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The Professional For- ester


									                                                                                    The Future of Forestry

                            Number 177, March, 2005
    The Professional For-
                                                      How Do We Get High School Students Interested in
                                                      After a strong increase in forestry undergraduate enrolment across Canada
                                                      during the 1990s, the number of graduates from Canada’s university forestry
                                                      programs has decreased by almost 30% over the past five years (Figure 1),
                                                      and overall enrolment has decreased even more. All forestry schools have
                                                      initiated active recruitment programs, and preliminary application numbers
                                                      seem to indicate that we are beginning to see a renewed interest in forestry
                                                      education. This paper outlines some of the challenges we face when it
                                                      comes to promoting forestry as a career of choice, and how we need to
                                                      promote forestry to change general attitudes.

                                                      When we talk to high school students, teachers, and the public, we find that
                                                      most people have little or no knowledge about forestry or what a career in
                                                      forestry entails. Another challenge when promoting the many varied and
                                                      high-technology careers available to forestry professionals is that people
                                                      who have some knowledge about forestry stereotypically equate it to low
                                                      technology and low brow work, a sunset industry, and just the cutting and
                                                                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 2)

                                                                                           Forester Graduation and Employment Trends

                                                                         450                                                           3600

                                                                                                                                              Employment Trend
                                                       Forester Supply

                                                                                                                                       3300                             Accredited
                                                                         350                                                                                            Program
                                                                                                                                       3200                             Graduates -
How Do We Get High School                                                300                                                           3100                             Supply
Students Interested in                                                   250
                                                                                                                                       3000                             Trend
Forestry?................................1                                                                                             2900
Forestry - More Than Just Trees                                          200                                                           2800
...............................................3                               1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 20042005 2006 2007 2008
Forestry Needs an Educational                                                                          Year
Commitment ...........................4
Forestry as a Career - Where                          Figure 1. Graduates from Canada’s professional forestry programs and employment
are the Students? ...................6                trends for respondents to National Employer Demand Survey (CCFM Deputies
                                                      Committee, 2004).
The Future of Forestry ............7
Whither the Professional Forest
Practitioner?...........................8             Director of the OPFA ............ 15
The Future of Forestry                                Letter to the Editor................ 15
Education - MNR’s Perspective                         AGM Draft Agenda ................ 16
...............................................9      Ontario to Expand Training for
The Price of Delay and Ignoring                       Foreign-Trained Professionals
a Member’s Prior History                               ............................................. 17
......................... centre pull out             Resources to Learn About
Stop the Interruptions! ............                  Aboriginal Issues in Forest
......................... centre pull out             Management in Canada, with an
UK Forester Seeking                                   Emphasis on Ontario............ 18
Professional Exchange/                                In Memoriam......................... 20
Employment Opportunity in                             Coming Events..................... 22
Ontario.............. centre pull out                 OPFF Update ........................ 23
Meet the New Executive                                Member News....................... 24
                                          only those associated with              alumni, professional foresters and
                                          “traditional” forestry. Graduates       student ambassadors when talking
                                          can also elect to continue their        to students about forestry and the
                                          studies at the graduate level in        opportunities available. If you are
                                          forestry or other science-based         interested in helping us promote
                                          fields, or in professional programs     forestry, and/or would like to
                                          such as education, business, and        receive a copy of our promotional
                                          law.                                    CD-ROM, please email or phone
                                                                                  me. If you know anyone thinking
                                          We also need to promote the case        about forestry, please direct them to
                                          that forestry graduates enjoy           our website at
                                          excellent employment opportunities to
        Dr. Reino Pulkki, R.P.F.          (              discover today’s forestry.
                                          U641p3.shtml) and that a recent
(Continued from page 1)
                                          National Employer Demand Survey                   Dr. Reino Pulkki, R.P.F.
planting of trees. Also, the general      (CCFM Deputies Committee, 2004)             Lakehead University, Faculty of
view is that it is male-dominated,        indicates a shortage of forestry                   Forestry and the Forest
when actually over 30% of our             graduates in the future. Whether                              Environment
students are female, and the share        forestry graduates provide expertise
is continually increasing.                in the more traditional fields               Reino Pulkki can be reached at
                                          associated with forestry such as       
In reality, forestry is the science,      environmental planning and forest                          or 807-343-8564.
art, and business of sustainably          management, or whether they
managing our forests for all of the       become scientists, conservationists,
multiple uses and values required         entrepreneurs, policy makers, or
by society for its social, biophysical,   educators, today’s forestry              The Professional Forester is
and economic well-being. Such a           graduates are truly global citizens      published quarterly by and for
broad mandate requires                    for change. They are innovators,         members of the Association,
professional foresters to be              creating real world solutions in         as well as those interested in
responsible for the health of our         many diverse disciplines. I feel that    the profession of forestry in
forest environment, while meeting         once we get this knowledge out           Ontario.
economic and other societal needs.        about what forestry really is and the
This role will be greatly expanded        diverse careers available, we will       Unless specifically stated,
as demands for clean water and air,       shed the old stereotypical               views and opinions expressed
sustainable ecosystems, and               impressions and attract the              do not necessarily represent
controlling atmospheric carbon            students we need, to ensure we           those of the Association, its
dioxide increase.                         have sustainable forest                  Council, or the employers of
                                          management in the future.                members.
We need to sell careers in forestry
as “smart” careers for the future,        To promote careers in forestry and       Ontario Professional
careers that are innovative,              forestry education, Lakehead             Foresters Association
progressive and high-tech. It is a        Forestry has embarked on a major         8000 Yonge St., Unit #3
career to pursue if you have a love       marketing and recruitment program        Innisfil, ON L9S 1L5
for the outdoors and the                  with the assistance of the CFS,          Phone: 705-436-2226
environment, and a desire to do           MNDM, MNR, forest industry, and          Fax: 705-436-1151
something interesting and                 the OPFA. The theme of our     
worthwhile.                               program is: “Clearcut? No! Today’s
                                          forestry issues are far more
Forestry students graduate with a         complex than they used to be.” Our       Submissions are welcome
science-based degree that is              marketing package includes a CD-         and should be addressed to:
practical and has a sound                 ROM that can be presented and            Caroline Mach, R.P.F., Editor
foundation in problem-solving,            distributed to multiple audiences at     PO Box 95
management, and business. A               multiple venues. The CD-ROM              Mansfield, ON L0N 1M0
forestry education actually leads to      contains basic information about         forestmanager@
a career and a profession, while          today’s forestry and the diverse
also providing the opportunity for        careers it can lead to, and direct
excellent summer and co-op jobs to        links to our totally redesigned          The deadline for submissions
help offset education costs. The          website. The marketing package           to the next issue is May 1.
breadth and practical aspect of the       was designed to provide material
programs opens many doors, not            for presentation and distribution by
                                                                                                             Page 2.
                     Forestry - More Than Just Trees

Over the last ten years, enrolment
in Forestry Technician and
Technology programs at Collège
Boréal has experienced a constant
decline. The fact that we now have
a younger generation who is more
informed about environmental
issues but lacks knowledge about
the field of forestry has certainly
contributed to this decline. Also, in
Northern Ontario, the closure of
sawmills and the negative impact
these closures have had on some          Danielle
of the smaller communities continue
to have negative influence on
                                         retirements. The importance of              The C.E. Team
potential students. Many of these
                                         maintaining our forests is not going
northern communities have a strong                                                    would like to
                                         to disappear in the future nor is the
percentage of French-speaking
                                         demand for technicians and                       thank
citizens who have grown up                                                        each and every one
watching their grandfathers work as
                                                                                  of our members who
lumberjacks and their fathers work
                                         However, to ensure that we meet           have reported their
as operators in the mill. The public
                                         the demands of the workforce, we
still has a vision that the                                                            CE credits.
                                         must put together a marketing
lumberjacks are big strong men
                                         strategy that highlights the need for
who work in lumber camps, cut
                                         a highly skilled workforce and the
down trees, and seldom come
                                         job possibilities for Forestry
home to their families, while the mill
                                         Technicians and Technologists.
worker cuts down hectares of
                                         The province of Ontario should also
forests with no consideration for
                                         coordinate marketing efforts to
wildlife and the environment in
                                         increase public awareness of the
general. The fact that these issues
                                         changes in the field of forestry and
are often negatively reflected by the
                                         target school-aged students to
media does not help the cause.
                                         ensure that forestry is a viable
These are only some of the factors
                                         career choice.
which are deterring students from
choosing to study forestry.                                                                 Full
                                                     Danielle Talbot-Lariviere
In reality, the field of forestry has
expanded its role not only in the                                                        Associate
                                                     Technologies et métiers
forest but also in the type of student
                                                               Collège Boréal
it attracts. There is now a need for a
                                                                 Sudbury ON
highly skilled workforce having                                                        Non Resident
knowledge in the areas of forest
harvesting, forest conservation,
sustainable forest management,
silviculture, and GIS to name a few.
The jobs associated with wood
cutters and machine operators are                                                 Your efforts do make a
those which are being downsized.                                                 difference to the forestry
We do know that there will be a                                                         profession!
shortage of skilled foresters in
Canada and especially in Ontario
and British Columbia in the next
three to nine years due to
                                                                                                      Page 3.
      Forestry Needs an Educational Commitment

