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High-Speed Production Printing using R.I.P.C.

The Roland® VersaCAMM® VS-300, powered by Roland Intelligent Pass Control, achieves faster printing for greater
throughput. R.I.P.C. precisely controls dot placement between passes and delivers unprecedented imaging
performance in all resolutions. The technology actually enhances image quality at higher speeds, thereby increasing
productivity. The VS300 will always produce smooth gradations and solid colours, while achieving faster throughput
and virtually no banding in all print modes.

On vinyl media, the VS-300 achieves 104.4 sfph (9.7 sqm/hr) in high speed mode and 87.2 sfph (8.1 sqm/hr) in
standard mode in dual CMYK. It uses a NEW mirrored colour configuration to eliminate chromatic banding by laying
down colour in the same order whether in Bi-Directional printing or Uni-Directional printing. The staggered channel
configuration creates a larger swath of ink allowing media to feed faster than previous Roland inkjets.

Better Image Quality

With seven different dot sizes available, the VS-300 can achieve smoother gradations and richer density for
photographic and high resolution vector output. By using a finer dot, the VS-300 can achieve rich, bold color and
deep image saturation on more media than ever before. By comparison, this new print head produces smaller
droplets than the previous head technology in the VP-300i.

ECO-Sol MAX White and Metallic Silver Ink

The VS-300 goes beyond just CMYK by adding Metallic Silver and White ink, in addition to Light Magenta and Light
Cyan, for printing on a range of substrates including clear vinyl and films, fine art paper, canvas, and glossy
photobase paper. The flexibility of multiple print modes ensures maximum visual impact and strong metallic colors
across different media types and applications. Whether creating window graphics, signs, banners, POP displays,
vehicle wraps, package comps or even fine art, the VS-300 delivers outstanding print quality and versatility. The
included re-circulation system cycles these heavy-pigmented inks to ensure that settling doesn’t occur in the lines
and saves on ink costs because the ink lines don’t need to be purged. This ink circulation occurs every twelve hours.
Due to the damper design, white and silver ink is only used when desired and there is no required purging, giving the
VS-300a true white/metallic on-demand printing system. *Note: special tabs on the ink cartridges prevent white and
silver from being loaded in a process color ink cartridge bay.

Vertical Ink Cartridge Configuration

ECO-SOL MAX cartridges are inserted vertically to save space and increase ease of use. They can be loaded from
the front as well as the back. The VS-300 will prompt the user to shake the Metallic Silver and White cartridges daily
and the Cyan/Light Cyan cartridges every 3 days. The VS-300 can accept 220 ml cartridges as well as 440 ml

*Note: Metallic Silver and White only come in 220 ml cartridges.
Professional Take-up System option

The VS-300 supports an optional automated media feed and take-up system to facilitate precision unattended
printing. This system includes a convenient front-mounted take-up roller and an advanced tension-controlled take-up
unit for optimum media feed and tracking. Using TU2 mode, print/cut jobs can be sent completely unattended with the
CustomCUT feature in VersaWorks®.

Print Head Protection

The VS-300 series takes extra precautions to protect itself from head strike. The most important is a new head
protection plate that defends the print head surface from rippling media and any objects that could possibly get in the
way of the print carriage. To add further protection, the print head is recessed within the protection housing to guard
against rippling media that could damage the print head surface during a head strike.

New Wiper System

The VS-300 has a patent‐pending system for wiping the print heads, consisting of a passive wiper scraper and a
scan‐direction wiping system. In previous Roland® inkjets, the wipers are controlled by a motor and move over the
print head. In the new configuration, the wipers are positioned in a static formation on a rotary axis while the print
head travels over them, left to right, in the scan direction to wipe the head. The rubber wiper makes contact with the
print head, while the felt wiper only cleans up the edges of the head without coming in contact. The movement of the
print carriage triggers the wiper scraper to clean the rubber wiper without any further moving parts. This wiper
configuration is designed to decrease wear and tear on the print head and prolong its life by reducing buildup around
the edges of the print head.

*Note: The rubber and felt wipers are user replaceable items. Cleaning of the wiper scraper can be done with a swab.

State-of-the-Art Print Technology

The VS-300 incorporates the latest in inkjet technology design. This new 8-channel piezo inkjet head has 180 nozzles
per channel in a gold-plated housing to cut down on static electricity buildup which can clog print nozzles, leading to
failure and expensive repair costs. This 8 channel array is broken into 4 sets of two, staggered channels, 180 nozzles
each. The complete width of the print nozzle combination (nozzle pitch) is 1 inch wide. Using 4, 4-chamber dampers
enclosed in a custom housing keeps repair times short and replacing print heads easy. The entire damper assembly
can be detached from the print head without any need to remove dampers or clamp ink lines. Print head replacement
is expected to take 15 minutes. The dampers do not need to be replaced when the print head is, unlike other Roland
inkjets. This system uses one cap top and one pump for that captop.
  VS-300        MSRP: $16,895.00              VP-300I       MSRP: $17,250.00              SP-300I        MSRP: $12,995.00

Roland® OnSupport

Roland® OnSupport is a new online support portal that keeps Versaworks updated and provides real time feedback on the
user’s machine. This system will provide: access to manuals and software updates, how-to guides and preventative
maintenance guides, machine usage metrics, periodic updates of firmware, ink levels and notifications to the user via cell phone
or email. It is provided as a tool for the user to manage their productivity and as a direct feedback tool for the user to contact
Roland. Among the list of status features the user can access through OnSupport:

         Device name

         Ink type

         Serial Number

         Firmware version

         Print time

         Motor operating time

         Job information (resolution, ink consumption)

         Number and frequency of cleaning cycles

         Number and frequency of sheet cuts

         Ink consumption

         Number and frequency of ink cartridge insertion

Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty

Roland® inkjets combine unbeatable performance with legendary Roland reliability. As further proof of their unmatched
reliability, Roland offers an unprecedented Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty for the VS-300 when equipped exclusively with
Roland inks and the warranty is registered within 60 days of delivery.

Imprintables Warehouse is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Roland® VersaCAMM® VS-300 in the USA. For pre-order
information, appointments or questions – contact your Imprintables Warehouse representative today.

Phone: 800.347.0068

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