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proposal slideshow - Kalamazoo Outing Club


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									Kalamazoo Outing Club
      Proposal 2008
          Mission Statement
 •The mission of the Kalamazoo College Outing Club (KOC) is
to provide all “K” community members the ability to experience
 the outdoors in a noncompetitive and supportive environment
       regardless of their ability, while at the same time
complementing the general goals of the school by providing an
          important aspect of a liberal-arts education.

         •To provide the “K” college community with experiential education,
         environmental awareness, and technical skills so that they can successfully
         participate in and lead outdoor activities and wilderness trips.
         •Promote group and individual growth.
         •To have students try new things and meet new people.
         •Stimulate interest in outdoor activities and curiosity of the natural wilderness.
         •Have a proactive educational role in environmental stewardship.
         •Show students that there is more than just the “K” bubble and the town of
         •Continue, complement and add to the LandSea and study abroad experiences.
         •Directed by the desire to achieve such goals without financial discrimination.

                                                                                  KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
      Benefits of having an Outing
•   Leadership training (group dynamics, team structure, etc…)
•   Better understanding of the “greater picture”
•   Greater respect for others, self, and environment
•   Alcohol-free and Drug-free option/substitute alternative activity
•   Physical and health benefits
•   Wilderness appreciation on a global scale
•   Giving K students the hard and soft skills of trip leading and wilderness
•   Teaches risk management, thought process, cause and effect, sound
    judgment, and independence
•   In line with Kalamazoo College’s goal of sustainability and recycling efforts
    (see Furman University Outdoor Club)
•   LNT philosophy
•   Bringing together community (college and city)
•   A draw for admissions with recruiting

                                                                  KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                    Who Are We???
•   Government and Operating Officers
•   Student-run emphasis with non-student staff member to help ensure
    consistency, liability, counsel, direction, and support.
•   1 (to start) Non-student staff member working at 1/4 to 1/3 time (520 to 690
    hours a year)
•   Student President
•   Student Vice President
•   Student Treasurer
•   Student Secretary
•   Student Gear Manager
•   Student Food Room Manager
•   Student Trip Planning Committees- Hiking/backpacking,
    Canoeing/Kayaking, Biking (mountain and road) to start. More subset
    committees as KOC grows in participation size and financial backing.
•   Student Web Manager and Publicists
•   Student and Faculty/Staff Trip Leaders
•   Any individual who classifies as at least one of these positions is part of the
    Kalamazoo Outing Club Council

                                                                   KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                         Who Are We? (cont.)
•      “We…are commonly known as a pretty odd group of people…who climb mountains
       because we like the view from the top…who go out hiking because…well…because
       we like the sun on our backs and the rain on our ponchos…When night comes we
       square dance or sit around the campfire singing the old songs that campfire squatters
       have sung always…loving the sight of pine-light on the faces of our friends…We don’t
       happen to drink on our trips because liquor seems to be an unnecessary
       commodity…and besides…who wouldn’t be “half-seas over” at the mere sight of a
       friend hanging from a rafter…safely zipped in a sleeping bag…We boast the weirdest
       hats in the nation…faster fire builders than the Boy Scouts…though perhaps not with
       a single match…and undoubtedly the most perverted sense of humor since Joe Miller
       let loose his humor on the unsuspecting multitudes…We don’t tend to couple on our
       trips because…we like the give and take (as in food) of a group…and we like to carry
       the idea of…individuality within a group…into all phases of our program…and even
       into our personal philosophy…many people think we're crazy…we are sure of it…We
       haven’t written this to edify ourselves…we know it at heart…This is for you who might
       want to know us better…like this page…we lack much formal organization…but
       still…this is us.
        – Sandy Rosebrook
        Syracuse University Outing Club”

           Taken from The Outing Club Handbook, Edited by Gunner Peterson, George Williams College; For the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association, 1955.