Ask a student if forestry is a career   But given these two falsehoods are
path they intend to choose and          categorically wrong, steps must be
chances are they will say “no.”         taken to correct the negative
                                        perceptions and dispel the myths,
Even in Northern Ontario, where         otherwise we risk a self-fulfilling
the forest industry is the economic     prophecy.
foundation of many communities
and a way of life for a large           Putting false perceptions aside, the
segment of the population, forestry     positive arguments are compelling.
is not widely considered by youth to    Ontario’s forest industries have a
be a good career option, even           huge economic footprint of $19
though the jobs generally pay           billion a year. Upward of 250,000
above average wages, offer              people are employed directly and
challenging, rewarding work and         indirectly in Ontario’s forest
the industries have an established      industries that pay direct wages,
history of at least two centuries in    salaries and benefits of $4.8 billion
this province.                          a year. Of those directly employed
                                        by forest industries, the average
Concerns over this negative             wage and benefit package is just          Jamie Lim
perception should be shared by          under $70,000 per year.
several sectors including, of course,
the forestry sector as well as          The primary emphasis of change           percent nationally in the past five
provincial and municipal                must, necessarily, involve Ontario’s     years.
governments.                            education system that must be
                                        immediately encouraged to do two         We urged the Minister to invest in
After all, the key ingredient in        things:                                  education programs beginning as
building strong communities with                                                 early as Kindergarten to present a
healthy economies and planning for      • first, its curriculum must be          true picture of our industry that is
the future is “people” – the            modernized to undo the falsehoods        high-tech, environmentally
workforce.                              and bring a sense of pride back to       responsible and sustainable and
                                        being a part of the resource based       that it offers appealing and
And, the forest industry — like the     industries on which this province        rewarding work environments.
Ontario Professional Foresters          and, arguably, this country was
Association — is justifiably            founded,                                 Changes in the curriculum need to
concerned about the declining                                                    be province-wide with special focus
enrolment and understands that,         • and second, through the                on the youth of Northern Ontario
without a qualified workforce, the      education system, government             and First Nations and they need to
sustainability of the forest industry   must be encouraged to provide            happen sooner than later.
may be put in jeopardy.                 support for industry-related
                                        education (secondary and post-           Certainly, Ontario’s forest industries
The reasons for this pessimism          secondary) and educators                 themselves carry a share of
among youth may be manifold but         themselves must be given the             responsibility, and the Ontario
there are some primary factors at       information and tools to present a       Forest Industries Association
work, not the least of which are the    true picture of an industry that is      (OFIA) was and remains in support
pervasive and absolutely incorrect      high-tech, environmentally               of producing educational materials
assumptions that forestry is a dying    responsible, and has appealing           such as the Canadian Forests
industry or it is inherently bad for    work places and work                     Primer for elementary school
the environment.                        environments.                            children and the OFIA Guiding
                                                                                 Principles and Code of Forest
Obviously, if the prevailing sense is   In a recent OFIA letter to Minister of   Practices.
of an industry that’s no longer                                                                    (Continued on page 5)
                                        Education Gerrard Kennedy, we
viable, what student would want to      pointed out that enrolment in
embark on such a career path?           university and college forestry
                                        programs has declined nearly 30
                                                                                                             Page 4.
(Continued from page 4)                      If you are planning for centuries –     must work together to dispel the
                                             grow people.”                           myths and grow a generation of
Individual forest companies remain                                                   people who see forestry as an
significant contributors to their            Our industry’s roots run deep in        exciting, challenging and rewarding
respective communities. Donations            Ontario. For over 200 years, the        career path.
of financial and staff resources to          Ontario forest industry has worked
community projects and local                 with all governments to build                                    Jamie Lim
schools illustrate that many                 stronger communities, a stronger                                  President
members of the forest industry are           province and a stronger nation.                    Ontario Forest Industries
familiar with an old Chinese proverb                                                                         Association
that states:                                 Today, Ontario is a world leader in
                                             sustainable forest management.
“If you are planning for one year –
grow rice.                                   That’s our mission. To ensure that
If you are planning for 20 years –           the forest industry operates in
grow trees.                                  Ontario for centuries. Together, we

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                                                                                                               Page 5.
   Forestry as a Career – Where are the Students?

Student career choices ebb and           industry may discourage students         still desire to be employed with the
flow. There are numerous reasons         due to a stressful work                  Ministry of Natural Resources in
for this as careers gain and lose        environment. Lay-offs, job security,     Forestry, they worry about job
notoriety and popularity. New            the volatility of the market are all     availability when they complete
careers continue to appear as the        reasons used in this thought pattern     their training.
world changes and careers that           • Frequent mill closures in
have been in existence for some          communities lead students to             One can quickly see that the
time, although they also develop in      question the job security issue          answer clarifying the fact and the
accordance with time, are less           • Students no longer assume that         fiction is a job that can be handled
favoured. They must compete for          they will follow in parent’s footsteps   through education. By this the
the attention of today’s student who     for employment                           author means an effort by all
is highly motivated by exposure and      • The new Ontario Curriculum limits      entities concerned about Forestry.
desperately wants security in an         the number of courses students can       This education must be generated
environment that increasingly            take beyond compulsory courses           by people who are knowledgeable
cannot provide it.                       and therefore may not allow for          about Forestry and then delivered
                                         exploration of subjects that may         to the students who need it. There
Forestry is a career which seems to      lead to Forestry like Geography          are a number of methods of
be in an ebb at the moment. In the       (Grade 12 University/College             delivery of this information. The
author’s home area of Northwestern       Environment and Resource                 provision of current resource
Ontario there are very few               Management) and extra Sciences.          materials (e.g. videos, displays,
applicants to Forestry at either the     This is especially true of small         interactive CDs) for use in Grade 10
university or college level. This, in    centres who must limit the number        Career Studies Courses to expose
an area with steep tradition in          of course offerings due to school        students to Forestry would be
working in the woodlands. Students       size and funding. Many students          helpful. An example of this type of
base their career decisions on           admit they just don’t know enough        resource is one that has been
various factors; what’s hot and          about Forestry in general and            developed by the Registered
what’s not, job security, salary, how    because of that are unlikely to          Nurses of Ontario to promote
long post-secondary training will        choose it as a profession.               Nursing. Recently the writer
take and how much it will cost, what     • Students are not overly aware of       received a new CD ROM produced
their friends are going to do,           the post-secondary programs              by Lakehead University Faculty of
parental influence, and not              available. Many institutions do not      Forestry and the Forest
surprisingly, the prestige of the job.   send supplementary information           Environment called “Clearcut?” that
Unfortunately, the sources of            about Forestry programs to the           can be used in the Geography
information regarding these factors      schools. Few students recognize a        classroom or in the Guidance
are not always factual and               Forestry degree or dilploma as           Department. This type of resource
sometimes students make choices          being one of their options and many      is invaluable. Perhaps the
based on myths they have heard.          don’t even know such a degree or         organization that takes on this type
Our collective job as Guidance           diploma exists.                          of project could look at the current
Counsellors and partners in              • Although today’s student sees the      Ontario Curriculum, in particular in
education, members of the Forestry       environment as being a critical          Geography and Science and see
community, post-secondary                issue for their generation, many         where it could make a contribution
institutions and parents must be to      don’t want to assume responsibility      in human and media resources to
provide as much factual and clear        for its use and misuse. They do not      support teachers in career
information about what Forestry          want the political or social             development of students in Grades
entails in order to have the             controversy that comes attached.         7 and 8, for it is at this level that
occupation continue to be seen as        • The public persona of Forestry         seeds are being sown for further
a viable choice by today’s youth.        companies (this not to be confused       career exploration, both in the
                                         with Foresters themselves) is not        classroom and in Teacher Adviser
Let’s examine some of the realities      always enviable. Although                Programs. Formation of a Speakers
for students whether they be fact or     companies do their best to support       Bureau would be another helpful
fiction. In casual conversation with     local interests, they are sometimes      tool as having an active list (active
students, some of reasons they           seen as self-serving and not             is key as a stale dated list is not
state that they have not considered      employee centred.                                         (Continued on page 7)
Forestry as a career are as follows:     • The number of government jobs
• Parents who currently work in the      has dwindled and although students
                                                                                                            Page 6.
                                The Future of Forestry

People in the forest industry are       There are ways that all these            (Continued from page 6)
wondering why there is a decline in     negative perceptions can be turned       helpful as we have frequently
post secondary forestry enrolment.      around by educating students             discovered in trying to access a
Being a student in a secondary          across Canada. A lot of students         highly transient group of people) of
school, it seems it may be because      want to be doctors, lawyers, police      speakers who will visit a classroom
nobody knows what a forester is,        officers or work in the jobs that they   and talk about forestry would be
never mind what they do. I asked        have known about since they were         beneficial. Students love to hear
many classmates of mine what they       kids. Maybe if kids were educated        messages from people other than
thought a forester was and what         from an earlier age they would           their teachers for variety. Affiliating
they thought a forester did. Living     dream of becoming a forester             with the post-secondary institutions
in a small town where forestry is       because they would have more             to promote Forestry as a program
what makes the town run, you            time to think about it. The impact of    of choice would be a good idea.
would think that most students          fewer students becoming foresters        Post-Secondary schools visit High
would know what a forester is. This     could be very dramatic. If there is a    Schools on a regular basis to meet
was not the case! I had students        decline in foresters to the point that   with students and if those
tell me that it was everything from     there are not enough to manage the       institutions send someone from a
an SUV to a person who cuts down        forests of Canada it could turn out      particular program to speak to
trees. Not one student could give       to be a big mess! I'm sure that          students, it helps to create interest
me the correct answer. If most          there would be other ways to make        and buzz.
students from a forestry town do not    sure that the forest is sustained, but
know what a forester is then it might   you have to wonder about the             It is not enough to provide training
be safe to say that a student from      quality of the job.                      for an occupation. There must be
downtown Toronto would not know                                                  exposure, excitement, and interest
what one does and would not want        The post secondary enrolment in          generated to encourage students to
to become one.                          forestry education might be              follow a path. Give them this and
                                        improved through greater education       then let them decide!
There are other reasons why             of students before they have
students aren't looking to forestry     selected their majors in high school.                    Rosemary Robertson
as a career. It is extremely hard to                                                                  Guidance Head
find a job after you graduate. When                             Amy Mantey           St. Thomas Aquinas High School
you research the career it sounds                          Grade 11 Student                           Kenora, Ontario
boring and dry, with a lot of paper                      Dryden High School                 Vice President Legislation
work. It doesn't really draw the                                                          Ontario School Counsellors’
people that want to spend most of                                                                         Association
their time outside, only to find out
that you spend most of your time in
an office.

