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                                                                                          RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

                   October/November 2009

                               Please indicate the scope of your organization           Please describe what could be done within your organization to more fully utilize the skills
                                                                                        and experiences of those age 55+ through volunteering and community service.

  City/Town:        National    Regional Statewide Multi-county        County   Local                                           Open-Ended Response

Hastings                                                Multi-county                    We currently offer the Foster Grandparent and RSVP program in our service area which includes 15
                                                                                        counties. We need to recruit additional people 55 and older to serve in those programs to best meet
                                                                                        the community needs.
Lincoln                          Regional                                               Could greatly impact older adults and older adults with disabilities ability to remain in their homes for as
                                                                                        long as they can do so safely.(Home Handyman Program) Could greatly impact older adults' ability to
                                                                                        remain connected with the community (friends, family, medical resources, nutritional resources, etc)
                                                                                        and proactively creating the means to live a healthier, engaged, and productive lifestyle as older adults.
                                                                                        (Transportation Services)
Grand Island                                                                    Local
Lincoln                                                                County           Administrative support

Lincoln                          Regional                                               Our organization serves people60+ and most of our volunteers are also clients. At some of our
                                                                                        locations, parking is an issue.
Lincoln                                                 Multi-county                    I would like to see an AmeriCorps or Vista volunteer doing the kind of work I am able to do in each of
                                                                                        our multi-county areas. They could reside in that area, or mileage could be reimbursed if outside the
                                                                                        area. I would like to see an increase in the stipend of Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions. We
                                                                                        could do an educational program about AmeriCorps/Vista and go to service organizations, churches,
                                                                                        etc. to encourage more older adults to participate. Also, a variety of hours a person could serve might
                                                                                        encourage more people to help out. Example of getting the word out: I will be participating in a
                                                                                        conference call with the State Public Policy Group from Des Moines on Nov. 19 that includes the Iowa
                                                                                        Peer Specialists working within the mental health community. They are very interested in the public
                                                                                        service areas that are offered and want more information. I also promoted our programs at a recent
                                                                                        National conferenc that I attended and there was a lot of interest. The National Gains Center from Del
                                                                                        Mar, New York may want to be doing a video or teleconference to get more information. They really
                                                                                        appreciate talking to someone who has already served to learn about their experiences.

Omaha                                                   Multi-county                    Our agency already has a senior help program however I believe this program should be marketed
                                                                                        more agressively in the community to recruit more volunteers. The requests for assistance far out
                                                                                        number the volunteers we have available to fill those needs.
Niobrara                                                                        Local   For us alot of it would be to let them know they are welcome to apply to the program. Its not just for
                                                                                        younger people. We would have to make sure we know their skills and abilities/disabilities.

Holdrege                                    Statewide
Hastings                                                               County
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                                                        RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Lincoln            National
Doniphan                      Multi-county            Better identification/assessment of critical tasks where volunteers could assist our organization and
                                                      partners. Increased supervisory and financial support capacity for utilization of volunteers.

Omaha                                        County   Help ENOA with funds so he waiting list isn't so big for people to get into the Title 5 program to earn a
                                                      little extra income that's exempted from other agencies. Also raise the income limit as people's
                                                      expenses are a lot higher and even though they have more money doesn't mean they are able to
                                                      sustain their standard of living and many are having to sell their homes or lose them, go bankrupt or do
                                                      without meds and stuff they need.

SE Nebraska                   Multi-county            Transportation & computer technology training programs would be helpful.
Omaha, NE          National                           Increased public awareness of all existing volunteer programs in Nebraska. There are excellent
                                                      programs in place that are "the best kept secrets." A major television campaign featuring all volunteer
                                                      programs - local, state and national - would greatly benefit recruitment.
                   National                           Increased public awareness of the existing volunteer programs in Nebraska. There are excellent
                                                      programs in place that are "the best kept secrets." A major television campaign featured volunteer
                                                      programs - not just national or state programs - would greatly benefit recruitment.

