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					CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                                       APRIL 2006

                                                    Central Oklahoma #1 Harley Owners Group                           Chapter No. 1744
                                                                                                                        Sponsored by

                               H.O.G. PENS                                                                              Bryan Harley-
                                                                                                                     2624 N Moore Ave.
                                                                                                                      Moore, OK 73160
                                                                                                                       (405) 793-8877

                                                       Director’s Chat                             newsletter. The club offers a larger
                                                                                                   room, more tables and chairs, no
    WE’RE MOVING!                                       By David Wiist, Director
                                                                                                   smoking, head table with microphone,
  Central Oklahoma # 1 has a                                                                       variety dinner menu, pay your server
                                                       Happy April everybody!
  new meeting place. Begin-                                                                        at your table with cash or credit card,
                                                       I know it seemed like
                                                                                                   and a little more peaceful environ-
  ning April 12, chapter meet-                         the month of April,
  ings will be held at Willow                          weather-wise, over the
                                                       past four weeks or so,
  Creek Golf & Country Club,                                                                       You will not have to put up with the
                                                       but honestly, we are
  6501 S Country Club Drive,                           now in the month of
                                                                                                   smell of a smoking room any longer.
  just off I-240 and S Pennsyl-                                                                    We are very excited about the move
                                                       April. I just hope we
                                                                                                   and hope you will enjoy the cleaner
  vania. See the Director’s                            continue to get this
                                                                                                   confines. And yes to our ladies, there
  Chat at right and a map on                           great weather so we can continue the
                                                                                                   is a larger ladies restroom with many
  Page 2 for more details.                             “ride thing.” If there is such a thing as
                                                                                                   stalls for your convenience and pri-
                                                       “April showers,” then let it rain on the
                                                       days we don’t ride.
  What’s Happening                                                                                 Meeting times and dates are the same,
  Note: Chapter events mentioned                       On the move                                 second Wednesday of the month at 7
  here are subject to change. For cur-                 Hey, have you heard the GREAT               p.m. If you choose to come early and
  rent information about a chapter                     NEWS!? We are MOVING the Chapter            eat, the restaurant will take orders
  event, call:                                         meeting location!! Beginning April 12,      from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. There will be a
          Chapter hot line                             we will have our monthly Chapter            “collection jar” passed around to col-
                                                       meetings at the Willow Creek Golf &         lect $1 from each attendee for the
          (405) 216-0464                               Country Club. Willow Creek is located       “room charge.” Once the club staff
                                                       between SW 59th & SW 74th, just west        sees that at least 80% of us eat a meal,
                                                       of Pennsylvania Ave. There is a map of      then the $1 charge will be waived.
      UPCOMING EVENTS                                  our new location on Page 2 of this                                 Continued on page 7

               Dinner rides
  Saturday, April 15: Breakfast ride to               Hammer Time                                                  time we got the final
                                                                                                                   OK on our stops and
  Biscuit Hill, east of Shawnee; meet                              By Becky Hammer                                 finalized the route.
  at Valero’s, 8/8:30 a.m.                                         Activities Director                             I want to thank every-
  Saturday, May 6: Jo’s Pizza, Purcell;               Hello everyone, it’s April 2006 and time                     one who has helped
                                                      to hunt Easter eggs and eat lots of                          get door prizes gath-
                                                      Easter candy. April showers bring May                        ered up; we really ap-
  Friday, May 12: Ken’s Steakhouse,                                                                                preciate all of you.
                                                      flowers, but we really want nice days
  Amber, 6:30/7                                       for our dinner rides.
  Sunday, May 21: Stables, Guthrie;                                                             Rides coming up:
  1/1:30                                              We are still taking registrations for the
                                                      Cabin Fever XIII Poker Run, the deadline April 15 , Tax Relief Day — breakfast at
                 Big events                           is April 12 , so you still have time to   Biscuit Hill in Shawnee; meet at Va-
                                                      send me your MONEY and FORMS.             lero’s 8 a.m., leave at 8:30. Everyone
  Sunday, April 23: Cabin Fever Poker
                                                                                                come — they promise us a great break-
  Run, starts at Bryan H-D                            All volunteers need to be at Bryan        fast.
  Saturday, May 13: Spring Fling, pre-                Harley-Davidson around 8 a.m. Those
                         Continued on page 4                                                                      th
                                                      of you working and living near the end Saturday, May 6 , Jo’s Famous Pizza,
                                                      of the route do not need to come to       Purcell. Meet at Bryan’s at 1, leave at
                                                      the dealership. We will get your sup-     1:30.
 Friday evening rides meet at Valero gas station,     plies to you in plenty of time before the
 SE 89 and I-35; Saturday rides meet at Bryan
 Harley-Davidson; Sunday rides meet at Valero.
                                                      ride starts, but if you want to come to   Friday, May 12th is our first evening ride,
 9:30/10 = meet 9:30, leave 10 a.m.; 1:30/2 =         the dealership, that’s OK, too.           to Ken’s Steakhouse in Amber. Meet at
 meet 1:30, leave 2 p.m.; 6:30/7 = meet 6:30,                                                                             Continued on page 7
 leave 7 p.m., and so forth.                          The pre-run was on Feb. 25th, at which