         Errors and Omissions Insurance: Do you have yours yet?

The Ontario Professional Foresters Association (O.P.F.A.) offers a group Errors and Omissions insurance policy to
its members through LMS PROLINK Insurance Group and a master insurance policy underwritten by Lombard. This
covers liability for suits initiated in Canada for alleged claims of professional malpractice occurring in Canada. For
more information or an application form, call the O.P.F.A. office at 705-436-2226 or email

                                                                                                            Page 7.
     Whither the Professional Forest Practitioner?

There is an initiative underway          encompassing aboriginal issues,         worthy of the R.P.F. designation?
across Canada, through the               emphasizing communications and          It can be argued that that should be
Canadian Federation of                   embracing new science, and              the case. But it can also be argued
Professional Foresters Associations      although the emphases and career        that, yes, one needs an
(CFPFA), to review the academic          paths open to university graduates      understanding of these topics but
requirements for registration or         in a broad array of forestry and        not everyone has to have the depth
licensure as a professional forester     near-forestry fields has expanded       of background that is commonly
(R.P.F.) or, in Quebec, a forest         enormously in the last decade or        provided at a school of forestry to
engineer (ing.f.). As a member           so, the basic academic                  undertake all types of jobs that the
association of the CFPFA, the            requirements for registration or        field of forestry now encompasses.
OPFA has been prominent in the           licensure as a professional forester
discussions that have taken place        have changed little. Certainly, that    Does it make sense to be so
over the nearly two years since the      is the case in Ontario, but it is the   stringent? Is this an appropriate
undertaking was begun. Dialogue          case with most, if not all, of the      circumstance for today’s fields of
has been sporadic, however, and          other professional associations as      forestry practice where we have
progress, to the intended end, has       well. There has been tinkering, but     need for trained forest GIS/GPS
been slow-paced. It will be some         there has been little substantive       experts, forest conservationists,
time yet before consensus is             updating of the profession. The         forest wildlife managers, wood
reached amongst the associations         things that defined a forester forty    scientists, forest recreationists,
but it would seem clear that, for a      years ago are, essentially, the         forest ecologists and a host of other
number of reasons, the topic must        same things that define a forester      areas of expertise to ensure that a
be thoroughly discussed and the          today.                                  forest landscape is properly
ramifications of action, or inaction,                                            managed? Even a graduate forest
thoroughly considered. (One of the       The OPFA has 17 science and             engineer from UNB is not
reasons that it will take time to work   management subject areas in which       considered to have the necessary
through is that, because of the          it requires expert knowledge before     academic credentials in any
Mutual Recognition Agreement, to         a person can be licensed in the         province in which the profession is
which the OPFA is a signatory,           province. There are no other            regulated other than New
there must be agreement amongst          subject areas which can be              Brunswick. And this despite the
all CFPFA members as to what             substituted. You either have this       claim of some employers that the
academic standards are acceptable        training, or you don’t, and if you      UNB forest engineering graduate is,
for registration or licensure across     don’t you are not academically          in many ways, better equipped to
the country’s seven professional         qualified to be licensed. There are     begin forest practice upon
forester jurisdictions.)                 no gray areas. If you have a            graduation than are graduates from
                                         forestry degree but have acquired       traditional forestry programs. Can
What are the essential academic          standing in only 15 of the required     we continue to claim that the
requirements of a professional           17 subject areas, you must make         traditional forester is the only
forester, those things that              up the other two before you can be      person properly trained to practice
differentiate a forester from an         licensed.                               in the broader field of forestry? Are
engineer, or a veterinarian, or a                                                we as a profession prepared to
physiotherapist? There must be           But in what areas must one not be       continue to exclude practitioners of
some unique core of knowledge            lacking? Forest hydrology is one.       these related forestry fields from the
that a forester must have that           Tree physiology is one. Forest          practice of professional forestry
enables one to do one’s assigned         economics is one. Forest                until we as traditionalists are
forestry tasks, knowledge not            pathology is one. I have heard          marginalized?
shared by the engineering                well-recognized foresters denounce
profession or the medical                each one of these as a                  The engineers have many different
profession. That is what is at the       “requirement”. Heaven forbid, there     fields of practice. All engineers
heart of the debate that the CFPFA       are those who even question             must have a core background in the
has entered into.                        silviculture and dendrology as          topics that make an engineer an
                                         essential. It depends on what it is     engineer. But beyond that there
The rather astonishing fact is that,     they are doing, is the usual                            (Continued on page 10)
although university forestry             pronouncement. But don’t we all
programs have evolved over time,         have to have a solid grounding in
incorporating more scientific detail,    each of these “critical” areas to be
                                                                                                           Page 8.
         The Future of Forestry Education - MNR’s

In 2003, the Ontario Ministry of           quality of the people entering the      effective actions that take
Natural Resources (MNR) met with           program may decline. The worst          advantage of the synergies
the Deans of the Association               case scenario is that Ontario (and      provided by collaboration.
University Forestry Schools in             perhaps other provinces) may lose       Interested organizations, including
Canada (AUFSC), regarding their            its only undergraduate forestry         the Ontario Forestry Association
concerns over declining enrolment          program before enrolment                (OFA), the Canadian Institute of
in university forestry programs.           increases.                              Forestry (CIF), AUFSC,
MNR committed to take these                                                        professional associations,
concerns to the Canadian Council           The second school of thought, the       government, the forest industry,
of Forest Ministers (CCFM). As a           one that MNR subscribes to, is that     First Nations, municipalities and
result, the MNR on behalf of, and in       a forestry program that provides        others, need to work together to
collaboration with CCFM members,           quality graduate foresters is too       increase forestry school enrolment
conducted an employer demand               important to the economy of Ontario     at a national level. If no initiative is
survey that examined the                   and the communities of northern         forthcoming at the national level,
implications of a declining                Ontario to leave solely to market       then the approach should be taken
enrolment trend on employers and           forces. A proactive response that       provincially.
the need for foresters in the future.      pursues increasing the enrolment of
The results of the survey were             good students in forestry programs      A key question is, why there is a
reported in the December, 2004             is essential. Employers will ensure     declining enrolment in forestry
issue of The Professional Forester.        they meet their obligations and will    schools? It is not an easy one to
                                           also ensure they get the right          answer. Many forces are acting that
The national survey revealed that          people.                                 may be causing declining
declining enrolment, coupled with a                                                enrolment. A misunderstanding of
3% increase in demand over the             As one of its proactive responses,      the profession, such as the
next three to nine years, will create      MNR annually compiles a Forester        perception that foresters are simply
a shortage of foresters. The               Roster, a list of top forester          loggers rather than professionals
shortage will firstly affect the federal   candidates that are about to            involved in natural resource
government, followed by Ontario            graduate or who have recently           management, ecology, high tech or
and B.C. Similar trends are                graduated in Canada. Top                growth areas such as bio-
apparent for forest technicians, and       candidates on the 2004 Roster           technology/bio-energy and carbon
more dramatically the forest labour        found jobs much sooner than they        sequestration; a simple lack of
sector.                                    have in the past. The forest            awareness; a multitude of career
                                           industry is now also actively using     choices; perception of poor
There are two schools of thought on        the roster to help them hire new        employment prospects due to
how the declining enrolment issue          employees. Efforts with regard to       negative media coverage such as
might be addressed. The first is to        the Forester Roster suggest we          the softwood lumber dispute, mill
allow the market to address the            may be seeing the beginning of a        shutdowns, industry rationalization,
shortage. As supply diminishes             skill shortage trend already.           and other factors may be
and demand increases, forester                                                     contributing.
jobs may begin to fetch premium            How should the enrolment issue be
salaries, resulting in increased           addressed? There has been a lack        The CCFM survey suggests that
enrolment in schools for the well          of leadership on this issue at a        there may not be enough qualified
paying jobs. This approach is not          national level. We believe that it is   graduates in the future. The job of
without its risks. During the period       important that there be a               a forester has become increasingly
of declining enrolment, universities       coordinated approach. There have        complex. Perhaps it is time to
may be forced to cutback on                been multiple, separate and short-      consider modifying curricula and
expensive aspects of forestry              term initiatives that may result in     professional standards to provide
programs in order to save them; the        universities competing for the same     opportunities for forestry students to
quality of the course content may          students, but not increasing the        specialize. Some provinces
decline; program rigour and                overall pool of interest in the                           (Continued on page 10)
assessment may decline in order to         profession. A coordinated
attract more students and the              approach will result in more cost
                                                                                                               Page 9.
(Continued from page 9)                 (Continued from page 8)
recognize two or more different         are many fields of engineering,
areas of specialty, such as forest      each with its own unique set of
engineering and forest                  academic requirements. That
management. It may be time to           profession does not recognize a
consider allowing students to           person, professionally, as a
specialize in ecology, modelling,       chemical engineer, or an electrical
GIS, operations, forest products,       engineer, or a software engineer.
and others. While the core program      The common thread is that they are
would remain the same, students         all engineers, first and foremost,
would be able to choose a stream        with specialization in any number of
to specialize in that would appeal to   engineering fields. As a profession
their particular interests.             which is approaching a century of
                                        practice in Canada, are we not
There are some positive signs that      ready to embrace the fact that there
enrolment concerns and future           are many career paths in forestry,
forestry education will be tackled.     each requiring a somewhat different
The topic has garnered the interest     set of academic requirements?
of top levels of government, forest
industry, universities, and national    There’s no doubt in my mind that
and professional forestry               we are. But that’s just one
associations. The issues are being      forester’s opinion!
explored and discussed vigorously.
                                                       Lorne F. Riley, R.P.F.
MNR is committed to contribute to
dialogue and to actively support
coordinated efforts. MNR initiated
the Forester Roster to promote
awareness of potential employment
opportunities in Ontario, and, more
recently, the Forester Intern
Program, designed to recruit
Canada’s best forestry graduates.
It is also involved on a number of
other fronts, such as contributing to
public forestry education through
the OFA, Lakehead University’s
forestry marketing strategy, and
                                               2005 OPFA Annual General Meeting
advising various schools on
curricula. Like other employers, we
await leadership on this issue to       The 2005 OPFA Annual General Meeting will be held in Timmins on April
emerge, preferably at the national      27, 28 and 29. The theme for the meeting is “Communications” and topics
level.                                  will include OPFA responsibilities, communication skills, and today’s
                  Dan Puddister
                   Co-Ordinator,        This year’s AGM Committee is comprised of Pierre Corbeil, Nick
  Forest Management Competency          Gooderham, Bob Jackman, Gord King, Krista Mayrand, Dave Millson, Sue
                 Program, MNR           Millson, George Stanclik, Rob Tomchick, Greg Corrigal, Kirsten Corrigal,
                                        Denis Gagnon, David Flood, and Don Bazeley.