    • Any student, faculty, or staff member can rent gear, take classes, and participate in
    trips. Outside guests may accompany any of the above mentioned on trips. Some
    larger classes can be held open to the general public.
                                                                                                                                   KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
   Three Sections of the KOC
• Gear Rentals
• Classes/seminars
• Trips

                        KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                    GEAR- Currently available

         •    Sleeping bags                                •   Stuff sacks (various sizes)
         •    Tarps                                        •   Duffel bags (various sizes)
         •    Ground pads                                  •   Head lamps
         •    Ground cloths                                •   Lanterns
         •    Stoves (with training)                       •   Bikes (HUB)
         •    Fuel bottles                                 •   Dry bags/bear bags/food bags
         •    Cookware                                     •   Coolers
         •    Packs (internal, external, and day)          •   Water filters
         •    Climbing harnesses, helmets, belay devices   •   Iodine water treatment
              (for use at Climb Kalamazoo and              •   Water bottles
              classes/seminars)                            •   Water buckets
         •    Compasses                                    •   P-cord & non-climbing rope
         •    Whistles                                     •   First-aid kits

                                                                                     KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
1-   Hamilton Outing Club
        Gear- Future ability
• Tents                   • Maps/trail info books
• Canoes/Kayaks (not      • Field Guides (birds,
  for rent)                 Midwest forests/trees,
• Lifejackets/paddles       edible plants)
• Snowshoes               • Star finders,
• X-country skis and        astronomy chart spin
  boots                     wheels
• Gators                  • Full Climbing gear
                            (not rentable)
• Nordic skis and boots   • Duluth packs
• Ice skates              • Canoe trailer
• Pulks                   • Wetsuits
• Trekking poles          • Ice axes
• Rain gear

                                          KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
•   PE credit                              •   Skiing/snowboarding
•   Climbing                               •   Ice skating
•   Caving                                 •   Sailing (already a current class)
•   X-country skiing                       •   Scuba diving (already a current class)
•   Leadership (ropes courses)             •   Fishing (water, ice, & fly)
•   Whitewater paddling- canoe and kayak   •   Hunter’s safety
•   Flat-water paddling- canoe and kayak   •   Trail maintenance
•   Pool paddling (i.e. beginner skills,   •   Navigation, orientation, (map and
    during winter, Eskimo roles)               compass, celestial sextant)
•   Survival skills                        •   Medical Certifications:
     –   Shelter making                         –   WWS, LGT, WFA, WAFA, WFR, EMT,
     –   Primitive fire building                    WEMT, WSI, AMGA, CPR, AED,
     –   Edible plants and animals         •   Gear specific training
     –   Tracking                               –   Stove use, maintenance, and repair
     –   Winter travel                          –   GPS: (see geocaching)
                                                –   Harnesses, climbing ropes, knots,
                                                    belay devices

                                                                     KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
• Day trips (mainly hikes or climbs)
• Overnights
• Three day extravaganza (Friday
  evening/afternoon through Sunday noon)
• Extended break (winter, spring, &
• Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Non-
                                 KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
• Waterloo-Pinckney Trail (near
  Chelsea and Pinckney. 38.5 miles)
• Potawatomi Trail (Pinckney
  Recreation Area. 17.5 miles)
• Big Sable Point (Manistee National
  Forest and Ludington State Park. 15

                                    KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                               The North Country Trail
        • White Cloud to Nicholas Lake (nearest town:    “The North Country National Scenic
          White Cloud. 24.8 miles)                       Trail is a premier footpath that stretches
                                                         for about 4,600 miles linking

        • Nichols Lake to Highbank Lake (nearest town:   communities, forests, and prairies
                                                         across seven northern states. Already,
                                                         more than 1,800 miles have been
          Baldwin. 12 miles)                             certified off-road. Additional miles
                                                         follow shared paths, and some road
        • Ward Hills and McCarthy Lake (nearest town:    walks yet remain. The map above
                                                         shows the trail in its entirety. When
          Baldwin. 21.6 miles)                           completed it will be the longest off-road
                                                         hiking trail in the United States…The
                                                         National Headquarters is located in
                                                         Lowell, Michigan, near the geographic
                                                         center of the Trail. The office is at 229
                                                         E. Main Street, just one block from the
                                                         Trail as it follows the Flat River.”1

1:   http://www.northcountrytrail.org/                          KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
•   Kal-Haven bike trail (Kalamazoo to South Haven 45 miles)
•   Thornapple Trail (Grand Rapids to Vermontville 42 miles)
•   Hartland Trail (Montcalm county to Gratiot county)
•   White Pine Trail (Grand Rapids to Cadillac 100 miles)
•   Musketawa Trail (Marne to Muskegon 25 miles)
•   Hart-Montague Trail (State Park, Mears, MI 22 miles)
•   Pere Marquete Rail-Trail (Clare to Midland 30 miles)