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                    APRIL 2006

                          www.centralok1hog.com   Page 2
CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                                  APRIL 2006

                      we have had 2006
Blazers hockey night, Feb. 11, a few of
The Gator’s Den       In the past few years,                                              the lives of others.

           By Frank “Gator” Smith
                                          our own Chapter mem-                            Tires are an item that we expect to wear
                Safety Officer
                                          bers go down because                            out, and we all probably have been
                                          of tire problems while                          guilty of trying to get all of the “good”
Hello to all of my Chapter brothers and
                                          riding at highway                               that we can out of them. Please don’t
                                          speeds. We are very                             take chances; if they are worn, have
The theme of this month’s article focuses fortunate that they are                         them replaced. Our lives are more im-
on the three most important items that    still with us today and                         portant than stretching tire wear to the
affect motorcycle safety. They are as     will be riding with us again.                   limits.
follows: TIRES, TIRES and TIRES.
                                          It only takes a few minutes to check out        The weather is warming up, so let’s get
Fact: More than half of ALL motorcycle your bike’s tires prior to the first ride          our bikes ready and enjoy another great
crashes are caused by worn tires.         each day and it could save your life or         riding season. We’ll see you on the road.

The following article has been reprinted with permission from the   Check your tires for signs of aging, including dry rot and
National Highway Safety Institute                                   cracking. Even barely used tires become hard with time or
                                                                    exposure to the sun. When tire rubber gets hard and stiff, it
Know Your Pressure Level and Load Limits                            tends to crack and cannot grip the road to provide proper
Become familiar with your motorcycle manufacturer's infla-          traction. So it's wise to replace old or dried-out tires even if
tion guidelines. Look in your motorcycle owner's manual to          they still have plenty of tread on them.
find the right PSI (pounds per square inch) of air pressure for
your tires.                                                      If you store your motorcycle during winter months, be sure to
                                                                 store it in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight — and away
Keep in mind that these recommendations are usually de-          from ozone-producing appliances (anything with an electric
pendent upon the weight of you and your passenger, as well motor, such as a refrigerator). Additionally, your tires should
as any cargo. For instance, some manufacturers advise add-       not come into sustained contact with gasoline or oil. Im-
ing 3 or 4 PSI when carrying a heavy load. Know your vehicle proper storage will rapidly accelerate the normal aging proc-
weight and load, and follow the PSI recommendations spe-         ess, making your tires unsafe.
cific to your motorcycle. Failure to do so can result in adverse
motorcycle handling (wobble and weave) or tire failure, or       What to Consider Before You Tire-Shop
                                                                 Make sure you get a matching set of front and rear tires.
Check your tire pressure often and adjust as necessary, using Unlike car tires, you need to make sure that your motorcycle
an accurate tire gauge. Motorcycle tire manufacturers recom- tires are a “matched” set. At a minimum, they should have
mend checking pressure at least once a week. However,            complementary tread patterns, should both be either radial or
many motorcycle safety experts recommend checking tire           bias ply, and ideally be the same make and model.
pressure and tread wear every time you take your bike out.
After all, you ask more of your motorcycle tires than you do     Size matters. It’s best to choose replacement tires of the same
your car tires. So it's wise to ensure they're roadworthy each   size as the motorcycle’s original equipment tires.
time you ride.
                                                                 Remember that front and rear motorcycle tires are not de-
Tire Wear and Care, and When to Buy Replacements                 signed to perform exactly the same functions — and are not
                                                                 interchangeable. You'll need one front tire and one back tire
Take the time to frequently inspect your tires for sidewall and of a complementary make, model and size.
tread groove cracking, punctures, blisters, knots, cuts, exces-
sive or irregular wear. As with tire pressure, it only takes a few Tire Safety on the Road
minutes — every time you ride is not too often. If you do find
any of these tread wear conditions, immediately replace the        Avoid riding on the shoulder or near medians where sharp
damaged tire. In addition, most tire safety experts recom-         objects and other tire-damaging debris tend to accumulate.
mend replacing rather than attempting to patch a tire.
                                                                   Constantly monitor the way your motorcycle rides so you can
When your tread is worn down to the level of the built-in          detect any rapid air loss — and respond appropriately without
tread wear bars on your tires, the tread won't provide good        delay.
traction. This is yet another indication it's time for new tires.   Carry a cell phone whenever you ride, in case of emergencies.