Omaha              National                           There are always opportunities with The Salvation Army as Volunteers. These opportunities include
                                                      helping with winter food donation, the coat drive, the back to school drive, the Toyland project at
                                                      Christmas, etc.
                   National                           Not any different than other age groups

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                                                                                   RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Elkhorn NE                                                               Local   involve them into think tanks. interview varies 55 plus and find out what they would be interesting in
                                                                                 and have passion organizations, churches, and other service agencies to see how many 55
                                                                                 plus workers or people are there and get information from them.
Omaha                                Statewide                                   This is not our target population. We target individuals with disabilities and behavioral health
Omaha                                                                    Local   street ministry to the homeless including: serving sack lunches, providing clothes, and counseling

Kearney                              Statewide                                   Recruitment among our retirees; offering volunteer opportunities, specifically defined though the
                                                                                 Service Learning Pro database where anyone can connect and look for opportunities of interest;
                                                                                 encourage faculty and staff to get more engaged in helping others through various outlets in the
                                                                                 community; promote civic engagement within the classrooms at the Universtiy; engaging students by
                                                                                 providing more high quality structured opportunities while attending college that will lead them to life-
                                                                                 long engagement, preferable to one or two short-term projects occasionally offered. This is a start,
                                                                                 there are others
Columbus                  Regional                                               Communicate with peer groups on the importance of preparedness in older americans Retired
                                                                                 americans are generally available to volunteer where younger people with jobs have limited time
                                                                                 resources thus opening up possibilities to help out various volunteer organizations in various duties.

Omaha                                            Multi-county                    We can use coaches, mentors, tutors, technology assistance, game assistants, chaperones, food
                                                                                 distribution organizers, food deliverers, service site visitors, extra maintenance help, groundskeepers,
                                                                                 lunch servers, retreat assistants, etc.
Lincoln, NE                                                     County           We are currently utilizing Senior Companions from Aging Partners. They are matched with adults who
                                                                                 receive case management services from our agency. They help with socialization, reduce time alone,
                                                                                 limited transportation, shopping, hobbies and improve communication community awareness. It works
                                                                                 well, need more males, however.
Norfolk                                          Multi-county                    Volunteers are recruited, screened and trained for the Senior Health Insurance Information Program
                                                                                 (SHIIP), SMP Nebraska and Ombudsman.
Omaha                                Statewide
Omaha                                            Multi-county                    That's tough to answer. We have 6 volunteer programs within our agency that are doing an
                                                                                 outstanding job of offering meaningful volunteer opportunties for individuals 55+.

Fairbury                                         Multi-county                    Our agency works well with volunteers, however funding and staff time for additional training of
                                                                                 volunteers would be useful.
Omaha                                Statewide                                   Building maintenance. Reception of guests. Respite care for children. Work with immigrants and
                                                                                 refugees. Teaching ESL. Audit committtee. volunteer recruitment. Childcare. Mentoring of foster
                                                                                 care youth.
Omaha                                                                    Local   We can always utilize volunteers for our program. We provide a cooking and nutrition class to low
                                                                                 income individuals within the community. We are always looking for people that are experienced
                                                                                 cooks, nutrition professionals and just people that enjoy cooking
Lincoln                                          Multi-county
Omaha                                            Multi-county                    we could be screening, training, and using older volunteers rather than paying younger less responsible

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                                                                                RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Omaha                                                                 Local   We have programming that provides a mentor relationship with seasoned adults and young adults. We
                                                                              also work in schools where this age cohort can provide assistance to the youth we serve.

Lincoln                         Regional                                      Marketing
Omaha                                      Statewide
omaha                                                                 Local
Lincoln                                                               Local   We already use many, many volunteers 55+ within our organization as well as encouraging community
Lincoln              National                                                 We'd be very open to this, but would be looking for definite skill sets, particularly in journalism, audio
                                                                              and video editing. Proofreading, database entry. Research.
Omaha                                      Statewide                          This age group would be very valuable for our young families initiatives programs whereby they could
                                                                              mentor young, high risk families in parenting. Also, provide child care and assist in gaining in kind
                                                                              donations untillizing their valuable community connections for our Building Families Boutiques. Also,
                                                                              assist wtih refugee resettlement, immigrantion services, etc. We could try to recruit more in the
                                                                              churches and organizations.
                                                                      Local   Surprisingly, for several of our programs those age 55+ are our greatest volunteer base! We always
                                                                              have need for more volunteers, so more expansive outreach to this population is our greatest need.

