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					              ST. JOHN'S
            Richlandtown, Pennsylvania
             The Reverend Linda Lennon

Office Telephone                               215-538-0875
The Reverend Linda Lennon                      610-691-5769
Stephen Sechriest - Council President          215-538-8238
Larry Benner - Organist / Choir Director       215-536-2791
Meredith Metzger – Church Administrator        215-538-0962
David Williams - Custodian                     267-377-5610


               -Calendar of Events-
     September 26th – Heifer Project Begins –
                       Collect Your Coins!!!
     September 26th – Harvest Home Service / Collection
                       for Phoebe – ‘Springhouse Neighborhood
                       Park Addition’
♫    September 26th – Cantata Rehearsal Ladies – 7:00 pm
     September 29th – Food for Friends
     October 3rd – Worldwide Communion Sunday
♫    October 3rd – Cantata Rehearsal Men – 7:00 pm
      October 3–6th – Set up for the Fall Rummage Sale
     October 7–8th – Fall Rummage Sale
     October 10th – Crop Walk
♫    October 10th – Cantata Rehearsal Ladies – 7:00 pm
     October 11th – Worship Committee Meeting – 7:00 pm
     October 11th – Craft Night – 7:00 pm
     October 13th – Special Financial Secretary Position
                    Committee Meeting at 7:00 pm
     October 14th – Church Council Meeting – 7:30 pm
     October 17th – Firehouse Breakfast – 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
♫    October 17th – Cantata Rehearsal Choir – 7:00 pm
     October 23rd – Halloween Party – 4:00 – 6:00 pm

           24th – Reformation Sunday
♫          24th – Cantata Rehearsal Choir – 7:00 pm
           28th – Food Pantry Volunteers – 6:00 – 8:00 pm
♫          31st – Cantata Rehearsal Choir
                   Accompanists – 7:00 pm
     November 1st – All Saints Day
     November 2nd – Election Day
     November 7th – Installation of the Reverend
                    Linda Lennon – 3:00 pm
♫    November 7th – Cantata Rehearsal Choir
                    Accompanists – 7:00 pm
♫    November 14th – Cantata Rehearsal Choir
                     Accompanists – 7:00 pm

      Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9 am.
       Jerry Lennon is leading a study on
                 the Parables.
    Beginners are Welcome!
Meet in the church Library. Bring your coffee!

      Time to Start Reading…
        Book Discussion at St. John’s on
     “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”
                By Mitch Albom
    November 3rd 2010, Beginning at 7:00 pm
               Dessert and coffee provided
                    Bring a friend!

Dear Friends in Christ,

  The earth is the Lord’s and all the good things in it;
       the whole world, and those who live in it.
                          PSALM 24:1

       With the fall season upon us once again, the
magnificent color of changing leaves reminds us we are
surrounded by God’s glory. Take time to reflect on the
abundance of God’s blessings in your midst. The welfare
of the earth is something precious to God and to all of us,
for we are partners in caring for the earth as God’s
stewards. In addition to being stewards of the earth, we
are stewards of the Christian faith. We believe what we
do here at St. John’s U.C.C. is important, and we want
our ministries to continue for many years to come.
       Last year, St. John’s formed a Stewardship
Committee with the theme of “Stepping Up to the Plate”
with the purpose of challenging God’s people to be
committed stewards of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by their
generous financial giving to the church. The outcome
was positive as faith promise cards were turned in
showing an increase in financial giving to St. John’s.
       For 2010-2011, the Stewardship emphasis will
be “For where your treasure is your heart will be also”
(Matthew 6: 21).
       Martin Copenhaver, senior pastor of Wellesley
Congregational Church, has some wise thoughts
concerning Jesus words. Martin challenges us to give
and spend where we want our hearts to be, and then let
our hearts catch up. He says don’t just give to those
things you care about. Give to the things you want to
care about. Ask yourself, “If I were the sort of person I
long to be, then what would I do? How would I spend my
money?” Then, do what you would do if you were that
sort of person. Put your treasure where you want your
heart to be. And if you do, says Jesus, your heart will go
there. If you want to care more about the kind of car you
drive, buy an expensive one. If you want to care more
about property values, remodel your house. But, if you
want to grow in your faith bring an offering to God,
wherever your treasure is, your heart is sure to follow.
       Consider these words over these next weeks as you
ponder and pray about your giving to the ministries of St.
John’s U.C.C.

