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					                                           HAIR HOW TO’S                                                   FACIAL HAIR HOW TO’S                     STEP 1                                                           STEP 1

                                           Start with damp, clean hair and then work a good size            Begin your shave by using a Gillette Face Wash & Body
                                           dab (at least the size of a quarter) of Gillette Gel             Wash to help buff away oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that
                                           throughout your hair. Use Gillette Flex Gel for control          can mat down your hair and block your razor’s path.
                                           without stiffness or Gillette Power Gel for a 24-hour
                                           controlled hold.                                                 STEP 2

                                                                                                            Hydrate your face and neck in warm water for up to
                                           STEP 2
                                                                                                            3 minutes. It not only opens pores to help cleanse your skin,
                                           Run a comb through hair to further distribute the gel, then      but also softens your facial hair, making it easier to cut.
                                           comb into place.
                                                                                                            STEP 3

                                           STEP 3                                                           Apply Gillette Fusion® HydraGel™ and using a slow
                                                                                                            circular motion, and start shaving with light gentle strokes.
                                           Finish with a shot or two of Gillette Hair Spray to hold and
                                                                                                            Let the razor do the work. Make sure you have a sharp
                                           help control fly-aways. If you want to lock your look in
                                                                                                            blade in place to avoid nicks and skin irritation.
                                           place, end with a quick blow dry set on low.
CLEAN-SHAVEN FACE                                                                                           STEP 4
Groomed neatly and brushed back or                                                                          Rinse your blade under warm water frequently. Doing so
parted in the front. A clean shave                                                                          prevents blade build-up on edges and cartridge and results
completes the look in style.                                                                                in better glide and more comfort. Once done, moisturize
                                                                                                            with Gillette Fusion® HydraSoothe™.


    Gillette Flex        Gillette Power   Gillette Hairspray    Gillette Face &      Gillette Fusion®     Gillette Fusion®     Gillette Fusion®
        Gel                    Gel                               Body Wash            HydraGel™            Power Razor         HydraSoothe™

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