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The WCPT Executive Committee, pictured at their meeting in London in March. From left to right:Anne Lexow,
Marilyn Moffat, Brenda Myers (Secretary General), Sandra Mercer Moore (President), Inger Br ndsted, Jini
Dastoor, Zola Dantile, Alexis Selios

New networks will                                                                       March 2006

spread expertise
The World Confederation for Physical
Therapy s Executive Committee has
                                          build on past initiatives.
                                               Each network under the new
agreed to the principle of establishing   proposals might vary in structure
international networks to help spread     depending on the area of interest, but
physical therapy information and          all would have an opportunity to link            2-6
expertise around the globe.               through the WCPT website.
     “The idea of networks has arisen          More formal international
                                                                                   WCPT News
from the recognition that WCPT is the     networks might benefit WCPT, its
                                                                                   Including news of events
natural meeting ground for individual     Member Organisations and individual
                                                                                   at the latest Executive
physical therapists from around the       physical therapists by helping WCPT
                                                                                   Committee meeting
world who want to share information,      identify experts in specific areas.
organise exchanges and                    They would provide another route to                 7
communicate with each other about         increasing collective knowledge
                                                                                   Congress Focus
professional matters,” says WCPT          about WCPT, and recognising
Secretary General Brenda Myers.           international groups of physical
     Networks flow naturally from         therapists which already exist and                  8
WCPT objectives and there have            which meet at WCPT Congress, such        Region, Sub Group and
already been opportunities through the    as journal editors and students.         Member News
Congress website and WCPT News,                Networks would also provide an
for example. Electronic communication     additional benefit of membership in
and the website provide the means to      Member Organisations and WCPT.
                                                  WCPT to
    The World Confederation for
    Physical Therapy
    Kensington Charity Centre
                                                  awards                                     The Executive Committee at work

    4th Floor Charles House                       WCPT is to launch a new awards               profession in the areas of practice,
    375 Kensington High Street                    programme to recognise leadership            education, research and
    London W14 8QH
    Tel : +44 (0)207 471 6765                     and service to the profession                administration & policy development
    Fax: +44 (0)207 471 6766                      internationally. The move was              • humanitarian service
    E-mail: info@wcpt.org
    Web: www.wcpt.org
                                                  approved by the WCPT Executive             • leadership in rehabilitation

    Secretary General: Brenda Myers               Committee in March.                            An Awards Committee will be
                                                       The new WCPT Awards and               established including members
                                                  Recognition Programme will                 proposed by Regions which will
    Executive Committee
    President:          Sandra Mercer Moore
                                                  acknowledge service to WCPT and            review nominations and make
    Vice President:          Inger Br ndsted      the profession, but they will also         recommendations to the Executive
    Africa:                       Zola Dantile    recognise individuals/groups external      Committee.
    Asia Western Pacific:       Daulat Dastoor    to WCPT and physical therapy who               Nomination criteria and forms will
    Europe:                       Anne Lexow
    N America Caribbean:        Marilyn Moffat    have made an exceptional                   be circulated in June/July with a return
    South America:                Alexis Selios   contribution to the profession and         date of 1 December. Awards will be
                                                  global health.                             made at the time of the General
    Mission                                            The existing Mildred Elson Award      Meeting and where recipients are not
    The World Confederation for Physical          for international leadership will be       present Regions and Member
    Therapy aims to improve global health by:     augmented with new categories              Organisations will be asked to make a
    Representing the profession of physical       recognising:                               presentation on WCPT s behalf at a
      therapy internationally;
                                                  • international service to the             national or Regional event.
    Collaborating with international and
      national organisations;
    Encouraging high standards of physical
      therapy research, education and practice;
    Supporting communication and exchange
                                                  Draft practice                             Education
      of information among Regions and
      Member Organisations of WCPT.               standards                                  curriculum set
                    WCPT                          agreed                                     New guidelines setting international

