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					Sierra County
        Visitors Guide

The road less traveled…
   Highway 49 in Sierra County is one of the most scenic and historically rich
   sections of this beautiful highway. The National Forest Service has a brochure
   for a driving tour called 49 Miles Long Highway 49 which is available for free
   in most businesses in Sierra County, the Kentucky Mine Museum or any Tahoe
   National Forest office (Sierraville District 530-994-3401 or Downieville District
   530-288-3231). The tour takes you to stops in quaint, small towns, historic
   mining areas, along one of the most beautiful rivers of Northern California, and
   shows you some of the rich history contained within the hills and mountains of
   rural California.

49 Miles Along Highway 49
                                       a historic driving tour
   There are 12 stops total described in the driving tour, 10 of them in Sierra
   County, and they are, starting from the southern end:

            » Jouberts Diggings                               » Loganville
            » Indian Valley                                   » Sierra City
            » Indian Rock Picnic Area                         » Kentucky Mine and Museum
            » Goodyears Bar                                   » Bassetts Station
            » Downieville                                     » Yuba Pass

   Many of the stops are located at or near archaeological sites within the Tahoe National Forest, and are
   protected by the Archaeological Resources Protection Act and other federal laws. Removal of artifacts or
   damaging, defacing, or destroying any parts of these sites and their features is a felony.

                                                                                                                                      Travel Tips
                                                                                                                           Please be sure to plan your trip before
                                                                                                                         embarking. Take your time, visit all or just
                                                                                                                          part of the stops. You may want to make
                                                                                                                           overnight accommodations. Food and
                                                                                                                          lodging is available in Downieville and
                                                                                                                         Sierra City, or you may want to stay in one
                                                                                                                           of the many campgrounds found on or
                                                                                                                        nearby the route. Another choice is to drive
                                                                                                                         the tour all in one day, going to or coming
                                                                                                                            from other nearby recreation areas.

                                                                               Front, Back & Inside Cover photos by: Mary Davey, Bryan Davey, Darby Hayes & Tom Edgman
Welcome to Sierra County                                                                    Historical Perspective ............................. 2–3
                                                                                            Pliocene Ridge ........................................... 4
Sierra County is located in the heart of the northern section of the Sierra Nevada. It      River Canyon ........................................... 5-7
remains today much as it was over 100 years ago when the gold-seeking argonauts             Sierra Buttes ........................................... 8–9
worked the rivers and mountains in search of their fortune in gold. The rivers run          Lakes Basin Recreation Area ................. 9-11
free and the forests and meadows wrap their beauty around mountains that defy               Sierra Valley ........................................ 11–13
                                                                                            Sierra County Map ............................. 14–15
contemporary development. It is beautiful in all seasons.
                                                                                            Lodging .............................................. 16–17
                                                                                            Dining, Shopping, etc. ....................... 18–21
Sierra County has year-round recreation for every visitor, and scenery that sparkles
                                                                                            What do you think?. ................................. 22
with each new season. Shopping and dining can be enjoyed in historic settings.              Online Resources. .................................... 22
Amenities range from primitive campgrounds to lodging in comfortable historic               Sierra County Neighbors.......................... 23
buildings with modern conveniences, all surrounded by the rugged beauty of                  Sierra County Geology. ............................ 23
mountain forests, lakes, and rivers.                                                        Camping & Picnicking .............................. 24
                                                                                            Lodging Matrix ......................................... 31
For all its wilderness and pristine beauty, Sierra County is easily accessible year         Trails Matrix .............................................. 32
round. All major highways into the county are regularly maintained and plowed               Calendar of Events ....................Inside cover
during periods of snowfall. These beautiful mountain highways wander through
some of the finest winter recreation sites in California.                                                    Mileage Chart
                                                                                          Reno to Loyalton ..................................... 42 miles
Fishing, hiking, and camping are available for all levels of interest and ability.        (Hwy 395, Hwy 70, Hwy 49)
Much of Sierra County is located within the Tahoe National Forest so that residents       Reno to Sierraville ................................... 60 miles
                                                                                          (Hwy I-80, Hwy 89)
and visitors alike benefit from the campgrounds, picnic areas, and historic sites.
                                                                                          Reno to Sierra City .................................. 79 miles
                                                                                          (Hwy 395, Hwy 70, Hwy 49)
If scenery inspires you, bring your camera. Each season has its own character of          Sacramento to Downieville ......................... 99 miles
beauty that can be captured in photographs. Spring melts the tapestry of a winter         (I-80, Hwy 49)
blanket, then gracefully captures the fields and rock crevices with a rainbow of          Sacramento to Sierra City ....................... 107 miles
color. Golds, reds, and yellows of fall adorn the alpine forests, river canyons,          (I-80, Hwy 49)

valleys, and mountain peaks.                                                              Nevada City to Downieville..................... 44 miles
                                                                                          (Hwy 49)
                                                                                          Nevada City to Sierra City....................... 56 miles
Sierra County is rich with beauty, natural resources and friendly people, but it has      (Hwy 49)
even more to offer. The Washoe and Maidu Indians, early gold miners, loggers,             Loyalton to Downieville ........................... 49 miles
and ranchers left us with a priceless possession — a window to the past. Historic         (Hwy 49)
buildings and landscapes provide a rare and unique look into American history             Truckee to Sierraville ............................... 30 miles
                                                                                          (Hwy 89)
as they span over time and into the present. When you visit, be prepared to take a
                                                                                          Truckee to Sierra City .............................. 49 miles
step back, feel the adventure, sense the struggle, and experience the excitement of       (Hwy 89, Hwy 49)
gold fever. Imagine the human spirit as it struggled through this rugged country          Downieville to Sierra City ........................ 12 miles
by foot or on horseback. You can almost hear the sound of creaking wheels and             (Hwy 70, Hwy 89)
braying mules. Stop, listen, look.                                                        Quincy to Calpine ................................... 49 miles
                                                                                          (Hwy 70, Hwy 89)
                                                                                          San Francisco to Sierra City .................. 202 miles
It’s all here.                                                                            (I-80, Hwy 49)
                                   TO QUINCY

                                                                                          From Truckee take Hwy 89 north to Hwy 49 south.

                                                                                          From the Bay Area take Interstate 80 east to
                                                                                          Auburn then Hwy 49 north through Grass Valley.

                                                             SIERRAVILLE            TO    Highways	49	&	89	are	open	all	year	even	when	
                                               SIERRA CITY                         RENO   interstates	are	closed	due	to	snow	conditions.	
                            DOWNIEVILLE                                                   Call Caltrans at 1-800-427-7623 for current
                                                                                          road conditions.
                                                                                          While exploring Sierra County, if you want to travel
                                                                                          on unpaved roads, it is recommended that you drive
                                                                                          a high clearance vehicle.
                 TO GRASS VALLEY
                 & NEVADA CITY
                                                    TO SACRAMENTO
                                                                                            Produced by the
                                                 POPULATION                                 Sierra County Chamber of Commerce
                              1850	     	1860	     	1997	     2000	        2002             800-200-4949
                              3,741      7,340      3,360     3,584        3,557  
                                       Sierra County

    Downieville Parade, circa 1880s                  Butte Saddle Mill              John Bassett 1908

                 Sierra County is divided by the Pacific Crest at the
                 midpoint, with the western side of the county made up of
                 steep canyons and forested ridges. The county was home to
                 both Maidu and Washoe Indians, but its modern history            ALLEGHANY
                 is tied to the California gold rush. The discovery of gold,            FOREST CITY
                 and subsequent gold rush, resulted in some 16,000 miners
                 settling within the county between 1848 and 1860.
                                                                               GOODYEARS BAR
                 Dozens of communities with colorful names such as                       DOWNIEVILLE
                 Brandy City, Poker Flat, Poverty Hill, and Whiskey
                                                                                    SIERRA CITY
                 Diggins, were settled and thrived for a period. As the gold
                 rush waned, Sierra County’s population slowly diminished
                 to its present 3,263.

                 The most visible relic of the history of those years is the
                 1885 Sheriff’s Gallows that remain standing adjacent to

                The West Side
Est. 1852

                                 y            Loyalton Baseball T
  Practicing for the Sierra Count                                 eam                    Logging Operation near
    Fair rodeo in Loyalton 1960                  1902 Champions                              Loyalton, 1906.

                                     the County courthouse. Built for the specific execution of
                                     a young murderer, James O’Neill, the structure was used
                                     only once.
         SATTLEY                     The eastern side of the Pacific crest also has deep canyons
SIERRAVILLE                          and timberland, and, in addition, opens out to the great
                                     Sierra Valley, the largest valley in the Sierra Nevada Range.
                                     During the gold rush, communities in the eastern side of
                                     the county, with agriculture as their base, developed to
                                     provide commodities to the growing gold camps. A number
                                     of century-old ranches still continue the tradition of cattle
                                     ranching in the Sierra Valley.

                                     Loyalton, the county’s only incorporated city, today has
                                     about a thousand residents.

                                                                        The East Side
    The rugged Sierra Nevada is paramount in the mountains             foothills where the snow wasn’t too deep during the winter.
    and canyons of Sierra County. The rivers, lakes and forests        But, in the spring they moved up high into the Sierra to gather
    combined provide recreational opportunities and scenic             roots and berries, hunt and fish throughout the summer. As
    beauty all year long.                                              the Europeans began exploring the area and discovered gold,
                                                                       emigration from around the world brought a new cultural era
    To help you explore all that Sierra County has to offer, we have   to the region. Mining camps and towns sprang up in Sierra
    split this visitors guide up in sections, grouping areas of the    County with each gold discovery. Many of these towns have
    county into five distinct regions.                                 since disappeared and been reclaimed by the forest, but some
                                                                       still exist today. On the Pliocene Ridge, Alleghany, and Forest
                                                                       City remain as windows to our past.

                        LAKES BASIN                                    Alleghany developed into a town from the consolidation
     RIVER CANYON                              SIERRA VALLEY           of several mining locations of the early 1850s. There were
                       SIERRA BUTTES                                   hydraulic mining operations here as well as drift tunnels that
         DOWNIEVILLE                                                   cut into the mountain’s ancient river beds. The still-working
    PLIOCENE RIDGE                                                     Original Sixteen to One gold mine is located in Alleghany.

                                                                       Forest City was established in 1852 and within two years had
    The Pliocene Ridge runs west-east along the southern end           a population of over 1,000. The exceedingly rich and easily
    of the county, straddling a ridge where the Henness Pass           accessible claims continued to pay until the 1860s when much
    Road runs at an elevation around 5,000 feet. The River             of the gold was worked out of the gravel deposits. Like most
    Canyon is the western middle part of the county, the area          early settlements, fires ravaged the town during its early years,
    from where Highway 49 crosses the North Yuba river and             but there are still many historic buildings and sites to see.
    starts running parallel to the river past Goodyears Bar and
    through Downieville all at around 2000–3,000 ft. As the            Cultural attraCtions
    highway climbs in elevation up the North Yuba River Canyon,        MUseUMs:	The    Underground Gold Miners Museum offers tours
    you come into the Sierra Buttes area, where Loganville and         of the famous Original Sixteen to One Mine which has been
    Sierra City sit at the foot of the Buttes at about 4,200 ft. The   in operation for over 100 years. Tours are by reservation only
    Buttes themselves are almost 8,600 ft. At Bassetts, Highway        530-287-3330 or visit Gold, specimen, and
    49 meets the Gold Lake Highway which meanders around the           jewelry sales are offered by the Original Sixteen to One by
    Buttes delivering visitors to the Lake Basin recreation area,      appointment only, weekdays. 530-287-3540.
    where over 45 alpine lakes provide year-round recreation and
    scenic beauty. If you continue on Highway 49 over the Yuba         The tiny town of Forest City is its own museum. Most
    Pass, at 6,702 ft., you drop into the majestic Sierra Valley, at   buildings date from the 1800s. Old buildings are being
    approximately 5,000 ft. the largest sub-alpine Valley in           renovated. To arrange a tour of the museum, call 530-287-
    the United States, famous for its history of ranching, and         3413. There is a self-guided walking tour brochure available
    amazing wetlands—a stop over for thousands of migratory            that detail the town’s history and sites. Pick up your copy at
    birds each season.                                                 the mail box in front of the Forest City Dance Hall.

              Pliocene Ridge
    The Middle Yuba River forms the south-western border of
    Sierra County. This remote stretch of river winds through
    several box canyons and is rich in mining history. The Pliocene
    Ridge Road off Highway 49 near Camptonville takes you up to
    the ridge above this river, where the towns of Pike, Alleghany
    and Forest are nestled in the forest along the Pliocene Ridge.

                                                                                                                                Photo by rae Bell

    The Maidu and Washoe Indians are the first known residents
    of the Sierra Nevada. Their permanent homes were in the
                                                                              Original SiXTEEn TO OnE MinE gaTE
on tHe trail
HIkINg,	bIkINg	ANd	bAckPAckINg:	Most      of the country
around the towns in this area is quite rugged and
undeveloped with few groomed trails. But the historic
Henness Pass Road provides for both 4-wheel driving, biking
and hiking for the adventurous.

