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									                                                                                                     Cleaning & maintenance

                                                                                                                                                                     Buyers’ guide
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                                                                                    The floor in the Royal Horticultural Hall
                                                                                      recently coated with Bona Traffic

                                                                                                                           The ReadyDry
                                                                                                                           carpet cleaner
                                                                                                                            from Bissell

    Cleaning and
  maintenance are
vital for the longevity
  of floorcoverings:
   Beck Acroma has re-
launched its Parquet Pro range
including a polish, described as
environmentally-compliant,                   Parquet Pro Refresher
waterproof and self-polishing to              from Becker Acroma
revive and protect against              carpets and rugs without the usual
mechanical wear; a cleaner, said to     disruption associated with cleaning,
contain no organic solvents or          says Charles Gordon, Bissell’s
pigments; a refresher, designed to      international markets director.
revive scratched and dull surfaces        The appliance comes with the
and protect against wear; and a         advanced stain-fighting Oxy Gen2
remover to dissolve water, oil,         Power Tool, said to offer superior
ethanol and alkaline soluble polishes   spot cleaning too.
and remove rubber heel marks.             Bissell is currently supporting              Emco clean-off zone
   The products are suitable for use    retailers with a major campaign for
over Becker Acroma’s lacquer range      ReadyDry, including TV, retail and      it will have to be sanded back to bare
Parquet One, Parquet Pro and            consumer advertising, PR, PoS,          wood before recoating with lacquer.
Parquet Performance, and also floors    merchandising and promotional              An alternative is to use Bona
coated in other lacquers.               activity.               Freshen up to occasionally revive                 Bona supplied Traffic to recoat      the surface of a scratched or dull floor
   Bissell has introduced               wood floors in the Royal                to extend the time between sanding
ReadyDry, described as a fast drying    Horticultural Hall. The floors are      back and resealing.
carpet cleaner, featuring               maintained by the hall’s in-house          DK Holdingsmanufactures
PowerRoller technology reportedly       team with Bona products. There is       grinding, polishing and maintenance
widely used in schools, hospitals and   daily dry cleaning to remove abrasive   systems for marble, terrazzo, granite
airports. The appliance is designed     particles, and damp cleaning as         and concrete floors. Tornado heavy
to speed up the cleaning process,       required using diluted Bona cleaner.    duty planetary head machines,
washing, then drying in the same          Additional cleaning is undertaken     Numatic and Premiere single head
time it normally takes to vacuum,       using Bona Remover to remove any        machines are available for sale or hire.
quick drying in under 30 minutes.       non-soluble materials, and further         A range of diamond tools is made            Power Clean from Genesis
   By using minimum moisture to         protection provided by new formula      in the Staplehurst factory. New            remaining dirt, grit and moisture
trap, lift and gently remove dirt,      Bona Polish. However once a floor       products for wet or dry use include        within the entrance area.
ReadyDry washes and refreshes           has been treated with wax or polish,    Frankfurt and München Segments,               The clean–off zone is reportedly
                                                                                for use wet with universal scrubber        characterised by colourfastness and –
                                                                                drier systems to restore marble and        depending on product model –
                                                                                terrazzo floors to a high gloss finish.    excellent fire resistance. Certain
                                                                                Scorpion Flex Discs designed for           models are available as mats or off
                                                                                single head machines to wet polish         the roll, with fixed or loose laying.
                                                                                marble and terrazzo are also                  Genesis introduced its
                                                                                supplied. The company also offers a        Floorcare cleaning and protection
                                                                                range of stone care products.              product range for the commercial
                                                                                   Emco clean-off zone is claimed          and domestic markets. Power Clean
 A selection                                                                    to deal with even the finest particles,    is a heavy duty industrial cleaner
 of products                                                                    to guarantee a clean, hygienic             designed for factories, workshops,
   from DK                                                                      entrance area, whilst effectively
                                                                                                                           garages and kitchens or areas of high
                                                                                combining functionality, shape,            foot fall. When diluted, the product
                                                                                colour and style to complement the         can be used on all types of hard
                                                                                ambience within any building. The          surfaces and even soft flooring, such
                                                                                range features six matting models          as vinyl, according to the company.
                                                                                each with distinctive characteristics         It can reportedly be used on glazed
                                                                                and functions: Maximus; Maximus            ceramics, terracotta, natural stone,
                                                                                Image; Premium; Scratch; Modus             concrete, counter tops, marble,
                                                                                and Favorit.                               granite, porcelain, slate, plastics,
                                                                                   Used as part of Emco’s 3-zone           corrugated iron, galvanised metals,
                                                                                cleaning system, the clean-off zones       painted surfaces and colour-fast
                                                                                are said to absorb up to 90% of            materials.
                                                                                                                                     CFJ OCTOBER 2009               59
                Cleaning & maintenance
Buyers’ guide