                                        Look for updates posted on the website ( The draft agenda
                                        is on page 16.

                                                                                                       Page 10.
The Price of Delay and Ignoring a Member’s Prior

Editor’s Note: The OPFA office          follows. Mr. Belhassen had been a            undeniable. … Such [an
receives the newsletter “Grey           lawyer for many years. He had a              investigative and discipline]
Areas” from Steinecke Maciura           number of difficulties with the              process requires time, care and
LeBlanc, a law firm practicing in the   regulating Barreau, and was                  tact to do this job. It will
field of professional regulation.       currently under a tutoring                   sometimes displease some
Articles from this newsletter will      arrangement by a senior member of            people, whatever the outcome
occasionally be reprinted in The        the profession. Ms. Finney was a             of the case.
Professional Forester in the centre     former client of Mr. Belhassen. She
pull out for members’ reference.        was facing troubling and even            The Court also acknowledged that
                                        threatening legal proceedings from       the regulators have immunity for
A common criticism of regulators is     him. She complained to the               their actions taken in good faith:
that they take too long to act. The     Barreau. The Barreau also received
June 10, 2004 Supreme Court of          information from the courts about            because of the difficulties and
Canada decision of Finney v.            Mr. Belhassen’s unusual conduct.             risks to which the professional
Barreau du Québec, 2004 SCC 36          The Barreau’s oversight body, the            orders are exposed in
indicates that regulators might be      Office des professions, also                 performing their various
held liable for damages when they       inquired as to what it was doing             functions, the legislature has
take too long to act in an urgent       about Mr. Belhassen. Despite these           granted them immunity for acts
case. A delay of just one year might    indications of serious ongoing               engaged in in good faith in the
attract liability in some               concerns, the Barreau took over a            performance of their duties or
circumstances.                          year to initiate proceedings to              functions.
                                        obtain an interim suspension of his
The Supreme Court also                  practice privileges.                     The Court then discussed the
commented on an issue that is                                                    concept of bad faith, which must be
troubling to many regulators.           Ms. Finney sued for damages.             established for civil liability. It
Regulators are reluctant to review                                               concluded that gross carelessness
the past history of a member when       The Court recognized the difficulties    or serious negligence may, in some
deciding whether or not to take         of being a regulator. It stated:         circumstances at least, result in an
disciplinary action against him or                                               inference of bad faith:
her. The concern is that the                As I noted earlier, the
member should be assessed solely            professional orders governed
on the current allegation before            by the Professional Code                             (Continued on page 12)
them. Some have argued that since           perform significant, diverse and
the Discipline Committee cannot             often difficult social functions.
look at the prior history when              To achieve their fundamental
determining whether or not the              objective of supervising the
member engaged in professional              practice of their profession,
                                                                                 Attention Members
misconduct, the referring committee         professional orders exercise
should not look at it either.               regulatory powers, manage            The centre pull out of The
                                            complex administrative systems       Professional Forester continues
However, the Supreme Court                  and, on occasion, through the        to contain important
disagrees. Not only did the Court           actions of committees, perform       information that you may want
suggest that those screening                                                     to save in a separate binder.
                                            adjudicative functions.
allegations must consider the past                                               Topics in this section will
history of the member (to determine                                              include Grey Areas as well as
                                            The difficulties inherent in the     information that the O.P.F.A. is
whether there is a pattern of
                                            exercise of the powers of            legally obligated to provide to
conduct requiring urgent action), it
                                            professional inspection and          members as a result of the
imputed to the screening committee          discipline, in particular, for a
knowledge of that past history when                                              advent of licensing.
                                            body such as the Barreau are
assessing civil liability.

The facts may be summarized as
                                                                           Page 11. centre pull out Mar., 2005
(Continued from page 11)                     Barreau, in a clearly urgent              competence, and had stated its
    What, then, constitutes bad              situation in which a practising           concerns in that respect in the
    faith? Does it always                    lawyer represented a real                 clearest terms possible. In any
    correspond to intentional fault?         danger to the public, was one of          event, the Executive Committee
    The courts do not appear to              such negligence and                       had decided that it was
    equate the state or acts of bad          indifference that it cannot claim         necessary, at the very least, to
    faith squarely with a                    the immunity conferred by s.              subject Belhassen to a
    demonstrated intent to harm              193. The very serious                     supervision period, which was
    another or, consequently, to             carelessness it displayed                 still in effect when McCullock-
    require evidence of intentional          amounts to bad faith, and it is           Finney again went to the
    fault….                                  liable for the results.                   Barreau in early 1993. The
                                                                                       Barreau and its Syndic had to
    These difficulties nevertheless      When it comes to liability for                have been aware of this
    show that the concept of bad         negligence, a distinction used to be          situation and must have taken it
    faith can and must be given a        made between administrative                   into account in considering the
    broader meaning that                 failures (e.g., failure to salt or sand       complaint and making a
    encompasses serious                  a icy road) and exercises of                  decision on it. In spite of the
    carelessness or recklessness.        discretion, policy or adjudication            necessary administrative
    Bad faith certainly includes         (e.g., whether to revoke a                    separation between discipline
    intentional fault…. However,         member’s licence or to give him or            and professional inspection, the
    recklessness implies a               her another chance to reform).                Barreau had knowledge of
    fundamental breakdown of the         Liability tends to be more common             everything that Belhassen had
    orderly exercise of authority, to    in the former and less common in              done and of his record of
    the point that absence of good       the latter. The Supreme Court                 professional misconduct.
    faith can be deduced and bad         appears to have resurrected this
    faith presumed. The act, in          distinction.                              While one might be tempted to
    terms of how it is performed, is                                               distinguish the Finney case on the
    then inexplicable and                    I would point out, however, that      basis that it is founded on Québec’s
    incomprehensible, to the point           we need not make a finding as         Civil Code, the Court indicated
    that it can be regarded as an            to the legal principles that          otherwise. The Court also indicated
    actual abuse of power, having            would apply to the exercise of        that this decision was consistent
    regard to the purposes for               adjudicative functions by bodies      with its recent decisions in Edwards
    which it is meant to be                  such as the committees on             and Cooper in which a very
    exercised (Dussault and L.               discipline and the Professions        different approach to the duty of
    Borgeat, supra, at p. 485).              Tribunal.                             care by regulators appears to have
                                                                                   been taken.
    Gross or serious carelessness        The Court also commented on the
    is incompatible with good faith.     need for regulatory bodies to                 As the respondent pointed out,
    It may therefore be concluded        examine the past history of a                 in common law, the Barreau
    that, in the case of the exercise    member when investigating or                  would have been no less liable
    of these case management             screening concerns:                           in the circumstances of this
    powers, the requirement that                                                       case if the analysis adopted by
    the performance or failure to            At the point when fresh                   this Court in Edwards v. Law
    perform an act have been                 complaints were made by the               Society of Upper Canada,
    committed in bad faith is not a          respondent, the Barreau had to            [2001] 3 S.C.R. 562, 2001 CSC
    bar to an action in damages              have been aware of                        80, and Cooper v. Hobart,
    against a professional order….           Belhassen's problematic                   [2001] 3 S.C.R. 537, 2001 CSC
                                             professional history. In the              79, had been applied. The
    The virtually complete absence           language of criminal law, he              decisions made by the Barreau
    of the diligence called for in the       had a record. He had                      were operational decisions and
    situation amounted to a fault            committed disciplinary offences           were made in a relationship of
    consisting of gross                      and had been found guilty of              proximity with a clearly
    carelessness and serious                 them. Furthermore, the                    identified complainant, where
    negligence.                              Professional Inspection                   the harm was foreseeable. The
                                             Committee had conducted a                 common law would have been
The Court went on to apply that test         lengthy investigation into his            no less exacting than Quebec
to the facts of this case. It found as       professional practices and                            (Continued on page 14)

    The attitude exhibited by the
                                                                             Page 12. centre pull out Mar., 2005
                                   Stop the Interruptions!

