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					                 RyeRson TheaTRe school PResenTs:

                         RIchaRD III
                by William Shakespeare
                  DIRecTeD By RuTh MaDoc-Jones
                  assocIaTe DIRecToR esTheR Jun

                Set and Costume Design by Patrick Du Wors
                      Sound Design by Alex Williams

                         Lighting Design by Dan Aquila
                      Stage Manager Michelle Lynn Barker

                     FeBRuaRy 2 - FeBRuaRy 11/2010
                           RyeRSon TheATRe
                          43 Gerrard Street east
box office 416-979-5118
                         DIRecToR’s noTes

   Although ‘King Richard III’ is the final chapter in the bloody saga of a
  country’s civil war - an on again off again 30 year battle known as ‘the
War of the Roses’ between the houses of york and Lancaster for control of
the english crown - it stands on its own as a story of the rise and fall of an
                       individual intoxicated by power.

In Richard’s world all obstacles to the throne are to be eviscerated without
concern for human consequence. All women are suspect, to be stripped of
 identity, used and thrown away; all men are enemies, to be manipulated,
          used and thrown away. Violence is the ultimate currency.

 In the end a new hope arrives in the form of Richmond, later to become
 henry VII, yet peace is claimed through war and begs the question, ‘And
                           so where are we now?’

 In this production I have been influenced by more modern explorations of
 violence. Kubrick’s brilliant interpretation of Burgess’ dystopian satire ‘A
Clockwork orange’, ‘The Godfather’ movies, and an 80’s high fashion, high
  power ethos - the age of Thatcher and Reagan - when corporate power
              and disregard for all things human ruled the day.

Richard is almost redeemed by a momentary pang of conscience, but this
humility is quickly consumed by a lust to maintain power. he becomes a
            powerful metaphor of arrogance and consumption.
              DIRecToR / RuTh MaDoc-Jones

Ruth Madoc-Jones is an award-winning performer, dramaturge and
director and co-founder of Les Vaches (the ecstatics, Jekyll and STEM).
Directing credits include SPIN by evalyn Parry (hysteria Festival/Buddies
in Bad Times Theatre), Madness of the Square by Marjorie Chan (Cahoots
Theatre Projects/Factory Theatre), Bird Brain by Vern Theissen (LKTyP,
2009 Dora nomination Best Production), Three Birds by Joanna Laurens
(Ryerson Theatre School), Stitch – an a cappella opera by Anna Chatterton
and Juliet Palmer (Urban Vessel/Free Fall Festival/Theatre Centre, 2008
Dora nomination Best opera Production), a nanking winter by Marjorie
Chan (nightwood Theatre/Cahoots Theatre Projects), The Drawer Boy
by Michael healey (Theatre Passe Muraille), The Gladstone Variations -
Requiem for a Hotel by Mike McPhaden (Convergence Theatre, 2009 Dora
nomination Best Direction & 2007 outstanding Production – noW Maga-
zine), and Dreary and Izzy by Tara Beagan (native earth Performing Arts).
ongoing work in development includes Free as Injuns with Tara Beagan,
and STRIA by Marie-Josée Chartier. Upcoming work includes Shudder by
Susanna hood (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre), Bird by Sonja Mills (Union
eight Theatre) and Beauty, a new opera with Queen of Puddings. Ruth is
an active member of the Wrecking Ball, and is on the board of directors
for the Summerworks Theatre Festival. She was the recipient of the 1998
K.M. hunter Award and the 2008 John hirsch Director’s Award. Ruth is a
graduate of the Acting Program at the national Theatre School of Canada.
               assocIaTe DIRecToR / esTheR Jun
originally trained as an actor, esther completed her directing degree at Drama Centre
London. She directed 2 shows for the edinburgh Fringe and completed her first short film
Calamity, which appeared at International Festivals. In Toronto she has worked with The
Shaw Festival, Te-Amim, obsidian, Cahoots, nightwood & Fu-Gen Theatre Companies.
esther also works as co-ordinator for the refugee youth theatre program Crossing Gibral-
tar, continues to act in TV & film, and is in development on a new TV series. next up she
is directing Trout Stanley, with heart in hand Theatre in April 2010. Thanks to Ruth for
her trust and support!

      seT & cosTuMe DesIgneR/ PaTRIck Du WoRs
Training: BFA (Victoria), MFA (Alberta), Royal Shakespeare Company

Design credits include: The Last Five Years - The Grand (London, ontario), Death of a
Salesman, As You Like It & The Fantastics – Blue Bridge Rep (Victoria), Bird Brain –
LKTyP (Toronto), Betrayal – Theatre & Co. (Kitchener), Chasing the Moment – Arcola
Theatre (London, UK), Turn of the Screw & A Number – Belfry Theatre (Victoria), Hysteria,
A Doll’s House, Dialogue and Rebuttal & Trojan Women – Studio Theatre (edmonton).
Nowhere Revolution created in association with the Belfry Theatre, Dark of the Moon &
The Monument - Phoenix Theatres (Victoria)

Assistant design credits include: Royal Shakespeare Company - Complete Works Festival;
Dirty Dancing & Cabaret, London West end; Un Ballo in Maschera – netherlands opera;
Peter Grimes – norwegian national opera; Dr. Dolittle, UK Touring; Flying Dutchman –
Royal opera Covent Garden. Patrick is a member of the Associated Designers of Canada.