                                                       KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
• Dowagiac River (Dowagiac M-62
  bridge to Niles U.S. 31 bridge.
  13.5 miles)
• Flat River (Greenville to Lowell.
  32 miles)
• Rogue River (Grand road to
  rivermouth in Rockford. 21 miles)
• Thornapple River (Charlton
  County Park to Airport Road
  Canoe Landing in Hastings. 17
• Lake Michigan coast
• Kalamazoo River (various
                                 KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
 Snowshoeing/X-country skiing
• Kalamazoo Nature Center Trails (8 miles)
• Yankee Springs State Recreation Area Trails
  (Middleville. 7 miles)
• Pigeon Creek Park Trails (Grand Haven. 10 miles)
• Muskegon State Park Trails (North Muskegon. 5 miles)
• Maybury State Park Trails (Northville. 11 miles)
• Kensington Metropark Trails (Milford. 8.5 miles)
• Huron Meadows Metropark Trails (Brighton. 9 miles)

                                            KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
              Rock/Ice Climbing
•   Local- Climb Kalamazoo
•   Man-made ice climbing tower
•   Long weekend trips required to drive to proper places
•   Emphasis on teaching technical skills and use of
    hardware, not technical climbs

                                                KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
•   Over Winter, Spring and Summer
•   The Smokies
•   The Redwoods
•   Shawnee National Forest
•   Southern sections of the AT
•   Olympic National Park
•   The Everglades
•   Regional trips to start with
     – Isle Royal
     – The Porcupine Mountains
     – Superior Hiking Trail

                                     KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
  Special Appearances and Events
• Joint cooperation with other departments of K college
   – Environmental education/science
   – Biology
   – Philosophy
• L.A.C. credit
• John Fraser, director/manager of the Arboretum,
• Trip specific “outside” experts for advanced trips and
• Collaboration with the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker
  Institute for Service Learning
   – Student-led trips with participants derived from the greater
     Kalamazoo, MI community.

                                                         KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
   Specific uses of the Arboretum-
• Day hikes, weekday trips, introduction to winter
  camping (X-country skiing and snowshoeing),
  introduction to overnight camping.
• Geocaching
• Nature walks with Biology and Environmental
  Science department Professors (L.A.C. Credit)
• Overnights utilizing new campground
• Test site for experimental programs regarding
  waste management

                                         KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
Camping at the Arboretum
 Future Arboretum possibilities
• Pipe Dream: Acquisition of the neighboring
  property and house. Use as future KOC
  department, rental cabin, KOC house with
  students residing (e.g. Carleton’s “CANOE
  House,” Skidmore College’s “Outhouse,” St.
  Lawrence University's “Outdoor Alternative
  Theme House,”)
• High and Low Ropes Course
  – Leadership classes/seminars
  – Incorporate into Leader’s Training Program/Trip
  – Create credit-bearing class through Education,
    Business, and/or Psychology Departments

                                             KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
Leadership Courses


                   Trip Leaders
•   Co-led trips (with some exceptions)
•   Member of the council
•   Attendance at meetings
•   Certifications-
    – Mandatory: WFA (or greater) and CPR
    – Preferable: WAFA, WFR, WEMT, AED, Drivers
      trained, WWS/LGT/SWR, AMGA Single Pitch or
      Climbing Wall.
    – Certs. beyond WFA and CPR are mandatory for
      specific trips, i.e. WWS/LGT for water-based trips,
      WFR for long/big trips during winter/spring break

                                                KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
Additional requirements to lead
• LandSea Leader             • Non-landSea Leader
  – All of the above           – All of the above
  – Co-lead with a current     – Participate in a KOC
    KOC leader                   leader training trip
  – LEAD YOUR OWN              – Co-lead with a current
    TRIPS!                       KOC leader (discipline
                               – LEAD YOUR OWN

                                           KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                KOC Meetings
• Formal- Beginning of term to summarize previous
  term/year, plan present term’s trips/events, any and all
  other matters- mandatory for all members of the council.
• Formal- Midpoint of term to check-in.
• Formal- End of term to debrief.
• Informal- Most weekends or every other weekend.
• Informal mid-week movie showings
• All Kalamazoo College students, staff, faculty, and
  alumni are invited to meetings. KOC membership
  holders are highly encouraged to attend as they have
  voting power.
• Currently, we would like to use Trowbridge for gear
  storage and The Stryker Center for our office and Hicks
  for meetings.