news                                              The WCPT Executive Committee has
                                                  agreed draft standards of physical
                                                                                             standards in physical therapist entry
                                                                                             level education have been approved,
                                                                                             ready for presentation to the 16th
    WCPT News is published four times a           therapist practice, following a major      General Meeting in 2007. The
    year, and is available for download at        sifting and consultation exercise.         guidelines, laying down a framework
    www.wcpt.org. Reports and articles
    (submitted on disc/e-mail and print-out)             The draft standards were            for what should be included in entry
    with or without photographs are welcome,      developed using documents from             level physical therapist education
    and should be sent to the Secretary
    General at WCPT headquarters.
                                                  Member Organisations as a reference.       programmes around the world, have
    Printed copies can be sent to subscribers
                                                  Now they will be circulated to all         been revised following feedback from
    by post, at a cost of £16 for two years (to   Member Organisations with a request        Member Organisations during 2005.
    be paid in sterling, cheques payable to       for feedback.                                   The final version will be circulated
                                                        The document will be reviewed in     to Member Organisations before the
    WCPT News is produced for the WCPT by
    Simon Crompton, 32 Hawthorn Avenue,           light of the comments received during      General Meeting. The guidelines are
    London N13 4JT. Tel: 44 (0) 20 8351 8254      feedback, with the goal of a final draft   already available for use, but should
    Fax: 44 (0) 20 8372 8154
    E-mail: mail@simoncrompton.com                being circulated at the end of 2006        be clearly identified as “draft for
    ISSN 1029-5208 Copyright ' WCPT 2006          with the papers for the 2007 General       consideration at the 16th WCPT
                                                  Meeting.                                   General Meeting”.

2       WCPT News March 2006
WHO consults with WCPT
on rehabilitation guidelines
The Co-ordinator of the World
Health Organisation s
Disability and Rehabilitation
Unit has asked for physical
therapists input on a new
global plan

