast doesn't it, seems like we were just celebrating Christmas at Shepherd of the Lake
               and now we are talking about turning our hearts towards the season of Lent. We watched in awe and
               gathered in worship to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and now as a faith community we have
               the opportunity and privilege to remain connected as this story of Jesus continues towards the cross,
                 and more importantly, beyond the empty tomb.

  The period of time between Ash Wednesday and Easter morning, these 40-ish days leading up to the crucifixion
  and resurrection of our Lord is a time that we need to see as one of importance, reverence, worth our time and
  maybe most of all, a chance to remain connected and invested in our faith community.

  This Lenten season our hope is that this congregation will gather together in worship, all of us. On Wednesdays,
  beginning February 24 there will be four opportunities to worship.

  12:00 p.m. (40-minute Lenten Worship in the McKenna theater)
  6:00 p.m. (40-minute Lenten Worship in the McKenna theater)
  6.30 p.m. (35-minute Lenten Worship in the Celebration Center)
  7.30 p.m. (35-minute Lenten Worship in the Celebration Center)

  As you can see the final two worship services overlap our Living Water confirmation meeting time. In order for our
  congregation to worship together during these important weeks of Lent, the Wednesday night schedule is being
  adjusted to create room for the congregation at large to come together in worship. In the next couple of weeks our
  Living Water confirmation groups will be asked to choose one of those worship services to attend. This will open
  up ample space in our Celebration Center for others to join us on Wednesday nights, for worship. Don't worry
  small groups will still have an opportunity to gather either before or after worship to check in.

  Families with young children, Living Water guides and parents, high school kids and families, young adults, older
  adults, adults who would like their age to be unmentioned, college kids, friends, visitors, acquaintances, enemies...
  that is who Lenten worship is for, and it is our hope that you see it that way to.

  The services that are being developed will be both contemplative and energetic. A soup supper will be offered
  again similar to last year as yet another opportunity to gather together as a faith community.

  In addition to information you will receive from e-mail, Sunday announcements, daily devotions, and word of
  mouth, this year we also invite you to track Lenten worship at SOLLC via twitter. Follow us at 40daysoflent to
  receive updates, reminders, Lenten type tweets, and other goodies.


  Mark Halvorson

Living to Serve BEANS                                                 By Sue Heaton (

Simpson Housing Services is an organization based out of Minneapolis,
it provides emergency homeless shelter services, transitional housing
assistance, and offers medical as well and life skills and career coun-
seling. Mark Halvorson brings a10 year relationship with Simpson                       Have a story to share?
Housing to Shepherd of the Lake.                                                       Submit your story of how
                                                                                       God is at work in your life for
What learning experience do the Barnes, Bernick, Hart, Hillyer-Tutch,                  publication in the Shepherd’s
Heaton/Jorenby, Rodell, and Stensrude families share in common? They                   Voice. Email your story to
learned on December 27 that preparing a large pan of bean casserole takes              Stephanie Norris at
considerably longer than a small pan of bean casserole in the oven. These    
seven families volunteered to be the first SOLLC crew sent to Simpson’s
Men’s Shelter (an overnight shelter for homeless men) in Minneapolis to pre-
pare dinner for 85 homeless men. Yes, we were guinea pigs and we did an
amazing job serving pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, WARM beans
(thank God for microwaves and stove tops,) applesauce, and root beer floats. Having never shared a kitchen with 26 people to
prepare a meal in less than an hour, I was pleasantly surprised at how the meal preparation and clean up just seemed to happen.

The ability to come together with other families to serve these homeless men seemed a perfect way to celebrate the season of
Christ’s birth. The experience opened our eyes to how the efforts of a faith community can help move other’s lives in a positive
direction. These men were grateful for our meal. I was in awe of the outreach of so many people who have come to-
gether in different ways over many years to build this incredible shelter to help those in need. While I believe we all made
a difference on the 27, it was our smallest team member (I think she was age six) serving shredded cheese on each guest’s pulled
pork sandwich that brought out how we all truly can make a difference – we are never too young or too old. I think every family
came away with a better understanding of the blessings we have been given. What an incredible gift to be able to share those

SOLLC is hoping to partner with Simpson’s Men Shelter ( on a monthly basis to provide a meal to
their “guests.” If you, your family, or a group of friends/neighbors (no age restrictions – all are welcomed at Simpson) are inter-
ested in being a part of this meal-a-month ministry, please contact Sue Heaton at We will be in need
of 5-6 families or 20 people a month to make a year around commitment to this shelter.

