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									Look Out

Encouraging cells to GET SERIOUS about
As we seek, live & bring Gods favour in 2010 – we are challenged again to seek
it for the nations.


Our emphasis this year is to make sure that 20 mins of each cell is given over to
outward focussed prayer.

In the spring we encouraged cells to name at least 10 people you want to see
come to faith and experience Gods Favour for themselves. Please keep praying
on a regular basis for the people God has laid on your heart

We next focused our prayer on praying for Ireland. We have seen God move in
so many big and powerful ways – and also the small yet significant ways – but
there is still much ground to take and much change needed, please pray
consistently for our country.

This resource contains some ideas for praying for the Nations - but take some
time to look back at the Look Out Belfast and Look Out Ireland resource
booklets and incorporate some of the tips & hints that are relevant to praying for
the Nations as well.

Keep it creative – keep it inspiring – keep it specific & faith filled – but most of all
– keep at it!!

prophetic leading – ask God to show you the focus and / or activity for your cell

follow people’s passions – hear what is already on the hearts of cell members

opportunities - from where cell members work, live, already have connections
Prayer Ideas to choose from
                                              When praying
                                              use maps, pictures etc
                                              to help bring focus

  Pray for CFC teams going out on mission trips – get info on
  who is going and their itinerary. Pray specifically and ask God
  for spiritual insight into what he is wanting to do in and through
  the team

  Focus prayer on a particular country where CFC is working.
  Find out as much as you can about the history, government,
  spiritual atmosphere, economy, education etc of the place.

  Focus prayer on a specific mission or one of the CFC mission

  Pray for the governments in other countries

  Pray for a country that is currently in crisis ( e.g. Pakistan) or
  that has suffered crisis in the recent past which although is no
  longer in the news there is on going need ( eg Haiti, Chile )
            Use photos and up to date prayer letters from our
           overseas workers. A new section on the web is coming
           soon with lots of information about each of them

           Look out for short term mission opportunities which will be
           announced at our Mobilise Out Conference. There will be
           opportunities to serve in Belfast, Ireland, Europe, Asia
           etc. Talk as a cell on how you might become involved.

Plan to attend the Mobilise Out Conference on 22nd – 24th October
2010 together as a cell.

The conference will be an exciting, fast moving, multi-media, multi-
cultural event with speakers, music, dance and drama which will
inspire and mobilise all ages.

Have old myths and mindsets about mission blown away and get
excited about the part your cell can play.

The mission opportunities that will be available are varied and include
practical teams, children and youth work, medical, evangelistic,
prayer, prophetic and a combination of the above – something for
  A theme night in cell for the country you are focusing on – have
  the local food and music of the country, you could even dress
  up in traditional clothes

  Use a ‘mission’ CD for worship – songs with focus on Gods
  Heart for the nations

  Invite visits from Hugh & Aileen or people who have been out
  on a mission trip for information and increased awareness

  Use skype to chat with some of our overseas missionaries- just
  make sure you check the time zone first! Email in advance to
  set it up.

  Pass a card around the cell and get everyone to write a
  message on it – then post to the selected missionary.

  Pick a different missionary every month to send a card to.

  Or pick one missionary / missionary family to support for a year.
  Find out when their birthdays are and sent card / gift. Same at
  Christmas and surprises during the year. Do a fund raising
  event for the missionary themselves or something they are
  involved with ( e.g. a bore hole in India – child sponsorship –
  medicines for a clinic in Thailand)
     Make and / or send gifts – or food parcels ( galaxy chocolate
     always seems to go down well !)

     Help with the Get Connected International Lunch and chat to
     the people from other nations that God is bringing to CFC

     Consider having a joint cell meeting with the International cell (
     led by Simon & Sharon Lapping)

     Think & pray about your cell maybe doing a short term mission
     as a team

     If the whole cell can’t go why not consider sponsoring or
     supporting one cell member to go

     Prayer Newsletters are available from the Office from our

For further information or if you have any questions please contact:

hugh.jervis@cfcbelfast.com or alieen.jervis @cfcbelfast.com
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South East Asia            Habitat for Humanity

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