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									                                                                                                                        SLC Brush-Up Exam 2010
13. Study the following program and answer the questions that follow: (2×1=2)                    Round: #3                                                                            Set: A

    REM To check whether the supplied no. is perfect                                             Subject: Computer Science                                               Full Marks: 50
    square or not                                                                                Time:    1:30 hrs                                                       Pass Marks: 20
    DECLARE FUNCTION check (a)
                                                                                                 Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.
    INPUT "type any number: "; n
                                                                                                                                    Group ‘A’
    IF check (n) = 0 THEN
                                                                                                                             [Fundamentals - 22 Marks]
            PRINT "Perfect Square"
    ELSE                                                                                         1.   Answer the following question:                                             (5×2=10)
            PRINT "Not Perfect Square"                                                                a) Differentiate between guided media and unguided media with examples.
    END IF                                                                                            b) Differentiate between e-mail and general mail send through post office.
    END                                                                                               c) What are intellectual properties? Give some examples.
    ===============================                                                                   d) Write down few activities of Computer virus.
    FUNCTION check (x)                                                                                e) What is software security? Define encryption.
    s = SQR(x)
    IF s = INT(s) THEN
            check = 1                                                                            2.   a) Perform as indicated:                                                    (2×1=2)
    ELSE                                                                                                 i) (1034)8 into Hexadecimal     ii) (100111010)2 into Decimal
            check = 0                                                                                 b) Perform the following binary operations:                                 (2×1=2)
    END IF                                                                                               i) (1101 × 111) +1010           ii) 101111101 ÷ 1010
                                                                                                 3.   Match the following:                                                       (4×0.5=2)
    a) What is the use of SQR() function?                                                             Group A                     Group B
    b) Is there any logical error? If yes, where is it?                                               a) Token Passing        -   Ring Topology
                                                                                                      b) Switch               -   Mesh Topology
                                                                                                      c) CSMA/CD              -   Hybrid Topology
14. Code the program for the following problems:                         (3×3=9)
                                                                                                      d) Point-to-Point       -   Bus Topology
    a) Write a program that asks length and breadth of a room and calculates its
                                                                                                                              -   Star Topology
       perimeter using a function procedure.
    b) Write a program that asks any string value and counts the frequency of
                                                                                                 4.   Choose the most appropriate answer:                                        (4×0.5=2)
       vowels using a sub procedure.
                                                                                                      a) What is the known as two way communication system?
    c) A Sequential data file “WEBSITES.DAT” has several records having files                            i. Duplex              ii. Half-duplex      iii. Simplex   iv. Full-duplex
       name, address and email. Write a program to display all the records from the                   b) Protocol to fetch the mail from the mail server.
       file.                                                                                             i. FTP                 ii. POP              iii. SMTP      iv. RIP
                                                                                                      c) Which is the web browser?
                                                                                                         i. Windows Explorer ii. Thunderbird
                                                                                                         iii. Microsoft Bing    iv. Google Chrome
                                                                                                      d) Choose the odd one.
                                                                                                         i. Hub                 ii. Switch           iii. MODEM     iv. Router
                                                Visit our website at:
                                                                                                 5.   Give the appropriate technical terms of the following:              (4×0.5=2)
                                                                                                      a) A type of virus that Pretends to be a normal useful program.
                                                                                                      b) A type of computer virus that infects the     document or template of word
                                                                                                          processing or spreadsheet.
                                                                                                      c) Structure in which computers are connected in Local Area Network.
                                                                                                      d) Protocol used to find the IP address by sending the MAC address.
                                                                                        11. Write down the output of below program:           (2)
6.   Write the full form of the following:                                (4×0.5=2)
     a. MAC          b. ISOC        c. SQL       d. PNG                                     DECLARE SUB check (a, b)
                                                                                            COMMON SHARED c
                                 Group ‘B’                                                  CLS
                   [Database Management System - 10 Marks]                                  m = 19: n = 68
                                                                                            p = 38: c = 22
7.   Answer the following questions:                               (3×2=6)                  z = 18
     a) What is database Management System? Give any two example of Database                CALL check((m), n)
        management system.                                                                  PRINT m; n
     b) Differentiate between Select query and Action query.                                END
     c) Write any 4 data types supported by MS-Access.                                      ======================
                                                                                            SUB check (p, q)
8.   Choose the correct answer [Choose all that apply]:              (4×0.5=2)              a = 2
     a) Which is data type(s) of MS-Access?                                                 b = 7
        i. Memo       ii. Hyperlink     iii. Lookup Wizard iv. Word                         p = p + c
     b) Space used by a date/time data type is ……………….                                      q = q + b
        i. 1 Byte     ii. 2 Bytes       iii. 4 Bytes        iv. 8 Bytes                     a = a + m
     c) The default field size of Number data type in MS-Access is …………….                   PRINT a; c; z;
        i. Integer    ii. Short Integer iii. Long Integer   iv. Byte                        END SUB
     d) MS-Access supports ………………. types of data.
        i. 7          ii. 8             iii. 9              iv. 10                      12. Re-write the below program correcting the bugs:   (2)

9.   Match the following:                                                  (4×0.5=2)        REM To display the reverse of the number
        Group A                    Group B                                                  DECLARE FUNCTION rev (n)
     a) Caption        - The title of the column that holds a specific type of data         CLS
     b) Field          - Specifies how the field will be displayed                          INPUT "Any number "; A
     c) Default Value - a type of a database object                                         PRINT "Reverse = "; rev(n)
     d) Format         - A descriptive name for the field, as it will appear in focus       END
                       - a field is containing the same value for almost every              =========================
                          record                                                            FUNCTION rev (n)
                                                                                            WHILE n = 0
                                   Group ‘C’                                                        r = n MOD 10
                            [Programming - 18 Marks]                                                s = s + 10 * r
                                                                                                    n = n \ 10
10. Answer the following questions:                                                         WEND
    a) Define static variable.                                                  [1]         s = rev
    b) Differentiate between DIM SHARED and SHARED statements.                  [1]         END FUNCTION
    c) Differentiate between CHR$ and STR$ functions.                           [1]

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