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MOLDA Company Portrait


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									An expert in drying processes
              for high-quality
        foods and non-foods
        – a company portrait


    Foreword                 3

    History                  4

    MOLDA AG today           5

    Technology               6

    Products and solutions   8

    Markets and customers    10

Dear customer,

MOLDA AG can look back on a very long tradition. From its modest beginnings as a local dairy coopera-
tive, the company has grown into a modern and innovative high-quality manufacturer, developing
and producing key solutions for the food industry. By constantly striving to enhance our processes, we
have been able to build up a vast base of technical know-how that is placed at the service of our
customers on a daily basis and utilised in order to perfect our products.

In addition to developing our own innovative and successful solutions, in past years we at MOLDA
have also provided our customers with valuable services in the field of contract drying. Thanks to the
use of our flexible technology, we can proudly claim to be able to create a custom-made concept
for almost every drying problem. And in the future as well, we will remain committed to increasing
customer satisfaction.

Our planned investments will lead to the creation of new solutions, the acquisition of new customers
and the further enhancement of existing products. In addition to innovations on the products front,
2009 will also bring further improvements to company processes. Through the introduction of
state-of-the-art systems, MOLDA will firmly integrate existing processes into overall procedures to
the continuing benefit of its customers. We are confident that you will be delighted with our
improved service.

With the information below, we hope to provide you with an interesting insight into MOLDA,
how we operate, and our company’s future prospects in this exciting market.

Our cooperation with you is a cornerstone of our company strategy for 2009. We cordially invite you
to join us on our chosen path.

Best regards,

Dr. Jan Gert ten Kate               Dr. Torsten Voß                       Norbert Drave
Chairman of the Supervisory Board   Chairman of the Board of Management   Member of the Board of Management


    MOLDA can look back on a proud tradition
    as one of the longest-established
    food processing companies in northern

MOLDA was founded in 1892 by local milk farmers
as a dairy cooperative in Dahlenburg.

                                                    The former cooperative was converted into a joint
                                                    stock corporation in 1981, when its name was
                                                    changed to MOLDA AG.
                                                    In the period from 1974 to 1993 the company’s
                                                    continuous freeze-drying plant was added to with
In the 1950s the company began to specialize in     a total of 19 batch tunnels. The company’s second
the drying of food. Following the erection of its   continuous freeze-drying plant, built at an invest-
first spray-drying tower in 1955, MOLDA further      ment of € 8 million, was installed and commis-
diversified into the manufacture of products such    sioned in 2001. Just one year later the company
as lecithin powder, using skimmed milk as a car-    invested a further € 14 million in a third continu-
rier.                                               ous freeze-drying plant and also installed a roller
By 1962 the company had installed and commis-       dryer, which is used for the production of raw ma-
sioned its first continuous freeze-drying unit for   terials for choux pastry, malt-extract powder and
quark powder and other products. This was fol-      fruit powder. The company’s most recent major
lowed in 1978 by the start-up of the company’s      investment dates from 2007. Built at an invest-
first vacuum belt dryer for processing liquid and    ment of € 10.5 million, the high-performance
paste-like raw ingredients to make products such    “Spray-Drying Tower 6” is scheduled to go into
as juice powder, honey powder, malt-extract pow-    operation at the beginning of 2009 and will take
der and Florentine biscuit mixtures.                MOLDA to the cutting edge of this technology.


 Based in northern Germany near the
 city of Hamburg, MOLDA today is a modern
 medium-sized enterprise that operates
 around the globe.

With our wide range of processing capabilities
and technical expertise, we are able to provide
our customers with innovative and custom-made
Our highly experienced engineers and technicians
have played a key role in developing the company
into one of the world’s leading suppliers of drying
processes. In addition to food production, we also
develop and manufacture products for the chemi-
cals industry.

