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Telematics Action Groups


 November 21-23 2006 Helsinki, Finland
What is ERA-NET Transport?
13 partners from 11 European countries aiming at efficient trans-
national research cooperation in the field of transport

Financed from EU’s 6th Framework Programme

    - to build up a sustainable network of relevant public
      transport research programmes that will function as a
      service platform for the managers of these programmes
      and facilitate trans-national cooperation
    - to provide joint procedures, programming as well as joint
      project management models and guidelines
    - to open up national transport research programmes to
      European partners
Telematics Action Groups
5 Action Groups out of 14 current Actions are on telematics:

• ENT 2 Real-time Data Collection: Overview of Sensor
  Research and Intelligent Logistics
• ENT 3 Trans-national Architecture for Multimodal Information
• ENT 4 Business Models for Data Collection and Use
• ENT 11 A Platform for Driver Support/ Intelligent Vehicles
• ENT 12 Hazardous Goods – Tracking and Racing

ENT 2 Real-Time Data Collection: Overview of
Sensor Research and Intelligent Logistics

          Knowledge transfer
          Project clustering
          Joint projects
          Coordinated call
ENT 2 Topics for co-operation
Real-time data collection:
• Assessment of video-streams
• Monitoring and tracing of pedestrian movements and flows
  (no security focus)
• Mobile sensor systems
• GSM-network based traffic detection
• Data collection – data fusion, data interpretation, quality

Telematics and logistics:
• A co-ordinated call on "Intelligent Logistics" was launched by
  Austria and Germany, September 2006.
ENT 2 Co-ordinated Call
      Intelligent Logistics
Country   Name of the call                      Responsible             National call
                                                programme owners        budgets
                                                and –managing

Germany   Mobilität und Verkehr, Intelligente   German Ministry of        Approximately
          Logistik im Güter- und                Economics and             12-15 Mio. €
          Wirtschaftsverkehr – Eine             Technology (BMWi)
          Innovationsoffensive des BMWi für     supported by the TÜV
          die Märkte von morgen"                Rheinland Group, PT
Austria   Intelligent Infrastructure (I2)       Austrian Federal Ministry 600.000 €
          “Intelligente Logistik”               for Transport, Innovation
                                                and Technology (BMVIT)
                                                supported by the
                                                Austrian Research
                                                Promotion Agency
ENT 2 Contact Information

Participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany,
Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

                      Mr. Heimo Kropf
    Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and

                     Mr. Walter Wasner
    Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and

ENT 3 Trans-national Architecture for Multimodal
         Knowledge transfer
         Project clustering
         Joint projects
ENT 3 Topics for co-operation
The action aims at summarizing the different topics that could be
seen as prerequisites for building up a trans-national
architecture for multimodal information (e.g. database of stop-
points etc.) :
    - projects, standards and standardization work
    - identifying the gaps or missing spots
    - list of actions in order to promote the appearance of a
       trans-national architecture for multimodal information
        Tourist information Deviation information
 Empirical information Transport network information   Route information
          Cost information     Traffic information   Geographic information
  Service information      Meteorological information Terminal information


                       What travel information is required?
                        Where and when is it required?
                           How shall it be provided?

                           New and improved services:
                     All transport modes (road, sea, rail, air)
 Services            Scheduled and not scheduled transport
                          Static and dynamic information
                         Support different user categories
                        Feasible communication channels
   Architecture content                                  Missing topics?

            Overall                                      Why?             Basis for
            concepts            Reference      Roles
                                 model                                    technical
     Logical                                                            specifications
                       Functional    Information    Process     What?
     aspects             view            view        view

Technical                           Communication view
aspects                                                                 How?

                       Work done by ISO/CEN and others
ENT 3 Contact Information

Participating countries are Finland, France, Germany, Norway
and Sweden.

                        Mr. Roland COTTE
Centre for Studies on urban planning, transportation and public
            facilities – French Ministry for Transport

ENT 4 Business Models for Data Collection
and Use
        Exchange of information
        Defining research topics
        Clustering of research efforts
        Dissemination expert workshop in 2007
ENT 4 Topics for co-operation
Identifying of the bottlenecks for implementation and defining
the research questions, e.g.:
     - How to deal with data ownership, privacy, quality?
     - Roles and responsibilities of Public / Private Stakeholders
       and Public / Public stakeholders?
     - How to improve the co-operation between modes?
     - How to improve the cost benefit of multimodal services?
     - Who should be in charge of providing multimodal
     - How to support the development of architecture and
     - How to harmonize the legal framework?
ENT 4 Roles: Complex Cube