Frederico Montero, co-ordinator the
World Health Organisation s disability
and rehabilitation work attended
WCPT Executive Meeting this month
to discuss a collaboration with WCPT
and in particular WHO s work on
rehabilitation guidelines.
      The WCPT Secretary General
and President meet with Montero,
who heads the WHO Disability and
Rehabilitation (DAR) team, regularly.
They had invited him to discuss              Frederico Montero (second from right) pictured with Executive Committee
current issues with the Executive            members (from left) Marilyn Moffat, Alexis Selios and Inger Br ndsted.
Committee. Montero said that he was          would see medical rehabilitation as        areas. We need to have well educated
keen to discuss a new worldwide              one component of rehabilitation.           physical therapists, but that will take a
initiative on rehabilitation, which               “WCPT will be submitting a            long time, and in the meantime we
follows a WHO resolution on disability       statement describing its view of           may need to assure services by using
and rehabilitation. As part of this, the     rehabilitation,” she says. “This will      general practitioners like doctors and
WHO will produce a world                     also form the basis for development of     other health professions.”
rehabilitation report.                       a Declaration of Principle on                  Sandra Mercer Moore said that
      “To produce that, we will need a lot   Rehabilitation.”                           WCPT wanted to help the WHO
of support from our partners. And                 Montero told WCPT News he             Disability and Rehabilitation team by
WCPT being in a professional                 believed that each profession had a        compiling a list of what physical
relationship with us, will be a very         role to play in the process of             therapy resources are actually
useful organisation to work with,”           rehabilitation. “They all need to work     available in developing countries.
Montero told WCPT News during his            in partnership with people with            “We d like to see greater use of
visit. “We want a document and a plan        disabilities, and understand that          existing physical therapy services,”
of action that will have an impact on        disability has to do with social issues,   she says.
policies, not something purely               and not just physical issues,” he said.
academic. WCPT will be able to help               “I think it will be very important
us with numbers of physical therapists       that professionals from developing
                                                                                        New members proposed
in different countries and help us           countries, including physical              The WCPT Executive Committee
develop a picture of what services are       therapists, are involved, because they     reviewed membership applications
available.”                                  will have more information about           from the Bahamas Association of
      Montero said that one of the first     people with disabilities in countries      Physiotherapists, the Bahrain Physical
areas to be decided was the                  with often non-existent resources.”        Therapy Association and the
terminology to be used in the report.             “We really need to think from the     Bangladesh Physiotherapy
The project is billed as investigating       human point of view about priorities,      Association. They will be proposed for
“medical rehabilitation guidelines”. But     and how we can manage to assure            admission at the 2007 General
according to WCPT President Sandra           services and develop more formal           Meeting. The Emirates Physiotherapy
Mercer Moore, physical therapists            training for professions in different      Society will also be proposed.
                                                                                               WCPT News March 2006            3
WCPT mourns
Doreen Bauer
It is with deep sadness that WCPT                “It was a time of much change, the
notes the death of Doreen Bauer — a         new Articles of Association had been
leader in the field of physiotherapy in     drafted and approved, the WCPT
Australia and internationally.              Regions were being established and
      In Australia, she held senior         the new structure of the WCPT
positions at state and federal level        Executive Committee had been
within the Australian Physiotherapy         implemented. To consolidate and make
                                                                                        discovery in a collection of
Association (APA), and was Federal          sense of the policies that had been and
                                                                                        photographs that must, in retrospect,
President 1986-88. She was the              were continuing to be developed a
                                                                                        have given her much satisfaction — but
Australian voting delegate to WCPT          series of “Position Statements” and
                                                                                        it was people, not places, that gave
in 1987-88, and WCPT Treasurer              “Declarations of Principle” were
                                                                                        her the greatest pleasure. She will be
from 1991 to 1995.                          formulated, discussed, agreed and
                                                                                        remembered for her generous spirit,
      WCPT President Sandra Mercer          published. Doreen took a leading role
                                                                                        sense of humour and deep humanity.”
Moore said: “Doreen contributed             in this work, using to good effect her
                                                                                             Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary
significantly to the profession herself     love of the English language. She had
                                                                                        General, said: “Doreen s legacy in the
and also inspired others, including         a clarity of thought and expression
                                                                                        form of the Declarations of Principle
myself. Had it not been for the             which was used to good effect in the
                                                                                        and Position Statements, adopted in
mentoring of Doreen Bauer when I was        final document, which deals with a
                                                                                        1995, will live on for many years.
National President of the APA, I would      range of complex professional issues.”
                                                                                        They are one of the most significant
never have taken the step into the               “Her particular interest in the
                                                                                        WCPT products in recent years and
unchartered waters of regionalisation       international rules of professional
                                                                                        are used around the world to support
and international affairs.”                 conduct, evidence based practice and
                                                                                        the profession.”
      David Teager, who worked with         the rights of disabled people, elderly
Doreen on the WCPT Executive                people, children and victims of torture     Those who wish to send letters to
Committee, said: “She fulfilled the role    gave a particular focus to the              Doreen’s family can send them to:
of WCPT Treasurer with skill and            contribution she made to the                Wendy Hubbard, Executive Director
enthusiasm, working with investment         profession at an international level.”      Allied Health, PO Box 577, Ballarat
advisers to secure and consolidate the           “She was an intrepid traveller,        Vic 3353 or via email to
financial base of the Confederation.        capturing her many voyages of               WendyH@bhs.org.au