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                                     APRIL 2006

                                           Cabin Fever Pre-Ride
                                           February 25, 2006

                                                                                            What’s Happening
                                                                                     Continued from page 1
                                                                                     State Rally event, Moose Lodge, Midwest

                                                                                     Tuesday, April 4: Officers meeting, 6 p.m.
                                                                                     NEW MEETING PLACE: Braum’s, 12th St.
                                                                                     and City Ave., Moore (just west of I-35)
                                                                                     Wednesday, April 12: Chapter meeting, 7
                                                                                     p.m. NEW MEETING PLACE: Willow Creek
                                                                                     Golf and Country Club
                                                                                     Tuesday, May 2: Officers meeting, 6 p.m.
                                                                                     NEW MEETING PLACE: Braum’s, 12th St.
                                                                                     and City Ave., Moore (just west of I-35)
                                                                                     Wednesday, May 10: Chapter meeting, 7
                                                                                     p.m. NEW MEETING PLACE: Willow Creek
                                                                                     Golf and Country Club
2006 Officers               LOH: Peggy Nichols
                            672-6476; 255-1929 (C)
                                                    Dave Herman
                                                    794-4490, 570-7489 (C)
                                                                                                 Bryan H-D events
                            peggy_nichols@ssmhc.com hogtied@sbcglobal.net
Director: David Wiist                                                                Saturday, April 1: Demo Day; try out a 2006
                            Photo: Dennis Carroll         Al Hudson
348-1585; 642-4760 (C)                                                               Harley.
                            610-3077; 209-3907 (C)        793-8634; 640-4147 (C)
                                                          Otis Mooney                Bike Nights: Thursdays, 6-10 p.m., Hooters,
Asst. Director: John Beal   Safety Officer: Frank Smith   602-2592, 760-1635 (C)     SW 74 & Pennsylvania.
390-1111; 834-2939 (C)      324-6883, 503-6883 (C)        fourmoons@cox.net
johnb1@tds.net              gfs3@swbell.net
                                                          James Nichols
Secretary: Judy Lash        Road Captains:                672-6476, 255-1904(C)
794-9919; 306-1743 (C)      Tedd Lash                     nichols53@cox.net
                            794-9919, 659-1114 (C)                                   Attention, campers: Taking your RV to the
jklash@cox.net                                            Walt Pierce                Texas State Rally May 18-20? Here is the
                                                          793-2934, 517-6853 (C)
Treasurer: Cindy Hudson                                                              contact number to make campsite reserva-
                            Johnny Baker                  sooner1958@cox.net
736-1570; 306-8516 (C)                                                               tions at the Texas Expo Center. Talk to
                            946-6248, 361-4172 (C)      Tiger Mike Revere
wrongwayhud@cox.net         johnnie.baker@tinker.af.mil 672-1008; 596-1072 (C)       Janet at 1-325-677-4376.
Activities: Becky Hammer                                tigermike7@cox.net
                            Mike Bollinger
793-0716; 659-1426(C)       321-0520, 644-1857 (C)      Jeff Scroggins
mbhammer@cox.net                                                                                        If you would like a birthday,
                            mikebo1123@sbcglobal.net 841-7824, 641-1656 (C)                             special occasion, get-well wish,
Editor: Colleen Smith                                                                                   or other item listed in an-
                            Larry Burgess               Terry Weaver                                    nouncements, please send
691-8320; 640-6487 (C)
                            364-2826, 517-4721 (C)      381-2061; 308-1968 (C)                          your information to Colleen
                            lburgess@email.usps.gov     hdroadweaver@aol.com                            Smith, 2832 SW 130th St.,
Historian: DeAnn Pierce                                                                                 OKC, OK 73170; 691-8320;
                            Ira Frame                     Troy Williams                                 csmith@newsok.com
793-2934; 517-2365 (C)                                    454-2117; 288-6949 (C)
                            329-1424; 642-4095 (C)
deannpierce@cox.net                                       twilliams44@cox.net