      Value added services
      Traffic management       Finance
       Infrastructure        Design
ENT 4 Models
   data                     data          information        information             support
                                                                      
 aquisition              processing        packaging        transmission             & billing

 fully public service

 data pool model

 public seed funding

 outsourcing of service tasks

  risk sharing in joint commercial P-P venture

 fully private service

                                                                      Source atlan-tic project
ENT 4 System Layers
Effectiveness                                       User Needs
Standards                                           Quality Model
Market Model                                        Architecture
PPP                                                 Conditions
                        Public Authorities
Each system layers of a mobility information service system is dependant
on the requirements/conditions of the adjacent layers. Knowledge on the
interfaces between the different layers of an information system is
necessary to develop a successful service.
ENT 4 Knowledge Development

Influence                                         User needs
What information is effective to inform,          What kind of information does the end-
seduce or steer the traveller?                    user really need?

Standardisation                                   Quality model
What are the (open) standards to exchange         What are the quality requirements of the
information between information systems ?         information like exactness, completeness
                                                  and timeliness ?

Market model                                      Org. Architecture
What type of contracts between                    What are the functions, roles and flow of
organisations should be in place an with what     information between the actors in the
kind of juridical, financial and responsibility   value chain ?
clauses ?
PPP                                               Lobby
How to set up Public Private Partnerships ?       How can organisations lobby to the EU
                                                  and national bodies to prioritize their
                                                  agenda ?
ENT 4 Contact Information

Participating countries are France, Netherlands, Norway,
Finland and Poland

                     Mr. Paul Potters
                 CONNEKT – ITS Netherlands

ENT 11   Driver Support Systems

          Joint project:
          – defining research topics and
             clustering of research efforts
ENT 11 Topics for co-operation

 The main objective is to produce recommendations for
 transport policy decision makers (ministries, the European
 Commission) concerning driver support systems:
     • Immediate actions that national Ministries of Transport
       could take
     • Future research needs in this topic at European, trans-
       national and national levels
ENT 11 Work Packages
                    Focusing the inventory

                      Common research
                       plan for national

        National          EC Framework,      International
                                                             Interim report
      Inventories        European research     research

                          Inventory phase

                      Analysis and draft

                Round table discussions
                                                              Final report
ENT 11 Current Situation
 EC DG Infosoc has started ”Benchmarking study on activities
 in promoting and deploying Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems
 in the EU” SMART  danger of overlapping work!!
    • Both have comprehensive inventories and aim at
      recommendations to Member States and the
      Commission  reconsideration of ENT11 is needed
    • Possibilities for co-operation, e.g.:
         – ENT11 could bring national policy makers’ opinions
           to SMART?
         – Common seminar?
ENT 11 Contact Information
Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway,
Poland and the United Kingdom have expressed their interest

                       Mr. Martti Mäkelä
      Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland

       Mr. Ad van Ommen and Mr. Martin van Gelderen
 Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management,

                  Mr. Juhani Vehviläinen
                 Jussa Consulting, Finland

ENT 12 Hazardous Goods – Tracking and Tracing

         Joint project
ENT 12 Topics for co-operation
Localised projects piloting various aspects of tracking & tracing
(dangerous) goods in the participating countries
    • to give an European platform for their work – best
      practise and harmonisation
    • to reduce individual project costs through the
      sharing of experience and common goals
    • to give new EU member states quick access to best
ENT 12 Research questions:
• Lessons learnt from pilots that have already taken place?
• Information required by stakeholders?
• What are we trying to achieve at a national and pan-European
  level in terms of accident handling, security, inspection and
  enforcement, traffic management and risk management for
  external safety as well as the environment?
• Opportunity to make use of the developments and findings of the
  E-call and GST projects?
• Standardisation required to support pan-European tracking &
  tracing of (dangerous) goods?
• Common platform required to support projects such as electronic
  signature and electronic bill of loading in order to facilitate
  harmonisation and abolition of the paper trail throughout
• Data sensitivities in terms of national security and the systems
  solution to overcome these?
ENT 12 Contact Information
Participating countries are Austria, The Netherlands, Finland,
France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.

                               Mr. Eric Louette
       Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Tourism and Sea, France

                             Mr. Gert Jan Prummel
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the Netherlands

                        Mr. Jaap van der Heide
     Transport and Water Management Inspectorate, the Netherlands
   Thank you and Welcome to
ERA-NET Transport Action Groups!
We welcome partners to join the Action Groups to enhance
transport research co-operation across borders!

ERA-NET Transport Programme Coordination:

                   Mr. Oliver Althoff
  TÜV Management Systems FmbH, Research Management
                 Am Grauen Stein 33
               D-51105 Köln (Cologne)