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					                    CLASSEN NEWS
                       SCHOOL STARTS ON
                     THURSDAY AUGUST 19TH
AUGUST 15TH, 2010
                    THURSDAY, AUGUST 19TH IS A "B" DAY
                    FRIDAY, AUGUST 20TH IS AN "A" DAY
Upcoming Important Dates:
Monday, August 16th 730 am &
                                       Yes, School starts on
11 Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
and Lunch

Tuesday, August 17th 8 am-1 pm
                                      Thursday, August 19th!!
Camp Comet (6th grade/New
Student Orientation)                          Really.
Thursday, August 19th     School
Starts!                                               CHECK THE WALL!!
 7:35am- 2:10 pm
                                               (A time honored, Crazy Classen SAS tradition)
Tuesday,, August 31st
Open House                          Note from the Counselor Office:
6-12 grades
5:30-8:30                           Remember, all issued schedules are JUST TEMPORARY.
Monday, September 6th
                                    CHECK THE WALL in the main hall on the first day of school
Labor Day, No School                (Thursday) to double check where your first class is.
                                    All schedules will be posted on the main hall of each floor.
Friday, Septembe r 24th
Parent-Teacher Conference, No
                                    Your permanent schedule will be issued during your first class (1B).
                                    If you need to change your schedule, pick up a schedule change
October 21st & 22nd
Fall Break, No School
                                    request form in the counselors office on Thursday August 19th or
                                    Friday August 20th. Turn them in by Wednesday, August 25th.
Novembe r 24th-26th                 Schedules will be finalized by Friday August 27th
Thanksgiving Break, No School

Friday, Decembe r 17th              If your schedule says office assistant, report to the counselors office
Last Day of School                  during that hour. You classes will be changed then. No schedules
Dec 20th-Jan 3rd
                                    will be changed just because you don't like one class or one teacher.
Winter Break, No School             Classes will be changed if you major (IB/VPA) classes are not
Tuesday, January 4th
Classes Resume
Monday, January 17th
                                       6th Grade Information
Martin Luther King Day, No School         Camp Comet will be on Tuesday, August 17th. 8 am in the
Friday, February 4th
Parent Teacher Conference, No             Parking at Classen is always tricky-you will need to park off
School                                     campus, probably on neighboring streets-be sure to follow the
                                           local parking rule signs. Then get your "Classen Cardio
Monday, February 21st
Professional Development Day, No           Training" as you hike to the auditorium!!
School                                    Students will get their class schedule and a student packet.
Marc h 14th-18th
                                          Parents will get an information packet.
Spring Break, No School                   You can join the PTSA, and buy Classen merchandise.
                                          You can pick up the supplies you pre-ordered.
Tuesday, May 24th
Last Day of School                         (Don't worry, there are extras available for $65! )
                                          During the orientation Classen administration and the 6th
Check out the                              grade teachers will present important information. Parents
Classen SAS website!!                      and students will be able to ask question until 9 am when                     students will be sorted into mentoring groups and start their
/pages/ClassenSAS                          orientation. Pick up your student at 1 pm.
                                          Parents are welcomed to stay for an informal question and
The Classen News is a totally              answer session after 9 am.
volunteer email newsletter effort         Bring your checkbook! PTSA dues are $5, T-shirt are $15
produced by the Classen PTSA.              and hoodies are various prices. Each family that buys a PTSA
The information presented is               membership will get a free t-shirt!!
submitted by staff, students and          Students-worried about finding classes?? The building will
parents.                                   be open on Wednesday, August 18th. Why not map your
      To subscribe, unsubscribe, or       route ahead of time??
       submit information, please         Lunch advise: lunchtime for 6th graders can be VERY
       send an email to:                   CONFUSING during the first several days. Pack a lunch or             snacks in your backpack, go to the cafeteria, find a table and
      Please submit information
                                           take a breather! Just relax during lunch time. If you notice
       by Saturday 6:00 pm.                everyone leaving the cafeteria, go with them-it is time for your
                                           next class!! If you do choose to get in line, please have
      Classen News is sent out            SMALL bills (ones or a five). The lunch ladies start out with
           each Saturday/Sunday, more        very little change, and can't change many $20's.
           frequently and as needed.        It's not too late to sign up to help with outdoor school .
                                             contact Mrs. Cole at to sign up. She is
          Classen News is looking
           for help. If you are
                                             looking for parents to teach classes, lead hikes, etc.
           interested in helping with
           the production or delivery   Middle School Information
           process, please contact          Middle School core classes (Math, English, History) will be
           Dixie Hendrix at                  held in the portable temporary buildings.
           She needs your help!!
                                            Due to construction there will be no lockers issued for middle
                                             school students. Core classes will have classroom sets of
Want To join a discussion                    books, so students do not have to carry those books to school.
group all about Classen                      You will only need to carry books for your elective classes.
                                            Most of middle school will have first lunch. However there are
Do you have questions                        always exceptions to that rule. If your 3rd class block is a
that the Classen News just
                                             high school level class you will have second lunch. Check your
can't answer??
                                             3rd class period classroom before going on to first lunch-if it
Then you need to join the                    is empty, you have first lunch. If there are students and a
Classen parents Yahoo                        teacher, you will have second lunch.
Go to:
                                        Get A Great DEAL on School Supplies!
 group/classenparents/                  It is not too late to order your school supplies from BPA (Business
                                        Professionals of America).
                                        We have had great response for the School Supplies Deal for incoming
                                        6th graders, and we have a few packages available for other Classen
            Classen SAS                 students.
           Daily Schedule               The cost of the package is $65 and will include some really fun Classen
 7:10 am      Building Opens            SAS surprises! The package contains over $90 worth of supplies
 7:35 am      First Bell Rings          (basic supplies that will fit almost any class requirement for any grade
7:40 am       Late Bell &                     at Classen).
7:40-9:05     1st Class Block
9:10-10:35    2nd Class Block                 Supplies will be ready for pick up on Tuesday, August 17th, at Camp
10:40-11:10   1st Lunch                       Comet. See Ms. Petty in room B101 to prepay or Tuesday by the
               (Middle S chool)*              Auditorium while supplies last.
10:40-12:05    3rd Class Block
                (for have 2nd lunch)
11:15-12:40    3rd Class Block

