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									                                Alta Loma Junior High School

                                      POW WOW
                      9000 Lemon Avenue                 Alta Loma, California 91701                  September 2009
    Judy Neiuber, Principal        Sheryl Stone, Assistant Principal       Greg Edmon, Dean of Students
                     Telephone (909) 484-5100   FAX & 24-Hour Attendance (909) 484-5105    Homework Hotline (909) 484-5110

      Alta Loma School District Board of Trustees: Brad Buller, Rebecca Davies, Sandra Oerly, Caryn Payzant, Dave Roberts

    September Dates                                   Message from the Principal
    2…….Budget Study Sessions at DSC
          5:00-6:30 P.M.
    2…….ASB Assemblies
    7…….Labor Day Holiday
                                                                Get Active Alta Loma is our school fundraiser. This
    10…...Ameci Pizza Dine Out Day                     program encourages your student to get moving through a variety
    12……Saturday School
    14……Staff Development Day                          of fun activities while raising funds to support programs for
    16……Budget Study Session at DSC
          5:00-6:30 P.M.                               students. On Wednesday, September 2, we will begin Get Active
    16……Board of Trustees Meeting 7:00 P.M             Alta Loma with assembly programs to explain participation and get
    18……Mid-Tri Progress go home
    18…....Make Up Pictures                            support from students. Our hope is that each family will help
    19……Saturday School
    21……Vision & Hearing Screening                     support our school fundraiser.
    23……Bowling Club Field Trip
    26……Saturday School                                         PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts education
    30……PTSA Assemblies
                                                       and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through
                                                       participation in its annual arts Reflections Program. The program
                                                       offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and
Football Games:
September 23 @ Upland                                  recognition. Students are encouraged to create and submit works of
October 7 Home vs El Roble
October 21 Home vs Pioneer
                                                       art in four areas: literature, musical composition, photography, and
October 28 @ Grace Yokley                              the visual arts (which include art forms such as drawing, painting,
      Volleyball Games:                                print making, and collage). In its more than 30-year history, the
      September 29 Home vs Pioneer                     program has encouraged millions of students across the nation to
      October 8 Home vs Upland
      October 13 Home vs Grace Yokley                  create works of art. The Reflections Program provides
      October 15 @ Pioneer
      October 20 @ El Roble                            opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive
      October 27 @ Upland                              positive recognition for their artistic efforts. The 2009-10
      October 29 @ Grace Yokley
                                                       Reflections Program Theme is: Beauty is . . . Entry instructions
                                                       and blanks will soon be available. In the meantime, please
     Dear Parents,
  Alta Loma School District
  9390 Base Line Road                                  encourage your child to participate.
  Alta Loma, California 91701
  (909) 484-5151
  Rebecca Lawrence, Superintendent
  Assistant Superintendents:
  James Ashton, Administrative Services                                                   Judith A. Neiuber
  Gail Tangeman, Educational Services
  Michael Whisenand, Personnel Services
United States Census 2010 is on the                    SCHOOL CLUBS
Horizon                                                Our annual Club Day was held on August 25, during
The United States Department of Commerce,              lunch. Tables were set up and decorated by ASB
Economics and Statistics Administration                students. Club advisors handed out flyers about the
announces the 2010 Census. It is their mission to      club activities. Clubs offered are: Aviation Club,
“count everyone, count them once, and in the           Bowling Club, Bruin Fan Club, Buddies Club, Chess
right place.” Census Day is April 1, 2010.             Club, Crew for Christ, Design Club, French Club,
                                                       Hiking and Biking Club, Movie Club, Project Runway
The census is important to the Alta Loma School
                                                       Club, RC Car Club, Reptile Club, Rock Climbing
District. Federal funding received by the district,
                                                       Club, and Rubics Cube Club. In addition, two honor
approximately $1.5 million, is based, in part, on
census data. The federal stimulus dollars received     groups that students can join if they qualify are A-
this year were also allocated using census data. In    Team and CJSF. If your child hasn’t joined a club
addition, census data are used to determine            yet, it is not too late. Meeting dates will be announced
locations for retail stores, schools, hospitals, new   in the daily bulletin, and students simply need to
housing developments and other community               attend meetings.
facilities. The census data are also used to
determine boundaries for state and local               WEB SITE
legislative and congressional districts.               Our district web site is:
                                                       From there you can select a link to the web site of Alta
In March of 2010 information will be mailed to         Loma Junior High. Please refer to the web site for
each household regarding the census. With only         updated information about special events, this
10 questions, the questionnaire will take              newsletter on-line, and calendar items. Also, from our
approximately 10 minutes to complete.                  site you can contact the school with questions and/or
Households will be asked to provide key
demographic information, such as whether a
housing unit is rented or owned; the address of the    HOMEWORK HOTLINE
                                                       Don’t forget to use the Homework Hotline to check on
residence; and the names, genders, ages and races
                                                       your student’s homework assignments. The Hotline
of others living in the household. By law, the         telephone number is 484-5110. You can reach your
Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s             child’s tribe by choosing the following:
responses with anyone, including other federal         Cherokee . . . 7001      Mohawk . . . .8002
agencies and law enforcement entities.                 Hopi . . . . . . . .7003 Seminole . . . 8003
                                                       Nez Perce . . . .7002    Serrano . . . . 8001
                                                       Special Education teachers:
 SAVE INK CARTRIDGES! Please return                    Miss Wynn . . . 8050 Mrs. Tingley . . 8040
 empty, never-before-refilled, printer cartridges      Mrs. Leos . . . . . 8060
 to ALJH. We can redeem these items for gift
 cards towards supplies for our school! For            JOIN US FOR A NIGHT OUT
 each empty cartridge received, the student will       This year we have several restaurant nights
 receive 5 Warrior Wins. Each Friday, 10               planned for the Alta Loma Junior High families.
 Warrior Wins can be redeemed for 1 ice                Help ALJH by participating in these fundraiser
 cream bar. 20 Warrior Wins are good for a             nights. Our first restaurant day/night is September
 one time use, Front of the Line pass. Ink             10 at Ameci Pizza on Carnelian and Baseline. We
 cartridges can be turned in to the office             will earn 15% and this fundraiser runs all day. Be
 and/or student window. Thanks for your                sure to drop your receipt in the box located on the
 support.                                              counter to make sure our school receives credit.
                                                       Show the enclosed flyer when ordering. We will
                                                       have more information on future dine out nights
                                                       in October’s POW WOW.
    Academic Grades are A, B, C, D, or F.
    Citizenship marks of “O” (Outstanding); “S” (Satisfactory); “N” (Needs to improve); or “U”
     (Unsatisfactory) are given to each student.
    Our school year is divided into three 12-week grading periods called trimesters. Halfway through
     each trimester, a Mid-Trimester Progress Grade is given in each class. This grade represents the
     progress each student has achieved to that date. It is NOT a final grade. Mid-Trimester grade reports
     will be sent home September 18, January 15, and April 16.
    Deficiency Grades are given at the nine-week period to students earning a mark below average (C).
     Deficiency Grade reports are sent home October 16, February 5, and May 7.
    Trimester Grades are reported at the end of each trimester. These are the official grades that appear
     on student transcripts. Trimester Grades are mailed home November 13, March 5, and May 27.