It is tempting for a practitioner              administrative tribunals.            Rather than bring a motion to the
facing a proceeding to challenge               Fragmentation causes both            Discipline Committee for a ruling on
the legitimacy or fairness of it in            delay and distracting                the disclosure of the documents the
court beforehand. Such a challenge             interruptions in administrative      accountants brought an application
can avoid a long hearing and the               proceedings. It is preferable,       for judicial review and claimed that
publicity that might accompany it. It          therefore, to allow such matters     the Institute was legally required to
can help preserve the practitioner’s           to run their full course before      file with the court the “record” of
reputation that he or she believes             the tribunal and then consider       documents before the Professional
might be damaged if the hearing                all legal issues arising from the    Competence Committee. The court
proceeds to its conclusion. It is not          proceedings at their conclusion.     observed as follows:
uncommon for a practitioner facing
a regulatory proceeding to feel that       The court also said that Ms. Coady           It was clear then, as it is now,
he or she was not treated with             had a full right of appeal at the end        that the main purpose of the
complete fairness. In some cases           of the hearing and that provided a           motion was to secure further
there may be some tactical reasons         more complete ability for her to             production of documents which
for trying to put the regulator on trial   challenge any adverse decision.              the respondent claims were
first: the best defence is a good                                                       privileged.
offence.                                   Other courts have also commented
                                           on the possibility that the judicial     The court refused to order the filing
However, as has been shown in              review might be a waste of time if       of the record. The case can be
three recent Ontario cases, the            the regulatory hearing is in fact        found at:
courts have become increasingly            decided in the practitioner’s favour.    onscdc/2004/
reluctant to interrupt regulatory                                                   ml.
proceedings. Courts are                    They have also commented on the
consistently dismissing such               benefits of the court having all of      The third case was also decided by
applications for judicial review           the evidence before it (which does       the Ontario Divisional Court:
without even considering their             not generally occur until the            Bhardwaj v. College of Physicians
merits on the basis of prematurity.        regulatory hearing has been              and Surgeons of Ontario, 2004
Absent exceptional circumstances,          completed). Courts have also noted       CanLII 39020. Dr. Bhardwaj was
a court will require the practitioner      that on many issues (e.g., those         being assessed by the Quality
to complete the regulatory process         related to the profession) the court     Assurance Committee of the
before permitting it to be challenged      benefits from having the tribunal’s      College. The Committee was
in court.                                  reasons. For all these reasons, it is    sufficiently concerned about his
                                           vastly preferable not to interrupt       competence that it directed the
The first of those cases illustrates       regulatory proceedings.                  issue be brought to the College’s
the rationale for the increasingly                                                  Executive Committee for
firm court position. In Coady v. Law       A copy of the Coady case can be          consideration of disciplinary action.
Society of Upper Canada, 2004              found at:
CanLII 35001, the Ontario Division         onscdc/2004/           The Executive Committee was not
Court was reviewing a discipline           ml.                                      entitled to review the background
hearing that had been going on for                                                  information obtained by the Quality
three years. It was now in the midst       In the second case, Barrington v.        Assurance Committee, so it
of motion by Ms. Coady to reopen           Institute of Chartered Accountants,      appointed an investigator to look
the discipline hearing. She                2004 CanLII 34623, some                  into the concerns. Dr. Bhardwaj
challenged a number of orders              chartered accountants were               brought an application for judicial
relating to disclosure, procedural         referred by the Professional             review to set aside the appointment
rulings and jurisdictional                 Conduct Committee to discipline.         of the investigator. The court stated
determinations. The Court held as          The accountants wanted the               as follows:
follows:                                   Institute to disclose certain
                                           documents which the Institute
    For some time now the                  claimed were legally privileged.                         (Continued on page 14)
    Divisional Court has, as I have
    indicated, taken the position
    that it should not fragment
    proceedings before
                                                                              Page 13. centre pull out Mar., 2005
       UK Forester Seeking Professional Exchange/
         Employment Opportunity in Ontario

Summary                                     married with 3 children under 7     historic villages and market towns.
I am an English forester seeking an         years old
opportunity to practice forestry in                                             I am responsible for the day to day
Ontario for a period of 1 – 2 years     My job                                  management of geographic area
as part of job exchange or fixed        I am currently employed as an Area      (Beat) of plantation forest and
term contract. If you are a qualified   Forester with the Forestry              woodlands totalling approximately
forester in Ontario interested in a     Commission. The Forestry                2500ha. I am charged with the
professional exchange to the UK, or     Commission is the UK Government         planning, organising and
you are interested in employing a       agency through which forest policy      management of all activities on the
British trained forester please read    in Great Britain is delivered. It is    Beat, e.g. forest operations (timber
on.                                     responsible for the management of       harvesting/sales, restocking,
                                        the Public Forest Estate, the           establishment & maintenance),
About me                                formulation of forest policy,           biodiversity/conservation work,
                                                                                public recreation provision, cultural
•   Graduated with B.Sc. (honours)      administering to the private forestry
                                        sector and conducting research. It      heritage management, civic
    Forest Management (University
                                        has achieved FSC certification for      Christmas tree harvesting. I also
    of Aberdeen, 1996)
                                        the sustainable management of the       have input into the production of
•   2 years of forest management,
                                        Public Forest Estate.                   Forest Design Plans and land
    utility arboriculture & landscape
                                                                                agency/estate matters.
    maintenance with private
    forestry company                    At present I work in a rural part of
                                        central England from an office          Most operational programmes are
•   6 ½ years of forest                                                         undertaken on a contract basis, in
    management in the public            based at Ludlow, Shropshire. This
                                        area is well known for having           which case I act as Contract
    forestry sector                                                             Manager. I am reporting officer /
                                        beautiful rolling agricultural and
•   British citizen, 32 years of age,                                                             (Continued on page 24)
                                        wooded landscapes and pretty,

(Continued from page 13)                    I find the balance of               (Continued from page 12)
    I find no serious issue to be           convenience favours the                 law on this point.
    tried. Nothing has happened             College. The protection of the
    other than an order to                  public is paramount. If Dr.         Regulators need to examine their
    investigate. No decision has            Bhardwaj is incompetent (which      investigation and screening system
    been made that would support            has not been established),          in order to avoid civil liability. Urgent
    a request for judicial                  there is a serious risk of harm     cases must be processed quickly
    review….No irreparable harm             to his patients. It is the          and the past history of the member
    can be caused by the                    College's statutory duty to         should be considered.
    investigation. The doctor will          ensure this does not happen.
    not lose his livelihood as a            The application could not be        A copy of the Finney case may be
    result of the investigation. The        more premature.                     found at:
    results will be considered by the                                           scc/2004/2004scc36.html.
    Executive Committee, which          The Bhardwaj case can be found
    will decide to either refer the     at:
    doctor to the Quality Assurance     onscdc/2004/
    Committee, or to the Discipline     ml.
    Committee, or to take no action.
    Before the Discipline               These three recent cases send a
    Committee, there is a right to a    strong message that practitioners
    full hearing including a right of   must complete the regulatory

                                                                          Page 14. centre pull out Mar., 2005
     Meet the New Executive Director of the OPFA
As most members know by now                                                          Tony started his career in 1965 with
Rick Monzon, R.P.F. our Executive                                                    the Conservation Authorities
Director will be retiring as of                                                      Branch of the Dept of Energy and
February 28, 2005. Rick has guided                                                   Resources Management. Following
the OPFA as we’ve grown into a                                                       field and management positions
self-regulating profession. His                                                      with the Conservation Branch, Tony
leadership over the past six years                                                   helped design the new Ministry of
has created a standard of                                                            Natural Resources in 1972. He
excellence that will continue to                                                     played a key role in restructuring
define the management and                                                            the Civil Service Commission and
regulation of professional forestry in                                               later worked in senior management
this province for many years to                                                      with the Administrative Services
come. He has significantly                                                           Branch in Central Agencies and the
contributed to the success and                                                       Ministry of Energy.
growth of the OPFA during his
tenure. We wish him every success                                                    Since leaving the civil service, Tony
in the future.                                                                       has worked with a range of
                                                                                     municipal, provincial and federal
I am pleased to announce that                                                        organizations. He was CEO of the
Council has selected Mr. I.H. (Tony)                                                 Municipal Electric Association, a
Jennings, R.P.F. as our new                                  Tony Jennings, R.P.F.
                                                                                     leading, advocacy and service
Executive Director and Registrar                                                     enterprise, for twelve years. He
effective March 1, 2005.                                                             cites as a personal career highlight
                                           regulated organizations and               a seconded assignment in 1986–
Tony is a Registered Professional          not-for-profit enterprises. We            1988 when he acted as the
Forester (number 745), Certified           welcome his unique talents to our         Executive Director of what is now
Mediator and Coach (Business),             Association and look forward to his       the Governor General's Canadian
who has a career-long record of            contributions in the years to come.       Leadership Conference. This
effective leadership in government,                                                                   (Continued on page 17)