                                       RIchaRD III

  The Tragedy of King Richard the Third explores the allure of violence during the rise of
 the Tudor Dynasty in england. even though it is known as one of William Shakespeare’s
  most chaste plays, Richard The III depicts a post war society on the constant verge of
violence and treachery: the audience is drawn into a stark white world that is tainted red
  with blood. As Duke of Gloucester, Richard is driven by his lust for power and desire to
 be king, but as he is he far down in the line of succession his goal can only achieved by
                  deceiving and murdering those who stand before him.

                       WaRnIng: Scenes of violence and gore.

                          ★ sPecIal Thanks ★
           Andrew Devai (Technically yours Inc.), esther Jun, Michael Moses, Petra
           Popescu-Moody, Peter hinton, Ian Watson, Peter Wylde, David Latham,
          William Butler, David Jansen, Kai Maskaola, Rob noble, natalie Cooper, Liz
           Maraston, Lauren Petrowski, Mike Wilson, Maryann Green, Mike Keays,
          Andrew Robinson, Judi Irwin, Dan Baker, Spray on Plastics, and all the staff
                           and students at Ryerson Theatre School.

                                        Richard III operates under the jurisdiction of the
                                        Ryerson Theatre School Performers Association
                                      (RTSPA), the Ryerson Theatre School Association of
                                  Designers (RTSAD) and the Ryerson Theatre School Student
                                                     Workers Union: Local 1
             acTIng coMPany

                    RIchaRD III

Richard III has a running time of 2 hours and 58 minutes.
      There will be a fifteen minute intermission.
 Refreshments are available for purchase in our lounge.

         Jonathan sousa Richard Duke of Gloucester
              Jimmy king George Duke of Clarence, Lord Mayor, Mes-
         William Powell Stanley Earl of Derby, Guard
       andrew Robinson Lord Hastings, The Duke of Norfolk
         David coomber Duke of Buckingham
       James McDonald King Edward, Bishop of Ely
        ashton Doudelet Murderer, Prince Edward, Sir James Blunt
            Filip Jeremic Murderer, Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Richard
     Michael Rubinstein Sir Robert Brankenbury, Earl of Richmond
       Jesse nerenberg Lord Rivers, Messenger
         Brittney Francis Lady Anne, Messenger, Mistress Shore
        Taryn Jorgensen Lady Anne, Messenger, Mistress Shore
       amelia sargisson Queen Elizabeth
          Meg gennings Queen Margaret
        Melissa haddad Sir William Catesby, Citizen
        christina opolko Duchess of York
            allana Reoch     Citizen, Lord Stanley’s Messenger, Sir James Tyrel

          kate Besworth      Duke of York, Page, Messenger

              erica Vella    The Marquess of Dorset, Citizen, Scrivner

           Becky Powell Production Manager
           sarah Dupuis Technical Director
    Michelle lynn Barker Stage Manager

              Dan aquila    Lighting Designer
           alex Williams    Sound Designer
              saba khan     Head of Props
          Jessica Wilder    House Head of Props
            kait Perecko    Head of Paints
            susan Ready     Wardrobe Supervisor
              yvonne Ma     Head of Audio
           adam karasik     Head Electrician
             Ryan oliver    Head Carpenter
         spencer Dawson     Head Flyman

    Petra Popescu-Moody     Assistant Director
            Rachel Forbes   Assistant Head Painter
                 hye kim    Assistant Production Manager
   Jessica Bellamy-Royds    Assistant Costume Designer
Jonah greenbaum-shinder     Assistant Lighting Designer
       Whitney Wakefield    Assistant Stage Manager
                alex Vass   Assistant Stage Manager
            emily Mewett    Apprentice Stage Manager
             leks Raamat    Assistant Set Designer
            shannon Innis   Assistant Technical Director
              Tansy chau    Assistant Flyman

         kirtsyn Devries    Wardrobe Mistress
            alisa chung     Cutter
       gwendolyn neelin     Wardrobe Crew
          Justine goulet    Wardrobe Crew
               alison ho    Wardrobe Crew
           allison keely    Hair and Makeup Supervisor

        caitlyn albanese    Production Assistant
          John Pickering    Production Assistant
           Julie-Rae king   Production Assistant
             Brett Rayner   Production Assistant
        gregory De caire    Production Assistant
         Michael Wagner     Production Assistant
          Talore Peterson   Production Assistant
        Deborah Blair    Mainstage Technical Coordinator
    samantha spendiff    House Electrician
      Mathew Reicker     House Head of Flys
     Jackson Wraight     Local Business Agent

          Trevor Pirri   Head of Public Relations
       cassie hudson     Assistant Head of Public Relations
     Meaghan Tracey      Marketing and Publicity Manager
      adrienne cesar     Marketing and Publicity Manager
          Joe Pagnan     Front of House Manager
   autumn coppaway       Assistant Front of House Manager
samantha sundermann      Assistant Front of House Manager
          Ben lukow      Box Office Manager

       natalie Ireland   Office Assistant
      lauren Williams    Room Booking
        stephen elgar    RTS Services
   natasha Mcculloch     RTS Services
   anne cicci-cassidy    RTS Services
          acToR’s BIogRaPhIes
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ashton Doudelet - Ryerson Credits: TK Serious Money. other Credits: Rhymes
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*Appearing Courtesy of Canadian Actors’ equity

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         acToR’s BIogRaPhIes

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     PRoDucTIon BIogRaPhIes
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                                                              Duke of Somerset
                                                              CDD$E3;$9%)''%$                                 F/'%B''"$G'))3)#$3"#$H=6I

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