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					                                                 Hyung Chul, Lee

Address: Woonam First Vill Apt. 109-1806, Gwol-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (447-740)
Phone number: +82-031-375-4314 (Home)
                     +82-11-9076-4314 (Mobile)
MSN Messenger Account:
Convenient time : 08:00 - 22:00 in Korean time (UTC+9:00)
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Translation freelancer


I have intensive and in-depth experience in translation working for an ISO-certified translation
company as a translator and quality controller. Now, I work as a full-time freelancer.

[] Translation Career

      Worked as a translator & quality manager for Seoul Translation Service Co. Ltd. (ISO-
      certified firm): 2000-2005.

      My translation performance includes:

            - Mobile phone and telecom equipment documents: over 2,000 pages for Samsung
                Electronics, LG Electronics (Korean->English), Nokia (Eng->Kor), etc.

            - Microsoft White Paper and homepage, etc.: over 500,000 words (Eng->Kor)

            - PricewaterhouseCoopers – Vietnam Investment Report                             (Kor->Eng) 302 pages

            - HanaGlobal Appraisal Co., Ltd. – Real estate Appraisal Reports (Kor->Eng) 270

            - Siemens - WinCC_flexible user manual:                    137,800 words

            - KeyCreator (CAD/CAM software of Kubotek) help files : 135,000 words (Eng-

            - Volkswagen car manual: about 210,000 words (Eng->Kor)

            - Harley-Davidson service training video subtitling - 20 hrs (Eng-Kor)

            - Audit report, financial statements, Articles of Incorporation, audit rule (Eng-Kor):
                over 35 cases (for GE Capital, HCS, credit card consulting firms, etc.)

            - Financial reports - Hedge fund and derivative markets : 55,000 words (Eng->Kor, for
                Asia Risk magazine, Permal Group, etc.)
         - Medicine related - PET/CE system user manual of GE Healthcare : 65,000 words;
          Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Chemistry System (manual) 30,000 words; Protocols
          33,000 words, etc.

         - Agreement (Kor<->Eng): over 50 cases

         - Company regulations, proposals, etc.: over 25 cases

         - International lawsuit and domestic petitions: 9 cases

         - Construction standards (Eng->Kor): over 100 pages

         - Crane manuals: over 130 pages for Hyundai Heavy Industry Inc.

         - Exhaust gas and environment - regulations of Verginia and Missouri: 43,000 words

         - Manuals of oxygen generator and air cleaner, etc.: appx. 48,000 words

         - Thesis and abstracts (Kor->Eng): about 45 cases

         - More…

[] Non-translation Career

         - Worked for POSCO, POSDATA, ATEL (joint venture with Australia) and GNG
         Networks (Prudential invested company) for 10 years in total (’89-’99) in a cost
         accounting, budget & tax, IT planning and contract department .

[] Military Service

         - Served in USA army for 3 years (as a KATUSA)

[] Translation Tools Possessed

         - Trados, Transit


- B.A. in Business Administration, Pusan Nat’l University (’81-‘88)