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to Accelerate
    May 11-12, 2011
    Downtown Montreal

Implementing an External
Sourcing Program
A two-day executive workshop on how to identify, find and
structure technology partnerships, acquisitions and license,                 LEARN:
for small, medium or larger-sized company
                                                                             • When it is most advantageous to go outside
Receive proven tools and planning frameworks to accelerate
                                                                               for new technologies versus developing on
your development efforts and promote a more innovative
                                                                               your own
product portfolio.
                                                                             • About the best sources for locating new and
Led by:                                                                        emerging technologies

Jay E. Paap,                                                                 • How to select the right matches for your
                                                                               specific needs
               President, Paap Associates, winner of the 2005 IRI Maurice
               Holland Award - Best article in Research-Technology           • What kinds of deals to strike and how to
               Management: "Anticipating Disruptive Innovation".               structure agreements
               One of the world’s most experienced and respected experts     • How to establish and manage a formal
               on technology scouting, corporate venturing, and other open     technology scouting program
               innovation models.

      For manufacturing and service companies

About the Instructor
Jay Paap, Phd
                                                      Why you should attend?
                                                      PROCTER & GAMBLE’S FORMER CEO ALAN G. LAFLEY was often quoted saying, “half
                    President of Paap Associates,     the company’s ideas must come from the outside.” Indeed, P&G became one of the
                    serves on the faculties of the    foremost leaders in external technology and innovation scouting, a position which
                    Industrial Relations Center at    continues to pay off. In one respect Lafley restates an important insight voiced by
                                                      Thomas Edison about a century ago: “Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation
                    Cat Tech and the Executive
                                                      to the problem you’re working on.” P&G is not alone’ many top companies are moving
                    Program at The Sloan School       to a more open form of technology and product development in which they leverage
                    (MIT), is a Fellow if The         technical capabilities developed in other sectors or industries to address their own
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals,    development needs.
and is a PDMA-certified new product development
                                                      Why? Going outside to acquire ideas, new products, and technologies can speed up
professional. He received his Ph.D. from MIT’s        and improve technical development, free up scarce internal resources for other high-
Sloan School of Management with concentrations        impact activities, and lead to greater innovation.
in technology management and organization
                                                      If your company is seeking to accelerate or improve its technical and new product
design.                                               development efforts, we invite your participation in this top-rated workshop.
Dr. Paap has been active in the management of
technology for nearly 45 years and has consulted      7 Key Deliverables
with industrial and governmental organizations
                                                      You will return to your organization with:
for more than 35 years. Prior to founding Paap
                                                      1. Your own technology sourcing matrix
Associated, Jay was Partner at Data and Strategies
                                                      2. Competitive intelligence gathering tools
Group, Principal at Ampersand Ventures, Director
                                                      3. Suggested resources to tap for new technologies
of Corporate Consulting at Venture Economics, and
                                                      4. Comparative best practices from leading firms
Associate Director of the Technology Management
                                                      5. Recommendations and advise for your specific situation
Group at Pugh-Roberts Associated. Before entering
                                                      6. Comprehensive reference materials
consulting, Jay was an officer in the US Air Force,
                                                      7. An implementation action plan
responsible for developing and deploying advanced
electronics equipment.                                This session is designed to give you practical, immediately implementable action steps.
                                                      In a combination of lecture, interactive discussions and group exercises, you will receive
In 1992, he founded and ran the Commercialization     advice and guidance to ensure success of your company’s technology sourcing strategy
Roundtable in which senior business development       and process.
managers from major companies met every two or
three months through 1995 to share experiences
on corporate venturing and develop best practices
                                                      Who should attend?
concerning how major corporations can effectively     This workshop is recommended for anyone responsible for planning and executing a
commercialize new technology based concepts and       firm’s technology and product development effort. Senior and middle level managers from:
businesses. Among the members of the Roundtable            New Product Development              Marketing
were AT&T, Digital, Dow, DuPont, GTE, IBM, MCC,
                                                           Technology Development               Alliance Management
Motorola, and Xerox.
                                                           Research                             Sourcing
                                                           Engineering                          New Business Development

                                                      “Any company, large or small, considering a tech scouting program, or
                                                      already running one, should learn about the ideas presented in the workshop.
                                                      It gives exactly the right overview of past and current thinking about the
                                                      subject, with the right mix of tools and examples.”
                                                                                                         Micheal Oristaglio, Schlumberger
                                                PROGRAM AGENDA
                                                    (This workshop is offered in English)

    Day One — Wednesday, May 11, 2011                                       Day Two — Thursday, May 12, 2011

  8:00 - 8:30     Welcome — coffee and croissants                        8:00 - 9:00    Networking Breakfast with Dr. Paap

