Eco-Schools Action Plan Template - DOC by liwenting


									                                           2008-9 SHTC Eco-Schools Action Plan

Topic                Action                     Target / Measure                                 Timescale /   Responsibility   Actual result
                                                                                                 Deadline                       achieved /

Increase             Posters- on desks to       To reduce our electricity and gas bill visibly   July 2009     Whole team
awareness to staff   turn off computers,        within the next quarterly bills.
                                                                                                               Miss Parker
and students about   projectors,
saving energy                                                                                                  Mr Clayton
                     On walls – turning off
                     lights at end of the day

                     On windows- keeping
                     windows closed when
                     heating is on.

Monitoring energy    To identify energy         To collect half hourly , and monthly data for    Jan 2010      Eco team
and water usage in   monitors to read the       a year and graph any changes.
                                                                                                               Mr Clayton
school               meters monthly/
                     quarterly and record.                                                                     Miss Parker

Reduce water         Reduce water wastage       To collect monthly data for a year and           July 2009-    As above
wastage              with turn off taps         graph any changes.                               July 2010
                     posters in all toilets.
Alternative energy   Obtain a school wind        To have an SHTC windturbine , thermal            End 2009    Mr King
resources            turbine and solar panels.   panels and solar panels.
                                                                                                              Miss Parker

                                                                                                              Eco Team

Audit curriculum     Audit each departments      To feedback to departments where issues          July 2009   Miss Parker
coverage of          coverage of                 are not being covered and feedback where
                                                                                                              Miss Barley
environmental        environmental issues.       issues are overlapping
issues within the    Look for overlap and                                                                     Tom Brown
school .             gaps.

recycling            Composting waste            Compost bins in upper school science             June 2009   Mr King           Achieved Feb
                                                 garden and lower school Quad for                                               2009
                                                                                                              Miss Parker
                                                 recycling food technology waste and staff

                     To improve the recycling    Recycling bins in all classrooms, offices        July 2009   All Staff
                     of paper                    and staff rooms to recycle paper where                                         Achieved Jan
                                                 possible.                                                    All pupils

                                                 To recycle plastic to produce seed trays                     Duty rota
                     Recycling plastic           and pots for use within our horticulture
                                                                                                  Dec 2009    Mr Burgess
                                                 Collect and recycle all old printer cartridges
                     Recycling ink
                                                 within school and collect from home from         Dec 2008    ICT technicians
                      phones                     students cartridges and old mobile phones.

                                                 To collect and recycle Christmas cards as
                                                 part of the supermarket recycling scheme
                      Recycling Christmas
                                                 with the Woodland Trust.                       End March   Miss Parker


Creating new          Plant a college            To plant woodland by 2010, to be included                  Mr Hay
habitats within our   woodland.                  into the bid for the 3G pitch.
                                                                                                            Miss Parker
school grounds.
                                                 Leave unmown areas of the school field for
                                                 wildlife habitats. To plant up wild zones                  Miss Parker
                      Create wildlife habitats
                                                 within the Quad.

                                                 Bird boxes/ feeders/ tables in the Quad with               Miss Parker
                                                                                                            Mr Morris

                                                                                                            Mr King

                                                                                                            ICT techncians

Growing               To increase the growing    Raised beds for whole school projects and      Jun 2009    Miss Parker
Zones/Areas           zones within the Quad      to be used for primary schools.
                   To create an allotment                       Jun 2010    Miss Parker
                   garden to produce food
                                                                            Year 10 Land
                   for the dinner halls by
                                                                            Based Groups


School grounds     Litter picking into the                      July 2009   Mr O Donnell   Achieved
                   duty rota system to be

                                                                Sept 2010   Mr King        Achieved may
                   More bins on the playing
                   field and around the
                                                                Sept 2010   Mr King
                   More group friendly
                   seating around the                                       Miss Parker
                                                                Sept 2010
                   Softer landscaping with
                   more planting –raised
                   beds, borders, boxes

  Date Action Plan was developed: 16/3/2008 updated May 2009.
Action Plan developed by The Eco team.

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