 MOLDA AG facts and figures

 Type of company              Unlisted joint stock company
 Shareholders                 Registered shareholders (ca. 1,200)
 Equity capital               € 7.4 million
 Subsidiaries                 MOLDA UK, MOLDA France, MOLDA Hungaria, NFP GmbH,
                              PRI Pocantico Resources (USA);
                              agencies in over 20 countries worldwide
 Certification                 Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000, BRC (higher level),
                              IFS (higher level); organic certification: DE-003-Öko-Kontrollstelle,
 Employees                    400
 Production processes         Spray, freeze, vacuum and roller drying; coating, mixing,
                              packing, canning
 Annual turnover              € 83.9 million (2008), € 81.0 million (2007)
 Annual production output 25,000 tonnes
 Storage capacity             15,000 storage facilities (corresponding to ca. 10,000 tonnes)


    Drying is one of the oldest and most natural
    methods of preserving foods such as fruits.
    It is also one of the most gentle and, as such,
    has remained in wide use to this very day.
    In general, drying is the removal of liquids
    from the goods being dried by a variety of
    methods including evaporation.
    The dry goods can be produced in powder
    or granulate form, in pieces or in slices or,
    in the case of fruit, left whole.
    Following the removal of moisture, the dry
    goods have a much lower weight than the
    original material, while retaining all their
    important and valuable constituents such
    as vitamins and minerals.


The physical principle behind freeze-drying is
based on two simple phenomena:
● Even in the coldest winter, washing hung out-
  side will still dry. This is because the moisture
  in the clothes freezes and evaporates without
  becoming liquid again. Physicists call this
  process sublimation.
● At very high altitudes the air pressure falls,
  with the result that water will boil at tempera-
  tures of as low as 20 °Celsius.

The process of freeze-drying exploits the laws of
nature behind these two phenomena. Before the
drying process begins, the product is first frozen.
The frozen water is then evaporated by means of
sublimation in a vacuum. In the process, the pro-
duct is gently dried and preserved.
● Typical products dried in this way include
  strawberries, raspberries, sour cherries and
  other fruits. The finished product can be
  whole, in pieces, slices, or in powder or granu-
  late form together with a carrier material.

Roller drying

In a process known as contact drying, the product
is dried on the outer surface of a revolving roller
that is heated from within by steam. Roller dry-
ing is especially suitable for viscous fluids and is
a highly economical method for drying large vol-
● Typical products dried in this way include
   raw materials for choux pastry, malt-extract
   powder and fruit powder.

Vacuum belt drying

This process is based on the fact that at low
temperatures water evaporates more quickly in
a vacuum than at normal atmospheric pressure.
Vacuum drying can be used for both liquids and
solids and is an especially gentle method.
● Typical products dried in this way include
   juice powder, honey powder and Florentine
   biscuit mixtures.

Spray drying

The product is fed by means of rapidly rotating
discs into a stream of hot air, which dries it to a
fine powder in a fraction of a second. This process
is gentle on the product.
● Typical products dried in this way include
   yoghurt powder, quark powder, cream powder,
   butter powder, fat powder and lecithin powder.

    Products and solutions

    The MOLDA facilities

Freeze-drying                                          Roller drying

Nineteen batch tunnels, fifteen of which are            One roller dryer
 reserved for kosher products
Three continuous freeze-drying plants
Freezing via flow freezers, contact plate freezers
 and belt freezers
Grinding and screening

    Agglomeration Agglomeration in the drying chamber (fine powder recirculation),
                     integrated into spray dryingg
    Mixing           Four mixing plants, one with automatic bagging/palletizing machine
                     and one with a bag-in-box machine
    Packing          Large packs such as big bags, sacks and boxes
                     Small packs: tubular bags / stand-up pouches from 100 grams to 2 kilograms
                     with flexible pack sizes
    Pilot facilities Spay dryer, vacuum belt dryer, freeze dryer

Vacuum belt dryer

Four belt dryers, one of which is GMP-compliant
  (as of mid-2009)

                                                     Spray drying

                                                     Six spray-drying towers (two with powder recir-
                                                     Inline dosing of flow agents and other constitu-