Changes on the cards for WCPT
corporate image and news
The World Confederation for Physical              One of the changes we re looking      did this, rather than the current
Therapy is redeveloping it s corporate      at is whether to make the publication       system of linking to a pdf file on the
identity, and examining ways to give        web-based, but still available as a         website.
it s publications and website a brand       printed version to those who have                And if we are making all these
new look.                                   difficulty accessing the internet easily.   changes, do you think WCPT News is
      As part of this process, it is also         Would you welcome such a              the right title for the publication? Is it
reviewing WCPT News, examining              change? One option is to send               time for a new title, to go with a re-
ways it can better meet the needs of        everyone an e-mailed summary                invigorated publication? Do let us
readers all over the world. We d really     version of WCPT News on a regular           know your thoughts.
like your thoughts on what you d like       basis - even every month. This would
to see in WCPT News. What do you            then link to longer versions of articles    You can contact Simon Crompton, the
currently like and dislike about it? Is     on the WCPT web site. Would you             Editor of WCPT News, direct on
there anything you d like more of?          read WCPT News more or less if we           mail@simoncrompton.com

4     WCPT News March 2006
PT research
available on
WCPT is encouraging the wider use of
a World Health Organisation database
of research. The HINARI programme
(Health InterNetwork Access to
Research Initiative) was been set up
by WHO with major publishers to
enable developing countries to access
biomedical, social science and health
     Over 3,230 journal titles are now
available to health institutions in 113
countries. Although physical therapy is
not currently listed as a subject
heading, six physical therapy journals
are covered: the Japanese Physical
Therapy Association Journal, the
Journal of Physical Therapy Science,
                                           Former WCPT
Pediatric Physical Therapy, Physical
Therapy in Sport and Physiotherapy
Theory and Practice. The Australian
                                           President honoured
Physiotherapy Journal has just been        Doreen Moore, a former President of           In 1976 Doreen headed back to
added. The American Journal of             WCPT, has been made a member of          Australia to take up the position of
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,      the order of Australia (AM) in this      Head of the Physiotherapy School at
and the Archives of Physical Medicine      year s Australia Day Awards. She         Cumberland College which grew to be
And Rehabilitation are also included.      received the award for service to        one of the biggest schools in the world.
     The HINARI organisers have said       physiotherapy, particularly as an        As the Inaugural National President of
they will be pleased to accept offers of   educator, and her contribution to        the Australian Physiotherapy
online, peer-reviewed physical             professional development through a       Association, she led the profession
therapy and rehabilitation journals for    range of national roles.                 through a number of significant
inclusion in HINARI (please contact             Doreen Moore, now Doreen            changes, and helped form a national
hinari@who.int).                           Wheelwright, is one of the few people    association from previously
     Not-for-profit institutions in two    to have been the President of two        independent state bodies. She was
groups of countries may register for       physical therapy national bodies, in     concurrently APA national President,
access to journals through HINARI:         Canada and Australia. Although the       Physiotherapists Registration Board
countries with GNP per capita below        early days of her professional life      President and Head of School.
$1000 are eligible for free access,        started at Royal North Shore Hospital         In 1987 she was the Convenor for
countries with GNP per capita              in Sydney, Australia, she went to work   the 10th WCPT Congress in Sydney,
between $1000-$3000 pay a yearly           in England shortly after graduation.     and the profit from that Congress was
fee per institution.                            Then she headed to Canada           used to establish the Physiotherapy
     Eligible categories of institutions   where she treated First Nations and      Research Foundation. As well as her
are: national universities, research       Inuit children through the polio         latest award, Doreen was awarded a
institutes, professional schools,          epidemics. She rapidly rose through      Gold Medal for Services to Physical
teaching hospitals, government             the ranks, completed a Masters of        Therapy (1968).
offices and national medical libraries.    Health Services Administration, and           In Doreen s words: “ It is a good
Professional associations are not          became President of the Canadian         thing for us to show the therapists
eligible to register, but their members    Physiotherapy Association in 1967.       concern for the community and to
should all be eligible through their       She went on to represent Canada          recognise that we do have some skills
places of work.                            with WCPT, and was WCPT President        or resources that we can use outside
www.who.int/hinari/en                      between 1970 and 1974.                   the absolute practice of the profession”.