                                                          The Prochem Natural range of           collection of carpet and multi-         remove even the finest dust, while
                                                                cleaning products                surface treatments, in phosphate        the three-layer sealable bags ensure
                                                          Available in packs of six one-litre    free formulations coupled with all-     safe and hygienic disposal of dust
                                                        bottles, it can be applied straight      natural fragrances including            picked up.
                                                        from the bottle, then worked along       lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree        Sebo says the Dart polisher can be
                                                        the length of the boards using a         as well as lavender, orange and         used on virtually any floorcovering,
                 The Sebo Dar t                         damp mop.                                peppermint in the Natural Carpet        from wood, PVC, stone and varnish-
                  UHS polisher                            The spray cleaner comes in 0.75l       Deodoriser.                             coated. It comes with a green daily
                                                        bottles as a ready diluted alternative      The cleaning solutions are said to   cleaning pad. A red pad is available
                   Kährs has
                                                        to Kährs cleaner. It can be applied      contain only ingredients considered     for treating scratches and a yellow
                 added a UV/Nature
                                                        directly to the floor with the           environmentally safe; biodegradable     pad to restore a high gloss. CFJ
                 Oil wood floor
                                                        company’s mop set. Other products        complexing agents and surfactants.
                 refresher and spray
                                                        in its maintenance range include            The latest addition is a Natural
                 cleaner to its range of
                                                        lacquer and lacquer refresher, touch-    concentrated carpet defoaming               BUYERS’ GUIDE
                                                        up and wood filler, and floor            agent for use in extraction machine       For further information on any of
                 maintenance and
                                                        protectors.              recovery tanks.
                 care products.                                                                                                                the products mentioned,
                                                          Prochem has added                         Sebo Dart UHS polisher is
                   Developed to                                                                                                              contact the suppliers directly.
                                                        Powerplus 500 to its Steempro            said to substantially reduce the need
                 replace Kährs                                                                                                                And please remember to tell
                                                        portable carpet soil extractor line.     for wet mopping, combining
                 maintenance wax                                                                                                            them that you read about their
                                                        The single operator machine has a        vacuuming and polishing without
                 and nature oil                                                                                                                  companies in CFJ:
                                                        heavy-duty fully adjustable 500psi       having to seal off areas.
                 refresher, the new                                                                                                       Becker Acroma        01440 765400
                                                        high pressure pump with gauge and           The product uses HTC twister
                 refresher is said to be                                                                                                  Bissell              0870 2250109
                                                        heavy duty high pressure solution        floor pads, incorporating micro-
                 easy to apply, giving
                                                        hose, plus clip-on in-line 2.8kw heat    diamonds. This, in combination with      Bona                 01908 399740
                 additional protection
                                                        exchanger. It comes with hoses and       automatic height control is designed     DK Holdings          01580 891662
                 to floor surfaces,
                                                        a Glidemaster stainless steel wand.      to avoid the use of chemicals or
                 enhancing dirt                                                                                                           Emco                 0870 1611617
                                                          The vacuum and pump system             liquids and create a super smooth
                 resistance.                                                                                                              Genesis              01642 713000
                                                        incorporates an internal ‘whisper        floor surface. The absence of liquids
                  RIGHT : Kährs’                        quiet’ silencer. Options include         has hygiene benefits as well as          Kährs                023 9245 3045
                  UV/Nature Oil                         single and dual 3-stage motors, 70psi,   complying fully with health and          Prochem              020 8974 1515
                    wood floor                          100psi and 500psi pumps across four      safety issues.
                   fresher and                                                                                                            Sebo                 01494 465533
                                                        models with two tank sizes.                 The S-Class filtration system of
                      spray                                                                                                               Tarkett              01622 854040
                                                           Prochem has introduced a Natural      the vacuum unit is designed to