                               Green Lake Bible Camp Registration Tentative Camp week is
                               August 1-6. This week will be confirmed prior to registration.

                               Registration will be Sunday mornings between services on the Upper Path on February 7. Also on
                               Wednesday nights during Living Water on February 3 and 10.

       At time of registration, $165 deposit needed (check made out to GLLM) along with registration form. Brochures and
       registration forms will be available at time of registration. Transportation available for an additional $25 round trip.

       Questions? Contact Kari Unruh at or 952.230.2928.

Children’s Ministry
                                                       By Barb Anderson, Children’s Ministry Leader (

 Sunday School music CD Keep playing your Sunday School CD. Pick up a copy from the SS desks. The
 CD includes the songs for both the p3-p4 songs on February 14 and the K-4 songs for May 2. One per family please.

 Sunday School Preschool Sing February 14 Preschool Sunday School children will be sing-
 ing in worship on February 14. Families should sit together and the children will be called forward to sing. The preschool
 classes do not meet. Grades K-4 all meet on February 14. Keep playing your Sunday School CD.

 Family Communion Workshop Thursday, March 25 from 6:30—8:00
 p.m. This workshop, recommended for school-age children, is designed to support your family in communion prepara-
 tion. The workshop is not required, but is a step in honoring your child’s milestone with their faith community. REGISTRA-
 TION AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW! at Class is Thursday, March 25 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. First
 Communion will be celebrated Thursday, April 1 at the 5:30 p.m. Maundy Thursday worship service.

 Blessed Expectations Please help us connect with all the families having babies or adopting in the next year.
 REGISTER ONLINE NOW at for yourself or a family member or a friend or a neighbor. We
 will send them a packet describing a few of our ministry areas and include a coupon for a free breakfast.

 AMEN - Activities Meant to ENrich friendships Amen events are open to all families
 with young (preschool or elementary) children. A host parent from SOLLC coordinates a meeting place and time. If you
 would like to have email invites to AMEN events, contact Sally Wattermann at The “e-vites” include di-
 rections and information for each event.

 Library / Used Book Fair                      Our annual Used Book Fair is scheduled for Sunday, March 14. Bring your
 unwanted media treasures to the library anytime before March 12. Books, videos, and audio tapes are welcome items.

 Education Registration coming March 7 Check the web site ( and watch your
 email for registration forms. Sunday, March 7 we will begin accepting forms for fall Sunday School and VBS.

 Library volunteers needed Training is available for library technicians for media check out in the church
 library. Current hours are Sundays between services and Wednesdays before Living Water. Contact Barb Anderson to set up a
 training time at or 952-230-2026.

 VBS 2010 – June 21-24 We’re already planning for a great week of fun and Bible learning in June. This
 year’s theme is “High Seas.” More information coming soon!

                             February 7          February 14          February 21          February 28            March 7
                              Week 5                                    Week 1               Week 2               Week 3
K-4           Kind            Worship          Immersion les-           Video                 Story               Drama
Rotation      1   st
                                Video                 son                 Story               Drama                  Art
Schedule                                        All k-4 grades
              2                Drama                 meet                  Art               Worship               Video
              3                 Story                                    Drama                  Art               Worship
              4                  art                                    Worship                Video                Story
Parent’s Night Out Friday, February 5 from 6:00—9:30 p.m. Online Registration Now Available! Register to
volunteer or register your child. PNO is a VOLUNTEER Ministry of SOLLC. Questions? Contact Sue Heaton at 952.212.3759.

                 The Children's Ministry Team is receiving Spark Bibles as
                 donations. The Team's goal is for every family to have a Spark Bible in their home. They want to reach
                 out and give these bibles to families who simply can't afford to purchase Bibles for their children. If you would
                 like your children to receive a Bible, contact Stephanie Norris at 952.230.2911. Confidentiality will be

SCRIP Gift Certificates It’s easy to use – buy a $10-$25 gift certificate for the face value and spend it or give
as a gift. The church receives a percentage. Stop by the Welcome Desk at the main entrance. We are recruiting team members to
sell SCRIP on Sundays between services. Contact Barb Anderson at 952.230.2926 if you are willing to be trained for this ministry

                      4-Step Job Hunt Workshop Series
                      You're invited to this new Career Connections group!

                    The Thrivent Community - Keystone Group of Thrivent Financial for Lutheran invites you to a 4-step job
                    Hunt Workshop Series to kick off a new Career Connections group at SOLLC. Catherine Byers Breet, 12-
                    year recruiting veteran and creator of the Job Hunt Coaching System, will inspire and empower you to
                    take you all the way from "I need a new job" to "Wow! I love what I do for a living!"