IT’S COOL TO BE ON TIME                                 HEALTH CARE FOR STUDENTS
Punctuality at ALJHS is essential for successful        Do you realize that over six million young people
achievement. Alta Loma Junior High has a strict         in the United States are not covered by a health
tardy policy. A student may be excused by               plan? Every child needs to have access to the
his/her parent three (3) times in the school year.      very best health care. Medi-Cal and Healthy
After that, the only valid excuse is a doctor/dentist   Families are two health care programs that are
note.                                                   available at no-cost or low-cost for those under
                                                        the age of nineteen who need health coverage.
Here are a few suggestions for getting your             Both programs offer comprehensive health, dental
children “out the door” and on their way.               and vision benefits for young people. If you do
  1. Set a firm wake-up time, even on weekends.         not have health coverage or know of a family who
      Limit late nights. “Often insomnia can be a       needs coverage, use this toll-free number to see if
      habit”, says clinical psychologist Ruth           you qualify 1-800-880-5305. Applications are
      Peters. “Kids expect to have difficulty           also available in the office. Every child deserves
      falling asleep at night, so they do.” To help,    the best health care.
      keep bedrooms as dark as is comfortable,
      remove electronic devices and avoid
      caffeinated drinks after lunch.                   SAFETY FIRST
  2. “The secret for getting out the door, is in        Throughout the school year we have safety drills
      what you do during the last 10 minutes            at school. We teach students how to act and
      before you go to bed,” says organizational        respond in the case of fire, earthquake, or
      guru Peter Walsh. Designate a “staging            intruders on campus. It is our hope that we never
      area” for backpacks. Check daily for              have a real emergency, but we intend to be
      assignments and permission slips. Have            prepared. Alta Loma Junior High has a Safety
      your student choose his/her outfit, along         Plan that is updated yearly with the input of
      with accessories, the night before.               teachers, parents, and students. Our assistant
  3. Find an annoying and loud wake-up radio            principal, Sheryl Stone, oversees the
      station. Expose kids to bright light to           implementation of the plan. Our goal is to provide
      get them awake and moving. Open curtains          a safe campus for all students. We want to be
      and eat breakfast in a sunny room.                aware and be prepared. If you know of safety
  4. Set a timer for being ready to leave for           issues, please contact Ms. Stone at 484-5100.
      school. If your student beats the buzzer all
      week, offer a special breakfast or Saturday
See you at 8:00a.m. every day!