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                             APRIL 2006

                 ls III
       w  o Whee
Tea & T          vidson                                                                           Un-Foo-Pah-
Bryan H
            2006                                                                                   like conduct
 Ma rch 18,                                                                                  It’s just disgusting when no one
                                                                                             sees fit to do something stupid
                                                                                             and earn themselves the Foo-
                                                                                             Pah Award. But that’s what
                                          Twenty-seven women attended the Bryan              happened in March, when eve-
                                          Harley-Davidson-sponsored event for ladies         ryone was behaving admirably,
                                           only.                                             with nary a screw-up in sight.

                                            Activities included a spring motorclothes        Therefore, the Foo-Pah was put
                                            fashion show, a bike inspection primer,          on hiatus for a month. Never
                                            description of hand signals, and a “What         fear … it will be back!
                                      to Pack & What to Wear” talk by Cindy Hudson.
                                      Lunch was at Harry Bear’s.

Travel Tips                                compare packing lists and don’t dupli-
                                           cate items if you can share.
                                                                                      toward the tank, distributed equally
                                                                                      from side to side.
Tea & Two Wheels handout
                                           On long trips, pack your “rattiest” under- If possible, do a dry run with the bike
Lightweight synthetic clothing, such as wear (or other clothing) and throw it         loaded a day before the trip and make
T-shirts and underwear, can be washed away after you’ve worn it.                      needed adjustments before you get on
in a hotel sink and dried overnight.                                                  the road.
                                           Always check cargo weights for your
Use zipper-lock freezer bags to organize bike. Tour pack — 20-25 lbs.; saddle-        If camping with a new tent, try to set it
gear in saddlebags. Makes it easy to find bags — 15 lbs. each; windshield             up before you leave, including setup in
and retrieve items without unpacking       pouches — 3 lbs. Adjust tire pressure and the dark.
the entire bike. One-gallon size bags will suspension accordingly (check owner’s
hold one day’s worth of clothes.           manual).                                   With the bike fully loaded, make sure
                                                                                      the headlamp is aimed properly.
Don’t fold clothes — roll them. Takes up Money and credit cards are very easy to
less space.                                pack, so if you are undecided whether      Be prepared for cold weather and rain
                                           or not you need to pack a particular       on every trip (keeping in mind the part
Pack items that have more than one use. item, you can always buy it.                  of the country you are traveling to).
Example: A multi-knife tool instead of a
pocketknife.                               When loading the bike, keep as much        To keep your bike from gaining weight,
                                           weight as possible close to the center of ship some of your gear and shopping
When riding with others you know,          gravity of the bike. That means low and “bargains” home.

 Packing list                    Sunglasses                     Roadside assistance papers        Tissues/toilet paper
                                 Goggles — clear for night      Cargo net                         Credit cards
 Tea & Two Wheels handout        Change of shoes                Bungee cords                      Lip balm
                                                                Multi-use tool/Swiss knife
 CLOTHING (*seasonal)            BIKE MAINTENANCE               Tote sack/fold-up bag             EMERGENCY ITEMS
 DOT approved helmet             Tool kit                       Large trash sacks                 Personal first aid kit
 Rain suit and gloves            Replacement fuses              Extra zipper-lock bags            Emergency contacts (ICE)
 *Summer or winter gloves        HD SYN 3 lubricant             Spray cleaner                     Medical condition list
 T-shirts                        Paper funnel                   1/2” clear tubing, 3-4 ft. long   Flashlight/pen light
 Socks/underwear                 Multi-purpose spray lube       Rain boot covers                  Spare key
 *Synthetic long underwear       Motorcycle jumper cables       Camera & film                     Emergency blanket
 Long-sleeve shirts              Tire pressure gauge                                              Cell phone and charger
                                 Wipe-down rag/towels           PERSONAL ITEMS                    Duct tape
                                                                Basic toiletries                  Road flares
 *Riding jacket
                                 MISCELLANEOUS                  Emergency cash
 Extra jeans
                                 Road maps/HOG atlas            Coins for tolls                   Next month: Some tips from
 Light jacket
                                 Bike registration/insurance    Pike Pass                         veteran packer Cindy Hud-
 *Leather pants/chaps
                                 Owners manual                  Sunscreen                         son
 Riding boots
                                 Warranty card/papers           Earplugs