                                                                                            WCPT News March 2006           5
WCPT                                                                                                   NEWS
Help for disaster
victims moves
centre stage
WCPT is developing a statement on            them for the essential treatment
the role of physical therapists in helping   required after that. “We ve found
areas affected by natural disasters          people trying to cut off leg plasters
such as floods and earthquakes.              with stones, and people deteriorating
     The moves are being co-                 because their wounds become                Jini Dastoor
ordinated by Daulat (known as Jini)          infected, or they are lying in the wrong
Dastoor, the WCPT Executive                  position,” she says.                       therapists should be involved from the
Committee member representing                     “So physical therapists can help      word go. They can save doctors time,
Asia Western Pacific Region. She has         dress wounds, put on plasters, and         and leave us to deal with the more
direct experience of how physical            take x-rays in the, say, six months        long-term musculo-skeletal
therapists can help people in the            following a major disaster. Physical       problems.”
aftermath of disasters. She helped
with efforts to tend to and rehabilitate
survivors of the Gujarat earthquake,
which killed 20,000 people in 2001 -
and other disasters affecting the
Indian Sub Continent.
     She has circulated a consultation
document around WCPT
representatives in the Asia Western
Pacific Region, proposing that
physical therapy schools around the
globe should do more to educate
students about what they can do to
help in the face of major disasters.
     “My Region has now experienced
two major earthquakes and a tsunami
in recent years,” she says. “After the
tsunami, one of the physiotherapy
colleges in the South of India
adopted an affected area, and it gave
service and experience to the
     “After the Gujarat earthquake, we
also got a lot of voluntary help from
students, and if we could introduce
that on a more organised basis, it
would solve a lot of problems.
Students would be much more
     What tends to happen after such
natural disasters, says Dr Dastoor, is
that earthquake victims receive
emergency or life saving treatment in
makeshift hospitals set up by non-
governmental organisations. But the
hospitals are unable to accommodate

6     WCPT News March 2006
Congress                                                                                          FOCUS
How a WCPT Congress
changed my professional life
Why are WCPT Congresses                       Iraq became clear because of the
                                              hardship that it was likely to cause to      Did a WCPT Congress
important? Bill Romani                                                                     change your
                                              Iraqi civilians. I slid down in my chair.
describes how the last                              It took me about an hour to speak      professional life?
meeting in Barcelona gave                     out: I said I thought there was a need
                                              for volunteers to provide physical           If you had experiences at a WCPT
him the opportunity to get an
                                              therapy support, education, and              Congress in the past that has set
important new international                   services but I drew attention to my          you on a new course professionally,
volunteering project off the                  difficulty in finding a way to volunteer     please let us know. Send details to:
                                                                                           Simon Crompton, Editor, WCPT
ground.                                       for this type of service overseas. I
                                              suggested there should be a central          News
                                              place where clinicians from around
I went to the WCPT Congress in
                                              the world could find places to
Barcelona in 2003 to present an                                                           such a site existed they would
                                              volunteer overseas. Certainly the
abstract of my work on the influence of                                                   consider volunteering overseas. I
                                              wealthiest countries like the US,
steroid sex hormones and the                                                              also discovered quite a few clinicians,
                                              Canada, and the UK should have the
remodelling of the anterior cruciate                                                      organisations, and schools that were
                                              resources to contribute to such efforts.
ligament in women. I was in the                                                           involved in overseas service.
                                                    After the meeting I met with an
process of starting a clinic at the                                                            Over the next year I tried to
                                              educator from a physiotherapy school
University of Maryland School of                                                          assemble a group to meet at the 2005
                                              in Melbourne, Australia who brought
Medicine to serve homeless and                                                            Combined Sections Meeting in New
                                              her students to India for training, a
medically indigent patients. I wanted                                                     Orleans to discuss an international
                                              physical therapist helping start a PT
to expand my experience, so that I                                                        service clearing house web site. I was
                                              education programme in Afghanistan,
could volunteer with underserved                                                          able to assemble a group with
                                              and one of the panelists. We agreed
populations overseas and had very                                                         participants from Health Volunteers
                                              there and then to try to establish a
limited success finding anything on                                                       Overseas, the Cross Cultural and
                                              central site for organisations needing
US web sites.                                                                             International Special Interest Group
                                              PT services, and PTs willing to
      When I got to Barcelona a                                                           from the APTA Health Policy and
symposium on physical therapy and                                                         Administration Section, and Faculty
                                                    When I got back to the US just
torture caught my eye. Coming from                                                        members from the University of
                                              about everyone I talked to said that if
the United States where there is very                                                     Florida.
little overseas travel, it was a topic that                                                    Later that year we met with
was novel and I thought that it might                                                     Brenda Meyers, WCPT Secretary
provide some clues on how to get                                                          General, at the APTA National
involved in overseas service. The                                                         meeting in Boston. Since that time the
symposium was very powerful. The                                                          WCPT has been very supportive of
stories of torture and the struggles to                                                   our efforts to generate a central web
help torture survivors with physical                                                      site where countries or organisations
therapy services told by clinicians in                                                    could define their needs for PT
South Africa and Zimbabwe were                                                            services or consulting and where
quite moving. Hearing these first hand                                                    volunteers could find places to serve.
stories made the subject much closer                                                      Now we are hoping to use the 2007
and more personal.                                                                        WCPT meeting in Vancouver as a
      The meeting in Barcelona was                                                        stage to discuss ways to get the word
held about two months after the                                                           out about international service. We
United States declared war on Iraq.                                                       hope to hold a symposium and
As the discussion shifted to war as a                                                     meetings on the subject.
cause of torture, the level of                                                            For more information, contact
                                              Bill Romani
discomfort many felt with the war in                                                      WRomani@som.umaryland.edu