                                         Letter to the Editor

Re: Intensive Forest Management            methods, Ontario stumpage values          forest management.
                                           are too low, our growth rates are
I read Mac Squires' article on             too slow, and our rotation ages too       The fact remains that, historically,
intensive forest management in the         long to provide an acceptable rate        Ontario forest practices have
December issue with great interest.        of return.                                improved where the Crown has
                                                                                     insisted on higher standards and
I found Mac's argument that greater        Do the math. There isn't a financial      not where it has granted greater
tenure would result in greater wood        institution in this country that would    tenure. Of course, the higher costs
supply to be flawed in two                 lend money for intensive forest           associated with higher standards
ways. First of all, the notion that        management for the simple reason          must be balanced by lower
long-term silvicultural investments        that it isn't economic. This is why       stumpage rates if the industry is to
on public lands can be made                the forest industry in Ontario treats     remain competitive. So, in the end,
secure by any form of government           forest management as an operating         it is the landowner (in this case, the
tenure would have to be regarded           expense and not as an                     public) who bears the cost of
with skepticism by any                     investment. Obviously, a                                   (Continued on page 21)
investor. The devil is always in the       commodity-oriented industry like
details. Secondly, when subjected          Ontario's must always be conscious
to normal financial analysis               of its costs, including the cost of
                                                                                                               Page 15.
                 48th Annual OPFA Conference
                      April 27 – 29, 2005
                       Timmins, Ontario

             “Building Stronger Connections”
April 27, 7 PM – 11 PM
    •   Icebreaker Evening Social at Shania Twain Centre (shuttle service provided)
    •   Enjoy social networking with your colleagues

April 28, Days Inn, 8 AM -
    •   Tradeshow all day – showcasing today’s latest technology for professionals
    •   Morning Presentations - Guest speakers will provide valuable information on why we communicate,
        whom we communicate with, and how to do it
    •   Afternoon Concurrent Sessions: The Powerful Presentation, Becoming an Effective Listener, Dealing
        With Conflicts, Networking Effectively, and Communicating With the Media
    •   Evening Banquet Dinner and Keynote Speaker World Class Communications Expert Dr. Robert
        Buckman – “How to Become an Effective Communicator But Still Stay Stupid”

April 29, Days Inn, 7:30 AM – 3 PM
    •   CIF Breakfast
    •   Morning Presentations - Media Successes and Failures, Real Life Consultation Stories, Communicating
        to the World Stage
    •   Afternoon OPFA Business Meeting (closed to the public)

This year’s Conference Committee is comprised of Pierre Corbeil, Nick Gooderham, Bob Jackman, Gord King,
Krista Mayrand, Dave Millson, Sue Millson, George Stanclik, Rob Tomchick, Greg Corrigal, Kirsten Corrigal,
Denis Gagnon, and Don Bazeley.

Professional foresters and guests are invited to meet in Timmins to learn about the who, what, why, and how of
communications. For more information on the Annual Conference including the tradeshow, agenda, concurrent
sessions, or registration, please visit our website at

For more information on the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Robert Buckman, go to

Special arrangements or accommodations are available upon request.

                                       Draft agenda, subject to change.

                                                                                                       Page 16.
 Ontario to Expand Training for Foreign-Trained

The following, issued by Canadian Press, reports on the awarding by the Ontario Government of $5.8 million to help
internationally trained people find employment in Ontario. You will recall that the December, 2004 The Professional
Forester contained an article on an OPFA initiative aimed at assisting internationally trained candidates to achieve
their R.P.F. status in Ontario. A point in this article was the fact that the OPFA was seeking funding assistance from
the Ontario Government to create our new International Candidates section on the website.

The good news is that the Association has been awarded $15,000 to assist in the construction of the new section and
development of associated material. The Association is now working with a technology consultant to assist in
completing the project.

                                                                                       Canadian Press, January 25, 2005

TORONTO (CP) -- Ontario will spend $5.8 million over the next three years to help internationally trained people find
employment in the province, government officials announced Tuesday.

The money will fund 15 new training programs designed to help up to 1,400 foreign-trained individuals.

"The new bridge training projects will provide ... the skills they need to be licensed to practice or work in their chosen
profession,'' Minister Training, Colleges and Universities Mary Anne Chambers said in a statement.

The programs won't duplicate the education and training people already received, Chambers added.

The training will be available to health care professionals such as optometrists, pharmacists, social workers and
nurses, Chambers said. Foresters, university professors, teachers and French-speaking professionals can also
benefit from the programs.

"The bridge training project ... is a positive step towards helping us serve the needs of an increasingly diverse
community and will broaden the pool of talent available to organizations in the mental health field,'' Steve Lurie,
executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association's Toronto branch, said in a statement.

Last November, the Ontario government announced that internationally trained medical graduates living in the
province would get more help as they work to get their licences to practice here.

The province said it would spend $1.7 million over three years on two programs to help foreign-trained medical

(Continued from page 15)                  invaluable to the OPFA in the years
challenging event created an              ahead. Please join the OPFA
indelible mark on Tony’s passion for      Council in welcoming him to our
leading and for enhancing                 organization.
leadership. Tony continues to work
as a volunteer with this conference,                      Craig Howard, R.P.F.
and speaks with great enthusiasm                                    President
of the potential of Canada’s
professionals to contribute globally.

Tony's experience, knowledge, and
passion for service will be
                                                                                                               Page 17.
  Resources to Learn About Aboriginal Issues in
     Forest Management in Canada, with an
              Emphasis on Ontario

Definitions                                                                    Resources section with their Great
There are two major groups of          At the national level, the Assembly     Earth Law under Laws and Policies)
“Aboriginal people” (as defined by     of First Nations (AFN) represents       and the Union of Ontario Indians or
Sec. 35 of the Constitution Act,       status Indian communities (or “First    Anishinabek Nation (representing
1982) involved in forest lands and     Nations” - there are approximately      43 First Nations in the Robinson-
resources issues in Canada:            640) in Canada. About 80% of            Superior and Robinson-Huron
“Indians” (those who are registered    these communities lie within the        treaty areas - see
as Status Indians under the Indian     commercial forest zone in Canada., especially
Act) and Metis. If you’re confused     The AFN works with NAFA at times        their Intergovernmental Affairs
about terminology, you’re not alone!   on forestry issues, and also            section which deals with lands and
The Department of Indian Affairs       addresses environmental issues at       resources). Most of these websites
and Northern Development has a         different levels within their           list their member First Nations, a
useful website to add to the           organization. See the Environment,      few of which may have lands and
confusion. See “Words First: An        International and Treaties and          resources staff. There are also a
Evolving Terminology Relating to       Lands section of the AFN website        number of “unaffiliated” First
Aboriginal Peoples in                  at                          Nations in Ontario who do not
Canada” (2002) at www.ainc-            Assembly_of_First_Nations.htm.          belong to a PTO.     The AFN Executive Committee is
                                       made up of Regional Vice-Chiefs         Another level of organization of
Aboriginal Political                   from the provinces and territories.     First Nations is Tribal Councils
                                       The Ontario Regional Vice-Chief         established to encourage groupings
Organizations                          addresses interests of common           of First Nations to share technical
Both status Indians and the Metis      concern to Ontario First Nations        resources. Some Tribal Councils in
have their own political               through the Chiefs of Ontario. Their    Ontario have forestry experience.
organizations and some of these        website at www.chiefs-of-               For example, the Mamaweswen or
organizations have the capacity to has a useful interactive   North Shore Tribal Council, made
deal with natural resource issues,     map of Ontario First Nations and        up of seven First Nations in
or environmental issues more           community profiles.                     Anishinabek Nation has had a
broadly. There are also non-                                                   Forestry Unit for a number of years.
governmental, non-political            Provincially, First Nations are
organizations addressing forestry.     organized into what are called          The Metis in Ontario are politically
Nationally, the most active is the     Provincial Territorial Organizations    divided into the Metis Nation of
National Aboriginal Forestry           (PTOs). In Ontario, there are four      Ontario (MNO) at
Association (NAFA) at                  and each of these PTOs addresses and the NAFA has         regional lands and resources issues     Ontario Metis and Aboriginal
been involved in international,        on behalf of their member First         Association (OMAA) at
national and provincial policy         Nations. These PTOs include: The The recent Powley
arenas since 1991, with numerous       Association of Iroquois and Allied      court decision recognizing the Metis
position papers and programs           Indians (AIAI at ),     right to hunt is profiled on these
addressing increased Aboriginal        Nishawbe Aski Nation (representing      websites. At the national level MNO
participation in forest management.    49 First Nations in Treaties 5 and 9    is affiliated with the Metis National
The Centre for Indigenous              areas at             Council ( and
Environmental Resources, based in      especially their Lands, Resources       OMAA with the Congress of
Winnipeg, also provides some           and the Environment section with        Aboriginal Peoples (www.abo-
useful on line sources at              their Consultation Policy), Grand Building Aboriginal       Council Treaty #3 (representing 30                      (Continued on page 19)
Environmental Human Resources          First Nation communities in the
(BEAHR focuses         Treaty #3 area at
on capacity building, education and    see especially their Natural
                                                                                                        Page 18.
(Continued from page 18)                Resources, as a result of the EA
index.html).                            Board Decision (1994) on the Class       contents.htm
                                        Environmental Assessment for
Aboriginal women are also               Timber Management on Crown               Aboriginal Newspapers in
politically organized at the national   Lands in Ontario, has been making        Ontario
and provincial levels. In Ontario the   efforts to implement the EA Board’s      Anishinabek News
Ontario Native Women’s                  Terms and Conditions to improve
Association has been involved in        Aboriginal participation in the forest
                                                                                 Wawatay News
environmental issues and at the         sector. An overview of the MNR’s
national level, the Native Women’s      approach to Aboriginal Groups in         Ontario Birchbark
Association of Canada.                  response to the EA is provided in
                                        their State of the Forest Report,
Federal Government                      2001. See Section 4.1.b.j. Results
                                                                                 National Aboriginal Print
Programming and                         of Negotiations with Aboriginal
                                        Groups (T&C 77). In the same SOF         Media
Resources                               Report, the MNR describes how            Windspeaker
The federal government has a small      they have attempted to meet the          windspeaker/index.htm
program, run jointly by the             Canadian Council of Forest               aboriginaltimes
Canadian Forest Service and the         Ministers commitments to       
Department of Indian Affairs and        Aboriginal peoples in Criterion 6,       The First Perspective
Northern Development (DIAND)            Accepting Ontario’s Social     
called the First Nation Forestry        Responsibilities for Sustainable
Program. The FNFP website lists         Forest Development. Ontario’s            On-Line Aboriginal Sources
forestry projects funded by the         Forest Management Planning               Gathering Place First Nations
program which can provide               Manual outlines the MNR’s                Canadian News
information about how individual        approach to consultation with            www.gatheringplacefirstnationscan
First Nations and Tribal Councils       Aboriginal communities. There are
are involved in the forest sector.      very different viewpoints from           Turtle Island Native Network
See The federal         Aboriginal communities about the
government also has an Aboriginal       success of MNR’s efforts to
Canada Portal, with a section on        recognize Aboriginal and treaty          Some miscellaneous sources to get
the Environment and Natural             rights and increase Aboriginal           an Aboriginal point of view on
Resources, providing links to           participation in forest-based            lands, resources and self-
Aboriginal programs and                 economic opportunities.                  government:
organizations at                                                                 Dibaujimoh: Bringing News of
site.nsf/en-frames/index.html. The
                                        Miscellaneous Resources                  the Chippewas of Nawash
site also has a page on Ontario                                                  Union of BC Indian Chiefs
First Nations providing links to        Maps showing Aboriginal        
community websites, DIAND               communities, claims and treaty           Taiaike Alfred, Indigenous
community profiles, and Statistics      areas in Canada:                         Governance Programs,
Canada information. There is also       The Atlas of Canada http://              University of Victoria
useful information on DIAND’s 
website in the Publication and          index.html
Research section at www.ainc-           Global Forest Watch Canada                              Peggy Smith, R.P.F.             Interactive Map                             Lecturer, Faculty of Forestry and
                                      the Forest Environment, Lakehead
Provincial Government                   interactive.maps/canada.htm                                        University
Programming                             Chiefs of Ontario Interactive Map
In Ontario, the provincial    
department responsible for              The Aboriginal Mapping Network
Aboriginal affairs is the Ontario
Native Affairs Secretariat which
develops the provincial Aboriginal      On Historic Treaties
Policy and deals with land claims.      www.ainc
See                                     maindex_e.html
english/onas.htm.                       On Land Claims
The Ontario Ministry of Natural         index_e.html
                                                                                                         Page 19.
                                         In Memoriam
                       John Hardisty Sellers, R.P.F., 1937 - 2005

