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Opportunities through EU Funding by nikeborome


									                                                            Opportunities through
                                                                      EU Funding
                                                                                       Monday 8 November 2010, 3.00pm - 6.30pm
                                                                                     London Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
                                                                                            33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP

                                                                                                               THIS EVENT IS FREE

                                                        To facilitate small and medium businesses (SMEs) growth and development, the
PROGRAMME                                               European Union (EU) has a comprehensive system of financial policies and
                                                        instruments to support businesses with the most appropriate sources and types
3.00PM      REGISTRATION AND TEA/COFFEE                 of financing at each stage of their life. These include loans, guarantees and equity,
                                                        structural funds and grants.
            Karen Clements
            Consultant on EU Affairs                    Are you a newcomer to EU funding and feel a
            British Chambers of Commerce                bit lost among the different funding mechanisms,
                                                        players involved and programmes?
            FUNDING INSTRUMENTS                         Do you know what the main sources of funding
            European Commission Official
            Directorate-General for Enterprise and      available to you are?
            Industry (DG ENTR)
                                                        Are you looking for money to fund a project?
            NETWORK CAN HELP                            Are you looking for new opportunities to sell
            Tessel van Essen                            your services or goods?
            Business Advice Manager
            Enterprise Europe Network London            General oversight of EU funding belongs to the European Commission, with other
                                                        carefully selected intermediaries managing and distributing funds. Whilst there are
            & DEVELOPMENT SECTORS                       viable funding options for businesses out there, EU red tape and lack of awareness
            Chris Farmakis                              means many businesses aren’t maximising the opportunities available to them.
            EC Funding Manager
            GLE Group                                   With this is mind, and in a European Commission effort to enhance accountability
            EU FUNDING SUPPORT:                         and increase transparency, this seminar aims to provide you with the know-how to
            COMMERCIAL SECTORS                          make accessing EU funding easier.
            Rachael McCorriston
            EC Funding Advisor
            GLE Group                                   WHY ATTEND?
                                                        This seminar will:
4.35PM      CASE STUDY: EU FUNDING                      •   give you a concise description of the available funding sources
            Costis Kompis                               •   illustrate how they can be put into practice and provide practical examples of
            Managing Partner
            Vodera Ltd                                      EU fund beneficiaries
                                                        •   guide you through the EU funding mechanisms, and give you tips on how to
4.50PM      QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS                           get started and how to navigate EU red tape
5.10PM      CHAIRMAN’S CLOSING REMARKS                  •   inform you about the people and networks whose task it is to provide you
            Karen Clements                                  with all the information you need to get started depending on the type of
            Consultant on EU Affairs
            British Chambers of Commerce                    funding and the profile of your project
                                                        •   provide advice on how to keep informed about current funding
5.15PM      NETWORKING RECEPTION                            opportunities and how to apply
6.30PM      CLOSE                                       •   give you the opportunity talk to our experts and get help identifying the
                                                            most appropriate funding scheme for you
                        (Programme subject to change)
Opportunities through EU Funding
Monday 8 November 2010, 3.00pm - 6.30pm
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP


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