                         In God’s service with you,

                         Pastor Linda

               MISSION STATEMENT
                 Adopted February 2, 1997

 We, the Congregation of St. John's United Church of Christ,
 building on the heritage of the Church as we move into the
next century, hereby set forth the following as a statement of
                         our purpose.

       As a Congregation we strive to worship God,
 and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through traditional
                 and alternative methods.
 The celebration of the sacraments affirms in this place the
   ecumenical unity and inclusiveness in Christ's Church

                   Community Involvement
 We strive to be an active contributor and participant in the
life and activities of the Richlandtown area and surrounding
     communities. Following the example of Jesus Christ,
   we endeavor to minister to the needs of all people in the

                    Christian Education
We strive to provide an opportunity for persons of all ages to
             teach and learn about God's Word.

  St. John's U.C.C. openly welcomes anyone interested in
  becoming a Member of this church family and eagerly
 accepts new Members through confirmation, reaffirmation
                of faith and letters of transfer.

  We, the Congregation, acknowledge our responsibility to
provide the financial support for the maintenance of Church
  facilities and on-going programs as well as benevolence
    within the community and the Church's wider mission.

       The following is this month‟s selection of scripture
passages taken from The Common Lectionary. This three
year rotation of texts takes us through the Old and New
Testaments of the Bible. The underlined selection is the one
that will be highlighted on the back of that Sunday‟s bulletin.

October 3rd, Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time,
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Green – Free to Grieve
Lamentations1:16, Lamentations 3:19-26, OR Habakkuk 1:1-4,
2:1-4, Psalm 37:1-9, 2 Timothy 1:1-14, Luke17:5-10, Psalm 137

October 10th, Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time,
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Green – Planting Life
Psalm 66:1-12, OR 2 Kings 5:1-3, 7-15c
Psalm 111, 2 Timothy 2:8-15, Luke 17:11-19, Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7

October 17th, Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time,
Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost
Green – Ask Boldly, Live Justly
Jeremiah 31:27-34, Psalm 119:97-104 OR
Genesis 32:22-31, Psalm 121, 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5, Luke 18:1-8

October 24th, Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time,
Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost
Green – Just Worship
Joel 2:23-32, Psalm 65 OR Sirach 35:12-17 OR
Jeremiah14:7-10, 19-2, Psalm 84:1-7, 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18
Luke 18:9-14

October 31st, Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time,
Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost
Green – Transforming Love
Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4, Psalm119:137-144 OR Isaiah 1:10-18,
Psalm 32:1-7, 2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12
Luke 19:1-10
 Please try to keep our kitchen tidy. And don‟t forget
       refrigerated items that might not keep.

      We will celebrate our unity with Christians all
around the world through the sacrament of Holy
Communion on October 3rd at our 10:15 am Worship
Service.  It has been our tradition to include an
Improvement Fund offering during this Sunday
Worldwide Communion Service. Enclosed you will find
an envelope for your offering.
   USHERS: John Moyer, Stephen Sechriest, LuAnn Kramer
       and Romaine Thrapp        ALTAR: David King
    ALTAR GUILD: Sue Gross, Shannon King, Katie Yerger
                     and Karen King