lincoln                                    Statewide
Omaha                                                                 Local   Having a full time, professional Volunteer Manager to recruit, orient, and place. Training/proffessional
                                                                              development with other key staff and volunteers within the agency on how to work with volunteers.
                                                                              Meaningful recognition internally and externally.
Valley                                                 Multi-county           OUR SESSIONS RELY ON VOLUNTEERS. WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS TO SUPPORT OUR RIDERS, WE
                                                                              WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE THE MANY SERVICES WE DO.
Omaha                                                  Multi-county           Our organization's mission is to galvanize a community effort-- those with passion and expertise are
                                                                              needed to help make metro-wide outcomes happen for people in homelessness. This could be through
                                                                              board membership, task force membership, or volunteering at any MACCH agency. At present, we do
                                                                              not have a formal volunteer program running.
Lincoln                                                               Local   We have individuals 55+ that volunteer with the backpack program through the Food Bank, they
                                                                              volunteer to serve meals at Community Events, read to students in the classroom. We also have some
                                                                              volunteer to lead after school clubs or garden.
Omaha                National                                                 Contact with HR/wellness committee regarding opportunities to volunteer would be the best way to
                                                                              reach out to older employees.

Lincoln                                    Statewide                          the majority of the members of this organization are 55+
Omaha                                                                 Local

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                                                                                   RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Lincoln                   Regional                                               We are an area agency on aging and sponsor FGP, SCP, & RSVP. Volunteers keep our agency running.

Lincoln, NE                                                              Local   We love to have volunteers in this age group assisting in our classes because they are usually
                                                                                 committed for a long time and are very responsible.

Lincoln                                                                  Local   Target recruitment to those age 55 and older. Develop positions that would likely interest those 55 and
Lincoln                              Statewide                                   Right now, we are not utilizing the people aged 55 and over. However, there are some activities we
                                                                                 can use such people
Lincoln                                          Multi-county                    The Food Bank of Lincoln is heavily reliant on volunteers to help accomplish the mission which is to
                                                                                 Alleviate Hunger in Southeast Nebraska, in 2008 the Food Bank had 1,073 unduplicated volunteers
                                                                                 which donated 17,325 hours of time to the Food Bank of Lincoln. Volunteers are needed at the Food
                                                                                 Bank, Food Bank Events, and help with the Food Bank programs.
Omaha                                Statewide                                   More PR to recruit the volunteers to address the needs within the older population
David City                                                      County           Training and keeping them up to date on things going on in our county including technology

Columbus                                         Multi-county                    Recruit 55+ volunteers, promote volunteer opportunities

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                                                                           RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Elkhorn Nebraska                                                Local   their expertise on boards. the various clubs and organizations that they have influence with that could
Lincoln                                                         Local   Spend time setting up more volunteer positions that could be filled by those with good skills.
Lincoln                              Statewide
Peru                      Regional                                      The skills, wisdom and talent could be utilized on the campus to mentor and augment academic
                                                                        learning for the students.

Omaha                     Regional                                      Computer Skills Training, Job Search Assistance, Professional Office Skills, Receptionist

Lincoln                   Regional
Ainsworth NE                         Statewide                          Increase the outreach to rural Nebraska locations.

Lincoln                                          Multi-county           ABE and ESL tutors, mentors in all areas
Peru                      Regional                                      Having a position focused on identifying community needs and coordinating activities for the 55+ group
                                                                        would be helpful.

Hastings                                         Multi-county           HLP utilizes and would like to increase the use of retired educators and other retired professionals to
                                                                        serve as tutors for individuals workering to improve basic literacy skills, secondary education
                                                                        credentialing or english language skills.
Omaha                                Statewide                          Since our mission deals directly with individuals with disabilities and people's rate of disability increases
                                                                        over the age of 50, perhaps we could recruit more adults from rehab programs that would be able to
                                                                        actively participate with accomodations.