              (for 1st lunch)
                2nd Lunch
                                              Note From our Principal:
                (High S chool)**
12:45-2:10     4th Class Block                Classen Parents,
2:30 pm        Campus Closes

*S ome Middle S chool students MAY have 2nd   Our staff has been working hard in preparation for
Lunch depending upon their 3rd hour class.
                                              what promises to be a great year. We are kicking off
**S ome High S chool students MAY have 1st
lunch depending upon their 3rd hour class.    the school year with a renewed determination to
             _______________                  create the most positive and challenging learning
                                              environment for our students. The MAPS
Classroom Problem??                           Renovation Project will bring new challenges
Contact your stude nt's teacher if            throughout this school year. For this reason we have
problems arise. All CSAS
teachers use email, and some
                                              created a section called Classen News on the Classen
teachers will give stude nts a                website. Our goal is to provide you with up to date
home/cell phone number-
encourage your student to call if             information on all important issues at Classen.
they need he lp.

Teache r's email's are listed on              Please check out the Classen News update on the
the Classen website.
                                              Classen website at:
If you do not hear from your
students teacher within 24          
hours, contact Valerie Harris,
Princ ipal at
                                              (Click News on the top menu.)

                                              Valerie Harris,
                                               Principal, Classen School of Advanced Studies.
CSAS PTSA Officers:                            Volunteers Still Needed!!
Chri sti Hill-Savage
President                                      Monday, August 16th
chri sti@                          Teacher Appreciation Breakfast/Lunch (7:30 & 11:00)
848-6176                                       Drop off food starting at 7:15 am at the main entrance at Classen.
                                               Students will be stationed in the front to take your food donations.
Dixie Hendrix                                  Thank you for all of your offers! We will take it all!
773-1015                                       Tuesday, August 17th
 Ann Matheny
                                               Camp Comet
 Vice-President                                7:00am to 10:00am                            The majority of volunteers needed from 7 am-8:15 am!
842-4811                                       Parents AND students welcomed to volunteer.
Sean Ting, Treasurer
                                               We need parents to great and direct new families. We also need
                                               parents to sell new Classen T-shirts and take PTSA memberships.