                                                                                                                                                            Photo by mary Davey
Off-ROAd	VeHIcLes:	The Lafayette Ridge OHV Trail near
Alleghany leads adventurers through heavy brush that
gradually opens up to a panoramic view of the Middle Yuba                                       DOwniEvillE gOlD ruSh DayS
River. Many of the off-road vehicle trails in the area were
once the trails of miners, traders, and mule teams. You can      feed in the vicinity. If you’re lucky you can spot river otter
drive Henness Pass Road from Camptonville to Verdi. It links     by the Downie or North Yuba rivers as they flow through
the southern part of the county together from east to west       Downieville. The Empire Creek Trail near Downieville
and has historical sites along the way. The Forest Service has   passes through large areas of older forests inhabited by
a map of the area titled From Gold to Silver—The Comstock        pileated woodpeckers, northern goshawks, pine marten, and
Connection, a Historic Driving tour of the Henness Pass Road.    California spotted owl. In the spring, the Downieville deer
4-wheel drive, a detailed map, compass and dedicated map         herd moves to the higher elevations to fawn. Black bears,
reader is strongly recommended.                                  foxes, and raccoons are also present but not so visible.

summer Fun                                                       History
fIsHINg	ANd	swIMMINg:     Rivers and streams provide             The Maidu and Washoe Indians are the first known residents
exceptional fishing and swimming. The Lafayette Ridge OHV        of the Sierra Nevada. In the summers, they came into the
Trail ends near Kanaka Creek and the Middle Yuba River           mountains to hunt and fish. During the fall and winter, they
where stream fishing is at its best.                             returned to the foothills and valley below. When gold was
                                                                 discovered, emigration from around the world brought a new
                                                                 cultural era to the region. Mining camps and towns sprang

           River Canyon                                          up in Sierra County with each gold discovery. Some towns
                                                                 are memories, but many still exist today. Downieville, and
The river canyon is the area where Highway 49 parallels the      Goodyears Bar remain as windows to our past.
North Yuba River from the bridge just west of Indian Valley,
past Goodyears Bar and into Downieville. The canyon walls        Downieville, the county seat of Sierra County, is located
and forested hillsides provides a dramatic backdrop to the       on Highway 49 at the fork of the North Yuba and Downie
river and its many seasonal waterfalls.                          rivers. Gold was discovered here in the summer of 1849.
                                                                 By May 1850, Downieville had 15 hotels and gambling
As the river and road wind through the canyon, this              houses, 4 bakeries, and 4 butcher shops. 5,000 men
proximity gives recreationists easy access to sight-seeing,      wintered in Downieville that year. In the following spring,
swimming, fishing, camping.                                      that population scattered into the surrounding hills and
                                                                 canyons in search of gold. As the population of the area
                                                                 grew, Downieville served as a trading center for the Northern
Due to the elevation, Sierra County provides one of the
longest seasons for wildflower viewing in California. In
spring, dogwood blooms profusely along the banks of rivers
and massive patches of monkey flowers invade the wet seeps
of canyon walls. Scotch broom adds brilliant patches of
yellow. Summer provides a abundance of flowers and in the
fall the dogwood puts on a second display of fiery orange
                                                                                                                                  Photo by nancy Carnahan

and deep pink. Winter in the River Canyon is mild with light
snow cover during December through March.

At dusk, bridges in Downieville are likely to produce bats
                                                                                                    The Yuba TheaTre
and swallows foraging for food. Kingfishers and osprey also

                                   Mines. By the mid-1850s, Downieville was California’s                                                                                                                       Goodyears Bar was named for two brothers, Miles and
                                   fifth-largest town. In 1852 Downieville lost the bid to be the                                                                                                              Andrew, who came looking for gold in 1849. In 1862, there
                                   State Capitol to Sacramento by 10 votes. Today, Downieville                                                                                                                 were 3,000 to 5,000 people, and 51 businesses in town, with
                                   retains much of its former character and many of its                                                                                                                        gold being the main economy. The town burned in 1864
                                   traditional functions.                                                                                                                                                      and was never rebuilt, except for the post office which is still
                                                                                                                                                                                                               in operation. Historic buildings remaining include the St.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Charles Inn, now a private residence and the School House,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               now a community center.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cultural attraCtions
                                                                                                                                                                                                               MUseUMs:	The     Downieville Museum building dates back
                                                                                                                                                                                                               to 1852 when it was built as a store by Chinese emigrants.
    Photo by marshall e. ilstrup

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Today it contains informative collections that depict life
                                                                                                                                                                                                               here from gold rush days to the present. For guided tours
                                                                                                                                                                                                               call 530-289-3423. The Foundry building in Downieville was
                                                                                                                                                                                                               built in 1855. It features a detailed model of turn-of-the-
                                                                                                                                   gOODyEarS bar                                                               century Downieville as well as logging and mining exhibits.

                              River Canyon Trail Map                                                                                                                                                                                           Pa


                                                                                                    Rattlesnake Pk.                                                                                                        Hawley                               Snake
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Lake                                 Lake
                                                                                    Chimney Rock                                                                                                                                                                     Oakland
                                                                                            Tr. Needle Pt.                                                                                                                                                           Pond

                                                                                                                                                 k C y n . O H V Tr.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     C re s t
                                                                            n ey
                                                                                                                                                                               C r e e k Tr a i l

                                                                        Chim                                                                                                                                                    Gold

                                                                           Bunker                                                                                                                                                                   Little                      Summit
                                                                                                                                C r C r. T

                                                                           Hill                                                                                                                                                                     Deer                        Lake
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   C re e k

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Smith                            Lake



                                                                                                                                                                            E m p i re
                                                                                               C r a y c ro f t R i c g e O H V T

                                                                                                                                               Red O

                                                                                                     a                                                                                                                                                4W


                                                                                       tl e

                                                    Lookout                              t
                                                                                      Ra                                                                                                                                                                                          Deer

                                                                                                                                                                            i re C re e k


                                                    Fir Cap OHV Trail




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ranch      C re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tr a i l



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           c h Tr a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   y               her Ran


                                                                                                                                                                                                                le             utc                  il
                                                                                                                                                                                         ek                                B                                                                   TO LAKES BASIN &



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               GOLD LAKE ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                       3 r d D i v i d e Tr.                                                                         Packer
                                                                                                                                                                                                        l  i
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tr a

                                                                                                      ve                                       2nd



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SIERRA BUTTES

                                                                                       Downieville                                                                                                              Flat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TO SIERRA CITY
                                                                                                           North                                                                               a
                                                                                                                                                                            Yu b
                                                    Goodyear’s Bar                                                                                                                                                              LEGEND

                    TO GRASS VALLEY

6                                  Map information obtained from Tahoe National Forest trail map dated Oct 1995
                         THeATeR:   The Yuba Theatre was built in 1940 as a movie
                         theater. Since 1996, it has been the home of the Sierra
                         County Arts Council. It currently has fixed seats for 200

                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by sherri allen
                         and has been transformed into a professional performing
                         arts venue. Year-round events include presentations of live
                         music, community theatre, dance, school drama productions,
                         book-signings, slide shows, weddings, and film. The Banff                                             DOwniEvillE claSSic
                         Mountain Film Festival World Tour is presented each April.
                                                                                            bike trails. This nationally recognized trail system has been
                         The Yuba Theatre is available for conferences, retreats, and
                                                                                            featured in mountain biking magazines as having some of
                         other events. 530-289-9822;
                                                                                            the best and most scenic trails in the world. In Downieville,
                                                                                            ride the North Yuba Trail with Halls Ranch and Fiddle Creek
                         HIsTORIc	sITes: Main Street in Downieville is narrow, full
                                                                                            Ridge, the Downie River Trail and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Divide
                         of character, and lined with trees, wooden boardwalks,
                                                                                            trails. The world-famous Downieville Classic is an annual
                         and historic buildings. Downieville is considered the least
                                                                                            bike race event weekend not to be missed, if you can find a
                         changed of all the gold rush towns in California. The Gallows
                                                                                            place to stay...
                         in Downieville was only used once but it remains today as a
                         reminder of justice in the gold rush era.
                                                                                            Off-ROAd	VeHIcLes:	Chimney Rock, Fir Top and Poker
                                                                                            Flat are three great OHV, 4-wheel drive and dirt bike
                         The Goodyears Bar Schoolhouse was built around 1872, and
                                                                                            routes. Chimney Rock goes by the Saddleback Lookout and
                         is still used as a community gathering place. This historic
                                                                                            is exceptional for bikes, as is the Poker Flat trail. With a
                         town dates back to the 1850s.
                                                                                            trail-rated SUV and some experience driving difficult back-
                                                                                            country, you can visit the ghost-towns of Poker Flat and
                         seLf-gUIded	TOUR: There is a self-guided walking tour
                                                                                            Howland Flat, crossing Canyon Creek on the way to Lost
                         brochure available for Downieville that detail the town’s
                                                                                            Sierra’s La Porte.
                         history and sites.
                                                                                            summer Fun
                         on tHe trail
                                                                                            fIsHINg	ANd	swIMMINg:	The        North Yuba provides many
                         HIkINg	ANd	bAckPAckINg:	Easy      to extreme level hiking trails
                                                                                            excellent fishing spots and swimming holes along Hwy 49.
                         abound in this region of Sierra County. A fully accessible
                                                                                            The swimming hole by the Rocky Rest Campground bridge is
                         trail passes gently through 500 feet of terrain from the Fiddle
                                                                                            one of the best, but it’s a well known secret so you probably
                         Creek Campground to the North Yuba River just off Hwy 49.
                                                                                            won’t have it to yourself. But there are plenty of other ones to
                         The Saddleback Trail climbs up mountainous terrain to the
                                                                                            discover. Pull over where it’s safe and explore the river. Where
                         Saddleback Lookout where spectacular views can be seen and
                                                                                            the Downie meets the North Yuba, in the heart of Downieville
                         photographed. The Canyon Creek trail provides level ground
                                                                                            there is also great swimming and fishing to be had.
                         and a scenic path alongside the North Yuba as it makes it way
                         towards Bullards Bar. You’ll pass through an old miners camp
                                                                                            wHITewATeR	RAfTINg	ANd	kAyAkINg:	During            the spring
                         at Shenanigan Flat.
                                                                                            snow melt, the river provides great Class 4 and 5 whitewater
                                                                                            rafting. Kayaking can be done all summer long depending on
                                                           bIke	TRAILs:	Ride the
                                                                                            the level of the rivers. There are several outfitters that provide
                                                           sublime trails that seem
                                                                                            guided rafting, including Tributary Whitewater Tours.
                                                           endless, climbing from
                                                           rivers to peaks, and
                                                                                            cAMPINg:	The     Fiddle Creek Campground near the North Yuba
                                                           snaking invisibly through
                                                                                            River bridge is easily accessed from Hwy 49 and has excellent
                                                           trees. Ride for hours in
                                                                                            river access. Rocky Rest Campground is less developed but
                                                           places that are truly “quiet”
                                                                                            also offers access to the river for swimming and fishing.
                                                           and “empty”. This is a rare
                                                                                            Many additional campsites are available throughout the area
                                                           fortune, possibly worth
                                                                                            in a variety of settings and levels of access.
                                                           more than any gold taken
                                                           from these hills. Lavezzola
                                                                                            gOLd	PANNINg:	Gold panning is open to the public in
Photo by Darby Hayes

                                                           Road in Downieville
                                                                                            Downieville just behind the Gallows Café & Pizzeria. Gold
                                                           provides access to moderate
                                                                                            pans and panning instructions are available at the Sierra
                                                           to very technical mountain
                                                                                            Gold Shop.
                       kayaking ThE nOrTh yuba
                                                                                           Cultural attraCtions
                                                                                           MUseUMs:    The Kentucky Mine, Stampmill and Museum are
                                                                                           located just east of Sierra City on Highway 49. The museum
                                                                                           offers guided tours into the underground mine and also into
                                                                                           California’s only remaining workable gold ore stamp mill.
                                                                                           The museum depicts the gold rush era of Sierra County, life
                                                                                           in a mining camp, and the local American Indian culture.
                                                                                           For tour information and operating hours call the Sierra
    Photo by mary Davey

                                                                                           County Historical Society at 530-862-1310.