  8:30 - 10:00    The logic of External Sourcing – How                   9:00 - 12:30   Identifying Technology Sources
                  It Provides Value                                                     • Sources of information – selected
                  • Overcoming challenges to pursuing                                     Competitive Technical Intelligence tools
                    innovation internally – the three R’s :                               geared to the open innovation model
                    Resources, Risk, and Resistance                                     • Mistakes firms make when seeking technical
                  • Collecting the intelligence on emerging                               solutions externally
                    markets and technologies that fuel                                  • Unexpected sources of technology – the
                    innovation                                                            importance of looking outside ones industry
                  • Stimulating innovation and new ways of                              • The art of thinking generically about your
                    thinking within your firm                                             needs
                  • Speeding time to market                                             • Assessing the fit – the elements of a ‘good
  10:15 - 12:00   Technology Scouting – What It Is and
                  How It Works                                           12:30 - 1:30   Lunch
                  • The three basic elements of scouting                 1:30 - 3:30    Managing the Transfer
                  • Organizational approaches – examples of
                                                                                        • Key steps in collaborative relationships
                    some leading practitioners
                                                                                        • Structural options for leveraging external
                  • Understanding your ‘External Sourcing
                                                                                          technology: licenses, alliances, acquisitions,
                                                                                          spinoffs, and contracting
                  • Keys to effective scouting
                                                                                        • Managing Intellectual property – assigning
                  • Measuring success – how you know you are                              value, attributing credit, and protecting your
                    providing value                                                       interests
  12:00 - 1:00    Lunch                                                                 • Overcoming internal barriers to collaboration
                                                                                          – the importance of managing the culture
  1:00 - 5:00     Identifying Technology Requirements                    3:30 - 5:00    Action planning and wrap-up
                  • Developing a sourcing strategy to guide the
                    search – the Technology Sourcing Matrix
                  • Project driven requirements – using creative        TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE,
                    problem solving to accelerate developments          REGISTER ONLINE TODAY AT:
                  • Technology forecasting – positioning the firm TBD
                    for the future
                  • Scenarios and other strategic planning
                  • Disruptive technologies – what they are
                    and how to protect yourself from being
                  • Using Technology Scouting to stimulate
                    the ‘fuzzy front end’ of your development

“This course is not only relevant to mangers but also to individual scouts. Fundamentals for scouting are described clearly.
The course clearly states the questions that need to be asked at each stage of scouting. Asking the right questions made
the scouting process sensible”
                                                                                                                  Sathya Kalambur, Frito Lay
                                                               Registration form
10 Key Benefits                                                Register today! Limited places available.
In two comprehensive days, you will receive a clear
set of guidelines to enable you to set up an effective         Registration:
technology scouting program in your organization. By           by fax: 514-383-3266             by Email:
participating, you will learn:
                                                               Fees (including material, lunches and coffee breaks—taxes not included):
1 How to identify technologies required to address                      IDP member                                    Non-member                         Promotional code:
   current or potential customer needs                                  $1,495                                        $1,695
2 How to anticipate emerging technical trends                                                                                                            No
                                                                        ($1,295 per additional person from the        ($1,495 per additional person
   while there is still time to react – the difference                  same company)                                 from the same company)
   between invention and innovation; knowing how to
   commercialize                                               Please indicate preferred method of payment:
3 How to set up an effective scouting program; why                 Cheque                 Visa           MasterCard
   it is necessary, what best-in-class companies are
   doing                                                       Credit card no:
4 How to identify the most promising technologies
   and sources worldwide; how to assess the                    Expiration date (month and year):
   potential value of IP
5 What tools and techniques you can use to                     Signature:
   anticipate disruptive technologies
6 How to develop a comprehensive sourcing strategy
                                                               First and last name of first participant:
   using the Technology Sourcing Matrix
7 Where to find unexpected technology nuggets;                 Title:
   including entrepreneurial, university and
   government sources                                          E-mail:
8 How to choose and structure the most favorable
   arrangement (alliance, license, acquisition, joint          First and last name of second participant:
   development, and/or spin-out)
9 How to best position your firm for the future – how          Title:
   to use competitive intelligence, roadmapping and
   market forecasting                                          E-mail:
10 To integrate technology scouting with overall open
                                                               Company name:
   innovation efforts
Financial Help and Income Tax Credits
                                                               City/town:                                                     Postal code:
Emploi Quebec may finance up to 50% of the cost of this
course. Contact your local office or call 1888-6434721.        Tel.:                                                   Fax:
The registration fees for this activity may also qualify for
an income tax credit under the Quebec Act to Foster the
Development of Labour Force Training. Furthermore, you         Once this form is received, invoice will be sent by email. Registration fees must be paid the day of the first meeting,
can also take advantage of the 30% income tax credit for       at the latest.
training expenses, including the participant’s salary, as
                                                               Participant substitutions will be permitted at no extra charge at any time prior to the beginning of the course.
part of the measures set up.
                                                               IDP reserves the right to postpone this activity in order to better satisfy the needs of participants
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                                                               THIS TWO-DAY WORKSHOP WILL BE CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH.
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