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					                                                                                                                            May 2007

                                                             Dear [insert first name]
                                                             Welcome to the May 2007 issue of Hetzner’s Newsletter.

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                                                             of Hetzner.

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In This Issue

                                                             What’s new with konsoleH?
                                                             This month we’ve added a Disk Cleanup Tool to konsoleH, giving our customers
                                                             an interface to conveniently manage disk usage and, in return, better manage

                                                             Customer Spotlight:
                                                             Kimia – Branding Design: Turning ordinary ideas into refined
                                                             Kimia is able to support its customers with greater reliability, greater availability
                                                             and less day-to-day stress on its own team.

                                                             Hetzner’s Mailing List Policy
                                                             Processing large amounts of mail adversely affects Web server performance.
                                                             That’s why Hetzner has strict policies in place for sending mail.

                                                             Save this month with our new TruServ™ Plus root server package
                                                             Our new TruServ™ Plus root server package includes RAID hardware with a
                                                             2.4 GHZ Core 2 Duo Processor, offering excellent capacity, reliability and speed
                                                             at only R1, 395 per month. What’s more, if you sign-up for a TruServ™ Plus
                                                             root server in May, you will save R1, 395 on the Setup fee. We’re also offering
                                                             free setup on our Standard Web Hosting plan.

         What’s new with konsoleH?
         Our R&D team brings together creativity, technology skills and business acumen to ensure that useful features and functions
         are added to konsoleH. This month’s update includes:

         • Disk Cleanup Tool: The konsoleH Disk Cleanup Tool allows you to specify rules for clearing out mail in the trash and
           spam folders of mailboxes as well as cleaning up web log files for your domain at set intervals. These rules can be
           specified at Domain, Server or Client Level (in order of preference).

                The rules that are specified are used for a nightly disk cleanup run. However, if you wish to initiate a cleanup immediately,
                you can select intervals on the main Disk Cleanup page and then select the option to immediately clean the folders.

         Remember that all konsoleH features come with a comprehensive Help File to assist you in using the tool effectively.

         Visit our Support Centre at Disk Space for more guidelines on effectively monitoring and managing your disk usage.

        Customer Spotlight

         Kimia Branding Design: Turning ordinary ideas into refined designs
         Kimia is a full-service branding company that believes in the power of design. Through
         their expertise in corporate branding, graphic design, web design and photography,
         Kimia has attracted local and international clients that span the tourism, retail,
         entertainment, business and catering industries.

         In the last seven years Kimia has become a leading design company due to its extensive
         expertise in all forms of visual presentation. It is a company that is focused on providing
                                                                                                                    “Since we discovered Hetzner,
         customers with a consistent identity to promote their businesses.                                          we have been able to focus on
                                                                                                                    what we do best, DESIGN!”
         To provide good service you have to trust in good service.
                                                                                                                    Neil Ulyate,
         With most of its clients requesting website design, Kimia had a need for a web hosting                     Owner of Kimia CC
         provider that could offer good value and reliable hosting. “We believe that our
         partnerships should be aligned with our overall service goal to further enhance our              
         solution offerings”, says Neil Ulyate, owner and founder of Kimia.

         Having to resolve their own technical and hosting issues placed a significant burden
         on Kimia, “We realised that our continued success would only be possible if we found
         a trustworthy hosting provider who could take care of our hosting requirements that
         were currently ‘eating into’ our design focus”.

         Kimia lined up a number of South Africa’s leading web hosting companies that were
         competent enough to deliver on their technical requirements while meeting their high
         service standards. Kimia set up several hosting accounts with these service providers
         and put them through a trial period to test their service delivery.

         After three months of rigorous testing, Kimia found a partner who could live up to their
         promises, while delivering a highly reliable service that was needed to support Kimia’s
         customers; that partner was Hetzner. Kimia now supports its customers with greater
         reliability, greater availability and less day-to-day stress on its own team.

         Today Kimia hosts 98% of its client base on Hetzner’s network.

         Hetzner’s Mailing List Policy
         Processing large amounts of mail adversely affects Web server performance. It is for this reason that Hetzner has strict
         policies in place for sending mail.

         Customers hosting on one of our shared servers should adhere to the following policy:

                Mail can be sent to a maximum of 500 recipients (email addresses) within one hour. 500 recipients represent
                one of the following:
                • 500 recipients for one email
                • 500 individual emails
                • A combination of the above

         Should customers hosting on our shared servers exceed the above mailing list limitations (regardless of whether it constitutes
         Spam or not), Hetzner will remove the offending emails from the mail queue and suspend the account. If it is necessary for
         you to send mail to more than 500 recipients within an hour, we would advise that you send these mails through your local
         ISP’s mail server, which is specifically configured to handle high volumes of mail.

         Should you have a need to run marketing and advertisement campaigns, our Dedicated Servers are better suited for this
         purpose and mailing lists can be adequately maintained whereby a limit of 500 recipients is set. This limit can be removed
         on request provided that the customer regulates the sending of emails and that these emails do not constitute Spam.

         Below are best-practice guidelines to assist you in maintaining an acceptable mailing list:
         • Administer confirmed ‘opt-in’ mailing lists where the recipient or would-be subscriber provides a positive response to
            an initial email e.g. the recipient replies to an email or clicks on a link in the email indicating consent.
         • A ‘remove’ or ‘unsubscribe’ link (an opt-out procedure) must be provided to make it easier for the recipient to revoke
            consent or to terminate their subscription. Mailings must cease promptly once a subscription is terminated.
         • Mailing list administrators must take adequate steps to ensure that their lists are not used for abusive purposes.

         When it comes to maintaining mailing lists, it is vitally important that all communication is consensual.

         Save this month with Hetzner’s special offers
         Savings with Hetzner’s NEW TruServ™ Plus root server:

         In an effort to provide our customers with exceptional hosting packages that offer good value, we have just launched the
         TruServ™ and TruServ™ Plus root server packages.

         If you signup for Hetzner’s TruServ™ Plus root server in May, you won’t be charged a setup fee - a saving of R1, 395!

         For those who want the power and freedom of running their own server remotely, yet want the assurance of assistance
         with hardware maintenance, server monitoring and 24/7 emergency support, our TruServ™ Plus root server package is
         an ideal solution.

         At only R1, 395 per month, the TruServ™ Plus root server includes:

         • 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
         • Hardware RAID 1
         •      2x 160 GB SATA HDD
         •      2 GB RAM
         •      10 GB Data Transfer
         •      R0.09/MB over the 10 GB
         •      Dedicated IP address(es)
         •      Free Firewall
         •      Remote Reboot (optional)
         •      99.9% network uptime

         Visit our website at TruServ™ Plus for more information and additional options available for this product.

         No setup fee on the Standard Web hosting plan:
         Do you use your website as a business tool? Hetzner’s Standard Web hosting plan is a great intermediate solution that
         helps you to take your web presence further. With PHP and MySQL database functionality, increased disk space and
         bandwidth, you have everything you need to create a dynamic website. If you sign up for the Standard plan this May, you
         will save R199 on the setup fee.

         For only R149 per month you can have the following benefits:

         •      200 MB disk space
         •      Data Transfer: 2 500 MB (South-Africa) / 40 GB (Germany)
         •      POP3 mailboxes – virus & spam protected: 35 (South Africa) / 50 (Germany)
         •      2 MySQL / PostgreSQL database
         •      Access to award-winning control panel
         •      30-day risk free guarantee

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                                                             We wish you continued success!

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