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                                         August 2009
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        LET US BE A FACET TO YOUR SUCCESS…                  Profile
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Engineering Services for the Global Construction Industry
              Welcome to FACET                                                                             Introduction
FACET is a Design and Engineering Services     Responsibility to Client                                                Contents
Company working in India, Middle East and
                                               Our commitments to our Clients and our people          •   Introduction
Europe with Architects, Developers, General
and Façade Contractors.                        are at the heart of everything we do.                          o   Welcome to FACET

FACET’s domain expertise lies in the            We a adhere to the highest professional                       o   Responsibility to Client
following 3 business areas, each individual    standards a Client expects from a trusted                      o   Improve Client Performance
business unit:                                 partner
                                                                                                              o   Our Assets – Our People
  •   Façade Consulting – Third        Party                                                          •   Vision, Mission & Quality Statement
      Specialist Façade Consultancy.
                                                                                                      •   Façade Consultancy
  •   Façade Design & Engineering         –                                                                   o   FACET Façade Consulting
      Detailed Design and drawings
                                                                                                              o   Why Hire a Façade Consultant
  •   Structural Design & Engineering –
                                                                                                              o   Façade Consulting Services
      RCC and Structural Steel.                                                Improve
                                                                               Clients'                       o   Reference Projects & Clients
                                                                               performance            •   Façade Design & Engineering
                                                                               We aim to help                 o   About FACET Façade Engineering
                                               our Clients make significant improvements to                   o   Services
                                               their overall performance by tackling challeng
                                                                                                              o   Reference Projects
                                               and building our clients' capabilities.
                                                                                                      •   Structural Design & Engineering Consulting
                                                                                                              o   About FACET Structural Consulting
                                                                                                              o   Services
                                                                                                              o   Reference Projects

                                                                                                      •   Contact Us
                                                                                                              o   Shareholders
                                                                                                              o   Corporate Structure
                                                                                                              o   Contact Information

                                               Our Assets - Our People
                                               We seek to ccreate an unrivalled environment for
                                               exceptional people
                                               Attract exceptional people and provide them
                                                ttract                                                Leadership at FACET is not about
                                                                                                      rising above the rest but about
                                               with opportunities for personal and professional
                                                                                                      helping others to exceed their own
                                               growth                                                 expectations.
                                               This is not a firm of leaders and followers; it is a
                                               firm of leaders who want the freedom to do
                                               what they think is right.
                 Corporate Vision            Vision
To become a Global Design and
Engineering front-runner, valued by
Customers and Employees alike.

                   Corporate Mission
At FACET our mission is clear and
Deliver on-time and high quality Design
&    Engineering     services    across
geographies cost affectively.

                   Quality Statement
Do it right the first time, every time and
exceed customer expectation.
        FACET Façade Consulting                                                                                                    Façade Consulting
                                                                                                                                   Third Party Consulting
         Third Party Specialist Consulting
                                                               Why Hire a Façade Consultant                                       Façade Consulting Services
Building facades make up 8 to 20% of building costs
and is a major contributor to the overall aesthetic     •   Cost Savings                                               •   We Specialise in the following systems
and technical performance of a building.                       o   Optimising design for high performance whilst              o   Unitised, Semi-unitised and        Stick Curtain
                                                                   maintaining budget.                                            Walls
We undertake new and re-cladding projects for
                                                               o   Designing to achieve operational cost savings -            o   Structural Glass Walls – tension system &
architects building  owners and  architectural                     air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance.                    glass fin
aluminium manufacturers.
                                                               o   Minimising Contractors variations by providing             o   Skylights
                                                                   the right technical information from the
With our expertise in building envelope technology                 beginning, thereby reducing volume of                      o   Metal Panel Cladding
(single & double skin), structural and environmental               disputes, technical and performance problems               o   Stone Cladding
design and extensive experience in both consultancy                which would normally be incurred without a
and industry, we help our clients achieve the overall              specialist consultant.                              •   Typical Scope of Services Offered to Architects /
objectives of appearance, quality, performance,                                                                            Building Owner
                                                        •   Time Savings:
cost, durability and schedule.                                                                                                o   Schematic Design: identification of design
                                                               o   It is important to the client to maintain the                  intent and key performance requirements
                                                                   project programme and minimise contractor
                                                                   delays.   We work with the architect and                   o   Design Development: optimal façade design
                                                                   contractor to efficiently check shop drawings                  based on architectural intent, and budget
                                                                   and help project move forward.                                 parameters
                                                               o   Work closely with Client and Architect during              o   Tender Drawings and Specifications: Fully
                                                                   early design stage.                                            developed   drawings   and   specifications,
                                                                                                                                  protecting   developer   from   contractor
                                                               o   Provide tender documents that are near shop                    variations.
                                                                   drawing quality to clearly explain the architects
                                                                   design intent.                                             o   Tender Bid Evaluation: Advising on the most
                                                                                                                                  technically qualified contractors of the
                                                        •   Improved Quality:                                                     project.
                                                               o   High attention to detail.                                  o   Mock up review
                                                               o   High quality control to ensure clients get what            o   Shop drawing and          structural   calculation
                                                                   they pay for.                                                  review and approval.
                                                               o   Check design to ensure technical and aesthetic             o   Factory and Site inspections.
                                                                   requirements are fully met.
                                                                                                                       •   Scope of Services for Existing Structures
                                                               o   Select materials that       are   environmentally
                                                                   friendly and durable.                                      o   Investigation of Failures
                                                               o   Oversee contractor work at site and in factory.            o   Remedial design and renovations
                                         Waverock, Hyderabad                     Façade Consulting
     Some of our                                                                 Third Party Consulting