                                                                                                  WCPT News March 2006            7
Region                                                                                       NEWS
Africa Region                                 According to Zola Dantile, the    September this year. The Congress is
                                         WCPT Executive Committee member        notable because it will incorporate the
Resolution                               for Africa, the Namibian Government
                                         has now accepted the manifesto, and
                                                                                First Congress of WCPT s South
                                                                                America Region.
prompts action                           is in the process of compiling
                                         guidelines on how to improve
                                                                                     The conference aims to reflect
                                                                                physical therapists responsibilities
in Namibia                               physiotherapy services.                promoting public health and
                                                                                preventing illness. It will air the
A joint initiative by the WCPT Africa
                                                                                political, economic, social and
Region and the Namibia Society of        South America Region
                                                                                professional arguments for physical
Physiotherapy has resulted in the
Namibian Government accepting the
need for better structured
                                         Countdown to a                         therapists being in health promotion
                                                                                programmes. in these programs,
physiotherapy services in the country.   unique                                 identifying the intervention tendencies
                                                                                and the involvement opportunities in
     At a regional conference hosted
by the Namibian society last year, the   gathering                              favour of the impact and validity of the
conference put together a manifesto      Preparations are well underway for
                                                                                     Other thematic cores are the
noting the critical shortage of          the 12th Latin American Congress of
                                                                                physiological and biomechanical
physiotherapists in government           Physiotherapy and Kinesiology, to be
                                                                                aspects of physical activity,
hospitals and rural areas.               held in Bogota, Colombia in
                                                                                conceptual aspects of physical
                                                                                therapy, diagnosis and clinical
                                                                                intervention, and administration and
                                                                                     For further information,

                                                                                European Region
                                                                                becomes a
                                                                                member of
                                                                                EU Forum
                                                                                The European Region of WCPT has
                                                                                obtained membership of the
                                                                                European Union s Health Policy
                                                                                     The aim of the Forum is to bring
                                                                                together umbrella organisations
                                                                                representing stakeholders in the
                                                                                health sector to ensure that the EU s
                                                                                health strategy is open, transparent
                                                                                and responds to public concerns. It
                                                                                provides an opportunity to organise
                                                                                consultations, exchange views and
                                                                                help with the implementation of
                                                                                specific initiatives.
                                                                                     Membership of the EU Health
                                                                                Policy Forum provides the Region with
                                                                                an opportunity to make a contribution to
                                                                                European health policy and set
                                                                                priorities. It confirms WCPT s European
                                                                                Region as the recognised voice of the
                                                                                profession at European level.