        St. John’s Rally Day & Picnic
     Though the weather wasn‟t great, fun & fellowship
was had by all, with the cake walk, adult trivia, games,
singing, fish pond activity, creating cards for
Grandparents Day and as always, great food! A big
thank you to everyone who helped out in so many
              HALLOWEEN PARTY
            The King Family Halloween Party
     Save the Date – October 23rd – 4:00-6:00 pm
        All Are Welcome! Come join us for some good
food, crafts & games, a costume contest, and a
haunted hayride. Fun for both children and adults
alike!!! Soon there will be a sign up sheet posted for
much needed appetizers and desserts! For more
information contact Karen King.
            Hope to see you there - in costume!!!
                    -Candy & Nuts-
     Our annual Holiday Candy & Nut Sale will soon be
underway. Nuts and Apricots will be available by the
beginning of November. Orders are due on or before
November 7th for the Thanksgiving holiday; delivery will
be on November 14th. Orders for Christmas are due
December 5th and delivery will be December 12th.
Additional order forms will be available in the Narthex
or the Church Office.

       Saturday, September 18th was Richlandtown‟s
Community Day. This was St. John‟s second year
having a booth. It was a complete success and all
who attended enjoyed themselves - our booth was
extremely popular… children were able to make God‟s
Eye‟s or puppet people or even decorate a flower pot
and take a plant home with them. Many thanks to
Mindy for rooting and potting the plants! They were a
popular item at our table! We also had a lot of serious
inquiries about St. John‟s and our Sunday school.
Thanks to Pastor Linda, Karen Bilger, Courtney Weeks,
Katie Yerger and Karen King for manning our booth.
          Mark your 2011 calendar for next year’s
        5th Annual Richlandtown Community Day!

             ALL SAINTS SUNDAY
     On Sunday, November 7th we will observe All
Saints Sunday. In the service we will remember loved
ones who have passed away since last October. If you
wish to have a loved one remembered, please let
Pastor Linda know.

              An Item of Interest
      If you need to dispose of old medications
properly, Rann Pharmacy in Harleysville has a disposal
box. They also have a website that can help in areas
pertaining to medications -

The St. John’s Quilters…
Don‟t forget to buy a chance from the
Quilters. Stop in and see the beautiful
quilt that they are working on.
Chances are only $1 each or 6 for $5. The
Raffle Drawing will be held on Saturday,
November 20th at the Christmas Bazaar!

         Our Harvest Home Service
       Our Annual Harvest Home Service is today,
September 26th. As we thank God for the fruit of the
harvest, we acknowledge our dependence both on
God and on other human beings. Please place your
offering in the designated envelopes (Enclosed please
find an envelope to provide your special offering)
which will go to Phoebe Richland Health Care Center
to help assist them in their ‘Springhouse Park Project
Campaign’ (an outdoor recreational site).

       It‟s time to donate all of those spare pennies
(and other coins) filling up your pockets and change
jars for the Heifer Project. We will again be donating
money to purchase animals. Pennies will be collected
until our Thank Offering Service on November 21st.
Please put your pennies and coins in the „ark‟ in the
front of the church. For any questions contact Katie
      Some people think so little of a penny that they
wouldn‟t bother to pick one up. Someone figured out
that 16 pennies laid side by side equal one foot. Since
there are 5,280 feet in a mile, a mile of pennies would
equal $844.80.
  Please help by donating to this cause to stop hunger!

             The WOW group would like
       the congregation to save plastic bags
  for their project of making plastic crochet bags
   and water bottles for the Christmas Bazaar.
             If you have any questions,
     please see Mary Gillen or Linda Lindsay.
                     Thank you.

          Celebration of Ministry
    of the Reverend F. Russell Mitman,
    Conference Minister and President
                   November 20th 2010
           3:30 pm Worship Service of Farewell
  5:30 pm Celebratory Dinner (reservations required)
 Registration information available at in
  the Download Center under „Events & Registration‟
 look for the „Celebratory Dinner Registration Form‟ or
             contact St. John‟s church office.

       We are always looking for volunteers to read
scripture passages at our Sunday morning Worship
Services. If you would like to read or have any
questions please contact Pastor Linda or Marcella Kulp.
                         - 10 -
                 -The Crop Walk-
               It is that time of year again!
       This year‟s Crop Walk will be on Sunday, October
10th. Crop Walk informational packets are now
available for walkers and if you can‟t walk, please
sponsor a walker! Karen Bilger & Marcella Kulp will be
organizing the St. John‟s team. Come out and join us
for fun and fellowship. Meet us at Memorial Park, 1:00
pm on Sunday, October 10th! Our walkers so far are
Karen Bilger, Mary Gillen and Judy Guise.