Façade Consulting                                                                                   Raheja Chromium,

                       Lanco Hills,     Goa Airport, Goa                                                  Natraj Studio,
                       Hyderabad                                                                                Mumbai

                                                                   GM Infra                    Palm Beach Residency,
                                                                  Hyderabad                                 Mumbai

                    Ashoka Gardens,   Reliance Corporate Park at NOCIL, Mumbai           Movenpick Hotel, Bangalore
                                                                                  Consulting Projects
                                                                           Façade Engineering
 Façade Design & Engineering:                                              Overseas Projects
                            Overseas Projects

Engineering is the heart of a Curtain wall.                                        Façade Design & Engineering
The FACET team works with you as your partner
and provides you the benefit of its extensive                          •   Façade System Design Development
domain and industry experience in the
international environment.                                                     o    Unitised, Semi Unitised & Stick System

Emphasis on every project is laid on                                           o    Rainscreen & Conventional- Solid and
   •   Practical design solutions to enable                                         ACM Cladding
       manufacture and installation
                                                                               o    Doors, Windows, Louvres
   •   Cost effectiveness through value
       engineering                                                             o    Point fixed

   •   Working to schedules                                            •   Conceptual Design
   •   Project Management and Governance
                                                                       •   Shop Drawings for Architects Approval

                                                Tulsipie Project
                                                Archiect: Raja Aedri
                                                                       •   Structural Design Calculations

                                                                       •   Material Take off

                                                                       •   Fabrication Drawings

                                                                       •   As Built Drawings

                                                                       •   Operation & Maintenance Manuals

                                                                       •   Method Statement
                    ADNEC Grandstand, UAE                                        Façade Engineering
    Some of Our                                                                  Overseas Projects

Façade Design &                                                                   ADNEC Grandstand, UAE


                   65 Storey HHHR Tower     Bayside Tower, UAE      Commercial & Residential
                   UAE                                              Building, UAE

                    54 Storey Al Tayer      Al Tayer Tower –
                    Tower, UAE              Installation Pictures
  Structural Design & Engineering:                                 Structural Design
                                                                   RCC & Structural Steel
                      RCC & Structural Steel
                                                                     Structural Design Services
FACET operates in select markets, applying a
distinctive, project-led approach with an emphasis on       Structural Design, Calculations, Third Party
creating value.                                                             Review, Value Engineering
                                                        •   RCC Framed Structures
Our   international   experience    and   an    adept
understanding of international standards allows us an          o     Commercial.
extra dimension towards creating alternative and               o     Residential dwellings
cost effective design concepts and technically
                                                               o     Retail / Malls
innovative, value engineered solutions.
                                                               o     High rise towers
Our approach to Project Management entails close               o     Villas
customer   relationships     being a fundamental
requirement for this sector.                                   o     Infrastructure

                                                        •   Structural Steel
                                                               o     Industrial structures
                                                               o     Sheds and deck slab buildings.
                                                               o     Specialised Canopies.
                                                               o     Roof crown structures.

                                                               o     Tension cable structures.
               1   1.  Deyaar Tower, UAE                                 Structural Design
                   2.  Prism Tower, UAE                                  RCC & Structural Steel - References
                   3.  Burj Dubai Lakes Hotel, UAE
                   4.  Dubai Mall, UAE
                   5.  Residential Development at           12                      11
                       Nacharam, Hyderabad
Some of Our        6. Residential development at
                       Kukatpally, Hyderabad
  Structural       7. Guru Nanak Hospital, Mumbai
                   8. Computer Associates, Hyderabad
     Design        9. Vedanta Cancer Hospital, Raipur
                   10. De Gustibus RWITC, Mumbai
  Projects…        11. Walkeshwar School, Mumbai
                   12. Gopi Birla Memorial School, Mumbai



               3                                                     8          7

                              4       5                                                                        6
                                                                 Corporate Structure

                                                                                 Board of Directors

        Shareholders                                                                Nitin Bhatia
                                                                                     MD, CEO

                   Nitin Bhatia                 Srikanth T           Vinod Kundargi               Nitin Bhatia
                                           Structural Design &     Façade Consulting -       Façade Engineering –       HR, Administration &
                                               Engineering                India                  International               Finance
                   Sid Khanna

Board of Directors

                Sid Khanna         Contact US
                                   Corporate Office                  Mumbai                                         Dubai,
                                                                                                                    United Arab Emirates
               Nitin Bhatia,       412 Thakur Mansion Lane,          Office No. 234, Level 2
Founder, Managing Director & CEO   Somajiguda,                       Raheja Centre Point,                           P.O. Box 30453,
                                   Hyderabad – 500 082.              294 CST Road, Near BKC                         Dubai,
                                   India                             Mumbai - 400 086,                              UAE.
                     KK Iyer       Tel: +91 40 6646 9273             India                                          Tel: +971 4 336 6969
                        Director   Fax: +91 40 2341 8571             Tel: +91 99671 03221                           Fax: +971 4 335 3709


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