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									                                            Student Externship
                                        Application & Guidelines

Student/Extern Name:                                       Date:
Email address:                                             Permanent email:
Health Insurance Provider:
Liability Insurance Provider:
School:                                      Grad Year:             Current GPA:
Hospital Name:                               Hospital Location:

Dates of externship:

Please make sure you have confirmed your blocks before submitting an application.

Objectives for this externship (please be clear and concise on what you expect to gain during your


Please email the completed application to and include your current CV or resume.
You must sign the Acknowledgement and Release Waiver and email it with your application.

If you are applying for multiple externships, fill out a separate application for each unique externship request.

It can take up to two weeks to process applications for approval so submit your application as early as possible.

Thank you for your application. We look forward to sharing an exciting and education filled program with you!

Externship Program
VCA Animal Hospitals

I acknowledge and understand that acceptance to, and participation in, VCA’s Student Externship
program does not make me an Employee of the Company. I further understand and agree that the
Externship does not entitle me to any monetary or non-monetary (i.e., payment in-kind) compensation
or any benefits, that I am not covered by the Company’s workers compensation or professional
liability insurance policies, and that I will be solely responsible for any injury sustained by me while I
am present on the Hospital premises, traveling in a vehicle or participating in any other off-site activity
regardless of location, so long as it relates to my Externship. I hereby release VCA from all claims,
injuries, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of my Externship.
Further, I understand and agree that I am providing assistance without any express or implied
promise of future employment.

I further understand and agree that I will not post any patient or other information relating to my visit
to VCA on Facebook, MySpace or any other internet website. I further understand and agree that I
will not blog about events that take place within the Hospital, I agree to these restrictions because I
understand that I do not have a right to publish VCA’s and/or the patients’ confidential information nor
do I have the right to bring any publicity to VCA, except with the prior written consent of VCA.

I understand and acknowledge that I have carefully read the Agreement, that I understand the terms
and conditions of this Waiver, and that I am voluntarily entering into it, and not in reliance on any
statements or promises by the Company other than those contained herein.

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                             Preparation Guidelines for VCA Externs
       Please keep a copy for your records, do not send the guidelines back with your completed application.

1.   Once you have completed your application for consideration, please submit all files via email to

2.   VCA externships are available for veterinary students currently enrolled in a DVM/VMD college
     or school. Post graduate externships will only be considered if reviewed and approved by a
     VCA Regional Medical Director.

3.   Your application will then be sent for consideration to the respective hospital.

4.   Please contact our home office at to confirm receipt of the
     application if you have not received confirmation that your request is being processed within
     the first two weeks. Submitting an application does not confirm your extern dates or
     participation. If at any time you have questions regarding the status of your application,
     please submit an email and/or telephone call to our support office, by calling (800) 966-1822
     ext 6599, or email Thorough communication and follow up with the
     support office and hospital team is KEY to a successful and rewarding externship. In addition,
     further contact with the requested hospital’s Medical Director may be necessary to complete
     the scheduling and approval process.

5.   Notification of acceptance: You will be notified by VCA’s home support office of your externship
     status. In general, this process will take about two to three weeks from the time you submit
     your application.

6.   After acceptance into the program and one month to two weeks prior to your scheduled
     externship start date, contact the Extern Director and discuss his/her expectations of you:
      Attire.
      Your hourly schedule for the weeks you participate.
      Who to meet for orientation and introductions on your first day.
      Days that you may be absent.
      Also take a moment to reiterate the objectives you wish to accomplish and any special

7.   Expect to pitch-in and be an enthusiastic team player. Our hospitals can be very busy! Your
     talent and efforts will be appreciated by all team members.

8.   During any slow periods, here are some ideas of things you can spend time on (please take
     some initiative here, don’t always wait to be directed):
      Review any x-rays from the hospital’s case file
      Prepare a tech seminar
      Ask if any of the doctors need to have any medical topic research done (please feel free to
        use the hospital library or search on the internet)
      Assist techs with patient care and recovery
      Review the hospitalized patients and help determine whether or not any patients that need
        analgesia are truly receiving adequate levels (this will then be discussed with the attending
        doctors and medical director).

9.   Student externs will not be able to perform surgery at VCA hospitals. They can, however, scrub
     in and assist the surgeon as directed. There must always be direct supervision whenever you
     are with an anesthetized patient (either by a doctor or a qualified technician). This in no way
     should make our externs feel slighted or not trusted. Please understand that we are governed
     by the State Practice Acts, as well as our own VCA Codes of Practice, and that we have a
     professional mandate to provide the required oversight for every one of our patients on behalf
     of their owners. Under special circumstances students will be able to assist with and perform
     spays and neuters on animals from shelter programs. Oversight is always required by a staff

10. You will be encouraged to observe office calls with doctors, assist with treatments, assist the
     technicians with procedures, assist with patient care (including overnight duty at hospitals
     where we provide overnight staffing), attend all hospital seminars, and rounds, etc.

11. In some programs you will be encouraged to follow-through on cases (i.e. “own your own
     case”) from start to finish. During this time you may be able to observe special procedures
     (e.g., endoscopy, ultrasound, dental procedures, etc.) whenever possible.

12. Be prepared to learn VCA’s pain management guidelines in use at the hospital. You will be
     encouraged to discuss analgesia protocols that you may be familiar with from your experiences
     at school. Our team members are very interested in new information you can share from

13. You will also assist with client communications under the direction of an attending veterinarian.

14. You may be given the opportunity to perform venipunctures, place catheters, assist with
     anesthetic induction, and place endotracheal tubes, if gaining more experience in these
     techniques is among your goals during the externship. However, there must always be
     appropriate oversight. If you would like to perform these techniques, please discuss this during
     your application phase.

15. You may be encouraged to give a medical presentation to the hospital support staff in an area
     of your particular interest. Your presentation should be discussed with the Medical Director or
     Externship Director well in advance of arrival and may be a presentation you have already
     given at school. Take advantage of an opportunity to teach something that will be a
     contribution to the team at the hospital!

16. Please let us know if your school has provided liability insurance for you during your externship.
     If your school does not provide liability insurance please note this on your application. AVMA
     PLIT does not cover VCA Hospitals as our doctors are not covered by PLIT.

     Liability coverage is not required for VCA externships. Please make sure that you sign the VCA
     liability waiver attached to this application and send it in with your completed application and
     resume. Please remember to use your best judgment and make sure that you are under
     supervision when you perform any procedures.

17. Discuss and record your formal schedule for the duration of your program at the hospital –
     advise the doctor and staff where you will be staying and provide them with emergency contact

18. At the end of your externship, you should complete a VCA Externship Evaluation Form. This
     evaluation is very important for our records, and review.

19. If you are interested in doing an internship after you graduate, VCA offers positions for more
     than 120 interns at our specialty and referral hospitals. Further detailed information is available
     by visiting or through the matching program at

Enjoy your time at VCA! Feel free to contact our Extern Coordinators at the home office (310)
571-6599, if you have any questions.

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