Lincoln                              Statewide                          Build more partnerships with core state agencies that use volunteers. Encourage ServeNebraska
                                                                        Commissioners to reach out and build partnerships with their local service groups to promote increasing
                                                                        engagement of persons 55+ in community volunteering. Require subgrantees in any grant program to
                                                                        give priority to outreach and engaging more persons 55+ in their programs.

Norfolk                                          Multi-county           Native data for individuals over 55 is needed to identify their needs,wishes, skills, and available time.
                                                                        Gathering this information would be vital to putting their talents to work. We also need to know where
                                                                        they are volunteering their time now.

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                                                                                                                           RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Please share any data or sources that highlight the economic                 What recommendations would you offer to the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Service Unit on Aging for communication & collaboration with:
impact of the roles of workers age 55 or older in the Nebraska

                        Open-Ended Response                                                 Businesses                         Nonprofit organizations               Institutions of higher           Nebraska Department of                 Other state agencies
                                                                                                                                                                           education                        Education

Older adults are chosing to remain in the workforce for many years           The best way to continue the role of older   many nonprofits would appreciate the     I believe that older adults     Older adults can participate at all   Older adults have much
beyond the expected retirement age. Many have lost money from the            adults int he business world is to involve   services of an AmeriCorps/Vista          sharing their experiences       levels of education from early        experience to offer in the
economic downturn in our country and the costs of food, gas, living          people at all levels of planning and         volunteer. There is much work to be      with today's students is a      childhood through college as          planning of programs that serve
expenses, etc. have not gone done. Making your income fill your needs        implementation of programs. This             done and a huge shortage of help. I      positive way to encourage       mentors, teachers, etc.               disadvantaged persons of all
becomes more difficult and often older adults are unable to pay for          encourages more collaboration between        would like to see some Vista             intergenerational                                                     ages. Their involvement could
medical services or prescriptions. Paying for quality groceries is another   age groups.                                  volunteers working as Peer Specialists   partnerships and friendships.                                         increase cooperations and
big issue. Just because a person gets older doesn't mean that our interest                                                through organizaitons such as the                                                                              support at all levels of
in the world and outside activities has diasppeared. Older adults have a                                                  Mental Health Association of                                                                                   government services.
wealth of information and experiences to share and to help others to                                                      Nebraska or NAMI (National Alliance
become successful students and adults.                                                                                    for the Mentally Ill). The volunteers
                                                                                                                          could serve either the adult or
                                                                                                                          children's population.

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                                                                                                                        RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

                                                                                                                       Provide timely & relevant information
                                                                                                                       about various programs targeted to
                                                                                                                       various non-profits.

They have a lot to offer through years of work experience that would be
an asset to the community. It would be nice if some could work with
mentally challenged people as job coaches to help them learn new skills.

                                                                            advertising sponsor                                                                PR campaign

Greg: I think the approaches for involving '55+ still working' and '55+       form partnership on promotional events   form partnership on promotional         jointly offer classes and   joint outreach efforts via school   form partnership to promote
retired' will be different because these 2 groups will have different reasons                                          events                                  training on communitiy      activities                          using that agency's specilized
for volunteering and motivated by different missions. This is a new area                                                                                       service related topics                                          area
to me so I don't have too many ideas yet but will keep my eyes open for

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                                                                                                                           RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

job expertise, stability and transfering knowledge, role modelling                                                                                                 contact those in charge of contact superintendents and
                                                                                                                                                                   volunteerism and community principals

                                                                             Utilize thier expertise to mentor younger    Utilize thier life experiences to help                                  Allow them to work as a teacher's
                                                                             trainees                                     others                                                                  assistant
Currently this is not applicable or available to me though I argue that this Public service announcements on public       Collaborative and coordinated            More open discussions with     Encouragement to use resorces
certainly has a major impact on our economy                                  media outlets applies to all of these        discussions between organizations        administration, faculty and    already available in communities
                                                                             categories                                                                            staff regarding the            apart from the NDE resources
                                                                                                                                                                   community needs

Check with the Senior Companion program data bases                          Rotary Clubs statewide                        Behavioral Health orgs.                                                 TeamMates that prefer to work
                                                                                                                                                                                                  with adults

I think you would be able to obtain this information through our Senior     Offer brown bag luncheon speakers for      Colaborate with non profits on grant        Submit applications to local
Employment Program at the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging.                 their employees on volunteer opportunities applications which address shared           universities to work with
                                                                                                                       needs of your organizations.                their Service Learning
                                                                                                                                                                   Projects. We have benefited
                                                                                                                                                                   through this type of
                                                                                                                                                                   affiliation with the UNO
                                                                                                                                                                   School of Social Work.