                                                                                            HIsTORIc	sITes:	Main Street in Sierra City is charmingly
                                                                       SiErra buTTES        narrow and lined with many turn-of-the-century structures,
                                                                                            complete with wooden boardwalks. The Masonic Hall, built
                                                                                            in 1864, is the oldest building in town. As the “Gateway to
                                   Sierra Buttes                                           the Lakes Basin,” Sierra City also provides dramatic views
                                                                                           of the Sierra Buttes. The Wells Fargo building in Sierra City
                          Highway 49 parallels the North Yuba River all the way from
                                                                                           typifies 1870s Federalist Style architecture. This brick two-
                          the River Canyon area, past Loganville and into Sierra City.
                                                                                           story structure was historically used as a mercantile store
                          This scenic drive provides travelers and recreationists easy
                                                                                           and Wells Fargo Express & Company stage coach stop in
                          access to sight-seeing, fishing, camping and swimming.
                                                                                           the 1870s. A free walking tour map is available at the Sierra
                                                                                           Country Store.
                          This stretch of road provides a kaleidoscope of terrain and
                          plant communities. The craggy peaks of the Sierra Buttes are a
                                                                                           out on tHe trail
                          spectacular site any season, whether in the winter and spring
                                                                                           HIkINg,	bAckPAckINg,	MOUNTAIN	bIkINg:	The        biking
                          when adorned with a tapestry of snow, the Fall when the trees
                                                                                           trails that Downieville is famous for originate on the Sierra
                          glow in autumn colors, or the summer when flowers abound
                                                                                           Buttes, and the world famous Downieville Classic starts in
                          and the water is a perfect temperature for swimming.
                                                                                           Sierra City. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) winds itself across
                                                                                           Haypress Creek, and then emerges at the Yuba River at Loves
                                                                                           Falls. These waterfalls are spectacular and an easy walk
                          Development of communities and recreation in Sierra
                                                                                           from Hwy 49. The PCT crosses Hwy 49 just north-east
                          County was the direct result of the discovery and search for
                                                                                           of Sierra City, and then climbs in a series of switchbacks
                          gold in California. As the roads improved, travelers began to
                                                                                           across the southwest face of the Buttes right above town.
                          stop and enjoy the beauty and wildlife.
                                                                                           Sierra City is a popular stop-over for weary PCT hikers,
                                                                                           to stock up on provisions, do laundry, and for some, get a
                          Sierra City was established as a mining town in 1850. By
                                                                                           comfortable night’s sleep in a bed. The Wild Plum Loop Trail
                          1852, miners were retrieving gold from several tunnels in the
                                                                                           starts near the Wild Plum
                          nearby Sierra Buttes. At this time, Sierra City had two large
                                                                                           campground and meanders
                          buildings, a bakery shop, and several gambling houses and
                                                                                           alongside Haypress Creek
                          saloons. The buildings were crushed under an avalanche of
                                                                                           through riparian hardwood
                          snow in the winter of 1853, forcing the inhabitants to rebuild
                                                                                           communities that provide a
                          at the present lower elevation. The Sierra Buttes Mine was
                                                                                           rich birding experience.
                          active for 80 years and was the second largest gold producer
                          in Sierra County. A continuous body of medium grade ore
                                                                                           Off-ROAd	VeHIcLes:	There
                          was processed efficiently, assuring steady employment. As
                                                                                           are several off-road trails
                          many as 290 men worked at this mine in 1873.
                                                                                           popular with 4-wheel
                          Loganville campground is situated east of the former town        drivers, including the Sierra
                          of Loganville. In 1889, Luigi Lagomarsino put in an orchard,     Buttes trail which runs from
                          a clover field and a garden. This is an example of a typical     the most scenic transfer
                                                                                                                                                                Photo by mary Davey

                          homestead of that time. Many of the original miners in the       station in California, to
                          Loganville & Sierra City area were immigrants from Italy,        the Sierra Buttes Lookout
                          France and the British Isles.                                    parking lot and then on to
                                                                                           Packer Saddle, traversing                              lOvES FallS

Photo by mary Davey

                                                                                                                                                           Photo by mary Davey
                                                           OlD MinErS cabin

                          the southwestern face of the Buttes with breathtaking views.
                          Don’t miss the actual lookout, a short hike from the parking                                       viEw OF ThE lakES baSin
                          lot. There is an amazing viewing platform that runs all
                          around the lookout for 360º views. Not recommended for
                          anyone with fear of heights.                                             Lakes Basin
                          summer Fun                                                             Recreation Area
                          fIsHINg	ANd	swIMMINg:       Though accessing the river is        The Lakes Basin Recreation Area is to the north of the Sierra
                          a little tricky in the town proper of Sierra City, there are     Buttes, along Gold Lake Road. Bassetts is considered the
                          plenty of places to get to the river outside of town, and many   gateway into this outdoors wonderland. Numerous glacially
                          fishing and swimming holes nearby. One of the best is by         formed lakes add to the unique beauty of the landscape and
                          Wild Plum Bridge, by Haypress Creek. Another great place         offer recreation in its most pristine form. Upper and Lower
                          to swim is by Loves Falls. There are also plenty of places to    Sardine Lakes, Packer Lake and Gold Lake are just a few of
                          stop along the river west of Sierra City on the way into town    the biggest. Yuba Pass, while not in the Lakes Basin proper,
                          from Downieville, or east towards the Lakes Basin. Or, get to    also has camping and recreational trails off Highway 49 on
                          know a local and maybe they’ll show your their favorite spot!    the way into the Sierra Valley.

                          cAMPINg:   Loganville provides excellent camping facilities      The craggy peaks of the Sierra Buttes are a spectacular site,
                          in an area with ample shade with dense oak and fir trees.        especially in the winter and spring when adorned with a
                          There is a Loganville Highway Visitor Center & RV Dump           tapestry of snow. There are several excellent views of the
                          Station on the north side of the highway. The Wild Plum          Sierra Buttes from Gold Lake Road and along Highway 49.
                          Campground, located in the eastern end of Sierra City            During the winter, cross-country skiers and snowmobilers
                          provides camping right on the beautiful Haypress Creek           have a unique opportunity to explore a winter wonderland
                          with lots of hiking trails nearby in addition to excellent       made more beautiful by the rugged mountainous backdrop.
                          swimming and fishing right from the campground.
                          gOLd	PANNINg:	Gold     panning is open to the public at Union    When the snow melts, the Lakes Basin area abounds in a
                          Flat Campground. Gold pans and panning instructions are          variety of wildflowers. Orange masses of lilies bloom in the
                          available at the Miner’s Emporium in Sierra City.                wet creek drainages and wild azaleas are scattered about the
                                                                                           hillsides. At the summit of Yuba Pass, magenta penstemon
                                                                                           and lacy white yampa decorate the landscape. In the marshy
                                                                                           areas, marigolds, elephant heads, corn lilies, and several
                                                                                           species of monkey flowers flourish in the spring sun.

                                                                                           The Sand Pond Interpretive Trail features wheel chair
                                                                                           accessible wooden boardwalks that follow fern-lined paths
                                                                                           and cross stretches of shallow, clear water. This trail near
                                                                                           Sardine Lake Campground is barrier-free and provides
                                                                                           viewing opportunities of a wetland that has been enlarged
                                                                                           by a family of beavers. The path also allows visitors to view
    Photo by mary Davey

                                                                                           trout and summer mallard broods close up. Bald eagles and
                                                                                           osprey fish on the many lakes, and pine martens forage in
                                                                                           nearby meadows. Many of the meadows in this area such as
                                                                    SiErra ciTy
                                                                                           Church and Howard meadows provide viewing of songbirds

                                                                     TO GRAEAGLE

                                                                                                             The Lakes Basin Trail Map
                                               cifi                                                                                                 Haskell Peak
                                                  c                      Upper                                               k
                                                       Upper             Salmon lake                                  Pe                                 Haskell Peak
                                                       Salmon                                                                                 Ro         Trail
                                                       Lake                                                                                     ad
                                                                          Lower                            ell

                                         Deer Lake                        Salmon lake
                                                                                               La                                                         Creek
                                                                  Deer Lake                      ke                                                        Trail
                       Pauley                                     Trail
                       Creek           Lakes Basin
                        Trail          Ridge Trail

                                                                                    Tamarack                     Sand Pond
                                                          Lake                      Lakes                        Interpretive
                         Butcher                                                    Trail                        Trail
     TO DOWNIEVILLE       Ranch                                          Saxonia                                                 Bassetts
                           Trail                                          Lake                      Sand Pond
                                                                                                                                                                    TO SIERRAVILLE

                                                                                          Sardine Lake
                                    Sierra Buttes

                                    Lookout Trail                     Lakes                      Volcano
                                      (via PCT)                                      Upper         Lake
                                (Via Tamarack Lakes)                      America Sardine Lake
                                                                               Sierra                                                         LEGEND


              TO DOWNIEVILLE                                                                                                          Haypress C
                                                                                    Sierra City                                                                il

                  Map information obtained from Tahoe National Forest trail map dated Oct 1995

         like the willow flycatcher and various types of warblers. The                    environments for recreation and relaxation. Wilderness
         Yuba Pass area provides excellent bird-watching in addition                      camping and mountain climbing were important aspects
         to the wildflower viewing opportunities.                                         of this movement with a special appeal to city people as
                                                                                          a temporary relief from the frantic pace of urban life. A
         The San Francisco State Sierra Nevada Field Campus is                            form of medical treatment known as the “wilderness cure”
         located a short distance east of Bassetts. The Field Campus is                   enjoyed considerable popularity in California during the
         dedicated to promoting an understanding and appreciation                         late nineteenth century and brought many recreationists
         of geology and the ecological diversity of life through the                      to Sierra County. By 1926, the Lakes Basin area boasted a
         study of the many Sierra Nevada ecosystems by means of                           number of popular resorts with fishing, swimming, boating,
         education, research, and applied ecology. They provide a                         and lodging available.
         large number of summer classes open to the public spanning
         flora and fauna. Learn about fungi, birds, drawing, sketching                    The lodge at Sardine Lake was first constructed in 1941 and
         & painting, natural history, ecology and much more. More                         6 guest cabins were added in 1945-46. Packer Lake was
         info:                                          on an early mule-pack trail and, in 1926, a lodge was built,
                                                                                          along with platform tents and log cabins. Shortly after the
         History                                                                          mid 1850s, a recreation lodge was also built at Gold Lake.
         Development of communities and recreation in Sierra                              Gold Lake Road was constructed in 1913 providing easier
         County was the direct result of the discovery and search for                     access to the resorts. Bassetts Station, at the intersection of
         gold in California. As the roads improved, travelers began                       Highway 49 and Gold Lake Road, began as a way station
         to stop and enjoy the beauty and wildlife. Californians                          over 125 years ago. It continues to provide a rest stop and
         in the late 1800s were very interested in primitive                              supply point for travelers.

                      out on tHe trail                                                  fishing, piped and
                      HIkINg,	bAckPAckINg,	MOUNTAIN	bIkINg	ANd	HORse	                   stream water, camping
                      PAckINg: in this region are what dreams are made of. The          stoves, travel trailer
                      Pacific Crest Trail crosses the Sierra Buttes and can be          spaces, and sites for
                      reached from Packer Saddle or the Sierra Buttes Lookout           horse trailers. Imagine
                      Trail. There are numerous campgrounds in the area with            a place where you
                      trail-heads that provide access to the many lakes in this area.   can have a whole
                      Sand Pond Interpretive Trail shows the flora and fauna of a       lake to yourself on a
                      riparian habitat and is accessible to wheelchairs. It provides    summer’s night. That’s
                      a wonderful experience for those who cannot hike the              the Lakes Basin.
                      typical mountainous trail. There is horseback riding along
                      Gold Lake. The biking trails that Downieville is famous for       Winter Fun
                      originate on the Sierra Buttes—get started on Packer Saddle.      Winter is a great time

                                                                                                                                                           Photo by mary Davey
                                                                                        to explore the Lakes
                      Off-ROAd	VeHIcLes:	The Lakes Basin Recreation Area has
                                                                                        Basin Recreation Area.
                      numerous off-road vehicle or 4-wheel drive trails from            Miles of groomed
                      moderate to most difficult. The trails pass through a variety                                               SuMMEr Fun aT ThE lakE
                                                                                        roads and trails offer
                      of terrain and offer fishing, wildlife viewing, and exceptional   excellent cross-
                      scenery. The area around Gold Lake is a favorite for ATVs         country skiing and snowmobiling. Bassetts Station at the
                      and in the winter snow-mobilers.                                  intersection of Hwy 49 and Gold Lake Road is a favorite
                                                                                        staging area for snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. It
                      summer Fun
                                                                                        is complete with a general store, cafe, restrooms, and gas
                      ResORTs:	Small  resorts tucked in among trees and lakes
                                                                                        station. Gold Lake Road is the main access route to many
                      offer comfort and amenities for those wishing to forgo
                                                                                        miles of trails. The trip to Graeagle is a favorite among
                      the “sleeping bag.” Resorts also provide different levels of
                                                                                        local snowmobilers. Yuba Pass Snow Park, 13 miles north
                      services such as prepared meals and housekeeping.
                                                                                        of Sierra City, accesses trails that reach the Little Truckee
                                                                                        Summit staging area, Jackson Meadows reservoir and Bassetts
                      fIsHINg	ANd	bOATINg: The unspoiled lakes in this region
                                                                                        staging area. Lunch Creek Trail is a cross-country skiing only
                      are highly prized by fly fishermen and those who prefer to
                                                                                        trail. Tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, and snow camping
                      fish from the shore or small boats. Dozens of lakes provide
                                                                                        round out the winter fun in this large snowpark facility.
                      ample space for recreationists to enjoy solitude and comfort.
                                                                                        Snowpark permits are required. Purchase them at Bassetts
                      Boating is restricted to small boats with small or no motors.
                                                                                        Station or call 530-324-4442.
                      Also, kayaking at the many lakes has become a great outdoor
                      sport. You can paddle and work on your techniques for the
                                                                                        Sierra Buttes Snowbusters snowmobile club holds monthly
                      river, or paddle just for exercise!
                                                                                        meetings in the winter and hosts numerous events through
                                                                                        the season, such as group rides on weekends and a dinner
                      cAMPINg:   The numerous campgrounds in this area offer
                                                                                        ride to Sierraville. The annual Spaghetti Feed in March raises
                      several levels of amenities including boating, swimming,
                                                                                        money for scholarships which are awarded to graduating
                                                                                        seniors from Downieville High School and members’ families
                                                                                        each year. For more information contact Sharon Grenier at

                                                                                                  SIERRA Valley
                                                                                        Sierra Valley is part of the continental crust that was
                                                                                        dropped by the same faulting that raised the Sierra Nevada.
                                                                                        The overlook on Highway 49, east of Yuba Pass, provides
Photo by mary Davey

                                                                                        a spectacular panoramic view of this beautiful sub-alpine
                                                                                        valley where Sattley, Calpine, Sierraville and Loyalton
                                       back cOunTry n ThE lakES baSin                   lie surrounded by the granitic mountains of the Sierra
                                                                                        Nevada. The scenery in Sierra Valley varies from conifer

     and aspen forests, to drier                                                                           numerous species of
     woodland forests, to a large                                                                          hawks, osprey, and bald
     valley covered with crops,                                                                            eagles. Several waterfowl
     pastures, and wildflowers in                                                                          nesting islands are located
     the spring. Smaller valleys                                                                           within the area.
     and meadows are laced with

