REFUSE SITE INFORMATION                                      Special and Hazardous Wastes
                                                                                               Certain waste materials will not be accepted for
                                  Hours of Operation
                                                                                               burial at the site, such as batteries, car tires, used
 REFUSE COLLECTION                The hours the refuse site is accessible to the public
                                                                                               motor oil, anti-freeze, solvents, paint, friable
                                                                                               asbestos, etc. Contact the Recycling Hotline at
                                  are limited to allow more efficient operation.
                                                                                               1-800-667-4321 for more information. Automotive
            AND                   Effective April 1, 2004, the hours of operation, are
                                                                                               batteries and car tires may be deposited in the
                                  as indicated below:
                                                                                               designated area of the refuse site.
                                      Day           Summer Hours               Winter          Used Motor Oil & Filters
                                                   (April 1 - Sept. 30)   (Oct. 1 - Mar. 31)
                                    Monday          1:00- 8:00 p.m.       11:00 – 5:00 p.m.    Residents who change their own engine oil can
                                    Tuesday              Closed                Closed          dispose of the used oil and filters at no charge by
                                  Wednesday         1:00 - 8:00 p.m.      11:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                               taking it to OK Tire & Auto Service on Nalabila
                                                                                               Blvd. in the Nechako neighbourhood.
                                    Thursday        1:00 - 8:00 p.m.      11:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                     Friday         1:00 - 8:00 p.m.      11:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Turpentine/Paint Solvents
                                    Saturday       11:00 - 5:00 p.m.      11:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                     Sunday        11:00 - 5:00 p.m.      11:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                               What to do with used turpentine? Reuse it as much
                                                                                               as possible by allowing turpentine to sit in a sealed
                                  Statutory Holidays - 11:00 - 5:00 p.m. except closed New
                                                                   st                          jar until paint particles settle. Pour off clear liquid
                                  Years Day, Easter Sunday, July 1 & Christmas Day
                                                                                               and use again.

                                                                                               Tipping Fees per load
                                  Site Attendant
                                                                                               There will be no charge for self-hauled residential
                                  A site attendant will be on duty at the Refuse Site          refuse disposal. However, for commercial loads the
                                  for all hours that the site is open to the public. The       following tipping fees apply and must be paid on
     District of Kitimat          entrance gate will be locked at all other times.             site.
Engineering Services Department
                                                                                               Single-axle vehicle less than 1 tonne       $ 10.00
                                  Commercial users requiring access at other times
        270 City Centre           may make their own arrangements with the refuse              Single-axle vehicle greater than or
    Kitimat, B.C. V8C 2H7         site operator.                                               equal to 1 tonne                            $ 20.00
    Phone: (250) 632-8900                                                                      Tandem-axle vehicle up to 15 cu yds.        $ 30.00
     Fax: (250) 632-4995          Refuse Segregation                                           Loads over 15 cu. yds.                      $ 50.00
                                                                                               up to 30 cu. yds.
                                  Refuse must be segregated and deposited in                   Loads over 30 cu yds. up to 43 cu.          $100.00
                                  specific locations as shown by directional signs and         yds.
                                  as directed by the site attendant. Currently wood,
                                  tires, batteries, automobiles, appliances and                Loads over 43 cu. yds.                      $150.00
                                  domestic refuse areas have been designated.
Who Operates the Refuse Site?                          RESIDENTIAL REFUSE                                       SUGGESTIONS FOR WASTE REDUCTION
The District of Kitimat holds the waste                                                                         Reduce
management permit for the refuse site but has          Kitimat has a very cost-effective collection system
contracted Andrew Towse Waste Management               for residential curb-side refuse. Residents can          Reduction is the most effective means to decrease
to provide landfilling services, Phone 632-3501.       assist in keeping these costs to a minimum by            the impact of refuse on the environment. When you
                                                       conforming to the following requirements.                buy an item, ask yourself if you really need it. Avoid
                                                                                                                items that are over-packaged, buy second-hand,
Scavenging                                             a.   Only approved water-tight refuse receptacles        rent, or share items. Compost yard and kitchen
                                                            with handles, constructed of galvanized metal,      wastes.
Scavenging is not allowed at the Municipal Refuse
                                                            rigid plastic, or approved plastic bags.
Site. Limited scavenging may be permitted by the
                                                            Receptacles must not exceed 46 cm (18 inches)       Re-Use
Contractor in designated areas. The site attendant
                                                            in diameter or 72 cm (28 inches) in height. A
will be able to advise if there is an area where
                                                            maximum of 3 cans, or 6 bags, per residence
scavenging is allowed.                                                                                          Re-using products, or buying re-usable products is
                                                            will be picked up.
                                                                                                                another efficient way to reduce the amount of
What Happens When I Go to the                                                                                   refuse entering the environment. Using cloth
Dump with a Pick-Up Load of Old                        b.   Do not overload containers - maximum weight of      instead of paper products for cleaning is one way
Junk from my Yard?                                          any receptacle for pick up is 35 kg (75 lbs.). As   of re-using materials instead of throwing them out
                                                            the containers must be manually dumped,             with the trash. Repair broken items rather than
Directional signs and the site attendant will direct
                                                            weights in excess of this amount are                buying new. Donate old clothes and items to
you to the proper location for dumping this refuse.
                                                            unacceptable and may be left at curb side.          charity. Use your own cloth shopping bags. Pack
Depending on your load, you may be directed to
one or more locations to allow proper segregation                                                               lunches in lunch kits instead of paper bags.
                                                       c.   Prepare refuse properly - thoroughly drain and
of waste.
                                                            wrap garbage in paper before placing in refuse      Recycle
I Operate a Trucking Business, Can I                        receptacles. Particulate matter (dust, hair,
Still Bring Truck Loads of Excavation                       sawdust, ashes, etc.) must be wrapped or
                                                                                                                Although transportation costs make recycling
Material to the Refuse Site?                                bagged. Ashes must be properly quenched.
                                                                                                                less viable in Kitimat than lower mainland areas,
                                                                                                                many items in every day use can be recycled.
Yes, excavation materials can be delivered to the      d.   Clippings from shrubs and trees will be picked      The most worthwhile for the homeowner are
refuse site, and providing they meet certain                up during residential collections providing they    beverage containers and other items requiring a
specifications, there will be no charge for their           are compactly and securely tied in bundles no       deposit.
disposal at the location designated by the site             exceeding 1.2 m (4 feet) in length and 0.5 m
attendant. The material must be clean excavated             (1 ½ feet) in diameter.                             In addition, KUTE operates a recyc
material, with a minimum of woody organics.
                                                                                                                ling depot at 316 Railway Avenue to handle
                                                       e.   Sharp objects (needles, glass) require special      newspaper, bond office paper, computer paper,
                                                            attention and must be packaged in                   glossy magazines, cardboard, paint, tin,
For more information on disposing of                        unbreakable containers.                             aluminum nickel cadmium, lithium and alkaline
household hazardous wastes contact the
                                                                                                                batteries and cell phones. The depot is
Ministry of Environment Office                         Your cooperation in following the above is               currently open:
Phone 250-847-7260.                                    appreciated and will assist us in maintaining an
                                                       efficient collection operation without creating undue    Mon. - Fri.          9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                                                       hardship or risk for our refuse collector. Questions     Saturday            11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                                                       or concerns regarding refuse collection can be
                                                       made directly to our Contractor, Kitimat Valley          More detailed information can be obtained by
                                                       Disposal, at 632-4689.                                   phoning 632-6633.

                                                                        Revised June 2008

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