   Quality is our benchmark                       Company laboratory

   Quality standards                              Providing expert chemical-physical and
                    DIN EN ISO 9001:2000          microbiological analysis, including detection of
                    IFS (higher level)                                      pathogens
                    BRC (B level)                                           (risk class 2)
                    BIO certification
                    BIO NOP certification
                    GMP certification
                    Kosher production

 Markets and customers

 With our highly flexible production technolo-         triggered an increased demand for natural and
 gies at MOLDA, we are in a position to serve         organic products without additives or preser-
 a vast range of markets. This also gives us          vatives.
 the versatility to react to changing customer        MOLDA has received all the major certifications in
 needs and market requirements.                       the food industry. This is absolutely vital in order
                                                      to be able to meet the demands of the market.

                                                      Food ingredients
                                                      By food ingredients, we mean compounds used
Areas of activity                                     in the food industry, including whey powder,
                                                      yoghurt powder and cream powder. In meeting
Speciality products                                   the consumer demand for products low in fat,
Compared to staple articles, speciality products      carbohydrates and calories, these ingredients
are now playing an increasingly important role        help sustain the trend towards healthier eating.
for high-quality manufacturers. With their strong     MOLDA offers a vast range of products in this
differentiation from rival products and their more    field.
exacting technical specifications for production,
speciality products demand a high level of service    Bakery ingredients
from the manufacturer.                                The baked goods industry demands standardized
                                                      products that conform to the highest quality cri-
Contract drying                                       teria. For decades now, MOLDA has been manu-
Production requirements are especially exacting       facturing baking mixtures and drying sourdough,
in the field of contract drying, which is often used   yeast and many other products for bakeries and
for the manufacture of new and innovative prod-       other large consumers.
ucts. This requires great technical expertise
as well as flexible production systems. In addition    Meat
to our expertise in production, MOLDA has             Using a special process, MOLDA is the world’s
also acquired a global reputation for develop-        leading supplier of meat-based ingredients for
ment services. We are proud of our long lasting       sausage manufacture. The products made with
successful business relationship with the multi-      such ingredients are of supreme quality and di-
nationals as well as with medium size and small       gestibility — it’s a real growth segment.
food producers.

Market segments

For decades now, MOLDA has been producing
freeze-dried fruits for a vast range of applica-
tions. The global trend towards healthier eating
and lifestyle is gathering momentum, and here
fruits play a major role.
Fears regarding genetically modified foods have

Objectives and core strategy

Corporate strategy at MOLDA is oriented towards    MOLDA — the customers’ verdict
the company’s strengths and the demands of the
                                                   ● MOLDA has the specialists who can solve
                                                     my problems.

Our unique characteristics:                        ● The company’s drying capabilities offer
                                                     unique combinations.
● Four drying processes                            ● Its production equipment is high-
  at one location                                    performance, modern and flexible.
● Flexible production capabilities
                                                   ● The workforce handles the production
● High level of technical know-how
                                                     processes perfectly.
● Long experience, especially in the
  development of new products and                  ● MOLDA has the know-how required
  processes                                          to take research and development
● Competent and motivated employees                  projects to market maturity.
● Private energy supply from our own               ● Products from MOLDA always live up
  power plant                                        to my expectations.
● Own wastewater treatment plant
                                                   ● Here I always get top value for money.
                                                   ● MOLDA is committed to helping society
In order to ensure that our strengths and unique     and protecting natural resources.
characteristics fully meet the needs of the mar-
ket, our core strategy concentrates on a few key

●   Unfailing customer focus
●   Leadership with regard to quality
●   Leadership with regard to technology
●   Innovative strength


21368 Dahlenburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 5851 - 88-0
Fax: +49 (0) 5851 - 72 30
e-mail: info@molda.de

Registered at Lüneburg District Court,
HRB 486
Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Dr. Jan Gert ten Kate (Musselkanaal, NL)
Board of Management:
Dr. Torsten Voß (Chairman)
Norbert Drave


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