               St. John’s Replicas
     There are still a few (Cat‟s Meow-like) replicas
 of our Church that can be purchased at the church
   office for $5, or call Judy Guise at (215) 536-5196.
 On the back of each is a short history of our Church.
  The building makes for a very nice reminder of our
             200th Anniversary celebrations.

               St. John’s Website
       As you have heard, St. John's has contracted
with a website developer, The ConnectedWord, to
create a new website for us. This effort had started in
August. To-date, the first round of proofs was reviewed,
and feedback was given. The next round of proofs
should be delivered by September 24th, and we're
hoping to make our final choice. At that point, our
information will be transferred from our current site. So
stay tuned for our new website in early October.
        And yes, the address will stay the same…
                          - 11 -
          St. John’s Restroom Update
      We are waiting to proceed because of some
questions that came up that had to be answered.
Please be patient because getting it right the first time
is best. We have an answer on the vanity which
involved getting the proper faucet and sink cut-outs.
Look for us to start in about a week.
                                      -John Moyer

     Please don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of
                ‘The Mini-Messenger’
    from Phoebe Ministries, located on the bookcase
                    in the Narthex.

 Hospice of North Penn VNA Presents . . .
            “Friends in Grief”
  A grief support program for those whose lives have been
     touched by the death of a family member or friend
A Support Group Can Give You:
♦ A place to provide and receive emotional support ♦ A place to
share your story with others who are on the same journey through
grief ♦ A place to ask nagging questions such as: “Is this normal?”
“Why am I so angry?” “How long does the hurt last?” ♦ A safe and
confidential place to face your feelings about loss

WHO: Open to adults who have suffered the death of a
loved one
WHERE: North Penn Visiting Nurse Association, 51 Medical
Campus Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446
TIME: Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm: September 29th,
October 6th, 13th and 20th
Thursday Afternoons at 1:30 pm: September 30th, October
7th, 14th and 21st
COST: FREE, but registration is required. Call Bill Garrison,
Bereavement Coordinator, 215-855-8297, ext. 133.
                              - 12 -
            Don’t forget to mark your calendar…
              ‘A Song For Christmas’
Sunday, December 5th & December 12th at 7:30 pm

                   ‘A Song For Christmas’
                All Rehearsals Begin at 7:00 pm
     ♫ October 3 – Men       ♫ October 10 – Ladies
   ♫ October 17, 24, 31 & November 7, 14, 21, 28 – Choir

         Please bring your empty toner and ink
cartridges (any brand) to the church office. Staples
will give us a $2 credit for each cartridge we return to
the store. We are able to return 10 cartridges per
month which gives us $20 a month to spend on office
supplies for free! Staples accepts any brand! Thank
you so much for all of your support with this great way
to recycle and save St. John’s in office expenses!

              Independent Adults
         With Neuro-Muscular Diseases
 IAND is a support group that includes Parkinson, MS, and all
              Neuro and / or Muscular Disorders
Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm
Our Next Meetings Are:
►Wednesday, October 6th: Preventing Infection & Flu
►Wednesday, November 3rd: Legal Update
Where: North Penn Visiting Nurses Association, 51 Medical Campus
Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446
This is a joint effort of both the North Penn Visiting Nurse Association
And the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
Contact Joyce Baker: 215 855-0628 or
                                 - 13 -
       Cash Register Tape Fundraiser
      The WOW group collects cash register tapes from
Redner‟s Warehouse Markets. Please register for a
Shopper‟s Card at the courtesy counter and tell them it
is for St. John‟s UCC. With the closing of Boyer‟s we can
use all the tapes we can get, so try to remember when
you grocery shop. Thank you.