                                    Photo courtesy of sierra Booster
     meandering streams. Old                                                                               History
     platy-barked ponderosa                                                                                The Sierra Valley ranches
     pine trees are a special                                                                              were settled in the 1850s.
     feature in the landscape                                                                              The ranches provided
     along the upper stretches of                                                                          dairy products, hay, and
     Highway 89 near Truckee.                                       viEw OF ThE SiErra vallEy              cattle for Truckee and the
     Cattle share the pastures                                                                             western Sierra County
     with deer and other wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might see a    mines and also to the Comstock Mines in the 1860s. By
     cattle drive.                                                     the 1880s it was one of the finest agricultural regions of
                                                                       California. Since 1853, much of the population has been
     wILdfLOweRs: Fields of blue and orange flowers flow
                                                                       devoted to cattle-raising and farming. Many of the existing
     with the breeze during springtime in the valley. Along the        ranches and barns were built in the 19th century. The
     waterways, many marshland plants and several species of           lumber industry was also part of this healthy agricultural
     buttercups paint a picture of color and serenity.                 economy. Sierra Valley timber supplied the Comstock mines,
                                                                       Central Pacific Railroad, and California fruit industry
     wILdLIfe	ANd	bIRdINg:	The Carman Valley north of Calpine
                                                                       from the 1860s to the turn of the century. The early 1900s
     has 30 to 40 acres of vernal habitat during spring and early      marked a decline in the timber demands with the closing of
     summer. This area is an excellent place to view nesting           mines, but the Sierra Valley lumber industry continued to
     waterfowl, including wood ducks and shorebirds. Steel             be an important aspect of the economy and culture until the
     Bridge, located over the headwaters of the Feather River,         late 20th Century.
     provides an opportunity to view Canadian geese, great blue
     heron, sandhill cranes, numerous ducks, and songbirds. This       Tucked at the base of the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada
     is private property, so please do not explore on foot.            lie the communities of Sattley, Sierraville, and Calpine which
     The Sierra Valley has more German brown trout, mile for           offer remnants of both early ranching and logging. Calpine
     mile, than anywhere else in California. Smithneck Creek is        was built as a company-owned sawmill town for the Davies-
     a favorite among fishermen seeking this elusive trout. This       Johnson Lumber Company and its 500 workers.
     area is also home to Nevada mule deer, grouse, chucker, and
     California mountain quail. Antelope Valley is an excellent        Loyalton was originally known as Smith’s Neck. The
     place to observe deer fawning areas. If you see a lone fawn,      sentiment of loyalty to the Union Cause during the Civil
     please don’t touch it. Its mother is nearby. The Smithneck        War led to changing the name to Loyalton in 1863. In 1901,
     Creek area off Smithneck Road travels through extensive           Loyalton was incorporated as a dry town, the size was set at
     aspen groves with scenes of beaver activity—dams, stick           50.6 square miles. At that time, it was California’s second
     lodges, and beaver-logged timber. Jackson Meadows                 largest city after Los Angeles. Today, Loyalton is the only
     Reservoir entertains broods of Canada geese, mergansers,          incorporated city in Sierra County.
     mallards, and green-winged
                                                                                                     Cultural attraCtions:
     teal. Several meadows offer
                                                                                                     MUseUMs:	The Loyalton Museum
     good evening views of mule
                                                                                                     is located in Loyalton at the
     deer and bald eagles visit in the
                                                                                                     city park. This historic building
     late fall. Black bears, foxes, and
                                                                                                     features displays on logging,
     raccoons are also present but
                                                                                                     agriculture, the Washoe Indians,
     not so visible. Kyburz Marsh
                                                                                                     and fraternal organizations
                                                                   Photo by mary Davey

     off Hwy 89, 10 miles north
                                                                                                     including the Rebekah Lodge.
     of Truckee, is approximately
                                                                                                     Outdoor exhibits include logging
     200 acres and provides
                                                                                                     wagons, a donkey engine, and
     wildlife viewing for waterfowl,                              SiErra vallEy wETlanDS
                                                                                                     farm equipment.
     shorebirds, songbirds,

HIsTORIc	sITes: The brick building                                                                       The picnic area and restrooms are
by the gas station in Loyalton was                                                                       wheelchair accessible.
built around the turn of the 20th
century. This building, along with                                                                       bOATINg,	fIsHINg,	ANd	swIMMINg:
the old grocery store in Sierraville,                                                                    Lakes in this region of Sierra County
are two of the few remaining                                                                             offer a variety of activities. Jackson
buildings constructed of Sierra                                                                          Meadows Reservoir is very popular
Valley brick. The Sierra Valley                                                                          and highly prized for fishing,
Lodge in Calpine, was built as a                                                                         swimming, camping, wildlife
recreation hall for the once-thriving                                                                    viewing, water skiing, jet skiing, and
mill town. Today it is a restaurant                                                                      sailing. There are over 130 campsites,
and cocktail lounge with lodging                                                                         5 group campsites, and a disposal
accommodations. Numerous historic                                                                        station available here. Independence
barns and farm houses throughout                                                                         Lake offers fee-use camping and
Sierra Valley date back to the 19th                                                                      fishing in a more secluded setting.
                                                           SiErravillE rODEO
century. Many are still in use.                                                                          Rivers and streams provide
                                                                                                         exceptional fishing and swimming.
on tHe trail
HIkINg:	Trails  in the Sierra Valley area range from easy        cAMPINg:    There are numerous campgrounds from Yuba Pass
walks to rigorous climbs through thick conifer forests. The      to Truckee along Highways 49 and 89. These campgrounds
Cottonwood Overlook Trail is light to moderately difficult       range from single sites to large group areas with parking lots
and provides panoramic views of the valley in several places     that can accommodate horse trailers as well as snowmobile
along the trail. The Cottonwood Creek Botanical Trail uses       trailers. Some campgrounds are near rivers and streams;
trail markers and a corresponding brochure to identify and       some are at the edges of alpine lakes; and some are tucked
describe trees and other plants on this easy walk. Dedicated     into the forest and meadow lands. Groups of up to 50 people
hikers can climb the steep Badenaugh Trail up to the Babbit      can be accommodated at the Prosser Group Campground,
Peak Lookout for an outstanding panoramic view of the local      which offers swimming and cooking stoves as well as space
area of eastern California and western Nevada. Mountain          for trailers.
bikers and equestrians share this trail with hikers. The
Jackson Meadows Reservoir area features the Woodcamp             Winter Fun
Creek Interpretive Trail, which provides an educational and Winter trails for skiers, snowmobilers, and snowshoers wind
moderately difficult hike with 18 points of interest spelledthrough valleys and hills and around beautiful alpine lakes.
out in a brochure. The Pacific Crest Trail can be accessed  The Little Truckee Summit area located between Sierraville
from the Jackson Meadow trail head. The Kyburz Flat         and Truckee on Highway 89 provides six winter trails,
interpretive area on Henness Pass Road east of Highway 89   restrooms, and plenty of parking. From here you can follow
explains the history of three different peoples who inhabited
                                                            groomed trails up to the Gold Lakes Recreation Area. There
this beautiful mountain meadow starting 2,000 years ago.    is also excellent cross-country skiing on Henness Pass Road
Maps and brochures are available free of charge.            east of Highway 89, the Wheeler Loop traversing the Kyburz
                                                                                        Flat area, an area with no snow-
OHV	TRAILs:  The Bear Valley Loop                                                       mobiles allowed. The Treasure
OHV Trail near Loyalton is 18 miles                                                     Mountain Loop in the Little Truckee
of pure exhilaration and scenic                                                         Summit area provides groomed
beauty. The trail is open late spring                                                   trails for both snowmobilers
to fall.                                                                                and cross-country skiers. Other
                                                                                        groomed trails in this area include
summer Fun                                                                              the Pass Creek Loop, which leads
The Donner Camp Picnic Site                                                             to Jackson Meadows Reservoir, and
                                                                                      Photo Courtesy of usFs

located five miles south of the                                                         the Prosser Creek Connection Trail,
Sierra County line along Highway                                                        which travels from the Summit
89 looks out onto a meadow where                                                        along Prosser Creek downhill into
members of the Donner Party                                                             Nevada County, where it ends near
                                        liTTlE TruckEE SuMMiT STaging arEa
camped through the winter of 1846.                                                      Prosser Lake.

       River Canyon                                3sIeRRA	sTReAMsIde	cAbINs. Hwy 49
                                                   east of Downieville. Streamside cabins
                                                                                                 Dining area, Living Room, TV, DVD, VCR.
                                                                                                 Deck overlooking Main Street. Restaurant,
                                                   with kitchens and private bathrooms are       Bar below. Available by night or week. Pets
     inDian Valley                                 available. RV spaces with “full hook-         OK. Credit Cards. 530-862-1171
     INdIAN	VALLey	OUTPOsT.    530-289-3630        ups” along the Yuba River. Pets accepted.
                                                   Seasonal. Hosts: Jim & Yvonne. 530-289-       3bUTTes	ResORT. Main st. Vacations
                                                   3379;          are expensive, why take a chance? See
     GooDyears Bar                                                                               tastefully appointed cabins, fully equipped
     “R”	PLAce.   Trailer Park. 530-289-3188       3wILLOUgHby’s	ON	THe	RIVeR	VAcATION	          with kitchens and unparalleled views
                                                   ReNTAL.	171  River St. The most pristine      of the Yuba River at www.buttesresort.
                                                   view of the Yuba River! Comfortable three- or call 1-800-991-1170, all
     DoWnieVille                                   bedroom home sleeps 8–10, with two            for the best rates in Sierra City.
     3cARRIAge	HOUse	INN . 110 Commercial          baths and a kitchen overlooking the river.
     St.. Lovely setting on the Downie River, 8    Relax and barbeque on the deck. Famous        3HeRRINgTON’s	sIeRRA	PINes	ResORT.
     charming rooms with TVs. Continental          swimming hole with rapids! Peak season        104 Main St., Hwy 49. AAA approved
     breakfast. Private BBQ, patio and gazebo      months are rented by the week. Two-           accommodations. Covered balconies
     area on the river. Bike storage. Pets OK.     day minimum off-season rates available.       overlooking the Yuba River with
     Free Wi-Fi and free Verizon cell service.     Internet access: Wi-Fi. 530-289-3573 or       spectacular illuminated waterfall. Situated
     Open all year. No smoking.                    800-296-2289                                  on 50 acres of forest land with 4,000 feet
     530-289-3573 or 1-800-296-2289;                                                             of private river frontage. Pet friendly.              dOwNIeVILLe	cReek	sIde	cOTTAge.		             Satellite TV with free HBO. Some rooms
                                                   530-289-3520;                                 with full kitchens and fireplaces. Daily
     3dOwNIeVILLe	RIVeR	INN.    121 River St.           housekeeping service. Free Internet
     Open 7 days a week, year round. We are                                                      computer station and limited Wi-Fi. Gift
     located on the Yuba River, just across the    THe	dOwNIeVILLe	ReTReAT. 415-229-8899;        shop and game room. Trout pond with
     Court House Bridge, still with-in walking                    over 2,000 Rainbow Trout. Beautiful
     distance to the shops and restaurants/                                                      meadow for picnics with BBQ and
     We have a variety of sizes of rooms and       RIVeR	HOUse. 530-289-3573 or 800-296-         horseshoes for our guests. Serving Sierra
     cottages, some with kitchens. We have Bed     2289;        County for 43 years. Open May–Oct. 530-
     & Breakfast services, heated swimming                                                       862-1151 or 800-682-9848;
     pool and a sauna, picnic area and BBQs,       sIeRRA	sHANgRI-LA.	Seasonal.        
     Wi-Fi service, and in room movies. Our        530-289-3455;
     grounds are large enough for family                                                         3O’gARA-HAyes	VAcATION	ReNTAL.      7
     reunions and large gathering events.          TwO	RIVeRs	ReNTAL.530-289-3520;               bedrooms, 4 baths. Sleeps 12. Large
     530-289-3308 or 800-696-3308;                  livingroom, dining room, large deck                                                                 overlooking lawn and Yuba River. Large
                                                                                                 parking area and very private. Reservations
     3THe	LURe	ResORT. Hwy 49, 1 mile east of
     Downieville. Located on the Yuba River.       Sierra Buttes                                 530-862-1018

     11 housekeeping cabins and 8 log camping                                                    3OLd	sIeRRA	cITy	HOTeL.     212 Main St.
     cabins. Open all year. Pets welcome.          loGanVille                                    Historic old miners hotel. Comfortable
     530-289-3465 or 800-671-4084;                 kOkANee	kAbINs.   530-862-1287                lodging, home cooked meals, classic bar                                                                          and down home service and ambiance.
                                                                                                 A historic stop on visitors agendas for
     3RIVeRsIde	INN.  206 Commercial St.           sierra City                                   decades. Bob & Kathy Morales, owners
     Located on the Downie River. 11 units         3ALIbI	VAcATION	ReNTAL. 101 Butte Ave.        since 2000. 530-862-1300
     with balconies overlooking the river.         Open year round. Treat yourself to an
     Some with kitchens. In-room movies.           affordable yet luxurious get away in the      3sIeRRA	skIes	RV	PARk. Located on the Yuba
     Wi-Fi access. Comfortable beds. Hypo-         historic town of Sierra City. This new        River in Sierra City with views of the Sierra
     allergenic laundry products. 4 fireplaces.    construction home is 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath,       Buttes and private access to the river. All
     Bike Station. Continental breakfast. Patio,   sleeps up to 6. Full Kitchen and Laundry.     sites are full hook-ups. Daily, weekly and
     barbecue, and picnic area on site. Open all   530-888-6385;         monthly rates. 29 units. Year-round storage
     year. No smoking. Pets welcome.                                                             units available. 530-862-1166;
     530-289-1000 or 888-883-5100;                 3THe	bUckHORN	UPsTAIRs.    Main St.                             Vacation apartment. Sleeps 6, full Kitchen,