                  Register Online Now at or call 952.230.2988 to reserve
                  your Spot! Where: Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in the Upper Great Room, 3611 North Berens
 Road NW, Prior Lake, MN 55379

 Cost: $20 for one, $60 for all 4 PLUS one-time fee: $16 for workbook Pay at the Door Generous sponsor: This price made
 possible by the generous support of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Community Board, Shakopee Group.

 Workshop Details: Thursday, February 4 Stand out from the herd. 10:00am-Noon You CAN differentiate yourself in this
 tight job market! In fact, you MUST! 30-second pitch * Resume * Target market * Action plan

 Thursday, February 11 Network your way to a great new job. 10:00am-Noon This skill is too critical to leave to chance.
 Where to go * What to say * LinkedIn

 Thursday, February 18 Interview to Win. 10:00am-Noon You’ve come this far. Don’t leave your interviewing success to
 chance. Learn & practice three things you can do to hit a home run every time.

        CAP “Fill the Food Shelf” Opportunity                                                 CAP Agency December
        February Goal & Item to Donate:8
        1,600 Meals
       444                                                                                    December Goal: 1,600 Soup

                                                                                              Donation CAP Received from
        CAP Food Shelf has made it easy for us as a community by specifying one
        food product each month to donate. In the month of February CAP would                 SOLLC: 384 Cans
        like us to donate 1,600 Meals. Each month will be a different food item
        specified by CAP with a different goal. To donate, bring your donations to            Thanks be to God! You are
        the Food bin located on the Upper Path.                                               changing lives in the community.

 Depression Support                  Offering information, education, support, and spiritual hope to those affected by depres-
 sion — as well as their families “The Book of Jonah and The Story of Depression” with Rabbi Morris Allen from Beth Jacob Congre-
 gation Monday, February 1, 2010 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Location: Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, 12650 Johnny
 Cake Road, Apple Valley, MN 55124 For more information, contact Julie Opheim: 952.432.6351. Monthly educational
 speakers; Weekly discussion & support group meetings; All persons are welcome, regardless of religious affiliation.

 Donate Used Cell Phones Three years ago the SOLLC Small Group, Cards. Cards, Cards chose to do a
 community project in conjunction with the Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women. This project was to recycle used
 cell phones. To date the Group has been able to contribute over $1,000.00 to this charity THANKS to all of you that
 donated cell phones. THANK YOU for your generosity! Please remember this program when you purchase a new phone
 and bring your old phone to church.

 Southern Valley Alliance is a non-profit organization and is dedicated to providing battered woman and
 their victims of family abuse with support, referrals, protection, and advocacy. They are set up to assist the abused woman in
 exploring the medical, legal, and social service options available. They welcome women of any race, color, creed, religion, an-
 cestry, national origin, affectional preference, age, marital status, Physical challenges, or status with regard to public assistance.
 Questions? Contact Main Office at 952.873.4214.

 Coordinator Needed for the Blood Drive Duties include: generating list of donors, receiving pro-
 motional material and give to Stephanie Norris, calling previous donors, and being present when the blood mobile arrives
 Sunday morning. Time Commitment: Four (4) Blood Drives per year - Five to ten hours per Blood Drive. Questions? Con-
 tact the Church Office at 952.230.2988.

                                                                  Library Board Scholarship 2010
Weekly WORSHIP                                                    The SOLLC Library
                                                                  Board has created this
                                                                  scholarship to assist
                                                                  and encourage con-
February Worship:                                                 gregational members
Saturday Worship Time: 5:30 p.m.                                  to pursue post-
Sunday Worship Times: 8:15, 9:45, & 11:15 a.m.                    secondary educational
Saturday, February 6 Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
Sunday, February 7 Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
                                                                  The winner of the $1,000 Library Board Scholarship will be cho-
Saturday, February 13 Transfiguration Sunday                      sen each May – funds to be paid to the educational institution at
Sunday, February 14 Transfiguration Sunday                        the start of the student’s second semester unless the applicant has
                                                                  already completed one year in a post-secondary program.
Saturday, February 20 First Sunday in Lent
Sunday, February 21 First Sunday in Lent                          Applicants must have completed high school and be a member of
                                                                  Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church. Repeat applications are
Saturday, February 27 Second Sunday in Lent                       allowed each year, but recipients of the scholarship are not al-
Sunday, February 28 Second Sunday in Lent                         lowed to reapply.