On September 2nd we will kick off our annual school wide fundraiser. For the second year, we are not
selling anything. Instead, we are asking our students to GET ACTIVE FOR ALTA LOMA by seeking
donations. It is much like a jog-a-thon and the students will seek donations to participate in the GET

The GET ACTIVE FOR ALTA LOMA DAY will be September 22 during PE classes. Activities will be set
up on the east field and in the gym to promote exercise in a fun way! The following day, the students who
participated in the fundraiser, will attend the lunch time activities. We are asking the students to bring a
picnic lunch that day. We will supply beverages and a treat.

We are asking the students and their families to participate in this fundraiser to help raise funds for our after
school sports, activities, and awards programs. We are asking you to donate and help us fund the activities
programs throughout the school year to keep our kids involved and Active at Alta Loma!

Thank you from the entire staff and students at Alta Loma Junior High. With your support, we will have a
GREAT year. Any questions please call Mrs. Lening, at (909) 484-5100 or email me at

Target’s Take Charge of Education Program helps support Alta Loma Junior High’s awards program. Enrolling is
easy if you have a REDcard. Just choose an eligible school, like Alta Loma Junior High, and 1% of your purchases at
Target or is donated to the school. We receive two checks a year, one in September and one in March.
Thank you for supporting our school.

PTSA: Welcome Back!          Thanks to all the parents, students and teachers who joined PTSA early. For those of you
who would still like to join, membership is $7.00 per person. Envelopes are available in the school office and may be
sent with your student to school. IF YOU PURCHASE FIVE MEMBERSHIPS OR MAKE A $25.00
the third trimester).
         On Wednesday, September 30th, PTSA will be kicking off an Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser
with QSP. This fundraiser will run through October 20th. There will be an Ice Cream Prize Party on Wednesday,
December 2 and the cookie dough delivery will be on Thursday, December 3. There will be many prizes, including a
limo lunch and the top three sellers will receive tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm.
         REFLECTIONS: The 2009-2010 PTA Reflections Program theme is “Beauty Is…”. Start thinking of your
entry in any of the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition and
         ESCRIP: Through the eScrip program, you can earn money for your school just by purchasing your
groceries at Vons. Log on to, go to “sign up” and designate our group, Alta Loma Junior High
PTSA, to receive contributions. Our Group ID is # 6600227. Register your grocery club cards from a participating
merchant – and your debit, ATM and/or credit cards if you wish. That’s it! Visit eScrip merchants to shop. It’s
automatic! We can potentially receive hundreds of dollars from your participation alone.

                                                                             Brenda Straub, 2009-10 PTSA President


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