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Heather Palmer
Knot Head Honcho of Sales and Marketing
Cell: 801.836.8224


JACKSONVILLE, FL- Ban the rubber band, pass on the bobby pins, give barrettes the boot and do
it all with one accessory! Knot Heads unlimits hair by creating styles from simple to sophisticated
with just a simple twist.

Knot Heads are a patent pending hair accessory made of strong yet bendable wire wrapped in the
hippest patterns and colors. These bendable hair accessories replace rubber bands, bobby pins,
barrettes and the dreaded claw! Forget having to deal with your hair tearing out as you remove
a rubber band or having an errant bobby pin jabbing into your skull. Knot Heads are reusable and
washable. Truly they are an all-in-one hair accessory.

Ideal for all hair types, Knot Heads give a comfortable and secure hold for thick to thin, curly to
straight and long or short hair. Knot Heads are adaptable to suit your busy lifestyle to work, to the
gym or a night on the town.

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Knot Heads knew they would be hot and rockin’ the hair world after actress and heiress, Paris
Hilton, received her Knot Heads in January 2008.

Along with Paris others are picking up Knot Heads too. One being Maria Valdivia, Emmy Award
winning hair stylist and hairstylist for the TV show “Dancing With The Stars”. Maria received her
requested Knot Heads and will use them in the 2008 season of “Dancing With The Stars”. The Knot
Head craze is just beginning!

Knot Heads come in two sizes. The long style package contains a style guide and one 25” long
style. The short style package contains a style guide and six 4” short styles. Knot Heads come in
an array of colors and patterns.

Knot Heads create endless possibilities, creating an endless you!

About Knot Heads LLC

Knot Heads, LLC had its official worldwide reveal on March 19, 2008. Knot Heads are a
revolutionary replacement to rubber bands, barrettes and bobby pins. Knot Heads accessories are
inspired by the latest technologies and the hottest designer trends. Knot Heads, LLC is
headquarted in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information visit


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Knot Head Definition:
Knot Heads are a patent pending hair accessory. A Knot Head unlimits hair by creating styles from
sophisticated to edgy with just a simple twist. Patent pending Knot Heads are made of strong yet
bendable wire wrapped in the hippest patterns and colors. Don’t think that you’ll need pliers to get
these knots out though! Knot Heads slip out with ease and don’t damage hair. Bendable Knot
Heads replace rubber bands, bobby pins and barrettes. Ideal for all hair types, Knot Heads give a
comfortable, secure hold for thick, fine, curly, straight, long or short hair.

Why does everyone gotta have a Knot Head?
 Knot Heads are easy on your hair and don’t cause breakage like rubber bands or barrettes do.
 Knot Heads allow you to control your hair more than bobby pins and without all the painful pokes!
 Knot Heads are malleable and hold so well that you only need to do your do once instead of
continually redoing that pony for a tight fit.
 Knot heads are reusable and hand washable. Twist and shout for long-lasting wear!
 Bendable Knot Heads replace headbands, barrettes, rubber bands and bobby pins becoming a
legitimate all-in-one hair accessory, saving you time and money.

Knot Heads can be used several different ways: as a hair accessory or a hair tool.
 As an accessory a Knot Head can be wrapped around hair or braided into the hair, think Jessica
Alba at the 2008 Oscars.
 To use the Knot Head as a hair tool, wrap your hair around the Knot Head to completely hide it.
 Shape and sculpt your hair into never before attempted and discovered –dos. Even Pippy Long
Stocking would spend less time in the bathroom with these!
 Wrap a long style Knot Head around your wrist instead of that hairy elastic band. (gross)
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How to get Knot Heads:
Knot Heads are currently being sold exclusively online at A purchase of a
long style or short style is $9.95 a style plus shipping and handling. Orders also come with a 12
page style guide. Orders are shipped within 5-10 business days.