        The Quakertown Food Pantry
        Serving God by serving those in need
                   (215) 536-0240
      When gathering food for clients remember that
they supply three meals for three days per client. They
are always looking for more volunteers at the pantry to
unload and stock shelves and when they receive their
monthly federal shipment, people with roomy vehicles,
SUVs and station wagons are needed for pantry pick
up of items from these shipments and local food drives
                      Pantry Hours:
  Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
         Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
               Saturday: 10:00 am – Noon
     Every fourth Thursday of the month we will be
     volunteering at the Pantry from 6:00 - 8:00 pm

              FLOWER CALENDAR
       The 2010 Flower Calendar is located in the
Narthex. There are still a few openings for those wishing
to sponsor our altar flowers for Worship Services. The
cost is $34.50 per week. Please contact Carole Freed
or the Church Office if you are interested in being a
                            - 14 -
               Bulletin Sponsors
     The 2010 Bulletin Sponsor List is posted on the
bulletin board. The cost is $5.00 per week per sponsor.
There is room for 2 sponsors per week. Please help us
defray the cost of printing our weekly bulletins by
volunteering to be a Bulletin Sponsor. If you have any
questions, please contact Carla Spotts.

          St. John’s Holiday Outing
  St. John’s Holiday Outing is tentatively scheduled for
 Saturday, November 27th. Outing ideas are presently
  being discussed… lunch and a show in New Hope is
      being considered… any Congregation input is

                 ~WOW Update~
    The WOW group will be having a craft night on
           Monday, October 11th at 7:00 pm.
               We are looking for knitters
              to make cotton dish cloths.
        We are also going to cut strips from the
        plastic bags we have been collecting.
        Bring any craft projects or ideas along.
         Contact Mary Gillen at 215-538-0685
               if you have any questions.
                Upcoming Meeting Dates:
    November 17th 7:00 pm – next WOW meeting
          November 20th – Christmas Bazaar

        St. John’s Cookbooks are Available!!!
   Please see Hazel Kramer or the Church Office to
      purchase your copy of our new cookbook.
          They make a great gift… $15 Each.

                          - 15 -
       Please note, if you are an usher and also an
acolyte on any given Sunday, please be at the church
at least 20 minutes before the service so that you can
light the candles. The order of lighting should be the
Christ candle first (the large candle on the landing)
then the altar candles. At the end of the service the
altar candles should be extinguished first and then the
Christ candle is extinguished.
       Ushers should return to their seats after giving the
offering plate to the pastor or acolyte, this is so they
can be seated for the Offertory Prayer in unison.

       All Committee Chairpersons, please give reports
or any information on current meetings to the Pastor or
Church Secretary by Wednesday for the next bulletin
and by the 20th of the month for the newsletter. E-mail
us at
       Also a large calendar has been placed on the
Narthex bulletin board.          People are strongly
encouraged to fill in their planned meetings/events on
the calendar for everyone to see.

       Prayer is not a trial balloon we send up to see if
God is there. It is an opportunity He has given us to
communicate with Him. Please allow our Prayer Chain
to join you in prayer. The information you give will be
kept confidential. For prayer needs or for membership,
please contact Marcella Kulp at 215-536-5625.

                           - 16 -
          The Prayer Shawl Ministry
       Do you know someone who would be warmed in
body, mind and spirit by receiving a prayer shawl? If
so, please contact either Barbara Fehnel or Mary Gillen.
They have prayer shawls available. Not only are the
shawls a wonderful blessing to those who receive them,
but they are wonderful blessings to those who make

  Use of the Church and/or Church Property
 Any activities that need to be „booked‟ at St. John‟s
 or borrowing of Church Property i.e. tables, chairs, or
   other items must go through the Church Office –
      this is so that we have no conflict of interest.
     Thank you in advance for your consideration.

             -Our Church Elevator-
     When exiting the elevator please make sure the
door is completely closed & latched. If the doors on all
floors are not closed, the elevator cannot be called
from another floor.