8     WCPT News March 2006
Sub Group                                                                                       NEWS
The International                                                                   International Private
Federation of Sports                                                                Practitioners Association
Workshops on                                                                        innovates
sports PT                                                                           Private practitioners from all over the
standards                                                                           world met in Melbourne in September
                                                                                    to attend the 3rd International Private
The International Federation of Sports                                              Practitioners Conference.
Physiotherapy (IFSP) is holding                                                          At the conference, organised by
workshops in July as part of its Sports                                             the International Private Practitioners
Physiotherapy for All (SPA) project.                                                Association (IPPA), delegates
The workshops will help IFSP member                                                 attended representing IPPA Member
organisations implement sports                                                      Organisations from Australia,
physical therapy competencies and         International Federation                  Denmark, Germany. The Netherlands,
standards, and will inform the            of Orthopaedic                            New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden,
membership about the audit toolkit        Manipulative Therapists                   the United Kingdom and the United
that has recently been developed as                                                 States of America.
part of the SPA project.                  Challenging                                    Representatives from India also
     The toolkit aims to map learning                                               attended as observers and are hoping
outcomes of sports physical therapy       colleagues to                             to join the IPPA soon. A special pre-
education programmes against the
sports physical therapy competencies      find connections                          conference workshop gave the
                                                                                    delegates time to meet each other
and standards developed by the SPA        IFOMT, the International Federation of    informally, provide an overview of their
project.                                  Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapists       organisation and discuss the
     It can also help individual PTs      will hold its next congress in            problems that each face in their
measure themselves against the            Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 8 to 13     increasingly competitive national
competencies and standards, and           June 2008.                                marketplaces. Building relationships
enable them to compile a portfolio             The theme is “Connecting             in this way is showing benefits for
showing they are at a level ready for      science to Quality of Life”. “We         Member Organisations through the
registration as an IFSP sports physical   challenge colleagues to find as many      frequency with which MOs contact
therapist.                                connections as possible and present       each other directly for information or
     This meeting is meant for all IFSP   papers to us in 2008,” says Erik          help.
member organisations. Their               Thoomes, the Chairman of IFOMT s               Many IPPA member organisations
representatives who have been             Congress Committee. “In this way we       do not currently have direct access to
involved as advisors/experts to the       can extend our knowledge for the          their services so an introductory
SPA project are particularly welcome,     benefit of our profession and our         session by Lesley Holdsworth and
as are experts from education             patients in helping them to reach their   Valerie Webster on their research into
institutes who may want to develop a      true individual potential and improve     direct access to physiotherapy in
sports physical therapy Masters           their quality of life.”                   Scotland helped people explore the
programme.                                     Speakers will include Lorimer        potential for international collaboration
     The IFSP s General Meeting,          Moseley, Deborah Falla, Paul Hodges,      on this issue. A breakout session at
planned for Wednesday, 5 July, is         Karim Kahn, Jill Cook, Bill Vincenzino,   the main conference enabled all
open to organisations considering         Louis Gifford and Mark Jones.             delegates to attend and discuss this
membership of the IFSP.                        For more details, see the website:   topic in more detail.
     It will take place as part of the    www.ifomt2008.nl                               The title of the conference,
International Physical Therapy in                                                   “Innovate”, was lived up to in many
Sport Conference, being held in           Don’t forget to send us reports           sessions that balanced clinical and
Birmingham, United Kingdom, on 7          of what’s happening in your               business expertise. Keynote speaker
and 8 July 2006. The conference is        Member Organisation, Region or            Craig Allingham a national leader in
entitled “Enhancing Recovery and          Sub Group. Ideas and material             sports physiotherapy in Australia, who
Performance in Sport” (www.ptis-          can be sent to Simon Crompton,            worked with the Australian Olympic
conference.elsevier.com). If your                                                   Team, gave a keynote lecture titled
                                          Editor of WCPT News
organisation wishes to attend, contact                                              the Seven Dwarves Guide to Men s
laetitia.dekkerbakker@quicknet.nl                                                   Health, representing the seven
                                                                                            WCPT News March 2006           9
Sub Group                                                                                         NEWS
elements of men and their attitudes to     are estimated to affect 55% of the         New Zealand talked about his device
their health.                              population over the age of 50 and she      for saline nasal irrigation as an adjunct
     He said that physical therapists      stressed the importance of physical        to respiratory treatments. Both were
need to develop strategies that will       therapists understanding how to            keen to demonstrate that PTs can
encourage men to attend for advice         manage them effectively. She also ran      reduce their clinical workload and
and treatment that will improve their      workshops that illustrated her practical   improve their financial freedom by
health and fitness. His workshop on        approach (www.sarahmeekspt.com) .          developing new income streams.
managing shoulder injuries in private           Steven Lewis from Canada, a                The Conference dinner was held
practice also provided innovative          health policy consultant, and Wim          in the magnificent surroundings of the
advice for many delegates.                 Dankaert from Curtin University in         National Gallery of Victoria. It
     Sara Meeks from Florida USA           Australia, also gave keynote               presented an opportunity for the IPPA
presented a keynote lecture on a           presentations.                             Executive Committee to publicly
comprehensive approach to the                   In the workshops, Mark Alexander      thank Physiotherapy Business
physical therapy management of low         from Melbourne demonstrated a new          Australia for their hard work on behalf
bone mass (osteopenia) and skeletal        self-mobilisation device for patients      of IPPA in putting together an
fragility (osteoporosis). These problems   with back pain, and Bruce Reilly from      inspirational conference.