                                                                            Care of aging parents is a productivity and
                                                                            economic issue for business. approach it
                                                                            as such.

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                                                            RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

                Encourage volunteerism through release     Increase the number of National        Increase the service learning Require service as a prerequisite     Seek out funding from CNCS to
                time and recognition                       service participants in Nebraska and   connections                   for graduation from high school       be allocated to Nebraska.
                                                           especially the Omaha area.

                                                           NAPT                                   UNL

                Allow corporate retirees to be informed   Allow us a forum to share how they       Tutoring of students         Connect them to local schools for
                and exposed to volunteerism opportunities could benefit with our non-profit...and                               tutoring/mentoring
                                                          how they could make a
                                                 of facilities to see
                                                          the work.
                partner with working or retired           inCommon Community Development;
                professionals with specific technical or  local faith communities; look for long-
                vocational training in an area of need    term, relationally focused
                                                          volunteering opportunities

                Consider a tx credit for volunteering      funds for professional staff           multi semester volunteer      support for integrating education
                                                                                                  projects/ internships         standards and real life experiences
                                                                                                                                for service learning

                                                           Metro Area Continuum of Care for the
                                                           Homeless, a network that prevents
                                                           and ends homelessness

                                                                                                  Communicate via campus on-
                                                                                                  line news, in UNO's case,
                                                                                                  this is called enotes.

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                                                                                                                          RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Metlife has stats on the average cost of nursing home care. Multiply that                                                                                                                    General information, request for
out to see the enormous value of Senior Companions to the person                                                                                                                             financial support of the FGPs
served, their families, their neighborhoods, and the community-at-large.
EXAMPLE #1) In February 2009, if the two-hundred six (206) clients
receiving companionship all remained in their own home and did not move
to a private room in a nursing home at an average cost of $209-$213 *
per day, there would be a potential savings of over $43,000 every day.
(206 clients x 1 day x $209/day = $43,054) (* from and EXAMPLE #2: In February 2009, if the twenty-seven (27)
caregivers receiving respite were able to provide care to their twenty-
seven (27) homebound loved ones in their own home for the next six (6)
months and those care recipients did not move to a private room in a
nursing home at an average cost of $209-$213 * per day, there would be
a potential savings of over $1,015,700 (one million plus) for the full six (6)
month time period. (27 clients x 180 days x $209/day = $1,015,740) (*
from and

One volunteer hour in Nebraska is to be considered worth $15.93                                                          We are always looking for volunteers
according to the latest figures provided by the Independent Sector                                                       for our GED/ESL/AD classes. But I
( 2,000 hours = 1 FT position. The savings                                                       am not fully aware of where I can
add up quickly.                                                                                                          find information on this age group of
                                                                                                                         Nebraskas 55 years or older. If you
                                                                                                                         have any suggestions, please contact
                                                                                                                         me. Thank you. Patti Lamphere,
                                                                                                                         SCC, 437-2719

                                                                                 Advertize among those businesses that   Lincoln Area Agency on Aging             SCC; UNL; Union College;
                                                                                 serve 55+ community.                                                             NE Wesleyan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Rural Development Commission
                                                                                                                         The Food Bank of Lincoln is always in
                                                                                                                         need of volunteers.

                                                                                                                         Technology costs are prohibitive &
                                                                                                                         time consuming. A big change was
                                                                                                                         made expecting people be able to use
                                                                                                                         others equipment & knowledge.