           Are You A Scrap Booker?
     We are still looking for a talented, dedicated,
scrap booker to put together books of St. John‟s history.
If you think you are up to the task, please contact the
Church Office.

A Big thanks to Everyone who came out
          and donated blood!!!
       And a special thank you to
  Mary Musselman & Mary Hardcastle
         for all of their efforts!
                          - 17 -
       Update on Christian Education
       Rally Day was combined with our summer-end
picnic this year. The children joined in the service and
received a blessing from Pastor Linda instead of
communion. The kids had a blast participating in the
fish pond and they enjoyed the vacation bible school
music that was played during the cake walk. What a
great kick-off to our first day of Sunday school.
       Please mark your calendars for our Halloween
Party. The party will again be held at the King
residence on October 23rd. There will be crafts,
dancing, games, food, and a hayride! If you plan on
attending there will be a sign-up sheet for sides,
desserts, and snacks in the narthex. The Christian
Education Committee will provide BBQ and hotdogs.
       The Heifer Project has again begun! Please
collect your pennies and drop them off in the front of
the church. Money received will be used to purchase
animals that will be given to families around the world.

                   OUR DAILY BREAD
             September through November
         Now available at the end of the pews.
If you would like to make a donation to help defray the
cost and support a meaningful ministry, it would be
appreciated. Please see Hazel Kramer to make your
donation. Thank you!

           2010 Fall Rummage Sale
  Benner Hall – October 7th-8th – 9 am-6 pm
     The Fall Rummage Sale is scheduled for Thursday,
October 7th and Friday, October 8th. Donations of
good, used clothing, furniture, household items, etc.
may be brought to Benner Hall on Sunday, October 3rd
                         - 18 -
from NOON until 5:00 pm. As in past years, much help
will be needed throughout the week, including men to
set up tables, transport items from the church and pick
up rummage on Sunday preceding the sale. Men will
also be needed on Friday at 5:30 to pack up the
remaining rummage and haul items back to the
       Workers will be needed during the week to sort
and price rummage and to staff the sale on Thursday
and Friday. We have always had a very dedicated
group who has helped with the sale for many years, but
it would be great to see some new people take part in
the activities. Also, any monetary donations towards
the $250 Hall rental would be appreciated.
       Luncheon items will be available on Thursday
and Friday. The menu will include Hamburger BBQ,
Pork BBQ, Vegetable Soup, Chicken Orzo Soup, Hot
Dogs, Baked Beans, Root Beer Floats, Soda, Iced Tea,
Hot Coffee & Tea and Bottled Water. We will also need
donations of baked goods such as brownies, cookies,
cakes, etc. for both days.
       The Budget & Finance Committee has
challenged the congregation to raise significant funds
for the remainder of the year and the Fall Rummage
Sale is a major event towards that goal! The success of
the Sale depends on all of you!
       If you able to help or have any questions, please
contact Eleanor Fly at 215-536-8250 or Bev Kuhn at 215-
                Food for Friends
      This Wednesday, September 29th, St. John‟s
Caring Church Committee is responsible to serve those
in need at the Food for Friends dinner. The gathering is
held at the Richland Friends Meetinghouse in
Quakertown. This is always a good time and an
                         - 19 -
opportunity for service as well as being reunited with
our friends. Volunteers are always needed. The sign-up
sheet is posted on the bulletin board. This Food for
Friends meal will consist of Beef-a-Roni (recipe
provided), Coleslaw, Applesauce, Rolls, and Finger
Food Desserts. Donations are also always welcome to
help defray our costs!

