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Expectations by liwenting


									                        UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
                          BENSALEM HIGH SCHOOL

                                                                   September 7, 2010


In order to achieve the objectives of the Marine Corps Junior ROTC, students
enrolled in this course are expected to consistently strive for self-improvement
and to learn to take charge of themselves. Those objectives include the following:
      -Improve self-discipline
      -Promote good citizenship
      -Acceptance of legitimate authority
      -Cultivate habits of good health and physical fitness.

Here are some of the requirements for the Junior ROTC curriculum:
      -Attend assigned classes regularly and be on time.
      -Participate willingly in training activities, including academic, physical,
and military.
      -Properly wear the issued uniform on the weekly designated uniform day.
      -Respond to the leadership of designated cadet leaders.

Course standards and policies:

      Attendance: Recorded daily by a cadet class leader under instructor
supervision. Absences and tardiness will be noted. Cadets are expected to be
where they are required to be, on time, and ready to perform their duty.

      Physical Fitness: One day each week will involve physical training. Cadets
must participate in physical fitness in order to pass the course. The Youth
Physical Fitness Assessment is administered for grade once every marking period.
Cadets who are unable to participate in physical training must have a medical
note/assessment from their medical doctor in order to be excused from
participating. Notes from parents/guardians will not be accepted.

      Uniform Wear/Uniform Inspection: Cadets will wear a uniform one day each
week. Cadets must wear their uniform on the prescribed day, failure to not wear
the uniform consistentily will result in the cadet failing the course. Normally
this is either on a Wednesday or Thursday. Cadets receive points for each uniform
wear; however, they will receive no credit if the uniform is improperly worn or if
the cadet does not shave or is in need or a hair cut. Cadets are individually
inspected, for grade, once per marking period. Inspection includes proper
grooming, which includes hairstyles and appropriate wear of jewelry. Cadets who are
absent on the day that the uniform was required to be worn are allowed to make this
wear up on the first day that they return to school.

       School regulations: Bensalem High School rules and policies are enforced and
take precedence if conflicts between JROTC routine and school policies should

      Instructor availability: The JROTC instructors are available to any cadet
during all school hours for personal or school related assistance and counseling.
The instructor planning periods are the best time for contacting the instructors
and those times will be posted on the classroom bulletin board. Instructor's phone
numbers are: (215) 750-2800 ext. 3018/3019.

      Homework: Homework will normally be assigned for each lesson presented.
This normally entails cadets to define vocabulary words. Each homework assignment
will be a graded event. Homework assignments are posted on the units web page
which can be accessed through the following web site:

      Grades: JROTC is a graded credit course. The standard for passing is set at
60% in accordance with school district policy. For those individual cadets that
may enter the military service upon completion of high school, the completion
certificate, necessary to establish eligibility for accelerated military rank upon
enlistment, will not be issued unless the cadet has passed a minimum of three years
with a minimum grade of 60% each year. Cadet must maintain a 70% in the JROTC
program in order to receive promotion. 1st year cadets must pass a written
assessment on Marine Corps and Marine Corps JROTC rank structure prior to being
promoted. Additionally, cadets who have been assigned before school, after school,
or Saturday detentions, in school or out of school suspensions, adverse behavioral
comments from other teachers, or who have not worn their uniform when required will
not be considered for promotion. Grades for JROTC are the average of achievements
in academic assessments, homework, the youth physical fitness assessment, uniform
wear, drill, uniform inspection, class attendance/participation, and class

      Grooming: JROTC cadets may not participate in JROTC activities or wear a
Marine Corps uniform unless they meet Marine Corps grooming standards. These
standards include:
                   -Males will have a business man's haircut. Males must be clean
shaven when wearing the uniform.

                  -Females in uniform must not wear hair below the collar and will
not have visible hair holding devices.

                   -Hairstyles shall not interfere with proper wear of a military

                   -Hair will not be obviously colored, nor worn or cut in any
eccentric style.

                  -Conspicuous jewelry will not be worn with the uniform. Females
may wear plain gold or silver earrings, but no other body piercing jewelry will be

                  -Males will not wear earrings or other visible body piercing
jewelry while engaged in any JROTC activity in which the uniform is worn.

            Nail Polish:   Colored nail polish will not be worn with the utility

      General Conduct: Since the nature and intent of JROTC has to do with self-
discipline, Cadets are expected to be among the best in personal conduct and
citizenship at all times. We care about how you conduct yourself in public, in
other classes and at home. You are cadets all of the time, not just in class. You
always reflect upon the quality of our unit and the U.S. Marine Corps who sponsors
us. This document as well as other informational documentation and monthly
calendars can be found at the school district web page

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