Knot Head Color Wheel:

                  Red High Heels                                 Snow White

                  Back in Black                               Light Pink Cadillac

                Blonde Bombshell                                   Leopard

                Brown Eyed Girl                                 Perfectly Paisley

                 Hot Pink Floyd

Something Knotty this way comes:
Knotty Kids is due to launch Fall 2008. Finally a way to control those knotty tresses!
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Knot Head Honchos:
Scott Law, Knot Head Honcho
Scott’s favorite Knot Head use is to twist his kids knotty little tresses securely in two daddy-made
pigtails. His favorite non-hair use of a knot head is to quickly childproof a backyard gate or
safeguard electronics from little hands. Scott did his undergraduate work at Arizona State
University and he graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2006 with his Doctorate of Dental
Medicine. He is currently attending Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics. Scott’s carpe
diem philosophy makes the company an every day success. He currently resides in Jacksonville,
Florida with his four children and business partner and wife, Jessica Law.
Jessica Law, Knot Head Honcho of Administration
Jessica’s favorite Knot Head use is to hold back her long, thick hair in the easy bun. Her favorite
non-hair use for a knot head is to use the short style knot heads as ornament hangers.
Jessica did her schooling in special education from Idaho State University on a basketball
scholarship. She has had a passion in hair styling since her early teens and loves the ease
and possibilities Knot Heads brings to her own hair, her friends and kids. Jessica has quite the
knack for keeping things in administrative control, after all she holds down the fort of her home
office with four children six and under. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her four
children and business partner and husband, Scott Law.
Heather Palmer, Knot Head Honcho of Sales and Marketing
Heather’s favorite Knot Head use is the rebellious pony. Her favorite non-hair use for a Knot
Head is to use one long style Knot Head to hang a Piñata to secure a sturdy, swinging time.
Heather graduated in Communications: Public Relations from Brigham Young University. She
has worked in public relations positions in Toronto, Canada and NYC for Middleton and Gendron,
a boutique public relations agency. She has also been the PR guru for The Rock The Block
Foundation, a charity in association with The Wheelchair Foundation. She currently resides in
Pasadena, Ca with her husband.
Knot Head FAQs
Don’t get into knots over it! Read on for helpful answers to common Knot Head
Can I order a multi-colored pack of Knot Heads?
For now we are not offering a multi-color or multi-length pack of Knot Heads. If you can’t quite
decide on the color for you then we recommend you go with your favorite accent color-maybe
the one that matches your favorite clutch! We also recommend Knot Head starters to go with a
neutral hair tone color Knot Head so you can use it as a hair accessory and camouflage your hair
 with a fun Knot Head twist.
How many uses am I going to get out of this?
With proper care your Knot Head will see you through daily uses for months even wears (a whole
lot longer than those elastics, scrunchies, or plastic clip claws).
  Knot Heads come in a 4” short style and a 25” long style. For optimum use of Knot Heads, play
 around with both lengths. Long style Knot Heads can be used to create perfect pony tails, braids,
ideal headbands, easy buns, simple up-dos and much more. Short style Knot Heads can be used
as a better barrette, rubber band replacement, better bobby pin and many more.
I gave my Knot Head a try and I am not having success with them holding tight.
The key is to have the Knot Head touch itself when its wrapped. This cinches it tight against itself.
Remember: you can wrap it once, wrap it twice or twist. Just remember it has to touch in order to
hold tight.
  If I were to see a bobby pin for the first time on a bathroom counter I’d have no idea how to even
pick it up, let alone place it in my hair! With education and practice we can guarantee that you’ll
soon be an old hand at these brilliant and happy hair accessories. Every hair trick, easy or detailed
takes education and multiple uses to create hairstyles with ease and consistency. Knot Head
advice: just keep your Knot Heads in your hands, keep after it and you’ll have great success with it,
we promise!                                                                                   page 1
My hair is very thin, fine or brittle and hair accessories slip right out, are Knot Heads for
Knot Heads are ideal for all hair types. The brilliant thing about Knot Heads is that each Knot Head
caters exactly to you! Knot Heads are malleable to form to secure anyone’s hair type.

Knot Heads have bendable wire, will that hurt my hair or head?
Nope. Though Knot Heads have wire, the wire is soft and is padded with durable hip fabric. You
can twist your Knot Head to the exact fit that is comfortable to your head of hair. No more pain
behind the ears with a Knot Head made headband, no more painful pokes by those bobby pins and
no more claw attacks against the skull with hair clasps. We guarantee that you’ll find more comfort
with Knot Heads than other hair accessories! Heck- lay down and take a nap on your do and you’ll
find we know what we’re talking about.

Why should I be a regular at
So you can get tips, tricks, and how-to’s on endless do-able do’s. We want YOU to share your
ideas too. Hear it first about special promotions, new products, the featured color of the month and
contests. KNOT HEADS™ are for ALL women and ALL girls with ALL levels of hairdo-ing

Get your hands in your hair and GO KNOTS!

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