       If any errors were found in this newsletter,
      we apologize. Please contact the office at
   (215) 538-0875 or email

                     Church Office Hours
        10:00 am to 2:00 pm -- Monday through Friday
Church Office ………………………..……………....215-538-0875
Church E-Mail ………………………
Church Website……………………………
Pastor Linda Lennon – Home……………………….610-691-5769
 Pastor Linda‟s E-Mail…………………
Council President, Stephen Sechriest…………….215-538-8238

               St. John’s Finances
Offering Needed Each Week                     $1,701.92
Offering Received (8/29/10 - 9/19/10)         $6,238.00
Year-to-date Shortfall                        $6,829.23

          Jeanette Kade at Phoebe Richland.
                         - 20 -
Happy Birthday!
 2   Nicholas Lapinski            19       Shalon Lane
 3   Mark Fournier                20       Stefanie Heimbach
 4   Gerald Freed                 22       Katie Yerger
13   Erica Spotts                 22       Scott Yerger
14   Carla Spotts                 25       Susan Funk
16   George Spotts                30       Bruce Funk
17   Cheryl Farber                28       Harriette Smith
                  31 Linford Haas, Jr.

1    Helen Refsnider                  15   Gretchen Wendtland
1    Hayley Freed                     17   Ronald Lapinski
4    Jennifer Kramer                  18   Eric Kratz
4    LuAnn Kramer                     20   Richard Schenkel
10   Joan Moll                        20   Mary Gillen
11   Audrey Schenkel                  23   Florence Afflerbach
12   Melissa Hardcastle               27   Allen Funk
13   Robert Gottshall
15   Kathy Landes

            Those Scheduled to Serve
October 3 – Jerry Lennon
October 10 – DottiAnne Edmonds
October 17 – Courtney Weeks
October 24 – Marge Schaffer
October 31 – Judy Guise
November 7 – Lori Carney
November 14 – Jade Scholl
November 21 – Marcella Kulp
November 28 – Debbie Deily
October 3 – Helen Benner & Sue Benner
October 10 – Richard & Audrey Schenkel
October 17 – Joseph & Mary Gillen
                             - 21 -
October 24 – David Dunlap & Barbara Fehnel
October 31 – Raymond & Sue Gross
November 7 – David & Karen King
November 14 – Eleanor Fly & Mary Musselman
October 3 – Jade Scholl & Karen King
October 10 – LuAnn Kramer & Karen Bilger
October 17 – Lloyd & Dorothy Ewer
October 24 – Stephen Sechriest & Linda Lindsay
October 31 – Larry Roberts & George Schaffer
November 7 – Marcella Kulp & LuAnn Kramer
November 14 – Ernie Gross & Raymond Gross
October 3 – Aaron Scholl
October 10 – Karen Bilger
October 17 – Shannon King
October 24 – Linda Lindsay
October 31 – Larry Roberts
November 7 – Jason Horton
November 14 – Aaron Scholl
Visitation Committee
October – Mary Hardcastle & LuAnn Kramer
November – Marge Schaffer & Beverly Kuhn
Altar Guild
October – Ruth Moyer & LuAnn Kramer
November – Gail Jancsics & Carole Freed
October 3 – DottiAnne Edmonds & Katie Yerger
October 10 – Jade Scholl & Emily Scholl
October 17 – Mary Hardcastle & Carol Leiter
October 24 – Ellen Yerkes & Gail Jancsics
October 31 – Katie Roberts & Judy Roberts
November 7 – Kerry Thompson & Kim Gibialante
November 14 – Sarena Landes & Kathy Landes
Offering Processing
October 3 – Stephen Sechriest, John Moyer & Romaine Thrapp
October 10 – John Moyer, Deb Deily & LuAnn Kramer
October 17 – Stephen Sechriest, Marcella Kulp & David King
October 24 – LuAnn Kramer, Deb Deily & Romaine Thrapp
October 31 – Marcella Kulp, Stephen Sechriest & John Moyer
November 7 – Romaine Thrapp, LuAnn Kramer & David King
November 14 – Romaine Thrapp, LuAnn Kramer & Deb Deily
                             - 22 -
         Worldwide Communion Arrangements
Altar Guild: Sue Gross, Shannon King, Katie Yerger
& Karen King
Ushers: Stephen Sechriest, John Moyer, LuAnn Kramer
& Romaine Thrapp
Altar: David King


            4 North Main Street, P.O. Box 356
           Richlandtown, Pennsylvania 18955

                          - 23 -
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