16      3MeMber OF SIerra COuNTY ChaMber OF COMMerCe
3yUbA	RIVeR	INN.	Located at Hwy.              included. Open mid-June to mid-              3sIeRRA	HOT	sPRINgs/gLObe	HOTeL.
49 & Wild Plum Rd. Genuine one or             September. $100 to $200 a night.             Resort & retreat Center. 530-994-3773;
two bedroom log cabins, restored              530-836-2350                       
& modernized with fully-equipped
kitchens. Each cabin is located in a quiet,   3PAckeR	LAke	LOdge.	Restaurant      & full   MAddALeNA	RANcH	HOUse.     530-994-
forested, setting. Nestled on 23 acres        bar. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner      3553 or 530-514-3554 or 530-514-0011
along the Yuba River with private, trailed    (except Tuesdays). The “Corner Store”
accessibility to 1/3 mile of secluded river   carries beer, wine, fishing supplies, soft   sIeRRAVILLe	MOTeL	ANd	RV	PARk.
frontage for guests. Reasonable rates.        drinks, candy and other simple needs.        530-994-3751
Owned and operated by the Hertzberg           Boat rentals. 14 rental cabins. Season:
family for more than 22 years. Open           Memorial Day to mid-October.
year-around for your enjoyment. 530-          530-862-1221. Off-season 415-921-5943;
862-1122;                              The Sierra County Chamber of
                                                                                             Commerce thanks the following
sIeRRA	cITy	ReTReAT. 707-837-0297;            3sALMON	LAke	LOdge.	Rental  cabins             individuals for their support:                        and boats. Open June–October. 530-
                                                                                               Louise A. Huebner
                                                                                               Peter W. Huebner, Supervisor District 2
                                                                                               Marian LaFollette
510-222-4138.          3sARdINe	LAke	ResORT.     9 housekeeping
                                              cabins and dining. Dining room closed
                                              Monday and Tuesday. Reservations

   Lakes Basin                                requested. Open mid-May to mid-
                                              October. Boats, fishing. 530-862-1196;
3bAsseTTs	sTATION.	100 Gold Lake Rd.          gOLd	LAke	beAcH	LOdge .     530-836-2491
The motel has three housekeeping units,
each sleeping 4 and with full kitchens. It
is conveniently located so that you can
                                              sHAffeR’s	HIgH	sIeRRA	cAMP.                            Places of Worship
snowmobile right from the motel in the                                                       AsseMbLy	Of	gOd.    Nevada St., Downieville
winter or drive a short distance to the                                                      530-289-3125
many lakes in the summertime.
530-862-1297;        SIERRA Valley                                  AsseMbLy	Of	gOd.    803 Main St., Loyalton
3HIgH	cOUNTRy	INN	bed	&	bReAkfAsT.	           CalPine
Hwy 49 and Gold Lake Rd. Located on the       3sIeRRA	VALLey	LOdge.    103 Main St.          cHURcH	Of	JesUs	cHRIsT	LATTeR	dAy	sAINTs.	

Yuba River. Private pond and spectacular      off Hwy 89 between Sierraville & Graeagle.     61600 Hwy 49., Loyalton 530-993-4366
view of the Sierra Buttes. 4 luxurious        707-637-6027
rooms. Gourmet breakfast. This is                                                            cOMMUNITy	cHURcH	Of	LOyALTON.	

the place for peace and privacy. Open                                                        601 Lewis St., Loyalton 530-993-4411
Memorial Day to the end of October.           loyalton
530-862-1530 or 800-862-1530;                 cOUNTRy	cOOkIN’	ResTAURANT	ANd	                HOLy	ROsARy.   613 4th St., Loyalton                          INN.   530-993-1162                            530-832-5006

                                              gOLdeN	wesT	sALOON	ResTAURANT		                IMMAcULATe	cONcePTION	PARIsH.
tHe lakes Basin                               ANd	MOTeL.	530-993-4467                        Church St., Downieville 530-289-3102
provides campsites throughout the Hwy                                                        sIeRRAVILLe	cOMMUNITy	cHURcH 424 S.
89/49 corridor of the Tahoe National          sierraVille                                    Lincoln St., Sierraville 530-994-3708
Forest. Reserve sites by phone: 1-877-        3cANyON	RANcH	ResORT.	622       Old
444-6777 or on-line: www.recreation.          Truckee Rd. Tranquil setting. 7 cabins all     UNITed	MeTHOdIsT	cHURcH.
gov or                   with bathrooms, kitchens, porches. Dog         Commercial St., Downieville 530-432-7774
                                              friendly. Fish from pond or stream. Open
3gOLd	LAke	LOdge .   Rustic mountain          year round. Office hours: 7 AM–9 PM.           UNITed	MeTHOdIsT	cHURcH.       Butte St.,
lodge with 9 cabins located in the            530-994-1033;                                  Sierra City 530-432-7774
heart of the Lakes Basin. Hearty meals

                                                                       3MeMber OF SIerra COuNTY ChaMber OF COMMerCe                        17
DininG, sHoPPinG, etC.
     Pliocene Ridge                                 Grocery Communications Center: fax,
                                                    copy machines & e-mail/internet access.
                                                                                                   3sIeRRA	cOUNTy	ReALTy.     208 Main St.
                                                                                                   From mountain tops to river banks, we sell
                                                    530-289-3596; Fax 530-289-3628                 it all. 530-289-3377; Fax: 530-289-3678;
     3ORIgINAL	sIxTeeN	TO	ONe	MINe. The             3e	cLAMPUs	VITUs	(cLAMPeRs)	Major
     Mine has been producing gold for over 100      William Downie Chapter.                        3sIeRRA	dIsPOsAL. 185 N. Beckwith
     years. The oldest Gold Mining Corporation                                                     Street, Portola. Serving Sierra County
     in The United States, the Sixteen to One       3JOHN	I.	eVANs.	sIeRRA	cOUNTy	sHeRIff-         since 1972. 530-832-4879;
     offers a unique investment opportunity.        cORONeR.  100 Courthouse Square. 530-289-
     See website for Stock purchase info. The       3700;
     mine is famous for its rare quartz and gold                                                   3seddcORP.	560 Wall St., Auburn 95603.
     gemstone eagerly sought by jewelers. The                                                      530-823-4703
                                                    3gRUbsTAke	sALOON.     Main St. Open for
     Gold Sales division offers slab, cabochons,    lunch and dinner. 11:30 AM–9 PM. Steak,
                                                                                                   3sIeRRA	gOLd.	204  Main St. Fine gold
     specimens and jewelry to the public, open      seafood, burgers, pasta. 530-289-0289
     by appointment only, please call in advance.                                                  quartz jewelry. Rose Cain. 530-289-1621
     Or view the gold sales section online. 530-    3LAw	OffIces	Of	c.	INgRId	LARsON.
                                                                                                   3sIeRRA	HARdwARe.	305     Main St. General
     287-3223;                      Attorney at Law. 530-289-3654; Fax: 530-
                                                                                                   hardware. Hunting & fishing licenses.
     3UNdeRgROUNd	gOLd	MINeRs	MUseUM.
                                                                                                   Fishing tackle, sporting goods, camping
     530-287-3330;                                                         supplies. Open all year. 530-289-3582
                                                    3LeeLA	PLesse.	Behind the La Sierra Beauty
                                                    Boutique, Main St. Massage Therapist &
     cAsey’s	PLAce.   530-287-9809                                                                 3sIeRRA	MOTOR	cO.    114 Main St. Full
                                                    Reiki Master. Reduces stress, depression,
                                                                                                   Service Gas Station, Diesel, Auto parts &
                                                    cramping, spasms & backache. Facilitates
                                                                                                   Repair, Tires, Convenience Store & Deli,
                                                    healing of body and spirit. One and one &
                                                                                                   Groceries, Propane, Laundromat, Showers,
       River Canyon                                 a half hour sessions available at affordable
                                                    prices. For appointments: 530-288-1223
                                                                                                   Towing/AAA Contract Station.
                                                                                                   530-289-3230; Fax: 530-289-3231;
     inDian Valley                                                                       
                                                    3MOUNTAIN	HARVesT	cRAfTs	cO-OP.	
     INdIAN	VALLey	OUTPOsT.    530-289-3630         Behind Downieville Grocery. Hand crafted
                                                                                                   3sT.	cHARLes	PLAce.   101/103 Commercial
                                                    gift items by local artists. Open Summer:
                                                                                                   St. 530-289-3237
                                                    Fri.–Mon. Winter: Sat. & by appointment:
     DoWnieVille                                    530-289-3334; 530-289-3100;
     3c	&	R	gUIde	seRVIce.  Fly fishing guide                                                      3MARk	sTeVeNsON	PHOTOgRAPHy        103
                                                    530-289-3170 or 530-289-3420
     service-from intimate small streams to                                                        Lavezzola Rd. Traditional black & white
     brawling North Fork — beginners thru                                                          photographs of Sierra County using large
                                                    3MOUNTAIN	MesseNgeR.	313 Main St.
     experienced welcome. Flies and terminal                                                       (doghouse) sized homemade cameras.
                                                    California’s oldest weekly newspaper.
     tackle supplied at no charge.                                                                 530-289-3682;
                                                    Phone and Fax 530-289-3262;

     3d-MAc	eNgINeeRINg. Civil engineering                                                         3TwO	RIVeRs	gALLeRy. 310 Main St. Large
                                                    3Pg&e. 3301 Industrial Way, Rocklin.
     and land surveying. Office open 5 days a                                                      riverside indoor/outdoor gallery offering
     week (Mon–Fri). 8 AM–5 PM. Registered                                                         unique and handmade pottery, wood,
     engineer since 1978. Serving Sierra County                                                    jewelry, books, garden sculpture, clothing
                                                    3sAfeMART.	Offers a unique model for
     since 1988. Phone & Fax: 530-289-3129                                                         and shoes. Open 7 days a week 10 AM–
                                                    home security, providing wireless alarm
                                                                                                   5 PM. 530-289-2RIV(2748)
                                                    systems which the customer installs.
     3dOwNIeVILLe	dAy	sPA	AT	LA	sIeRRA	
                                                    Our video training, and detailed set-up
     beAUTy	bOUTIqUe. 309 Main St. Spa                                                             3TRIbUTARy	wHITewATeR	TOURs.	20480
                                                    instructions make it easy. Rates start at $9
     manicures & Pedicures ~ Retreat Facials                                                       Woodbury Dr., Grass Valley. Guided
                                                    per month. 1-800-628-6093;
     ~ Body waxing ~ Complete hair care ~                                                          whitewater rafting on the North Yuba
     Color services ~ Massage. Open all year!                                                      River and others. 530-346-6812 or 800-
     Home care products & gift certificates                                                        672-3846;
                                                    3seNATOR	dAVe	cOx,     State Capitol, Rm
     available. Relax with us! 530-289-3504         2068, Sacramento. Represents the twelve-
     Kathy Fischer                                  county First Senate District which includes
                                                                                                   3VINTAge	gAL		 NTIqUes	&	fINe	THINgs.
                                                                                                   206 Main St. An eclectic blend of the
                                                    Sierra County. His office can be reached
     3dOwNIeVILLe	gROceRy	&	PIck	‘N	sHOVeL	                                                        old and new. Great selection of vintage
                                                    at 530-283-3439 Quincy, 916-651-4001
     eATeRy. Main St. Groceries, produce, meat,                                                    costume jewelry, advertising collectibles
                                                    Sacramento, 916-783-8232 Roseville,
     and fine wines. Open all year. Downieville                                                    and antique bottles, shabby chic
                                                    209-223-9140 Jackson.