                                                                                                                         Work with non profits/volunteer
                                                                                                                         centers to set up a simple
                                                                                                                         system/protocol on refering clients to
                                                                                                                         find out about volunteer

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                                                                                                                             RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

                                                                               Mentoring for new businesses, offer          Utilize skills of 55 and older to provide Create and develop             Explore service-learning             Provide training on utilizing 55
                                                                               training (strategic planning, etc)           training and serve in governance          consortuims to work with       opportuities for all institutions    plus volunteers, (best practices,
                                                                                                                            capacities.                               students in service,                                                volunteer management, etc)
                                                                                                                                                                      academics, etc.
Experience and knowledge requires a higher wage. Wage requests results more dialoge at a chamber level, tax                 non-profits are filling needs with        education geared towards       cost waivers, don't require more
in employer choice.                                                    credit                                               those requiring community services        self employment                from the mature student
                                                                                                                            through various agencies                  opportunities, prerequistes
                                                                                                                                                                      not needed - life experience

Nebrask Community Improvement Program housed in the Dept. Of
Economic Development.

                                                                                                                            provide resources in terms of a           See above
                                                                                                                            funded staff position to coordinate
                                                                                                                            volulnteer activities

                                                                               Emphasize the value of employees'           Encourage them to ASK persons 55 + Emphasize the
                                                                               experience to the overall community's well- to utilize their experience for the intergenerational experience
                                                                               being.                                      organization's benefit.             and the benefit of personal
                                                                                                                                                               growth that comes from
                                                                                                                                                               being in an educational

Numerous individuals over 55 are raising their grandchildren. This keeps       Recognition of the value of seasoned         Match volunteer skills and abilities to   Lifelong learning              Make it easier to volunteer in
the children out of fostercare and reduces the cost to the state for the       workers with significant experience, allow   opportunity rather than seek ing          opportunities are vital.       schools. Consider using older
care of these children. In addition to being valued employees, many are        for unique employment opportunities          volunteers base3d uponthe volunteer       Incorporate older students     workers in teaching professions if
now assisting in the support of their children and their families by sharing   which would let them transition more         oportunity.                               with younger student to        qualified.
homes, assisting financially, providing childcare, etc.                        slowly into retirement.                                                                raise the academic bar.

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                                              RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS


Once recruited, the key is clearly defining
tasks in order to maintain engagement.

Speakers Bureau going into the community
could help with recruitment of older adults
for many programs and could encourage

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                                                  RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

It looks like the workers pick and choose who
they want to be eligible. Stop the favoritism
that's going on. I've seen them tell people
they aren't eligible for things they are just
because they don't feel like doing the work. I
think we should hold the State workers
accountible for not getting the benefits out to
people who are entitled to them. The motto
is if they don't ask, the worker doesn't tell.
What kind of help is that? I was eligible for
State disability when I was going through
rough times when my children were growing
up and my family suffered substantially and
to this day bear the scars of extreme poverty
that they shouldn't have to be bearing. I
didn't know about the benefit so they didn't
help me or tell me about them even though I
was eligible. I still resent it to this day and
feel they should reimburse people like me the
benefits they should have provided and
maybe that would put a stop to them and
their ways. The way it's working now if they
like you or know you they help you, if not
they figure any way to not help you. I have a
disabled daughter who I feel should be
getting more food stamps than she's getting.
She's not able to take care of her child but

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                                                RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Retired teachers, social workers, care givers

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                                                    RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Connect those over age 55 with a
volunteerism opportunities fair...allow non-
profits to recruit...match up interests and skill
sets of volunteers with the agencies

posting volunteer opportunities and
communicating with local organizations and
chapters would be invaluable in contacting
older Nebraskans-for example, AARP,
Bellevue Senior Woman's club, Kiwanis Clubs,

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                RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

         ServeNebraska                         State Service Plan Survey                                            Page 18 of 18
                                               RE 55+ BABY BOOMERS

Include tracks at the state conference on
vounteerism for all entities listed above

I think ALL communication & collaboration
should be done with one-on-one personal

Health benefits and the cost of providing
healthcare to older workers is causing some
organizations to choose younger workers
based on a perception of health among
youth. This is creating some discrimination
in the workforce and increased costs for
older workers who may experience a chronic
health condition which does not affect their
work may devastate an organizations ability
to provide benefits for all workers. This
really needs to be addressed.


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