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                  APRIL 2006

Dinner ride to Berkley’s, Moore, Feb. 26, 2006
Captain’s log          dam. We drove back
                       west on 149th to
With temperatures in Sunny Lane then
the high 50s, 40 chap- south to Tecumseh,
ter members (and 2     west to Telephone
young offspring) gath- Road and then north
ered for a fine after- to our destination at
noon ride to Berkley’s the Moore Riverwalk.
restaurant in Moore.
                       At Berkley’s, owner
We had 20 shining      Paul Gordon Sr., son
American works of art Paul Gordon Jr. and
in the parking lot     his staff showed us
along with their proud great hospitality. We
owners. John and Jua- were served quickly;
nita Harrison showed food was appetizing
up on their Electra-   and reasonably priced.
Glide with side car —
love that set-up. Rick I hope everyone who
Hudson even dusted     came out enjoyed
off his beautiful blue themselves and if you
Shovel Head for the    see anything that we
Sunday afternoon ride road captains can im-
in the countryside.    prove on, please don’t
                       hesitate to let us
The ride took every-   know. We want our
one east on 27 to      rides to be enjoyable,
Stanley (got a body to memorable and safe
drop off?) Draper      for one and all.
Drive. We then turned
south to enjoy the               — David Herman
twisties of Draper                  Road Captain
Drive and the view
while we crossed the

                                       Dinner ride to Eischen’s, Okarche, March 11, 2006
                                                                                     Captain’s log
                                                                                     The Route: SW 104 to I-44 to
                                                                                     Hwy. 37, to Hwy. 81 — 60
                                                                                     miles in an hour and a half.
                                                                                     Road Captains: Al Hudson,
                                                                                     lead; Otis Mooney, middle;
                                                                                     Mike Bollinger, sweep.
                                                                                     How many went? 62 people,
                                                                                     35 bikes, 1 car.
                                                                                     The weather: Was great!
                                                                                     Menu favorites: Chicken and

                                                                                             Definitely worth a re-
                                                                                             turn trip, but on this
                                                                                            day it was very busy
                                                                                            and crowded. Even
                                                                                           though we called
                                                                                          ahead with a body
                                                                            count and time of arrival, it still took up
                                                                            to an hour before orders were served.
                                                                                           — Al Hudson, Road Captain

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                                  APRIL 2006

Director’s Chat cont.                                                                      New Members
                                                                                  Larry and Linda Adkins — Norman
This same location will be the new home of our annual Christ-                     Gunar and Sandi Anderson — OKC
mas Party, scheduled this year on December 9. The party will                            Deborah Collins — OKC
feature a full catered meal with all the same trimmings and                            Preston Keith — Edmond
benefits we had at the Guthrie location. We will have more                      Ronald and Gayla Kincannon — Moore
details on this event later in the year.                                          Jessie and Pam Kincannon — OKC
                                                                                      Rick Marinelli — El Reno
Planning feverishly                                                                    Anita Schnier — Yukon
Cabin Fever XIII is just a few weeks away. This is our “grand-                      Michael Stevenson — Moore
daddy” annual poker run fund-raiser for the entire year. What                    Craig and Christine Tolbert — OKC
we bring in on this day helps us get through the year of                               Earl Waldrop — MWC
“riding and having fun” as a chapter.                                                 Richard Wilhelm — OKC
Ride day is April 23rd. First bike out @ 9:30 a.m. Pre-                                     ***********
registration deadline is April 12th (the April Chapter meeting),                           Membership cards
so don’t wait too long for those of you who want the much-            Chapter membership cards will be issued by request only.
sought-after event Ride Pin. These pins will be FREE to the           If you would like a membership card, please contact David
first 250 pre-registrations. We will have a few left over to sell     Wiist.
at the 5th stop of the ride.