Member                                                                                            NEWS
American Physical
Therapy Association
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APTA is offering free web and other
members only access to WCPT
Member Organisations are eligible for
50% dues due to their gross national
income level. Under the International
Partner of the American Physical           Pictured at the APTA 2005 annual conference, from left: Anayansi de Vizor
Therapy Association scheme, APTA           (Panama Physical Therapy Association), Sandra Mercer Moore (WCPT
will be providing some of its resources    President) , Marilyn Moffat (WCPT Executive Committee member), Brenda
to these organisations at no expense.      Myers (WCPT Secretary General), Sandra Thornhill (Bermuda Physiotherapy
     International Partners will have      Association), Karen Hurtubise (Canadian Physiotherapy Association) Johnette
free access to a select set of benefits    L. Meadows(Secretary WCPT NACR Region).
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members of the American Physical                In order to participate in the        Association (APTA) reports significant
Therapy Association (APTA). The            programme, APTA requires the               progress on practice and research
benefits are outlined below:               Association’s name, a contact person’s     issues during 2005.
• Online access to full text of APTA’s     name, mailing address, and valid e-             It has continued to develop APTA
  scientific journal, Physical Therapy.    mail address. Once this information is     CONNECT, a point-of-care,
• Online access to Hooked on               received, a log-in number and              computerised patient record system
  Evidence, APTA’s database of             password will be forwarded.                designed for physical therapists that
  evidence on the effectiveness of              Applications should be sent to        will become the basis for the APTA
  physical therapy interventions.          Barb Skewes, APTA Director of              National Outcomes Database.
• Expanded access to APTA’s Web            Membership, at                                  “Hooked on Evidence” APTA s
  site at www.apta.org                     barbskewes@apta.org, with                  searchable database, has published
• APTA member discounts on                 “International Partner” typed in the       2670 abstracts, and recorded more
  publications, conferences, courses,      subject line.                              than 23,500 unique visitors and 423
  and more.                                      The American Physical Therapy        groups.

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