                                                                  Application forms are available online or at the Welcome Center
                                                                  and Sunday School desk– lower level. The deadline to return
                                                                  forms and essays is May 1, 2010. Questions? Contact Barb Ander-
                                                                  son at 952.230.2926 or Barb

                             Small Group
                                          COMMUNITY                              Staff & Council
                                                                                 PASTORAL CARE
                                                                                 Rev. Dr. Marggi Pleiss-Sippola     Associate Pastor
                                                                                 Rev. E. Peter Strommen                  Lead Pastor

WXYZ Senior Social Thursday, February 11                                         Rev. Hal Weldin                Administrative Pastor

                                                                                 YOUTH MINISTRY
at Noon Join fellow seniors on Thursday, February 11 at noon in the              Mark Halvorson
                                                                                 Kari Unruh
                                                                                                    Youth & Family Ministry Leader
                                                                                                Living Water Ministry Coordinator
Upper Great Room for potluck and fellowship. Then, stay and play Bingo.
Prizes will be awarded. Questions? Contact Don and Dona Engebretson at           CHILDREN’S MINISTRY
952.447.3052. Sunshine Needs? Contact Linda Arvidson at 952.447.2245.            Barb Anderson           Children’s Ministry Leader
                                                                                 Amy Cooper     Sunday School Ministry Coordinator
                                                                                 Marianna Karr Sunday School Ministry Coordinator
Join Our Staff                                                                   Colleen Roess
                                                                                           Sunday School Ministry Music Coordinator
NURSERY SUPERVISOR Adults are needed to fill openings on the Nursery             Meghan Stahl             Game Room Coordinator
Team. Team members schedule their hours in advance, work two shifts on           Sally Wattermann              Nursery Coordinator
a Sunday morning, are paid a stipend, and can also choose weekday hours
for small group meetings. Contact Sally Watterman at 952.440.2965 or             ARTS & MUSIC
                                                                                 Vicki Bickle       Associate Organist, Bells Director                                                                 Katie Houts             Director of Music & Worship
                                                                                 Gary Mayer                          Sound Technician
                                                                                 Ted Sammis            Messenger Music Coordinator
Sound Booth Training SOLLC is in need of training some                           Edith Schrope
                                                                                                      Instrumental Music Coordinator
                                                                                                                    Organist, Emeritus
volunteers who would be willing to learn our sound booth equipment to
help us out during our Living Water Wednesday nights and back up for
                                                                                 SHEPHERD’S FLOCK PRESCHOOL
our Sunday mornings. We would like to train 4-5 individuals who could fill       Kay Dunning                Shepherd’s Flock Teacher
in this important task with our regular sound booth people. The training         Alice Handrich             Preschool Ministry Leader
will take two hours and then you would work with one of our trained              Heidi Kluever              Shepherd’s Flock Teacher
sound booth people before you would be running an event by your-                 Kim Lee                    Shepherd’s Flock Teacher
                                                                                 Shelle Prairie             Shepherd’s Flock Teacher
self. Please email Pastor Hal at                            Lori Proehl                Shepherd’s Flock Teacher
                                                                                 Kim Schultz                Shepherd’s Flock Teacher
                             John Hines                                          Kelly Stavedahl            Shepherd’s Flock Teacher

                             Eagle Scout Project                                 ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                 Joanne Bethke                      Executive Assistant
                             John Hines, son of Shelley and Pat Hines,           Kathy Daniels             Finance Ministry Associate
                             completed his Eagle Scout project here at           Lewis Hanson       Ministry Facilities Superintendent
                             Shepherd’s Path. John designed, built, and          Kermit Mahlum                  Shepherd’s Path COO
                                                                                 Stephanie Norris   Communications Ministry Leader
                             with a little helped installed three benches with
                                                                                 Sheila Gullikson              Wedding Coordinator
                             base pavers along the path between the              Chris Schultze                Wedding Coordinator
                             Church and Horkey Park and one outside the          Patrice Sturm                Finance Ministry Leader
garage exit at McKenna Crossing. John’s project, like a number of other
Eagle Scouts projects that have been done here at Shepherd’s Path, is very       CHURCH COUNCIL
                                                                                 Katy Hallberg, President
much appreciated and enjoyed. Before winter set in, many of our seniors          Sharlene Christian                     John Malotky
were already using the benches.                                                  Connie Dawson                           Jane Hansen
                                                                                 Sharon Krueger                          Jon Taxdahl
John and his parents are members of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran                Ken Unruh                              Tim Wollmuth
                                                                                 Pam Whitemore                         Jodie Zastrow
Church and John felt that this would be a wonderful place to for him to
complete his project.

Thank you, John!