The ride begins @ Bryan Harley-Davidson and ends up at the
                                                                    duced for you in this newsletter. If you have any suggestions,
American Legion Hall, 8606 NE 10th, Midwest City. Music,
                                                                    comments, issues, concerns or praises for the Chapter, please
food, drink, and lots of prize giveaways will be happening at
                                                                    feel free to contact me. We like to hear from you!
the hall. All prizes, including $500 for 1st and $250 for 2nd
high-point hands, and $100 for low-point hand, will be
                                                                    Ride on … until next time,
awarded promptly @ 2:30 p.m. You particularly want to be
present to win one of the two $500 gift cards from Bryan
                                                                    The Ridin’ Rooster
Harley-Davidson during the door prize drawings.
                                                                    The Rooster says: Glen Boyd, and David & Teresa Stone, come
Bikes ‘n’ Hooters                                                   and get your T-shirts!
Bike Nights have started back up. We began on March 30th
at the southside Hooters location at I-240 & Pennsylvania.
Bike Nights are Thursdays from 6-10 p.m. Be sure to check at        Hammer Time cont.
Bryan Harley-Davidson or on the events page of the dealer-
ship’s Web site — www.bryanharleydavidson.com — for                 Valero’s at 6:30 and leave at 7. I hear this is one of the best
“feature” nights as we have something extra special planned         steakhouses anywhere.
throughout the bike night season. You could see anything
from “photo night” to “bikini contest night” as we hook up          Sunday, May 21st, Stables in Guthrie; meet at Valero’s at 1,
with Hooters for some cold brews, great food, cool bikes and        leave at 1:30.
Hooters girls! Come join us every Thursday night!
                                                                    Saturday, May 13th, Spring Fling, kick-off for the Oklahoma
May Is Flingtime                                                    State HOG Rally; Moose Lodge, MWC.
Spring Fling is just around the corner. May 13th is the day and
the Moose Lodge in Midwest City is the location. You are en-        Saturday, June 3rd, annual picnic.
couraged to attend as this is the kick-off for the State Rally in
Ardmore. The one-day event features food, drink, music, bike        Saturday, July 22nd, Chapter baseball game.
games, bike show and lots of prizes. Your $5 fee and an
event release form get you in the gate. You can acquire the         Come one, come all to the Chapter dinner rides and events;
release form from John Beal or at the April or May Chapter          it’s no fun without you!!!
                                                                    Last, don’t forget we’ve changed our Chapter meeting place.
There are very special incentives for those of you who pre-         Starting April 12th we will meet at Willow Creek Golf and
register for the State Rally at Spring Fling. You could win a       Country Club, a very nice place.
free hotel stay and event fees for the 3-day rally (a $320
value). So come on out on May 13th and help us get the “Live        Until next month,
to Ride – Ride to Oklahoma” rally headed in the right direc-
tion.                                                              Have Fun & Lots of Laughter,
                                                                   Becky Hammer
That about does it. I will stop spouting off at this point and let mbhammer@cox.net; 793-0716
you soak up all the valuable information that we have pro-

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA #1 HOG                                                                                                         APRIL 2006

         Central Ok lahoma #1

         Harley Owners Group

  Bryan Harley-Davidson
  2624 N Moore Avenue
  Moore, OK 73160

  Phone 405-793-8877
  Toll free 800-843-0783

  Monthly newsletter

                                               Let’s meet
            OKLAHOMA CITY
                           6501 S Country Club Drive

              (Go to SW 64 and Pennsylvania and turn west;
                        you’ll run right into it)

                 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 12, 2006

                 The second Wednesday of each month

   Ride your bike, get a chance for a FREE dinner. Tell a fun story on your friend or foe, THEY may get to wear the “GRAND FOO-PAH” award.

                                               www.centralok1hog.com                Page 8

            Pre-Rally Event
                Tag You’re It… Come EARLY

May 13, 2006 * Moose Lodge * Oklahoma City, OK
   Exit I-40 @ Douglas Blvd (north) - 8713 East Main - Between Reno & NE 10th off Douglas Blvd

    Bike Show - Bike Games - Food - Drink - Music - Prizes –
Spring Fling/State Rally Dealer Appreciation Pass (only obtainable
            by attending the 2006 Spring Fling Event).

Rally Pre-Registration (special drawing for those who pre-register)
                  *See your Assistant Director!
 $5.00 per person * HOG members only * 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

          Hotel accommodations- Comfort Inn Suites
    I-40 @ exit 156A- 5653 Tinker Diagonal – 405-733-1339

                      Spring Fling Coordinator – Kim Smith
                     okhog@hotmail.com or 1-580-252-2447

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