                   Try sustainable cleaning for a healthier environment
                                       Mike Harrison, marketing                                                            everyday damage, the appearance and function
                                   manager at Tarkett, explains                                                            of the flooring are preserved, giving longer
                                    how surface protection can                                                             service life and reducing the frequency flooring
                                    prolong the life of the floor:                                                         needs to be replaced.
                                  WE expect a certain level of                                                                The type of flooring installed can also affect
                                  sustainability from our flooring,                                                        indoor air quality. This is significant since people
                                  whether it’s the recycled content                                                        spend around 90% of their time indoors. Volatile
                 or natural raw materials used to manufacture it                                                           organic compounds (VOCs) produce potentially
                 or the volume that can be recycled at end of life.                                                        harmful emissions and reduce indoor air quality.
                    But how much attention do we pay to the                                                                   The level of emissions depends on the
                 environmental impact of maintaining the floor                                                             permeability of the flooring, VOC emissions from
                 once it’s installed?                                                                                      adhesives and also from the backing, such as
                    A floorcovering’s cost represents about a                                                              foam or plasticisers.
                 tenth of its total lifecycle cost, 90% covering                                                              A PUR surface treatment can help to control
                 cleaning and maintenance, which should be a          surface protection to prolong the life of their      VOC emissions by sealing the flooring. It also
                 concern when sourcing sustainable products.          flooring. This may be PUR for vinyls and linoleum    helps limit emissions from cleaning chemicals
                    Raw materials used to make a product affect       or lacquer for wood and laminates.                   since maintenance regimes are reduced and
                 how it can be reclaimed at the end, as well as          PUR treatments work in different ways. Firstly    fewer chemicals needed.
                 resources needed to care for it along the way,       they protect floorcoverings from everyday wear,         Within the BRE Global 2009 green guide to
                 including sourcing renewable resources, such as      providing resistance to scratches, indentations,     specification all homogeneous & heterogeneous
                 linseed oil, sawdust, wood, cork and jute for        stains and scuffing. Some also offer enhanced        vinyl flooring, together with safety flooring, made
                 linoleum flooring and sustainable forests for        antibacterial, hygienic and slip-resistant           in accordance with appropriate manufacturing
                 wood and laminate products.                          properties. Importantly, the amount of heavy,        standards, receive generic A+ ratings for
                    Many vinyls are now manufactured with             wet cleaning required is minimised, lowering         healthcare and education use.
                 greater recycled content and rubber flooring is      maintenance costs.                                      Manufacturers must work harder to
                 often made from post-consumer truck tyres and           PUR treatments benefit the environment with       differentiate themselves from the competition,
                 other ‘waste’ materials.                             less consumption of fresh water, energy and          and the environmental impact of cleaning and
                    Most manufacturers now offer some form of         detergents. By protecting the surface from           maintenance could be a factor. CFJ

  60             CFJ OCTOBER 2009
                Cleaning & maintenance
Buyers’ guide

                 Advice on cleaning and maintaining your resin floors
                                 Helen McGachie,          Table showing the types of resin floor (BS 8204-6) and the recommended cleaning methods
                                  chief executive                                                                                                             Typical Cleaning
                                                         Type Name                             Description               Duty       Typical thickness
                                    of the Resin
                                      Flooring           1      Floor seal             Applied in two or more coats.     LD         Up to 150 µm             Wash and vacuum dry
                                    Association                                            Generally solvent or
                                  (FeRFA) advises                                               water borne
                                   on maintaining                                      Applied in two or more coats.
                                                         2      Floor coating                                            LD/MD      150 µm to 300 µm         Wash and vacuum dry
                                    resin floors:                                         Generally solvent free.
                 RESIN floors are tough resilient
                 systems, but their performance          3      High build floor       Applied in two or more coats.     MD         300 µm to 1000 µm       Mechanical scrubber /
                 characteristics can only be                    coating                   Generally solvent free.                                           dryers satisfactory but
                 maintained if an appropriate and                                                                                                           not with regular use of
                 regular cleaning regime is                                                                                                                     abrasive pads
                 implemented. Problems which                                           Aggregate dressed systems
                                                         4      Multi-layer flooring                                     MD/HD      > 2 mm                   Requires rotary brush
                 arise following installation are                                       based on multiple layers of                                            vacuum machine
                 often related to cleaning, not to                                     floor coatings or flow-applied
                 the actual resin flooring product.                                    floorings, often described as
                   The cleaning regime is                                                  ‘sandwich’ systems.
                 determined by various factors,
                                                                Flow applied              Often referred to as ‘self-               2 mm to 3 mm           Gloss – wash & vacuum.
                 the type of resin installed, the        5                                                               MD/HD
                                                                flooring                smoothing’ or ‘self-levelling’                                      Matt – scrubber drier
                 type and frequency of traffic, the                                    flooring and having a smooth
                 degree and type of soiling and                                                   surface.
                 specific hygiene requirements.
                   Floor cleaning basically has          6      Resin screed           Trowel-finished, heavily filled   MD/HD      > 4 mm                      Scrubber drier
                 two components, mechanical                     flooring                    systems, generally
                 and chemical. A mechanical floor                                      incorporating a surface seal
                                                                                         coat to minimize porosity.
                 scrubber is the preferred method
                 for cleaning resin floors.                                             Having a smooth surface.
                                                         7      Heavy duty                                               HD/VHD     4 mm to 6 mm                Scrubber drier
                   For controlled application of
                                                                flowable flooring
                 cleaning agent, there must be an
                 effective scrubbing action, a           8      Heavy duty resin        Trowel-finished, aggregate       VHD        > 6 mm                   High pressure washer
                 continuous supply of clean                     flooring                 filled systems effectively                                           Cleaner / scrubber
                 water, the continuous removal of                                      impervious throughout their
                 dirty water, and the continuous
                 drying of the floor.                     Light duty (LD) light foot traffic,        heavily loaded traffic and impact.        surfaces, and proper and
                   Many cleaning chemicals are          occasional rubber tyred vehicles               Each cleaning regime should be          effective cleaning techniques are
                 available, some targeted against         Medium duty (MD) regular foot              specific for particular conditions,       essential.
                 specific contaminants such as          traffic, frequent fork lift truck            and should specify the type of              Resin floors kept clean will last
                 fats and oils. Always follow the       traffic, occasional hard plastic-            equipment to be used, the type of         longer, and maintain a clean, safe
                 cleaning chemical                      wheeled trolleys,                            cleaning chemicals and the                and healthy environment. CFJ
                 manufacturer’s advice and                Heavy duty (HD) constant fork lift         frequency of the cleaning.                  For more detailed information
                 instructions, and when applying        truck traffic, hard plastic wheeled            For the pharmaceutical,                 see FeRFA Guidance Note No 6:
                 any new cleaning product, we           trolleys, some impact                        cosmetic and food industries, it          Cleaning resin floors available free
                 recommend a small spot test.             Very heavy duty (VHD) severe               is important to maintain hygienic         to download.

