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									                                                                        First National Bank
                                                                                                   Liberal & Hugoton
MAY, 2010

    April Showers bring
       May flowers!
                                                   Free Annual Credit Reports
The First National Bank         Lots of companies are try-      As required by law to pro-       plete the form and mail
and all Branches will be        ing to sell credit reports to   vide the public with their       it to:
                                people and it gets confus-      free annual credit report, the   Annual Credit Report
              CLOSED            ing as to which one is offi-    official website for the three   Request Service
              Monday            cial. You can obtain only       nationwide credit bureaus is:    P. O. Box 105281
                                one free credit report a       Atlanta, GA 30348-5281
        May 31, 2010            year from each of the three
                                nationwide credit bureaus,      To request your credit report
                For                                                                              Your reports will be
                                but you do not have to          by phone, call:
        Memorial Day!                                                                            mailed to you within 15
                                order the reports from all      1-877-322-8228                   days after your request
                                three credit bureaus at the                                      is received. Please allow
                                                                There will be a simple verifi-
                                same time. You can order                                         2 to 3 weeks for deliv-
                                                                cation process over the
                                one from Transunion and a                                        ery.
                                                                phone. Your reports will be
                                few weeks or months later
                                                                mailed to you within 15
                                order one from Equifax,                                          Only the Central Source,
                                                                days, but allow 2 to 3 weeks
                                and then later one from                                          and its members—
                                                                for delivery.
                                Experian, if you want to                                         Equifax, Experian and
                                spread out the reports.         You may also request your
                                                                                                 Transunion, have been
                                                                credit report by mail. You
                                While the credit report is                                       authorized by law and
                                                                will need to download the
                                free, if you want your                                           the government to pro-
                                                                request form at the sight
                                credit score, you will have                                      vide free credit reports.
                                                                listed above, print and com-
                                to pay for that.

                                                 EFFECTIVE JUNE 28, 2010

• Blessed is he who for-
  gives without remem-
                                                                ATM TRANSACTIONS
  bering and who re-
  ceives     forgiveness                                                  AND
  without forgetting.
                                        ONE-TIME DEBIT CARD (POINT OF SALE) TRANSACTIONS
• Go outside every day.
  Miracles are waiting                                          WILL BE DECLINED
  everywhere.     Regina
     you cried and the world               AVAILABLE TO COVER THESE TRANSACTIONS.
     rejoiced. Live your life
     in such a manner that       Due to recent Regulation E changes mandated by the Federal Reserve,
     when you die, the
                                  this will protect our customers from incurring overdraft fees for these
     world cries and you
     rejoice. Indian Proverb                                types of transactions.
• Like the tide, some
  things arrive in their
  own mysterious hour,                       CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING SENIORS!
  on their own terms and
  not yours, to be seized                                         What an exciting time!
  or relinquished forever.
     Godwin                                        As you enter the next chapter in your life, all of us at the
• No one is in charge of                                   First National Bank wish you the very best
  your happiness except
  you. Regina Brett                                                 in all your endeavors.
• A happy memory never                                                Reach for the stars!
  wears out.
 First National Bank
 Liberal/Hugoton                                      First National Bank Awards Two Scholarships!

Main Bank                Hugoton Branch
1700 N. Lincoln          502 South Jackson           On April 19, 2010, at the Liberal High School Academic
Liberal, KS 67901        Hugoton, KS 67951
(620) 624-1971           (620) 544-8908              Awards Banquet, the First National Bank of Liberal

Express Bank             Money $ Mart
                                                     awarded two $250 scholarships to two of Liberal’s
4th & Lincoln            250 E. Tucker Road          graduating High School Seniors!
Liberal, KS 67901        Liberal, KS 67901
(620) 626-1359           (620) 624-2700
                                                                         Blake Abbott
Express Bank South
930 S. Kansas                                                          Adriana Vasquez
Liberal, KS 67901
(620) 624-1888
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         Calendar of Events                   FDIC TRANSACTION ACCOUNT GUARANTEE
May 6 National Day of Prayer                               PROGRAM
      7:45 am—Prayer at the
      Flag Pole at FNB
                                        The First National Bank of Liberal has chosen to
May 8 SCCC*ATS Graduation
                                        participate in the FDIC’s Transaction Account
May 9 Mothers’ Day                      Guarantee Program.

May 20 FPC Music Makers
       Perform at 3:00 pm               Non-interest-bearing checking accounts are fully guaranteed
       Wheatridge Park Care             by the FDIC for the entire amount in the account through
                                        December 31, 2010. The guarantee also applies to IOLTA
May 23 LHS Graduation
                                        Accounts and NOW Account. Effective July 1, 2010, the
                                        maximum interest rate limit for IOLTA Accounts and NOW
May 26 Last day of school!              Accounts will be lowered from 0.50% to 0.25%.
May 27 Chamber After Hours
       5:00—7:00 pm                     In this uncertain environment, we know the FDIC protection is
       Wheatridge Park Care             important, and we wanted to provide you with this extra
May 31 Memorial Day Holiday
                                        protection and assurance that your money is safe.

June 20 Fathers’ Day
                                        If you have Sweep Accounts that result in funds being
June 25 Relay for Life Event            transferred or reclassified to an interest-bearing account or a
                                        non-transaction account, such as an automatic transfer from
                                        a checking account into a Money Market Account, those funds
                                        are no longer eligible for the full guarantee provided under
                                        the Transaction Account Guarantee Program.

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