                                              KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
• Open to entire K community (students, staff, faculty,
• Single term membership: $8 individual
• Single year membership: $12 individual
• 4 year membership: $35 individual
• Lifetime membership: $200 family (spouse and children
  under 18)
• Benefits of members
   – Half price on all gear rentals
   – Voting power at meetings
   – Priority on all club events
• Any member of the council has a free membership for
  the duration of their office or trip leading participation.

                                                   KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
•   Gear rentals
•   % Student activity fee
•   Per trip charge (specific to trip aspects)
•   Membership fees
•   Donations- $, gear, services
•   Grants- Kellogg
•   All gear is for sale at next year’s pro-deal prices
    + 5%-10% (note: this allow us to keep new gear
    in stock for no cost.)
                                             KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
•   How do we get from 0 to GREAT?
•   Right now!
•   6 months
•   1 year
•   5 years

                                 KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
               Right Now
• Begin THIS winter term
• Official formation of KOC
• Organize council
• Create KOC constitution/bylaws
• Start fundraising
• Survey student body for interest and trip
• Start training leaders

                                    KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                  6 months
• Spring term ’08 and Fall term ’09
• Weekend trips: roughly one/month.
• Local venues
• Lots of fun meetings to generate interest
• Emphasis on the beginner level trips
• Advertise to ’09 LandSea participants
• Experiment with major Fall trip for LandSea-ers
  and non-LandSea-ers
• Goal of 30 members

                                        KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                   1 year
• Increase in number, variety, and difficulty
  of trips leading up to 1/weekend
• Start purchasing more gear
• Goal of 60 members
• Major internal review:
  – Government
  – Course of action
  – Trips
  – Target audience
                                     KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
               5+ years
• At least one trip every weekend.
• Everything that has been proposed and oh
  so much more!!!
• Goal of 250 members

                                 KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
                                                         •   Colgate Outdoor Education Program
•   DuFresne, Jim, Backpacking in Michigan, 2007
                                                         •   Colorado College Outdoor Recreation Club
•   DuFresne, Jim, The Complete Guide to Michigan
    Sand Dunes, 2008                                     •   Connecticut College Outing Club
•   Hillstrom, Kevin and Laurie Collier Hillstrom, A     •   Cornell Outing Club
    Falcon Guide; Paddling Michigan, 2001                •   Dartmouth Outing Club
•   Modrzynski, Mike, A Falcon Guide; Hiking Michigan,   •   Hamilton College Outing Club
    2003                                                 •   Lafayette Outdoors Club
•   Semion, William, Michigan Winter Trails, 2001        •   Lewis and Clark College Outdoors
•   Intercollegiate Outing Club Association (IOCA)       •   Macalester College Outing Club
•   The North Country Trail Association (NCT)            •   Middlebury College Mountain Club
•   The Superior Hiking Trail Association                •   Mount Holyoke Outing Club
•   American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA)           •   Oberlin College Outing Club
•   American Canoe Association (ACA)                     •   On The Loose 5-college Outing Club
•   http://www.thornappletrail.com/                      •   Reed College Outing Club
•   US News and World Report: America’s Best             •   Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Outing Club
    Colleges 2009                                        •   Skidmore College Outing Club
•   Van Buren County Community Center                    •   Smith College Outdoor Adventure Program
•   West Michigan Trails and Greenways Coalition         •   St. Lawrence University Outing Club
•   Amherst College Outing Club                          •   Syracuse University Outing Club
•   Bates College Outing Club                            •   University of Richmond Outdoors Club
•   Bowdoin College Outing Club                          •   Vassar College Outing Club
•   Brown Outing club                                    •   Washington and Lee Outing Club
•   Bucknell Outing Club                                 •   Wesleyan Outing Club
•   Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor           •   Whitman College Outdoor Program
                                                         •   Williams College Outing Club
•   Colby Outing Club

                                                                                      KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
     A special THANK YOU to…
•   Rob Townsend
•   Tom Breznau
•   John Fraser
•   Jess Fowle
•   Suz Lepley
•   2008 LandSea leaders
•   The Wilderness Philosophy House

                                      KOC- Kalamazoo Outing Club
The End

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