18      3MeMber OF SIerra COuNTY ChaMber OF COMMerCe
                           DininG, sHoPPinG, etC.
accessories and so much more. Open          yUbA	exPedITION	bIke	sHOP.	530-289-             The restaurant serves both breakfast and
May–October 530-289-3118; or call for       3010;                   dinner and has a fantastic view of the
appointment 530-289-3659;                                                                   Sierra Buttes and meadow. Lodging, gift                                                                  shop, game room and trout pond. Serving

3weLLs	fARgO	bANk.   326 Main St.
                                            Sierra Buttes                                   Sierra County for 43 years. Open mid-May
                                                                                            through mid-October. 530-862-1151 or
Full service bank. ATM. Open all year.                                                      800-682-9848;
530-289-3204                                sierra City                           
                                            3bIg	sPRINgs	gARdeNs. 32613 Highway

3wesTeRN	sIeRRA	MedIcAL	cLINIc. 209         49. A 118 acre richly forested private          3HIgHwAyMeN	cAR	cLUb	—	NORcAL.     Host
Nevada St. “A Community Health Center”      property. Upper 2/3rds preserved as a           of the Annual Big City Rod Run & Car
serving Medical, Dental and Behavioral      wilderness area. Lower 30 acres has been        Show held on September 24–25, 2010.
health needs. Provider available 24 hours   made into a beautiful park with streams         Memberships & Info: 530-862-1088 (Rick)
a day/7 days a week. Office hours: Mon–     from the natural springs that give the          or 530-862-1560 (Larry);
Fri 8:30 AM–5 PM, Wed 8:30 AM–6 PM.         property its name. Groomed trails provide
Mobile Clinic: Serving Camptonville and     accessibility and welcome visitors to
Pike. Medical: 530-289-3298.                immerse themselves in nature. Superb            3JAN	kOeTTeL	ReALTy. 221 Main St. Real
Dental: 530-289-3199                        meals are served Friday–Sunday in the           estate in the Sierras. Real Estate Broker.
                                            outdoor dining terrace at waters edge with      Notary Public. 530-862-9009;
3yUbA	RIVeR	sTORAge. 20 White Way.          views of the water lilies and 8,600 foot
Storage and parking in the heart of         high majestic Sierra Buttes. Reservations
Downieville. 530-289-3626                   required. 530-862-1333;                         3keNTUcky	MINe	ANd	MUseUM.            Hwy 49 a
                                                         few miles east of Sierra City. Gift shop with
3THe	yUbA	THeATRe.    Home of Sierra                                                        prints, original art, native gold, artifacts,
Turnpike Players, and offices of Sierra     3THOMAs	edgMAN	PHOTOgRAPHy	/	ART	               and jewelry. Books on area history,
County Arts Council. Music, theatre,        by	bAILey.   530-862-1070                       geology, and flora. Summer amphitheater
dance, school plays, and film. The Banff                                                    concerts. Tours of working stampmill.
Mountain Film Festival World Tour has       3cHARLes	H.	eRVIN,	ATTORNey	AT	LAw.	            Open June–September. 530-862-1310
three showings in April. 530-289-YUBA.      211 Main St. “Helping the citizens of             Sierra County with legal solutions.”            3MINeRs	eMPORIUM. 221 Main St. For
                                            530-862-1173                                    miners & shoppers. Located in the
49	wINes.   530-289-2782                                                                    Masonic Building. We are a dealer for
                                            3fOx	PARLOR.    221 Main St. Print and          Whites Metal Detectors and carry a variety
THe	ATTIc	—	cOLLecTIbLes,	gIfTs	&	          web design. We design and build Web             of recreational mining supplies. Books,
ANTIqUes.	                                  sites, business identity systems & collateral   jewelry, gold, t-shirts, Tilly hats & topo
                                            for small businesses. 530-862-1501;             maps. Photos by local artists. Open
dOwNIeVILLe	cOMMUNITy	HALL.      Rental.                              year around. Closed Tues & Wed.
530-289-0213                                                                                530-862-0630
                                            3gJc	cONsTRUcTION Licensed general

dOwNIeVILLe	LIbRARy. Native Daughters       contractor. 530-862-1531;                       3MOUNTAIN	cReek	ResTAURANT	AT	THe	
Hall. Open Mon. 9–1, Thu. 12–4                                bUckHORN.    225 Main St. “The one with
                                                                                            the Creek and Waterfalls running through
dOwNIeVILLe	OUTfITTeRs.  530-289-0155;      3dARby	HAyes	fINe	ART	PHOTOgRAPHy.	             the Garden.” Delicious home cooked               Limited Edition prints available at the         meals. Garden dining when weather
                                            Sierra City Fine Arts Gallery, Sierra City      permits. Inside dining by the Fireplace
feATHeR’s	fLOweRs	NURseRy	gARdeN.           and at galleries in Graeagle, Nevada            also available Serving Breakfast, Lunch
Seasonal. 530-289-3386                      City and Sacramento. Large format, fine         & Dinner with a Full Bar. Available for
                                            art photographs of local and western            events. 530-862-1171;
THe	gALLOws	cAfe	&	PIzzeRIA.		              landscapes and wildlife. 530-862-1550;
530-289-3540                                                    3MOUNTAIN	MedIA. Todd Sloan.
LA	cOcINA	de	ORO	TAqUeRIA.		                3HeRRINgTON’s	sIeRRA	PINes	ResORT.

530-289-3584                                104 Main St. AAA approved fine dining           3OLd	sIeRRA	cITy	HOTeL.    212 Main St.
                                            restaurant and full service bar. Fresh trout    Historic old miners hotel. Comfortable
sOILed	dOVes	PARLOUR	&	gIfTs.	530-289-      from our own pond, Certified Angus              lodging, home cooked meals, classic bar
3374;            Beef and a full menu with daily specials.       and down home service and ambiance.

                                                                        3MeMber OF SIerra COuNTY ChaMber OF COMMerCe                         19
DininG, sHoPPinG, etC.
     A historic stop on visitors agendas for         City, CA 96125. Be sure and visit the         tHe lakes Basin
     decades. Bob & Kathy Morales, owners            Kentucky Mine Museum near Sierra City         3gOLd	LAke	LOdge.     Rustic mountain
     since 2000. 530-862-1300                        — Open June through September.                lodge in the heart of the Lakes Basin.
                                                                                                   Hearty meals. Open mid-June to mid-
     3PHOTOgRAPHy	by	kATHy	cHOw.          Color      3sORRAccO’s	sALOON.       203 Main St. The    September restaurant open to the public.
     images primarily comprised of nature-           Sorracco’s building is the oldest on main     530-836-2350;
     based abstracts and intimate landscapes.        street (circa 1851). The John Sorracco
     Available locally at Sierra City Fine Arts      Hotel was established in the 1880s. In        3gOLd	LAke	sTAbLes.	At Gold Lake
     Gallery. 530-862-1468;                          1949, Sorracco’s grandson Buddy Zerga         entrance. Horseback riding with a view!                       and Walter Loffmark reopened as the           Trail rides, pack trips, lessons, and
                                                     Zerloff Hotel which closed in 1990. The       childrens camps. Give us a call to make
     3PLANT	sPIRIT	HeALINg. Chinese Five-            present owners re-opened the bar as           your summer plans. Gold Lake Stables.
     Element Balancing with Plant Spirit             Sorracco’s Saloon in 2001. Sorracco’s         530-836-0940. Graeagle Stables
     Remedies. A member of the PSM                   is open year round, providing a great         530-836-0430;
     Association. 530-862-1189;                      selection of fine wine, spirits and micro                       brews ready for you to enjoy in the bar, on   3PAckeR	LAke	LOdge.	Dining      room
                                                     the patio or on the covered front porch.      and bar. Open for breakfast, lunch, and
     3sIeRRA	bOTANIcALs. Rt. 1 Box 5. Bringing       Ron & Cheryl Labrie. 530-862-1462             dinner. Catering to mountain appetites.
     nature into your bath. Herbal glycerin                                                        The “Corner Store” carries beer, wine,
     soaps & herbal bath salts. 530-862-1189;        gOLdeN	beAR	gUIded	TOURs.  541-326-           fishing supplies, soft drinks, candy, and                      7179;           other simple needs. Reservations. Closed
                                                                                                   Tuesdays. May–October. 530-862-1221
     3sIeRRA	cITy	fINe	ARTs	gALLeRy.	231                             530-862-1053 or
                                                     NATURe	by	desIgN.                             or off season: 415-921-5943;
     Main St. Features the work of 4 local           530-862-1189
     photographers and a potter. Available also
     are paintings and other art pieces. Located     sIeRRA	cITy	cOMMUNITy	HALL	ReNTAL.	           3sARdINe	LAke	ResORT.	Fine     dining in a
     in the Old Wells Fargo building. Summer         530-862-1580                                  beautiful lakeside setting. Reservations
     hours: Thur–Mon 10 AM–4 PM. Winter                                                            requested. Dining room closed Monday
     hours: Sat 10 AM–4 PM. 530-862-0607             sIeRRA	cITy	gAs	sTATION	                      and Tuesday. Open mid-May to mid-
                                                                                                   October. 530-862-1196;
     3sIeRRA	cITy	wATeRwORks,	INc.      Water        sIeRRA	cITy	LIbRARy.	Main  St. Ore House
     serving company. 530-273-6447                   Building. Open Tue., Thu., and 2nd Sat. of
                                                     month 11:30-3:30. 530-862-0210
     3sIeRRA	cOUNTRy	sTORe. 213 Main St. The
     Country Store is located right smack dab        sIeRRA	NATURAL	HeALTH. 530-862-1189;           SIERRA Valley
     in the heart of town. We offer everything
     from hearty breakfast burritos and fresh                                                      CalPine
     deli sandwiches to mouth-watering               TOM’s	sNOwMObILe.	Seasonal.                   3gONe	bATTy/HARVey	fARMs. Spinning
     cheeseburgers and pizzas. Stop by for all       530-862-1128                                  fleeces, yarns, locker lambs, wool felting,
     your ... Grocery... Meats...Produce...Beer...                                                 spinning and natural dye workshops.
     Wine ...Liquor...Camping...Fishing...Ice...     “z”	sALON.   530-862-1130                     530-994-3617 or 916-217-8220;
     and Gift needs. ATM, High Speed Internet                                            
     Access, Laundromat and up to the minute
     weather station available. Larry & Kathy
     Breed, proprietors. 530-862-1560;                   Lakes Basin                               3sIeRRA	cOUNTy	fIRe	sAfe	&	wATeRsHed	
                                                                                                   cOUNcIL.	Provides education & programs                                                                    for fire prevention and preparedness
                                                                                                   to all the citizens of Sierra County in
                                                     3bAsseTTs	sTATION.	100     Gold Lake Rd.
     3sIeRRA	cOUNTy	HIsTORIcAL	sOcIeTy.       If                                                   order to reduce the loss of lives, personal
                                                     Café, store, motel, gas, and propane on
     you enjoy reading stories and learning                                                        property, and natural resources from
                                                     Hwy 49 and Gold Lake Rd. Established
     about the history of Sierra County, you are                                                   wildfire. Explores means of improving
                                                     1871. Famous for our hamburger,
     a great candidate for membership in the                                                       water quality, fisheries and habitat,
                                                     milkshakes, and ice cream. Have most
     Sierra County Historical Society. Come                                                        water supply reliability, river corridor
                                                     provisions needed for your Sierra
     join us to help preserve the history of our                                                   recreation, forest and fuels management,
                                                     adventure. Credit cards accepted.
     county. Dues are: Individual $15; Family                                                      reduction of flooding and control of
     $20; Business $30. Pay to Sierra County                                                       erosion and sedimentation in Sierra
     Historical Society, PO Box 260, Sierra                                                        County in conjunction with the recently

20      3MeMber OF SIerra COuNTY ChaMber OF COMMerCe
                          DininG, sHoPPinG, etC.
established statewide Integrated Watershed    3HeNNessy	HOUse	wOOdeN	fLAg	POLes.	             sIeRRA	bOOsTeR.	530-993-4379;
Management Program. Mike Freschi.             100 Railroad Ave, Loyalton. We make                                   old-style Douglas fir flagpoles up to 45ft in
                                              length at our shop in Loyalton at the old       sIeRRA	sOLId	wAsTe.	800-694-2722
3sIeRRA	cOUNTy	PROsPecT.cOM.                  Sierra Pacific mill site on Railroad Avenue.
Online newspaper. 530-448-9092;               To arrange for a shop tour, please contact      sIeRRA	VALLey	cOMMUNITy	LIbRARy.                      our foreman, Gary Jackson: 800-285-2122;        Loyalton. Open Mon. 1–6, Wed. 1–5 Fri.
                                                             11–6. Internet access
3sIeRRA	VALLey	LOdge. 103 Main St. Off
Hwy 49 between Sierraville and Graeagle.      3gARy	sTeINgRebe,	cPA	LTd. 701 Main St.         sIeRRA	VALLey	HOMe	ceNTeR.	
707-637-6027                                  530-993-1139; Fax: 530-993-4655                 530-993-4331

