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RTP WMS brochure


									What happens in the
       rtc?                                                                Middle School

The RTC is a quiet room staffed by
                                             A process that

an RTC coordinator.
                                           teaches respect for
Students must sign in when they                 others by
enter the room.                                 fostering

Students are assigned to sit at an indi-         thinking
vidual study carrel.

Students are only in the RTC for the

class period where they caused the

While in the RTC, students must
write a behavior plan explaining what
they did and their plan for changing                                      A discipline process
their behavior.
                                                                         that teaches students
                                                                                 how to:
Students must negotiate their plan
with the teacher before they can                                          Respect the rights of others
return to class.                                                          Take responsibility for themselves
                                                                          Think on their own
Students are responsible for any
school work they miss while they are
in the RTC.                                Western Middle School
If a student is uncooperative or dis-
                                             500 W. Midland Road
ruptive in the RTC, he/she will be
                                              Auburn, MI 48611
sent home and can only return to
school with a parent.                        Phone: 989-662-4489
                                               Fax: 989-662-0185
                                           Web site:
                      Responsible thinking process (rtp)

                                             #1 RTP Rule                         How does RTP work?
                 Key            You cannot violate the rights
                                         of others.
                                                                              Student chooses to not follow the rules and
                                                                                      disrupts in the classroom.
                                                                                   Teacher asks the RTP questions.
                                    Rules and Responsibilities

Each student is accountable     1. Respect self, others and property.
                                                                                Student stops the disruptive behavior.
and responsible for what he/    2. Be in class on time with the required
she does.                          materials.
                                3. Follow directions the first time given.           Teacher continues teaching.
Focus is on mutual respect.
                                4. Keep hands, feet, objects and personal
Framework of solid rules that      comments to yourself.                        Student chooses to disrupt a 2nd time
                                5. Teachers have the right to teach and               during the class period.
are posted in every classroom
                                   students have the right to learn in a
throughout the building.           safe and orderly environment.                  Teacher asks RTP questions again.

Set of standard RTP questions
that a teacher or other staff                                                 Student is now making a choice to go to the
                                    Responsible thinking process               Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC).
member asks when a student                   Questions
                                ♦    What are you doing?                         In the RTC, the student completes a
Developed by Edward Ford.       ♦    What are the rules?                         behavior plan that is reviewed by the
                                ♦    What happens when you break the                      RTC coordinator.
                                ♦    Is this what you want to happen?
                                                                               Student negotiates plan with teacher and
                                ♦    What do you want to do now?                           returns to class.
                                ♦    What will happen if you disrupt again?
                                ♦    Do you want to work on this or not?

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