Sherri Chancellor
Secretary                                      Volunteers and donators, Please reply ASAP to Dixie Hendrix with
                                               the time/times you can volunteer -
          ________________                          _______________________________________
   Ongoing Fund Raisers:                       Students wishing to help with Camp Classen can still
How can you help Classen School of
                                               contact the student Camp Comet Chairman Olivia
Advanced Studie s
PTSA earn cash to help CSAS staff
                                               Wagner at
AND students???                                Camp comet volunteers-you have an important
      BOXTOPS                   Please save   meeting on Monday August 16th at 11:00. Be there!
       all of your BOXTOPS . Bring them
       to the counselors office.                  _______________________________________
     Homeland $$$ For Cla ssen
      SAS.         Take your                   Other Volunteer Needs:
      Homeland One Card or your
      Country Mart Card to any
      Homeland Store or Lawton
      Country Mart Store and have
                                                         PTSA 2010-2011 Committee Chair
      the cashier key in our ID                           & Co-Chair Positions Available
      number 63131 and scan your
      card during a transaction. After
      that every time you use that             Below are the PTSA Committees that need we still need help with .
      card our school will                     Please reply to ASAP
      automatically receive credit.
      Just be sure to use your card            1.   Fundraising
      when you shop so that our
                                               2.   External Grants/Endowment
      school gets every credit
      possible.                                3.   School Volunteers
                                               4.   Building & Grounds
     Ink Cartridge s        Bring to
      the counselors office.
                                               Come on...It is FUN to Help!!
CHECK IT OUT.......                             _____________________________________
                                               Parent/Teacher Liaison
    Yoga Practice...Anytime!!                 Help your school DIRECTLY by volunteering to be a teacher
Sign up for unlimited online yoga
classe s for $15 per month. Half of            liaison.
your monthly fee goes directly to                   You pick which teacher you wish to work with.
the Classen PTSA. Then you enjoy
your own private yoga class anytime                 Get a list of needs from that teacher.
you want it from your own                           Work with the other families involved with your teacher to
computer. Take better care of
yourself, on your own schedule ,
                                                      get what your teacher needs.
and donate to the Classen PTSA at              It is very satisfying and helpful work.
the same time.                                 Interested?? Contact Christy Zelley at
Sign up at:
Just cut and paste thi s onto your
web browser, and you should                    Classen
automatically be welcomed as a
potential benefactor to Cla ssen               Communication
SAS. Sign up for the monthly
  servi ce, and half the monthly $15 fee
  goes directly to Classen S AS PTSA.

  This fundrai ser was invented by a
  PTA pre sident/yoga instructor from      Please consider volunteering for this important facet of
  Arizona, who wanted to help              Classen life. PTSA Parent volunteers put together and send
  parents. students and teachers de-       the Classen News each week. We also help solve
  stre ss from their busy days             communication issues facing staff, parent and students
  according to their own schedule.
                                           alike. Dixie Hendrix, the Classen News editor, is on the
  Classen families and staff are the       lookout for her replacement-She is PTSA president-elect,
  busiest people in Oklahoma-so            and needs help saying "no".
  enjoy a little relaxation on your own
  schedule. As many times a month
  as you want, whenever you please!!       Contact Dixie Hendrix at to
                                           volunteer. Even if you don't know what you can do, contact
Universal Breakfast!!                      me and come to our first meeting (Thursday September 2nd
                                           at 7pm at Dixie's house.)
Did you know that breakfast
is served every morning at                 If you talked to Dixie at schedule pickup about this
Classen SAS, and it is FREE.               committee,, please email me! If you can't make the
                                           meeting but would like to help...Please contact her!
FREE to all students. EVERY
morning.                                   Thank you
                                           Dixie Hendrix, Classen News (
OKCPS offers this universal                    ___________________________________________
breakfast program to all
students, regardless of their
status (Paid, reduced of Free)                             Juniors & Seniors
Why?? Because studies show..               Time to sign up for the ACT & SAT! Oh Boy!!
     Eating breakfast can he lp
                                           You can:
      inc rease math, reading,                 Go online to register OR...
      and standardize d test                   Go to the counselors office to get registration packets!
      scores.                                  Meet NEW 12th Grade Counselor Robin Lindsey
     Eating breakfast can                      ( She brings 26 years of experience in
      decrease discipline
                                                the district.
     Eating breakfast can
      reduce the tende ncy to              You will need to register 3 weeks before the test to avoid
      miss class or be tardy.              late fees. ACT costs (aprox.): $48. SAT costs $47:
      Eating breakfast can          Now is the time!!
       decrease the numbe r of
       visits to the school nurse.
      Eating breakfast daily help
                                     ACT online registration at:
       shape healthy eating          ACT test date:
       habits and jumpstarts the               9-11-10
       student's metabolism.                   10-23-10
      Breakfast eaters are less               12-11-10
       likely to be ove rweight.
      Not all OKC PS students are
       able to eat at home.                    3-9-11
And because our kids                 ACT prep course at OU: on Saturdays before the national
DESERVE IT!!                         ACT's 9-4 at OU Outreach, $80. Call 325-6897.
Breakfast is served every
morning at 7:10 am                   SAT online registration at:
_______________                      SAT test dates:
Cute New Classen SAS                           1-22-11
T-shirts/Hoodies                               5-7-11
T-shirts are $15                               6-4-11
Hoodies $25
Get yours at Camp Comet on
Tuesday August 17th                              Seniors
8-11 am                                 Take the ACT and SAT as SOON AS POSSIBLE
                                        College visits-We have scheduled several colleges to
                                         com and speak with YOU. Visits are scheduled during
                                         class time-you have to sign up before hand and get a
                                         pass to attend the meeting.
                                        College visit sign up is in the counselors office.
                                        Complete a "college visit pass" for each college you
                                         plan to visit with, and have a counselor/secretary sign
                                         it for you. Present the pass to your teacher to get out
                                         of class for the visit- this will be your "hall pass"
   Scheduled visits:
    -Sept 9 Sweet Fire Briar 10 am
    -Sept 10th Boston College 10 am
    -Sept 13 Depew University 10 am
    -Sept 15th University of Chicago 11:30 am
    -Sept 28th New Your University TBA
    -Nov 3rd Washington University (St. Louis) 8:30 am
   Stay on top of the scholarships and admissions for
    your colleges. Time goes by very fast your senior year.
    I would love to see each and every one of you receive
    a scholarship!! -Robin Lindsey-