3sIeRRA	VALLey	ReALTy.	Owned     and                               703 Main St.
                                              3Lee	d.	wALkeR,	d.d.s.                          sIeRRA	VALLey	LOyALTON	MUseUM.		
operated by Kathy & Mike Freschi. Kathy       Comprehensive Family Dentistry.                 530-993-6754
has been an active Real Estate agent for      Business hours: 8 AM–5 PM., Monday
over 17 years. The Freschi family has lived   through Thursday. 530-993-4728                  seNIOR	THRIfT	sTORe .   530-993-1948
in Calpine for 21 years and their three
youngest children attended Sierra County      LINdA	beesON	INcOMe	TAx	&	                      TIMbeRLINe	AUTO	PARTs	&	POweR	
Schools. Sierra Valley Realty knows Sierra    bOOkkeePINg	seRVIces.     530-993-4916          eqUIPMeNT.	530-993-4990
County, especially the Sierra Valley. 530-
994-3788;                      bLUe	MOON	bAkeRy.     530-993-4634              TOddLeR	TOweRs	cHILd	cARe	ceNTeR.	
gRIffIN	PLUMbINg.	   530-994-3212             bUck’s	TV	ANd	APPLIANce.    530-249-0191
                                                                                              wHITe’s	sIeRRA	sTATION.   530-993-1212
sIeRRA	VALLey	TRAdINg	cOMPANy.                cHANdLeR	ReAL	esTATe.         
                                              cOUNTRy	cOOkIN’	ResTAURANT.		                   3J’s	feATHeR	RIVeR	ReNTAL.    55 Delleker
sierraVille                                   530-993-1162                                    Dr, Portola. Tool & Equipment rental,
3sIeRRA	HOT	sPRINgs/gLObe	HOTeL.		                                                            Trailer Hitch installation, Sewer Services,
530-994-3773;        cOUNTRy	geNTLeMAN	bARbeR	sHOP.		                Grading, Trenching, Post Holes, Welding
                                              530-993-4511                                    Services. Contractors Connection Center-
cROssROAds	feed	&	RANcH	sUPPLy.	                                                              Free referrals to homeowners, Work
Hwy 49 & 89. 530-994-3124                     eAsTeRN	PLUMAs	HeALTH	cARe.		                   Force Connection-Qualified temporary
                                              530-993-1225                                    construction help, Pilot car service.
LOs	dOs	HeRMANOs.     Hwy 89 & 49.                                                            530-832-5462
530-994-1058                                  gOLdeN	wesT	sALOON.      Open all year.
                                              530-993-4467                                    3PLUMAs-sIeRRA	RURAL	eLecTRIc	
Red	PONy.   101 Main St. 530-994-3262                                                         cOOPeRATIVe .     73233 State Hwy 70, Portola.
                                              HAIR	fAIRe.	530-993-4678                        Plumas-Sierra REC & it’s subsidiaries
THe	ROUNd-UP	cAfe.    Hwy 49 & 89.                                                            provide Electricity, Internet, Television and
530-994-3704                                  HAPPy	HeART	qUILTs	&	cOLLecTIbLes.              Cellular phone services with a high level
                                              530-993-4299                                    of reliability for fair and reasonable costs.
sId’s	PLAce.	Hwy   89. 530-994-3339                                                           Office hours are Monday–Friday 8 AM–5
                                              LeONARd’s	LOyALTON	MARkeT.                      PM. 530-832-4261;
3ALLIANce	fOR	wORkfORce	                      LOyALTON	MObILe	esTATes.	530-993-4001
                    First St.
deVeLOPMeNT,	INc.	306
530-993-4295;              LOyALTON	PHARMAcy	ANd	fLOweR	sHOP.
3eAsT	sIeRRA	VALLey	cHAMbeR	Of	
cOMMeRce .  A fun and resourceful             LOyALTON	sOcIAL	HALL	ReNTAL.
organization here to help you achieve your    530-993-6750
business goals. Join us in networking and
improving our community. 530-993-4337;        RHONdA’s	LIL	fROsTy.   530-993-0206

                                                                        3MeMber OF SIerra COuNTY ChaMber OF COMMerCe                           21
                                                WHAT DO YOU THINK?
     The Sierra County Chamber of Commerce is redesigning its web site. The new, improved site will feature more current
     and detailed information on playing and visiting the county, living here and moving here. We will also revamp this
     Visitor’s Guide next season. In order to make the web site and updated Visitor’s Guide the very best it can be, we
     really want to hear from you. We welcome your thoughts on all things Sierra County:

            » Why do you come to Sierra County to visit?
            » What do you do when you are here?
            » If you live here, tell us why you moved here
            » What do you love about this place?
            » What do you not like?
            » What do you wish there was here that you can’t find?
            » What could you not do without?

     Please send us an email to share your thoughts and ideas: or write us a note and mail it to:
     Sierra County Chamber of Commerce, Attn: Ideas, P.O. Box 436, Sierra City, CA 96125

                                                        ONLINE RESOURCES
     Just a few of the many websites with information about Sierra County. When you can’t be here in person,
     explore Sierra County online and visit virtually with Google Earth.
     Chamber of Commerce:                                       Historical & Geneaology:
     Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce:    
     Sierra County Government:                         
     Sierra Arts Council:                      
     Tahoe National Forest:                         
     Road conditions:                        
     Sierra County School district:               
     Kentucky Mine:                                   

     Outdoor Recreation:                                                   

     Maps, trails:
                                                                                     Mining & Minerals:
     Pacific Crest Trail Hwy 80 to 49:
     Pacific Crest Trail Hwy 49 to 70:
     Search for Sierra County Trails:                       
     Local trail stewardship:                         
     OHV recreation:        

     Miscellaneous:                                                                  Online News:
     Fire News:                                       
     SF State Field Campus:                           
     Sierra City:
     Goodyears Bar:
     Plumas-Sierra County Fair:

22                                          Please add http:// before these URLs in the browser address bar
                        SIERRA COUNTY NEIGHBORS
Sierra County is neighbors with Nevada, Yuba, Lassen       Lassen County: Touching Sierra County’s north-
and Plumas Counties.                                       eastern border, this County is where you can find
                                                           the Lassen Volcanic National Park which is well
Nevada County: Sharing the middle Yuba River               worth a visit. You’ll experience magnificent beauty
all along the southern border of Sierra County, this       and wilderness in probably one of the least visited
County is home to Nevada City, south-west of Sierra        National Parks in the country.
County, a town that has greatly preserved their
Victorian heritage in a beautiful historical downtown.     Plumas County: Don’t let the wild nature of Sierra
Truckee is another historical Nevada County town,          County fool you, there are exceptional golf courses
located south-east of Sierra County. This great gateway    within 20 minutes of Sierra City and the Lakes Basin.
to Lake Tahoe is a good entry point off Interstate 80      North of Sierra County, Plumas County’s golf courses
into Sierra County. Lots of good food, cheese & wine       are renowned for their lush, wooded settings and
is to be had there.                                        spectacular mountain backdrops. There are several
                                                           located in and around Graeagle. The railroad museum
Yuba County: Due west of Sierra County, Yuba               in Portola is a favorite stop for visitors, as is the famous
County is home of Bullards Bar Reservoir, where you        Keddie Wye. Sierra and Plumas Counties share the
can enjoy houseboating, camping, boating, and all          Sierra Valley, both physically and historically, and
other imaginable water sports.                             this is the headwaters of the Feather River.

                               Sierra County Geology
                                                by Eric Chase, CHG

The geology of Sierra County, studied     injections of molten fluids bearing            the county. West of Highway 89 in
by scientists for over 150 years, is      gold, silver and other valuable                the center of the county the mighty
every bit as diverse as it’s human,       minerals from deep beneath the                 granitic rocks of the Sierra Nevada
wildlife, and plant communities.          surface, intrusions that have shaped           batholith, the largest of its kind in
                                          the cultural landscape of our county,          the world, reach the surface. These
In the western parts of Sierra County     giving birth to mining.                        same rocks underlie most of the
rocks that are hundreds of millions                                                      eastern half of the county, but are
of years old reflect times of shallow                                                    covered by the more ancient rocks
seas and volcanoes that coughed up                                                       they rose up into almost 150 million
molten rock and fire. They carry                                                         years ago, when dinosaurs reigned
colorful names like the shoo f ly                                                        supreme. And sprinkled over the
complex, and have been subjected                                                         top of these ancient terranes are the
to stupendous forces in the past that                                                    scoured remnants of glaciers long
have folded, crushed, dislocated and                                                     since melted away, and the muds
even melted them time and time                                                           and sands that settled in the bottom
again until the landscape is now                                     Photo by rae Bell   of a gigantic lake over ten thousand
wondrously complex. Many rocks                                                           years old, in what is now known
in Sierra County have lived such          To the east lie less ancient rocks             as Sierra Valley. In the geologic
tortured lives that even today their      that are also rich in value, including         record of Sierra County there is truly
ages are unknown to science. These        limestone and volcanic basalt which            something for everyone!
ancient rocks are the hosts to later      are important economic assets to

CamPinG & PiCniCkinG
     hIGhWaY 49

                                                               cAMPINg	&	PIcNIckINg	AReAs
                                                               1	    carlton	flat        8	    Indian	Rock
                                                               2	    cal-Ida             9	    Union	flat
                                                               3	    fiddle	creek        10	   Loganville
                                                               4	    Indian	Valley       11	   wild	Plum
                                                               5	    Rocky	Rest          12	   sierra
                                                               6	    convict	flat        13	   chapman	creek
                                                               7	    Ramshorn            14	   yuba	Pass

     SIerra buTTeS & GOLD LaKe hIGhWaY                         15	   snag	Lake	campground
                                                               16	   Packer	Lake	Picnic	ground
                                                               17	   diablo	camping	Area
                                                               18	   Packsaddle	camping	Area
                                                               19	   berger	campground
                                                               20	   sand	Pond	Picnic	ground
                                                               21	   salmon	creek	campground
                                                               22	   sardine	campground

                                                 hIGhWaY 89

                                                               23		cold	creek	campground									
                                                               24		cottonwood	campground
                                                               25		bear	Valley	campground
                                                               26		Upper	Little	Truckee	campground
                                                               27		Lower	Little	Truckee	campground
                                                               28		sagehen	campground

            MAke	cAMPgROUNd	ReseRVATIONs	AT	www.RecReATION.gOV	OR	1-877-444-6777.		
24                               ReseRVATIONs	ARe	MANdATORy.
                                                                           sierra County loDGinG reFerenCe GuiDe
                                                                                                                                                                          1-800-200-4949 or

L=	LOdge	                                                                                       VH	=	VAcATION	HOMe		

                                                                                                                                                                                           cce n
                                                                                                                                                                                    p	A easo

R=	ResORT	                                                                                      c	=	cAbIN


                                                                                                                                                                                              lit y

                                                                                                                                                                                   nt a a

H	=	HOTeL/INN                                                                                   RV	=	RecReATIONAL	VeHIcLe	

                                                                                                                                                       / Ro



                                                                                                                                                                                       i n	
                                                                                                                                                                                    l 	y
                                                                                                                                                                                   i n	

                                                                                                                                                                     b o / Re c
M	=	MOTeL                                                                                       Tc	=	TeNT	cAbINs	

                                                                                                                                                                                  y	f

                                                                                                                                                                     Ha tay	
                                                                                                                                                      it s

                                                                                                                                                                     Ph l a c e


                                                                                                                                                                              it	c

                                                                                                                                                                               ic a

                                                                                                                                                                              e s	


bb	=	bed	&	bReAkfAsT		

                                                                                                                                                 f	U


                                                                                                                                                                          a t	



                                                                                                                                                                         n .	
                                                                                                                                                                         t s	


                                                                                                                                             # 	o

                                                                                                                                                        k it

                                                                                                                                                                     Pi c

                                                                                                                                                                     fi r




                                                                                                            800-296-2289 /
                Indian Valley, Goodyears Bar Downieville

                                                                        The Carriage house Inn              530-289-3573
                                                                                                                                   H             8          a    a    a               a           a           a           Downieville

                                                                        Downieville Creekside Cottage       530-289-3570           C            1           a                                                             Downieville
                                                                        Downieville retreat                 530-289-2780          VH            1           a                     a   a           a               a       Downieville

                                                                        Downieville river Inn & resort      800-696-3308 /
                                                                                                            530-289-3308          r/C           15          a    a    a   a           a           a       a   a   a       Downieville

                                                                        Indian Valley Outpost               530-289-3630           C            2           a    a    a                   a   a   a                   a   Indian Valley
                                                                                                            800-671-4084 /
                                                                        The Lure resort                     530-289-3465           r            19          a         a   a           a           a           a   a   a   E. of Downieville

                                                                        “r” Place                           530-289-3188           rV           3                                     a                                   Goodyears Bar
                                                                                                            800-296-2289 /
                                                                        river house                         530-289-3573          VH            3           a         a           a   a           a           a           Downieville
                                                                                                            888-883-5100 /
                                                                        riverside Inn                       530-289-1000           H            11          a    a    a   a           a           a           a           Downieville

                                                                        Sierra Shangri-La                   530-289-3455          C/BB          11          a             a           a           a           a           E.of Downieville
                                                                        Sierra Streamside Cabins            530-289-3379          C/rV          6/6         a         a   a                       a                       E. of Downieville
                                                                        Two rivers rental                   530-289-2748          VH            3           a                                                 a           Downieville
                                                                                                            800-296-2289 /
                                                                        Willoughby’s on the river           530-289-3573          VH            3           a    a            a   a   a           a           a   a       Downieville
                Loganville, Sierra City

                                                                        alibi Vacation rental               530-888-6385           VH           2           a    a            a   a   a                           a       sierra City
                                                                        The buckhorn upstairs               530-862-1171           H            1           a    a    a       a   a   a   a   a   a           a           sierra City
                                                                                                            800-991-1170 /
                                                                        buttes resort                       530-862-1170           r            11          a    a        a   a       a           a           a   a       sierra City
                                                                                                            800-682-9848 /
                                                                        herrington’s Sierra Pines           530-862-1151           r            21          a    a    a                   a   a   a           a           sierra City

                                                                        Kokanee Cabins                      530-862-1287           C            5           a         a                           a                       loganville
                                                                        O’Gara Vacation rental              530-862-1018          VH            7           a             a   a   a               a               a       sierra City
                                                                        Old Sierra City hotel               530-862-1300           H            5                     a   a               a   a               a   a       sierra City
                                                                        Sierra Skies rV Park                530-862-1166           rV           29                    a           a               a           a       a   sierra City
                                                                        Sierra Solitude                     510-222-4138          VH            3           a    a                a               a                       sierra City
                                                                        Yuba river Inn                      530-862-1122           C            10          a         a               a           a               a       sierra City
                Loyalton, Sierraville, Calpine Bassets, Various Lakes

                                                                        bassetts Station                    530-862-1297           m            3           a    a    a               a   a       a           a       a   Bassetts
                                                                        Gold Lake Lodge                     530-836-2350          l/C           10                                a       a   a   a           a           Lakes Basin
                                                                                                            800-862-1530 /                                                                                                Bassetts
                                                                        high County Inn bed & breakfast     530-862-1530          BB            4                         a                                   a   a

