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									                                                               Weekly Planning Sheet
                      Day 1                       Day      2                      Day 3                         Day 4                          Day 5
            The students will             The students will identify    The students will identify   The students will              The students will evaluate
            complete a story web          the characteristics of        the setting and its          demonstrate an                 the story plot by
            using plot, setting and       realistic fiction by Hot      importance by illustrating   understanding of reading       completing a sequencing
            character elements.           Spotting terms in chapter     the setting.                 strategies by discussing       chain.
                                          1.                                                         strategies and completing
                                                                                                     an organizer.
            Create a web utilizing        Read aloud realistic          Review homework TM2.         Look at illustrations.         Review term Plot. Model
            Inspiration about the         fiction picture book.         Review time and place Ask    Review reading strategies      completion of TM5 of
            read aloud. Review terms      Discuss. Recall familiar      to skim and leave            up in room. Remind them        previous chapter using
            plot, setting and             realistic fiction stories.    hotspots that show           that we have just used         Hot Spots.
            characters.                   Identify major                evidence of setting..        imagery with illustrations.
                                          components. Complete          Complete TM3 from ch.1.      Discuss which strategies
                                          chart TM2 together.           Read Ch. 2 together.         we have used so far and
                                          Preview book and decide                                    which we plan to use.
                                          together that this is also                                 Discuss how you use
                                          realistic fiction.                                         reading strategies.
            Complete chart TM1. The       Read Ch. 1 independently.     Add words from Ch.2 to       Read chapter 3 and 4           Partner read CH.5. Use
            students will sort words      Hot Spot key phrases          TM3. Complete an             independently. Complete        Hot Spots to identify
            under correct headings;       that show this story is       illustration about the       TM 4 using the strategy        plot. Complete your
            Plot, Setting, Character,     realistic fiction. HW:        setting with captions        “relating to what was          sequence chain TM5
            Other.                        complete TM2 about Ch.1.      from book.                   read.”

            None                          Vocabulary TR1
                                          Journal Predictions TR 4
                                          Renaming Chapters TR2
                                          Stance and Discussion
                                          Questions TR3

            Inspiration Web               Journal entries could be      Create an illustration       Alternate: Brainstorm
                                          entered in a computer         using Story Book Weaver      strategies using
                                          program.                      or KidPix.                   Inspiration Web.
                                          Renaming chapters could
                                          be done also.

Ginger Brown: The Nobody Boy          Created by Amanda Campbell BPES                 NATT(e) MTA Satellite Program, 2001 Anne Arundel County Public Schools   1
                                                                   Weekly Planning
            Day 6                       Day 7                        Day 8                        Day 9                           Day 10
            The student will evaluate   The student will compare     The student will identify    The student will create a       The student will share
            the author’s decision the   the character actions and    problem and solution         triarama showing the            personal triarama
            plot change by writing a    traits of Ginger and         throughout the book by       setting, a favorite event,      projects with the class.
            paragraph explaining an     Ronald to themselves by      recording them on an         the characters and a
            event from Chapter 5.       completing character         organizer.                   short summary of the
                                        trait diagram.                                            book.
            Discuss how the change in   Emphasize speaking and       Ch. 7 and 8 oral review.     Show the directions for a       Emphasize
            the plot affected our       listening techniques.        Discuss problem and          triarama. TM9 Emphasize         characteristics of a good
            ideas of the mood and       Discuss Ch.6 and plot        solution. Refer back to      use of reading strategies to    listener. Give each
                                                                                                  read directions. Create one
            characterization. Record    change.                      picture book. Complete                                       student a note-taking
                                                                                                  together using various
            ideas on board/chart        Identify traits for Ronald   TR5 on picture book. May                                     device. Model its use.
                                                                                                  stories. Model using pre-
            paper. Emphasize proper     and Ginger using             be more than one             placed hot spots and
            listening skills.           Kidspiration. Use 2          scenario. Do one or more     organizers to look for ideas.
                                        groups and 2 computers.      examples together            Students will be sharing
                                        TM6                          before you go back to        triarama with the group.
                                                                     your seat.
            In a well developed         Complete a Venn Diagram      Complete TM8 with            Complete individual             Orally explain their
            paragraph, explain why or   between Ronald or Ginger     problem and solution         triarama projects. This         chosen event and
            why not you think the       and yourself. TM7            scenarios from the novel.    will require extra time.        illustration.
            fight between Ginger and    HW Read CH. 7 and 8          The students will pair
            Ronald is an important                                   share during this
            part of the plot in the                                  independent time.
            Journal Writing
            Renaming Chapters

Ginger Brown: The Nobody Boy       Created by Amanda Campbell BPES                 NATT(e) MTA Satellite Program, 2001 Anne Arundel County Public Schools    2
                                                            Weekly Planning Sheet
                 Computer Lab           Day                          Day                   Day                            Day
            The student will gather
            information and conduct
            research using electronic
            sources by completing an
            Inspiration organizer.

            Introduce the students
            to the web bookmark TR6.
            Show them TM10 and how
            to get to it again and
            again. Discuss the
            information they are
            looking for.

            Complete TM10 with
            information from Random
            House author help.

Ginger Brown: The Nobody Boy       Created by Amanda Campbell BPES          NATT(e) MTA Satellite Program, 2001 Anne Arundel County Public Schools   3

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