Please be a part of the Graduation Committee. OKCPS has
DREASTICALLY cut down funding for our graduation. We
need serious help in fund raising and planning for
graduation NOW. If we start now and work together,
graduation this year will be incredible!!

Please contact Sr. Class sponsor Jennifer Robinson
( to help. May is not as far away as
you think!

                  Sports News
  (***Get your Physical Form Off the Classen Website!!*** )

High School Volleyball
Practices and scrimmages are in full swing. Contact Coach
Christy Brown ( ) for more information.
Middle School Volleyball 6th-8th
      It's August!! and school is just around the corner. This means
       it's time to start the MS Volleyball Season!! We will have our
       team meeting Monday, August 23 at 2:20. Practice will start on
       Weds and Thurs with the possibility of try-outs. Times for
       practice are to be announced due to working with the high
       school teams. Our first game is August 31st so let's gear up.
       Again you will need a new physical for this school year. Let me
       know if you need another form. See you at the team meeting,
       Coach Read Questions?? Contact Coach Read at:

High School Cross Country Team
    Training for Cross country is ongoing this summer. Forgot to
     sign up?? Contact Coach David Martinez at:

What sports are available at Classen SAS??
      -Cross Country (High School)
      -Basketball (High School & Middle School)
      -Volleyball (High School & Middle School)
      -Baseball (High School & Middle School)
      -Soccer (High School & Middle School)
      -Softball (Middle School)
      -Tennis (High School)
      -Football (High School-co-op with Grant)
      -Track (co-op with Grant)
                         Trip Information
      Dr. Warner and Mrs. B armann along wi th Educati on First Tours are taking a Theatre
       Tour of London in June 2011. Interested parents or students email
       Open to all grades –great rates!!

      Juniors in IB French V plan to travel to our partner school, the Lycée Robert
       de Luzarches in Amiens, France, for two weeks in March, 2011. The students
       will be housed in local families, attend classe s with their hosts, and vi sit the
       historic WWI battlefields in the Somme region, as well as si tes of the WWII
       Allied invasion in Normandy. Tha nks! Jennife r Robinson

Teachers...have any trips planned for next school year and want to advertise?
Send the information to Classen News at I want to
start a "trip area" in the ne wsletter that is a permanent feature. Parents would
be really interested in seeing all the travel opportunities open for their kids!
Thank you for reading to the end of the Newsletter!!
Please respond to this quiz-I am collecting information! (-Dixie-)

Classen News Quiz...
1. Too much or not enough information in Classen News??
2. Classen News is or isn't helpful to you? (Please elaborate).
3. What else would you like to see in Classen News?
4. What doesn't need to be in the Classen News?

Thank you for responding-I will use this information to help Classen News get
better!! -Dixie-
       To subscribe, unsubscribe, or subm it information, please send an email to:

                    Please submit information by Saturday 6:00 pm.

                Classen News is sent out Saturday/Sunday and as needed.

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