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Studying in Sweden
University of Saskatchewan student discovers unique sport, multi-lingual friends in Uppsala
BRENT ADNAM                                             From A                                                                                            during the week, so that I can take
News Writer                                     ter
                                                    s         br                                                                                          time to enjoy these experiences on
                                              et                                                                                                          my weekends.

   My experience studying abroad                                                                                                                             One of the most rewarding

in Uppsala, Sweden, started on                                                                                                                            aspects of my trip so far has been
Aug. 26. As an agriculture student                                                                                                                        the many different connections I
it was tough to leave home with                                                                                                                           have made from countries all over
harvest only 10 per cent complete,                                                                                                                        the world that I would never have
but the excitement of future                                                                                                                              made had I stayed in Saskatoon
endeavours kept me going.                                                                                                                                 for my entire university career.
   Things started a little shaky. I   Peter Forsberg, was playing some                                                                                    Among these are new friends from
had no vehicle, no contacts and       games for Modo of the Swedish                                                                                       Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech
found it tough to find my way         Elite League. I was later delighted                                                                                 Republic, Belgium and the United
around an unfamiliar city.            to be asked by a friend to join                                                                                     States. Not only are these new
   My first night in Uppsala, I       a group of people to go watch                                                                                       friends interesting but I believe
asked myself, “What am I doing        a sold out game between Modo                                                                                        having these connections will one
in a foreign country with no          and Djurgårdens, a team based                                                                                       day enhance my career potential
family or friends?”                   out of Stockholm. I was not                                                                                         and future endeavours.
   This challenge did not take        disappointed.                                                                                                          Despite technically being
long to overcome, as I quickly           Forsberg scored the overtime       Uppsala River, Sweden.                                 photo by Brent Adnam   a bilingual country, another
made new friends and purchased        game winner and earned first          known in Canada, it is much more      countries. This is something            interesting realization is that we
the most common mode of               star of the game in a 2-1 win for     popular in Sweden and the rest        Canada lacks and something I            are one of few nations where
transportation in Uppsala, a pedal    Modo.                                 of Europe. Being in a stadium         plan on taking advantage of while       the majority can only speak one
bike. I also became familiar with        When I returned to my corridor,    with 40,000 people was truly          I am here.                              language.
the bus routes to the university      I did some research and found         remarkable. The only experience          This past weekend, I hopped             Although I have encountered
and within days I had the answer      a game called “innebandy”             I can imagine to top that on this     on a cruise ship that travelled         several obstacles and challenges
to my question. This once             which is a Swedish type of floor      trip would be to attend a Premiere    to Helsinki, Finland, for the           along with the positive
unfamiliar place now felt like my     hockey. Despite the fact it is a      League game in England.               weekend. Again, I was not               experiences, the exchange
new home.                             non-competitive league, I quickly        In the beginning of October,       disappointed. The cruise was an         program is something that I am
   Being a major sports fan, I        enrolled and now play innebandy       I was also pleased to attend the      incredible experience and since         proud to be a part of and will
immediately began to seek out         on a weekly basis. Another            opening of the NHL hockey             arriving back home we have              cherish for the rest of my life. I
sporting events to play and watch.    sporting event I was fortunate        regular season between the Detroit    already booked another cruise to        have learned a lot about myself
To my surprise, I learned that my     enough to attend was soccer.          Redwings and the St. Louis Blues,     Riga, Latvia for Nov. 17.               and will only continue to become
long time favourite hockey player,       Although soccer is also well-      which took place in Stockholm.           Places that seem so far away         a stronger person. The exchange
                                                                            Although it is something I have       from home, such as Amsterdam,           program is a truly remarkable
                                                                            done in Canada several times, it      Copenhagen, London, Berlin and          experience and something I
                                                                            was a unique experience to attend     Athens are still on my to do list       strongly recommend.
                                                                            a game in a different culture.        while on exchange. The thought             I only hope my next 13 weeks
                                                                               Another truly remarkable           of visiting these places and            will be as memorable as the first
                                                                            luxury of being in Europe is          participating in events encourages      seven weeks have been.
                                                                            the closeness of neighbouring         me to complete my assignments

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