Ink-O-Matic Refill Supplies

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					     Ink-O-Matic Refill Supplies
     We offer a comprehensive product line to support your inkjet cartridge refilling service. In addition to our
     Ink-O-Matic Inkjet Refill System and Cartridge Tester, we have a Centrifuge and Sonicator specifically
     designed for inkjet cartridges.

     The Ink-O-Matic Centrifuge quickly drains two inkjet cartridges at a time. We recommend it for use with
     the Ink-O-Matic Inkjet Refill System. It significantly reduces the process time for refilling inkjet cartridges.
     The Ink-O-Matic Centrifuge is compatible with all cartridge types and is a great way to ensure that all ink
     is completely drained from the cartridge before refilling.

                                     Drains ink completely in 70 seconds
                                     Compatible with all cartridge types
                                     Easy disposal of waste ink
                                     Safety lock prevents cover from opening during operation.
                                     Weight: 35 lbs
                                     Spins cartridges at 3,000 RPM
                                     Dimensions (L x W x H): 15” x 17” x 10”

     Ultrasonic Cleaner
     The Ink-O-Matic Sonicator thoroughly cleans inkjet cartridges. Unlike traditional sonic washes that
     require a lot of cleaning solution, the integrated reservoir was designed to use as little cleaning solution
     as is effective. The heated cleaning solution can be drained and supplied at the push of a button.

                                     Cleans cartridges ultrasonically using a 50 kHz frequency
                                     Cleaning solution fills from an integrated reservoir
                                     Cleaning solution is quickly heated to the optimal temperature
                                     One touch filling and draining of cleaning solution
                                     Dripless bulk cleaning solution container is easily exchanged
                                     Cleaning solution consumption is minimized due to the correctly
                                     proportioned size of the cleaning cradle
                                     Weight: 18 lbs
                                     Dimensions (L x W x H): 11” x 14” x 9”

     Refill Supplies
     We also offer a variety of inkjet cartridge refilling supplies to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for
     all their refilling needs. We offer competitive pricing on all supplies, including:

         Bulk inks                              Zipper Bags                            Lint-Free Wipers
         Tester Roll Paper                      Inkjet Cartridge Transport             Lite-Dri ® Absorbent
         Cleaning Solution Casings              Clips                                  Pig Mat ®
         Refill Stickers                        Non-Latex Rubber Gloves                And More!