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									                               Unit16 Finding jobs
I. Key words
account chef adviser typist receptionist greengrocer astronaut adore vacant outstanding assess
occupation amateur instant flexible nevertheless drawback applicant personnel accommodation
addition qualification modest punctual tournament draft
II. Key phrases
1. get/keep in touch with                         6. come true
2. dream of                                       7. up to date
3. score goals                                    8. assist sb in sth/ doing sth
4. take off                                       9. hold back
5. accomplish one’s aim                           10. send off

III. Word study
1. adore vt 崇拜,热爱; 喜欢(不用进
行式)=like/love sth/sb very much
adoration n.

adoring adj.
adore + n / doing sth.
It’s obvious that she adores                                                          the
cinema/going to the cinema.
He waved to the adoring crowds.
2. vacant adj.
The seat next to him was vacant.
 When the post finally became vacant,
 they offered it to Tina.
The mad man gave a vacant laugh.
vacant 地方(暂时)未被占用而空着的
a vacant seat/table/room/job/position
empty 空间内无人无物的
an empty wallet/house/bus
blank 表面是空白的
a blank page/form/check
a blank sheet of paper
 3. assess vt.
 assessment n. 评价,评定
 assessor n. 估价员,顾问
他太懒了, 无法评价他的能力。
He is so lazy that it is hard to assess his
   ⑵评估(财产,收入等)                ,核定(税
金,罚金, 数额等)
My       income    was      assessed     at
 易混词: access n. 通道,          门路;   接近…
 have access to
4. nevertheless adv.& conj 尽管如此,
 我考试不及格是意料中的事,                   不过仍然
 My failure in the exam is not
unexpected. Nevertheless, it is very
She was very tired, nevertheless she
kept on working.
IV. Phrases
1. up to date 现代的,时兴的,
   out of date 过时的,废弃的
   to date= until now 迄今为止,到目前
①All of the new words become out of
date very quickly.
②The exhibition contains some of his
best work to date.
③We want our methods to be up to
2. hold back
① 拦 阻 , 阻 挡 prevent sb/sth from
moving forward;
②抑制,控制(感情)stop oneself from
expressing your feeling;
③犹豫,踌躇 hesitate;
④妨碍发展 prevent the development of
①The men built banks of earth to hold
back the rising flood waters.
②Jim was able to hold back his anger
and avoid fighting.
③She held back, not knowing how to
break the terrible news.
④ Do you think that mixed ability
classes hold back the better students?

hold on 别挂断;continue
hold out 伸出 stick out
hold up 持枪抢劫 to rob a bank or shop
using a gun;延迟,阻碍 delay;支撑
①The criminals held up the train and
took all the money.
②The building of the new road has
been held up because of the bad
③She held out her hand and stopped a
④The storm held on all night.
⑤Hold on a minute, I’ll get a pen to
write down your telephone number.
3. send off (for sth ) 邮购,函购=write
sb and ask them to send you sth by mail
   send sth off 寄出,发出 =send sth
by post
   send sb off (体育用语)罚某人下场
= order sb to leave the field because
they have broken the rules of the game
① 我已经邮购了我上课用的书。
I’ve sent off for some books for my
② 我打算明天把档案寄给老板。
I’m sending the files off to my boss
③ 贝克汉姆在第二场因犯规而被罚下
Beckham was sent off for a foul in the
second half.
send for
send out 散发,分发
send up
① Have the invitations been sent out?
②Please send for a doctor here quickly,
for the injured boy was in danger.
③Shenzhou VI has been sent up        into
outer space.
V. Practice
(A)Fill in the blank with proper words.
  1. An accountant is a person whose
profession is to keep or inspect
financial accounts.
  2. She is always punctual, while her
boyfriend is always late.
  3. We can visit your company on
Monday or Tuesday; our plans are
fairly flexible.
  4. With his outstanding talent and
knowledge he also did quite well in
most other courses during his
undergraduate study.
5. People adore him for his noble
6. I heard that you have a vacant
position for a secretary. I’ve come to
apply for the job.
7. Young people are trained in
vocational schools for their future
8. Since he has the qualifications to do
the job, you’d better allow him to.
9. The show was an instant success.
Actors and actresses became famous
10. This is the latest addition to our
range of cars.
(B) Fill in the blank with proper
1. The new magazine has really taken
2. What is holding him back is the
possibility that the business might not
be successful.
3. He has dreamt of becoming a leading
scientist since his childhood.
4. He keeps in touch with me by writing
now and then.
5. You fill in both parts of the form, and
then send it off.
6. The applicant should have several
years of experience and be up to date
with modern men’s haircut style.
7. Her dream of being a famous singer
star came true at last.
(C)Multiple choices
1. Examinations are not the only means
of ________ someone’s ability.
   A.guessing      B. assessing
   C. praising     D. valuing
                   - 10 -
2. The landlady had a few ________
rooms to rent for the students.
  A. empty B. blank C. vacant D. blank
3. Travel in space can be exciting;
__________, it can also be boring at
A. moreover      B. but
C. therefore     D. nevertheless
4. –Why are you so late?
__ Bad luck. A car accident took place
not far outside the town, so we were
_______ on the way.
  A. stopped      B. held up
  C. hold back D. held on
5. No one would have dreamed of there
______ such a beautiful place.
  A. is   B. to be    C. being   D. be
6. It is not what you say but what you
do that _____________.
                  - 11 -
   A. influence B. important
   C. counts       D. accounts
7. I ’d like to go back to teaching but I
_______________ with my subject now.
A. am in touch B. keep in touch
C. get in touch     D. am out of touch
8. A team of nurses _________ the
doctor in performing the operation.
   A. helped B. supported
   C. assisted    D. assured
9. ________he steps on the stage, he will
sing the song which made him famous
two years ago.
   A. Every time B. In no time
 C. Many times D. All the time
11. –Have        you     _______     your
  application form, Jane?
    –Not yet.
   A. sent off     B. sent up
                   - 12 -
  C. sent for D. sent out
(D) Writing
adore, football school, a professional
footballer, assess, have excellent ball
control, a positive attitude, talent
怎么办? 他功课太差,上大学是不可
                  - 13 -
- 14 -

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