                 Ultra high speed polishers offer ‘super shiny floors’
                                     For super-shiny floors, it’s     easy to manoeuvre and won’t break the bank.                manoeuvrability.
                                   hard to beat the latest Ultra        As with most things in life, before rushing out            When using these machines with diamond
                                    High Speed polishers using        to invest in one of these machines, it pays to do          pads water has to be applied to the floor to
                                   diamond pad technology, but        a little homework in advance. Firstly, consider            reduce friction and control dust which can not
                                    it’s important to select the      the floor area to be polished. In a large                  only cause a health and safety hazard, but also
                                       right model for the job.       shopping mall, a ride-on model with its own                needs to be removed.
                                     Sebo’s commercial sales          power source is best.                                        Investing in a model that will vacuum as it
                                       manager, Derek Smith,            High capacity halls, such as sports halls and            goes and does not require water is
                                         offers some advice:          major auditoriums, also require a substantial              recommended as it saves on labour costs,
                  TODAY’S UHS (Ultra High Speed) floor                walk-behind model with a minimum polishing                 halving cleaning time. Two-in-one models which
                 polishers are revolutionising the floorcare          disk width of 45cm. Other spaces – hotel                   combine a vacuum and polisher in one compact
                 industry, cutting labour costs and producing         receptions, shops, offices, nursing homes,                 unit, offer the versatility to cater for a small-to-
                 excellent results.                                   schools, hospitals and domestic residences –               medium floor area that heavy machinery cannot
                    Traditionally hard floors, such as wood,          are suited to a compact UHS polisher, which                accommodate.
                 marble, granite or vinyl, could be cleaned either    can cope with awkward spaces and narrow                      Operating without water eliminates health
                 with a simple mop and bucket, which will clean       corridors.                                                 and safety considerations, so areas to be
                 but not shine, or a cumbersome and unwieldy            The second point is ease of use. It is                   cleaned do not have to be sealed off for
                 rotary polisher that will shine, but requires the    impossible for a heavy machine to be                       extended periods. As the vacuum is attached to
                 floor cleaned in advance and chemical polish         supported only by the polishing pad.                       the polisher head via a simple one-button push
                 applied.                                               Many UHS polishers use an adjustable jockey              and slide action, the cleaner can be used
                    The latest UHS floor polishers vacuum and         wheel or similar, which takes the weight off the           independently from the polisher – great for
                 polish hard floors in one compact unit that’s        polishing pad, however this often compromises              those with both carpet and hard floors. CFJ

62               CFJ OCTOBER 2009

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