John Sellers passed away at his         career with the Department of
home in Carleton Place, Ontario on      Lands and Forests and its
January 9 with his wife, Marilyn, at    successor, the Ministry of Natural
his side. John had suffered from a      Resources. John practised in all
respiratory ailment for a number of     parts of Ontario, from east to west
years and had recently had a            and from north to south, starting in
severe case of pneumonia which          Maple District as a Zone Forester
had him in hospital just before         before moving to Sioux Lookout
Christmas. A family service, with a     District as a Management Unit
few close friends in attendance,        Forester. He was promoted to
was held January 14 at St. James        Timber Supervisor in a move to
Anglican Church, followed by a          White River District and then
celebration of John’s life in the       promoted once again to District
Parish Hall. In the words of the        Manager in Sault Ste. Marie.
church group who catered the            John’s final position with the
event, it was the largest assembly      Province was as District Manager in
they had ever served.                   Carleton Place where he and
                                        Marilyn made their retirement
The words are an apt analogy for        home. Throughout his career, John
John’s life and career. He was          proved to be energetic and
larger than life in many ways - a       dedicated in the practice of his
devoted family man, a caring and        profession and in his service to the
giving friend, a forester’s forester,   public.
an avid dancer (square and round),
an accomplished woodworker and          John was a career-long, active
turner, a devout member of the          member of the Ontario Professional     maintaining the site and ensuring
Anglican Church of Canada, an           Foresters Association. He joined       that the content was accurate and
eager webmaster, a (sometimes           the Association in February, 1962,     current. He received a special
frustrated) fisherman, an               as soon as he was eligible, and, at    citation from the Association in
entrepreneur, a helping hand            different times during the 1970s,      2001 for his untiring efforts. What
wherever and whenever it was            was a member of the Nominating         was perhaps not well-known was
needed ... The list goes on, and        and Registration Committees. It        that John also maintained up to five
John touched the lives of many,         was during this period that he also    other websites, some for
many people while involved in           ran for, and became, Councillor for    organizations to which he belonged,
these numerous interests.               the Central East Section for one       some for organizations he just
                                        term. John was a founding member       wanted to help out. John was a
After obtaining his Grade 13            and a strong contributor to the        self-taught webmaster. Although
certificate at North Toronto            Recognition and Awards                 his methods may not have been
Collegiate, John entered the            Committee, taking responsibility for   refined, they were effective and the
Faculty of Forestry at the University   the Committee’s regular Forester       message was always well-
of Toronto in the fall of 1957. He      Tribute contributions to The           conveyed.
was an above-average student and        Professional Forester. In latter
graduated with a B.Sc.F. in 1961.       years, it was John’s enthusiasm        John was also a long-time member
Shortly afterwards, he married          and unrelenting cajoling that          of the Canadian Institute of Forestry
Marilyn Davidge, whom he had met        convinced Council to establish a       and a faithful participant in the
in their teen years through the         website when the concept was           meetings of the Section wherever
Bedford Park United Church Young        relatively novel. With the aid of a    he lived. As a member of the
Peoples. Marilyn was John’s life-       number of other enthusiasts, he got    Ottawa Valley Section, John was
long companion. They were               the site up and running. He            frustrated by the lack of activity
married for 42 years.                   founded and chaired the Website                        (Continued on page 21)
                                        Committee from its inception and,
John worked his entire professional     as webmaster, spent many hours
                                                                                                        Page 20.
(Continued from page 20)                commented that “I don’t know what       passing of John Sellers and many
within the Section in the late 1990s    I would do if I couldn’t dance”. He     have lost a wonderful friend and
when it had become moribund.            and Marilyn were members of the         companion. He will, indeed, be
John and a few other members            Canadian Square and Round               sorely missed.
worked hard to revitalize the           Dancers Society (CSRDS) for many
Section and today it is as active as    years and danced two or three                          Lorne F. Riley, R.P.F.
any in the organization. Also, from     times each week. John loved to
their inception, John was               demonstrate dancing and did so at
responsible for both the OVS            any opportunity, whether it was at a
website and newsletter. He was          school, at a seniors’ residence, or
presented with the CIF’s Tree of        on Parliament Hill. He had music in
Life Award for his efforts on behalf    his feet. In many ways, officially
of the Section.                         and unofficially, he was a strong
                                        contributor to the CSRDS. It was
In other forestry interests, John was   John who arranged for and
a member of the Eastern Ontario         implemented the program that
Model Forest and a certified plan       resulted in the dancers’ licence
                                                                                (Continued from page 15)
approver under the Province’s           plates that one sees in all corners
Managed Forest Tax Incentive            of Ontario.                             improving their own land, which is
Program, working in the Ottawa                                                  only right. (This is not so much an
Valley and on Manitoulin Island         Although sometimes appearing to         argument for the status quo as it is
where he and one of his sisters         be quite gruff, John was a very         for more appropriate standards.)
maintained a nearly century-old         welcoming, helpful, and amicable
family cottage on Lake Manitou.         person. He was always amongst           Would adding other land uses to
Those who sought to have their          the first to say hello to the           tenure rights improve wood supply,
woodlots plans approved by John         newcomer. He spent innumerable          as suggested by Mac in his article
came to know and appreciate the         hours helping out at their family       and by Ken Armson in the July/
professionalism with which he           churches in the various                 August 2002 issue of Policy
looked after their forest               communities in which they lived,        Options? Or would multi-use land
management needs.                       particularly in Sault Ste. Marie and    managers simply focus their efforts
                                        Carleton Place. He would often          where they would be best rewarded
It was while in Sault Ste. Marie that   check the church hall late in the       and not necessarily on intensive
John started repairing broken toys      evening to make sure that the door      forest management at all?
that he collected from local stores     was locked after an event, would
and making them into children’s         worry over leaks in church              To test the hypotheses that greater
Christmas presents. It was there        buildings, and would spend many         tenure will result in more intensive
also that he began making small         hours looking after the church          forest management, we have only
handcrafted wood items. As his          woodlot in Carleton Place or            to look to private land. Some forest
talents matured, and his interest in    helping out with local tree plantings   companies spend renewal money
woodworking expanded, he                by church youth groups.                 on their own freehold land and
gradually assembled a well-                                                     some don't. None are practicing
equipped shop and became an             Neighbours, friends and, often,         intensive forest management of the
accomplished woodworker, making         strangers could count on John to        type that would be necessary to
larger toys of fine quality, many of    lend a helping hand in times of         change Ontario's wood supply
which were sold at well under           need. He rose to the highest office     picture.
market prices. It was the joy of the    in a forest district in Ontario but
crafting that was important to him.     never failed to involve himself with    I hope other readers will join the
In this pursuit, John spent many        his staff or to be on the front lines   debate for a better solution. The
hours scouring woodlots, sawmill        when trouble arose.                     alternative is to watch Mac's
yards, rough lumber sales, and                                                  predictions come true.
anywhere else that a likely piece of    John is survived by his wife Marilyn,
burl or birdseye maple or just plain    his daughter Mary Ellen, currently                     Peter Hynard, R.P.F.
good wood could be found. He            living in Raxaul, India, and his son                  RR 3, Minden, Ontario
became a member of the [Ottawa]         Timothy, of Toronto. He is also
Valley Woodturners Association          survived by his sisters Mary and
and got to meet, and know, many         Ruth and was predeceased by a
people through the pursuit.             brother, Tom.

