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									                                      FHS Dress Code
Grooming of students attending school is generally left up to the good sense and sound judgment
of students, parents and guardians. We understand how a students appearance effects doily
behavior, purpose for being at school and productivity in the classroom. We are making a
concerted effort to establish good grooming and personal character at Fresno High so that our
students will be adequately prepared to enter the mainstream of life. We ask your support in
maintaining the kind of atmosphere that is necessary for and conducive to a good education. The
following dress code applies to both sexes and will be enforced at school and at school functions.
However, none of the following statements are to be interpreted to limit the District's responsibility
and obligation to enforce unique safety and health requirement (i.e. shop and food situations).

Apparel, hair style or cosmetic even if not specifically mentioned below, which creates a safety
concern, draws undue attention to the wearer, or which tends to distract from the educational
process will not be tolerated.


All clothing will be worn as the design was intended

There will be no oversized clothing. All pants must fit at the waist

All clothing must be neat, clean. No torn or radically altered clothing will be allowed

Hats/headgear are NOT to be worn in classrooms

Shoes must be properly worn on campus

See through or sexually suggestive apparel which exposes the body in a sexually suggestive
manner is not acceptable. No undergarments may be revealed. Straps on blouses or tops are to
be at least 2 inches wide

Underwear-type sleeveless shirts, tank tops, tube tops or halter tops are not allowed. raps must
completely cover the midriff area

Dresses, shirts, and shorts must be at least the length of arms down to sides and fingers

All shorts must be neatly hemmed; no cutoffs are allowed

Gang-related symbols or insignias are not to be worn or displayed. This includes, but is not
limited to:

       any type of bandanna
       any predominately colored red, maroon, burgundy, T-shirts, jerseys, belts, JACKETS,
        SWEATSHIRTS, binders, shoes or shoe strings
       any predominately blue colored attire including shirts and pants, with or without jacket,
        sweatshirts, jerseys, belts, binders, shoes or shoe string combination
       any initialed belt buckle displaying an inappropriate symbol
       any jersey of any color displaying the numbers 8, 13, or 14
       any attire that displays a dog (i.e. FSU Bulldogs, Georgetown Bulldogs, Bad Dog, Big
        Dawg etc.)
       burgundy San Francisco 49ers and Blue Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

Overall straps must be fastened over the shoulders at all times. No hanging belts or straps will be

Clothing with lettering or drawings which depict sexually suggestive expressions or actions,
profanity, obscenity, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or which degrade the integrity of individual groups
may not be worn

Earrings are to be worn in ears only

Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors

Attire which may be used as a weapon may not be worn (i.e., steel-toed boots, chains, items with
spikes or studs)

Haircuts or hair styles which draw undue attention to the wearer are not permitted. Multicolored or
unnatural hair is not allowed

Excessive, obscene or gang related tattooing must be covered

Exceptions to the above may be made by the Principal for special days or special events.


The Dress Code will be enforced by ALL. STAFF. Referrals will be made to the Vice-Principals for
appropriate action. A student violation of this policy is deemed willfully defiant of the valid
authority of the school Principal.

Violations will result in the following disciplinary actions:

1st Violation -- Home contact, detention assigned, and the student will be requested to change
clothing, hair style, or cosmetics

2nd Violation -- Home contact and Alternative to Suspension (detention, OCS, Sat. School)

3rd Violation -- Home contact and Suspension

Questions regarding the Dress Code due to medical reasons, please contact the Vice-Principal.

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