                                                                        Packer Lake Lodge                   530-862-1221           l            14                                        a   a       a                   Lakes Basin
                                                                        Salmon Lake Lodge                   530-852-0874          tC            14          a         a   a                       a   a           a       Lakes Basin
                                                                        Sardine Lake resort                 530-862-1196          r/C           9           a         a                   a   a       a       a           Lakes Basin

                                                                        Canyon ranch resort                 530-994-1033           C            7           a         a               a           a           a

                                                                        Country Cookin’ & Country Inn       530-993-1162          BB            3                                     a   a                               loyalton
                                                                        Golden West Saloon rstr & Motel     530-993-4467           m            14                                    a   a   a                           Loyalton
                                                                        Maddalena ranch house               530-994-3554                                    a             a                       a           a           sierraville
                                                                        Sierra hot Springs & Globe hotel    530-994-3773          BB            19                                    a   a       a       a   a       a   Sierraville
                                                                        Sierra Valley Lodge                 707-637-6027           m            12                    a               a   a   a               a           Calpine
                                                                        Sierraville Motel                   530-994-3751          rV/m          6                a    a       a   a   a           a           a           Sierraville









                                                                                                                                                                                            nt a


                                                                                                                                                      c he

                                                                                                                                                                                         t s	O



                                                                                                                                                                                        	c a
                                                                                                                                                                                        c	A

                                                                                                                                                                                       fa c


                                                                                                                                                     k it


                                                                                                                                                                                    p	A
                                                                                                                                         s /R

                                                                                                                                                                                    in	r


                                                                                                                                                                                   a t	
                                                                                                                                                                                  / Re

                                                                                                                                                                                   fi r

                                                                                                                                                                                  r y	


                                                                                                                                                                                y	in


                                                                                                                                                                               ic a



                                                                                                                                                                           st a
                                                                                                                                     f	U



                                                                                                                                                                        L au

                                                                                                                                                                        Pi c

                                                                                                                                   #	o

sierra County trail GuiDe

                                                                                          .	tr


                                                                                                          	s k

                                                                                        	r d

                                                                                                                                   d	t

                                                                                                      tr y










                                                                                                  x- c




                            Henness	Pass	Road                      4900          varies
       rIVer CaNYON rIDGe

                                                                                                     a             a                                              a    a    a         a

                            Lafayette	Ridge	bike	Trail             5700          30 mi                                                       a      a                                 a

                            Lafayette	Ridge	OHV	Trail                            5 mi                                                                             a    a    a

                            brandy	city	Pond	Trail                3600          2 mi                                                         a     a      a            a

                            chimney	Rock	Trail                    6800          8 mi                                                         a     a      a                 a

                            devil’s	Postpile	Trail                6000          0.2 mi                                                       a                         a

                            empire	creek	Trail                    6800          5 mi                                                         a     a      a                           a

                            fiddle	creek	Ridge	Trail              4000          8 mi                                                         a     a      a       a         a         a

                            first	divide                          3400          4 mi                                                         a     a              a         a

                            Halls	Ranch	Trail                     4400          11 mi                                                        a     a      a                           a

                            Lavezzola	creek                       5400          7 mi                                                         a     a      a       a         a         a

                            North	yuba	Trail                      3000          15 mi                                                        a     a      a                 a

                            Poker	flat	OHV	Trail                                6 mi                                                                              a                   a

                            Red	Oak	canyon	OHV	Trail                            10 mi                                                                             a    a    a         a

                            second	and	Third	divide	Trails        4400          7 mi                                                         a     a      a       a         a         a

                            Haypress	creek	Trail                  5800          6 mi                                                        a             a                 a
  Yuba SIerra
   PaSS buTTeS

                            PcT	North	to	Loves	falls              5000          4 mi                                                        a             a                 a

                            PcT/wild	Plum	Loop	Trail              4800          2.5 mi                                                      a             a            a

                            sierra	buttes	Lookout	via	PcT         8600          5 mi                                                        a             a                           a

                            chapman	creek	Trail                   6400          3 mi                                                         a     a      a            a

                            Haskell	Peak	Trail                    8100          3 mi                                                         a     a      a                 a

                            Lunch	creek	—		yuba	Pass	ski	Trail    6700          9 mi                 a                                                                 a    a         a

                            yuba	Pass	area                        6700          100 mi               a             a           a                                       a    a         a

                            big	boulder                           6200          3 mi                                                         a     a      a       a                   a
       LaSKeS baSIN

                            butcher	Ranch	Trail                   4300          8 mi                                                         a     a      a       a                   a

                            deer	Lake	OHV	Trail                                 6 mi                                                                              a                   a

                            deer	Lake	Trail                       7100          5 mi                                                         a            a                           a

                            gold	Lake	Road                                      17 mi                a             a           a                                       a    a         a

                            gold	Valley	OHV	Trails                              15.6 mi                                                                           a                   a

                            Lakes	basin	Ridge	Trail               6800          24 mi                                                        a            a                 a

                            Packer	Lake	Trail                     6400          11 mi                              a           a                                                      a

                            Pauley	creek	Trail                    4400          7 mi                                                         a     a      a       a                   a

                            sand	Pond	Interpretive	Trail          6000          0.8 mi                                                       a                         a

                            sardine	Lakes	Overlook                7100          6.4 mi                                                       a            a                           a

                            buttes	Lookout	via	Tamarack	Lakes     8600          7 mi                                                         a            a                           a

                            summit	Lake	OHV	Trails                              5 mi                                                                              a                   a

                            Tamarack	Lakes	Trail                  7000          8.4 mi                                                       a     a      a                           a

                            Upper	salmon	Lake	Trail               7100          4 mi                                                         a            a            a

                            Upper	sardine	Lake                    6000          7 mi                 a             a           a                                       a    a         a

                            badenaugh	Trail                       8800           4 mi                                                        a      a     a                           a
       SIerra VaLLeY

                            bald	Ridge	Loop                       6400           18 mi               a             a

                            bear	Valley	Loop	OHV	Trail            6600           18 mi                                                                            a                   a

                            cottonwood	creek	botanical	Trail      5800           0.5 mi                                                      a                         a

                            Little	Truckee	summit	OHV	Trails                     90 mi                                                                            a    a    a         a

                            Little	Truckee	summit	winter	Trails                  110 mi              a             a           a                                  a    a    a

                            Mt.	Lola	Trail                        9200           19 mi                                                       a      a     a       a

                            Overlook	Trail                        6100           1 mi                                                        a                         a    a

                            Pass	creek	Loop                       6800           12 mi               a             a           a

                            Treasure	Mountain	Loop                7800           25 mi               a             a           a

                            wheeler	Loop                          6400           5 mi                a                                                                 a

 32                         william	creek/gold	Lake	Trail                        17 mi               a             a           a                                  a                   a

                            woodcamp	creek	Interpretive	Trail     6200           1 mi                              a           a
» Forest City Walking Tour. 287-3413

» 16 to 1 Mine Tours Alleghany. 287-3233
                                                    July 3 » Old Time Independence Day
                                                    Celebration. 1–5 PM. Carnival games, sack
                                                    races, chicken bingo, fortune telling, bartender
                                                                                                        all phone numbers are 530 unless otherwise noted

                                                    races, BBQ and more! Sierra Skies Community
» USFS Campgrounds, Hiking & Winter                 Park, Sierra City. 862-1560                         Sept 24–25 » 3rd Annual Big City Rod Run
Trails. Tahoe National Forest Sierraville                                                               and Car Show 2010. Highwaymen Car Club
District: 994-3401; Downieville District:           July 3 » Hand Felted Farmers Xmas Stocking.         — NorCal. Main Street, Sierra City. 862-1088
288-3231                                            Harvey Farm, Calpine. 994-3617                      or 862-1560

» Sierra Buttes Snowbusters Snowmobile                                                                  Sept 24–25 » Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Club. 862-1000                                      July 4 » Downieville 4th of July Parade and
                                                    Festivities. Main Street, Downieville               Yuba Theatre Downieville. 289-9822

» Skiers and Hikers for Outdoor Enjoyment
(SHOE) is a local cross-country skiing and          July 4 » Loyalton 4th of July Parade and            OctOber 2010
hiking organization. 800-200-4949                   Festivities. Main Street, Loyalton                  Oct 2 » Fall Colors Quilt Retreat. Community
                                                                                                        Hall, Downieville
» Artist Reception at Sierra City Fine Arts
                                                    July 9–11 » Downieville Classic Bike Race.
Gallery. Fourth Saturday 4–7 PM. Refreshments
                                                    Cross country and downhill race, music & street     Oct 9 » Oktoberfest. Street fair, music, vendors,
provided. 231 Main St., Sierra City. 862-0607
                                                    faire. Downieville. 289-3010                        raffle. 10 AM–4 PM. Downtown Sierra City.
» Kentucky Mine Concert Series. Kentucky                                                                862-9009
Mine Ampitheatre Sierra City, 862-1300;             July 17 » Kentucky Mine Concert Series:
                                                    “Swing Fever” Kentucky Mine Amphitheatre,           Oct 30 » The Ugly Bug Ball. Costume party,
» Movie Night at the Yuba Theatre                   Sierra City. 862-1300                               band, no host bar. 7 PM. Community Hall, Sierra
Downieville. 289-9822                                                                                   City. 862-1580
                                                    July 17 » Kids’ Fishing Day at Packer Lake
May 2010                                                                                                nOveMber 2010
Authors/Poets and Artists. Alleghany.               July 24 » Kentucky Mine Concert Series:             Nov 13 » Holiday Bazaar. 10 AM–3 PM
287-3287                                            “Mumbo Gumbo” Kentucky Mine Amphitheatre            Community Hall. Sierra City. 862-1580
                                                    Sierra City. 862-1300

May 1 » Springtime Ladies Champagne                                                                     Nov 13 » E.C.V. Candlelight.
Luncheon. Celebrate Mother’s Day. Sierra City.      July 31 » Kentucky Mine Concert Series:
862-1580                                            “Stardust Cowboys” Kentucky Mine
                                                    Amphitheatre Sierra City, 862-1300                  Nov 14 » Fishing Season closes.

May 7 » Sierra County Candidates Night at
                                                    Sheriff’s Tennis Match. Downieville                 Nov 25 » Miss Jody Thanksgiving Dinner.
the Yuba Theatre, Downieville

May 8 » Third Annual Cancer Awareness               august 2010
Walk. Info: 289-3438, Downieville                                                                       DeceMber 2010
                                                    Aug 7 » Wine in the Woods. Wine Tasting,
                                                    hors d’oeuvres and silent auction at Mountain       Dec 4 » Holiday on Main Street, Downieville
May 21 & 22 » Downieville High School Play          Creek Restaurant, Sierra City. Tickets pre-sale
Paint Your Wagon. 289-3473                          and at the door. 862-9009 or 862-1560               Dec 4 » Holiday Faire. Loyalton

May 29–30 » All Around Town Sale. 9 AM–             Aug 7 » Kentucky Mine Concert Series: “Joani        February 2011
4 PM. Main Street & surrounding area, Sierra        Morris: Tribute to Patsy Cline” Kentucky Mine
                                                                                                        Cabin Fever Spaghetti Feed, 3rd Saturday in
City. 862-1300                                      Amphitheatre Sierra City. 862-1300
                                                                                                        February. Community Hall, Downieville

Memorial Day Weekend » Kentucky Mine                Aug 14 » Gold Rush Days, Downieville
Museum opens. Sierra City. 862-1310                                                                     March 2011
                                                    Aug 14 » Indigo Dyeing, Harvey Farms,               The Chili Cook-off, Atop the Yuba Pass.
                                                    Calpine. 994-3617                                   289-3262
June 2010
Fishing Derby. Downieville. 289-3379                                                                    Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner. Community
                                                    Aug 28 » E.C.V. Summer Doin’s. Main Street,
                                                    Downieville                                         Hall, Sierra City. 862-1580
June 5 » Hand Felted Farmers Market Bag,
Harvey Farms, Calpine. 994-3617                                                                         Snowbusters Spaghetti Feed. Community Hall,
                                                    septeMber 2010                                      Sierra City. 862-1577
June 12 » Tour de Manure, 62 Mile Valley            Sept 4–6 » Septemberfest, Donkey Race and
Bicycle race. Sierraville. 994-3344                 festivities, Downieville
                                                                                                        april 2011
                                                    Sept 4–6 » Giant Rummage Sale. Downieville          Easter Egg Hunt. Downieville.
June 19 » Kentucky Mine Concert Series:
“Bourgeois Gypsies” Kentucky Mine
Amphitheatre, Sierra City. 862-1300                 Sept 11 » Downieville Antique Bottles               Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.
                                                    & Collectibles Show. 8 AM–3 PM. This                Yuba Theatre Downieville. 289-9822
                                                    year’s theme is “Western Bottles Round-up
July 2010
                                                    ”Downieville School Gym. Rick & Cherry              April 23 » Fishing Season opens.
July 3 » Fireman’s Muster, BBQ and Street           Simi, 289-3659
Dance. Downieville. 289-3126

                For information on any event or club or specific dates, call the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-200-4949.
Sierra County Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 436
Sierra City, CA 96125
July 14th – Aug. 1st, 2010 at CAL EXPO in Sacramento
Look for our Sierra County Display. Be sure and stop by to vote
Sierra County as your favorite county exhibit!
Your vote helps us earn points to win an award and potentially
$$ for the County.

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