A passion in John’s life was            The forestry world has lost a
dancing. At one point he                dedicated, stellar performer with the
                                                                                                           Page 21.
                                        Coming Events

                                        St. John’s Anglican Church (Hwy 9,      or
 OPFA members are reminded              3 km east of Hwy 10)
 that attendance at these               Join us for a full day of experts on    April 19-21, 2005
 events can contribute to your          planting and caring for your tree       The 16th Global Warming
 continuing education credits.          seedlings – including matching          International Conference
                                        species to site, planting techniques,   New York City, NY
                                        post-planting care (such as             For more information go to
                                        watering and weed control),   
                                        pruning, and common pests and
March 1-4, 2005                         diseases. Cost: $10 (includes           April 19-24, 2005
Partnerships Towards                    lunch), payable at the door. Pre-       Managing Forested Viewscapes:
Sustainability: ForestLeadership        registration required. For more         Public Expectations, Operational
Conference                              information or to register contact      Challenges, and International
Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel,            Greg Bales at 905-713-7410 or           Perspectives
Toronto, ON                                  Kamloops, BC
ForestLeadership aims at                                                        For more information contact Tom
promoting sustainable forestry by       April 16, 2005                          Rankin, R.P.F. at
developing leadership. The              GPS and Wilderness Navigation  or 250-
conference will provide exceptional     Omemee, ON                              573-3092.
opportunities for discussing one of     Sir Sandford Fleming College, in
the most exciting trends in             partnership with Kawartha               April 27-29, 2005
sustainable forestry -- the             Conservation and the Otonabee           OPFA Annual General Meeting
development of multi-stakeholder        Region Conservation Authority, is       and Conference
partnerships towards forest             offering a course covering a variety    Timmins, ON
sustainability. For more information    of land-based navigational aids,        The theme for the meeting is
go to         such as GPS, different types of         “Communications” and topics will
                                        maps, and compass use.                  include OPFA responsibilities,
March 6-8, 2005                         Participants must bring a good-         communication skills, and today’s
U.S.-Canada Forest Products             quality compass and writing             technology. For more information
Trade Symposium                         materials. For more information call    go to page 16 of this newsletter or
East Lansing, Michigan                  888-269-6929 (course NATR020).
The symposium will examine the
market relationships and industry       April 19-21, 2005                       April 30, 2005
trends; impacts of past, current, and                                           Edible Wilds
                                        Under the Canopy - Exploring
future U.S. trade restrictions; and                                             Omemee, ON
                                        Non-timber Forest Products
views of and approaches to              Huntsville, ON                          Sir Sandford Fleming College is
stumpage pricing in the two                                                     offering a half-day workshop on the
                                        The twelfth conference in the “Your
countries. For more information go                                              health benefits of a selected group
                                        Forest Your Choice” conference
to or             series, “Under the Canopy”              of local wild plants. Learn how to
contact Runsheng Yin at                                                         recognize edible plants commonly
                                        examines non-timber forest or 517-432-3352.                                                   found in this part of Ontario (and
                                        products including: traditional First
                                        Nations knowledge and uses;             which plants to avoid). For more
March 13-16, 2005                                                               information call 888-269-6929
                                        economic opportunities;
Emerging Issues Along Urban/                                                    (course NATR015).
                                        sustainability, forest management
Rural Interfaces: Linking Science       and regulation issues; co-
and Society                                                                     May 16-27, 2005
                                        management for timber and NTFP;
Atlanta, Georgia                                                                5th Session of the United Nations
                                        and other topics. A full day of
For more information go to              seminars is followed by a day of        Forum on Forests                                                            New York City, NY
                                        field trips. Special pre-conference
urbanruralinterfaces/.                                                          For more information go to
                                        workshop on April 19. For more
                                        information go to             
April 2, 2005
                              , or contact
Planting and Caring for Your
                                        Maxine Davidson at 705-746-6832
Trees                                   ext. 29 or
Orangeville, ON
                                        or Susan Purves at 705-646-1364
                                                                                                         Page 22.
June 1-3, 2005                         of reforestation and afforestation    demonstrate the importance of non-
Global Forest & Paper Summit           around the world; 2. Nursery          timber forest products. For more
2005: Non-Timber Forest                methodologies to produce target       information call the Centre for Non-
Products                               seedlings; 3. Planting and planting   Timber Resources at 250-391-2600
Vancouver, BC                          site treatments to optimize           ext. 4328 or go to
For more information go to:            regeneration and; 4. Enhancing        timber production and non-timber
or contact the Forest Products         values through stand establishment    October 19-23, 2005
Association of Canada at               For more information go to:           2005 SAF National Convention                 Fort Worth, TX
or 613-563-1441.                       thingreenline/ or contact Sonia       For more information go to
                                       Gellert at or or contact
June 12-16, 2005                       807-345-5445 ext. 34.                 Madelaine Morgan at
Ecosystem Management - Can                                          or 301-897-
We Conserve the Pieces While           August 19-25, 2005                    8720 Ext: 111
Managing the Matrix? 5th North         CIF/IFC AGM and Conference
American Forest Ecology                Prince Albert, SK
Workshop                               For more information contact
Aylmer, PQ                             Andrea Atkinson at 306-953-2448
For more information go to             or
nafew2005/.                            August 25-27, 2005                     If you know of an event you
                                       A Future Beneath the Trees:            would like to see listed here,
July 26-28, 2005                       Building Communities with Non-         please contact the Editor at
The Thin Green Line: A                 Timber Forest Products                 forestmanager@
Symposium on the State-of-the-         Victoria, BC                 
Art in Reforestation                   This international conference will
Thunder Bay, ON                        include seminars, a trade show,
There will be four themes: 1. Status   exhibits, and field trips to

                                                                                                      Page 23.
                                                                           Publications Mail Agreement Number

                                                                           Undeliverable copies can be sent to:
                                                                                       8000 Yonge St., Unit #3
                                                                                          Innisfil, ON L9S 1L5

                                   Member News
Deceased                           (Continued from page 14)
                                   team leader for four direct staff,
John Sellers            #593
John McClelland         #531       consisting of two Forest Operatives,
                                   a Forestry Works Supervisor and a
                                                                                2005 OPFA Annual
                                   Wildlife Ranger.                              General Meeting
Bruce Bodie             #1546      My post would give an excellent
Greg Curniski           #1771      overview of British multi-purpose           The 2005 OPFA Annual General
Shawn Dunlop            #1977      forestry for an Ontario forester            Meeting will be held in Timmins
Gordon Franklin         #1488      wanting to undertake a professional
John Irwin              #857                                                   on April 27, 28 and 29. The
                                   exchange. It will give a superb             theme for the meeting is
John Iverson            #754       chance to practice intensive forest         “Communications” and topics will
Bruce Millar            #1015      management on a detailed scale.
Spiro Papastergiou      #1821                                                  include OPFA responsibilities,
                                                                               communication skills and today’s
Paul Rennick            #697       You                                         technology.
Stan Somers             #1161      If you are seriously interested in an
Guylaine Thavette-Lee   #1273
                                   exchange – I would be very pleased          This year’s AGM Committee is
Stephen Warrington      #1768      to hear from you, including details         comprised of Pierre Corbeil, Nick
                                   of your academic background,                Gooderham, Bob Jackman, Gord
New Members                        current employment and domestic             King, Krista Mayrand, Dave
Full                               situation.                                  Millson, Sue Millson, George
Erin Banton             #2088                                                  Stanclik, Rob Tomchick, Greg
Phillip Cooze           #2091      If you are in a position to offer me        Corrigal, Kirsten Corrigal, Denis
Michael Furniss         #2092      employment for a fixed term – I             Gagnon, David Flood, and Don
Marke Henteleff         #2090      would be very happy to discuss my           Bazeley.
                                   skills and competencies in more
Provisional                        detail.                                     Look for updates posted on the
John MacGillivray       #2095                                                  website and the registration
                                   I look forward to hearing from you.         package which will be mailed to
Associate                                                                      all members. Program details on
Daniel Korchuk          #2094                                                  page 16.
Jeff Muzzi              #2093                          Mark Crowley

 In the December issue of The
 Professional Forester it stated
 that Norm Stephenson, R.P.F.
 #1339 had resigned. This
 information was printed in
 error and Mr. Stephenson
 continues to be a Full Member
 of the OPFA.
                                                                                                       Page 24.

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